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#7082143 [ANIME] Kaito's Draw Cards

Posted by vla1ne on Yesterday, 09:24 PM

Kaito is probably in the top five among anime characters by the sheer number of consistency cards he runs, but there are three that really stand out in my opinion- two pieces of Photon support, and one very interesting option for anti-meta or going-second Decks.

Photon Trade
Normal Spell
Discard 1 "Photon" monster: Draw 2 cards.

Photon Sublimation
Normal Spell
Banish 2 "Photon" cards from your Graveyard: Draw 2 cards.

Cards of Adversity
Normal Spell
If your opponent controls a Special Summoned monster(s), and you do not: Draw 2 cards.

Photons might go the way of Destiny HERO if they got both Trade and Sublimation (becoming more an engine for other Decks than an archetype you run in its own right), but they could definitely receive one without anything of relevance happening.

Cards of Adversity, on the other hand, is one of those tools that we'd need to be very careful as to how we gave it to the game, because it might just be a card that would get abused by things like Chain Burn and Yosenju Stun for profit that would piss off anyone who encountered it. It seems to be a tradition that protagonist comeback cards from the anime get turned into oppressive cards that maintain the presence of a "villainous" stun Decks.



photon trade would actually be pretty good if released as is. the only deck that might want to abuse it would be something like exodia draw, and that already has a better option in the form of blue-eyes. it's just a themed trade-in. that said, i could see it being one of those cards that needs a clause to future proof it, something like the cardian clause would probably do the trick.


sublimation would be really good, but it, in combination with photon trade, and trade in, would make photons into one of the most consistent decks in the game. and yes, they would become an engine for something degenerate down the line. there's more than enough ways to abuse this card if it doesn't have any added clauses.


put simply, adversity would be banned a month, if not a week after release if printed as-is. special summon something like mithra (or grinder golem), give your opponent a token, tribute for anything, activate adversity, you've just gained cards for doing whatever was already going to give you advantage. 

#7082142 (YCM Suggestion) YCM Houses! Mods can give pts to houses and etc.

Posted by vla1ne on Yesterday, 09:09 PM



had more thoughts, but they left while writing these out, what other opinions do you guys have?

#7082002 Social Justice

Posted by vla1ne on Yesterday, 11:59 AM

a post like this deserves at least some response, but while i won't attack your own ideas, you probably shouldn't expect them to be left in peace after putting them out there as the topic starter. but that's besides the point:



What is your opinion on social justice as a whole?

my opinion on social justice as a whole is that it's a well meaning ideology that's gone well beyond the range of too far. social justice in and of itself isn't something i'd call bad,(fighting for equality, or getting as close as possible to it, isn't something that i'm against at all) but the fact that outrage has been given free range, and attempts to reign in unfounded outrage via rational argument are met with even more outrage, is basically all the movement has left going for it (at least in first world countries) we've reached a time where first world social justice (most, if not all branches of it) have little to nothing left to fight for. in other words, social justice is a powerful tool, that can achieve lots of good, but it's only as effective/useful as the equalities that you use it against. and where we are now, as far as the first world s concerned, we've long since pased the point where social justice needs to be wielded as heavily as it is currently, and as a result, it's liable to reverse much of what it was once credited for fixing.



What's your opinion on the movements for and against it?

since i dipped into it above, i'll start with the movements for social justice, currently, the movements for social justice are often pointless, trivial, or vastly overblown (first world only). social equality, arguably the main goal of social justice, has already been achieved, as things stand, there's nothing really left worth fighting over. unfortunately, this very lack of worthy subjects, is what leads to so many problems overall. social justice asi it is now, takes single incidents and slights (microagressions, ect), blows them up way out of proportion, and causes people to act like children over subjects that would be better of looked at calmly and logically. one person not making a cake for another person because of their sexual orientation is a shitty move, but it is not the end of the world, and there is no shortage of people who would make said person a cake regardless of orientation. one race shooting another person of a different race for racist reasons is a tragedy, but it does not signify the return to the 1920's. a job having more men than women, or more of one race than another, isn't an immediate sign of sexism. the list goes on. many times, people see these kinds of things and it leads to more problems from the sheer outrage, than simply pursuing the outcome from a legal standpoint would have caused. sure, there are inequalities, and said inequalities are worth looking into, but understanding how to handle said issues without outrage is another quality required, and one that's rarely seen anymore. good guys won't always win, but knowing how to handle those losses, and improve the responses is another responsibility that's recently been neglected by those claiming to desire social justice.



