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Posted by vla1ne on Today, 10:14 AM

what the f*** lambo you made the thread why aren't you answering the questions for me

it's attilla from fate/grand order


because she's a witch and this is secretly leading up to a closed room murder. 


Attilla? like Atilla the Hun? they genderbent him?

#7021256 This impacts all of us. Let's act like it.

Posted by vla1ne on 08 July 2017 - 05:59 PM

On the contrary, choosing to protest instead of choosing not to would surely lead to different outcomes. Those differences in outcome could be the tipping point that determines this bill being overturned, they could contribute just enough momentum to a sea of outrage, they could be trivial, and they could backfire. We've seen protests backfire, certainly of late. Protest culture has been sweeping in the year of 2017, yet with each revelation that the latest noble protest was staged by vast corporate entities with think tanks and cash, the air around subsequent protests grows thicker with disillusionment. You needn't look any further than here to see how easily a protester can preach so zealously to the converted as to inspire apostasy. "That's no reason not to fight" is, to me, a completely f***ing backwards sentiment. We don't need reasons not to fight, we need reasons to fight. I'm sure you have as valid reasons as anyone for opposing this bill, but opposing this bill isn't much of a stand to take when damn near everyone is opposing this bill to the extent where not opposing it strongly enough is vilified, as if I'm under some moral imperative to fight alongside you with all my might.

 from where i'm looking at things, yes, there are definitely different outcomes that can be reached from both avenues, but the avenue of protest, to me holds what i consider to be the most valid possibility. yes, we have seen protests backfire, but it does not invalidate every protest, to have a few (or even many) of them collapse. i have no issue with protest culture, it is a right that all deserve, and is, in general, a healthy expression. now, when mixed with outrage culture, and a mindset that desires everything be given unconditionally, it becomes unhealthy, but that is not what this is, at the very least, not for me. i am protesting, because a service, that i pay hard earned money to maintain, is under threat of being gimped, in both quality, and overall freedom. 
no matter who stages said protest, those behind the cause, are often, if not always genuine, you can oppose them, but it is not an invalidation of a protest, simply because the funds come from a larger source of wealth. looking at the reason behind each and every protest, is what makes protest reasonable, and unreasonable to me. the reasoning behind this one being that paying more for less, for no clearly defined reason, does not sit well, and no suitable reason (or any reason at all) has been put out there to defend such a change.
my reason to protest/fight(nonviolently of course), is that the money i pay does not come without expectations of quality, letting the service providers know as much, instead of being lead around by the nose, is my reason. if they refuse to provide services, that is their choice, and my money shall eventually flow elsewhere, same for the politicians, my votes will go to those who understand that their own wallet is not the object of importance when running for an office.


Anything that's easier to fight for than not to isn't a worthwhile cause, it's an insufferable bandwagon. To me, my right to abstain from movements like this is infinitely more important than something so trivial as overturning this bill, and so that's where I'm focusing my energies.

you are somewhat right that opposing this bill is the strongest stance, but i do not wish to vilify you, only persuade you to join this side of the discussion. and for a strong example of underestimating your opponent, even one that may have been easy to fight, look at the recent elections. this is that kind of bill, sure, a lot of people are against it, definitely more than those who are for it, but if everybody has this same thought, then what happens then? the bystander effect is what. to be fair, no, that may not happen in this case, but why take such a risk? especially on something that could disrupt modern life as much as this can? yes, eventually another company may rise and provide the services better, effectively destroying the old model of censored service for good, but until then, it would be a terrible inconvenience, and an even worse drain upon my wallet if i wished to maintain the current services that i possess. i cannot financially afford more bills than i have right now, i have an interview in two days for an insanely good job, but even then, why would i want to spent twice as much on the same sevices? so why would i sit by and hope for the best when even the most basic of the worst results could easily cause me no end to my financial troubles

Perhaps, but consider that in protesting this bill you're protesting a protest of a protest. Are you really preventing disease, or are you contributing to it?

 i am protesting this bill, it's that simple. i do not support this bill, i am letting the companies, and the politicians, know as much, and from where i stand, the more who make this known, the stronger the sentiment will resonate, especially with politicians. 


I don't need your permission to think as I do.

indeed you don't, and i would not vilify you for thinking as you do (if such a meaning came across to you, that was not my intention) but there is no harm in attempting to persuade you to see things my way, or vice versa, right?

#7021142 This impacts all of us. Let's act like it.

Posted by vla1ne on 07 July 2017 - 11:25 PM

The companies don't care. Not like people have anywhere else to turn.

