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In Topic: RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

18 September 2018 - 05:15 PM



Elijah adjusted his glasses. “Well. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen it, but Diamante would love this place.” Elijah shook his hair out and folded a hand behind his back, the other one held out as if asking to dance. “Very well. Let’s get right to it, no time to waste. You get the first swing.”
Aria, meanwhile, shook her boots mercilessly, spraying flecks of sand in every direction imaginable. “Man,” she complained. “If I had known I was going to a freaking BEACH, I would have DRESSED FOR IT.” She was close to giving up and taking her boots off, if it wasn’t for the fact that she would still be wearing pants and a jacket, and also didn’t want to know what kicking with her bare feet would feel like.
“...Pardon me?”
“What?!” Aria snapped, and realized what was going. “Right, sorry. One sec, and…” Aria continued to shake sand from her boots, but did so to hide what she was doing. Bending down as if to untie her laces, Aria exploded with a loud bang that sent a cloud of sand into the air, blasting forward with intense speed, the air shimmering in her wake as the hum of sound help propel her movements. Each stride was long, and each time she pushed off the sand in another step she let loose another explosion of sound. Beach-goers all around cried in surprise at the loud noise and sand raining down on them. In a moment Aria would be close enough, planting her left leg swiftly and swinging her right around in a blurred roundhouse kick.
Elijah, having fully expected a head-on strike in response, responded by ducking under her roundhouse with a smirk. “Lesson 1,” he began.
As swiftly as he was able, Elijah rose from below, a sword of flame streaking from his fist in an upwards slash.
At the first glint of light that came from Elijah’s hand, Aria turned and pushed herself to the side, watching the blade swipe upwards in front of her.
“The first attack is rarely the first hit,” Elijah finished, the flames coalescing into a sort of officer’s sword, but from the hilt guard down it had the design of a musket grip.
“Then I guess it’s time for my second shot,” Aria growled. Keeping the words of her trainer in mind, she gave little notice of her attack or what it would be, jabbing her fist forward and having it end with the familiar gunshot blast of her magic. She wouldn’t let up from there, however, following it up with another strike and leaving little room to recover from the first attack. She would continue this relentless volley of jabs and punches until Elijah either retreated or counter-attacked.
Elijah’s blade intercepted the punches, parrying the physical blows aside just barely, but the repeated shock of the magical blasts forced him to step back a moment. How does a girl this small--? He didn’t have time to think. Just fight.
Elijah leapt back, pointed his sword, and fired, a musket-blast of flame erupting from the base of the blade. That’ll buy me a few seconds at most. He took inventory of his abilities. Hmm. None of these are very good in an open battlefield, so let’s stick with this.
Across his other hand, blue flames coalesced into a golden shield with a red, crystalline front. The Magnum Shield. He felt his endurance, little though it was, pour entirely into his strength. This mode made him something of a glass cannon, so he was going to have to make every hit count.
He stepped forward and struck in earnest, slashing repeatedly so as not to give Aria a chance to counter.
At first, Aria used her gauntlets to block the attacks as best as she could, but once it was obvious she was being pressed back she realized that she would need to counter in some way, if possible. Elijah moved for another attack, and in the same movement of blocking the attack Aria moved her off-hand forward and released a strong wave of deep sound, spraying small clouds of sand in the same direction.
Elijah stumbled, shaken by the blast and blinded by the cloud of dust. In a moment of desperation, his weapon vanished into smoke like a snuffed-out candle and he shield-bashed into his opponent in retaliation.
“Too slow!” Aria taunted, shifting her weight  to the side and letting the shield pass by her. Ducking deep into her crouch, Aria brought her left fist up, aiming for the ribs just under the arm that bashed forward with the shield. She felt a wave of confidence in her fighting, ready to lay down the smack, but without realizing it she had put too much of her weight forward into her own attack and put herself off-balance.
Elijah reeled and spun from the blow, and his shield too snuffed out of existence like a candle flame, leaving only a wisp of smoke. He dropped to a knee with his back to Aria, considering his options. Here’s something. He decided, planting a palm against the sand in front of him, where Aria couldn’t see it.
A brief flash of red under his fingers was all he had time to register before leaping forward, anticipating an attack from behind.
“Too easy!” Aria laughed, leaping forward to slam her raised heel down on the kneeled opponent, but found her foot falling too far forwards into a soft “whoomp” of the smoldering sand. Once the dust had cleared, she could see Elijah sprinting off into the distance and growled. “Just when I was starting to have fun. Get back here!”
Aria released a similar explosion behind her, but one of just air. The resounding gunshot blast alerted even more of the crowd, and the it wasn’t long until the beach-goers surrounding them began to scream and run in a panic. Regardless, Aria bounded forward in a blur with her fist cocked back, ready to really give to Elijah.
His palms filled with fire. He then stopped, turned, and threw both hands forward like he was trying to clap them over her temples, but instead the flames collided between his palms and erupted in a massive blast, knocking them both back and showering the beach-goers in hot sand and burning a circle of glass into a part of the beach.
Here’s hoping I timed this right… otherwise I’ll have wasted a ton of health. Elijah forced his pain-addled mind to focus as he struck the sand, fingers and toes digging in to slow himself down.
“Lesson 2!” He shouted, triggering his previously-planted ability. The spot where he’d been kneeling moments ago erupted as well, transforming a patch of sand into a pillar of glass.
“Always be thinking a few steps ahead.”
