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#7119153 [SAST] Shiranui

Posted by vla1ne on 18 September 2018 - 06:24 PM

There were already some hints of them being linked with Shiranuis. The first was the fact that the background of "Mayakashi Revolt" is a ruinous version of the temple in "Shiranui Style Samsara".

never noticed that. kinda want the lore put up now. also liking how the spell and trap help with the zombie synergy. king of the skull shiranui is gonna be fun to test out once i get my hands on these.

#7119021 [SAST] Pot of Indulgence and other teaser cards

Posted by vla1ne on 17 September 2018 - 08:40 PM

Another card you could use to make your opponent not fuck you with Reincarnation is Ash Blossom rather than destroying your Extra Deck. 

if you're using this in a deck that needs the ED, then you've already failed.

#7116595 Verizon throttles firefighters' data plan during wildfire.

Posted by vla1ne on 27 August 2018 - 11:53 AM



Verizon has claimed that they will stop throttling first responders. I frankly don't trust Verizon's word here, so I'd rather have stricter regulations to prevent Verizon from continuing to do this.

the fact that they did this in the first place is more than enough to remove all trust that they had. the attempt to bleed change out of them as first respondders is already despicable. even if they didn't realize they were the fire department, their plans, as members of the fire department in a wildfire zone should never have had limits to begin with.

#7115535 Tasered with a Baby in Hand

Posted by vla1ne on 20 August 2018 - 01:43 PM

Jihadist will hold their baby in their hands while triggering a suicide vest....what's your point?

first and foremost, that's an entirely different thing. the man wasn't a jihadist, he was just at a barbeque. odds of him having a bomb on him aside from some bomb grilled chicken are isnsanely low, pretty much zero


that said, there does exist precedent for police (and other civillians) being assaulted by hand, from people who are holding babies, who for some stupid reason think that having a child as a shield is gonna prevent them from getting beat dropped in response. i doubt that was likely here, but the precedent exists.

#7113748 Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Posted by vla1ne on 08 August 2018 - 07:35 PM


so... taking all bets on what the 5th franchise is.

my heart desires melty blood, but for some reason i suspect neptunia.

#7113257 [OCG] Link Vrains v2

Posted by vla1ne on 06 August 2018 - 12:10 AM

No no, the link is just me spit balling. We're getting 20 new links, those were just a couple of the most plausible ones imo

oh, in that case, i'm hoping more for a RR link, because it would be the widest covering support (assuming it's done properly)


also, a good melodius link and a decent lunalight link could probably boost the decks to rogue status.


a strong koa'ki mieru link would kill to get something good to bring them up from barely functioning to actually working. though if it were generic, it would get abused to hell and back.


lastly, a buster blader link is mandatory, the deck has locking power, but thanks to MR4, can't get properly put that power to board. a generic link would solve that handily.

#7113240 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Posted by vla1ne on 05 August 2018 - 09:16 PM

the reprints in the set are pretty good all around, though ash is clearly the best of the set. and even at 15, i'm willing to put out 15 for the best handtrap in the game, even if i'm not interested in buying too many of them, 45 for a set beats 45 for a single hands down.

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#7112700 Fascism: Right or Left?

Posted by vla1ne on 01 August 2018 - 07:59 PM

a bit late to the party, but, my question here would be why does it matter whether it's right or left? the idea itself is the issue in my opinion. but to put some smaller points for the discussion at hand that i either missed or didn't see here out in the open:


1) Republicans are for smaller government (overall) that kind of defeats the overall goal of fascism wouldn't it? a smaller government wouldn't have the power required to execute fascism on a larger scale, and as such, the right, as it is, would be a terrible home for facist ideals, so claiming the right is fascist, would kind of be calling them the opposite of what they stand for right? which is what makes antifa, with it's slogan of "bash the fascist" and it's clear hatred of whomever it perceives to be right wing, so confusing to me.   


2) The modern left claims to be more for individual democracy yes, but they are from many of the constituents actions, veering overall towards a more fascist government than their opposition aren't they? at least for the most part. the largest parallels i can see are the silencing of right wing viewpoints under false accusations, the use of power to shut down any who oppose them (seen more in Europe and Canada than the states) as has been shown time and again in articles where people are arrested for mere tweets and the like.


