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#7119145 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 18 September 2018 - 05:15 PM



Elijah adjusted his glasses. “Well. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen it, but Diamante would love this place.” Elijah shook his hair out and folded a hand behind his back, the other one held out as if asking to dance. “Very well. Let’s get right to it, no time to waste. You get the first swing.”
Aria, meanwhile, shook her boots mercilessly, spraying flecks of sand in every direction imaginable. “Man,” she complained. “If I had known I was going to a freaking BEACH, I would have DRESSED FOR IT.” She was close to giving up and taking her boots off, if it wasn’t for the fact that she would still be wearing pants and a jacket, and also didn’t want to know what kicking with her bare feet would feel like.
“...Pardon me?”
“What?!” Aria snapped, and realized what was going. “Right, sorry. One sec, and…” Aria continued to shake sand from her boots, but did so to hide what she was doing. Bending down as if to untie her laces, Aria exploded with a loud bang that sent a cloud of sand into the air, blasting forward with intense speed, the air shimmering in her wake as the hum of sound help propel her movements. Each stride was long, and each time she pushed off the sand in another step she let loose another explosion of sound. Beach-goers all around cried in surprise at the loud noise and sand raining down on them. In a moment Aria would be close enough, planting her left leg swiftly and swinging her right around in a blurred roundhouse kick.
Elijah, having fully expected a head-on strike in response, responded by ducking under her roundhouse with a smirk. “Lesson 1,” he began.
As swiftly as he was able, Elijah rose from below, a sword of flame streaking from his fist in an upwards slash.
At the first glint of light that came from Elijah’s hand, Aria turned and pushed herself to the side, watching the blade swipe upwards in front of her.
“The first attack is rarely the first hit,” Elijah finished, the flames coalescing into a sort of officer’s sword, but from the hilt guard down it had the design of a musket grip.
“Then I guess it’s time for my second shot,” Aria growled. Keeping the words of her trainer in mind, she gave little notice of her attack or what it would be, jabbing her fist forward and having it end with the familiar gunshot blast of her magic. She wouldn’t let up from there, however, following it up with another strike and leaving little room to recover from the first attack. She would continue this relentless volley of jabs and punches until Elijah either retreated or counter-attacked.
Elijah’s blade intercepted the punches, parrying the physical blows aside just barely, but the repeated shock of the magical blasts forced him to step back a moment. How does a girl this small--? He didn’t have time to think. Just fight.
Elijah leapt back, pointed his sword, and fired, a musket-blast of flame erupting from the base of the blade. That’ll buy me a few seconds at most. He took inventory of his abilities. Hmm. None of these are very good in an open battlefield, so let’s stick with this.
Across his other hand, blue flames coalesced into a golden shield with a red, crystalline front. The Magnum Shield. He felt his endurance, little though it was, pour entirely into his strength. This mode made him something of a glass cannon, so he was going to have to make every hit count.
He stepped forward and struck in earnest, slashing repeatedly so as not to give Aria a chance to counter.
At first, Aria used her gauntlets to block the attacks as best as she could, but once it was obvious she was being pressed back she realized that she would need to counter in some way, if possible. Elijah moved for another attack, and in the same movement of blocking the attack Aria moved her off-hand forward and released a strong wave of deep sound, spraying small clouds of sand in the same direction.
Elijah stumbled, shaken by the blast and blinded by the cloud of dust. In a moment of desperation, his weapon vanished into smoke like a snuffed-out candle and he shield-bashed into his opponent in retaliation.
“Too slow!” Aria taunted, shifting her weight  to the side and letting the shield pass by her. Ducking deep into her crouch, Aria brought her left fist up, aiming for the ribs just under the arm that bashed forward with the shield. She felt a wave of confidence in her fighting, ready to lay down the smack, but without realizing it she had put too much of her weight forward into her own attack and put herself off-balance.
Elijah reeled and spun from the blow, and his shield too snuffed out of existence like a candle flame, leaving only a wisp of smoke. He dropped to a knee with his back to Aria, considering his options. Here’s something. He decided, planting a palm against the sand in front of him, where Aria couldn’t see it.
A brief flash of red under his fingers was all he had time to register before leaping forward, anticipating an attack from behind.
“Too easy!” Aria laughed, leaping forward to slam her raised heel down on the kneeled opponent, but found her foot falling too far forwards into a soft “whoomp” of the smoldering sand. Once the dust had cleared, she could see Elijah sprinting off into the distance and growled. “Just when I was starting to have fun. Get back here!”
Aria released a similar explosion behind her, but one of just air. The resounding gunshot blast alerted even more of the crowd, and the it wasn’t long until the beach-goers surrounding them began to scream and run in a panic. Regardless, Aria bounded forward in a blur with her fist cocked back, ready to really give to Elijah.
His palms filled with fire. He then stopped, turned, and threw both hands forward like he was trying to clap them over her temples, but instead the flames collided between his palms and erupted in a massive blast, knocking them both back and showering the beach-goers in hot sand and burning a circle of glass into a part of the beach.
Here’s hoping I timed this right… otherwise I’ll have wasted a ton of health. Elijah forced his pain-addled mind to focus as he struck the sand, fingers and toes digging in to slow himself down.
“Lesson 2!” He shouted, triggering his previously-planted ability. The spot where he’d been kneeling moments ago erupted as well, transforming a patch of sand into a pillar of glass.
“Always be thinking a few steps ahead.”
