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GNR leaked guild mechanics

31 August 2018 - 12:03 AM

So with Guilds spoilers just around the corner some of the guilds mechanics have been spoiled


Selesnya - Convoke (confirmed with BaB promo)


Dimir - Surveil. More or less the same as scy but you can put the card in your graveyard instead of the bottom of your library.


Boros - Mentor. When a creature with mentor attacks put a 1/1 counter on an attacking creature with less power


Gruul - Enrage? Yes the same mechanic from Ixalan


Golgari - Overgrowth? Rumored to be an ETB ability that scales with the number of creatures in your yard


Convoke is always a good ability, Enrage fits gruul perfectly but feels weird to reuse it so soon. Overgrowth seems interesting but might cause some balance issues. Surveil is a great mechanic gameplay wise but feels boring compared to transmute or cipher. Mentor is just boring. Im guessing the creatures will have additional abilities that trigger when a counter is placed on them but it really feels like Boros is getting shafted. (again)

Nexus of Fate and the future of BaB promos

07 August 2018 - 08:29 AM

For those unaware, WotC started a new promo service with Dominaria. When you buy a booster box you get a special promo card only available as a bit a box promo. These cards are standard legal and pose a huge problem for the future of the game.

For the most recent set WotC made a bit of a blunder by printing a seriously powerful card that has proven to be more than playable in standard. With such a small supply and a huge demand the price of this card has skyrocketed and continues to climb.

So what's the solution to this problem? Banning it would be the absolute worst case scenario and would make people lose faith in future Ban promos. Reprinting it again diminishes the fact that it's an exclusive promo and ruins the reputation of Ban promos. Reprinting it into a supplemental product could have similar results to commander 2013 which is not good.

Personally I think the exclusive BaB promos are a good idea. They do what they are intended to do(sell boxes) and give players some cool toys at the same time. I would hate to see them ditch the program due to this. Just in the future they need to consider the effects of printing high powered cards with such a small supply.

[MTG] M25 Azusa, Lost but Seeking

02 February 2018 - 10:37 PM



Pretty neat spoiler for the new Master's set The expansion watermark is super cool.

[MTG] January 15 BnR Announcment

15 January 2018 - 01:31 PM

Standard - Attune with the Aether, Rogue Refiner, Rampaging Rampadon, and Ranumap ruins are banned


No changes in other formats.



More standard bans targeting energy primarily. If you read the wizards article the data shows Energy and Ranumap red are overly dominate in their win %. Attune and Rogue refiner are sources of "free" energy and cantrips so it makes sense to take them out of the deck. Rampaging Rampadon is kind of a curveball but I understand their reasoning. Its a one card anti-token/life gain card thats easy to search out with all the dino support. Ruins are just and overly good land in a RDW.

Path of Exile

30 July 2017 - 09:11 AM

With the release of 3.0 coming in a few days and the game coming to xbox I'd though i'd ask if anyone else plays this game.


For those who don't know PoE is an Action RPG similar to diablo 2. Most people say its the game D3 should of been. It's completely free to play as well. I've put close to 2000 hours into this game so far.


Anyone who is still disappointing with the steaming pile called Diablo 3 you owe it to yourself to check out this game.