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In Topic: [FLOD-TCG] Super Team Buddy Force & Kai-Den Kendo Spirit

21 April 2018 - 01:46 PM

A reminder that a generic scale 9 without restrictions is very strong. I’m glad that the Spirit Pendulums got a second one for that, since there’s a wealth of generic low-scales. All that’s really needed is a better way to make the engine more consistent beyond Isolde, and you’ll be looking at a strong tool in the ol’ box.

In Topic: Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

19 April 2018 - 03:25 PM

Jack walked over and stood by Matilda's side as she made the great reveal, standing with her arms crossed and a wide smile written on her face. Her smile faltered somewhat when Louis stepped in, wishing to join, betraying the disappointment she felt in missing the chance to be the one to kill him. Of course, as the one Matilda wanted to keep her minions in line, she just might get that chance later.
Others in the room refused the offer, however, and especially the android that the hotel had opted to save from the exploding depths of the alien ship.
“Oh, well look at you,” Matilda said observing Angelica.  “Seems the android has a little soul in her.  It’ll be a shame to see that all go to waste.  You’ll be scrap metal soon, dear.”
"Don't worry, I'll make sure I finished what I started," Jack said, looking right at Angelica and licking her lips.


Matilda went on to explain the strengths and augments the ring would offer Jack, each after the next sounding more and more appealing to her. Then, a shadow extended from Matilda into Jack, and a red light enveloped Jack.




Her suit, before disguised as the tuxedo she was wearing, fully deployed and extended around her body, then slowly shrank and enveloped her skin tightly before fusing into her body. Jack let out a blood curdling scream as the magic and technology became one with her body, and changed her very make-up. Jack's scream grew louder and louder, before it changed from one of pain and anguish, to one of laughter and ecstasy. The light dissipated and Jack stood there, shrieking with laughter.


The sleek, angular design of her suit was gone. Instead, in its place on the arms and legs, were intricately carved and shaped pieces ending in sharp, curved spines around the shines, knees, elbows, and shoulders. The shoulder-plates and chest-piece each took the shape of a demonic skull missing its lower jaw, staring forward blankly. Her helmet was gone, instead the jet-black plating of the armor extended up her neck and around the back of her head. The upper-half of her face was obscured by the same jet-black scaling, with her eyes now jet-black with glowing red irises. Two large horns curved back from the sides of her head, and her hair was a solid, brilliant red billowing backward from her head.


Around her, Bethany's magic had begun to go haywire, but there was someone else who was springing into action, someone Jack had wanted to get a crack at the moment she had lain eyes on her at the beginning of the tournament.




In the middle of her swing, Jack's foot, in a flying kick, connected with the flat of Lace's blade, sending it just off-course enough to miss its target. Jack rebounded off from the kick, and landed, with a wide, fanged grin spread across her face.


Jack then spoke, mockingly, in a voice more inhuman than she had ever sounded over the course of the entire tournament. "Where do you think you're going, Barbie-Doll?"

In Topic: [V Jump] Collectors Pack 2018 News: Borrelguard & Iron Draw

19 April 2018 - 11:57 AM

it may be the case, but finding ways to make cards good is something i take pride in.


because as somebody who can't afford to get every new card or set that comes out, i have to play using what i have on hand, meaning i don't always have that rare and expensive link monster to exploit, and spreading those cards across my 20+ decks means i've gotta find effective alternatives sometimes. online that's not an issue, but i don't play online. irl, there's cards we don't have right now, and while there's a good chance we'll get them, not having them means i don't factor them in till we do.


none of those make a potential card bad either. that's what test running is about. finding ways to turn bad cards good, or to make good cards better. saying there's better ways doesn't mean there might not be a way to make this better in said deck, though there's undoubtedly better decks to run it in.


There's "Special Trick" to "make this good", and you might like to think that any card can be "made good", but that's just not the case. You're stuck with 2 monsters, and one special summon. Unless a singular monster that's incredibly great is released that you can summon with or regardless of those two monsters, then fantastic there's your solution. Otherwise, you have one special summon, and regardless of what you might think, the fields you can make without using this card will ALWAYS be better than the ones you can using this card in the same combos. This is ignoring the fact that if your intention is to use this card LATER in your combo, then you're playing with card less in your hand, which is BAD because the later you have to be to use it, the easier it is for your opponent to throw a wrench in your plans and for you to suddenly have one less card that can be used in your hand. It's bad. It's just a simple, bad card.


