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Posted by VCR_CAT on 13 November 2018 - 07:12 PM



Before Mike's brain was able to come to a decision, Asuka had spotted him and gave half a wave as she walked over.


"Good afternoon," she yawned, causing Mike to yawn as well. "Sorry about that. Just now, I was talking with Clark from 1-B, and she wanted me to tell you that anytime anyone in 1-A wants to spar with her, she's fine with that. She mentioned you specifically, too. And I also wanted to say, thank you for showing up back... back then. I don't think I ever got the chance to say anything like that."


"Well, I wasn't exactly... available to thank or anything for a bit after," Mike replied, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "I feel like I should be apologizing, though. I think I just got in the way and that.... it's kind of my fault it ended the way it did. I'm really glad that you and Ino got out fine, just... I dunno. I guess I should go find Valerie and--" At this a loud buzzing could be heard from the phone in Mike's hand, and he looked over to see that it was his Dad calling, and what colour left in his face seemed to drain. "S-sorry, I need to take this."


He tapped the screen and held the phone up to his ear. ""Hey Dad... yeah no, sorry, I forgot about the timezones and-- no that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I don't want to go home. I know, I know it is, but-- if I want to be a hero I need to be prepared for things like that! I know! I just--"" Mike fell quiet for a moment, his face beginning to turn red and his breathing heavier and more intentional. ""But it's what I want to do! I've gotten so much better over these past weeks, and I think I can do really well! Please, just let me do this!"" Another pause and he seemed to calm down a bit more. ""Okay, just... tell her I said hi and to call me back. Okay, bye. Love you too.""


Mike hung up and let his arm drop to his side, letting out a long sigh before he realized that Asuka was still there. "Oh... sorry about that. That was my Dad just calling about.... calling me back about something I wanted to talk to him about."

#7127287 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 06 November 2018 - 06:55 PM



"Keep talking to them," Sayuri commented, leaning into the conversation. "If you end up doing something just to please your parents without making your feelings perfectly clear, you'll regret it. Trust me."


"Yeah, it's just I--" Mike had started to mumble to himself quietly-- too quietly for Ino to hear.
"You gotta do what's best for you, right?"  She said with enthusiasm. "If your parents could've seen how you came in and saved me and Asuka that day, I bet they would've been really impressed!" At this Mike was taken aback. His current mood wanted him to reject everything that she said, but he could find no reason to. Ino then also added, "Should we call your parents for you, Mikey?"
Mike was also taken aback by "Mikey", but before he could stumble on his words Terro had called something over and both Ino and Sayuri were distracted. Mike felt like he was just saved a conversation and glanced back down at his phone, resting on the desk. They were right, however. Not saying anything was the surest of ways to get sent home regardless, and if he wanted to stay here and become the best that he can become, then he needed to do what he could to make sure that would happen.
Mike plucked his phone from his desk and slung his bag around his shoulder, stepping out of the room as he selected the number to call and listened to the ringing. He tried two times total, and both times he was met with an answering machine as he wandered down the halls. It then occurred to him what time it was, and how large of a timezone difference there was. Counting the hours on his fingers, Mike realized that it was still very early morning back home and that both of his parents would set their phones to silent when they slept.
Looking up from his phone, Mike took a moment to figure where it was that he had managed to wander off to. He could hear a smattering of voices coming from each direction, but hearing Asuka's echo from down the hall in particular triggered a "FIGHT OR FLIGHT" response within Mike that couldn't choose between the two...

#7126619 How Do We Slow The Game Down?

Posted by VCR_CAT on 01 November 2018 - 03:55 PM

I think we need to understand that when we talk about "General Gamestate", we're more or less referring to physical tournaments and more competitive events. Anything, smaller local events and casually playing with friends, are places that pretty much anything can played under any rules desired with any banlist. People can do what they want, more or less, in most of those more casual contexts and the "general gamestate" doesn't really matter so much.


If you're more or less referring to "playing 'gainst rando's in da sims", then... that's not really a place to be complained about. That's not a context where you can really just play whatever you want and expect good results all the time-- that's something you do with people you know or more friendly scenarios. It's not really a setting where you're allowed to complain about what you go against when what you go against is just random strangers online.



That said, if we're focusing on competitive settings then you really should have an understanding of the competitive side of the game if you want to talk about what's healthy and what's not. This is where you play to win, not really to bring your special pet-deck into the world unless your expectations are appropriately placed.


And this is where I have to ask why the people here who think the game is too fast think that's a bad thing. Is it because you're actively involved in the competitive scene and have a better understanding of what is going to be healthy for pitting skills vs. skills, or is it, maybe, coming from a place where people aren't happy because they can't just win with whatever they want?


