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In Topic: Post and I'll give you a Nintendo Gameboy game

17 August 2017 - 12:48 AM

The Game Boy has some serious classics on it! Mario Land 2 was THE BEST! :D

In Topic: Yu Gi Oh! Dueling in the Relics [IC Thread] [R-13]

16 August 2017 - 09:24 PM

After watching Jennifer's duel for a very brief amount of time, Robin knew that simply advancing in the tournament, let alone winning it, was going to be a tremendous challenge. 3 minutes haven't gone by in the duel yet, and these Duelists have collectively summoned more than thirteen times, which left Robin flabbergasted. "Wow, what a fun duel to watch!" Robin observed, based on Jennifer and Grace's performance. Both Duelists' play style of always being on the attack with multiple combos made the duel very entertaining for Robin. It seemed like a regular old duel until Jennifer announced something rather odd to him. "Wait, What in the world is a Link Summon?" Robin asked in total disbelief as monsters flew into some sort of gate-looking portal. They reappeared on the other side as a rotting, bloodstained angel. The summon itself had an odd sense of familiarity to Robin, since the way the monster was summoned looked like a Synchro Summon, but something about the summoned monster was different. It didn't come to realization for Robin until he pulled out his phone to check the current Field with his Duel Spectator App. "WHAT?! No Defense or Level?! That's Crazy!" Robin cried in terror. But much to Robin's surprise, that wasn't the only thing that he was going to learn today.  After seeing the way Jennifer looks in real life and the theme of her deck, Robin suddenly put two and two together. "Oh my God...is Jennifer a Zombie?" Robin thought to himself, horrified at the idea of such a thing. "I mean no judgement or anything, but I thought that was just something that happened in the movies!" He tried telling himself. "Maybe I can take my mind off of that concept with some more seeds." Robin told himself, pulling out yet another bag of sunflower seeds, munching endlessly on them. It was a bad habit for him to break, but it helped out a ton when he was stressed out. After a couple of turns had passed, Robin thought that perhaps his Star would like to watch the duel too, and so Robin exited out of the Duel Spectator app, tapped on the Temporary Solid Vision app, and carefully placed his beloved monster on the screen. In a matter of seconds, a yellow blur darted around the phone, then came to a stop. A Yellow and Blue bird sang and flew around Robin's head. "Hahaha, It seems like you're excited about watching a duel, huh, Star? Well, here's some popcorn!" He said, pouring some seeds out of the bag to feed Star again. The bird was so happy to get even more seeds than usual that it sang out particularly loud, causing some people around him to turn their heads. "SHHH! Don't be too loud. I'm observing this duel so that I can understand what my opponent will be like soon!" He explained to Star. Songbird Starcatcher tweeted in acknowledgement and sat on Robin's shoulder, the two now both watching the duel.

In Topic: Disciple of Anubis

14 August 2017 - 02:43 PM

I like the concept of the card! I feel like it brings me back to the old days of Yu-Gi-OH!, where Egypt was the dominating theme for a lot of the cards. Now, onto the card effect. Although the Spell Card negation isn't too bad, it's made overkill when you can nuke during either player's turn and burn them on top of it, similar to that of the banned card Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, except this card is even easier to get out if you're playing something like Burning Abyss or Infernoids. I think either take out the Spell Negate part or the "Destroy and Burn" part, and this card would be alright balance-wise! The ATK is very odd, but It seems easy enough to run over by your opponent, so it's fine by me! 


I hope I was a little bit of help! Know that this is only my personal opinion, so you can take it for a grain of salt. Keep on making cards! :)

In Topic: Yu Gi Oh! Dueling in the Relics [IC Thread] [R-13]