The politicians, on the other hand, want to get reelected.

and therin lies the main issue. how to get the people to turn away. polaris is right when he said people can live without the internet, but it seems more and more people have forgotten this fact. if they could remove themselves, if only for a few months in protest, that would be more than enough to get the point across. a few months of wireless hardship for a more free internet, to me wouldn't be too bad of a tradeoff. 


politicians, are another snake entirely, but indeed, should they vote this in, all it would take, is a (at least semi-competent) politician who didn't, to have them effectively removed. 

#7021132 This impacts all of us. Let's act like it.

Posted by vla1ne on 07 July 2017 - 10:54 PM

Polaris, might i ask why you think protesting this wouldn't change anything? It's true that protesting might not do anything, but at the very least, you can let the companies know that the consumer does not want it, and possibly alert them to the immediate loss in in trust and gradual loss of profits should they continue down such a foolish road. as you said, another ISP could potentially come into the mix and rise quickly by opposing this, but by then, the damage would have been done. so i guess my question really, is why would you take the risk waiting for that pound of cure, when an ounce of prevention lies directly in front of you?


To me, it seems as if this is preventing the loss instead of waiting till it breaks and hoping something can be done after. This bill is 100% intended to hobble the current freedom that the internet possesses. So it's all well and good to say that it can be fixed later, or that the internet's not free already, but why would you permit even more chains when you can at least try to keep it as free as possible? I'm not a fan of the defeatist mindset, nor can i say that hoping for somebody else to fix the problem (all the while having a means to at least attempt a counter) is something to either respect or even permit as default thinking in any situation.




So far this seems to be generating discussion over the extent to which we value freedoms and services we largely take for granted in spite of not having had access to them as a species until extremely recently. The internet isn't something previous generations depended on, and yet the prospect of mere restrictions on the convenience of our use of the internet seems to rouse our warlike passions. Interesting, to say the least.   



correct. we haven't had it all that long, but in the current age, as humanity advances, the internet, has indeed become integral to how we live. but let me make something clear before continuing, because it seems to have not registered with you just yet; the internet is not just a mere convenience. it is a service that we pay for, and we, as consumers, expect not to be cheated out of what we pay for. would you accept a broom or a vacuum at full price, that works only half as well as it should, and indeed once would have, on that same reasoning? simply because the company that provides the product choses to apply even more arbitrary restrictions for the sake of their own greed? is the current system prefect? no, but that is no excuse to let it slink further into the shithole called greed. we are upset, because the money we work to earn, is not given lightly, and for a company to blatantly attempt to swindle us for mere greed is an absolutely s*** deal. the money i work for is damn hard earned, and by signing this protest, i am making that known. i will gladly go without internet, and refuse to grant another dime to these crows should such a terrible business decision be allowed to stand. we are paying them, for a service, and while new innovations of that service are not necessary, dragging that service backwards, in pursuit of greed based profit, is absolutely unacceptable.

#7021023 mr krabs is a

Posted by vla1ne on 07 July 2017 - 11:16 AM

so squidward can go f*** himself? makes sense.

#7021017 This impacts all of us. Let's act like it.

Posted by vla1ne on 07 July 2017 - 10:21 AM

seriously, everybody who attempts to put up these regulations should to be fired as soon as possible. these attempts to control the internet are blatant grabs at money and power, and should not be tolerated. this is the abandoning of consumer satisfaction in favor of perceived profit. the worst part is, nobody but comcast wins (and even they lose in the long term). starting companies will have a harder time making it, existin companies will have to charge more for simple services online, consumers will be forced to pay more for what was once standard product. standard product will be sub-par at best, and complete trash at worst. this is simply a foolish move all around. and i pity whomever was senile enough to think it is even remotely profitable in the long term.

#7020001 Super YCM Awards 2017 Ultimate Talents Revealed!

Posted by vla1ne on 01 July 2017 - 09:52 PM

well i'm honestly surprised i won anything considering i've been mia for the past few weeks/months. so thanks to all you folks who voted me in. and congrats to the rest of the winners as well.

well i'm honestly surprised i won anything considering i've been mia for the past few weeks/months. so thanks to all you folks who voted me in. and congrats to the rest of the winners as well.

#7019552 Shut Line [CIBR]

Posted by vla1ne on 29 June 2017 - 02:24 PM

While it is good in the versatility of what it can stop... At the thought of its quaint existence, I think a lot of cautious players would avoid activating cards in columns with Set Spell/Traps altogether unless they are dealing with full back row, or they are forced to use zones in those columns (e.g. via Ground Collapse, Zebrascal, etc.)

ED/pendulum players will have no choice, and it's still an insanely good bluff card, considering it costs nothing, and is more powerful when used in chains (the more cards involved, the more likely they'll have to place a card in one of said zones) it also promotes lot of mindgames in combination with other types of cards, place worthless cards (aka cards you can't use at that point in time) strangely, and you'll likely freak your opponent out with them. not to mention counter fairies... dear god counter fairies. and as a side note, a funny thing about this card, it can never stop field spells.

