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In Topic: [SAST] Shiranui

18 September 2018 - 06:24 PM

There were already some hints of them being linked with Shiranuis. The first was the fact that the background of "Mayakashi Revolt" is a ruinous version of the temple in "Shiranui Style Samsara".

never noticed that. kinda want the lore put up now. also liking how the spell and trap help with the zombie synergy. king of the skull shiranui is gonna be fun to test out once i get my hands on these.

In Topic: [SAST] Pot of Indulgence and other teaser cards

18 September 2018 - 06:18 PM

if you are using this in the imaginary deck you explain, you've already failed

decks that don't gain from having an extra deck either gain from not having one, in which case this shouldn't be alive in the first place, or use it for other purposes, in which case you are still hurt by the effect.

Not to mention that ash blossom is still a better answer than this, even in the non-existent decks in which case this is a key player, seeing as how it is far more versatile.

No. I really shouldn't have to explain basic things like "Don't use this in decks that need their ED" or "If you're running this, you shouldn't base your plays on the cards in your extra deck". 


Ever hear of counter fairies? Or of stun decks in general? Ever hear of herald of perfection/ultimateness decks, where they search more than they draw?  Pure trickstars (the burn cancer version) search way more than they draw, and don't need to dig into their extra deck as much as they need to dig into their main deck.Timelords, while not meta or rogue, can throw away the entirety of their extra deck and play on like nothing happened, as can kozmo, who just got their best ship bumped up to two. Pure dinosaurs can make good use their ED, but don't actually need it to blow the opponent out, and have a ton of strong resource cards in their deck at their disposal, as they don't draw so much as they search. This can easily replace pot of desires/card of demise in all of the above decks, since it burns from the lesser used ED instead of the Main deck, and the draw restriction isn't felt for the most part in said decks, since you generally search/ excavate more than you draw, in most of the above examples. 


Does ash blossom have text in it saying "You cannot play pot of indulgence the turn you play this card"? Does pot of indulgence have text in it saying "you cannot run ash blossom if you have this in your deck"? Stop acting like the two cards are mutually exclusive. yes, ash works better than this card, but you get one ash per turn, a pseudo ash, in a deck that searches more than it draws, is not a bad thing.

In Topic: [SAST] Shiranui

17 September 2018 - 11:04 PM

that spell, isn't that the mayakashi monster? Is there any actual lore linking them and the shiranui monsters right now?

In Topic: [SAST] Pot of Indulgence and other teaser cards

17 September 2018 - 08:40 PM

Another card you could use to make your opponent not fuck you with Reincarnation is Ash Blossom rather than destroying your Extra Deck. 

if you're using this in a deck that needs the ED, then you've already failed.

In Topic: [SAST] Pot of Indulgence and other teaser cards

17 September 2018 - 05:39 PM

You are mistaken, you are not allowed to activate cards that cannot fullfill the minimum requirement for an activation, given that the draw part is imperative you cannot activate Reincarnation if it is already clear you cannot fullfill that part.

The Droll & Lock Bird interaction works because they resolve during the same chain and the card is already activated when Drol & Lock Bird resolves, this means you would have to use Reincarnation first and they would have to chain this Spell Speed 1 card (which a) does not work and b) noone in their right mind would do that ever, even if they could).

If you use this card first you are actually protected again the Droll & Lock Bird combo for the rest of that turn.

Droll & Lock Bird is a quick effect that can only be used during the window right after its condition gets fullfilled, which is exactly why you need Reincarnation to be a Spell Speed 2 card, so that is can be used as a lower Chain Link.


Short and simple game mechanics prohibit you from activating it after the new Pot of Indulgence resolves.

that's what i though, but thanks. In that case, this card actually has a pretty large potential in the trickstar matchup, assuming you search/excavate more than you actually draw.