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Today, 08:24 AM

That's . . . pretty much exactly what I already said, plus some more specific card interactions.

Also, you can't Tribute Summon the turn you use Grinder Golem, so really there aren't many outlets that would let you give your opponent the GG and clear your own field for Adversity.

can't tribute summon isn't the same as can't tribute. there aren't too many ways, i'll admit, but there are quite a few ways to clear your board (think psyframe lord omega) in either case, if any of these got printed, trade would be the most likely, and would also be the only one that might be printed without extra conditions added on.

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Today, 08:21 AM

Holy s*** please not even more of a caste system based on arbitrary post count.
Literally everyone who was here during the old days and could spam Clubs & Orgs has a way inflated post count.
This entire endeavor is divisive by nature. In a forum where enough people find the atmosphere toxic, that’s the last thing we need.

If I can see a legitimate reason to create these houses in the first place, then I will be open to it; otherwise I will vehemently oppose the further isolation of people by groups and labels.

well, that was the idea for the red blue yellow suggestion. i don't think that it would cause the same problems that it did in the past. sure there's some people with insanely high post counts, but that's not the same problem that it once was. i get why you wouldn't want to attempt it again though.


that said. the other two ideas were similar to the member groups, with the sole difference of being used like the Easter winner  titles instead of the member group titles.

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Yesterday, 09:24 PM

Kaito is probably in the top five among anime characters by the sheer number of consistency cards he runs, but there are three that really stand out in my opinion- two pieces of Photon support, and one very interesting option for anti-meta or going-second Decks.

Photon Trade
Normal Spell
Discard 1 "Photon" monster: Draw 2 cards.

Photon Sublimation
Normal Spell
Banish 2 "Photon" cards from your Graveyard: Draw 2 cards.

Cards of Adversity
Normal Spell
If your opponent controls a Special Summoned monster(s), and you do not: Draw 2 cards.

Photons might go the way of Destiny HERO if they got both Trade and Sublimation (becoming more an engine for other Decks than an archetype you run in its own right), but they could definitely receive one without anything of relevance happening.

Cards of Adversity, on the other hand, is one of those tools that we'd need to be very careful as to how we gave it to the game, because it might just be a card that would get abused by things like Chain Burn and Yosenju Stun for profit that would piss off anyone who encountered it. It seems to be a tradition that protagonist comeback cards from the anime get turned into oppressive cards that maintain the presence of a "villainous" stun Decks.



photon trade would actually be pretty good if released as is. the only deck that might want to abuse it would be something like exodia draw, and that already has a better option in the form of blue-eyes. it's just a themed trade-in. that said, i could see it being one of those cards that needs a clause to future proof it, something like the cardian clause would probably do the trick.


sublimation would be really good, but it, in combination with photon trade, and trade in, would make photons into one of the most consistent decks in the game. and yes, they would become an engine for something degenerate down the line. there's more than enough ways to abuse this card if it doesn't have any added clauses.


put simply, adversity would be banned a month, if not a week after release if printed as-is. special summon something like mithra (or grinder golem), give your opponent a token, tribute for anything, activate adversity, you've just gained cards for doing whatever was already going to give you advantage. 

In Topic: (YCM Suggestion) YCM Houses! Mods can give pts to houses and etc.

Yesterday, 09:09 PM



had more thoughts, but they left while writing these out, what other opinions do you guys have?

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Yesterday, 04:37 PM

as far as removal cards go, there's far worse things you could run besides this, but this card itself isn't worth a maindeck spot ever, and there's better cards you could place in your sidedeck as well. the nobleman series, both of them, are the kinds of cards that only really work when you either know what your opponent is running (NOE), or have pushed them into a corner(NOC). are they incredibly effective upon resolution? hell yes. but the requirement to activate is what holds them back. today, the game moves very quickly, and the nobleman series are both unsearchable. this means you'd have to run 3 to guarantee having them at a time when you most need them, and i don't think i need to explain why having 3 of such a situational card is not a good idea. the banish effect on traps would be nice. aside from strike, there are far too many trap cards that can be chained to extermination (Which would null it just like marksman), for it to be a viable card. especially in backrow heavy decks. you might hit one or two here or there, but cosmic cyclone, or even galaxy cyclone, can do the same job, and then some. it's simply a card that hasn't aged well. then again, with the return of 3x botomless and 3x torrential, it might have a use, but i'd rather make sure the card in my hand can hit as much backrow as possible (MST, TT, CC, GC, ect) than try to get off the effect of an extremely situational card.