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#7052874 Does an artist's/actor's personal actions affect how you view their w...

Posted by vla1ne on 15 November 2017 - 11:43 PM

Terry Crews just came forward saying he was sexually assaulted by Adam Venit, head of the motion picture department at William Morris Endeavor. Venit's clients are big stars. Must've gotten to his head, the creep.

assaulting the old spice man? how f***ing sick IS hollywood?

#7052139 Trickstar Carobein

Posted by vla1ne on 13 November 2017 - 01:20 PM

f*** this card and f*** Trickstars. Limit Reincarnation. I'm out.


Trickstar players will probably opt to run this over Honest, so at least it'll still be possible to beat over them with this unlike Honest (unless they run both, which would be savage). By the time this comes out I'll probably just be running Overtex Coatls pill turbo anyway though and flip them down with UCT. 

as much as i love them, i agree with you fully.



never gonna happen. trickstar decks need BP protection on their monsters, and even with this thing in existence, the sheer dominance of honest as far as ATK boosting will always earn it a spot in decks with fragile light monsters and lots of room. trickstars aren't really strapped for space just yet, and they've been dying for a few more decent monsters to play around with. if anything, this will just make them run honest AND carobein for even more ways to OTK out the ass.


besides that though, the dual hard OPT isn't really a problem. both effects are worthy of it in the deck, and having 2 in hand simply means you have more summons to play with for your turn, and extra battle insurance on your opponent's turn. considering how good lyricossa is at screwing up targeting effects when dropped, and how disruptive the deck is against your opponent's hand, carobein is perfect for both mindgames and enhancing field prescence. bounce your carobein back if it's targeted, and your opponent won't be dumb enough to swing into your lyricossa, giving you, at minimum, BP protection for the turn, and since the deck remains all light types, the hand trap of trust issues himself, honest, will never be too far from the mind of your opponent either. it's not meta redefining, but it opens up a new dimension of play, that while not inaccesible before, was rather lacking in comparison to the burn stategy until now (honestly it's still somewhat lacking, but it will be, at the very least, more consistent overall post carobein, than the standard burn strategies.) not to mention, we all know reincarnation is getting hit in a list or two, so this is perfectly fine as a replacement for that beautifully degenerate trap card.

#7050985 Rule 34 and Creators

Posted by vla1ne on 07 November 2017 - 07:07 PM

to me? depends, on the genre i'm depicted in, there's a lot of things i'd rather not be written into, but even those would be... somewhat flattering, considering somebody decided i was worth their time enough to depict me in such art.



as far as my creations, I'd probably approve if somebody used my characters in porn. it usually means they love them poor sanae. at least as far as characters created by me goes anyways. no reason not to approve really. unless those bastards create netorare filth with my pure creations, then they shall be purged from the earth by the rule of god

#7047313 [LVP1] Perpetual King Archfiend

Posted by vla1ne on 25 October 2017 - 11:08 PM

the LP paying effect is pretty terrible, but the dice roll effect is actually decent. you can recover any tools that you may want to keep each time you use resources such as getting things like sangan, TGU, heiress, and many other monsters that trigger in grave, back into your deck/hand/field, to use again on another turn. in addition, if i'm reading it correctly, if you send more than one fiend to the graveyard, then you don't actually have to choose which one you'll be rolling the dice for until the roll is complete, so you will hopefully be able to choose the best option (assuming there is one) for the dice roll each time.
the value in this card is that the recycling is not only optional, but it has multiple things it can do with said recycling, and you get to roll before choosing what it'll effect. the mill via paying LP effect is just a potential icing on the cake in comparison to that last effect. it's unquestionably true that the BA link is outright better sheerly due to certainty of outcome, but this card, having no hard OPT, and three effects that each on their own, would all been pretty strong, makes it a breakable travesty just waiting to happen.
side argument, not relative to the main point, but fiends are an archetype that has consistently gotten more and more support over the years, it might not be a good card right now, but there will be more and more fiends in the game as the game goes on, and the same goes for cards that require paying LP. this thing here is a prime example of potential to be broken as the cardpool widens (phonexian cluster comes to minds as a similar card with a simple, but potentially powerful effect, becoming instrumental in a new degenerate combo).

#7042801 [EXFO] False Bomb

Posted by vla1ne on 13 October 2017 - 08:49 PM

something something yang xings. something something burning abyss. something something every deck that might want this has better (often searchable) ways to do it other than a slow af trap.


the card's got interesting applications, but there's more than enough ways to destroy your own card as is, and many of those ways can hit your opponent as well, so a trap like this doesn't exactly make waves. for artifacts, double cyclone/Twin twisters/heavy storm duster/ect are leagues better, in monster based decks, true kings are the flavor of the week, and anywhere else between, you could honestly make more use of raigeki break, needle ceiling, or just about anything else in place of this. there's just no reason to waste space for such a painfully specific card, when other, more versatile cards already exist and do the same thing faster/with better payoff

#7042215 Evil De-Fusion (Retirement Announcement)

Posted by vla1ne on 10 October 2017 - 07:38 PM

On the topic of evilfraud's resignation; you are a fraud. I distinctly remember you saying that the convenience of being a mod and being able to sort things out for yourself was the reason you would never step down regardless of your interest in the site or whatever, t was on a status I don't know how long ago and it doesn't really matter; what's important is YOU LIED TO US and that's not ok.