Aria skidded back in the sand from the blast, doing her best to keep her balance and try to stick the landing. However, not long after skidding did she hit some unseen snag in the beach and found herself tumbling backwards onto her back. She groaned as she forced herself to her feet as quickly as she could, only to see the large pillar of glass sticking out of the ground not far from where she was.
“Nuh-uh, no way! I’ve had my share of classes today!” Aria growled, the resounding memories of each and every moment she had her ass handed to her while trying to learn how to fight all sounding loud and clear in her head. “This time, I’m going to be the one giving the ass-kicking!”
Aria broke into a sprint, clods of sand being kicked up in her wake as she ran straight for the pillar of glass. A few meters away she kicked in a couple of her sound-magics, a loud hum sounding in her wake as her movements sped up, and with the sound of a gunshot, sent herself sailing well over the glass pillar. Once cleared, she stopped using her magic to extend her jump and let herself drop to the sand quickly with a soft “whump” before breaking into another sprint, though this time with a different approach in mind.
Elijah’s hands filled with flame and he dashed to the side, a longsword raised defensively in front of him.
Without much thought going into her attack, Aria bound forwards and sent her fist flying into what she realized too late was the flat of a flaming longsword. Her fist collided harshly against the metal, but it was the explosion of sound and air afterwards that didn’t bode well with the situation. The mixture of wind from the small shockwave and the heat of the flames turned what was normally a relatively small, but strong burst of air into a full-on explosion, a wave of heat washing over Aria as she found herself stumbling backwards from the attack, surprised at the result of her own attack.
Elijah was knocked aside as well, buffeted by the blast and singed somewhat,  “I feel as if you’re not taking my advice to heart. Think ahead, Aria, control the field. You won’t often win through force alone.” He twirled his sword and held it in an overhead stance, pointing downward, loading a pistol magazine into the hilt.
“HYAAH!” He shouted with effort as he swung the sword in a swift uppercut, squeezed the trigger, and sent an arc of flame across the sand, leaving a line of glass in its wake. Quickly, he followed up with another on the opposite side, and then a wide slash, unleashing a broad arc of flame between the previously made paths, flying through the air. 
“Shove it up your ass, I’ll do what I want!” Aria shouted, running forwards and deciding to improvise and do the unexpected instead of whatever ‘think ahead’ bullshit he was trying to push. Bracing her arms in front of her and leaning forward, Aria pushed her magic into her sprint until she collided straight on with the line of fire. The force caused her to lurch back as she felt the heat wash over her, and she was sure she was taking a lot of damage in that instance, but she pressed on regardless, only picking up speed.
“Hey idiot, here’s a lesson!” Aria shouted, running full-tilt through the fire in a quick burst. “If you talk shit, you’re gonna get hit!” Leaving little room to react, Aria blasted forward with another explosion of sound, focusing the magic in her right fist for a straight-on punch. Elijah raised his sword over his shoulder and swept it downward in a blazing slash that would ordinarily cleave her from shoulder to hip.
At the last moment, Aria ducked to the side Elijah swung from, the blade whistling past her, heat washing over her body as it missed by just a hair. From the exposed angle, Aria pulled her fist into a quick and strong jab aimed for Elijah’s kidney, every bit of magic she could muster without going overboard pushed into that punch.
“What?!” Elijah yelled as Aria’s fist dug deep into his side. A split second after the Aria’s fist had struck Elijah, there was a strong blast of air that flung the both of them backward. Aria dug her heels into the loose sand, leaning forward as a mound of the coarse, rough, irritating stuff piled behind her. Elijah, on the other hand, was not so prepared, and found himself rolling and tumbling backwards right into the picnic setup for a group of bystanders on the beach itself.
Aria straightened up and planted her hands on her hips. “Had enough yet? Or are you ready for more?”
“Don’t think it’s over ye--” Elijah had begun to talk, pushing himself to his feet, but his voice was very soon drowned out by a thunderous roar that filled the beach. Aria looked around in confusion and could see, approaching the beach from the horizon, a simply titanic wall of water that threatened to swallow the beach whole.
But that wasn’t all. The sky had darkened quickly too, and looking upward both fighters could see a dark cloud flying from the wave like an impossibly dense flock of birds-- only it wasn’t birds.
“Squids?!” Aria shouted, her words falling on deaf ears. One by one, a well-sized squid would land on the beach sand with a dull “thump”, sending a small cloud of sand in the air in the process. But the shower of cephalopods was not to lighten up. Instead, the squids would smack against the beach with increased frequency until it was a sheer downpour of fish.
Aria planted her feet and unleashed a full-strength wave of sound into the air against the falling torrent of squid, keeping its focus as narrow as possible while Elijah vanished into the dense fog of falling bodies. For a brief moment, the wave of sound seemed to work, parting a clear path through storm. However, it wasn’t enough. Aria’s focus had been too narrow, and a squid managed to slip past her magical attack, smacking against her face and sending her attack off-course.
And with that, the floodgate of falling fish descended upon Aria as it had Elijah, burying her in as a barrage of squid battered mercilessly against her body. This went on for what felt like an eternity, until the roar of the tidal wave managed to overcome the cacophany of the Squid Storm. Moments later, the beach was soon underneath several metres of water, with everyone and everything pulled from the sheer force of the wave back out towards the ocean.
Aria had no time to realize what was going on when suddenly the simulation was gone and she found herself lying on the cold floor, staring at the ceiling. One minute she was drowning underneath a figurative ocean of squid and a literal ocean of water, the next the match was over. What had even happened?

