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#7018325 Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Arrow [IC/PG-16+]

Posted by a bad post on 23 June 2017 - 09:05 PM

"The procedures I went through? Implant operations, physical and mental training, indoctrination, more training, numerous punishments, torture simulation, capture simulation, sparring sessions against other soldiers, more indoctrination, brain performance testing, and some other that I cannot recall right now. The project leaders were quite insistent on not letting information regarding the project to get out, even at our expense. No matter how harsh the situation we would find ourselves in, we were expected to keep our mouth shut and failure to do so means elimination from the project.


I wonder how people's face would look like moments before they melt from a direct beam shot?"


With a grimace, Reveka touched the side of her face. While the beam shot hadn't exactly melted off the side of her face it had left Reveka permanently scarred, and while her hair managed to cover the most of the damage anyone who gave her more than a cursory glance would be able to see hints of the scars her military service had left her with.


"I sincerely hope you've never had to see such a sight because I can assure you it is quite gruesome..." Reveka said followed by a noise that sounded halfway between a groan and a sigh. However, before their conversation could continue any further Selardi was tackled by a high-speed unidentified furry object.  While normally Reveka's motherly instincts would've kicked she knew from experience that this object was no danger to Selardi. 


"Haro~ don't startle our guest like that you big goof," Reveka chuckled approaching Selardi and the enormous Mastiff. 


"So this is a dog. It is dirtier and a lot more smelly than I once thought. Does this ship breed them as a food source?" 


"Hahaha~ Of course not, isn't she silly Haro?" Reveka knew that Sela's question was more than likely serious, however, she thought it best to play it off as a joke, "This is Arthur's dog, he's more like a family pet."  Reveka knelt down so that she was at eye-level with the dog. "Haro, this is Selardi, she's going to be living with us on the ship so make sure you're nice to her, ok?" Reveka took the big slobbering kiss she received from the massive dog as an affirmative. "Good boy~ Alright Sela once you're done picking peaches let me know and we'll head back to the med bay and I can mash them up for you."




"Dammit dude, how do you get that smashed that fast?" Roche felt extremely light headed as Reyd helped him onto his feet. "C'mon, lets get you back to your room before Mommy has to come in here and scrape your drunk ass off the floor." Reyd began leading Roche out the door, however, several times during even the short trip out the door Roche began to lose his balance leaning heavily into Reyd's shoulder for support. "Sorry about leaving you hangin'. Help STAN take care of the mess, would ya?"


"Soooooooorrrrrryyyyyyy..." Roche said sleepily as both he and Reyd left the bar.


Most of the trip back to Roche's room passed uneventfully Roche only falling over a couple times during the trip, however, a little more than halfway through the trip in true White Girl Wasted fashion Roche began to cry uncontrollably. 


"Reeeeeyyyyyyyyydddddd!!!!!" Roche cried directly into the young man's ears. "Do- do you think-" Roche cut himself off as he began ugly cry once again. "Doyouthink- WAAAAAHHHH! Do you think markers will ever know what a bagel tastes like?" Roche's looked at Reyd expectantly however mercifully the pair arrived at Roche's room, and as Roche crawled into his bed his demeanor changed again. "You know- You know I love you guys." Roche mutter sleepily. "You- You're like my best frieeee..." Roche trailed off passing out on his bed allowing Reyd to leave the room.




"Roche, head forward and watch our path out of here. Everyone else, we're watching our sides and back. The Arrowhead is basically a sitting duck while it's stuck towing the Hagane, so we need to take extra care to make sure we are not taken by surprise. I have my doubts that the pirates we ran into earlier are the only ones out here."


"Ooooof course~" Roche replied in a voice that was overly chipper. "Oh my god, I'm dying..." Roche muttered in absolute agony. He'd been woken up about an hour ago for the mission, however, he still hadn't quite slept over his hangover.




Meanwhile aboard the Hagane Reveka had arrived with the rest of the salvage team. 