I disagree with special summon limiting, and I disagree with the mentality that you should be able to just compete with whatever random shit you cobble together. For a competitive environment, that is not a reality.


There are so many factors that go into a gamestate, and speed is only one that doesn't decide it (fast is not necessarily bad, slow is not necessarily good) and then so many others come down to personal taste. I've seen people say they've loved the slow, sloggy wars of attrition that come from True Draco and Sky Striker games, and I've seen others (myself included) who absolutely despise when the game is like that. It's a matter of subjective taste.




The game itself is not "too fast". Considering that an average round takes roughly 5-ish minutes and a match coming in closer to 15, that if both players are worth their salt and playing well then a game isn't decided within the first ~2 turns, then I would say that's a healthy place for the game to be. So long as the game isn't being decided in the RPS, then interaction is important, and if interaction is important then the game is in a pretty decent place without getting into subjectives.

#7125031 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 23 October 2018 - 11:34 AM



"The only reason I'd be worried about being in a match with you is if your ugly face is contagious," Morgan has said to Aria, which only caused her scowl to deepen.


At the brink of exploding with a retort, Aria caught Mauvache's eyes that simply said one thing: "Save it for the arena." Aria folded her arms with a "Humph" as she glared at the new-comer. She remembered that the watch allowed for you to request specific matches, but she wasn't sure if that meant both had to agree to it or not. Well, there was only one way to find out. Then, the other newcomer approached her.


“Hiya. You mighta already heard, or maybe the fireworks were too loud, but my name’s Masaru. My friend Angela was just about to show me around town and I was wondering if you might wanna tag along with us?” Aria felt her anger spike even further at the "fireworks" comment, but was caught completely off-guard by the boy's smile. “It’s cool if you’re busy though. I was just thinking it’d be a good way to get to know another fighter.”


What the hell is with this guy?! Aria thought as she felt her cheeks involuntarily turn a faint shade of crimson. Back in school and even in games she was never asked to hang out like this. Any of the guys she did hang out were never the "pretty boy" type or were even that nice, nor did they do anything remotely close to flirting with her. For all she was concerned, she was just another one of the guys to them. But this felt... different? Or maybe she just doesn't know any better? Shit, what do people do in this situations?!

"Uuhhh yeah, sure, I mean, I don't, exactly, have anything planned, or anything, so," It took everything to keep herself from stuttering and turning into a complete and total communication-mess. "What did you have in mind?"

#7124844 Jamal Khashoggi Killed in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul

Posted by VCR_CAT on 21 October 2018 - 11:41 PM

I was under the impression we hadn't gotten there yet.


That's why you "Move Towards" it. So you can better get there.

#7124633 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 20 October 2018 - 05:21 PM



"Poop," Ino blurted out from behind Mike. "You look like Poop."


Mike looked up the bare minimum amount in order to see Ino standing before his desk before his eyes returned back to the glaring screen of his phone. "I guess it's kinda obvious, huh," he muttered. "Sorry, I'm just kinda tired. I have a lot on my mind." At this point it had been long enough without hearing any response that he turned the screen off and the let the phone gently flop down onto the desk.


When he had come to class that day, he didn't really want to talk to anyone about what was going on. Or rather, he didn't really want to talk to anyone at all. But as he lay there with his head down in his arms, any part of him that really cared what was going to happen had long since died. "My parents haven't gotten back to the school about letting me stay since the attack yet," he said with a defeated finality. "Last I talked to them it sounded like they didn't want me here anymore. I tried to talk 'em out of it, but it doesn't seem like it worked."

#7124286 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 18 October 2018 - 12:28 PM




Mike had trouble remembering the rest of the night that the stadium was attacked, just recalling a few bits and pieces: lying on a stretcher, doctors examining his vitals, his parents shouting at... someone. Everything was blurred and muddled together and felt more and more like a dream the harder he thought about it. When he awoke the next morning on a hospital bed, the image of Bloodstone pointing her gun at him with those cold, lifeless eyes staring down at him was burned into his mind and Mike had startled the medical staff by shouting as he had bolted upright.


The next week had gone by painfully slow. Mike had been discharged from the hospital soon enough once he was back on his feet. With the week off, the dorms were quiet. The other students had gone home to their own families, while Mike had spent that time by himself, most of it playing and replaying what few videogames he had managed to bring with him to Japan. He hadn't bothered to get in touch with anyone and sent nobody any messages. If he did spend any time outside his room, it was simply to get some food or attempt to get some training in, attempts that, each time, would fall flat and be cut short.