#7118751 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 15 September 2018 - 01:45 PM



The evacuation had gone smoothly so far, Mike had yet to encounter any villains and, with the way the signs were leading them, it seemed like they were getting closer and closer to the exit, until...


"One, two, Betty's coming for you!  Three, four, you'll be dead on the floor!  Five, six, killing you for the kicks!"


Mike skidded to a hault and groaned as he we watched the villain moving closer and closer. Her quirk was obvious: her hair-gel-like-hair was acidic and knowing how quirks usually were, and that she was a villain, chances are that it could be controlled. That said, Mike was thankful that the villain had decided that approaching by skip-rope would be her choice, and Mike still had one taser ball left.


Mike discreetly gripped the ball in his hand, keeping an eye on the villain as she approached. As her hair moved into its downward approach, Mike called out, "Hey listen, just dippity-DON'T, okay?" With far more of a smirk than he should have had, and as her hair just passed by her feet mid-jump, Mike moved into a full baseball pitch and threw the ball with a loud, thunderous bang as his explosion of energy fired the ball out like a bullet, aimed right for the girl's stomach.

#7117894 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 08 September 2018 - 08:32 PM



Mike had remained slumped on his knees, staring at the floor with his fists clenched hard and his breathing ragged. Even as Asuka spoke to him his head had remained lowered, his hair falling down in front of his face.


"Mike," Asuka had said. "I need you and Ino to help me get Lady Law out of here. This isn't the time to be afraid or angry. I'm scared too, but I'll keep it together as long for as it takes, and right now, 'as long as it takes' is long enough to escort Lady Law out of here so somebody can check on her voice box. Can you both do that for me?"


Mike looked up and saw Asuka, his face betraying the surprise he felt as his expression relaxed somewhat when he noticed that Asuka's tone had not matched her body language. Silently, Ino walked over and slotted herself under Lady Law's other arm to help support her.


"We need to get her to Nurse Neko, right now!" Ino said, with an amount of confidence and determination that Mike found hard to believe that anyone could muster in this moment-- an amount of determination that, despite the same shock and the same fear, his friends had managed to muster up.


And here he was, on his knees on the floor, cursing at himself for something he couldn't have prevented. And even now, as he looked at his friends with a look of defeated exhaustion, he knew that now wasn't the time to keep beating up on himself over this. He had to get over it, and he had to get over it now.


"You're right," Mike said, getting up to his feet and looking down each hall. "I saw Nurse Neko earlier, with Valerie and one other student from 1-B. They were heading to the evacuation site, but were still on the other side of the arena last I saw them." As he said this, there was a low rumble as the fire spread and more parts of the stadium had collapsed into each other. "...But we should focus on getting to safety first. I'll lead the way and make sure it's safe up ahead." Of course, this wasn't without making sure that Ino and Asuka were alright with Lady Law, but with the chaos of noise echoing around the halls in the arena, they didn't have much time to sort out any kinda of solution.



((Because now isn't a good time to insert it: Mike's plan is basically running ahead, finding the safest/quickest routes, and leading Asuka/Ino down to safety))

#7117016 A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 30 August 2018 - 07:58 PM



Arleigh had followed the others to the gym, hiding a subtle smile underneath her mask as she did so. Once they had gotten there, however, there seemed to be someone already there waiting for them.


"If it isn't my friend, Bloody Mary... How the hell are 'ya?" she asked, sliding her arm around Mary's shoulder with a wide grin. "Gym buddies with this one, eh? Not a bad idea... She took a blast from me. She's tough... Hopefully she helps you newbies catch up to her. Not everyone who can walk away from me."


Arleigh rolled her eyes, letting out a long, exasperated sigh as Mary said a few words Arleigh paid no attention to. Of course, Randall was the one to speak up next, with "speaking" being an understatement. "THIS ONE? THIS ONE GAVE YOU TROUBLE? SHE COULDN'T EVEN HURT A FLY!" His mad cackling continued. "HOW FUC​​​KING PATHETIC ARE YOU!? AND YET YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY - THE FUC​​​KING GALL - TO CALL ME A NEWBIE!? ME!? RANDALL MOTHERFUC​​​KING DUKES!?"


Someone from the stands called out to ask if they were okay, yet by now Arleigh, her expression still not noticeably different, had begun to tremble, and the quiet sounds of guns being loaded underneath her poncho could be heard. "So how 'bout it, spark plug? You come with us so I can kick yer as​​​​​​s there?!" Randall had said, and at this, Arleigh reached for the goggles that typically sat on top of her head and pulled them down in front of her eyes.


In a flash of movement and with the rustle of clothing, Arleigh's poncho whipped about as her arm now pointed a Colt .45 revolver directly at Randall's head.


At first, Arleigh didn't say much. Rather, she laughed. Slowly, at first, with her familiar monotone demeanor, but as it continued it rose in tone and manner, to what one might assume a very natural laugh would sound like, until finally one that was quite manic. "Oh my FUCKING GOD DO YOU EVER SHUT UP," At this, her goggles lit up and began to glow a solid yellow. "I MEAN REALLY, IT'S ADORABLE HOW IT HAS TO BE ABOUT YOU AND IT'S OOOOH SO CUTE. REALLY, THAT'S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU, I MEAN IT!" From the way she spoke, with how much emotion and energy was in her voice, it was impossible to tell if what she said was genuine, or if it was all sarcastic.


