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Kid Gambino

Kid Gambino

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#7069339 [Written] Metalfoes support

Posted by Kid Gambino on 16 January 2018 - 10:50 PM

Metalfoes Resilience: Nice card; at first, I thought this was a +2 from your Main Deck every turn, in which case I was like "whoa overpowered", but since this is from your Extra Deck, in which the mechanics of Pendulum Summoning already allow you to spam-summon them from that location if your scales are right, this card doesn't really seem broken to me. Like you said, a good card for recycling.


Metalfoes Retrieval: Ooh, I like this idea, turning the Metalfoes vanillas into basically effect monsters, which I'm assuming was meant to benefit Alkahest and his equip effect? The double-destruction effect is cool and works with Metalfoes, allowing you to nuke your opponent's cards and your own, consequently triggering their own effects.


Metalfoes Revolution: First effect, ATK boost is fine but I wonder if you were aware of the conflict between this card and Metamorformation? This card would simultaneously weaken your monster since the field already protects them from opponent card effects, while this protects them from any card effects, nullifying Metamorformation and making it incapable of being affected by your own cards. Not sure if this was intentional, just noting this is a less-favorable circumstance that I don't necessarily think would take away from the card if you were to replace it with another beneficial effect. Second effect, not bad that it can recycle itself and once again do the whole "hurting but helping myself" combo with Metalfoes, but shouldn't this clarify from where it can be set? Graveyard, hand, both? Just thought I'd point that out before someone else mentions the idea of this potentially being able to be played from the Deck (which I'm not even sure would be possible).

#7068912 New Staff Member Election

Posted by Kid Gambino on 15 January 2018 - 06:06 PM

I would like to vote for Black, Yui, Sleepy, and Krow.


Black: Just from the way you've handled this thread and the countless different people that have supported the fact you've been trying to better this place for the last year has given me confidence that you are exactly what the mod team needs right now. I don't think I've interacted with you at all so this vote is based purely on faith in the judgment of the other members on the site.


Yui: Pretty much same as Black, including the fact you've been a former mod and I think you're a pretty likable and reasonable guy.


Sleepy: I agree with Parenthesis that (along with Yui) you're probably one of the nicest/most reasonable people I've seen around the site that isn't already a moderator. Since this thread is a call for new blood, I think you would definitely fit the role perfectly and would bring a great perspective to the team.


Krow: Just wanted to give you a vote because why not, lol.

#7067170 Dark Magician Girl of Chaos

Posted by Kid Gambino on 09 January 2018 - 12:26 PM

As I mentioned in other thread, an effect that starts a chain and has a "would be destroyed by battle" condition is awkward to have because of the rulings on what you can activate in the different steps of a battle, plus there is no card with such condition as of now. The only ones are continuous effects (e.g. Zenmaines). Your alternatives are making it a continuous effect, or activating it during battle, or well, after the monster is destroyed by battle, turning it into a grave effect.
That aside, the card feels underwhelming IMO. It's a beater that needs GY setup to get scary, and the battle effect has a cost when IMO isn't needed. I would take out the discard cost and add a built-in summoning condition to encourage Link2 or Rank7 plays along Dark Magician.

Not sure what you mean, I thought the clear point this effect would activate is right when it's about to be destroyed and sent to the GY, which is at the end of the Damage Step. I also don't see what makes this more of an awkward activation requirement than Zenmaines.

I can understand the ATK boost maybe being weak because it's slow, so I could consider bumping it to 200 ATK, but since this is gonna be ran in Magician decks which afaik don't really avoid the GY, this card can potentially become really strong which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing.

The discard cost was to balance the fact that her banishing effect can be used offensively (ram her into problematic monsters) or defensively (sit back and wait for opponent to sacrifice a strong monster, remove her with card effect or do nothing), not to mention it's non-targeting as TheTrueSaiyan said which is pretty good. If I were to remove any type of cost for this, I'm certain this card would vastly outclass her male counterpart.

Lastly, neither Dark Magicians or Magician Girls are known to have any problem Special Summoning their monsters, nor should they have any trouble Special Summoning this, so I don't believe she really needs another built-in Special Summon effect.

There's a big problem with using ["Magician" Spellcaster monster] since "Magician" is not an Archetype, you can read about this Here but the important point is:
The effect is good, certainly works with the other Magician Girls and not too difficult to summon in that deck. Fits in thematically so no complaints there and non-targeting Banishment is welcome in any deck no matter how awkward it is to use (Just look at Infernoid Seitsemas).

This confused me, and I clicked the link and it says Dark Magician isn't a Magician but doesn't state why. Do the Japanese names for Dark Magicians not include "Magician"? If so, I don't know how else to make it do what I want, which is to have a much better effect version of DMG that works with both DM and MG decks.