"Ugh..." Reveka groaned over the coms, "how do you kids wear these things... they're so uncomfortable..." Reveka tugged at the suit trying in vain to adjust to her body. "So tight..." Reveka muttered. "Alright," Reveka said, now addressing the team,"I want to examine the medical bay Reyd found first thing, after that, you're free to do as you please. Also, when we split up we're to move in pairs I don't want anybody alone, there shouldn't be anybody here but us but it never hurts to be cautious. I'm sending you all the coordinates where Reyd found the medical bay, so let's head out!" 

#7015704 Fire Emblem Warriors

Posted by a bad post on 13 June 2017 - 09:34 PM

Edit, we got an English trailer:



Darn it, what is with Fire Emblem and anime mom syndrome? I mean first Queen Mikoto, now this.

Bruh, Alphonse and Sharena are literally the only FE protags that HAVEN'T lost at least one parent. FE's been killing off parents like Disney since the beginning


FE1/3 - Marth - Both parents dead

FE 2 - Alm - Dead Dad and who knows what happened to his mom, but she's probably dead

          Celica - Both parents dead

FE 4 - ... do I even need to say anything here

FE 5 - see above

FE 6 - Roy - mom is PROBABLY dead, but maybe not I don't think they ever say for sure

FE 7 - Eliwood - Dead Dad

FE 8 - Ephraim and Eirika - Dead Dad and their mom is probably dead

FE 9/10 Ike - Both parents dead

FE 13 Chrom - Both parents dead

FE 14 Corrin - Both parents dead


Even if we want to go with Mikoto starting the trend of parents/moms dying during the story Marth loses his mother early in the story as well, and Alm, Eliwood, Ephraim and Eirika and Ike all see their fathers die during the early parts of the story. Also keep in mind this is only counting the protagonists and not side characters who lose their parents during the course of the story. Point is dead parents really isn't a new trend.

#7014040 Anime OPs/EDs

Posted by a bad post on 06 June 2017 - 07:10 AM

Shradow that Absolute Duo OP though. I'll never watch that show, but that song is too good not to download. In terms of visuals and sound the death parade OP was just too good



it's still one of my favorites of all time


Kuzu no Honkai's OP&ED are pretty top notch too



#7013419 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by a bad post on 03 June 2017 - 11:06 AM



the bride post that ended my life, please read the comments of this thread they're too damn funny.


Also here's your daily dose of wholesome healthy content



#7012401 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by a bad post on 29 May 2017 - 09:45 PM



On another topic, think about the girls hair colors:

Caeda blue, Charlotte yellow, Cordelia red and Lyndis green. You think Lyn Bride will be broken?


Kinda fitting. I have a feeling these will be paralogue stages. 

what's wrong with Ephraim wanting to be a beautiful bishoujo





some more pretty brides on their wedding day~


Also for anyone curious besides the Brides and Lloyd Henry, F!Corrin, Donnel, Olivia and Sharena are next season's bonus heroes




Also more datamine including June/Bride Quests and Camus GHB

#7012278 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by a bad post on 29 May 2017 - 11:39 AM





Some of my favs from the subreddit, make it happen IS

#7012185 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by a bad post on 28 May 2017 - 11:21 PM

Fuck, no grooms. IS gonna miss some serious fujobucks.


Primarily interested in...well, actually I just want Lyn from here. Oh well.

at we'll hopefully get some swim suit boys from the F/GO summer event ;_; maybe next IS maybe next year


Will probably try to get Ceada. Her artwork is absolutely gorgeous 

#7011793 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by a bad post on 27 May 2017 - 02:39 AM




I don't think she's as bad as a lot of people thinks she is though.


Anyone here is active in the Arena? I just want to know if anyone's hovering on the 4800 range atm over here.

I'm struggling to hover around 2500 ;_;

#7009692 Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Arrow [IC/PG-16+]

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"Back in the day, we used to keep all the pertinent medical records for the Gundams' pilots on a backup in the ship's archive... at least the classified stuff. Anything else you'd need, Reveka, will probably be in that ship's medical bay, or wherever it was that Reyd happened upon her. If they erased the data when they evacuated, though, then you'll have to make your best guess based on Motoko's old file.... and perhaps CPO Hawke's, if we still have it onboard."