Aria skidded back in the sand from the blast, doing her best to keep her balance and try to stick the landing. However, not long after skidding did she hit some unseen snag in the beach and found herself tumbling backwards onto her back. She groaned as she forced herself to her feet as quickly as she could, only to see the large pillar of glass sticking out of the ground not far from where she was.
“Nuh-uh, no way! I’ve had my share of classes today!” Aria growled, the resounding memories of each and every moment she had her ass handed to her while trying to learn how to fight all sounding loud and clear in her head. “This time, I’m going to be the one giving the ass-kicking!”
Aria broke into a sprint, clods of sand being kicked up in her wake as she ran straight for the pillar of glass. A few meters away she kicked in a couple of her sound-magics, a loud hum sounding in her wake as her movements sped up, and with the sound of a gunshot, sent herself sailing well over the glass pillar. Once cleared, she stopped using her magic to extend her jump and let herself drop to the sand quickly with a soft “whump” before breaking into another sprint, though this time with a different approach in mind.
Elijah’s hands filled with flame and he dashed to the side, a longsword raised defensively in front of him.
Without much thought going into her attack, Aria bound forwards and sent her fist flying into what she realized too late was the flat of a flaming longsword. Her fist collided harshly against the metal, but it was the explosion of sound and air afterwards that didn’t bode well with the situation. The mixture of wind from the small shockwave and the heat of the flames turned what was normally a relatively small, but strong burst of air into a full-on explosion, a wave of heat washing over Aria as she found herself stumbling backwards from the attack, surprised at the result of her own attack.
Elijah was knocked aside as well, buffeted by the blast and singed somewhat,  “I feel as if you’re not taking my advice to heart. Think ahead, Aria, control the field. You won’t often win through force alone.” He twirled his sword and held it in an overhead stance, pointing downward, loading a pistol magazine into the hilt.
“HYAAH!” He shouted with effort as he swung the sword in a swift uppercut, squeezed the trigger, and sent an arc of flame across the sand, leaving a line of glass in its wake. Quickly, he followed up with another on the opposite side, and then a wide slash, unleashing a broad arc of flame between the previously made paths, flying through the air. 
“Shove it up your ass, I’ll do what I want!” Aria shouted, running forwards and deciding to improvise and do the unexpected instead of whatever ‘think ahead’ bullshit he was trying to push. Bracing her arms in front of her and leaning forward, Aria pushed her magic into her sprint until she collided straight on with the line of fire. The force caused her to lurch back as she felt the heat wash over her, and she was sure she was taking a lot of damage in that instance, but she pressed on regardless, only picking up speed.
“Hey idiot, here’s a lesson!” Aria shouted, running full-tilt through the fire in a quick burst. “If you talk shit, you’re gonna get hit!” Leaving little room to react, Aria blasted forward with another explosion of sound, focusing the magic in her right fist for a straight-on punch. Elijah raised his sword over his shoulder and swept it downward in a blazing slash that would ordinarily cleave her from shoulder to hip.
At the last moment, Aria ducked to the side Elijah swung from, the blade whistling past her, heat washing over her body as it missed by just a hair. From the exposed angle, Aria pulled her fist into a quick and strong jab aimed for Elijah’s kidney, every bit of magic she could muster without going overboard pushed into that punch.
“What?!” Elijah yelled as Aria’s fist dug deep into his side. A split second after the Aria’s fist had struck Elijah, there was a strong blast of air that flung the both of them backward. Aria dug her heels into the loose sand, leaning forward as a mound of the coarse, rough, irritating stuff piled behind her. Elijah, on the other hand, was not so prepared, and found himself rolling and tumbling backwards right into the picnic setup for a group of bystanders on the beach itself.
Aria straightened up and planted her hands on her hips. “Had enough yet? Or are you ready for more?”
“Don’t think it’s over ye--” Elijah had begun to talk, pushing himself to his feet, but his voice was very soon drowned out by a thunderous roar that filled the beach. Aria looked around in confusion and could see, approaching the beach from the horizon, a simply titanic wall of water that threatened to swallow the beach whole.
But that wasn’t all. The sky had darkened quickly too, and looking upward both fighters could see a dark cloud flying from the wave like an impossibly dense flock of birds-- only it wasn’t birds.
“Squids?!” Aria shouted, her words falling on deaf ears. One by one, a well-sized squid would land on the beach sand with a dull “thump”, sending a small cloud of sand in the air in the process. But the shower of cephalopods was not to lighten up. Instead, the squids would smack against the beach with increased frequency until it was a sheer downpour of fish.
Aria planted her feet and unleashed a full-strength wave of sound into the air against the falling torrent of squid, keeping its focus as narrow as possible while Elijah vanished into the dense fog of falling bodies. For a brief moment, the wave of sound seemed to work, parting a clear path through storm. However, it wasn’t enough. Aria’s focus had been too narrow, and a squid managed to slip past her magical attack, smacking against her face and sending her attack off-course.
And with that, the floodgate of falling fish descended upon Aria as it had Elijah, burying her in as a barrage of squid battered mercilessly against her body. This went on for what felt like an eternity, until the roar of the tidal wave managed to overcome the cacophany of the Squid Storm. Moments later, the beach was soon underneath several metres of water, with everyone and everything pulled from the sheer force of the wave back out towards the ocean.
Aria had no time to realize what was going on when suddenly the simulation was gone and she found herself lying on the cold floor, staring at the ceiling. One minute she was drowning underneath a figurative ocean of squid and a literal ocean of water, the next the match was over. What had even happened?

