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25 June 2017 - 09:59 PM

I should be able to finish the manga by the end of next month (assuming i continue at the current speed), if not the end of the week. and i've already heard the OST of the VN, i am indeed looking forward to getting a hold of it. but the manga will do for the time being, translation of the current book aside, it's pretty good. 


can't help but feel we've gotten off track.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

25 June 2017 - 09:41 PM




i watched the anime, (and loved the OP/ED,) but stopped at episode 20, because things were starting to puck up, and i realized the anime was likely going for an original ending. stopped there, then shortly after, started reading the manga while i had spare time. unfortunately i haven't been able to finish reading, as the translation (as in sentence structure, punctuation, choice in translation words used, ect) for the part i was on, is so terrible that it put me off for the past few months don't spoil it for me. i've been reading it in small doses, though. i'm at the backstory of kinzo and beatrice. the ww2 arc.


on topic, i have to ask, usami, what made you think to do such a list, and do you yourself happen to have a favorite for rach category? or is this simply a way to get to feel about the forum early on? either way, the idea's pretty interesting.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

25 June 2017 - 09:26 PM

well this caught my interests, so i may as well jump in...

Ultimate Male Member: Gonna have to say Hi I'm Dad, he's rather down to earth, and i can't think of too many people who hate him. so i


Ultimate Female Member: I legit don't Know who is and isn't female on this site. so i'm just gonna say Beatrice (AKA lambdadelta atm), it's the safest bet, and i have to thank her somehow for introducing me to umineko (Was lurking one day, saw you going on and on about it, gave it a shot, and loved it, so thanks.)


Ultimate Card Maker: no idea for the most part, i'm rarely in that section (though if sent a pm i'd gladly give cardmaking advice & reviews to those who desire it.) but if i were to base it off of who on this site has the best constructive criticism (as far as i know), i think i could give it to Black (AKA Berkut). he's usually pretty knowledgeable about cards and interactions, and i think he'd definitely be  a good card creator because of that knowledge.


Ultimate Role Player:  YCMaker. It takes some serious dedication to play dead for this long.


Ultimate Writer: i rarely enter that part of the site, so i have to refrain from voting here. my input would be both uninformed, and possibly skew something that rightfully belongs to another.


Ultimate Debater: ....This is one of those areas where i wish i could just say it's a tie. seriously, but to give the main win, Brightflame deserves it. Debating with him, and watching him debate, has never left me bored, and i legit enjoy doing so when i have time. the honorable mentions include tentacruel, who is exceptionally good at picking out and toning down arguments, though he's rarely actually present in debates. the other is Mido9, whose ability to pull up stats during discussion is both amazing and intimidating, though his ability to add his own views and interpretations to said facts and stats (thereby swaying an argument in his favor) is extremely lacking. shard, who has extremely passionate views in some subjects, and is rather lackluster in others, thus showing me both how good, and how terrible they are, at both debating, and choosing their battles.


Ultimate Comedian:  Edgeguin. He gets this simply because of  his post on the last page. a very well put together, and fairly substantial shitpost. also, haven't seen armz lately, so that's the honorable mention since he would have been the winner if he were still active.


Ultimate Rising Star: I have no idea. i'd say aria if they're still around, but past that, while i do see you new guys around, i don't quite see you as "new" since it's rather rare that i look at post counts. although, as of this thread here, pretty sure Usami  is currently the brightest of the bunch. made me stick my head in, that's enough to earn my vote.


Ultimate Influential Member: Tormented because he can get in touch with the most powerful undead member of them all: YCMaker. and is often rather close, if not central, to fixing many of the bugs that appear on the site from time to time.


Ultimate Drama Queen (or King!): In the temporary absence of the undisputed wintner, i'm granting this to Polaris. he's got a lot of the more entertaining feats under his belt, and his shitposts are often pretty entertaining. at least i get a decent laugh out of them. also, i have to add, the most influential members, and the larges drama king/Queens, are extremely likely to be banned members. that's simply the way of things. i understand that you wish to only use members who are here and accounted for, but the fact is, especially for drama, those who incite the biggest waves, are often going to have either been punished alongside said wave, or be the one(s) who punished the wave makers. in that way, overall, it would only ever be a banned member, or a mod, who leaves the largest impression.


Ultimate Moderator: Evilfusion. hands down. he was also a choice for best debater. keeping a calm and rational head while juggling facts is something that any and every mod should work to improve upon, no matter how good they are at it already, and leading the group in this, is none other than evilfusion. he's not always front and center, but his sig really does say everything you need to know about him as a mod, and luckily, he rarely, if ever, lets his power inflate his head.



hope that fits the rules. now back to lurking.


You would change things as soon as i post... well then, for ultimate despair, i'm going with the one we all know is winning this part: Winter. never before have i seen somebody so hopelessly outmatched, in numbers, (And in some cases arguments) yet so defiantly stand in defense of their beliefs. that takes some serious balls. and it deserves quite a bit of respect simply due to the amount of dedication shown. speaking your mind in all situations is a gift in and of itself. not to mention he was among the most influential of the normal members of the site, as many of the events involving him swept up the entire site, for better or worse. not always solely his fault, but always interesting while such events lasted.

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15 June 2017 - 02:15 PM

so close to a fu-rin-ka-zan meme. just one element away. i kind of wonder how well this archetype'll work with something like spellbooks, or invokers too. definitey loving the artwork and monster theme though. hopefully the user doesn't get shafted midway through the anime like so many often are, so we can see some serious support for them. (have yet to start the anime, so no idea if the deck user is a mainstay or not)


off/t, but considering your rules for inclusion polaris, spellbooks would also count as anime archetypes. and you forgot to mention prediction princesses, who while worthless on their own, have had some mild success when adapting the ritual monster into  decks like shaddolls.

In Topic: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

06 June 2017 - 10:27 AM

this is both welcome, and unwelcome. i just started playing sun again after not touching it for a few months. so i'm somewhat interested in this. but as of yet, there's nowhere near enough info to get me hyped about this new game. however, if it's like B2/W2, and they create a brand new storyline for the game, while improving upon the already decent world they've created, then they can likely have my money. also give us the goddamn mega stones ingame you lazy bastards