#7065439 [J] [J]

Posted by Kid Gambino on 31 December 2017 - 08:19 PM

Ah, I remember this guy, one of many creepy, worthless cards from my childhood. Still trying to figure out what deck in history would ever use a vanilla Level 5 monster with 1200ATK/1700DEF, great card Konami.

#7065436 2018: Resolutions, Predictions, Hopes, etc

Posted by Kid Gambino on 31 December 2017 - 08:12 PM

The only goal I particularly have for 2018 is to play League of Legends, get better, and play ranked then get to at least Gold 3 by the end of the year.

I never do the whole New Years Resolution ritual but this is something I can relate to and probably will make this a goal for myself. Hopefully I can get to Gold with you as highest I've been is Silver but ultimately "get the heck out of bronze hell" is what I'm aiming for, otherwise I'm going with the flow with Mr. Dad.
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#7064767 Cut the cornered rat crap and do something better with your time than pretend...

Posted by Kid Gambino on 28 December 2017 - 02:44 AM

Talos the mighty! Talos the unerring! Talos the unassailable! To you we give praise!

We are but maggots, writhing in the filth of our own corruption! While you have ascended from the dung of mortality, and now walk among the stars!

But you were once man! Aye! And as man, you said, "Let me show you the power of Talos Stormcrown, born of the North, where my breath is long winter. I breathe now, in royalty, and reshape this land which is mine. I do this for you, Red Legions, for I love you."

Aye, love. Love! Even as man, great Talos cherished us. For he saw in us, in each of us, the future of Skyrim! The future of Tamriel!

And there it is, friends! The ugly truth! We are the children of man! Talos is the true god of man! Ascended from flesh, to rule the realm of spirit!

The very idea is inconceivable to our Elven overlords! Sharing the heavens with us? With man? Ha! They can barely tolerate our presence on earth!

Today, they take away your faith. But what of tomorrow? What then? Do the elves take your homes? Your businesses? Your children? Your very lives?

And what does the Empire do? Nothing! Nay, worse than nothing! The Imperial machine enforces the will of the Thalmor! Against its own people!

So rise up! Rise up, children of the Empire! Rise up, Stormcloaks! Embrace the word of mighty Talos, he who is both man and Divine!

For we are the children of man! And we shall inherit both the heavens and the earth! And we, not the Elves or their toadies, will rule Skyrim! Forever!

Terrible and powerful Talos! We, your unworthy servants, give praise! For only through your grace and benevolence may we truly reach enlightenment!

And deserve our praise you do, for we are one! Ere you ascended and the Eight became Nine, you walked among us, great Talos, not as god, but as man!

Trust in me, Whiterun! Trust in Heimskr! For I am the chosen of Talos! I alone have been anointed by the Ninth to spread his holy word!
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#7064571 Pure Metal Dragon

Posted by Kid Gambino on 27 December 2017 - 01:24 PM

Don't worry about the Overload/Mirror comment. It doesn't necessarily need them to be good. Though the decks that run Polymerization tend to need to recycle it in one way or another, so permanently getting rid of them by banishing them is actually a pretty real cost despite being a solid +0 with this card. It isn't actually much of an issue unless 3 copies of this were used, and even then if the deck can run Psyframe Omega to retrieve Poly, it probably would anyways.


Cyberdarks don't actually use Leng Ling as far as I've seen, but it'd be cool if they did. Instead, one of the two new Cyberdark monsters is a self-discarding Cyberdark searcher that is Dragon-Type so it instantly sets them up. I have mixed feelings about that since it does boost the deck to a much needed point, and it even would need much more of a boost to go up to pair with the meta, but on the other hand, the game state is consistent enough to not let cards like Leng Ling be very optimal xD

Your card is good. I was lured in because "Pure Metal Dragon" sounds like a really badass name haha.


You make a fair point about the downside of it banishing Polymerization, but I still feel like the added option of being able to fusion summon this normally or through it's banishing effect kinda balances it out since it also has an additional powerful effect. I can see how that prevents this card from being great, though. Maybe I could make it to where it can be summoned from the Extra Deck or GY, or maybe it can banish any "Fusion" Spell Card as well so that it's a little more consistent and less taxing on Polymerization?


And ahhh, there's so many new cards since I've last played YGO seriously that it's hard to keep up, so I had no idea lol. It's nice that Cyberdarks have something cool like that, I don't think I've ever heard/seen them be anything more than a randomly-used, decent archetype.