#7018810 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

Posted by vla1ne on 25 June 2017 - 09:59 PM

I should be able to finish the manga by the end of next month (assuming i continue at the current speed), if not the end of the week. and i've already heard the OST of the VN, i am indeed looking forward to getting a hold of it. but the manga will do for the time being, translation of the current book aside, it's pretty good. 


can't help but feel we've gotten off track.

#7018805 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

Posted by vla1ne on 25 June 2017 - 09:41 PM




i watched the anime, (and loved the OP/ED,) but stopped at episode 20, because things were starting to puck up, and i realized the anime was likely going for an original ending. stopped there, then shortly after, started reading the manga while i had spare time. unfortunately i haven't been able to finish reading, as the translation (as in sentence structure, punctuation, choice in translation words used, ect) for the part i was on, is so terrible that it put me off for the past few months don't spoil it for me. i've been reading it in small doses, though. i'm at the backstory of kinzo and beatrice. the ww2 arc.


on topic, i have to ask, usami, what made you think to do such a list, and do you yourself happen to have a favorite for rach category? or is this simply a way to get to feel about the forum early on? either way, the idea's pretty interesting.

#7018798 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

Posted by vla1ne on 25 June 2017 - 09:26 PM

well this caught my interests, so i may as well jump in...

Ultimate Male Member: Gonna have to say Hi I'm Dad, he's rather down to earth, and i can't think of too many people who hate him. so i


Ultimate Female Member: I legit don't Know who is and isn't female on this site. so i'm just gonna say Beatrice (AKA lambdadelta atm), it's the safest bet, and i have to thank her somehow for introducing me to umineko (Was lurking one day, saw you going on and on about it, gave it a shot, and loved it, so thanks.)


Ultimate Card Maker: no idea for the most part, i'm rarely in that section (though if sent a pm i'd gladly give cardmaking advice & reviews to those who desire it.) but if i were to base it off of who on this site has the best constructive criticism (as far as i know), i think i could give it to Black (AKA Berkut). he's usually pretty knowledgeable about cards and interactions, and i think he'd definitely be  a good card creator because of that knowledge.


Ultimate Role Player:  YCMaker. It takes some serious dedication to play dead for this long.


Ultimate Writer: i rarely enter that part of the site, so i have to refrain from voting here. my input would be both uninformed, and possibly skew something that rightfully belongs to another.


Ultimate Debater: ....This is one of those areas where i wish i could just say it's a tie. seriously, but to give the main win, Brightflame deserves it. Debating with him, and watching him debate, has never left me bored, and i legit enjoy doing so when i have time. the honorable mentions include tentacruel, who is exceptionally good at picking out and toning down arguments, though he's rarely actually present in debates. the other is Mido9, whose ability to pull up stats during discussion is both amazing and intimidating, though his ability to add his own views and interpretations to said facts and stats (thereby swaying an argument in his favor) is extremely lacking. shard, who has extremely passionate views in some subjects, and is rather lackluster in others, thus showing me both how good, and how terrible they are, at both debating, and choosing their battles.


Ultimate Comedian:  Edgeguin. He gets this simply because of  his post on the last page. a very well put together, and fairly substantial shitpost. also, haven't seen armz lately, so that's the honorable mention since he would have been the winner if he were still active.


Ultimate Rising Star: I have no idea. i'd say aria if they're still around, but past that, while i do see you new guys around, i don't quite see you as "new" since it's rather rare that i look at post counts. although, as of this thread here, pretty sure Usami  is currently the brightest of the bunch. made me stick my head in, that's enough to earn my vote.


Ultimate Influential Member: Tormented because he can get in touch with the most powerful undead member of them all: YCMaker. and is often rather close, if not central, to fixing many of the bugs that appear on the site from time to time.


Ultimate Drama Queen (or King!): In the temporary absence of the undisputed wintner, i'm granting this to Polaris. he's got a lot of the more entertaining feats under his belt, and his shitposts are often pretty entertaining. at least i get a decent laugh out of them. also, i have to add, the most influential members, and the larges drama king/Queens, are extremely likely to be banned members. that's simply the way of things. i understand that you wish to only use members who are here and accounted for, but the fact is, especially for drama, those who incite the biggest waves, are often going to have either been punished alongside said wave, or be the one(s) who punished the wave makers. in that way, overall, it would only ever be a banned member, or a mod, who leaves the largest impression.


Ultimate Moderator: Evilfusion. hands down. he was also a choice for best debater. keeping a calm and rational head while juggling facts is something that any and every mod should work to improve upon, no matter how good they are at it already, and leading the group in this, is none other than evilfusion. he's not always front and center, but his sig really does say everything you need to know about him as a mod, and luckily, he rarely, if ever, lets his power inflate his head.



hope that fits the rules. now back to lurking.


