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I'm going to preface this with a huge question: Where did you get these images from? They seem quite familiar to me, so I gotta know where they happen to be from. I honestly think they're from the Bushiroad TCGs "Cardfight!! Vanguard" and "Future Card Buddyfight!!"...but that's just cause of the art styles.


Now! The maximum indulgence theme you have going with this archetype is pretty interesting, VCR. One theme I've seen from this actually makes me happy, since I love to use Crystal Beasts. I am adoring the fact that most of the Main Deck monsters happen to act as Continuous Spells/Traps, so that is a pretty amazing little mechanic to add for something like this, so good work on crafting Heavy Dozer to be the one who does this.


Further, the effects that the Main Monsters have as Continuous S/Ts works well. The way I can see it, you get enough of the Skrappers in the S/T Zone and you can have quite the number of effects pop off one right after the other. There's a great deal of synergy when it comes to their effects...though we both know the main reason they have these effects...the Extra Deck monsters.


I'm adoring Raiden Rig and Vulcan Shovel a lot, and it's not just because of their appearances. The fact that Vulcan gets boosted 200 points for Skrappers in the S/T Zone is amazing, plus it gaining an extra attack and 400+ more attack is pretty amazing. But the thing that makes me enjoy Vulcan so much is that it allows itself to become a Continuous Spell when it has no material and THEN decides to help your other monsters out by boosting them 600 points! That whole design there is pretty amazing! It's something that is very befitting of a boss monster!


But then we also have Raiden Rig, in general, does the same thing as Vulcan. HOWEVER!!! It can detach material and just send opponent's things to the Graveyard, it being just one thing or everything on their field! And if you got both Vulcan and Raiden on the field in the S/T Zone, that would be able to boost monsters up to 1200 points!!! That is amazing to me!


And with the Crystal Beast flavoring of becoming Continuous Spells, one using this archetype would also have to weigh their options on what to use and place down as far as S/Ts are concerned. Guess at that point, it all depends on the player's own playstyles.


Honestly, these are some pretty awesome Machines you've made, VCR! I really wanna see you use them in an RP now XD


Thanks for the feedback! I might use them in a roleplay, we'll see!

Yeah, the continuous spell feature was an idea I had just throwing around ideas that had to do with construction more or less. I settled on it as a way of showing them doing different jobs, but also maybe with a bit of a Morphtronic flavor to it. I'm very pleased with how open the deck is, I strived for a sort of "Metalfoes Balance" where the deck is good not because any one card is so easy to abuse, but because the design is solid and it works with a lot of different things. Overall, I like themes that promote that sort of creativity and ingenuity; themes that work with a lot of things and let players explore what they can do.


And yes, the art is CFV. Finding this sort of "Industrial Robot" art with a style that suits a CCG is pretty hard to come by overall, so CFV delivered in that area.

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19 January 2018 - 07:10 PM

that about does it for the useless portion (still, that assumes a complete wall) as for the oppressive, that's exactly what's needed. if you wish to come over, do so legally, and if you choose not to do so legally, then do not do so at all. if that slows down overall immigration, then all the more time to fix the inside of the country.


It doesn't, and your answers are very oversimplified. It's absolutely going to be ineffective against preventing illegal immigrants.


The thing with overseas travel is that your argument for why it doesn't work is because... you get caught when you're busted? And you need people to be willing to do it? I mean, do you really think nobody in Mexico or the US is going to set something up for them to make it over? Cartels already get some of their drugs from Mexico to the States via water, both above and under it. Yeah, the cartels make their own submarines. They're dangerous and shitty, but they do that. That's not impossible, and they'd absolutely find other ways of getting them in through the water if they need to.


Also, they get them across the border by tunnels already. Border guards have trouble dealing with them, because even as they find the tunnels they know another one is being built elsewhere. Also, the deal with "Tunnel Detection" is that... it's not a thing. Well, not practically. The technology exists, in a way, but not in any way that's actually suited for a border patrol's needs. Again, this is another way that they get drugs into the States, and it's worked.


As mentioned, there's the issue of upkeep, because you still need people to patrol these areas or else the wall is going be even more obviously ineffective, and a lot of legal groundwork with shared seasonal rainwater, flooding, damage from storms or natural events (even with current fences, something that should be quicker and easier to upkeep than a wall, a large hole made from a storm can remain open for months).


