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#7095826 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 19 April 2018 - 03:25 PM

Jack walked over and stood by Matilda's side as she made the great reveal, standing with her arms crossed and a wide smile written on her face. Her smile faltered somewhat when Louis stepped in, wishing to join, betraying the disappointment she felt in missing the chance to be the one to kill him. Of course, as the one Matilda wanted to keep her minions in line, she just might get that chance later.
Others in the room refused the offer, however, and especially the android that the hotel had opted to save from the exploding depths of the alien ship.
“Oh, well look at you,” Matilda said observing Angelica.  “Seems the android has a little soul in her.  It’ll be a shame to see that all go to waste.  You’ll be scrap metal soon, dear.”
"Don't worry, I'll make sure I finished what I started," Jack said, looking right at Angelica and licking her lips.


Matilda went on to explain the strengths and augments the ring would offer Jack, each after the next sounding more and more appealing to her. Then, a shadow extended from Matilda into Jack, and a red light enveloped Jack.




Her suit, before disguised as the tuxedo she was wearing, fully deployed and extended around her body, then slowly shrank and enveloped her skin tightly before fusing into her body. Jack let out a blood curdling scream as the magic and technology became one with her body, and changed her very make-up. Jack's scream grew louder and louder, before it changed from one of pain and anguish, to one of laughter and ecstasy. The light dissipated and Jack stood there, shrieking with laughter.


The sleek, angular design of her suit was gone. Instead, in its place on the arms and legs, were intricately carved and shaped pieces ending in sharp, curved spines around the shines, knees, elbows, and shoulders. The shoulder-plates and chest-piece each took the shape of a demonic skull missing its lower jaw, staring forward blankly. Her helmet was gone, instead the jet-black plating of the armor extended up her neck and around the back of her head. The upper-half of her face was obscured by the same jet-black scaling, with her eyes now jet-black with glowing red irises. Two large horns curved back from the sides of her head, and her hair was a solid, brilliant red billowing backward from her head.


Around her, Bethany's magic had begun to go haywire, but there was someone else who was springing into action, someone Jack had wanted to get a crack at the moment she had lain eyes on her at the beginning of the tournament.




In the middle of her swing, Jack's foot, in a flying kick, connected with the flat of Lace's blade, sending it just off-course enough to miss its target. Jack rebounded off from the kick, and landed, with a wide, fanged grin spread across her face.


Jack then spoke, mockingly, in a voice more inhuman than she had ever sounded over the course of the entire tournament. "Where do you think you're going, Barbie-Doll?"

#7095455 DIVINE Debut [18/18]

Posted by VCR_CAT on 17 April 2018 - 09:39 PM

If the question is "How are you going to make use of DIVINE and Divine-Beast as gameplay mechanics?" Well let me SHOW YOU!


I worked in the mechanic of DIVINE being separate in the place it matters the most: Attribute play. As it is, DIVINE is the closest we have to a "neutral" attribute, something that doesn't work with 99% of the rest of the game while everyone else uses the other cards. In working with Attribute play, I can take advantage of that difference in a variety of different ways.


I chose Fusion because it's the summoning mechanic that makes the most of monster differences. Xyz and Link play off of similarities too much, while Synchro is more focused on level calculations. Moreover, I intentionally decided against Link support, playing into the fact that DIVINE/Divine Beast aren't pools that can access a variety of other Link monsters, but took that to my advantage in focusing on a different approach to the Extra Monster Zone, making it a location where a card can be significantly stronger without worrying about how it may impact the game if the player had multiples of that monster on the field.


Overall, I'm quite pleased with the theme, and have learned a fair bit in terms of card grammar that surrounds attributes and the Extra Monster Zone.


Fusion Monsters


#7095367 [V Jump] Collectors Pack 2018 News: Borrelguard & Iron Draw

Posted by VCR_CAT on 17 April 2018 - 11:26 AM

actually, deskbots, even without going into the ED, can hit insanely hard. off of the combo i said, without iron draw, and without ever touching my extra deck, i've put out well over 10K damage. that's more than enough damage to end a game. I can make a full list of the things you can do with this card if you'd like to give me a day or so to write it out.


i've played deskbots for a long time, there's far more to the deck than needlefiber, and the combo i mentioned is meant to go for the kill. trust me, that draw 2 is more than enough to give deskbots room to kill.


