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In Topic: [DANE] Demiurgear the World Divine Tool

24 December 2018 - 08:33 PM

Few things to take note of:


This card is... very easy to summon. I was going to make a shortlist of decks that should theoretically have no problem summoning this, but I quickly realized that such a list is not short.


What IS something to take note of, however, is that not only does this card not care if its materials are tokens or not, but it also has L/R markers. Galaxy Tomahawk tokens are summoned at level 6, meaning that this card is perfect for that combo to end on at just a very low cost.


Definitely keep an eye on this card.

In Topic: Are Die Hard & Gremlins Christmas movies?

23 December 2018 - 05:53 PM

Simply involving christmas as a backdrop a christmas movie does not make. Both of these movies are as much christmas movies as Sam Raimi’s Spiderman is a Thanksgiving movie (it’s not)

In Topic: Grand Gamecube Tournament [Nominations Closed]

22 December 2018 - 03:33 PM

Viewtiful Joe
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

In Topic: ABCs in 2018

14 December 2018 - 03:58 PM

The problem with ABC's wasn't so much A being limited. That was already a card you could run at 2 unless you were wanting to do the Cannon Soldier loop with Firewall (which is why it was limited in the first place).

A primary problem is that Needlefiber more or less makes the deck. It's the strongest general engine for getting the pieces and cards out on the field, in particular by using Summon Sorceress. However, another big problem for the deck is that its combos are limited and its plays very, very rail-roaded and very easy to disrupt with a single card, so as to shut them down for a turn. They don't pivot on their plays well at all, and also have a very weak going-second record.


Overall the deck... has not aged well. It's not an issue with the game power-creeping it, it's just that it wasn't an amazingly strong deck to begin with, only really hitting its limelight in the metagame because the meta before them wasn't particularly strong to begin with.

In Topic: RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

12 December 2018 - 10:28 PM



"Sure, let us go to the pub." Angela said, pushing herself away from Masaru. "E-err...anyway, does that pub happens to be Tegur's? I think I lost track on the locations in this city, eheh..."


"Oh! Yeah, that's his name. I couldn't quite remember, but you guys know each other, right?" Aria said, planting her fist in her open palm. "It's kind of the only place I've really eaten here for the most part? So I don't really know any other place too well. Though I think we got something to eat at that..." Aria realized how foggy her memory of the karaoke night was and immediately felt her face flush in embarrassment. "Ha ha nope nevermind, must've been thinking about something else. Anyways, does Tegur's sound good?"


"Sounds good to me!" Masaru announced happily, and as a group the three of them made their way to Tegur's.