In another swift movement, her other arm raised the other half of her poncho, revealing that, from the elbow-down, it had transformed into a P90 sub-machine gun. "I LOVE THAT YOU ALL WANT TO HAVE FUN, AND WHO AM I TO DISCOURAGE SOME GOOD OLD FASHION FISTICUFFS?" Arleigh swept the gun's barrel, aiming at each of the other students one by one. "BUT THAT'S NOT WHY I'M HERE. OH HELL TO THE FUCKING NO. SEE, I'M GETTING A LITTLE... PENT UP, HAVING TO SIT IN A CLASSROOM BEING QUIET AND POLITE AND NOT SHOOTING ANYONE ALL. FUCKING. DAY. AND LET ME TELL YOU?" Arleigh's stance steadily became more animated as she spoke, laughing a little as she thought of what she would say next. "I am just right sick of it."


Both guns vanished into dark clouds of smoke before reforming into Arleigh's normal limbs, both retreating back into her poncho. With that, she proceeded to step backwards, away from the rest, as the sound of guns loading and readying could be heard again. "SO HERE'S HOW IT'S GOING TO WORK. I'M GOING TO COUNT DOWN FROM THREE, MAYBE, AND WHEN I REACH ZERO I'M GOING TO START SHOOTING YOU. SOUND GOOD? GREAT! NOW 3..."



Dr. Claw, the Great and Terrible


"You have enough room? You need a bigger desk? And keyboard?" Dr Claw's head moved to pear down at the other tapping on his machine.


"Nonsense! My mach-- I mean, body, plugs into the machine for direct interface! I will need of no further assistance, thank you." With that said, the rest of the students milled in and class was soon to begin.


"Welcome to Software Class. Here we will be learning important things, like how to hack systems, and how to program robots, along with complex virus creation. Just don't upload them to the internet, we have too many AIs running amuck on the internet as is," The teacher explained, a man that Rusty felt like he should know the name to, but nothing was coming to mind. "Now," He pushed up his glasses, standing up. "Pick a username and a password."


"Is that all! Easy!" Rusty exclaimed as he stretched his paws and got to typing.

Ultimate Master of Supreme Evolution

However, the input for the username had exceeded to the character limit, so he tried again.

Terrible King Over Lesser Beings

Yet, once again, it had exceeded the character limit. So he tried one more time.

Dr. Claw, the Great and Terrible

"Confound this horrid system!" he cursed. "Very well, if that is the way you wish to play..."


With that, the computer accepted the username and Rusty let out of sigh of relief, and put in his password.


#7116790 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 28 August 2018 - 11:30 PM



Layer after layer of cement and infrastructure, Mike had managed to crack through the arena's floor, through its walls, and burst onto the scene into a half-crouched position. It took him a second to remember to breath, and what it was that he had launched himself there for. He looked up, searching for his classmates and the villain.


"Asuk--!" Mike started to say, but found himself staring down the barrel of a gun held by the very person he was trying to stop.


"Ah... the boy who won it all.  A friend of my daughter's, I presume,": Bloodstone said, a wry smirk painted on her face as she stared Mike down. Mike could feel his skin go cold and droplets of sweat form. His eyes darted around the room, spotting Ino and Asuka both in one piece. But then why had her quirk suddenly--


Lady Law then moved in on the scene, cuffing Bloodstone's wrist and throwing her down to the ground. "It's over, Kokoro! You can't run away from me anymore."


The two of them continued their exchanged, Ino even stepping in to say something. All of it sounded like distant, muffled gibberish to Mike, who stumbled backwards and fell on his rear, keeping himself supported by one arm. He couldn't see himself, but he was sure if he had a mirror that he would swear he was looking at a ghost. All he could think to do was breath: slowly, in through the nose, and out through the mouth. His heart pounded against his chest, and over a few seconds he could feel himself gradually calm down, yet his eyes still darted about restlessly.


"But we've been monologuing for quite some time now."


Mike felt his awareness snap back into reality for a split second, watching as Lady Law clutched at her throat and Bloodstone smash her bonds with a crystal. Mike's face contorted steadily from that of great fear, to blind rage, adrenaline coursing through his veins as Bloodstone reached for a familiar looking mask.


"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Mike shouted, his voice guttural and ragged. "I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY!" Even as Mike released a strong blast of force, launching himself to his feet and lunging forward as fast as he could, his fist drawn back, ready to strike as hard as he could, he was too late. Bloodstone vanished as the mask touched her face, and Mike's fist sailed clean over the mask as it fell to the ground with a dull clatter.


Mike stood there, breathing heavily as he stared at the mask. ""GOD... DAMMIT!!!!"" Mike shouted, kicking the mask hard against the wall and falling down to his knees. ""DAMMIT!!""


He was too slow.

#7116411 ITT: A TCG banlist

Posted by VCR_CAT on 25 August 2018 - 07:41 PM

There also needs to be time taken to look at certain parts of a meta that are prominent or problematic (not always mutually exclusive but often times are), and something like Firewall vs. Goukis is something I've seen people rant about where they demand Firewall be hit because "it's such a problem card".


It's... not? People need to be aware of what's actually a driving force behind something like that. In this case, if your goal is to take Gouki's off the map, then it's kind of ignorant to suggest that Firewall is the only thing carrying that deck because, taking that out of the equation might make the Extra Link combo either killed or different (I'm leaning towards them just finding something else to work with), but it still leaves a deck with some absurd play-compensation that will just end up making similarly oppressive opening fields that might not be an Extra Link but will still be very strong.


Keep in mind how Firewall is used as a whole, and how it fits into most decks, because its impact on a grand scale has not been spectacular. The FTK's have been more-so at fault with cards that have already been guilty of FTK's, and to say that Firewall is all that Gouki's have going for them is not looking into the deck nearly enough.