More disappointing still is the fact that your resignation was only this pathetic thread, entirely devoid of the trademark evilfusion mischief. There was a time when you were known as evilfunion, for all the fun your presence did entail, and yet now your final act is to simply say you're sick of this forum. With all your power you could have done something truly historic; ban all the mods, promote me to super, delete CC, even just change the logo to evilfusioncardmaker, ANYTHING BUT NOTHING. 


As a result this is now how I will remember you, evilfraud. Not as the great dictator you once were, the steadfast ruler who once blessed me with a dowry of 5 million points for young Rewas' hand in marriage, but instead as this whimpering CUCK MOD who resigned barely a shadow of the great man he once was, no longer feared or revered but rather mocked behind his back, a subject of ridicule and scorn for all who were once subservient to his will.


Fare thee well, coward.


...It's okay to cry...

#7042106 Evil De-Fusion (Retirement Announcement)

Posted by vla1ne on 10 October 2017 - 08:34 AM

damn, well, you'll be missed as a moderator, but i hope you can regain your interest in both the card game, and this site someday. a short break might help you with the former, and possibly the latter as well. just take some time off to just let things bounce around in your head. either way, see you around.

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#7041014 The YCM Halloween Masquerade 2017!

Posted by vla1ne on 04 October 2017 - 11:34 PM

as much as i'd like to, i think i'll sit this out. last year's mistake is still a bit to fresh in my head, and i doubt it would assist my performance at all.


looking forward to the monster duels though. 

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#7039528 DP19 GX Bosses

Posted by vla1ne on 26 September 2017 - 11:18 PM

kind of upset that the ancient gear monster doesn't have higher ATK, but it's within reason, and the effect is pretty nice either way.


the Crystal beast player at our local library is going to fangirl so f***ing hard over that new rainbow dragon. and if i'm not mistaken, can't you tribute a malefic rainbow dragon for it? making the process insanely easy? i somewhat remember something about malefic rainbow not having the same kanji as rainbow dragon and rainbow dark, but i'm not sure. and if i'm reading correctly, wouldn't it be impossible to use the 2nd effect if you summoned it using the alternate method? since it says :"Must be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon or the following method," instead of "Must be special Summoned by  Fusion Summon, or the following method: by Tributing a Level 10 “Ultimate Crystal God” monster you control (You do not use “Polymerization”. this method is also treated as a Fusion Summon)" slightly wrong wording on my part, but  i'm tired, hopefully my meaning gets across.

#7039277 On the topic of taking the knee (in the NFL or elsewhere)

Posted by vla1ne on 25 September 2017 - 11:50 PM

I would know n***a cuz I been there.  I took two niggas off the street and got em clean and helped em find jobs.  We been friends for three years now and both those niggas just got into college.  So don't come at me with that self righteous bullshit like you the only one who suffered.  You pretentious as f***.  


And my people regularly go to council meetings in the city.  And just cuz you pretend to have love for them people don't mean you do.  Saying something and something being implied is the same thing.  When you start raggin on us, you speaking that evil onto my people.  And you spittin facts, you right.  But I have yet to f***in hear you talk about whatchu doing for the community you got so much malice for.  For all the praise you pretend to give us, you love to look down on us.  What have you actually f***in done since you so in touch with our struggle?


Have you gone to any of the meetings?  Have you participated in city council and made your voice heard? Have you been apart of any big brother programs to teach these young niggas how to stay off the street?  Have you done anything?  I'm not saying you haven't.  I'm straight up asking you.  What have you done?


Because I've done it all.  From feeding the homeless, to big brother programs, cleaning up my own neighborhood, all of it.  And I'm still in class and working too.  So what have you contributed?

again, i've already given ample example of blacks getting far in life, and you have continuously seen my applause of blacks who make it in the world, from the day i joined this forum to today. your initial statement was a denial of the issue i presented, i countered said statement with experience, and then pointed out that you either misinterpreted, or flat out missed, the rest of my words, nothing about that is pretentious.


to clear this misunderstanding up as quickly as possible: when did i say i have love for blacks as a whole? i have love for black people on a case by case, i have no love for the group as a whole (before any variant of this shot can be made, i have no love for any race as a whole). you will probably get mad at me for this, and i honestly don't know if i care. i'm not trying to make myself a savior, i'm the guy who saw all the s*** in the hood, said f*** that, and left it on my own (currently, i still live among blacks, in a peaceful neighborhood, where i have yet to see the bullshit that goes down in the hood). but besides that, please don't act as if it's spreading evil when i point out flaws i've seen that need fixing. no matter my own position, the issues remain. unlesss you can tell me the issues don't exist, then my points remain standing. but because i do have a few merits in the area, i may as well use them: i talk to younger, and even older black people, at work, outside work, and elsewhere, trying to spread the idea that people need to prevent their families from falling into the traps. wherever i encounter discussions where race is used as a prominent excuse. i involve myself with friends and family, and even friends of family, so that they don't ever feel the need to go down the wrong paths, or to blame other people. that's what i do, and that's all i need to do, i support my family, and my friends, anything else is overtime work for me.


