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Kuraz might be why they made it negate the effects

He is, but i meant that destroying the equip card, just to give the monsters their effects back, would be worthless since most, if not all monsters with monarch stats do not have any continuous effects.


If it gave effects on summon,then it's new name would become "pot of monarch greed" the second kuraz hit grave.

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Yesterday, 07:19 PM

Monarchs may officially become a meta deck once more. this card gives trade-in AND pantheism even more methods of advantage gaining.


also, i believe they would get their effect back, but monarchs (and most monsters with monarch stats) either don't have any continuous effects, or aren't worth using with this.

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Yesterday, 07:12 PM

Seriously between this and Red Reboot as a Paleozoic player I kinda feel shat on

but white howling is a thing, so we at least got some carrot alongside the stick. besides, you can also chain to the card to summon paleozoics, the card you use won't be destroyed, just reset, and you get to set a trap from your deck if your opponent uses this on you. it might s*** on you one time, but there's no reason this should be enough to stop you unless your opponent is likely already going in for the kill, in which case, you can still potentially wall them with a few paleozoics via chain.

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15 November 2017 - 11:43 PM

Terry Crews just came forward saying he was sexually assaulted by Adam Venit, head of the motion picture department at William Morris Endeavor. Venit's clients are big stars. Must've gotten to his head, the creep.

assaulting the old spice man? how f***ing sick IS hollywood?

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15 November 2017 - 08:50 AM