"Bossman is right. And, I have no obligation to have any feeling towards a hunk of metal. It had done its job for me, nothing more."


"Thank you, Sela- wait did you call Arthur, Bossman?" Reveka chuckled briefly. "Looks like she'll fit perfectly into our little family. ...Bossman... it's actually kinda cute, isn't it?"


"That being said, you look like you're feeling well, other than the aftereffects of stasis. Am I right, Miss Selardi? I don't think we have all that much to worry about. Speaking of worries, I'd like to make it clear that you're welcome to stay onboard the Arrowhead for as long as you like, and, should you have any reservations about that, I'd also like to make it clear that we aren't a military vessel, and so you've nothing to fear either from myself or any of the crew here. I'll even give you a tour, if and when you're feeling up to it."


"Arthur just because she's feeling well doesn't mean she is well," Reveka said pursing her lips. "That being said her test results seem to indicate that she is perfectly healthy, so I suppose if she wants a tour she can have one." Reveka smiled at Selardi.


"Ah... we do, but like I said earlier I would prefer to keep on non-solid food for at least week..." Reveka rubbed the back of her neck when she noticed Motoko through a look of pure venom from across the room. "Aww... Tokoooo, don't be like that~" Reveka teased, however, Motoko wisely ignored her. Allowing Motoko to her technical jargon speech in peace Motoko went to go retrieve more yogurt for Selardi hoping to at least placate the poor girl a little bit.


"Here you go, dear..." Reveka offered Selardi more yogurt, "I know you must be hungry so eat as much as you like. I know it's not fruit, but this yogurt's blueberry flavored... hehehe..." Reveka laughed weakly hoping this would be enough to satisfy the Selardi.


"There's a Freestone Peach tree in the greenhouse- our old forward MS Hangar- so we should have some down in the cantina, assuming Doctor Isozaki will let you out of the infirmary."


"Motoko I just said... oh wait..." Reveka paused a revelation dawning on her. "I guess I could just mash the fruit up. I'm sure that's a gross misuse of my equipment, but I suppose I can make an exception for our guest." Reveka turned back to Selardi extending her hand. "Would you like to come with dear, you can pick the fruit yourself if you want."



"Too much of pussy to get drunk with us too, eh Kenji? C'mon man bottoms up! It'll be a good time and we all need to unwind after today, I think."


"HEY! Less talk, more drink, shekshy! You're already behind." Roche's words were beginning to become more slurred and by now he had an obvious glow from all the alcohol he'd put in his body. Putting two more shots down the hatch Roche turned on Kenji. 


"Nooo...it's called unlike you, I'd like to be in control of a game...especially if Roche is the one orchestrating and pulling the strings." Kenji said, before taking one of the shots for himself. "I'd rather just stick around and watch."


"Hey! You think I'm tryna pull some funnybusiness? Now... now you listen here misser! I- I'm just tryna have sum fuk," Roche hiccuped. "Oopsie... I mean some fun, buuuut if someone's looking for the other thing I'm down for that too~"  

#7008836 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by a bad post on 15 May 2017 - 12:58 AM

I'm backing Julia for Julia tbh.


I want Tharja to die, but she's won me over as a unit here. Best unit I have probably. She's cute, to boot.

I mean this as well. I'm backing Julia cause I love Julia, but it doesn't hurt that I hate that the waifu characters are always the ones that seem to win purely because well... waifu. I don't even particularly hate Lucina, Camilla, and Tharja, in fact, I really like the first two, I mostly just hate their fanbase.


Yeah, but I also don't know how I feel about Lloyd's art... it seems a little too thin, I guess?

#7008803 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by a bad post on 14 May 2017 - 10:32 PM

Nino's a girl remember.


Speaking of, Why does Nino have a weapon that lowers cooldown rate when she has no cooldown skill to use?


And how can there be fans of Geneaology of the Holy War? Why are there so many Julia fans?


On another note, Lloyd doesn't look too bad. He's not gonna have a Lightbrand or a Levin Sword is he?