So, instead of hitting the card that's just simply involved, hit the card that really makes a lot of this possible, which would be Rematch.

#7116223 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 24 August 2018 - 05:18 PM

Katsu, the Strong


"What's this friend of yours like, anyway? Is he always late or something?" Her eyes shifted back and forth between that girl she was about to fight, and the boy. "For that matter, how do you two know each other? Seems like an unlikely pair to me."


"Hmph! It's not like that at all, for I, Katsu the Strong, know Yushiro through a mutual 'acquaintance'. As for Akira, he usually has a way of messing something up. For example, one ti--" Katsu had started to say before Akira himself managed to seemingly appear from thin air.


"I apologize that I, the man Akira, am not usually this late," He said, folding his arms. "But my English teacher had cornered me to give me a lecture on how that the man Akira refers to himself as the man, Akira, and how it is not proper English," He shook his head. sighing. "The man Akira has never met such a nagging person... well, then again...," his eyes darted over to Katsu nervously before looking back to Yushiro. "So, what's the plan the man Yushiro has today?"


Akira was soon met with a stiff chop to the top of his head. "For you information, I, Katsu the Strong, keep you on track! If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here right now!" Katsu said sternly-- the accuracy of this claim very much in question, however. "While you were gone, I had to meet with the faculty regarding our clubs! They claim that neither have enough members to warrant separate martial-arts clubs and are standing to combine them!"

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#7115797 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 22 August 2018 - 12:39 AM



"DO WE LOOK OKAY, CHAMP?!" The other 1-B student had shouted at Mike, causing him to wince.


"Of course! Kinda wish I had a saddle but this is no biggie at all!" Valerie responded with a smile, causing Mike to breath a sigh of relief. Nurse Neko soon stepped in and neutralized the raptor with one hit, causing Valerie to lose her balance.


"If we're both alright, that's all that mattered to me," Nurse Neko said, helping Valerie off of the dinosaur. "I had already evacuated the rest of the ward, so seeing you stand your ground there... it frightened me! I had to act!  But you're okay! And now we need to find more people to help!"


"Yeah, there's a lot of people who need help. We need to..."


The whole arena seemed to shake and a wave of hot air washed through the hallway, and Mike was sure that this wasn't Valerie. Mike looked down the wave he had come and could see a bright, angry orange glow flickering around the corner. Immediately his thoughts jumped to the people still outside on the stands and what might be happening to them. To make things worse, down the other end of the hall voices could be heard echoing against the concrete walls, and Mike could bet anything they didn't belong to heroes.


"We have to find another exit! Quick! Let's go all of you!" Nurse Neko shouted, turning towards one of the doors in the hall and ushering the two other students to follow after her.


"Mike!" She called out. "I dunno what you plan to do but if you go out there and see any of the pros let them know. A couple villains are trying to capture Nurse Neko. I have a feeling that they might be after even more than just her... And hey, you have nothing to worry about. You beat the guy who beat me so there's no way you could lose to lame villains like this."


Mike smiled. "You're right, but even so... it's like you told me: no matter the odds, we gotta press forward!" He said with a slight fist pump, and turned to Nurse Neko. "I'm sorry, Nurse, but I have friends still in the stadium and I need to make sure they're okay! I can't just leave them knowing I could have done something. I'll do my best to stay out of trouble!" He turned to face down the hall that he heard the two villains calling out from and swallowed, considering his options. He could either brave the fires and, most likely, have to turn around and take his chances with the villains having lost the element of surprise, or...


Mike turned back as Val and Casey started towards where Nurse Neko was leading them. "Hey Val!" he called back, and gave a thumbs up. "You're awesome, and you got this!"


In a blur of green light, Mike began to run down the hall, towards the villains that had been chasing after them. At the very least he can give that moment's distraction for those three to get away while he made back his way back to the arena, but if this was going to work he needed to be fast. He unhooked the second taser ball from his belt and activated it. As he rounded a corner and the voices became louder, Mike skidded around the corner and let out another blast of force as he sprinted forward.


"Hey jerks, think fast!" Mike shouted, pitching the taser ball at the ground in front of him as hard as he could, watching it bounce back up towards the two villains. As their attention would be occupied with the flying projectile, Mike flung himself forward as a streaking, green bolt, throwing himself down onto the ground into a baseball-slide aimed directly between the two. Whether he hit them or they jumped out of the way Mike had a hard time telling with how fast things were moving, and once past he launched himself back to his feet, sprinting down and jumping off against another wall as he made a break for the exit back into the arena's grounds.

#7115586 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 20 August 2018 - 07:16 PM



"Show me, your strength!" The villain shouted, hefting one of the stadium seats right from its supports and flinging it right in Mike's direction. With the object's size and weight, however, it seemed to move sluggishly through the air compared to many of the projectiles Mike had avoided during that day, and all it took was simply diving out of the way as the plastic-and-metal seat collided with the row that he had just occupied.


"Mike!" Terro snapped, catching Mike off-guard. "Go help the others! I'll take this guy down!"


"I-- but--" Mike started a dozen-and-one different thoughts, but growled under his breath. He absolutely hated the idea of leaving someone behind, but seeing how the fight was going he knew deep down that he was only going to get in the way here. "Fine, just... don't die! I'm gonna get some help!"


Mike ran towards the stairwell that lead into the stadium's interior, sliding down the railings and kicking off the far wall to keep himself from slamming into it, a trail of green light left in his wake as he turned what would be a light jog into a brisk run. As he continued, the sounds of commotion seemed to grow louder, changing from the panicked screams of bystanders to...




