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#7018810 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

Posted by vla1ne on 25 June 2017 - 09:59 PM

I should be able to finish the manga by the end of next month (assuming i continue at the current speed), if not the end of the week. and i've already heard the OST of the VN, i am indeed looking forward to getting a hold of it. but the manga will do for the time being, translation of the current book aside, it's pretty good. 


can't help but feel we've gotten off track.

#7018805 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

Posted by vla1ne on 25 June 2017 - 09:41 PM




i watched the anime, (and loved the OP/ED,) but stopped at episode 20, because things were starting to puck up, and i realized the anime was likely going for an original ending. stopped there, then shortly after, started reading the manga while i had spare time. unfortunately i haven't been able to finish reading, as the translation (as in sentence structure, punctuation, choice in translation words used, ect) for the part i was on, is so terrible that it put me off for the past few months don't spoil it for me. i've been reading it in small doses, though. i'm at the backstory of kinzo and beatrice. the ww2 arc.


on topic, i have to ask, usami, what made you think to do such a list, and do you yourself happen to have a favorite for rach category? or is this simply a way to get to feel about the forum early on? either way, the idea's pretty interesting.

#7018798 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

Posted by vla1ne on 25 June 2017 - 09:26 PM

well this caught my interests, so i may as well jump in...

Ultimate Male Member: Gonna have to say Hi I'm Dad, he's rather down to earth, and i can't think of too many people who hate him. so i


Ultimate Female Member: I legit don't Know who is and isn't female on this site. so i'm just gonna say Beatrice (AKA lambdadelta atm), it's the safest bet, and i have to thank her somehow for introducing me to umineko (Was lurking one day, saw you going on and on about it, gave it a shot, and loved it, so thanks.)


Ultimate Card Maker: no idea for the most part, i'm rarely in that section (though if sent a pm i'd gladly give cardmaking advice & reviews to those who desire it.) but if i were to base it off of who on this site has the best constructive criticism (as far as i know), i think i could give it to Black (AKA Berkut). he's usually pretty knowledgeable about cards and interactions, and i think he'd definitely be  a good card creator because of that knowledge.


Ultimate Role Player:  YCMaker. It takes some serious dedication to play dead for this long.


Ultimate Writer: i rarely enter that part of the site, so i have to refrain from voting here. my input would be both uninformed, and possibly skew something that rightfully belongs to another.


Ultimate Debater: ....This is one of those areas where i wish i could just say it's a tie. seriously, but to give the main win, Brightflame deserves it. Debating with him, and watching him debate, has never left me bored, and i legit enjoy doing so when i have time. the honorable mentions include tentacruel, who is exceptionally good at picking out and toning down arguments, though he's rarely actually present in debates. the other is Mido9, whose ability to pull up stats during discussion is both amazing and intimidating, though his ability to add his own views and interpretations to said facts and stats (thereby swaying an argument in his favor) is extremely lacking. shard, who has extremely passionate views in some subjects, and is rather lackluster in others, thus showing me both how good, and how terrible they are, at both debating, and choosing their battles.


Ultimate Comedian:  Edgeguin. He gets this simply because of  his post on the last page. a very well put together, and fairly substantial shitpost. also, haven't seen armz lately, so that's the honorable mention since he would have been the winner if he were still active.


Ultimate Rising Star: I have no idea. i'd say aria if they're still around, but past that, while i do see you new guys around, i don't quite see you as "new" since it's rather rare that i look at post counts. although, as of this thread here, pretty sure Usami  is currently the brightest of the bunch. made me stick my head in, that's enough to earn my vote.


Ultimate Influential Member: Tormented because he can get in touch with the most powerful undead member of them all: YCMaker. and is often rather close, if not central, to fixing many of the bugs that appear on the site from time to time.


Ultimate Drama Queen (or King!): In the temporary absence of the undisputed wintner, i'm granting this to Polaris. he's got a lot of the more entertaining feats under his belt, and his shitposts are often pretty entertaining. at least i get a decent laugh out of them. also, i have to add, the most influential members, and the larges drama king/Queens, are extremely likely to be banned members. that's simply the way of things. i understand that you wish to only use members who are here and accounted for, but the fact is, especially for drama, those who incite the biggest waves, are often going to have either been punished alongside said wave, or be the one(s) who punished the wave makers. in that way, overall, it would only ever be a banned member, or a mod, who leaves the largest impression.