Truth be told, it wasn't long after Mike had been discharged that he had gotten into a fight with his parents. In wake of the attack, his mother had gotten on the principal's case for the safety of the students and having them be subject to such a dangerous political environment. With students missing and many people either injured or even dead from the attack, she threatened to sue and pull her son from the school. It wasn't long after Mike was discharged that she had gotten on his case, either. Mike was thoroughly chastised for his reckless behavior, for not going to his parents when things had gotten dangerous, for pushing himself too hard and risking his life needlessly. It was also then that his mother had told him that she planned to pull him from U.A.


And that was when they had fought-- yelling and shouting. Mike had stood his ground, and demanded that he stay and continue his studies, that this was what he wanted to do no matter the risk. But in that moment, his mother had not budged, ending the argument by simply stating that they needed to catch their plane home, and that they would arrange for his return soon. That was how their visit had ended. Soon after they had left, Mike had sent a long-winded and passionate email explaining once again why he wanted to, and needed to, stay.


Over the course of the week, he did not hear back from his parents. The letter was sent to his parents asking for permission that Mike would remain at the school, but even with that no reply had been sent. School administration said that if they did not receive a reply soon, Mike would need to be sent home regardless.



"Although, your enthusiasm has made the board think long and hard, and they have decided to let you all take your License Exam a tad bit early.  Study hard, and be prepared, future heroes!"

"Don't forget about the dorms."


Mike had sat in class with his head in his arms, noticeable dark rings under his eyes from one too many nights spent staying up too late. As the teachers filed out, everyone got back into the swing of things, talking about either what had happened a week ago, or the prospect of everyone staying in the dorms. Mike lifted his head up and stared at his phone, at a text sent to his mom earlier that morning informing her that the school needed to hear back soon, but he had yet to receive a reply.


The idea of getting his license early would have been exciting, but he could only feel numb hearing the news. The opportunity to show everyone else his room would have been exciting, but almost everything was currently packed up, in case he would need to leave soon.


And he desperately hoped that he wouldn't.

#7123209 [DP21] Train Support

Posted by VCR_CAT on 15 October 2018 - 12:40 AM

this stuff is honestly much better than it has any right to be in the set it's coming out in. Seriously, the cards were semi-expected, but this level of quality is a lot better than pretty much most things that come from these Duelist Packs.


The Xyz is hilarious. I love it, it looks like the hammiest victory you could earn. Just complete overkill.


The level 10 is great. It might not be a play-starter, but it's somewhere inbetween. 3K attack for a Schedule target, self-summon on any EARTH machine, and the refund. It's pretty good.


The level 4 is just beautiful. It's a great one-card play, but it's just open AF for what that play is. Rank 4 is obvious, but you can also do a Rank 10 play with it, but not only that it can target any EARTH machine, and you know what's great in Trains?
That's right, Machina Fortress, and that synergy just got even better.


The QP is actually fairly nutty, and let's dig into it.

Deskbots were mentioned, and that's one great application right off the bat, but the level 5 or higher monster has no restrictions on what it is. You could do the obvious level 10 with it, Deskbots can do whatever with it, or you can go for the big-brain plays and grab something like Cyber Dragon to smack down a board with Megafleet, or any sort of little plays like that.


Not to mention, it's actually stupid that Megafleet is level 10 on top of this all. This is just getting silly.


Honestly, I'm ecstatic that these cards exist, but there's so much room for them to combo with other cards and they're honestly much better than I ever expected.

#7121477 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 04 October 2018 - 01:21 AM



"Asuka..." Ino said, shakily. "Why did you lie to us. To me?"


Mike felt confused for a moment, wondering what it was where this conversation was going, or what it was about, but after a few seconds passed he realized that Ino was talking about Bloodstone, and in a moment it seemed like the noise of the crowd had grown muffled and distant.


Asuka was quiet for a moment, before she spoke up. She explained briefly her history with how people would react to the knowledge of her parentage, and Mike couldn't even imagine the sort of ridicule and treatment a lot of people would give someone like Asuka for knowing something like that, without even giving her a chance. Asuka kneeled down and clapped her hands together above her head. "I deeply apologize if I hurt you in any way by keeping quiet about it all this time. I promise not to keep any more secrets from you, no matter how big or small."


Mike felt embarrassed in the situation for a moment, not knowing how to respond, and this combined with his exhaustion had him wait a few moments before he decided to just speak up. "...To be honest, I learned back in Kashyyk who your mom was. One of the villains had recognized you and pointed it out, and I... happened to be the one around to hear." Mike swallowed as he realized what it was he had just said, and hastily added. "B-but nobody else! I made sure that it was just me. A-anyways, I figured it was something you wanted to keep secret, and I think I understand why, so I wanted to respect that."


