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14 January 2018 - 10:04 AM

@Incisioncyclone Hi, I would like to buy your The Coming Calamity Destroyer Regalia listed for 30 chaos in Abyss (stash tab "$ Tab"; position: left 11, top 10)



Too much path.

In Topic: (WORK IN PROGRESS) Green White Control EDH Commander Deck

11 January 2018 - 02:21 PM

First and foremost, if your playing teeg then you need to drop any non creature spell over 4 cmc.The only one's I would consider playing is Alluren if you can find one and Mirrari's Wake because that card is absurd. Second, you need ALL the mana dorks, all the elves, birds, ect. The mana rocks that are good with Teeg are usually the really pricey ones so creature based ramp is the best option for a budget. Third. Undercosted beatsticks like loxodon smiter are not good in EDH. If your plan is creatures they need to have immediate impact on the board (ETB or static effects). You also need a way to win that's not combat damage. It's way to easy to assemble 2 card combos that gain infinite life or make combat impossible, even in more casual groups. I know most people complain about infinite combos but they are a necessary part of EDH. G/W is pretty limited to what it can do in that regard but the best one to jam into your deck is probably Rest in Piece+Helm of obedience or dumping infinite mana into a Walking Ballista.

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07 January 2018 - 12:35 PM

Patric Sullivan rants about Chupracabra




And I agree with him 100%. Uber efficient removal stapled to a body for Scarab God just homogenizes the standard format even more.

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07 January 2018 - 12:01 PM

If youre not comfortable buying your own parts I would recommend going to your nearest PC store and talking to some one there. I built my PC for about 1000$ total and thats including my first GPU that I shorting out.Tell them what you want and your budget and they should help you out. Most part supply sites have sales on everything so shop around first before you buy. There's nothing wrong with buying used as long as the parts are in good shape. Just be aware of compatibility issues. I have no experience with Linux so I can't comment there.

In Topic: YCM Game of the Year 2017

07 January 2018 - 11:55 AM

Nier Automata for me. I didn't end up buying a switch so I haven't played BoTW or Odyssey yet. Divinity OS2 is pretty close behind Nier.