Mike found himself face-to-face with at least one raptor, with Valerie stradling its back and beating it down. Mike tensed himself to sprint forward, but the flailing of teeth and claws made him second-guess that course of action.


"Val! Are you okay?!" Mike called out, uselessly, observing the scene that Valerie very clearly had everything covered for.

#7115401 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 19 August 2018 - 10:46 AM

Katsu, the Strong


"Dunno if you know this or not, but I don't parade around the school looking for trouble. If somebody can't pick their fights wisely, that's their problem, not mine," Kyouko had responded tursely to Katsu, who simply exchanged the words with a narrowing of her eyes.


Meanwhile, Yushiro had stepped up and placed him between the two. "Heeeeeeyyyyyy Katsu, no trouble at all, actually. We were just talking. I was actually waiting here for Akira, but he hasn't shown. We were gonna hang out for a bit. You can come with us if you want, I'm sure he won't mind." Yushiro looked back at Kyouko for a moment, then turned back to Katsu. "So do you guys like, know each other or something? I can't imagine you being confrontational without a good reason, but you don't need to worry. Kyouko's been nothing but nice to me."


"You could say we know each other," Katsu growled. "Provocation or not I, Katsu, the Strong, do not stand for unnecessary violence! Strong people should use that strength to defend others, NOT persecute others!" Without realizing it, Katsu had taken a rather dramatic stance, and with a quiet "hmph" relaxed her position. "As for Akira, it would seem he's late, as usual. I need him to help sort out the Martial Arts clubs with the school. Principle says there aren't enough interested students to warrant so many different clubs and suggested they merge. As if our styles are similar just for being 'Martial Arts'! The nerve of that man."


"As for you," Katsu turned back to Kyouko, adopting her dramatic stance once again and pointing past Yushiro. "If a student is poking a fight them be! Or if you have to, at least not injure them! If I hear of one more broken bone I will not hesitate to shut you down! I, Katsu the Strong, would like to strive for a peaceful year this year!"

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#7115367 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 19 August 2018 - 01:33 AM



"Try not to die on the landing, they'll need you up there." Akira's words broke Mike out of his stupor, and by the time that he managed to process what the other had said, he was already being loaded up into a massive hard-light fist with Terro.


"Wait, what?" Mike asked.


"Hard Light: Sunset Knuckleball!"


"WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??!!" Mike shouted, flying through the air, panicking as he turned, using as little force as he could to make as much of a difference as possible. He managed to slow down his descent enough to prevent injury, but as he slammed rear-first into one of the stadium seats, he knew it wasn't a clean landing.


Mike turned and saw Terro offering a hand for help, and accepted, letting himself be pulled to his feet. "Alright Mike, let's try to help those--" Terro had only started to say, before another villain had crashed into the stands in front of them.


"Man we just can't get a break, huh," Mike groaned. The villain neglected to introduce himself before launching into a fight with... only Terro, leaving Mike standing there, watching. The villain seemed to know Terro, and answered each attack with a seemingly effortless block. Mike tensed his muscles, ready to launch himself in to the fight, but as he watched each attack, each failed assault, all he could think was that they were sorely outmatched. Mike growled, angry that he couldn't help in the fight, no quick attack or trick that could be sprung to take advantage of a strong opponent he didn't know. Even if someone tried to get help, how much time would they have? They'd have to get help quickly. Terro could try to shift to simply staying alive, but with how his attacks and anger were getting, chances are that wasn't going to work. But there was something Mike knew he was good at.


Mike gripped one of the taser-balls that he had not opted to use in his fight against Terro, clicking a button on the side to prime its timer. He tried to wait for the right moment, but Terro was standing directly in the way and was moving around too much-- there wasn't any opening. Not unless Mike made one himself.


Mike dashed up the stands, leaping over rows of seats with minimal use of his quirk until he managed to get a clean sight of the villain. Taking a pitcher's stance, he aimed carefully and then shouted. "Hey, idiot! Pick on someone your own size!!" Just as he shouted this, he threw the ball as hard as he could, aiming squarely for his center of mass. Even if he blocked the ball, it was still going to give a nice little zap and a fair bit of pain, but either way that wasn't his goal.


Even if he couldn't fight head-on and win, even if he couldn't take down the villain himself, it was still two against one, and even if Mike didn't know the opponent's quirk, dividing an opponent's attention was still an effective strategy.

#7115269 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 18 August 2018 - 12:38 PM



Everything that happened after his victory had felt like some kind of dream, an unreal, ethereal experience that Mike just simply floated through. Even with a strong dosage of energy gels and protein bars after the final fight, before the award ceremony, Mike found that after using his quirk as much as he did, even with the boosts he got, exhaustion eventually caught up to him. 


Madam Mic went to each of the top three finalists, handing them their medals one by one, ending finally by handing the gold medal to Mike. He did his best to stand there, looking alert, but when the cameras had zoomed in on each of them the subtle fog that covered his eyes was clear to anyone that looked closely enough.


"Well surprise me why don't you?" Suna said, passing by Mike. "I thought I'd have to deal with Otoma or Tomoaki right here... but you're proving yourself to be a class A hero. Although, can't say I'm entirely happy about a Canadian taking the whole thing, I'll respect your win here. I'm expecting more from you."


Mike allowed a grin to escape his lips. The other thing that felt like a dream was the realization that he had actually done it, that after all his hard work it had all paid off. Suna's words egged at the back of his mind, reminding him that this was simply a beginning and not the mountain's peak, but for now he allowed himself the grace of relaxing and relishing in the victory.


For as long as he could.