Lmao, I swear that wasn't my intention! It does sound pretty badass though, now I feel even more proud of my card haha

#7064565 The Un-Official Hip-Hop Thread

Posted by Kid Gambino on 27 December 2017 - 12:47 PM

Eminem has a new song out.


This is the only song I've heard so far from Revival and I gotta admit, I'm not feeling the first part of the song. It's not the lyricism, I understand what Eminem is trying to do with that, but the instrumental is just weird and I can't vibe with it, almost makes it hard to listen to again. However, the second part should've been it's own song, Em's flow along with the instrumental was great. Scared to listen to the rest of the album since I've heard nothing but people bashing Em and saying he's lost his touch/officially gone insane, and I'd rather not taint my memory of Em being one of the greatest rappers alive.



LOL, gotta love Hopsin. Nothing much to say about this except it's hilarious considering that's what a lot of music sounds like today, and that's sad.


Surprised Who Dat is 7 years old. I thought it was much more recent. Anyway, anyone got any more J Cole songs they can recommend?


Who Dat was the first song I heard from J. Cole and man that feels like centuries ago. J. Cole has so many great hits that it's hard to suggest any specific one, but to spread it out I'll suggest some of my favorites from several of his albums. These are in chronological order, so you can check them out depending on whether you want some of his older/newer music or not.


Cole World: Sideline Story - Dollar and a Dream III, Nobody's Perfect, Lost Ones.


Born Sinner - Trouble, She Knows, Forbidden Fruit.


2014 Forest Hill Drive - The entire album A Tale of Two Citiez, January 28th, Apparently.


4 Your Eyez Only - Immortal, Deja Vu, Neighbors.




Now, for my music video suggestion...



I'm curious if anyone else has checked out Jaden Smith's Syre? This album is the first time I've really gave him a listen and it was a decent project imo, he definitely has some growing to do and I'd say most of the reason I like any song on the album is because of the instrumentals and his flow, but his lyricism needs a lot of work. This song is probably my favorite one, alongside BLUE and Batman.

#7064455 Pure Metal Dragon

Posted by Kid Gambino on 26 December 2017 - 10:28 PM






#7064443 The Duality of Man

Posted by Kid Gambino on 26 December 2017 - 08:59 PM

That's because your ass isn't used; you're always spewing s*** out of your mouth. 



#7061440 [Written] Travel to Dark World

Posted by Kid Gambino on 12 December 2017 - 09:05 PM

Decent card, nothing outstanding about it considering Dark World doesn't banish their monsters outside of the field spell. Due to this, the card effect is fine, allowing you to get a DW monster back on top of triggering another DW monster's discard-summon effect. But... unless the deck is a mixture of Dark Worlds and some other archetype that banishes your monsters, I don't see this card being very spectacular. For pure DW's it's probably a side deck card at best (and more valuable if you were in a meta full of cards that banishes your stuff).

#7060840 Avengers: Infinity War

Posted by Kid Gambino on 10 December 2017 - 01:20 PM

That'd be wild. If they do, I want it to become a complete secret with no media coverage spoiling it.


I have mixed feelings (mostly positive) about X-Men coming to Marvel, I do want to see Wolverine and Deadpool. Especially a Spider-Man/Deadpool movie that's demanding to be made.

But the anti-mutant agenda always felt oddly out of place in a world where superheroes are largely accepted. Still, crossovers would be swell.


The other huge thing I'm excited for is Marvel will have the chance to do Fantastic Four properly. They'll actually get a good movie for once.


Oh man, totally forgot about the F4. Yeah, they definitely need a good reboot. The first two F4 movies from the 2000's iirc were meh, while the one that came out a few years ago kinda just came and went, so I'm guessing that one was pretty terrible too. While the F4 are cool and everything, I want to see Dr. Doom in all his villainous glory again, he was a major player in the comics and needs to be in the MCU asap.

#7060828 Thunderer Archetype - Gods of Lightning!

Posted by Kid Gambino on 10 December 2017 - 01:00 PM






Playing Style




Update Log


Main Deck Monsters


Extra Deck Monsters


Spell Cards


Trap Cards

#7060409 Mod count [Serious]

Posted by Kid Gambino on 08 December 2017 - 09:37 AM

What makes you think Enguin hasn't studied the Holocaust on his own? 