Mike felt a big wave of dizziness pass over him, and for a brief moment lost his balance, falling backward lightly into someone who was just passing by before getting shoved back into a mostly balanced standing position. "S-sorry," he apologized to the person that had already passed by. "Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is that... I don't think any less of you for it. You're not your mom, and you're already trying to be someone better than that, someone who wants to make things right... and I think you're a great person for it."


He mustered a smile and put in an effort to at least look somewhat composed, but as he stood there all of his activity and exhaustion began to catch up to him, and his vision began to cloud over as the fight to stay awake was becoming too much for his current state.

#7121277 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 02 October 2018 - 06:40 PM



Soon enough, the four of them had managed to find the exit for the arena. They managed to get Lady Law to proper help, and it seemed like they would be able to heal the damage, but not completely. Everything that went on around Mike was a blur-- he felt like a dead man walking through all of it. His limbs felt heavy and everything ached fiercely. However, it was all over, and soon enough they would be back in their dorms to leave this all behind them.


- After the Storm -


Ino's voice, however, was the first to cut through the fog. "Is that all we could do?" She asked, and while Mike had to take more time than usual to process the question, Asuka was the next to speak up.


"I... don't know. I've been thinking about it non-stop since we left, trying to imagine how things would go if they were just a bit more in our favor." A cold, evening wind blew through the streets as they followed the crowd. "If Mike wasn't worn out from the tournament. If I knew how to use my Quirk a bit better. If we fought a different villain, or were saved by a different hero. Maybe I'm just too shaken up from seeing it myself to picture it all properly, but nothing helps us win in the end. But that couldn't be all we can do, right!? I just have no idea..."


They continued to walk in silence for a few moments before Mike spoke up, his tone very noticeably tired and quiet. "I tried to do as much as I could, but it felt like all I was doing was running around and getting in everyone's way." Without wanting to, he remembered the look on Bloodstone's face as she pointed her gun right at Mike. "It'd be nice if we could know if helping out would make things better before we try, but I don't think any of us have that quirk." The crowd stopped moving for a moment and they were forced to stop, the momentum almost causing Mike to fall forward, flat on his face before he managed to just barely catch himself. "Makes me think of somethin' my dad would say whenever I messed up in practice or on a test of something, to be better for it or something. Only feels like I barely got better at all since last time, though."


"What kind of people are your mothers?" Asuka said, blurting it out as if it had just come to mind. "Er, sorry, I didn't mean to pry, it just sort of... slipped out. You don't have to answer that. I'm sure it sounds like a stupid question anyway."


Mike thought for a moment. "She's a lawyer and really busy all the time. I usually just spent most of my time with my dad. When I do spend time with her she's... pretty strict, but I can see she still cares, even when I'm getting lectured or something and don't wanna hear it."

#7120312 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 25 September 2018 - 05:37 PM



While beating an annoying person to a pulp and earning a victory would have normally improved Aria's overall mood over the course of the day, the fight she had just finished left her feeling empty and disappointed. After all the annoyances it had started with and built up, she was never given the proper climax to the fight to satisfy that frustration. Instead, she left the battleground feeling just as irritated as when she had entered, if not more. She read the comments, and felt at least some satisfaction to see that people were recognizing her improvement in fighting, as well as some embarrassment and annoyance at the one person who seemed to ship her with everyone she went up against.


"Who is even spending all their time doing that," she grumbled to herself.


To alleviate this frustration, Aria had intentionally avoided others and simply gone straight for the arena once more, spending her afternoon in the weight-room. While she knew she needed to get more training in, the thought of potentially talking to that one muscle-headed idiot who called himself the "top student" just simply made her stomach turn, and even if it wasn't him she didn't feel particularly enthusiastic about banging her head against the wall with someone who knew much more  about fighting than her, even if it meant learning more so that she could fight against Cyanthrax again and punch his big, fat, stupid face into next week.


After this, the exhaustion had begun to set in and Aria had gone to Tegur's pub and ordered as much food as she possibly could for as few points as possible. Tegur had started up some light conversation about the fight, but between Aria's ravenous consumption of the food there wasn't much room for any talking at all. Soon enough she had finished eating and simply gone straight to her room.


Stopping herself from falling face-first onto the dense, concrete-like slab of mattress at the last second and narrowly avoiding a broken nose, Aria still flopped on her bed. Despite all the improvements and progress she had made that day, she simply could not muster the motivation to want to see what tomorrow would bring. In her last seconds before falling into a deep, and restful sleep earlier than usual that evening, she figured that maybe the next morning would be a better day.