A loud boom echoed through the stadium and the broadcast was soon hijacked, murmurs of fear spreading through the crowd like wildfire. The figures in the feed introduced themselves as the Quirkless Liberation Front and denounced the heroes for their actions and especially their inability to protect Kashyyk. Mike felt his fingernails dig into his palms as he glared at the screen. "That was not our fault," he growled under his breath.


In no time, the far wall of the arena burst out from within, and as the dust cleared four figures stood, three on top of the fourth, a giant of a lizard man. Adrenaline spiked through Mike, though despite his body's attempt at readying him for battle he still felt weak and exhausted. He eyed each of the villains individually, and finally recognized the crystals that orbited one of them. The words of the villains from Kashyyk rang through his ears, and one thought crept forward in his mind: Asuka.


The beast roared and Mike stood frozen in place. Terro's words to Akira felt distant and unclear, and despite all efforts to try and come up with a plan for what to do, even something as simple as running away, Mike's mind felt blank. The three of them were in the middle of everything, and even if he had to join the heroes in the fight, he wasn't sure of what he could do. Definitely nothing nearly as big as what he had done to beat Akira and Terro.


After moments of much more effort than it took, Mike sent a moderately strong surge of energy into his suit, its lights glowing bright as it charged up. Even with the energy supplements he had taken, he could clearly feel a chunk of his attention and awareness slip. Regardless, he was standing and he could still do something.


But whatever that was, he had to make it count.

#7114560 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 13 August 2018 - 02:09 AM

Mike vs. Terro



Mike watched, jaw agape, as the entirety of the stage was sucked up and consumed to form one massive body that towered into the air, almost three times as tall as Mike himself.

"This is everything I have Mike!" Terro called, the strain in his voice clear but his speech unwavering. "It ends here, one way or another! Here we go!" The giant reared its arm back and a massive fist was formed, the largest yet to be seen. “Finishing move!”




Mike felt frozen in place as the giant moved, a million different things to do running through his head as he watched its fist pull back, all of which only serving to further confuse and complicate the situation. By now, he wasn’t even afraid of losing, he was fully afraid of what was going to happen when the fist hit, and he wondered if he had pushed Terro too far without realizing what he was capable of. However, just as the fist began to move, four words resonated clearly from the crowd:


"Don't lose now, Mike!!!"


The air rumbled as the fist forced its way forward, and with those words all thoughts seemed to clear from Mike’s mind in an instant, and all that remained was pure instinct and reflex. He didn’t have his helmet, or the gauge it gave of how much energy was in his suit, but glancing at the brightness of the glow from its decoration he got a decent idea of what was left, and what he could do.

Once Terro was fully committed to the punch, Mike released a powerful blast of force, sending his body flying forward, into the air. His feet touched down on the arm of the giant, running along the joint up onto the shoulder. The arena shook as the fist collided with a deafening crash into the ground, and the vibrations that shook along the stone body could be felt to the bone. Sizeable stones began to break apart from the body, float in the air for a second, before flying in the general direction that Mike was in.

However, all precision seemed to be gone from Terro’s attacks, and as each was vaulted over the other, Mike ducked and wove between the projectiles until he reached the top of the torso. The giant shook once more as the other arm lifted, forming what looked like the rough form of a giant palm that moved to swat where Mike was. This was it, one last shot. No do-overs, no second chances.

“It’s do-or-die!” Mike shouted, expending the last of the energy in his suit to fire himself back into the air, high above the giant. All that was left was what energy he had in his body, after that he was finished. He had to make this count.

Mike remembered his match against Aaron, and closed his eyes, focusing on what he wanted his body to do and willed it to happen. Small, precise jets of force burst from his wrists and ankles, spinning his body like a figure skater performing a selchow. Then, he remembered his match against Akira, and focused the rest of his energy into his palms, raised above his head, drumming up as much force as he could without pushing himself too far, only as much as needed.

“Horizon series!” Mike shouted from the top of his lungs.




The force exploded from Mike’s palms, the energy from his hands and feet glowing brighter and forming a spiraling trail in his wake, one that appeared in an instant as his body shot like bullet towards the stone giant. As he flew, he expelled what was left of his energy through his feet, blasting through the stone body in an explosion of dust that glowed a bright green.

A second explosion of dust resounded from the golem’s back, and flying out in a trail of grit and debris was Terro himself, slamming hard into the side of the arena wall. Terro’s body slid down the side and slumped at the bottom, a smile painted across his face.

"Does this.... Mean I lose...?” He began to chuckle weakly as he looked to the sky. “That was a great fight... I wish we could have... Fought more," Terro said, his voice faint as his eyes closed.

The stone giant began to crumble in an instant, stones falling to the ground and knocking against each other in a cacophony of noise. Mike had stopped right inside the giant’s body as his feet connected with Terro, and he found himself spun around, facing up-side down as the surface beneath him began to fall away. Pushing himself with his hands and with a wave of nausea flooding his body, he forced himself up and sprung with his legs towards the nearest source of daylight, clearing the golem’s body as it became nothing more than a pile of rubble.

Mike landed on his feet, but he had next to no strength left in his body, instantly crumbled to his hands and knees the moment his feet touched the ground. His breathing was hollow, uneven, and ragged, and as he tried to push himself to his knees his body swayed from side to side, his vision blurring and unconsciousness threatening to take over.

Yet, he pushed himself to his knees, and one shaking step at a time he pushed himself to his feet. Swaying on the spot and without the strength to raise his head or his body into a full, upright posture, he thrust his fist into the air.




