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Today, 10:19 AM

considering pennywise has turned into cujo before as he killed a man, and is secretly a [spoilerBFS,spoiler] i'd have to say pennywise, hands down.


Today, 10:14 AM

what the f*** lambo you made the thread why aren't you answering the questions for me

it's attilla from fate/grand order


because she's a witch and this is secretly leading up to a closed room murder. 


Attilla? like Atilla the Hun? they genderbent him?


15 August 2017 - 10:13 AM

What is mitch's current avi from? 

In Topic: [OCG] SDR – Power Angel Valkyria

28 July 2017 - 11:11 AM

With all these toys they are getting, I wish Counter Fairies get a card that lets them activate Counter Traps from the hand; that would patch up their start-up issues and help with dealing with stuff during the player's turn. inb4 an upcoming Sanctuary on the Sky retrain does that :v

as terrible as it may sound, temple of kings is a rather close second to this idea. you can't activate them from hand (which is good imo, because counter traps are already the highest tier of traps) but you at least get the option to use one trap per turn should end phase MST become an issue, or if your opponent tries to do something like ghost ash/ogre/veiler/strike/warning your monster. it's not exactly powerful, but it definitely adds a bit of variance.



Personally, I really don't fully get Counter Fairies tbh. Even as generic as some Counter Traps are, and as consistent as the Fairies try to be, I can't help but feel there's just some kind of... disconnect. I wasn't playing when CF were originally a thing, so I don't know how they operated before or even have any real clue how to build 'em now.

counter fairies of the past had some of the currently limited/banned counter traps in abundance, and Divine punishment was like a second third and fourth judgement. the deck's main goal was to build advantage off of bountiful artemis as you negate effects, and destroy other cards with while recovering some of the hefty LP payments via meltiel. there really wasn't much to learn, you simply used the most effective counter traps, the counter faires meltiel and artemis, hope to drop your archangel, and guard via negate attacks/ mirror forces. throw in some upstarts, add your own spin on the trap lineup, (while running the strongest generic counter trap cards of whichever format you're in) and the deck was just about complete.

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17 July 2017 - 02:05 AM

my only sadness is that this doesn't have guilty gear in it, beyond that, i'm hyped through the roof.