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Yesterday, 09:05 PM

Decent card, nothing outstanding about it considering Dark World doesn't banish their monsters outside of the field spell. Due to this, the card effect is fine, allowing you to get a DW monster back on top of triggering another DW monster's discard-summon effect. But... unless the deck is a mixture of Dark Worlds and some other archetype that banishes your monsters, I don't see this card being very spectacular. For pure DW's it's probably a side deck card at best (and more valuable if you were in a meta full of cards that banishes your stuff).

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Yesterday, 01:56 AM



#relatable minus the alchoholism

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Yesterday, 01:53 AM

Is this Kingdom Hearts 2?


This is clearly Mortal Kombat, where gravity does not exist

In Topic: Soul Calibur VI

11 December 2017 - 11:42 PM

Man, really hope this game is worth the buy. SCV kinda dropped the ball on what could've been a good game, I know some will defend it as being a decent game at best but coming from playing a lot of SCII, SCIII, and SCIV, SCV just couldn't hold my attention. Hopefully Nightmare, Ivy, Zasalamel, Maxi (aka spam all buttons ftw), Kilik, Yoshimitsu, and Cervantes end up in the game imo. Also, excited to see what guest characters make their appearance this time around.

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10 December 2017 - 10:06 PM

A few years ago, before the Daredevil rights reverted to Marvel and we got the Netflix show, Fox was originally planning to do their own Daredevil reboot. Supposedly, Marvel offered a trade where if Fox would allow them to use Galactus and Silver Surfer for a movie, they would extend the deadline on when Fox had to get their Daredevil reboot into production. Fox refused, and since the deadline was not extended, Fox failed to meet it, which is how Marvel got Daredevil back.


So Marvel probably has been planning to use Galactus and Silver Surfer for a while.


Personally, I think the best way to do Doctor Doom as the MCU's Big Bad would be to adapt Secret Wars, either the original 1980's story, or the 2015 event. Either one could work, but I feel like it would be hard to have a title that feels a powerful as "Infinity War".


Incidentally, Ben Mendelsohn has said he wants to play Doctor Doom. I loved him as Krennic in Rogue One, so I'd be down for that.


Huh, I did not know about that! As far as big bads go, I doubt Thanos is gonna be out of the picture after the Infinity Wars, but taking Fox's assets definitely opens up the floodgates for a lot more of the fan-favorite heroes AND villains to be utilized in the MCU (Doctor Doom, Magneto, Super Skrull, Galactus, Phoenix Force, maybe even Onslaught?!?!), not to mention we still got folks like Dormammu, who I can see the Avengers fighting, and Annihilus for the GotG.


Also, I was thinking about a good way to incorporate the X-Men into the already-established Avengers-dominant universe they've created and I realize another story that would be good other than the Secret Wars would be the Avengers vs X-Men story. That was a pretty good one for me and I feel like if X-Men were to make it to the MCU, Disney just wouldn't pass up the chance.