Ultimate Moderator: Evilfusion. hands down. he was also a choice for best debater. keeping a calm and rational head while juggling facts is something that any and every mod should work to improve upon, no matter how good they are at it already, and leading the group in this, is none other than evilfusion. he's not always front and center, but his sig really does say everything you need to know about him as a mod, and luckily, he rarely, if ever, lets his power inflate his head.



hope that fits the rules. now back to lurking.


You would change things as soon as i post... well then, for ultimate despair, i'm going with the one we all know is winning this part: Winter. never before have i seen somebody so hopelessly outmatched, in numbers, (And in some cases arguments) yet so defiantly stand in defense of their beliefs. that takes some serious balls. and it deserves quite a bit of respect simply due to the amount of dedication shown. speaking your mind in all situations is a gift in and of itself. not to mention he was among the most influential of the normal members of the site, as many of the events involving him swept up the entire site, for better or worse. not always solely his fault, but always interesting while such events lasted.

#7006598 The Crusades

Posted by vla1ne on 04 May 2017 - 08:48 PM

while double damage is mostly meme tier, there's a lot of fun stuff that i can think to do with this card. like rainbow life hijinx, that one card where any damage one player takes hurts both players, power wall's milling effect, making nutrient Z, and cards like it (such as inferno tempest) live more often, the ever present amazoness swordswoman play, ect, i like what i see so far, but as stated above, until we see the 13th legion, we won't know exactly how good or bad this card is as a whole. although equip searching always nice to see.

#7005044 [Leaderboard] Black D'Sceptyr vs. Bellringer Angel (FTW Contest) (Cards U...

Posted by vla1ne on 28 April 2017 - 10:55 PM

well, the RR has insanely weak stats for a level 11, which isn't too much of an issue though, considering its effect is literally win the duel, unfortunately, RR really don't need higher level monsters, no matter what the anime may believe, but that's neither here nor there, as for the alt win, a RR deck dedicated to dropping this could likely pull it off in 4-5 turns unimpeded (which is actually a lot to ask for them) the largest flaw i see with this, is the fact that its' effect can kick during either player's turn, which means from the turn you drop it, to your next turn, you've added 3 materials already, furthering your alt-win condition, and will likely have been able to pop 2-3 cards as well, not exactly fair design wise, even if it has a low ATK.


as for the subterror monster, similar to sakura, i don't believe the effect would actually be possible to pull off as worded, and the fact that it breaks most precedents for Xyz monsters also kind of hurts the rating (it may have fit the theme better as a -maybe contact- fusion using any 3 of the bigger ones), the negation effect is strange to say the least, but i see why you chose to do it that way, since the effect prior already sets it. but to that, believe you've already given it a bit too much in the department of versatility, it has 3 really powerful effects, one of which breaks irl precedent, and not only provides steady searching, but grants negation and an alt win condition. 


all this factored in, i have to give it to card A, it's more consistent, follows the general rules of the game better, and while i disagree with the overall level of power that it presents, i hold the same issue with card B, to a slightly greater extent, because it breaks 2 general precedents in the game (facedown negations, and being an Xyz monster that does not care about equal levels.).

#7004826 Winter's Ban

Posted by vla1ne on 28 April 2017 - 01:27 AM

All right, I guess it's about time to issue some sort of final statement regarding this matter.

Massive Wall of Text

...and it took me over two and a half hours! I could be doing WAY more interesting things with that time.

well yeah, you could be doing more interesting things, but you're a mod, and this entire thread is aimed at a decision made by the mods, and finalized by you, so you're doing exactly what needs to be done. and as such, as i've said, it's due a fair and proper response.

responding wall of text

I'm overdue for sleep right now, so the ending might feel a bit rushed, but i believe this is enough of an argument to warrant some form of leeway in the situation. i'm not saying he shouldn't be punished in some form or another, but a permaban, considering the circumstances from my own end, is in all aspects, too great of a punishment. so i now await your own response.
i'm going to f***ing sleep.