3) The philosopher in question, believed people were not individuals, but social, so yeah, him dividing democracy in two makes sense from that aspect. looking at it that way, you could argue that from where he sits, a democracy where people are treated as individuals is unthinkable. and as as result, must be separated from his ideal of true democracy, where people are viewed solely as a group, and consequently, makes the massive error of ignoring human ego (see in the above video as liberal democracy) was it something ever actually said by Giovanni? probably never, but it does match Giovanni's general outlook on the topic, if only barely.


4) Lastly, and to me, the largest takeaway, is that fascism, at it's core, is an authoritarian ideology, and at the moment, the left does indeed fit the bill far more than the right. but framing things as if the left were in some kind of grand conspiracy to hide the man? no. the ideology speaks for itself, and it's not exactly hard to make the exact same arguments, even without ever knowing who the founder of said beliefs are.

#7112689 Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Posted by vla1ne on 01 August 2018 - 07:19 PM



So I've not played a Blazblue game before would this be bad to start with?

Note Tekken Tag Tournament was my first Tekken game so it would be amusingly fitting

late as all hell, but seeing as it's still essentially at the top of the page:

This isn't the standard BB game. which is actually a good thing if you're looking to step into the 2d fighting ring for the first time (or just into the BB ring assuming you are already introduced to the genre) the game's extremely friendly to newcomers, and the combos in general are arguably far easier than even the DBZ auto combos so long as you understand basic FG stuffs.


if you're still looking into the game, i'd say get it, but if you're up for cooling your heels, i'd suggest waiting on the extended version to drop (we all know it's going to happen), and picking that up.

#7110559 [EP18] F.A. Shining Star GT

Posted by vla1ne on 17 July 2018 - 06:25 PM

I thought the same originally, about the negation. But it makes sense because I guess Konami is finally learning non OPT effects are terrible design. Oh well.

I don't play FA so forgive my ignorance but is there a way to make this live with a decent amount of attack while also making a decent board? Because I haven't seen much FA play since the AFD ban.

machine dupe can do it immediately. auto navigator is about the only one that makes it easy really. you can do it without auto navigator, but auto makes it easier. doing so and still ending on a board though... probably not. 

#7110107 [Debates] U.S. Black Community

Posted by vla1ne on 15 July 2018 - 10:04 AM

The black family survived Jim Crow and Slavery, but couldn't beat the welfare state

basically this. we endured every cruelty thrown at us, and came back stronger. but somehow we failed to resist the trap called "free benefits".


Has anyone spent the time to really look into these statistics and figure out what might be behind it? Statistics alone don't make a particularly strong base, it might show correlation but you know how the saying goes: Correlation does not imply causation. Has anyone really looked into it? Been to those neighborhoods? Spoken with these people? Spoken or read from someone who has spent that time?


And finally, what is the conclusion you're all trying to draw? That black people are inherently criminal or what?

i grew up in one of those neighborhoods. i saw it all firsthand. and 4 of my sisters, (and my 1 brother)  all grew up in different neighborhoods across the state, since we were all raised in different households. we all saw the same things overall, and many of them, and many of the family members in my few reunions, all basically have mirror image reports. and it's not like you can't find the same in states across the country, you see the same things not just in news reports, but in the interviews with people in those neighborhoods.

He says what i want to, way better than i could

#7109966 [Debates] U.S. Black Community

Posted by vla1ne on 14 July 2018 - 03:23 AM

Just to clarify, bad black neighborhoods really hate black officers


and better off black neighborhoods react better to them than white officers?

to the first, yes, mostly because the monolith mentality is deeper there. black cops combine 1 and 3 into a bundle, while adding another of the examples that i didn't put in earlir, that being the monolith mentality. they are the cops that black people hate. then you get the  mixing of arresting of those whose dissonances lean towards the illegal, while not subscribing to the monolith mentality,  so when they see black cops, it contradicts much of their standard mental image. which, in most cases, is met with revulsion. this isn't always the case, but it is the norm in the worse off neighborhoods.


to the second, no. they're just cops in those neighborhoods. 

#7108308 [SOFU] Eternal Galaxy

Posted by vla1ne on 04 July 2018 - 10:04 AM

So you can turn any level/rank 4 monster into a free titanic galaxy/galaxy eyes dragon? Or turn any level/rank 5 into the upgraded galaxy eyes monsters? This is getting to be ridiculous. If galaxy can't top some tournaments after all this consistency support comes out, then they don't deserve another wave of support. this is the kind of support red eyes (and to an extent, blue eyes and dark magician) have wet dreams about.

