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In Topic: Congress Votes to Repeal Internet Privacy Regulations

Yesterday, 10:56 PM

I agree, I am against this bill as well and if Trump signs it the results could well harm a lot of us, including some of those who voted for him

hell, if he signs this bill, it'll be the literal destruction of everything he "claimed" he wanted to do. this thing's clearly one of the most corrupt pieces of legislation in congress. touching it with anything other than a flamethrower would kill any and all chances of a second term, or any positive features he may have in the eyes of any americans who retain faith in him. and that's saying nothing of the damage it would do to his businesses by association were he to sign it.

In Topic: Stephen King's It (2017 remake)

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

Here you go boys. The official trailer.

from what i'm seeing, i like it. in fact, i may love it. it looks like it's keeping true to the original story/movie. also, hopefully they keep the CG to a minimum. i want barebones old school horror, not CG massacre.

Unrealistic.  It won't even be the same actor more than likely.  The Clown will be changed.  Just hope it's for the better.

late as all hell, but i should have clarified that, when i said i hope it remains the same, i meant, i hope they don't change the overall feel of pennywise. in the original movie, he was pure evil, but he had a sort of "fun" with his role, and his murders. what made him so scary was how swiftly his tone and actions could be at times. a jolly clown playing insanely dark pranks just to terrify you one moment, into a complete clusterf*** of a nightmare, hellbent on capturing and killing you a split second later.

In Topic: Congress Votes to Repeal Internet Privacy Regulations

Yesterday, 01:56 AM

i'd say take the names of everybody who votes in favor of repealing or preventing privacy bills, and put them on blast, every detail of their own search history, should be given to any and all voters in their districts upon request. if they don't want to help protect people's privacy online, they deserve none in return.


at this point, i have more than a few concerns, i don't want businesses intruding on me with even more popup ads, i don't want my credit cards, passwords, and all manner of other data, in the hands of any company that would so willingly sell off my info (without my express permission) to make more profit. i think, that should this go through, it would be a prime time to try starting up an new internet providing business, with like minded individuals who don't want to have their data monitored and sold 24-7, let the market know, and teach them to speak properly with their wallets.

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28 March 2017 - 02:03 AM

the fact that you placed eris below yunyun, is sheer blasphemy.

In Topic: Megumin is Best Girl

27 March 2017 - 11:01 PM


...I'm not wrong though.


Or perhaps it's because I have an idea?

never thought of that. well, you and mitcher will get along swimmingly.