In Topic: Grand N64 Tournament [Nominations Open]

17 September 2018 - 10:30 PM

Mad noms to my boy Chameleon Twist

In Topic: A School of Villains [OOC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

16 September 2018 - 12:03 PM

Arleigh Schmidt


Dr. Claw, the Great and Terrible

In Topic: Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by Chaos Sonic and Yui/pg-13/IC/NA]

15 September 2018 - 01:45 PM



The evacuation had gone smoothly so far, Mike had yet to encounter any villains and, with the way the signs were leading them, it seemed like they were getting closer and closer to the exit, until...


"One, two, Betty's coming for you!  Three, four, you'll be dead on the floor!  Five, six, killing you for the kicks!"


Mike skidded to a hault and groaned as he we watched the villain moving closer and closer. Her quirk was obvious: her hair-gel-like-hair was acidic and knowing how quirks usually were, and that she was a villain, chances are that it could be controlled. That said, Mike was thankful that the villain had decided that approaching by skip-rope would be her choice, and Mike still had one taser ball left.


Mike discreetly gripped the ball in his hand, keeping an eye on the villain as she approached. As her hair moved into its downward approach, Mike called out, "Hey listen, just dippity-DON'T, okay?" With far more of a smirk than he should have had, and as her hair just passed by her feet mid-jump, Mike moved into a full baseball pitch and threw the ball with a loud, thunderous bang as his explosion of energy fired the ball out like a bullet, aimed right for the girl's stomach.

In Topic: Yui Rates Music 2.0

10 September 2018 - 10:59 PM


Would you believe me if I said I encountered this version LONG before I even realized it was based off something else?