#7108304 [SOFU] Condemned Witch

Posted by vla1ne on 04 July 2018 - 09:44 AM

well, till we get ostinato, it can be a surprise opener to melodious plays. 2 of the best main deck melodious monsters are level 4's who's effects kick when special summoned, (aria's protection is better 1st turn, and soprano's recovery effect should be live on any turn after that) so i guess it'd be a quicker way to assemble the main pieces of the deck. not to mention it gives access to the "forbidden" cards, so you can lance/chalice as needed (though aria would prevent targeting your own monsters).

#7105470 Three California Initiative Makes November Ballot

Posted by vla1ne on 19 June 2018 - 07:52 PM

your own response


Word is slower on my computer, and usually more annoying than either wordpad or notepad, (my computer is 8 years old now, and it’s age is starting to show a bit more) so I usually choose notepad over word to reduce the strain. But considering the length of the replies, and the tedium of spellchecking on notepad, yeah, I’ll use word for now.


Whether or not they can put a persuasive argument together right now is definitely in doubt, but he’s definitely getting better at making his divisions and arguments over time. It would give the democrats an extra seat alongside the republicans, and said seat would be yet another rather blue state overall, even if it could swing, so making the argument that it would remove supermajorities isn’t as false as it seems. California’s red voters are leaving it, meaning what’s left is going to be bluer overall. Yes, draper wants more red, but that’s called playing the long game, the plan, as well as I can see it, seems to be split the states, rework one of the three, leave the other to swing for the time being, and let the third collapse under the weight of its own altruism, rebirthing it from the ashes as either a swing state, or a completely red state. A good plan in theory, but terribly executed, because he’s not working hard enough on the most important part of it, aka, the division itself. No, giving a message to persuade democrats is the best option, because republicans, no matter how little they like the plan initially, already have more than enough motivation to move out. This provides a solution to said plan of moving that allows them to remain home, or at least move a shorter distance, and actually support the conservative candidates from their home state. The end game is similar, but has far more upsides for the conservative voter, and it still allows the liberal voter to do as they please, it simply prevents said desires from affecting as large a swath of people as it currently does. Even if it’s broken up, it’s still California.

’allow me to explain’


Even though it’s a republican based proposal, you only really need to win over the democrats, winning over the republicans is a bonus.


I agree, properly revising his arguments is key to winning, alongside lowering his biased lines. It’s necessary to cut into the state in a brand new way, and it’s fine to give more room to what would become ‘center California’, and he needs to realize this if he intends to succeed. My estimate is that it’ll take at least one more failed draft for him to figure it out though. Why he can’t understand such basic things, I don’t know.


It is perfectly fine to leave said rules up to the new governments, and kicking that stone down the road is understandable. That said, it’s definitely something he shouldn’t be doing. Not without at least putting down a framework to kick that can towards. He’s splitting the state into three new forms, the legal work needed to do that is immense, and I can understand why he wouldn’t want to go through it. That said, a framework covering what he would advise for each state would definitely go leagues in making the idea more palatable for both sides of the fence. Again though, leaving it open allows for each state to reform in their own self-image. A nice thought, if nothing else.


It isn’t though, there’s quite a few reasons to do so, but yeah, he hasn’t fully outlined them.

’So let me give three:’


I agree.  It affects the state heavily, but it’s too massive of a topic to actually keep within the current reply thread.


Losing said stronghold is nothing compared to collapsing it by hand. Reluctance to downsize when the state needs to break cleanly is no less reckless than the current proposal. The break may need work, but the fact that it needs to make said break sometime soon, is definitely a fact. They run the risk of destroying all 55 electoral votes they possess if they keep down the road they’re on now.


You don’t see why republicans leaving are a problem? Alright, first up, the republicans are still taxpayers, combine the taxpayers leaving with the current rules making California a sanctuary state, and you should understand why the numbers of people leaving matters. California is running off its funds in favor of the illegal sponges. It’s more than just losing votes, it’s losing people who are willing to work and pay taxes, in favor of those who work under the table, and cost far more money to keep than to remove. Republicans (and by extension democrats) leaving, is extremely damaging, when California’s entire sanctuary system runs off of the fuel that its legal, tax paying workers provide.

I believe I said it earlier, but the republicans are leaving in droves, the democrats outnumber them 4-1, convincing whomever will get it done is the most important part, the rest all comes later. You can consolidate the conservative faction in one state after you get the plan off the ground, and only democratic support will allow that to happen. It’s called playing the long game.

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