Can't wait to see what they'll do for Linus.

I'm not sure its so much people are fans of Julia as it is "I'm tired of the waifu bait fanservice characters winning the gauntlet" Also...



Tharja can get fucked 


Also really interested in the Kozaki quests... can;t wait to see what those are

#7008486 Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Arrow [IC/PG-16+]

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"You're right. It's not like me to get worked up. Let's go, Arthur," Reveka smiled and nodded at Arthur stepping out of the way to let him pass by before turning to follow him herself. 



"Heeheeheehee, oh yeah~!" Roche giggled hysterically slamming down the last shot in his own line, "C'mon Kenjiiiiii, you're no fun, you haven't even done a single shot!" Roche pouted at Kenji from across the booth.
"Ahh, much better than that ancient crap DeGaines always plays!" 
"OH MY GOD REYD, DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SO OBNOXIOUS!?" Roche yelled across the bar with absolutely no sense of irony what-so-ever.
"What, you all decided to hang out and didn't invite your ace pilot? How rude!"
"People who almost get me killed cause they've got their heads up their asses don't get to call themselves ace pilot," Roche threw a pointed look at Reyd from across the booth. "Like, I know you're new here, but you can't think Arthur's that stupid. I mean c'mon if you'd just waited for like 2 seconds we probably could've blown them all out of the sky with the ship's turrets, and maybe your Djinn wouldn't trashed~" Finishing his statement with a smirk Roche got the same mischievous look on his face he'd had when he'd asked Kenji to do shots. "So, are you gonna make it up to big boy? I was so scared when those big, mean pirates were shooting at me I didn't know what I would do. I think, if you wanna make it up to me you should play a little game with me~. STAAAAANNNN! Get me some more shots, Reyd you can take Kenji's, he's obviously not going to drink them."
Across the bar, Reveka's assistant was preparing herself for the inevitable rage fit that she would be subject to by Maxine.
"Consequences, you say? Well you can go ahead back to the med bay and tell the good doctor-" Reveka's assistant faced Maxine with a deadpan look on her face, she was quite prepared to use the tranquilizer Dr. Isozaki had sent her here with, however, the look of pain on Maxine's face that she would not need to take any such measures. "That all she has to do is ask nicely next time. Threats are uncouth, especially for a woman."
"Of course, Ms. Delphi please right this way." The assistant moved out of Maxine's way keeping the same deadpan look on her face, however as soon Maxine had passed a self-satisfied smirk crossed her lips. Trusting Maxine to get herself to the med bay Reveka's assistant sat at the bar intending to enjoy a short break before going back. "STAN get me a martini, please."
Back in the med bay, the captain approached Selardi meanwhile Reveka pulled up the rest of the girl's medical data. 
"I don't think you and I have gotten acquainted yet, Miss... Selardi, is it? I'm Arthur DeGaines: this ship's captain. Mind if I ask you a few questions?"
I have been told to not answer about any details regarding myself in the scenario I was captured by the enemy. But at the same time, I have no obligation to follow the orders of long-dead people. Yes, I will answer your question."
Reveka again found herself feeling... sad whenever Selardi spoke. It reminded her too much of herself before she'd met Carlo. She was quite familiar with the methods the ESA used to train its newtypes, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what other sorts of abuse she'd had to go to get those implants as well. 
“Captain, I have the damage report on our mobile suits for you. That and we should discuss the GN-1400 sooner rather than later.”
"Motoko, maybe we should refrain from discussing what we're doing to someone else's property right in front of them..." Reveka muttered at in an attempt to be at least somewhat subtle. 
"Are you planning to scrap it? Good. Tell me when the process starts, I want to watch."
"You're perfectly fine with that...? I had always thought pilots shared a "special bond" with their Mobile Suits. Though I suppose I only ever thought of my own Mobile Suit as a tool, so I guess I can understand the sentiment." That was the closest semblance to emotion the girl had shown the entire time she'd been in Reveka's care. She wondered what must have happened to her aboard that ship that she would want to see her own Mobile Suit, a Gundam at that, destroyed."Wait, hold on. Motoko, you can discuss the Gundam later. Selardi, dear, I need to know-"
"The hell are all you people doing in here? It wasn't even that bad, just a dislocated shoulder and some cuts. This can't be for me, right? Listen, Arthur, I told you a million times a post-op beer is just how I cool off; it's not an issue."
"Oh, for fuck's sake..." Reveka muttered as the foul mannered girl entered the med bay.
"Alright, doc. Let's just get this over with already, okay? Threatening me to come to the med bay seems a bit extreme considering I'm in here after every major op. The punching bag is practically on the resume. And just who the hell is this?"
"Maxine, dear, let's not forget who was being difficult. Now, go lay down on one of the examination beds, one of my nurses will be with you in a minute. I have half-a-mind to make you wait for the 5 and half hours for the alcohol to leave your system..." Reveka shook her head and then returned her attention back to Selardi. "Now as I was saying, dear, I'm going to need your medical data and history or treating you may become difficult. Is there any place aboard your ship, or rather former ship, that we could find this information?" 