13 August 2017 - 10:53 PM

"That's an interesting combo you got there! Alright, I draw!" Robin's opponent said as he drew a card. "First, I'm gonna activate the Spell Card Twin Twisters! By discarding 1 card from my hand, I can destroy Songbird Nest and United We Stand!" The opponent revealed with great confidence. A gigantic tornado touched down on the center of the field, uprooting the tree housing the birds and removing the fighting spirit of Starcatcher, causing its ATK to lower to 500 and the tokens' ATK to lower back to 300. "Now, RAIGEKI!" The man roared, slipping a spell card into his disk. Swirls of lightning joined the tornado, tossing birds around and causing Crystal Wing to explode in a brilliant green ball of light. All that was left was Songbird Starcatcher. 
"Glad you're still here, Star." Robin gracefully whispered to his friend. "Starcatcher is unaffected by all card effects and cannot be used as material for a Summon! The only way you're getting past it is if you get past me!" Robin courageously announced.
"Fine, then. Let's see how you like this! I summon Aleister the Invoker in Attack Position!" Robin's opponent sneered. As soon as the opponent placed the card on the blade, a wizard in white robes appeared on the field. It held a giant brown book in its hands and held a staff with a dark-colored square on top of it. The Invoker glared at Robin in disgust. This only made Robin gain the biggest smile on his face.
"You know, it's been a very fun duel, but I think it's time for a taste of your own medicine! I activate Songbird Starcatcher's second effect! When a non-Token monster is Summoned, its controller takes 500 points of damage, and Starcatcher gains 400 ATK! It's Over!" Robin cheered. Songbird Starcatcher flew upwards until it was out of the Earth's atmosphere and hurled a comet from outer space straight at Robin's opponent. When the comet broke the atmosphere of Earth, it was about the size of a baseball, but it was still enough to end the duel. A slight tap of the comet on the opponent's shoulder reduced his LP to 0.
Opponent (NPC): 200 -> 0
WINNER: Robin Swift
The man fell onto his knees and stared in awe at Robin, unsure of what to say next. When the duel finished, Robin took another packet of sunflower seeds out of his pocket. At the sight of this, Starcatcher chirped and sang in delight. "You thought I didn't have any more, Star? Hah! You bird brain!" Robin teased as he opened the pack and poured some in his hand. Starcatcher pecked at it with great joy until the Solid Vision expired, causing Starcatcher to vanish into thin air. Robin ate the rest of the seeds as he started to hear his former opponent speak to him.
"You sure that's balanced? You just wiped the floor with me, man!" His opponent complained. It did dawn on Robin that the duel he just participated in only took about 3 turns to finish up. But he knew
that he got it balance-checked online by some reviewers before he had it printed, so he felt confident about reassuring the man.
"Yeah, I had it reviewed by a couple other people before I had it printed in real life. Besides, I never won a tournament back home before, so I'm not that good. But thank you for the help! I'm glad I 
could duel someone with a great amount of strength!" Robin replied with a smile. He really hoped that his opponent wasn't mad at him anymore, as he had doubts that his stupid excuse would be taken.
"Well, thank you! I hope you keep on improving! By the way, I never got your name. What is it?" The man asked, extending his hand for a handshake.
"Robin! Robin Swift. If you ever want to duel again, I'd be happy to accept you offer!" Robin answered, shaking the man's hand vigorously. He was nervous that he was going to give a weak handshake, which is something very rude that he has done unintentionally in the past. After the handshake, Robin looked around and saw multiple people cheering and taking pictures with their phones. Cheers of amazement and support filled that side of the dueling area, and it gave Robin a temporary boost of confidence. "Well, thank you guys for watching! It was a lot of fun dueling this guy! He's really strong!" Robin told the audience, which was returned with more cheers by the audience. Robin happily skipped out of the dueling arena and into the streets of Cairo once again. It wasn't long before he heard commotion happening in the crowd. Anxious to see whether or not it was a duel, Robin stuffed his face with the rest of his sunflower seeds and jogged over to see what was going on. There wasn't necessarily a crowd gathering around these two people, but there were definitely people turning heads and seeing why a zombie straight out of the SWAT team and a stuffed bear were fighting in the streets. Robin instantly knew that it was a duel, and he was excited to see where it was going to go. Suddenly, he saw the girl he met before, with the abnormally pale skin and dark pink eyes. "Oh! That's Jessica!" He remembered in his head. "Wow, I guess everyone took the old man's advice on training. But I don't want to be accused of spying on a duel to gain the upper hand later in the tournament, so I'm just gonna make myself not seen...hopefully" Robin schemed, trying to make himself stay out of trouble while still trying to watch the duel. He wasn't doing a very good job at it, but he still tried to have fun watching the duel anyway.

In Topic: Lyrical Luscinia Berserker Soul Turbo

13 August 2017 - 07:42 PM

What site are you using to add cards to your deck?


I am using Dueling Book. It is a free web-based card simulator that lets you make decks from a database that has every card in the game and duel with others. It's a pretty cool website, but i'd stay away from the posts that people make. They changed a lot of the rules so that people just post whatever they want.