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Flame Dragon

Flame Dragon

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In Topic: Hearthstone

Today, 05:46 AM


Collider is interesting. Biggest issue is 5 is a lot.
Whizbang is interesting.

Floop can be legit really good.

At least this time the class curve they are taking is one supported in the game already.

Now it's treant tribal.
Sorry Blizzard, your fun archetype ideas for Druid will never work out lmao

I mean, at least this has backwards support in the game already, unlike say Freeze Shaman.

In Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Yesterday, 05:13 PM

First off, people have wanted Bayonetta for years. She’s not some random character that got added. She adds a completely different playstyle, she represents a more adult Nintendo (while keeping the charm of regular Nintendo), and Sakurai wanted her in, much like how he wants FE to be heavily represented because it is his favorite franchise (forget the interview, but he did admit to it being his favorite).

Outside of being more adult, what you said can apply for a lot of characters and franchises. Even more when you open up considerations to 3rd party characters.

I am curious where he said it is his favorite franchise, in my googling I couldn't find it. Only this came up which would refute your claim that Sakurai wanted such a large FE presence.
"As for figuring out which Fire Emblem characters to include in each game, Sakurai said that it largely is down to luck and timing of releases, and that picks are usually characters from games that are popular at the time. With a few exceptions, characters are never added after the initial project plan is made, due to the impact it has on production time and costs. If Awakening had been released a few months earlier, there likely would've been fewer Fire Emblem characters in Smash 4."

Sakurai didn't go in wanting Smash 4 to have so many FE characters, the cards just happened to fall in a way that they did.

On top of that, you’re assuming Nintendo lied, but my argument says much the opposite. That WAS the goal... but things changed in a nice, tidy manner.
If Bayonetta was planned ahead of time, then winning the poll is irrelevant. It would mean they were already working on the poll winner before she even won, which means they can put the poll in their back pocket for later. There’s no lie there, just convenience that that two happened to line up. This requires fewer assumptions than “they lied”, especially when they acknowledged that Bayonetta did win the poll with her reveal.
If another had won, they most certainly would have been added... but that isn’t the case, because they didn’t win. Sakurai wanted her in, but it’s not like she was an unpopular pick from the start, so working on her in case she won OR didn’t is fine. It’s not like Corrin was winning any polls, either, but they got added because IS/Nintendo/Sakurai/someone wanted them added.

I actually went looking to see where this is coming from.


Given this two things could have happened
1) Work on Bayo started before they knew anything about the poll. When it was clear she was likely going to be the winner they realized the development time they were putting aside for the winner could be used on what ever character Sakurai would have wanted.
2) Bayo had a very strong lead very early so they started work sooner then expected. This is possible since polls are often top loaded in terms of votes with the majority of votes coming in during the first few days of a poll being up. Since they had a pretty safe bet in Bayo the early start let them work on one final character.

The first case is the more likely one, but I do believe scenario 2 is still within the realm of possibility.

In Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Yesterday, 04:53 AM

But Bayo receiving the most votes doesn’t mean she got in due to the poll.

Supposedly, she was already planned pre-poll as a fighter/DLC if time ran short. Being the winner =/= getting in due to the poll.

But, why Bayo? They have tons of options for possible characters, both in and outside of Nintendo. What would have made Bayo be the one they planned on putting in. Also, what would have happened in other characters had done better in the polls? I mean yea, Nintendo could lie, but working from that assumption makes it so you never have any ground to stand on since anyone can lie to us about literally everything. And this also begs the question, why create a poll saying it was for a Smash 4 character when that was never the goal?

Am I the only person who thinks some of the more neglected Nintendo stars should have a Smash Bros fighter? I know that they do this for a lot of things, but some characters, notably Mike Jones from StarTropics, don't even get a trophy, and I wish they would recognize these kinds of forgotten gems.

Thats the thing about forgotten gems, Smash DOES recognize a TON of smaller gems. It sucks when the one that is near and dear to you isn't one of them, but Sakurai loves his off the beaten path characters. Its is like a decent part of why the retro trio is in. All I can really say is that it is very possible for someone like Mike Jones to show up. Though, from the VERY little I just looked up about the franchise, it was designed without plans for it to make it to Japan and that would certainly hurt its chances.

In Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

18 July 2018 - 11:59 AM

(Supposedly) nope

We recently had a rumor in Japan that the results were for future smash games, and that the DLC in 3DS/WiiU was NOT influenced by the polls.

While I'm not going to say thats impossible, my question is, to what end would they say the poll was for 3DS/WiiU when it wasn't. They have no reason to lie about that. Don't get me wrong, I fully believe the characters being included in Ultimate are likely being pulled from the poll, but that doesn't also mean Bayo wasn't the top vote getter.

In Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

18 July 2018 - 11:26 AM


Oh man I wasn't expecting this to show up on the blog today, damn I wish this were longer. Not as good as the original with the lyrics but it's still pretty damn good, I think it works better for a fighting game. If there's Stage Builder in this game, gotta make a stage that's just one giant ladder and play this song.

This is a real cool version of the song. The original is a classic, but agree that this is better for a fighting game.

Why aren't people talking about Shovel Knight more?

Because he is 3rd party. While people certainly want 3rd party characters I don't think he is big enough to come up over a bunch of others.

Shovel Knight and crash would be perfect fits for smash bros and I’d be surprised if Sakurai decided not to act on either of them.

Bayonetta’s inclusion was probably influenced a fair amount by Sakurai bias since he wants Smash to be as unique as possible, and I think those two really fit the bill

Bayo is in since she won the poll.