#7004806 Winter's Ban

Posted by vla1ne on 27 April 2017 - 11:34 PM


In the few minutes it took to read and re-read your post I saw a whole lot of apologizing and attempts at damage control. You look sorry and I understand why you're sorry and this is a sorry business, but apologies don't mean anything without action. 


It'd take a matter of seconds to unban Winter. 



Winter wasn't the only one testing and playing the mod team. You guys were at a standstill because your rules suck and the ways you enforced them were riddled with inconsistencies (this being no exception). Don't be upset about it and lash out, fix your rules. You previously made a point that one of Winter's problems is he always cried foul and insinuated the mod team was out to get him. And yet, this was foul and the mod team was out to get him. 


That's all I have to say to you and your two and a half ill-spent hours. 

goddamnit pol, give me time to reply in full before antagonizing the damn post. the very fact that he spent two hours means it deserves at least as much respect in return. 


yes, it's fine to disagree, and i disagree with it as well, but if he at least has it in him to respond with this much, instead of the standard "i'm a mod that's that" then he's clearly in this for valid arguments. and he has some legit points that do deserve addressing, considering he really has given more fair ground to winter than the rest of the team in it's entirety. a true response is worth sending back this time.

#7004489 Lego knockoffs just keep getting more bizarre.

Posted by vla1ne on 26 April 2017 - 10:47 PM

does that set come with a toilet? because i think he needs it.

#7004475 Winter's Ban

Posted by vla1ne on 26 April 2017 - 09:26 PM

"On YCM, if you have a different opinion about someone, then you're wrong and you should feel bad" is the vibe I'm getting from this thread.
In regards to Winter as a person, I only talked to the guy maybe once. It was clear he was incredibly antagonistic, and I will admit I have been antagonistic back to him multiple times which has led me to getting in trouble. But the intent that he just kept piling it on and on afterward was incredibly unbecoming. I never really hung out in Debates all that much so I can't say for sure whether he is in the right or wrong in regards to those kinds of threads, but the way his intent coming off was incredibly rude. And I keep bringing up intent because you can be an a****** on this site. No one really gives a crap. I know I'm an a******, and I've gotten into trouble over it in the past. But if you just keep piling it on and on, over and over again, like what Winter did repeatedly with his inflammatory posts, then that's when action has to be taken. It's not about who it is, but what they are doing. I could go into Debates and start s*** right now with "this person shouldn't exist", and I would immediately get punished for it. Would I feel bad about doing it? Yeah, probably. Winter as far as I know never owned up to any of his actions, which implies that he is truly set on being inflammatory and generally toxic and hateful.
It could have been handled differently, who knows. The public's reaction would have been different, but there would still be hostility towards them for banning a member behind closed curtains. But even then, you still can't win. There's no real winner in this situation. Which is sad because if Winter had actually changed his behavior this probably would have never happened and we can all get on with our lives.

That same intent was often directed at him as well, and it was more often than not overlooked because "it's winter" at least until somebody else pointed out said discrepancy. yeah, he was antagonistic, that didn't mean you couldn't hold a conversation with him, it just meant he wasn't going to put his words under much of a filter, and being aware of that in and of itself made discussions far easier to handle. to take the words of my prior post; not to say he never uses personal insults, or was never antagonistic, but much of the time, it's less "directed at the person" than it is "the person taking it personally." sure his words could be antagonistic, but so were many of those who shot back at him, and they took far more actions to antagonize him than simple words, hell, there were even new "reasonable" rules put in place that were unquestionably directed towards winter (in this instance, i use "" because said rules were indeed reasonable, but the aim of said rules, was clearly directed towards winter).