That's what makes the card bad. If you want to test it in Qliphorts, fine. But even then you might as well just use Precious Cards from Beyond or Advance Draw or something.

In Topic: [V Jump] Collectors Pack 2018 News: Borrelguard & Iron Draw

18 April 2018 - 08:52 PM

three dupe, three 03, three 02, however many igknight reload, ect, putting draw power and reshuffling cards in some builds is pretty simple. it's not too hard to get to, and there are other monsters in the deck, like 04, who can use it about as well. 


that said, i'm not advocating iron draw as a first turn play. i'm advocating it as a one of, for a different playstyle. i get it, yoy can do whatever more you want in your build, but enough damage to kill is all the deck needs, and iron draw can help do that. tossing in a copy or two for some playtesting is all i'm getting at, since it doesn't do major enough harm to the deck's standard playstyle. thoug i'm starting to see why we aren't viewing this on the same page. i don't use dueling portal or other online stuff, i only really play in real life, so the combos and cards i look towards are for the average broke guy who's not gonna have tons of good stuffs on them. and in that capacity, iron draw (if they don't fuck with the printing) is the poor man's igknight reload. worth testing out to see if there's ways of building around it, but not great enough to sing to high heavens.


Because a player uses a bad build or card doesn't suddenly make it good. At the end of the day, Iron Draw restricts your turn far too much to be good in any machine deck that isn't Qliphorts. Especially Deskbots.


If you're looking at any amount of serious players, "enough damage to kill" is very rarely going to be all that a deck needs. You will encounter a variety of fields and decks that absolutely can and will dismantle a field that's nothing more than bodies with stats. Having just one monster to negate (CDI) won't be enough because anything worth its salt WILL be able to play through it very easily. The big problem is that Deskbots are capable of a lot, but all of those combos that result in worthwhile fields do not work with Iron Draw in the least bit.


You can test it, sure, but you're just making your deck worst.


Also, I have absolutely no idea why you're paying attention to this if "you never play with online cards and only consider cards you have on hand" Repeatedly you've said this, but with the way the release dates are going to work you've been talking repeatedly as if we just get this card before a whole sleugh of stuff we know we're getting first.


There are a lot of reasons for a player to not run a good build of a deck, ranging from inadequate funds, a pending release, and/or ignorance towards the deck or the cards in question. None of these really make a given card suddenly "good". Even in a case like Deskbots where a variety of releases that really break the chains on the deck are still being waited on, that doesn't mean you have to settle on subpar cards, and even if you do, that doesn't suddenly mean they're good.

In Topic: [V Jump] Collectors Pack 2018 News: Borrelguard & Iron Draw

18 April 2018 - 12:45 AM

when killing a monster is game in one shot, i'd argue the raw damage combined with things like called by the grave and kaijus make that worth more than enough. jizukiru sacs monsters and can be searched if you drop genius, each pendulum summon brings heavy damage to the board, wavering breaks the scales against magicians, which can help you avoid trouble down the line, machine dupe gives you a free 1000-1500 pints of damage, (if you don't just link summon with them) and combined with other prominent cards, like 03 and 08, can also lead to game ending damage. not to mention you can still drop electrumite in pendulum variants, giving it even more setup tricks outside the norm.



standard deskbot setups, are my preferred build, and they output disruption and game level damage consistently enough to actually contend with decks like pendulums, dinosaurs, and mekk-invoked. the main decks currently in the meta that i have serious difficulty against are true draco and trickstars. (trickstars because they just throw my hand away, and dropping honest fucks with eveything but the one copy of 09 that i run, who for whatever reason, usually gets hit by reincarnation) keep in mind, that irion draw does not dictate the ED, so naturia beast, saryuja, electrumite, barkion, omega, zeta, ect, are all still available even if you run iron draw. so long as you aren't attempting to go into them the same turn you use it


This isn't a thread of Machine Dupe so I'll keep this brief, but the chances of getting a good combo with Dupe in your opening hand are very low. Way too low. It's a bricky card and there are much better cards you could be running.


As for this, you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. It restricts what you can go into Extra-Deck wise in that it takes all multi-step ED monsters off the table (Needlefiber, Summon Sorceress, stuff that really gets things together) and limits you based on materials and what they can do. But the main thing I'm focusing on is that it limits on how MUCH you can go into by a severe degree. Opening Genius/CDI is a very poor opening field that's going to get upturned with a high degree of ease. I have replays, you know, and I can show you combos and opening plays I've pulled off that blow anything Iron Draw can net you well out of the water. It drastically limits your turn ceiling, and that's bad.