#7119975 A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 23 September 2018 - 09:17 PM

Dr. Claw, the Great and Terrible


Not long after they had set their usernames and passwords had Dr. Cagey given them the assignment to hack into the other students' accounts and steal virtual currency. Rusty stretched his gloved paws. He had never been one to attempt hacking and, of course had no idea how to do it discreetly. However, he did know how to program machines and mechanics, and if there was anything he could do, it was brute force and issue until he got an answer. With the mechanical fingers of his gloves poised over his keyboard, he prepared himself to get to work until the door had slammed open and, on the other side, was yet another robot.


The robot announced that Dr. Cagey's job had been terminated and stunned the villain immediately. "I am your new software teacher. Please, call me Bit, and proceed with the assignment Dr. Cagey provided as if this scuffle never happened."


Rusty stared at his view-screen in relative disbelief. "Hm. Ominous and suspicious indeed, however I am not one to question an opportunity to not be taught by a filthy, lowly human!"


However, immediately after all of this had transpired, the bell had rung. As strange as it was, the teacher had paid no protest to what had happened and each student got up from their seats and gone to their next classes. Rusty's next class was chemistry, something he had anticipated to be an easy grade. The class started with yet another human degenerate teaching them, though as young as she appeared Rusty knew that she would still be older than him, definitely in cat years even.


"Your homework is to make something! Anything! I don't care what it is, as long as you made a concoction out of two or more things, alone or with a group. I've got a lab at my house you can use if you need one." Detox announced. Simple enough, Rusty had a few formulas on hand in his suit's database that he could cheese out simply enough. Detox then leaned forward at her desk. "And if you'd like some extra credit... I've got a little game we can all play, since I got Headmaster's permission to use the courtyard today. Interested?"


"Extra credit?" Rusty asked through his suit's speaker. "And what, pray tell, would we be doing?"






"Will you really? I've always wondered how it would feel to get shot. Will you aim for my knees? I've heard that hurts the most you know. Or perhaps my gut. That's a long lasting pain. Oh, goodness, this is ever so exciting!" One of the other female students stepped towards Arleigh, closing the distance slowly. The joy in her tone infuriated Arleigh beyond measure, and as the girl came closer she would soon find herself staring down the barrel of a military shotgun. Unlike any of the smaller weapons that Arleigh used, a point-blank shot from this would definitely do some serious, if not permanent damage to the face.


"ONE..." Arleigh said, clearly skipping two.


"Alright, kiddos..." The gym teacher interrupted, and Arleigh froze in place with the tip of her barrel pressed against Mary's forehead.


"Aright, jeez. We'll get into your weird murder hole or whatever," Randall said, walking past Arleigh, nudging her towards the "murder hole" and taunting as he did so. "Why don't we settle this in... there."


A wide, wide smile spread underneath Arleigh's mask, but this anticipation was followed by an immeasurable degree of rage as the bell rang and they had to leave for their next class, much sooner than anticipated. Arleigh lowered the arm that had turned into a shotgun quickly and began to shake violently as the same sounds resounding from her cloak as she transformed once more. Then, she let out a bloodcurdling scream as her poncho was whipped up, revealing that the entirety of her right arm had transformed into a massive anti-material rifle. With a deafening and thunderous bang and blinding flash of red light, the gun was fired at the crowd of students running laps around the room. In one instance, the student was running normally like the others. In the next, his body was firmly embedded into the gymnasium's wall, trickles of blood running down from where his nose had presumably been shattered to dust from the impact.


The large rifle vanished into another cloud of black smoke as it reformed back into her arm, and as the gym student pealed off from the wall and fell to the floor the yellow light from Arleigh's goggles vanished, and she lifted them to reveal her normal eyes.


"Well that's unfortunate," she said in her normal tone. "But I suppose we'll have our 'fun' some other time. I'll see you later."



"That's my name. Deadvolt," Arleigh's physics teacher had written on the wall. Arleigh, herself, had once again taken the seat right smack-dab in the middle of the room. "Today's class is too short to get anything practical done, so I've got a basic assignment that will define your experience here for the rest of the year. The cold hard truth is, heroes don't play fair. You'll start by fighting just one, and then twenty more come out from the woodworks like cockroaches. They get scientific geniuses to build them special gadgets. In a one-on-one situation, the hero will almost always beat their villain. So we, being the objects of their disdain, have to rely on strength in numbers. As such, today's assignment is to group up. I don't care if it's in pairs or larger groups, but I want every student grouped up with at least one other student by the end of this class. I'll explain more after you've taken care of that. Anyone that fails to complete this assignment will be removed from my class starting tomorrow."


Deadvolt then asked to see Kess personally, who stood up and walked over to the door, pausing after she wrenched it open to point directly at Arleigh. "Hey," She said, shooting a scornful look at everyone but Arleigh. "Don't anybody think of partnering with Gunbitch over here while I'm gone... She's fucking MINE."


