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Ask Jesse Anything

06 June 2018 - 10:34 PM

I love it when this trend pops back up.


Ask away.

Post and I'll give you an Umineko character

01 April 2018 - 03:27 PM

Except most of you will be goats because I don't know most of you that well.

I may or may not give explanations.

Umineko read-through thread

05 March 2018 - 11:22 PM

no spoilerinos pls
@Lia Mitchamitcha Leazas
@Featherine Augustus Aurora
I'm going to make a play by play of this here so I'm not spamming Hina's DMs with my thoughts on it. I'm going to update this after every reading session (which is about 5-7ish hours a day depending on what else I need to do) so expect a lot of WORDS per post.

  • The introductory sequence is really good. Like, really, really good. The amount of raw emotion they managed to fit into this sequence is impressive and makes me eager to see what's coming next. I hope the series can consistently maintain this.
  • I already really like Battler. He's a really charming and fun character. 
  • lol did that nigga just call out his dad's porn habit? what a god
  • They're really frontloading a lot of characterization here, for better or worse. This is the kind of thing that'll only be good or bad in retrospect, but it's something I'm taking note of.
  • I don't speak glorious nippon tongue but this is some great voice acting regardless of how well I can understand it. 
  • How are these basic and cliche' interactions still so charming and fun? 
  • ok this is actually starting to drag on a bit, but I get the feeling I'm going to need to pay attention to every bit of this 
  • It got a bit more interesting during the boat ride though. 
  • I have the strangest feeling that there's a FUCKTON of subtle (and not so subtle) foreshadowing going on. 
  • It got a LOT more interesting.
  • That tonal shift when Jessica stopped Kumasawa from telling the story was really sudden.
  • fuck this story has actually me so interested that i want to sleeplessly binge it but i can't because i'm an adult T_T
  • oh my god the music
  • it's so good
  • why is it so good 
  • Eva looks cross-eyed in this sprite and it's really hard to ignore 
  • I swear that portrait of Beatrice is like the most iconic thing from this series.
  • This is the second time it started to drag on but almost immediately became interesting again. 
  • this family drama is intense
  • what the fuck Eva 
  • I don't have much else to say but this got really heavy really quick. 
  • and suddenly this series is about business and economics. okay then. 
  • "But with money, anything can be settled. Long live capitalism."
  • bernie 2020, dismantle capitalism, seize the means of production
  • (not really, i'm not like that anymore)
  • I don't think talking about such a gruesome prophecy to a 9 year old is a good idea... 
  • That scene where Maria was looking for the rose was heartbreaking. 
  • The servants are really talking about furniture a lot. I wonder how much of that is supposed to be literal... 
  • Okay I'm not gonna lie I'm actually way too lost in this story to actually update this 
  • D'aaaaw that marriage proposal (I think?) was really cute
  • Whoo finally looks like I'm done with episode-...
  • >Day
  • >...6.7 hours in


I guess I'm in this for the long haul


...I need a nap first though. I don't want to burn out.

Meme Compass

23 February 2018 - 10:39 PM



It's like a political compass for your taste in memes. I wanna see where YCM stands.




Social Justice

20 February 2018 - 06:49 PM

This section is boring as shit lately so I want to see if I can start up a discussion on a certain issue that almost everyone has strong opinions about. I want everyone to be free to say what they want to, and don't want mods to really get involved unless it gets out of hand. I want people to argue passionately about this. What issue, might you ask? Well, it's in the title lmao:

Social Justice!


It's something everyone has put varying amounts of thought into. A lot of the time it tends to be kneejerk reactions to the movement and what it stands for, be it coming from the left or the right, so I'd like to ask everyone what their actual thoughts on it are. Mine?


Well. They're a bit complicated.


It's no secret that I'm as left as they come. I'm so left-wing that I have to do backflips to explain my actual ideology. But my views on the topic of social justice have a reasoning behind them that I don't really see anywhere in left-wing circles. A lot of them tend towards believing in the inherent equality of races, cultures, religions, genders, ideas, etc, or some combination of the above.  You know, "all men are created equal," a supposed American ideal (that America has historically never applied to anything).


I don't actually buy that, like at all. I might've at one point, but I certainly don't anymore, and I don't think I was ever earnest in that belief to begin with. My actual view is that inherent inequalities in belief systems (I'm not opening that can of worms for anything else in this thread) absolutely exist, and the only "inherent value" in those ideas comes from universal, inherent principles that could probably be called "objective." This also means that I don't believe that inequality, even inherent inequality, is an injustice at all.


Yes, a commie tranny social justice advocate actually doesn't believe that every idea or belief system has inherent value, nor does she believe people have inherently equal (even potential) value.


So why? How does it make sense?


The actual thing I think is an injustice that needs to be fought against is the perceived and, by extension, enforced inequality of others. My problem with social injustice is that it inherently lowers or raises the perceived value of others, which means people are held to different standards. This distorts the whole idea that one should succeed based on their merit, which is- surprise surprise- something that I also actually do seriously believe. 


My other problem with the forced inequality and the social authoritarian angle on both sides- left and right- directly relates to why I hold the value of free speech so dear:


Enforcing ideals through force is a sign of weakness in those ideals.


Unless you're enforcing ideals that can actually be considered objective (protip, they probably can't), to me, leveraging force (and the law) to protect them shows a lack of confidence that they'll stand the test of time. I hold the belief that good ideas will win out in the marketplace of ideas, assuming equal ground. Every indication I've seen is that any position that isn't argued with the backing of two (maybe three, depending on your perspective, but I won't go into them here) specific ideals does not last.


This is why I believe in the idea of social justice and don't really oppose the movement itself. This is also why I make fun of it at any given opportunity. While inherent inequality does exist, the societal perception of inherent inequality based on factors other than one's own raw, objective merit should not.


(This is about the only time you'll hear me make a "both sides" argument, because at my core, I'm arguing against authoritarianism from a libertarian perspective, be it left or right wing.)


In an ironic twist, I generally look upon the stereotypical* right-wing ideal of the world with more respect than I do the stereotypical left-wing one. I just think that humanity, at large, is currently incapable of properly applying those ideals without creating unnecessary inequality that undermines the whole idea behind earning what you have, among other things. As a result, I'm willing to go as far as to burn any semblance of social order to the ground, because I believe that the truly good ideals will still rise up from the ashes and take us in the right direction. You could essentially call it Social Darwinism applied solely to ideas.


*By stereotypical, I mean each wing's own perception of the logical conclusion and optimal application of their ideas. Not the opposing one.


So to get this thread off the ground, I'd like to ask everyone here a few guiding questions. These are what I mainly want people to post about, not any arguments against my own views (yet) unless said arguments are inherent in your own.


What is your opinion on social justice as a whole?

What's your opinion on the movements for and against it?

And why do you hold these opinions?


Please go into as much detail as you can. I'm interested in hearing some ideas, and I'd love to have my perspective on this changed or shaken.