#7006350 Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Arrow [IC/PG-16+]

Posted by a bad post on 04 May 2017 - 12:45 AM

One by one the mobile suit pilots slowly filtered in and out of the medical bay, though it appeared that a few of them were a bit slow getting here. Reveka had made sure to send one of her assistants to get them. At the moment though Reveka was occupied with the newest addition to the ship's crew. 


She was quite the odd duck, that girl. She hadn't said a thing the whole time Reveka had been running tests on her. Just did Reveka told her to with only the slightest nods as an acknowledgment of what Reveka had said to her. While Reveka was more than happy to have a compliant patient the girl's almost robotic behavior was quite worrisome. Having finished the testing for the moment Reveka had the girl sit on the edge of one of the examination beds while she looked at the initial results of her tests.


"Hey, Doctor... Coming in for that little check up you talked about before everything hit the fan a while ago." 


Putting the results aside, for now, Reveka brought Rosaria over so she could examine the young woman more closely. While the check-up revealed nothing out of the ordinary Rosaria did mention that she had been feeling some aches and pains since the battle. 


  "Well from what I heard you got smacked around quite a bit during the battle,"   Reveka smirked before handing Rosaria some heating pads. "Place these wherever it hurts and get some rest if you're still feeling sore in the morning come see me. Also no hitting the bar tonight, and trust me I will know if you do. Now if there's nothing else you're free to go." 


"When is the scheduled feeding time on this ship? My daily biological clock requires proper adjustment so I can endure hunger properly again."


Before Rose could say anything else the young girl seemed to be needing Reveka's attention.


"What? Oh, you mean you're hungry... Well, the mess hall won't be serving food for another several hours, however from my understanding you've been in cryo for nearly 2 decades, so just to be safe I'd rather not start you out with solid food quite yet." Calling over one of her assistants to help Rosaria, Reveka walked to another part of the medical bay which had several refrigerators. While normally these held blood and biologic medications Reveka had made sure to make a new edition to the refrigerators when she had been notified of their newest crew members circumstances. Grabbing a small package of yogurt Reveka returned to the blue-haired girl's bed. "Here you go, sweetie." Reveka handed the young woman the yogurt and a spoon. "Start with this and wait a little bit. If you're still hungry just get me or one of my assistants and they'll get you more, ok?" Smiling Reveka ruffled the girl's hair before returning back desk to finish going over the young woman's test results.




"Eh, no use in overthinking... It happened, let it go and move on. Though next time...next time I'm gonna need to remember to take the bazooka. It might've helped."


"Kenji, hun, stop being such a party pooper. We won, nobody died, and we're probably going to rich. Nobody's perfect so don't dwell on shit so much." Roche slid into the booth across from Kenji wanting to avoid Hurricane Maxine and her shitty mood. 


"And don't think I can't hear you over there, young man! Only weapon a man needs besides his favorite killing tool is a sharp wit. Least, that's how I remember it being. Not sure if you post-war kids need different tools to settle things from my generation. Awful times they've left you in if the bigger gun always wins."


