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In Topic: The Election Of A New Staff Member

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

The way the alternative vote works is as follows
1) Collect all votes
2) Count each persons 1st vote
3) Drop the person with the least
4) Anyone who had that person listed as 1st then have their 2nd vote counted
Repeat 3 and 4.

Also, end date since I thought I said one, but didn't. Sunday 11:59 PM PST.

In Topic: The Election Of A New Staff Member

Yesterday, 08:05 AM

Leaning towards a public poll, with anonymous votes, and locked so users cannot simply switch their votes back and forth, but allows change through a moderator in the off chance there are changes of mind.
Also, will the nominated users be required to post their proposals, as a campaign of sorts? If so, IMO this thread would be a good place to do so.

I like the current "PM the active mod team your votes and we'll run the numbers" since it won't cause the members to want to change votes based on how things are going and is better suited to Alternative Vote. I'd like to have how the final vote played out public to maximize transparency for why the winner won.

Yea, you are free to use this thread to sell yourself for the job.

Also, just a reminded, please PM the whole active mod team. Its annoying, I know, but I want to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

In Topic: The Election Of A New Staff Member

Yesterday, 06:26 AM

Uh, the votes being public or private need to be revealed before we vote 
Speaking for myself, I atleast might change my vote if you guys make it public

This is why I announced the possibility now. I'll announce that Friday night like with the number of new mods. It burns two days, but thats only half the time. And you can still work on the ballot in the mean time.

Do we PM all mods or just one?

All mods. It will result in the team being flood with PMs, but I'm pretty sure this was the know when we were discussing it and no one said anything. I want to guarantees nothing gets overlooked for some random reason.

In Topic: The Election Of A New Staff Member

Yesterday, 04:58 AM

Fair note. I've add a link to the mod team list.

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Yesterday, 04:24 AM

I realized it was past 3 and went to check YCM. In typical YCM fashion it was dead.

Going to use this to determine who will move on to the election portion.
Nomination Results

We've decided to take the top 10 which will be

Lord CowCow
Chaos Sonic
Sunshine Jesse
Tesability Black

We will be using the Alternative Vote method. It was outlined earlier in the thread, but so people know what to do, just order those names from most wanted to least wanted for the spot. You don't need to pick all 10.

PM your choices to the mod team (Sakura, Dad, Zai, Broken, and myself). We will be keeping track of the results.

Two other notes, neither of which are set in stone.
1) We are talking about the possibility of second also getting a mod slot. THIS IS ONLY A POSSIBILITY. I will say by Friday if it will be 1 or 2.
2) We are talking about making the votes themselves public to allow as much transparency as possible.

I feel both of these things could be important for how you vote and while, again, ONLY A POSSIBILITY, I want any important information in regards to this to be known.

Final note, since it was brought up here, I'm going to have Yui go through the election process. We just never had time to really figure out the best course of action for it.

I believe this is everything. I will be locking this thread and creating a new one (the topic is now the election itself instead of nominations) with this same core info so everyone can continue to discuss.