Deskbots are capable of much more beyond "but lots of damage!" and can be a capable, threatening deck if the traditional "Deskbot Mindset" is cast aside.


The thing is, there isn't a "big list of things you can do with this card" because there isn't anything that this card does to enable combos that other cards cannot. It's a draw 2, it's not bringing any specific pieces to the board. And if you're playing Deskbots and opt for a field of just normal machine monsters for a simple draw 2 instead of your opening turn being, say, Saryuja, Naturia Beast, and Framelord Zeta, then I would say you're selling the deck short for a cheap +1.


Realize that a simple +1 at the cost of a more extensive turn is a pretty cheap trade when potential value is considered. Iron Draw puts a cap on your turn, but something like Deskbots can bring much more value to itself by going further than that.

#7094978 Syrian chemical attack survivor to Trump: I want to 'buy you a beer'

Posted by VCR_CAT on 15 April 2018 - 10:45 AM

"If you really care about refugees, please, help us stay in our country"


Pretty much the crotch kick to all the people who bitch about the travel ban




You say this like as if people are moving to the states against their will and that's all that needs to be done. You realize what he's talking about, right? Or did you just want to take a shot at people that don't agree with the policies you support?

#7094191 [Anime] Judgement Arrows

Posted by VCR_CAT on 11 April 2018 - 09:26 PM

I wonder why it has arrows pointing down at all... and no, don't say "SPELL MONSTER!!"


I'm surprised this is a thing, even in the anime, and I have no idea if it's coming to the real game at all. Time will tell on that.


Obviously on this card, I think it has so many restrictions because it points 3 zones up, which is pretty dang good for a cost-free spell. IF they were to lean into this mechanic, I don't think it takes away from the Link Monsters in the ED at all. A lot of decks benefit greatly from Link Summons and the effects of the Link monsters, and while having a one-and-done spell is efficient card-wise, it won't have the potentially much greater value the Link monsters provide instead. This isn't to say that people wouldn't use both at the same time, but it IS to say that Link Monsters still have a place and a use.


The other potentially good thing about this mechanic is that it gives a lot more breathing room for decks that are more focused on other summoning mechanics and, especially with more xenophobic decks, gives them a much easier time to work with.


There are downsides to this sort of mechanic, but I don't think it would be a bad addition to the game at all. It all depends on the how the cards are executed and what they do, and I don't think a card like this would just be released as-is without changes. It's an anime card, people.


Finally, to say that this takes away from the "investment of ED monsters" is... an ignorant statement. As I said, there are still many benefits to a Link Monster over a Link Spell when a deck can move into them, and to act like the Link Monsters are the "investment" into ED summons is assuming that both A: Link Monsters are exclusively or even majorly used as stepping stones to allow multiple other ED types on the field, and that B: one is buying into the age-old and long-since debunked myth that "Link Rules Slow Down the Game".


It should be long since evident by now that Link Monsters are taking a much more center stage roll in a lot of decks rather than the supporting roll a lot of us have assumed they would, and we need to look at them as such. A Link Spell, on the other hand, would be much more of a supporting roll. Taking the design standards of spells into mind, barring a couple exceptions, spells in recent years have not netted as much on-field value and presence as monster plays and effects have, so with that in mind I find it very unlikely that the effects of Link Spells would realistically eclipse Link Monsters in any practical way.

#7093772 [CYHO] Gouki Moonsault & Gouki Trainer

Posted by VCR_CAT on 10 April 2018 - 12:05 AM

If this is the case...then it's really not all that good.


If it's just a Gouki monster and not any card, then it'll bring down some stuff, especially if you have to send back a Gouki that could've been used for a Link Summon.


On the contrary; there are some combo pieces (coughRexcough) that can be returned and re-used from the hand if they're being revived by a different card, and then continued off of Moonsault's second effect. It's not particularly amazing on its own, but I can see some shenanigans that you can do with it.


And because of the sheer searchability of anything in the Gouki archetype, you don't really need to run too many copies. A combo extender like this is just what this deck needs.