Kess walked through the door and closed it behind there. Arleigh paused and blinked a couple times. "I am a modern woman who will make her own decisions thank you very much," she said simply, then stood up from her seat.


Arleigh briefly scanned the room, finding the usual list of suspects that she had encountered earlier throughout her school-day. However, there was at least one new face: a girl wearing a camouflaged overcoat not unlike the matte-black poncho that Arleigh had opted to wear. Not only that, but Arleigh could swear she saw the unmistakable shape of fire-arms hidden throughout her person. Arleigh got up from her seat and stood in front of the unknown student's desk. "Hello, my name is Arleigh Shmidt, and you seem like the only other sensible person in this school. Would you like to be friends?"

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#7119960 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 23 September 2018 - 08:24 PM



Mike's attack had hit, but this was as far as he had thought for his plan. Confirming his earlier suspicions, the girl was, indeed, capable of controlling her hair completely and lashed out with a few globby strands. Ino leaped forward and planted herself on the floor between the two, and vibrated so intensely the ceiling above them  caved in, closing off that path entirely.


"Well there goes the fastest way out, but not like we could've gone by without getting hurt," Mike muttered quietly to himself.


"I figured out what I could do!" Ino announced, bouncing back to her feet. "Good job to you too, Mr. Scout."




 Ino moved back to Asuka to help with Lady Law when the entire hallway began to shudder. "Uh... that one wasn't me..." She said nervously. "Maybe we should put the pedal to the metal."


Mike nodded and they continued down another hallway. Between the fires and the various other attacks ravaging the structure, it was a miracle the arena was standing as it was at all, but now wasn't the time to jinx their luck when they were stuck taking the longer way out. Mike pushed himself to keep running, but as they would continue down towards stairs, his pace would noticeably and significantly slow down, the green lights emitting from his jets dimming ever so slightly the more time he spent running ahead.

#7119145 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 18 September 2018 - 05:15 PM