as for the movements against it, i often find myself on this side more often than not, but yeah, i can see why it's not looked upon with much respect, the very sentence: "I'm against social justice", makes the people on it seem like villains doesn't it? but really, it's nothing so simple, and it does come with some unique flaws of it's own. for one, there's no real way to discern what people are and aren't against, the side of "against social justice" is, by nature, a side that has to actively own both the best, and worst intentions. those who believe social justice has gone far enough, can either wish for it to stop, or actively wish to reverse it, a serious problem (something similar can be said for the movement for it, but not quite to the same extent). and then you have those who, while having reasonable positions, have nothing actually worth contributing. peoplewho go "look at that feminist/SJW/ect, they're so stupid lol" without giving actual reasons why, or providing any constructive criticisms of the position that they happen to be against. these may in fact be the most difficult ones to have on your side, while the racists and sexists are liable to side with you, they might at least be able to give you some strong arguments to use or argue for/against every now and again (even if you don't agree with an overall philosophy, learning from it only increases your pool of available options and arguments, allowing you to potentially bridge discussions easier), providing discussion on what to improve and remove is possible some, if not much of the time with such people. the people who just come to laugh though, they give nothing, and only serve to increase tensions on and between both sides. the movement against social justice is a strange set of lines, where everybody has a reason, but not everybody has something to contribute, and many contributions may heavily conflict with each other. it's  clusterf*** of an opposition, but it remains the side of the fence that i sit on.


And why do you hold these opinions?

because i've seen where the opposite goes, well before it actually made it here in fact. i was on the side of social justice for a long while, but the people i lived around, and the people i went to college with, made me rethink this greatly. before the whole social justice thing became big, i was somebody who avidly argued against religions (not opening that can here, just showing it to give perspective). i enjoyed going up against arguments, and thinking them through while making up counterarguments, this lead me to entering a debates class in college, and it was about then that i started to use the skills i got in class to look at some of my own long held views, and sharpen them up, leading to me throwing away a lot of old beliefs that i once held. this was when i looked at my social justice side (before it even had that moniker) and realized a few things about it. i was still an advocate of equality, but i started to look deeper into the reasons i argued for things, and over time, i slowly drifted back and forth from the far left, to the center, and i've been sitting about center since the advent of the actual social justice issue.


if you're thinking that this doesn't give too much info on why i sit where i do, or even where exactly i sit, that's because i myself have no exact idea where i sit. i know what i think, what i believe, and why i believe it, but my position changes depending on the topic, and i've even flipped over to the social justice side now and again, for one or two topics.


and that's about the gist of my response.

#7079111 Florida Inmate sues Florida, saying eating soy products is cruel and unusual...

Posted by vla1ne on 14 February 2018 - 05:22 AM

Soy turns you into a woman.

that's not soy, that's john from cellblock B

#7078229 YCM Member Brawl DX

Posted by vla1ne on 11 February 2018 - 06:41 AM

the fact that i made it to the top 20 at all is enough to make me happy. good luck to 4 of you in the top 8.