#7093568 [CYHO] Hyperstar

Posted by VCR_CAT on 08 April 2018 - 11:24 PM

No, it's completely inferior to needle fiber. You can't equip and summon in the same turn and are better off just using Cockadoodledoo to needlefiber into O-lion into summon sorceress to get any piece you still need. These types of links are power-crept


Not entirely accurate.


These attribute-links were never really engine-pieces, they're meant to be easily-summoned link-2's for almost any deck, and the decks that are most likely to use them are the ones with that aren't able to work with Links very well, so they have easy 2-mats to take advantage of.


Using this card as an engine piece (like Needlefiber) is a bad idea. It's not a matter of power-creeping, that's just a matter of using a card for something it's not really meant to be good at in the first place.

#7093354 Kazooie as a New Moderator

Posted by VCR_CAT on 07 April 2018 - 11:13 PM

It was Birdie's decision whether to take the position or not, and as much as I would have liked to see her as mod I do respect her decision to decline to the position.


Nobody was slandered to the point of changing the decision; members presented their valid reservations for having her as mods, and those were listened to. A vote count is one thing, but reasoning should still be held into consideration.


Honestly, there's not much to be said other than that if a decision such as this made in the manner it was is affecting you this severely, then it's probably time to turn the computer off and go for a walk.

#7093113 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by VCR_CAT on 06 April 2018 - 05:33 PM


BGM: https://www.youtube....h?v=APfOOqVZAdw


Michael took in a deep breath, and exhaled, his voice shaking as he did so. For all of the competitions he had ever participated in, he was always part of a team; a member of a greater group of people all working together for the common goal. Standing at the other end of the arena, he felt an anxiety that he never really experience in any other competition. These solo events were an entirely different world, and as the match was soon starting, he couldn’t help but feel he had already made it farther than he ever deserved to.
The doors to his side of the arena opened and the announcer blared his name. Stepping out into the arena, he would pause and double check all of his gear was on correctly. For this match, the only difference he could make was opting for the hard-rubber balls for use with his gauntlet cannon rather than the taser balls. The least he could do was simply not assist the opponent, despite how much less of an impact these would have when fired. Before the anything started, Mike made sure to charge his suit full, lights and lines along the red material and white plates glowing bright, neon green.
As soon as the match begun, Aaron quickly unhooked one of his batons and got into a defensive position to prepare for what Mike might do.
At first, Mike tensed his muscles and got ready to dash forward, but he soon remembered what Aaron’s first match looked like. He paused, and noticed Aaron stood on the defensive. Knowing his quirk, Mike decided that playing it safe might be the best route to start with. Reaching into the back of his belt, Mike took out one of the hard rubber balls.
“I’m not just a one-trick pony,” Mike said with a smile nobody else could see from behind his helmet. “So get ready!” Mike gripped the ball and sent a small blast of force into his wrist, activating the bracer and causing it to extend with a flash. He aimed the small cannon at Aaron and took a breath. “Emerald Shot!” Mike shouted. The muzzle of the bracer flashed green and the hard-rubber ball was sent streaking in Aaron’s direction, right for his center-of-mass.
Aaron dodges the shot with ease. “I expect nothing but the best!” Aaron started to fill his current baton with electricity “However, I would expect something different from your previous fight!” With baton in hand, Aaron slammed the hilt into the ground, cementing it in place. Aaron then unhooked his second baton and rushes towards Mike.
Mike mulled over a number of options, and his first instinct was to jump high into the air, but then remembered lightning and wondered if that was how electricity worked, easily striking things in air, but then he remembered that things needed to be grounded in order to complete a circuit, or was that he accomplished with putting the one baton into the ground? While going over his options, Aaron was close to catching up and Mike soon remembered how Aaron won his previous match and went with his first option.
Flooding his suit with force, Mike sent a strong blast through the bottoms of his feet and his jetpack, launching him high into the air. However, Mike only gave so much time for reaction, and as he hit a good height in the air, he shifted his force to fire himself back down as quickly as possible in a bright, green streak.
“EMERALD METEOR!” Mike shouted mid-flight, prepared to release the rest of his energy before the impact to both save him the crash, cause damage, but also get out of there as quickly as he could.
“Oh! That’s new!” Aaron hurried to get out of the way of the incoming Mike Missile. As Aaron lept, he felt the impact of Mike’s attack pushed Aaron towards where Mike was originally standing but kept sliding near the edge. With other baton, he slammed it into the ground to stop his momentum, but dislocated his right shoulder for a few seconds. Dang it, not my good arm, but don’t rest! Aaron quickly got up pointed a finger gun at Mike with his right hand, with left arm supporting, charged his fingertip. Then mouthing the word BANG, shot a bolt of electricity. 
Mike saw the finger pointed at him, and adrenaline took over. The points that released the energy for his movement were focused mostly on forward, backward, upward and downward movement. Employing better lateral applications was something he would need to talk to the support department about. The best that Mike could do was release another upward burst, launching him high in the air once again. A bolt of electricity fired from Aaron’s fingertip, lancing to the baton he had just slammed into the ground.
“So, what are you, a discount Gin now?” Mike said playfully.
“Why don’t you find out?” Aaron fired back, and swung his arm around to point at the descending Mike. Mike felt another surge of panic, and as he landed he was forced to go on the move once again, as another bolt of electricity lanced past. The air crackled with electricity, and Mike could feel the hair on the back of his neck standing on-end. He glanced down at the bar at the bottom of his helmet, and saw that he had been too frivolous in the past few moments. Releasing a few more bursts to charge the meter, Mike could start to feel the hints of physical strain from pushing himself too much. Running and dodging like this wasn’t going to last; he needed a new plan.
Mike looked at the batons stuck in the ground, realizing that Aaron must not be able to fire the electricity around willy nilly. He had to do something about them. Mike smirked, gripping another hard-rubber ball in his right hand. This wasn’t going to be an easy fight, but it was going to be a good one.