Had the Axis powers won WW2, the "basic research" story would almost certainly be that the Holocaust never happened considering the Nazis' scrambled efforts to burn evidence and cover their tracks once they realized defeat was imminent. Whereas Holocaust denial is currently illegal in 17 countries, it could very well be illegal to reference the Holocaust ever having happened as it's effectively illegal to reference the Armenian Genocide having happened in Turkey. I believe that the Holocaust happened and happened to the extent that's generally cited due to Germany's pent up resentment after their defeat in WW1 and the terms thereof that left their nation impoverished, the resultant scapegoating of Jewish people, and the rest being history. Conversely, I don't believe the events of 9/11 unfolded as reported, and others consider my views on that distasteful when I sincerely believe it was an inside job. The Holocaust is a case where having a different interpretation regarding past historical events is criminalized. All we have to go by is what we read and what we feel to be credible. I can't tell you I have a comprehensive and surefire understanding of events that happened between 72-77 years ago, neither can you and obviously neither can Enguin. 


Basic research is not enough to have a comprehensive and surefire understanding of events that happened between 72-77 years ago, of what was exaggerated, what was covered up and what was true. Different people can come to different conclusions about past events when they come across different sources. 


Enguin was more pre-occupied with the Holocaust and whether it happened than most people here, and I don't think he brought it up on a repeated basis because he'd never bothered to research the subject and/or thought it was funny, but because the idea of the Holocaust was disturbing to him, he researched it a little too much, and came across dubious sources of which there are many on the internet that he either earnestly believed to be true, found easier to stomach, or a combination of both. From there, he had the strong belief the the Holocaust didn't in fact happen and that it was a fraudulent history written by the winners, an exaggeration of the evils of the other side to justify the actions taken by ours. This is among the most controversial opinions one can have and I'm glad I don't share it. I'd think that you'd have to be pretty disenfranchised and paranoid in general to come to such a conclusion. I think that Enguin expressed this using dark humour because he thought that it wouldn't come off as abrasively as expressing it in earnest, but instead he came off as callous.


Given an established framework, "Arbeit macht frei" is a phrase with a loaded history of forced labour and genocide, but for Enguin who actually didn't believe in that established framework it doesn't hold the same weight and that's an important distinction. 


At the end of the day, it's still permabanning someone for having the wrong opinion. In this case, it would appear to be a pretty safe and sane thing to do considering how many countries have outlawed Holocaust denial and I can't critique the decision too harshly considering it'd be normal recourse in a forum like this. That said, I do think the juxtaposition of this with throwing your hat in the ring for a fervent eugenicist is selective and I believe that having an open discussion with evidence brought to the table is a much braver and more humane way of going about this than criminalizing opinions held in earnest as if we're bastions of sure and inviolable scripture that to contradict is to be burned at the stake.    


While it's nice you went through the effort of typing all of that on enguin's behalf, I think it's going to fall on deaf ears due to people usually having a tendency to believe their eyes rather than what someone else tells them. Speaking purely for myself, as someone who reviews threads pretty much on a daily basis (and rarely posts anymore due to the growing hostility of the site), my perception of enguin's posts, status comments, and just his behavior period reeked of malicious intent and a lack of care. He came off as nothing more than an internet troll and not once did I ever suspect that he could be something other than that. To you and the few, marginal others, he may have been funny, which is subjective, but to claim that he's beneficial to the health and future of the site? I'd have to say no, he's precisely the opposite. If the staff team allowed people with his type of boundary-pushing agenda to continue, the site would undoubtedly descend into chaos and toxicity, and then there would truly be no hope of welcoming newcomers to the site at that point.


Long story short: You can talk about what you think his intentions were all you want, but if enguin was half the decent person you claim he is, I'm certain a lot more people would be coming to his defense to speak on his character, rather than those who have been fighting to right some kind of unjustified technicality.

#7059577 Enguin's Ban

Posted by Kid Gambino on 06 December 2017 - 01:44 AM

"Merry Christmas unless you're a jew"


This was literally the title he had that helped make him banworthy


"Happy Christmas unless you're not a christian" - RIPPERINO, I HAS COMITTED A HATE CRIMEZ


I usually try to stay out of these threads due to my lack of longevity on the site, but after what I've seen from enguin, it's hard not to come to the conclusion that his intentions are ill-infested, as it oozes from how he responds and portrays himself on the website. I'm not jewish and I take no offense to what he's done, but that doesn't mean I can't discern right-from-wrong, and the fact that anyone would defend his actions at this point is quite baffling to me, it almost feels like the defenders are playing devil's advocate or have some personal bias towards him to warrant trying to rationalize what's right in front of them. I understand if this was a first offense and you're defending him simply on the fact that he was not given due process, but if he's a repeat-offender who is known for antisemitism, was un-banned to fix the injustice of the staff team not handling his case appropriately, and then he returns just to repeatedly post vague anti-semantic posts again, then I really don't think he's worth defending anymore.  I honestly think he enjoys trying to test how much he can get away with as far as breaking the rules and/or getting on the staff team's nerves, and I don't think that type of person needs to be hanging around the site at all.