#7076886 1: Borges; The Library of Babel (31-1-2018)

Posted by vla1ne on 06 February 2018 - 05:17 PM


First, the description of the library. I found amusing how I was just starting when I already was struggling to grasp the layout of the library, which I assumed would be an integral part of the literary work. Specifically, I was lost when it described the location of the bookshelves and openings in the hexagon that leads to other rooms, since the author isn't clear enough. I went to look it up, only to discover others struggled with the same, and stumbled upon theories on how an arrangement of the hexagons would look like. I don't really know what to interpret from this: did the author was deliberately vague with the description to leave it to the reader's own interpretation of the library, and thus, the universe? or could it be that he actually forgot to be more descriptive? I want to believe it's the former.

well, only 4 of the 6 walls of each library are books, the 5th is said to be a passageway/stairwell, a restroom, and an upright bed, if i read correctly, and the 6th was either ignored, or i mistook the exact description for something else. the layout, and the hexagon shape actually make a twisted form of sense, since the sheer size of the library is such that a lifetime, if not multiple lifetimes of travel wouldn't lead you to either end, the form may be akin to


layered up and down near infinitely, in the same manner as a beehive. the layout is strange, but considering the library may well contain every possible book combination in existence (within the limits of "four hundred ten pages; each page, forty lines; each line, approximately eighty black letters"), it gets some leeway for structural mystery. as there's likely a book in there that details the exact layout as well.

#7076629 Site Changes Discussion

Posted by vla1ne on 05 February 2018 - 08:28 PM

Humans are irrational, that doesn't make them a dick or what they do a dick move. Calling for such, and bringing attention to the point that they are more than just human, is entitlement for justification of actions. Putting anything in that light is an expectation, and us expecting things from YCMaker is entitlement. Saying "I want YCMaker to do X" is wanting (or wishing). Thinking that YCMaker has any purpose to actually answer and justify his actions is expectation, and in this instance is entitlement.

We are not consumers. We are people who use this site. Consumers pay for a service, we are given this service. Time is not money in this scenario.


It is no more or less of a dick move than making plans to meet up with a friend and then forgetting to cancel on him because you have a hot date. Sure, it sucks, but it happens. You are putting more emphasis on the point of expectation rather than the point of wish, or desire.


I can break down your point by the words you use, but calling someone out in a negative connotation is, by itself, the means of expecting someone to do something and that goes further than "wishing" on YCMaker to appeal. You are flat out putting YCMaker in a light that would only appeal to you (members of this site as a whole), while saying that the move to do so is negative.

no, it's still not entitlement. you are also making far too general an argument for my statement here. humans being irrational is not a defence, if i slap food out of a baby's hand, that's irrational, but i doubt you would say humans are irrational is a solid defense in that case. and the same applies here, the case is too specific, and the evidence for one sides actions being both positive and rational, beat out the actions of the other side, which as of yet, are irrational, if not negative. my desire for an explanation is by no means entitlement, even under your umbrella. i have an understanding of the actions tormented took, and as such, can see them as good for the site. making the site nicer to look at, and easier to navigate, are both positive attributes. YCMaker, has shut this action down, which is an irrational action, as preventing people from granting your site positive attributes, with no reason why, does not make sense from any standpoint. my desire, is to understand what prompted the often immobile leader of the site, to take actions that are, from any and all available data, counter intuitive to the site. you can say it's speculation all you want, but at the end of the day, both the intent, and end result of the modifications, was a net plus for the site, by any and all known data. if YCMaker has any info that counteracts this, i would be able to understand why he did such. as of yet, there is none. so his actions, in comparison to tormented's own, are irrational. and humans being irrational in general, does not count as a defense on a case by case.



ok, we aren't consumers, the example still stands. we still wish to know the terms and restrictions to the product to prevent us from hitting invisible walls. 



not only is it still a dick move, but as you yourself can likely attest, it's been more than one time, and it is consistent, in that it is every time you promise to follow through on a plan with that friend.


dick move is addressing the action, not the person. and whether or not you owe it to somebody, telling them you will do something, and then not doing it, remains a dick move. i don't expect him to do anything, i've grown familiar with that, but i do wish that he would stop doing things that have no solid reason behind them beyond "it's my site i can do whatever i wish"


i didn't put him in that light, his actions did. and you, appear to be saying that he is beyond any criticism pointed towards him (may be misinterpreting that, but that is what it seems like to me). he is not so flawless that criticizing his actions is wrong in and of itself. this is one of those times where his actions, under the available scope of information that we have, qualify for the term "dick move".