#7092270 I've been thinking about this a little bit lately

Posted by VCR_CAT on 03 April 2018 - 11:18 AM

Right now I'm working to be an author/writer, and absolutely the thought frequently crosses my mind if I just won't be successful enough to make that my career. There's a lot of luck required to make it in that industry, but if that's my passion I shouldn't let the possibility of it not falling through to hold me back. I'm doing my best to keep my head up and make it happen.


Realistically, I'll probably need to get a day-job, and that's okay. I might just end up being a copy-writer for advertisements or promotional material, or something much less glamorous, but at no point should I ever let that discourage me from following my passion.


With the idea of "do what you love/make ends meet" isn't the way to say it, in my opinion. I've worked a number of jobs, and I think it's more accurately something along the lines of "You can love doing almost anything with the right attitude/people". Out of the jobs I've worked, the only one I absolutely hated wasn't so much because of the work (I disliked the actual work but I got used to it). It was more because of the dumb hours and that my coworkers were the worst ever. I work now driving a truck doing pick-ups and deliveries, and I can genuinely enjoy my work most of the time. It's not the cushiest and hardly the most glamorous, but the only part that will ever annoy me significantly is the sheer inconsistency of my schedule.


If you need to find work that's nothing more than something to pay the bills, that's okay. You can still live a happy and fulfilling life with that work. There's dignity in work that's nothing more than something to make ends meet, especially if it's to provide for people you love.



Also, I'm not sure there's a line of work where anyone isn't afraid of their job security until they've "made it" and gotten the job, and often times even then. It's a scary world out there, so just remember that you're not alone in that.

#7092065 [New Cardmaker Test] Ground Dragoons of Draconia

Posted by VCR_CAT on 02 April 2018 - 10:48 AM

The cardmaker's coming together really well! It just looks like some work needs to be done on the effect-text font scaling, and beyond that I only think the ATK/DEF numbers could be made bigger, along with the pendulum scale numbers. Beyond that it's looking great!


Regarding the card, just an update on your PSCT:


"When a Normal Monster you control battles an opponent's monster..."

That's the only part that needs updating. The text for "Attacks or is attacked" refers pretty much just to when an attack is declared, but then the proper text would be "When an attack is declared involving..."

A little bit of a nitpick, I know. Otherwise, it looks like a proper Draconia monster.

#7091479 Medabots: Rust and Blood (OOC/Accepting/PG-16/Co-Host Wanted)

Posted by VCR_CAT on 31 March 2018 - 12:58 PM




#7090928 Custom Card and Constructive Criticism

Posted by VCR_CAT on 29 March 2018 - 03:34 PM

It's come a few times. "Hey YCM?" they ask. "How come you don't post feedback no more?"