in fact, to sample one of the discussions i had with winter when he saw as much

he came across as antagonistic because he simply was, that didn't mean you couldn't talk with him, that didn't mean you couldn't get him to admit he was wrong, and that didn't mean he wasn't a good person even beyond all of that, hell it wasn't even hard to find any good in the dude once i took a second to study him. many people, as many as wanted him banned, would tell you he was an alright guy heated discussions notwithstanding. he has also owned up to multiple actions, and improved on multiple others, i know because i have made him do so during my discussions with him, and have been present in areas in the forum where others have done the same. yes, it takes some different approaches, but it's neither impossible, nor all that difficult, s***, i could write a pamphlet now and hand it out to any members if you were really having that much trouble holding a polite discussion with him. and contrary to popular belief, it wouldn't be "kiss his ass". order now and you'll receive a side pamphlet on vla1nes tips to building better batterymen.

some of the people here target winter with just as much aggression as he sends out albeit more passive than his own form, the sheer number of reports, both frivolous and actually true being a testament to this. he's been slammed with stupid claims, time and again, because of this whole "it builds up" mantra, which makes no sense to me, because were winter to report others on s*** they've said and done as often as they seem to report him, he'd be crucified for "false claims" and misguided aggression even more than he currently is. and yes, i've seen more than a few of said reports, and rather one sided tactics, from various screencaps, and my own currently rather lurky presence in debates and general. hell, some of said tactics were even used on me when i stepped in to winters defense in a thread or two. such as thread locking to get the last word, avoiding debates so that your opponent can't call you on your s*** as well as they would be able to otherwise, "I'm offended" being used as an actual argument, crying "racist" instead of debunking facts. ect. not everybody did as much, but it was a noticeable amount, and it was just as dumb as winters occasional chewbacca defenses, but was punished far less often because "taking offense" is apparently less stupid of an argument than being on the wrong topic when in debates, when both are equally irrelevant.
everything, from the timing to the overall justification and rules used, are suspicious at best, and simply wrong at worst, and i've said as much before here, as others can attest to

posting just one of the many things i said in relation to warnings building up as a point



I am requesting said ban be rescinded until it can be done on proper grounds, because the end result was brought about not only by winter, but by an incredibly janky series of steps, from the poll, to the thread, to the timing. yeah, he calls out the mods, step to him proper then and address the issue, especially considering his conduct was actually within bounds at that point. Instead of polling on a site where most of the people who know him don't even exist, how about asking people who know more about him than the people who only want him gone because they are his polar opposites. and i don't even mean me,  i mean people like beatrice, black, brightflame, jessie, polaris, hyde, deadpool, ect. there's quite a few on all sides. i'm only contesting his ban because i have seen nothing that i can't put down properly with ample evidence. he has done nothing worthy of a ban that i couldn't extend responsibility for to others on this site to some major degree or another, including myself. and building up points from irrelevant reports, and insignificant events (and even events that he has already been warned for has done his time for) are simply stupid as far as reasons go.

#7004053 Winter's Ban

Posted by vla1ne on 24 April 2017 - 11:35 PM

Klav being a mod at any point in time would have been genuinely terrifying and one of the worst decisions the site ever made.

Klav is an example of a member who should never be unbanned under any circumstances. Even if you take what happened with me out of the equation, he was still super hostile towards anyone for any reason. He'd start s*** for no reason more than anyone else, including Winter. When I look back, I really cannot see any redeeming qualities about his personality.

Going back to Winter, I do not believe he is Klav level of horrible. Yes, he went off a number of times. Yes, he was hostile a number of times. However, I don't think he is truly a bad person. I think he just has a really short fuse, which resulted in the member many see him as. However, like I said earlier, I bear no ill will towards him, so, this is mainly my own views.

winter was not bad, he simply held opposing views to the majority of this site, Even those of us who held and hold no ill will towards him have had multiple verbal spars with him over numerous topics. the dude is basically a one-man argument that started many a conversation on controversial topics (most notably the abortion threads). what many people saw as abrasive, was literally him simply expressing his views. the only thing separating him from many other people on this site was that he spoke his mind bluntly, and his views were often the opposite of the popular opinion of this site. yes, some of the time he was wrong, and stomping onto a dead horse, or derailing something,  but he also brought about new conversations, and had a separate view that allowed discussions to evolve further (excluding abortion topics, which we should already know to avoid like the plague if we aren't prepared to deal with a full on discussion).


my stance is that winter was neither toxic, nor did he deserve to be banned.