Also, there have already been attempts at making stronger border security in the past. Not specifically a wall, but increases in personnel and fences to the point that crossing would be impossible. And there was success!! For that area only as the crossers moved to different routes. Or, in the majority of cases, people would enter the country legally and then remain illegally. Even if the wall is successful in making illegal land-crossings largely impossible for almost all illegal immigrants, this isn't going to stop them. People that want to get into the States that badly are already willing to do so illegally, and there's a myriad of alternatives to doing so. Covering all of them, making illegal immigration impossible, is such a monumental task that the government would have to go far and beyond just a wall, to a point where so much money is being poured into this one aspect of running a nation, not to mention the changes to policy needed to do so, that it would severely damage the rest of the country along with its foreign relations.


It's just not worth it, especially the cost for building and upkeep. The wall is going to be a huge waste of time and money, and it won't accomplish anything. People will find other ways, and more likely than not it's going to be crossing legally to stay illegally rather than not crossing at all. It's definitely going to be useless.  

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19 January 2018 - 01:40 PM


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18 January 2018 - 01:49 PM



While both drones had their own evasion protocols and sensors to allow them to fly around autonomously without bumping into objects, this didn't make them master evaders. Even as the dragon's maw had grow close and snapped down, their evasion hadn't been enough to get away scotfree. The drill teeth had missed the drones, but the rest of the mouth slammed down on each drone hard. When the dragon opened its mouth, the heavily dented and sparking chassis of Hack and Slash fell down to the ground useless with a dull thud against the soft jungle floor.


"Goddammit, not again," Jack growled. However, she had her own problems. As the arrows had entered the dragon, they had all been fired out in random directions with the current of the water in the dragon's body. She cursed loudly at the situation and stowed her bow away, racking through what her suit was capable of to see if she had anything that could harm a giant water dragon. She figured electricity could do the trick, but she didn't need to do anything math to know that the output of her tethers versus the sheer volume of water in that dragon was going to be completely useless. She didn't have anything in her arsenal that could hurt something like that, and the only place that possibly could was the paramilitary group that had dropped into the location. But even then, there was no way they possibly brought in anything bigger than the guy that got chewed in half by the very dragon Jack was trying to kill.


"God, FUCKING DAMMIT!" Jack shouted, getting to work quickly at evasion, leaping and swinging from tree to tree with her tethers. She needed to hope that she ran into the other contestants so she could kill them fast and get the hell out of here fast, or else that dragon was going to make her its next meal.

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16 January 2018 - 09:37 PM



While the Dragon did take the bate, it wasn't doing what Jack had wanted, that was to strictly follow it and lead it towards her opponents. Instead, the Dragon inhaled deeply and bellowed out a great cloud of scalding steam. Hack and Slash were both protected properly against the elements, but the heat combined with the force of air knocked both of them way off course, taking hard hits into nearby trees. The hologram that had been dancing vanished in the steam from the dragon's roar.


There were two blinking lights on Jack's HUD, and she realized something had gone wrong. Whatever happened when the robots had slammed against the tress it had messed with their circuits in some way. Neither were correctly responding to her commands and both reverted to an emergency protocol in such a situation, and that was return to her position and make their presence more known. In most cases, this never backfired on her (surprisingly). The circumstances needed to force the machines into this state was very specific and hard to do intentionally, unless you really knew what you were doing. This recall protocol was to avoid losing any valuable technology, but in this case it was likely to lead the Dragon right to her.


Both Hack and Slash lazily floated up from the trees they knocked into, dented and damaged but still functional, and began blinking a soft, yet visible red light and began floating in Jack's direction. Jack, in the meantime, took it to her to keep moving, find a different vantage point and keep the drones from reaching her so she can take care of this big threat as best as she can before putting herself in too much danger. Jack climbed up into the canopy and got a clear sight of the Dragon.


"Now or never, gotta try everything," she muttered to herself, creating and firing arrow after arrow aimed for the center of mass of the large water Dragon, hoping that the Hard Light projectiles could do at least something. If not, she was in big trouble.