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In Topic: [TCG - CYHO] Pinpoint Landing

Today, 01:34 PM

It seems pretty weak. Supply Squad is rarely used, and this self destructs and doesn't work in multiples. This is possibly easier to combo with, but the fact it self destructs if you don't summon something during your opponent's turn makes it just not worth it in my opinion.


5 card hand / 6 card hand

Chances of only opening 1 copy: 30.11% / 34.07%

Chances of opening 2 copies: 3.54% / 5.16%

Chances of opening all 3 copies: 0.10% / 0.20%


Chances of drawing into an additional copy with its effect when you've opened, in a 5-card hand, 1 copy / 2 copies: 5.71% / 2.86%

on a 6 card hand: 5.88% / 2.94%



As these numbers show, running three copies is perfectly fine since the odds of seeing it multiples are very low. Same goes for pretty much any good HOPT card that you want to run multiples of. You're also comparing this to Supply Squad, a card that is far more situational in how you trigger it. With Squad, you have to use typically min. 2-card combos to get it to proc, and those have to be a bit more situational and in a particular deck that also actively wants to destroy.


Special Summoning from the hand is freaking super common-place in that pretty much every deck performs at least one during a turn, only really a few that actually don't. As for the self-destruction? That's fine? Even if you're only drawing one, that's still as good as an Upstart and, as we've seen, that's still pretty good.


Ultimately it will come down to testing to determine how actually good this card is, and considering that it requires other cards to work with it is, admittedly, something that makes it a brick if you aren't opening with monsters in your hand or a means to search monsters. But in a lot of decks, that means you've bricked anyways, and it doesn't interfere with overall consistency so long as you aren't sacrificing cards that make your deck more consistent.


I wouldn't be surprised if this started making rounds, though. I wouldn't sleep on it.

In Topic: [CHQ] A Murder of Crows

Yesterday, 01:02 AM



"Welcome back." Ajalon glanced around in surprise until they spotted Luvaya standing around the crime scene. "How goes the investigation?"


"Ah, well we learned some things about the murder," Ajalon started, wracking their memories for what they had discovered so far. "We determined that the murder was very likely done by a magical means, however we have to find anyone who clearly witnessed what had happened or could have possibly done it themselves." Ajalon let out a sigh, as from exhaustion of thinking. "Our friend Dmitri had gone to go question some other people and left me to return here, however I am afraid I am at a loss as to what to do from this point. Sorry, it is unfortunate that this whole 'detecting' business is all quite new to me!"

In Topic: [Debates] U.S. Black Community

14 July 2018 - 08:08 PM

So, I mostly just see a lot of stats quoted with vague conclusions that sound mostly like "see, it's because they are black and have black culture is why things are like this" (though I could be wrong? Nobody here is particularly clear on what conclusion they are trying to draw).


Has anyone spent the time to really look into these statistics and figure out what might be behind it? Statistics alone don't make a particularly strong base, it might show correlation but you know how the saying goes: Correlation does not imply causation. Has anyone really looked into it? Been to those neighborhoods? Spoken with these people? Spoken or read from someone who has spent that time?


And finally, what is the conclusion you're all trying to draw? That black people are inherently criminal or what?

In Topic: Black's CC2: LINK to the Past

13 July 2018 - 06:05 PM

Here's my submission:


Did you forget Geargia existed? I did

In Topic: Demod CowCow

12 July 2018 - 10:08 PM

Demod Cowcow! Krow for mod!