"Yeah listen to the robot, Kenji! You need to listen up a little bit. You know what... STAN get me Kenji here some shots!" Roche turned back towards Kenji with a mischevious look in his eye and the most shit-eatest of smirks on his face. "Me and good ol' Kenji are going to play a game... that is... if he's man enough~" The bait was obvious, but Roche was also pretty confident Kenji would take it.


Across the bar one of Reveka's assistants, a young woman who's mousy brown hair was done up in a bun, entered.


"Just where Dr. Isozaki said she would be, well at least I don't have to search up and down this damn ship looking for her," the assistant mumbled before approaching Maxine. "Ahem... Ms. Delphi, Dr. Isozaki has requested your presence in the infirmary, and from the looks of it, you could use a visit pretty badly. Oh, I should mention that Dr. Isozaki said that consequences would be quite unpleasant for you if you did not come willingly."




"What the hell...?" Reveka looked over the last bit of data she'd just read. "No... that can't be quite right..." Reveka rubbed her eyes to make sure she was seeing exactly what she thought she was seeing. "I examined her myself. She's most definitely a cyber newtype, but these brain scans... Just what the hell were they doing on this ship?" Reveka quickly began loading the data from the girl's tests onto a tablet. "Hey! You!" Reveka pointed at one of her assistants. "Watch her, I'll be back." Reveka walked briskly from the infirmary to the captain's quarters not bothering to knock before entering.


"Arthur, we need to talk." Placing her tablet in front Arthur she showed him the young woman's brain scans. "What does that brain scan tell you?" Reveka began pacing around the room. "It looks like she's a newtype, yeah? Arthur, she's a cyber newtype I saw the implants myself, but that shouldn't be possible. Arthur, you need to make sure the salvage party doesn't touch that ship. I need to get on that ship and find out just what the hell they were doing to her or I'm not sure I'll be able to treat her. The procedures used to create cyber newtypes weren't meant to be used on people who already had that capability." Reveka stopped pacing to look at Arthur. "Holy shit, Arthur, what are we getting ourselves into?"

#7003584 Winter's Ban

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I have a question for everyone who thinks this should've been handled incorrectly. You've expressed distaste for the fact that the mods had bad timing. You've expressed distaste for the lack of transparency with the ban. You've expressed distaste for how it appears. evilfusion has explained himself, and why he took the course of action that he did. What else is there to be done? What course of action do you believe should be taken at this point? 


I'm not trying to hand-wave anyone's concern's here, but what else is there to do about this other than say "I disagree with how you went about this." and move on. Nobody in this thread has said that Winter should be unbanned, in fact, I'm pretty sure all of you have agreed he should've been banned. So, what do you guys want the mods to do about it? This is just going to turn into the power abuse thread again where everybody just turns into broken records repeating the same points over and over again. 

#6999235 Chechnya allegedly opens prison camps for homosexuals

Posted by a bad post on 12 April 2017 - 12:24 AM

It's a Muslim "country" what do you expect? It's not even a legal country, neither is Pakistan, but nobody ever brings up their total illegitimacy because they're not Jewish.


Lol, Chechnya is literally a breeding ground for terrorists. Best thing Russia could do is flatten the place.


I just wish to tell the people, who normally scream bigot at me when I call out Islam, to not be bigots. This is the Islamic way of life, respect it

God, these statements are so completely ignorant I cannot believe


1. As if any other religion is so much more civilized on its attitudes to homosexuality. You assume that this is happening because it's a Muslim country, yet Indonesia (the country with the largest Islamic population on the planet) doesn't seem to be murdering its gay people in the streets... hmm... damn it's like you're just Islamophobic or something...


2. Chechnya is literally a republic of Russia. If it's a breeding ground for terrorists it's because they allow it. 


3. You do not call out Islam, you use misinformation and the culture of an unstable area to fuel your ignorance and justify discrimination towards an entire group of people. There are many Muslim majority countries around the world, and yet somehow they have managed not to throw their LGBT populations in concentration camps. This is not "the Islamic way of life", this is Russian anti-LGBT sentiment finally being put into practice.