sure he had an agenda, who cares. so does everybody else, hell, if i didn't have RL to tend to i might have jumped onto his agenda's bandwagon just for shiggles. sure, he was an a******, but who cares? half of you shot right back at him for better or worse, and yes, he was wrong some (maybe a lot) of the time, but none of that, even altogether, is worthy of a ban, and winter never took such things to any magnitude that was deserving of a ban. in fact, i personally instructed him how to take things just beneath that point, instead of leaping across the line as he once did. and he has done so successfuly, slowly improving the way he debated, and trying to hold his tongue for the newer or more sensitive members, he deserves to return, because his ban was simply annoyance at small things that were of no real consequence. If you can't, or didn't wish to handle winter, then don't engage with him, and if he engages with you, politely decline. it's that simple, he didn't attack people out of the blue, and if you read back, rarely did his own tone rise if his opponent's tone didn't.

#6997274 Razion, the Timelord

Posted by vla1ne on 05 April 2017 - 11:13 PM

this might be one of my favorite cards ever, if only for the fact that it + creature swap is a free deck refresh, and even without creature swap, it has hands down, the best graveyard screwing effect i've ever had the joy and displeasure of reading. i keep hearing about how the timelords have not all been printed, and if they're all like this, then i can see why, they're just plain ridiculous, and hilariously splashable. i want more!

#6996308 Do you like the new LINK-Monsters?

Posted by vla1ne on 03 April 2017 - 10:14 AM




this is my second largest gripe about them. rituals have enough difficulty standing out without broken mechanics and ritual beasts stealing the name despite being fusions, now they don't even get a unique color.


i don't mind the slowing to the ED, i can think of ways around that (outside of quasar.deck,) and i believe that in the future, konami will bring more link monsters to the table that will act as legacy support for older ED based archetypes. what i do mind, is not increasing the ED size, even though they've created yet another ED monster. many decks already have an insanely tight ED, why konami felt the need to add another ED monster type, without giving us even one more ED slot, is beyond me.


my largest gripe though, is with something that has not happened yet, but i know will happen sometime down the line, because it always happens. and that is, that konami will do something stupid, and end up breaking link monsters. i don't know how, and i don't know when, but it will happen, that much i'm very sure of.

#6996303 They photograph a technician, holding an actual sphere (not a disk), coated i...

Posted by vla1ne on 03 April 2017 - 10:00 AM

as a massive nerd, i would love to own a deck box coated in this. imagine showing up to a locals, and pulling a deck out of the shadow realm.

#6995459 Reaction Image Game!

Posted by vla1ne on 31 March 2017 - 08:37 PM


#6995156 Congress Votes to Repeal Internet Privacy Regulations

Posted by vla1ne on 30 March 2017 - 09:45 PM

Now I think you're overreacting a bit. The FCC can still bring charges against people who exploit it



"The short answer is “in theory, but probably not in reality.” Many Internet service providers (ISPs) have privacy policies that may cover this type of information. If an ISP shares or sells an individual's personal information in violation of its own privacy policy, a state attorney general could take the company to court, said Travis LeBlanc, a former enforcement bureau chief at the Federal Communications Commission. State attorneys general could also sue ISPs whose data practices could be construed as “unfair” to other businesses. Meanwhile, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has said what's left of his agency's privacy authority still allows him to bring lawsuits against companies — he just won't be able to write rules that look similar to what Congress rejected this week. That said, if the providers relax their privacy policies or if the FCC chooses not to take action, ISPs could conceivably share detailed information about a person's Web usage that could be used to discover his or her identity."




Google and Facebook have been able to do exactly what this bill will now let AT&T and Verizon do. If you were fine with that (which clearly you were given no rage topics, this shouldn't bother you either)

i understand that the law preventing the sale of data hasn't been around too long, but the fact is, said law, was a massive step in the proper direction. repeasling it, is wrong on pretty much every level. also, i don't use facebook, (and don't use google too often either) simply because i don't trust either site, and know most of the sites i go to by heart. giving more people access to sell my info, when said list was just starting to shorten, is what i'm getting at. this is a clear step backwards, from what was clearly a good step forwards.