You would change things as soon as i post... well then, for ultimate despair, i'm going with the one we all know is winning this part: Winter. never before have i seen somebody so hopelessly outmatched, in numbers, (And in some cases arguments) yet so defiantly stand in defense of their beliefs. that takes some serious balls. and it deserves quite a bit of respect simply due to the amount of dedication shown. speaking your mind in all situations is a gift in and of itself. not to mention he was among the most influential of the normal members of the site, as many of the events involving him swept up the entire site, for better or worse. not always solely his fault, but always interesting while such events lasted.

#7006598 The Crusades

Posted by vla1ne on 04 May 2017 - 08:48 PM

while double damage is mostly meme tier, there's a lot of fun stuff that i can think to do with this card. like rainbow life hijinx, that one card where any damage one player takes hurts both players, power wall's milling effect, making nutrient Z, and cards like it (such as inferno tempest) live more often, the ever present amazoness swordswoman play, ect, i like what i see so far, but as stated above, until we see the 13th legion, we won't know exactly how good or bad this card is as a whole. although equip searching always nice to see.

#7005044 [Leaderboard] Black D'Sceptyr vs. Bellringer Angel (FTW Contest) (Cards U...

Posted by vla1ne on 28 April 2017 - 10:55 PM

well, the RR has insanely weak stats for a level 11, which isn't too much of an issue though, considering its effect is literally win the duel, unfortunately, RR really don't need higher level monsters, no matter what the anime may believe, but that's neither here nor there, as for the alt win, a RR deck dedicated to dropping this could likely pull it off in 4-5 turns unimpeded (which is actually a lot to ask for them) the largest flaw i see with this, is the fact that its' effect can kick during either player's turn, which means from the turn you drop it, to your next turn, you've added 3 materials already, furthering your alt-win condition, and will likely have been able to pop 2-3 cards as well, not exactly fair design wise, even if it has a low ATK.


as for the subterror monster, similar to sakura, i don't believe the effect would actually be possible to pull off as worded, and the fact that it breaks most precedents for Xyz monsters also kind of hurts the rating (it may have fit the theme better as a -maybe contact- fusion using any 3 of the bigger ones), the negation effect is strange to say the least, but i see why you chose to do it that way, since the effect prior already sets it. but to that, believe you've already given it a bit too much in the department of versatility, it has 3 really powerful effects, one of which breaks irl precedent, and not only provides steady searching, but grants negation and an alt win condition. 


all this factored in, i have to give it to card A, it's more consistent, follows the general rules of the game better, and while i disagree with the overall level of power that it presents, i hold the same issue with card B, to a slightly greater extent, because it breaks 2 general precedents in the game (facedown negations, and being an Xyz monster that does not care about equal levels.).

#7004826 Winter's Ban

Posted by vla1ne on 28 April 2017 - 01:27 AM

All right, I guess it's about time to issue some sort of final statement regarding this matter.

Massive Wall of Text

...and it took me over two and a half hours! I could be doing WAY more interesting things with that time.

well yeah, you could be doing more interesting things, but you're a mod, and this entire thread is aimed at a decision made by the mods, and finalized by you, so you're doing exactly what needs to be done. and as such, as i've said, it's due a fair and proper response.

responding wall of text

I'm overdue for sleep right now, so the ending might feel a bit rushed, but i believe this is enough of an argument to warrant some form of leeway in the situation. i'm not saying he shouldn't be punished in some form or another, but a permaban, considering the circumstances from my own end, is in all aspects, too great of a punishment. so i now await your own response.
i'm going to f***ing sleep.

#7004806 Winter's Ban

Posted by vla1ne on 27 April 2017 - 11:34 PM


In the few minutes it took to read and re-read your post I saw a whole lot of apologizing and attempts at damage control. You look sorry and I understand why you're sorry and this is a sorry business, but apologies don't mean anything without action. 


It'd take a matter of seconds to unban Winter. 



Winter wasn't the only one testing and playing the mod team. You guys were at a standstill because your rules suck and the ways you enforced them were riddled with inconsistencies (this being no exception). Don't be upset about it and lash out, fix your rules. You previously made a point that one of Winter's problems is he always cried foul and insinuated the mod team was out to get him. And yet, this was foul and the mod team was out to get him. 


That's all I have to say to you and your two and a half ill-spent hours. 

goddamnit pol, give me time to reply in full before antagonizing the damn post. the very fact that he spent two hours means it deserves at least as much respect in return. 


yes, it's fine to disagree, and i disagree with it as well, but if he at least has it in him to respond with this much, instead of the standard "i'm a mod that's that" then he's clearly in this for valid arguments. and he has some legit points that do deserve addressing, considering he really has given more fair ground to winter than the rest of the team in it's entirety. a true response is worth sending back this time.