#7074844 Monster Slots

Posted by vla1ne on 01 February 2018 - 07:25 PM

Right, forgot the card required one on the field. So I guess that slots is just being used for the draw, not the special summon?


That one level 4 vendread and goblin zombie are about the only other 2 zombie level 4 monsters that could come up too. But is goblin zombie even played anymore?

the special summon is icing on the cake, if you get it, then run with it, but the draw is the main attraction.


zombie master would be another zombie worth running, as would gouki. in either case, slots is a card that you don't run if you don't have monsters all among the same, or similar levels.


come to think of it, with batteryman solar coming out soon, batteries might actually now have a decent draw card on their hands.

#7073352 Literary Survival Strategy Center

Posted by vla1ne on 30 January 2018 - 05:27 AM

i'll play the part of the delinquent member who grows ever more attracted to the charms of literature, culminating in a reading battle between myself and the final boss, as Scarborough fair is played softly in the background, to the sound of pages turning...


in other words, i'm in.

#7073281 If the Titanic sank in 2017

Posted by vla1ne on 29 January 2018 - 10:01 PM

the thing that bugs me the most is that even with all those cameras, i'd bet nobody saw the f***ing iceberg ahead of time and thought to warn somebody.

#7072642 school shooting at marshall county, kentucky.

Posted by vla1ne on 28 January 2018 - 06:52 AM

Sorry, I can't understand psychos. So you have this normal dog who has a family to come back home to. He comes to this place, a dog day care or something like that, with other dogs, and a couple of dogs just won't stop f***ing with him, day after day. They either torment him or hurt him a little. He still has others to go to; he's not alone, he's not imprisoned in a cage. Then he decides to rip two dogs to shreds and maul another 18. I don't really understand how this works, please can you explain? :D

then it's a good thing he's not a psycho, but just a person pushed too far. that family did exactly what to stop the bullying? could they even stop it? or was doggy even capable of telling them? questions worth figuring out. the dogs at the daycare do more than just kick though, they bite him, take his things, and ridicule him publicly, while everybody else with better things to do just look on, some even getting a little doggy chuckle out of it. even the doggy's friends don't help him out. assuming of course, he still has any friends. you know what happens to people who associate with the bullied right? they get bullied, so maybe the other doggy friends already hopped out on him. but those are questions for later, all we know is that the bullying, was likely longer than a year, possibly two years, possibly three years, hell it might have even carried over from middle school, who knows atm? what we do know is that one day, doggy snaps, he grabs his doggy pistol and blasts the s*** out of a couple pets in the daycare. and we've got everybody going "oh look, a psycho, put it down" and thinking that's the end of the story. but you know what? that was the middle of it. what happens here on out determines how the rest of the story goes. sympathize of not, no bully at that school, and no dog that was  present that day, is going to forget what happens when you push another dog too far. trust me, the bullying at that school will drop, if only for a few years. not even the teachers will want to ignore it again, and there's enough bullet holes in those other dogs for them to remember exactly why you don't push other people past the edge. you don't have to understand. i don't think you even want to. and that's fine. the results will speak for themselves.


I would say it's comprehensible rather than understandable. Typically, understanding associates with pity. Circumstance or not, I don't pity him.

Understanding is a good enough word for me. i pity him, and hopefully nobody else at that school will forget exactly what circumstances created that shooter.

#7072462 school shooting at marshall county, kentucky.

Posted by vla1ne on 27 January 2018 - 05:51 PM

Well, I'm pretty sure the murderous animal isn't exactly the centre of the universe. Students have their own problems to worry about; you can't expect random people to go help someone who they don't even know, so I don't understand why they should be badly injured/killed over a situation they didn't even have the chance to find out about. And, you never know, the boy may have done something to the bullies beforehand, considering he's a psycho. He could have just knocked the bullies out or grassed instead shooting at innocents and taking lives away. You know, like a normal person. I still stand with my first comment... 

did i say it was a justified action? or did i say it was an understandable one? shooting u a school is never justified, but if you cannot even understand why someone would actually do such a thing, then i envy you.


normal people can still do horrible things, until that shooting, he was a normal person. a normal person who was normally bullied, but sure, let's go with your animal comparison. let's say there's a perfectly normal dog in a cage, and you keep f***ing with it. let's say, just for fun, you kick the s*** out of that dog, every other day. just for shits and giggles. how long do you think it'll be before that dog stops giving a f*** and bites the s*** out of anything that sets foot near it? you get me? he was normal, and sure he could have chosen an alternate path, but at the point where somebody is willing to shoot up a school, they've been pushed too far. this isn't like he did it because he had no empathy, he did it because his empathy was bled out of him by a couple asshats. is it a justified action? nope. but it is 100% understandable.