Elijah adjusted his glasses. “Well. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen it, but Diamante would love this place.” Elijah shook his hair out and folded a hand behind his back, the other one held out as if asking to dance. “Very well. Let’s get right to it, no time to waste. You get the first swing.”
Aria, meanwhile, shook her boots mercilessly, spraying flecks of sand in every direction imaginable. “Man,” she complained. “If I had known I was going to a freaking BEACH, I would have DRESSED FOR IT.” She was close to giving up and taking her boots off, if it wasn’t for the fact that she would still be wearing pants and a jacket, and also didn’t want to know what kicking with her bare feet would feel like.
“...Pardon me?”
“What?!” Aria snapped, and realized what was going. “Right, sorry. One sec, and…” Aria continued to shake sand from her boots, but did so to hide what she was doing. Bending down as if to untie her laces, Aria exploded with a loud bang that sent a cloud of sand into the air, blasting forward with intense speed, the air shimmering in her wake as the hum of sound help propel her movements. Each stride was long, and each time she pushed off the sand in another step she let loose another explosion of sound. Beach-goers all around cried in surprise at the loud noise and sand raining down on them. In a moment Aria would be close enough, planting her left leg swiftly and swinging her right around in a blurred roundhouse kick.
Elijah, having fully expected a head-on strike in response, responded by ducking under her roundhouse with a smirk. “Lesson 1,” he began.
As swiftly as he was able, Elijah rose from below, a sword of flame streaking from his fist in an upwards slash.
At the first glint of light that came from Elijah’s hand, Aria turned and pushed herself to the side, watching the blade swipe upwards in front of her.
“The first attack is rarely the first hit,” Elijah finished, the flames coalescing into a sort of officer’s sword, but from the hilt guard down it had the design of a musket grip.
“Then I guess it’s time for my second shot,” Aria growled. Keeping the words of her trainer in mind, she gave little notice of her attack or what it would be, jabbing her fist forward and having it end with the familiar gunshot blast of her magic. She wouldn’t let up from there, however, following it up with another strike and leaving little room to recover from the first attack. She would continue this relentless volley of jabs and punches until Elijah either retreated or counter-attacked.
Elijah’s blade intercepted the punches, parrying the physical blows aside just barely, but the repeated shock of the magical blasts forced him to step back a moment. How does a girl this small--? He didn’t have time to think. Just fight.
Elijah leapt back, pointed his sword, and fired, a musket-blast of flame erupting from the base of the blade. That’ll buy me a few seconds at most. He took inventory of his abilities. Hmm. None of these are very good in an open battlefield, so let’s stick with this.
Across his other hand, blue flames coalesced into a golden shield with a red, crystalline front. The Magnum Shield. He felt his endurance, little though it was, pour entirely into his strength. This mode made him something of a glass cannon, so he was going to have to make every hit count.
He stepped forward and struck in earnest, slashing repeatedly so as not to give Aria a chance to counter.
At first, Aria used her gauntlets to block the attacks as best as she could, but once it was obvious she was being pressed back she realized that she would need to counter in some way, if possible. Elijah moved for another attack, and in the same movement of blocking the attack Aria moved her off-hand forward and released a strong wave of deep sound, spraying small clouds of sand in the same direction.
Elijah stumbled, shaken by the blast and blinded by the cloud of dust. In a moment of desperation, his weapon vanished into smoke like a snuffed-out candle and he shield-bashed into his opponent in retaliation.
“Too slow!” Aria taunted, shifting her weight  to the side and letting the shield pass by her. Ducking deep into her crouch, Aria brought her left fist up, aiming for the ribs just under the arm that bashed forward with the shield. She felt a wave of confidence in her fighting, ready to lay down the smack, but without realizing it she had put too much of her weight forward into her own attack and put herself off-balance.
Elijah reeled and spun from the blow, and his shield too snuffed out of existence like a candle flame, leaving only a wisp of smoke. He dropped to a knee with his back to Aria, considering his options. Here’s something. He decided, planting a palm against the sand in front of him, where Aria couldn’t see it.
A brief flash of red under his fingers was all he had time to register before leaping forward, anticipating an attack from behind.
“Too easy!” Aria laughed, leaping forward to slam her raised heel down on the kneeled opponent, but found her foot falling too far forwards into a soft “whoomp” of the smoldering sand. Once the dust had cleared, she could see Elijah sprinting off into the distance and growled. “Just when I was starting to have fun. Get back here!”
Aria released a similar explosion behind her, but one of just air. The resounding gunshot blast alerted even more of the crowd, and the it wasn’t long until the beach-goers surrounding them began to scream and run in a panic. Regardless, Aria bounded forward in a blur with her fist cocked back, ready to really give to Elijah.
His palms filled with fire. He then stopped, turned, and threw both hands forward like he was trying to clap them over her temples, but instead the flames collided between his palms and erupted in a massive blast, knocking them both back and showering the beach-goers in hot sand and burning a circle of glass into a part of the beach.
Here’s hoping I timed this right… otherwise I’ll have wasted a ton of health. Elijah forced his pain-addled mind to focus as he struck the sand, fingers and toes digging in to slow himself down.
“Lesson 2!” He shouted, triggering his previously-planted ability. The spot where he’d been kneeling moments ago erupted as well, transforming a patch of sand into a pillar of glass.
“Always be thinking a few steps ahead.”
Aria skidded back in the sand from the blast, doing her best to keep her balance and try to stick the landing. However, not long after skidding did she hit some unseen snag in the beach and found herself tumbling backwards onto her back. She groaned as she forced herself to her feet as quickly as she could, only to see the large pillar of glass sticking out of the ground not far from where she was.
“Nuh-uh, no way! I’ve had my share of classes today!” Aria growled, the resounding memories of each and every moment she had her ass handed to her while trying to learn how to fight all sounding loud and clear in her head. “This time, I’m going to be the one giving the ass-kicking!”
