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So, I figured out that sending mail straight from my Inbox will go through, as apposed to using the shortcut on a User's page. Anybody else having this problem? Updated 18 Jul · 1 comments

About Me

Endless pain is endless. I am the angst queen.
My internet persona more or less lives by the philosophy 'If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you'. So if I'm an a******, chances are I interpreted you as one first. If that was not the case, then do inform me that you weren't trying to be a jackass and I'll apologize most sincerely.
I'm a fangirl... But don't worry. I won't rip into you if your opinions happen to vary against mine. (Unless it's about Seto Kaiba. I don't take no s*** when it comes to my precious little snuffle-poo... o-o )
... That was a joke. :p
But no really, I like to think that I'm super nice once you get to know me. I love making new friends here, so drop me a message or a comment anytime! (PLEASE I'M SO LONELY-)
Stalker Precaution:
If you are looking at my profile and I do not consider you an acquaintance or above, you will be considered a stalker.
I do not like stalkers.
If you do not navigate away from this page within the next 15 seconds, you will become a target.
If you are a target, little doors will open in your home.
Flesh-eating rats with acid teeth will run out of the openings.
And like tiny toxic cowboys, scorpions will be riding the rats.
It's curtains for you, stalker. Have a nice day~! :)
I've been dancing to the addition of Xyz for 3+ years. The broken legs and shattered kneecaps were worth it.

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    My bedroom, wasting my life away.
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    Yugioh (Obviously), Romance animes, drawing, Reading/Writing fanfictions (Good ones though; I can't take bad grammar or OOCnes...), Singing, annoying people for no reason other than my sick amusement, Uhhhh...... Ask I guess?



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