#7070278 Border Wall Prototypes Are So Effective Even US Commandos Can't Best Them

Posted by vla1ne on 19 January 2018 - 09:10 PM

I made a thread about glitter for a reason >:/

can't tell me it wouldn't work though. <|:\

#7070158 Border Wall Prototypes Are So Effective Even US Commandos Can't Best Them

Posted by vla1ne on 19 January 2018 - 06:22 PM


It's both useless and a symbol of bigotry and oppression, 

i'm gonna have to disagree with that, assuming the wall is completed (or even 70-90% finished), it near-eliminates the aboveground route for illegal immigration into america. now you can argue that underground and under/overwater are additional avenues, but those both have even more fatal flaws than standard above ground immigration


water) above water, you are the essence of a sitting duck, you will have nowhere to run or hide should you get busted, and beyond even that, to effectively break in above water, you need to first find somebody willing to risk their boating career (of any variety, you get busted with illegals on your boat, and you are never living that down, unlike sneaking them in your car, where you can merely hide from the cops and drive like a madman) you also need vast resources to travel underwater, nobody liable to try breaking in illegally is going to be so well off that they can find a person with a submarine. and swimming across the border undetected while a wall blocks your other option would probably qualify you for the Olympics should you make it (especially those with children in tow)



underground) tunnels? laughable. there is a limit to how many, and how fast you can build tunnels, therefore, there will only ever be a few in existence much less active, at a time. unlike aboveground, where you can go where you wish at any given time, a tunnel is a set path, with maybe a few differing branches, find even one branch, and you can shut said tunnel down for good. they are not as reusable or abusable a resource as you might think. and the more tunnels you shut down, the more pressure you place upon the rest of the vessels, and as with all things, the more pressure you put, the more likely that something is to burst. spot one leak, (aka one person emerging from a tunnel), and you don't even need to bust the person, you can wait till they leave, and set up a sting at your own leisure, to bust the next dozen coming through till you choose to collapse the tunnel. of course, that's an optimistic view of tunnel blocking, but but it's nonetheless correct, aboveground gives you the ability to see law enforcement coming, underground? you won't know till you pop your head out if the law has found your hole, to say nothing of the cost of digging.


that about does it for the useless portion (still, that assumes a complete wall) as for the oppressive, that's exactly what's needed. if you wish to come over, do so legally, and if you choose not to do so legally, then do not do so at all. if that slows down overall immigration, then all the more time to fix the inside of the country.

#7070130 Border Wall Prototypes Are So Effective Even US Commandos Can't Best Them

Posted by vla1ne on 19 January 2018 - 05:51 PM

See that makes a lil bit of sense.  But what about the rest of us that get paid under the table?  I'm talking about the coke dealers, the meth heads, the people who are dying in the streets and spreading that same problem to a very large part of the country.  I'm all for sensible immigration.  If it works, hooray.  Just let me know when we got the rest of our priorities straight.  Can't talk about your neighbor when your own house is s***.

indeed. i agree that both are issues that need addressing, but for the sake of fairness, i'm gonna have to say that trump's main pledge was immigration, and as such, it makes sense that it's the first thing he tackles. in addition, i'd argue that it's best to close your doors before cleaning house, that way nobody who'll dirty the floors, or break the vases gets in. properly regulated immigration would do just that also bringing back our troops, but if you saw what happened to ron paul and bernie sanders (by their own parties no less) when they ran on cleaning house, you'd know why that's gonna take a dedicated president to sort out.

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