#7113131 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 04 August 2018 - 09:03 PM

Mike vs. Terro

Part 4


Terro enveloped the concrete of the stage around his body and stood strong and at the ready, smirking at Mike who couldn't help but just laugh under his breath.


"Nope, didn't think you'd make it easy," Mike said to himself, and started to run in Terro's direction. Mike activated his quirk and the jets on his suits strongly at first, but as he looked at Terro's stone suit he came to a realization that Terro probably couldn't move so quickly in such a form, and with this thought Mike chose to throttle back the use of his quirk somewhat, approaching at a noticeably slower rate.


Sure enough, the way Terro raised his foot before bringing it down was much more sluggish and deliberate, giving Mike just enough time to prepare for what was coming next. In a long line that ran from Terro, sharp spires of stalagmites pierced from the stage floor and into the air. Mike let loose a small flash of green energy that launched him just high enough into the first, landing with his feet and repeating the same motion from spire to spire, rapidly closing the distance. By the third leap, the spire Mike was heading for crumbled to rubble just as he was about to land on it.


"Shoot!" Mike shouted, awkwardly landing in a rough tumble. It wasn't pretty, nor did it even feel that great, but he was at least able to land on his feet and keep running in Terro's direction. Soon enough, Mike was close enough to see the whites of Terro's eyes and in a blur of motion dropped to the ground as a bright jet on the back of one of his heels fired, making a clean and brilliant arc of green light as his feet swept for Terro's own legs.


However, this was something Terro saw coming. In that moment, more of the stage crept up his legs, adding to the armor on his body and anchoring him in place. As Mike's boot collided, the stone around Terro shattered in a cloud of dust, but Terro was still firmly secure in place. Looking up, Mike could see Terro lunge forward with a massive stone fist, giving him only seconds to react and throw his body out of the way as the fist struck the stage with a loud rumble. Mike did his best to push himself into a kneeling position, watching the stone recollect on Terro's feet and keeping him strong in position.


Terro then help up a hand and closed his fist. Mike looked at him quizzically, wondering if this was some kind of taunt. However, as he felt the stage around him rumble, he looked up and around him and could see the stone closing in around like a concrete bubble. As the hole in the top grew smaller and smaller, Mike let loose a strong explosion of energy, launching him high into the sky and clear of the dome as it closed around him.


As quickly as he could, small bursts of energy along the remains of his suit fired to change his position in mid-air, and soon enough there was another blast as he sent himself flying feet-first as a human missile in Terro's direction. Once again, at the last moment Terro broke the stone around his feet and moved backward, the stones around his already massive rock-fist collecting and growing before throwing a large punch.

"Kohryuu Shi Ren Kugi Panchi!!" Terro shouted, the stone fist slamming into Mike's stomach as he practically flew into it, and as his body left in the opposite direction, the fist shattered apart and the stones collected into three smaller-yet-still-large rocks that immediately flew forward and rammed into Mike one by one, sending him flying back towards the center of the ring.


Mike found himself reminded of his last match, coughing as he gasped for breath, his stomach threatening to upturn its contents after such a hit. Yet, with hardly a chance to regain his bearings, Mike looked up and could see Terro running towards him, more of the stage collecting around his fist and, eventually, his arm as well for gargantuan effect. It wasn't long until he was in range, raising the fist high in the air and giving Mike only seconds to roll out of the way towards Terro's un-armed side. There was a loud bang and the arena shook as the arm practically became one with the ground itself.


Just as he thought he could take a moment to breath, Terro swung with his other arm in a swift chop, bringing all his strength into one, normal hit right where Mike's shoulder met with the rest of his body, sending a sharp pain through his torso. Instinctively, Mike let out the rest of the energy still in his suit, firing himself in a rough tumble out of the way and clear of danger for the time being.


This is crazy, Mike thought to himself as he did his best to catch his breath. Sure he's slower than Akira, but I don't know how many more of these I can take! Mike watched Terro closely, and after a few seconds caught sight of his shoulders and chest were rapidly rising and falling, and how his stance began to waver even in the slightest. There was a brief moment of hope as Mike saw this, a small glimmer that gave him just enough to drive to solidify his own stance.


He just might be able to do this!

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#7113080 [SHVA] Yellow Ninja

Posted by VCR_CAT on 04 August 2018 - 09:04 AM



Maybe if you actually spent any amount of time figuring out why we think it's bad (spoiler: Parenthesis did a neat little explanation where it falls completely short and what could have made it good) you wouldn't be going on and on and on about some weird comparison where the card is EITHER shit or it's GOUKIS and NO THERE IS NO INBETWEEN.


I don't think you know how Ninjas play in 2018 at all. I don't think you know what kind of combos that deck works with, and I certaintly doubt you've taken any time to look into it. Definitely not if you think YELLOW (Upstart Golden is a different card, this is YELLOW NINJA, not GOLDEN NINJA) is anything remotely good. It's a bad Goblindbergh, a card that, in fact, I DO want to run more than this and actually will run over this because unlike this I'm not locked to Ninjas for the rest of the turn while it accomplishes the same job. Literally the only thing this card has going for it is its name, and even that's not worth it when everything else about it is just a big garbage fire.


And if you think the game died in frickin' 2008, then what are you even doing. If all you want is to come across as "That Dude Who Knows The Game" as it seems you're trying so very hard to be, then you need to actually pay attention to what the game is NOW, and actually put in the work to understand what's good and what's not. If you're not going to do that, or if you're just going to stay stuck ten years in the past as some weird ideal, then stop trying so hard to be something you won't be.