I never go to meetings, because i don't have time, i do keep up with my city events, and vote accordingly, i am a big brother to my old library, in the s*** neighborhood, using yugioh to bring younger kids in the neighborhood into a fold that isn't centered on acting hood. look up the mundy branch library in syracuse if you want details on that. we help the kids in the neighborhood build decks, provide snacks, give them a place to relax, and all manner of other things. it's not directly about keeping kids out of the hood troubles, but that's one of the end results, and it's something that most of the kids involved, even those who grow out of the game, keep with them.


i contribute to family and friends, my family and friends, i will ensure, do not succumb to the problems that the hood brings, and those in my fold, i do not abandon. though in the long term, i do have plans to build homes for homeless men in cities like syracuse, to help them get back on their feet. not like the rescue mission, but something more personal, when i have the money.


but we've kind of gotten off track.

#7039270 [AGM] Crystal-Eyes archetype (Custom Archetype)

Posted by vla1ne on 25 September 2017 - 11:04 PM

Ruination dragon
pendulum eff  way too good, put simply, skipping battle phase isn't enough for something that can so easily toolbox, especially outside of a vacuum, where so man decks could potentially mesh with this in unexpected, and insane ways. in a deck where so many cards may actually become more useful in the grave than the hand, i'm rather wary of the effect being worthy of list attention. though it is hard opt, and 
monster eff, not sure if the wording is correct on this, fairly sure it would be: When this card is destroyed, you can Special Summon a monster with the same name as the returned monster from your deck. but in either case, give that effect a hart OPT, it's already powerful enough, to be able to use it more than once in a turn (especially considering links can lead to some ignorant AF recycle tricks, and dragons in general have simply stupid levels of support)
overall, just nerf it a bit as mentioned, and the card would be fine enough.
Recreation dragon
pendulum eff well, the ability to activate the monster you add as a scale is nice, but is it needed? if it was a quick effect, i could see the value, but as is, there's no real reason to add such an effect is there?
monster eff again, the wording is kind of weird, bu before that, since you're shuffling the monster into your deck, is there even a need to make it unusable at a later point in time? you could exclude that part and it'd still be pretty good right?
overall, far more balanced than the first, and in fact needs a buff, instead of a nerf, to the monster effect to be fine.
Revival dragon: 
pendulum eff 2 things, 1) hard OPT, 2) if anything needed a second restriction, it would be this effect, it gives you two free monsters, not using the pendulum summon (at least it isn't, the way it's currently worded), 
monster eff if this was summoned via the pendulum effect, you would have 3 monsters, for no cost, and god forbid you summon the 2 copies not in the pendulum scale, you could drop a total of 4 monsters to the field, for damn near free, and do whatever you wished with them. give it a hard OPT here as well, and, i'm starting to think you'd do well to just give every monster in the deck a xenophobic clause ala cardians, to prevent too many unexpected interactions outside of the current vacuum they're in.
overall, the revival abilities are just too strong, they need some form of restriction placed on them, and said restriction should probably bean opt and a xenophobic clause. but i can see the potential, and i think they'd do some fun things when completed.
the rest, for another time. 

#7039018 On the topic of taking the knee (in the NFL or elsewhere)

Posted by vla1ne on 24 September 2017 - 11:59 PM

well, considering the necro, and the near revival of he who must not be named, i suppose this would be as good a time as any to try reviving the section, so let's start simple, as it says in the title, one the topic of taking the knee, A captain falcon tribute i'd like to discuss with you all, what side do you find yourselves on, and why? do you agree with this trend of kneeling instead of standing for the national anthem, that's currently sweeping the NFL?


the fire was sparked further with trumps public disapproval of the action, and has, apparently only continued to gather steam.


but as usual, i'll start with my own opinions if you care to read them


#7039015 [DP19] Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon

Posted by vla1ne on 24 September 2017 - 11:47 PM

well... i've really got nothing to say to this outside of What in the literal hell was konami's R&D section smoking when they made this? the only saving grace is that the monsters don't have to be on the field, but even then, you have to have summoned both of said monsters before using them, which is hard enough. but i guess you could possibly use phantom of chaos, and some form of fusion substitute + hangar to get out VWXYZ, and then tribute it for armed dragon level 5, and then use level up to summon level 7? just spitballing here.
but hot damn. screw table 1, table 500 is gonna have the most hype duels ever. i will drop this at least once in a duel.

#7035182 Hurricane Irma

Posted by vla1ne on 08 September 2017 - 08:29 PM

hope you're right. from what i've heard, there may be up to two more high level storms following irma. not sure if they're on the same path, but if this is your decision, please, be 200% prepared, the entirety of the south is in for some s***.


Posted by vla1ne on 18 August 2017 - 10:14 AM

what the f*** lambo you made the thread why aren't you answering the questions for me

it's attilla from fate/grand order


because she's a witch and this is secretly leading up to a closed room murder. 


Attilla? like Atilla the Hun? they genderbent him?