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In Topic: Curran/Pikeru Archtype! (Written)

16 May 2018 - 03:55 PM

Mother of Rainbows (Insert lesbian joke here) has been edited to show it can be Special Summoned from the hand. 

I admit Rainbow Playground would be a ruling nightmare, but, these cards, unless you run a crap-ton of backrow, are dead on arrival unless a card like this exists. You can also have these effects go off twice, once for your reguler Standby, and the other off of Playground. None of these effects are once per turn...

Overall. This was just meant to be a fun little deck based on two fun little monsters. 

In Topic: Unfair Trade (Written)

18 October 2016 - 10:54 AM

This was meant to be a Trade-In for Level 1s, and yes, Skull Servants was what I had in mind when I made this.

In Topic: [Sky Witch Archtype] I cast a spell on you!

16 August 2016 - 12:33 PM

The Wand Equip Spells I was talking about is the ones that already exist like Bound Wand, and One Shot Wand. I fixed the effects of Fumiko, and reducing it to 1 card for Draw power, and Changed Maya's effect. more "Sky Witch" support is coming thank you for the review I hope this archtype will fit to your liking.

Oh, well ok.

7/10 still. Would at least try out.

In Topic: [Sky Witch Archtype] I cast a spell on you!

15 August 2016 - 09:16 PM

First impression of the deck is that this deck is what happens when Spellbooks and Blackwings have a wild night in Vegas (LOL)  

A few bullet points:

1) This deck is HYPER fast that Special Summons like crazy (Maxx "C" might be an issue, as may be my bestie Krystia)

2) The Attributes (Wind and Light) make for two opposing schools of thought, as you can well put together a Light variety as well as a Wind variety. Multiple options are a plus

3) Maya The Loner would be just fine with the normal Cyber Dragon effect. The Special Summoned monster requirement is not necessary

4) Fumiko might be the biggest issue. Draw THREE cards? Especially since a lot of these cards will NEVER be dead draws because most Special Summon from the hand.

5) Spells and Traps definitely seem Spellbook inspired. I'm not saying you copied Spellbooks, I'm just saying they seem inspired by Spellbooks. Nothing wrong with that.

6) The two fusions are okay. Not a fan of the fact that a Synchro card is a requirement.

7) I believe that this is meant to be a Synchro deck. Emi concerns me though. What Wand equip spells? The ones that already exist?
8) I probably wouldn't even run Xyzs in this deck. I'm certain you COULD, but, this is a very Tuner-heavy Deck, and I'd stick with Synchros. In this way it is a lot like Blackwings.

Overall, a great deck and good artwork, I'd at least experiment with this deck

In Topic: Atonement Mountain: The Story Didn't End in the Burning Abyss...

28 July 2016 - 10:39 AM

The Synchro requirements have been added.

You really have to think about the subject matter in order to get the archtype. While Burning Abyss is based on the Inferno, this is based on Purgatorio, in which Dante cleanses himself of his own sins. (And yes, I plan on doing a Paradiso archtype later) The angels are based on the Heavenly Virtues, cleanses Dante of his sins:

Humility: Opposite of Pride, she let's another one take the glory, and allows you to gain something while not benefiting her in any way.

Generosity: Opposite of Envy, she doesn't get envious of the opponent having a monster, because she can be summoned to the field. She also gives the gift of being an adjustable Tuner

Meekness: Opposite of Wrath, she refuses to fight, instead letting another fight for her.

Zeal: Opposite of Sloth, she's the one who does most of the dirty work, thus making an HONEST living, bringing her closer to the (Arch)Lord (Yes, this was done on purpose)

Liberality: Opposite of Greed, she doesn't hog her ATK strength to herself, instead choosing to make her friends more powerful

Temperance: Opposite of Gluttony, she doesn't do anything for herself, she gives away food (Life Points) and she makes others slightly more powerful (i.e. makes them Tuners)

Chastity: Opposite of Lust, she doesn't allow for two cards to be on top of each other, Draw your own conclusions.

Dante: He gets closer to Paradise with each part of the mountain he passes, each guarded by one of the angels above. Once he meets all seven angels, he moves into Paradise (Victory)

Also, notice Virgil isn't here, Virgil can only guide him, he himself is stuck in Limbo (Part of the Burning Abyss) His guide in Paradise is none other then Beatrice, his girlfriend.

Fixed. I copied this off a Word document, and for some reason it didn't show all the effects.