Aria broke into a sprint, clods of sand being kicked up in her wake as she ran straight for the pillar of glass. A few meters away she kicked in a couple of her sound-magics, a loud hum sounding in her wake as her movements sped up, and with the sound of a gunshot, sent herself sailing well over the glass pillar. Once cleared, she stopped using her magic to extend her jump and let herself drop to the sand quickly with a soft “whump” before breaking into another sprint, though this time with a different approach in mind.
Elijah’s hands filled with flame and he dashed to the side, a longsword raised defensively in front of him.
Without much thought going into her attack, Aria bound forwards and sent her fist flying into what she realized too late was the flat of a flaming longsword. Her fist collided harshly against the metal, but it was the explosion of sound and air afterwards that didn’t bode well with the situation. The mixture of wind from the small shockwave and the heat of the flames turned what was normally a relatively small, but strong burst of air into a full-on explosion, a wave of heat washing over Aria as she found herself stumbling backwards from the attack, surprised at the result of her own attack.
Elijah was knocked aside as well, buffeted by the blast and singed somewhat,  “I feel as if you’re not taking my advice to heart. Think ahead, Aria, control the field. You won’t often win through force alone.” He twirled his sword and held it in an overhead stance, pointing downward, loading a pistol magazine into the hilt.
“HYAAH!” He shouted with effort as he swung the sword in a swift uppercut, squeezed the trigger, and sent an arc of flame across the sand, leaving a line of glass in its wake. Quickly, he followed up with another on the opposite side, and then a wide slash, unleashing a broad arc of flame between the previously made paths, flying through the air. 
“Shove it up your ass, I’ll do what I want!” Aria shouted, running forwards and deciding to improvise and do the unexpected instead of whatever ‘think ahead’ bullshit he was trying to push. Bracing her arms in front of her and leaning forward, Aria pushed her magic into her sprint until she collided straight on with the line of fire. The force caused her to lurch back as she felt the heat wash over her, and she was sure she was taking a lot of damage in that instance, but she pressed on regardless, only picking up speed.
“Hey idiot, here’s a lesson!” Aria shouted, running full-tilt through the fire in a quick burst. “If you talk shit, you’re gonna get hit!” Leaving little room to react, Aria blasted forward with another explosion of sound, focusing the magic in her right fist for a straight-on punch. Elijah raised his sword over his shoulder and swept it downward in a blazing slash that would ordinarily cleave her from shoulder to hip.
At the last moment, Aria ducked to the side Elijah swung from, the blade whistling past her, heat washing over her body as it missed by just a hair. From the exposed angle, Aria pulled her fist into a quick and strong jab aimed for Elijah’s kidney, every bit of magic she could muster without going overboard pushed into that punch.
“What?!” Elijah yelled as Aria’s fist dug deep into his side. A split second after the Aria’s fist had struck Elijah, there was a strong blast of air that flung the both of them backward. Aria dug her heels into the loose sand, leaning forward as a mound of the coarse, rough, irritating stuff piled behind her. Elijah, on the other hand, was not so prepared, and found himself rolling and tumbling backwards right into the picnic setup for a group of bystanders on the beach itself.
Aria straightened up and planted her hands on her hips. “Had enough yet? Or are you ready for more?”
“Don’t think it’s over ye--” Elijah had begun to talk, pushing himself to his feet, but his voice was very soon drowned out by a thunderous roar that filled the beach. Aria looked around in confusion and could see, approaching the beach from the horizon, a simply titanic wall of water that threatened to swallow the beach whole.
But that wasn’t all. The sky had darkened quickly too, and looking upward both fighters could see a dark cloud flying from the wave like an impossibly dense flock of birds-- only it wasn’t birds.
“Squids?!” Aria shouted, her words falling on deaf ears. One by one, a well-sized squid would land on the beach sand with a dull “thump”, sending a small cloud of sand in the air in the process. But the shower of cephalopods was not to lighten up. Instead, the squids would smack against the beach with increased frequency until it was a sheer downpour of fish.
Aria planted her feet and unleashed a full-strength wave of sound into the air against the falling torrent of squid, keeping its focus as narrow as possible while Elijah vanished into the dense fog of falling bodies. For a brief moment, the wave of sound seemed to work, parting a clear path through storm. However, it wasn’t enough. Aria’s focus had been too narrow, and a squid managed to slip past her magical attack, smacking against her face and sending her attack off-course.
And with that, the floodgate of falling fish descended upon Aria as it had Elijah, burying her in as a barrage of squid battered mercilessly against her body. This went on for what felt like an eternity, until the roar of the tidal wave managed to overcome the cacophany of the Squid Storm. Moments later, the beach was soon underneath several metres of water, with everyone and everything pulled from the sheer force of the wave back out towards the ocean.
Aria had no time to realize what was going on when suddenly the simulation was gone and she found herself lying on the cold floor, staring at the ceiling. One minute she was drowning underneath a figurative ocean of squid and a literal ocean of water, the next the match was over. What had even happened?

#7118751 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 15 September 2018 - 01:45 PM



The evacuation had gone smoothly so far, Mike had yet to encounter any villains and, with the way the signs were leading them, it seemed like they were getting closer and closer to the exit, until...


"One, two, Betty's coming for you!  Three, four, you'll be dead on the floor!  Five, six, killing you for the kicks!"


Mike skidded to a hault and groaned as he we watched the villain moving closer and closer. Her quirk was obvious: her hair-gel-like-hair was acidic and knowing how quirks usually were, and that she was a villain, chances are that it could be controlled. That said, Mike was thankful that the villain had decided that approaching by skip-rope would be her choice, and Mike still had one taser ball left.


Mike discreetly gripped the ball in his hand, keeping an eye on the villain as she approached. As her hair moved into its downward approach, Mike called out, "Hey listen, just dippity-DON'T, okay?" With far more of a smirk than he should have had, and as her hair just passed by her feet mid-jump, Mike moved into a full baseball pitch and threw the ball with a loud, thunderous bang as his explosion of energy fired the ball out like a bullet, aimed right for the girl's stomach.