There are any number of reasons for why people don't post feedback on cards. Minor ones that range from person-to-person have to do with a general drive and willingness to look into cards and drum up some meaningful feedback. But, there's a bit of a tougher pill to swallow in this regard, and it definitely becomes probably the main reason I, myself, have stopped posting feedback in other card threads.


YCM is terrible at receiving criticism and workshopping.


There's really no way to gently say this. A lot of cards that get posted are, frankly, not a phase where I would say "this is fine as-is." That's okay, nobody gets it their first try. I'm still doing multiple drafts of my work before I post it. This is what feedback is for; to nail down the trouble spots and refine the work into something better.


The problem is, it doesn't feel like anybody wants to do that. It doesn't matter how kindly I've worded criticism in the past, anything short of "looks great good job" has been met with strongly defensive attitudes. This is a great discouragement when it comes to giving feedback, because if few people want to actually participate in constructive feedback, then why bother? It becomes the most subtly unfriendly section if people decide they don't like what they're hearing, and it's too easy to cross that line.


It's not like this isn't something that can't be fixed either. It's not so much an issue where we need to teach people how to make good cards (as Black said in another thread, standards change on a regular basis and anything short of being up-to-date on the meta-game is more than likely going to fall short as a foundation), but people need to learn how to give and receive feedback.


I've participated in a pretty decent number of classes in my university career that have had workshopping elements, and these are some tips I can give to make the experience better for everyone:


Be Willing to Kill Your Darlings - This is the biggest one that I see ignored. People need to keep in mind that no aspect of their creative work is off the table for changes, reworking, or being scrapped entirely. Cards are no exception; if something just isn't working or the work is being held back because of it, then you need to be willing to do something about it. Nothing is off the table.


Don't Seek Other People to Fix Your Problems - A lot of people, myself included, will not spell out the solution for you. Good criticism will show you the problem spots, then at most will give you some ideas on how to go about changing it. Everything else should be your ideas; it's your work, so make it your work. If you really have no idea where to go, ask for suggestions, but if your response is going to be asking for specific direction then you're going to be turning off anyone who wants to give you feedback. Nobody's looking to make your cards for you.


Practice the "Sandwich Technique" - This is more or less a way of sandwiching your criticism between compliments. Overall it makes things easier to digest for people and is a general common courtesy. However, don't force yourself to look for anything to like. Sometimes, and this does happen even here, a given work will be bad to the point where there isn't any actual compliments to give. But that doesn't mean you can't offer that criticism in a polite manner that helps someone improve. Speaking of...


Criticism is not a Personal Attack - Like I said, nobody gets it on their first try. Everyone's designs will have their faults, and if your work is anything short of good then that's no point to be discouraged. Creative work takes practice and revision, and having that outside direction to help you look at what needs fixing is a huge asset to working towards something even better. Receive criticism graciously, and use to make your work better. Nobody gets it right away, but that doesn't mean you won't get there eventually. Of course, you definitely won't so long as you don't listen to criticism.


Don't Post if you Don't Want It - There's no point to posting a work for feedback if you're not willing to receive anything short of "looks great". Putting your work out on any sort of public sphere is going to expose you to a lot of different views and takes, and that should be kept in mind as you're doing it. If that doesn't sound like something you want, then show it to friends or people you trust in a more private setting first.




The lack of feedback has been an ongoing issue on YCM, and it should be addressed in one way or another, but I absolutely believe that the general reception of feedback in CC has become a point of why nobody wants to post feedback. Taking the time to give feedback is one thing, but there are too many instances of some very negative reception to make being in the position of giving feedback an enjoyable one.

#7090713 A New Member of the Staff Team

Posted by VCR_CAT on 28 March 2018 - 03:01 PM

Except this really isn't helping. Dad clarified the situation far better than you did, since pointing to the numbers by no means resolves why I took issue with Black's comments, and why I was initially skeptical of Dad's perspective here.


Success or not, I'm just saying that I didn't bring it up as a way of saying "But we all said yes so don't discuss it". I'm just making why I brought the point up clear, not really concerned with how much you took it into account.

#7090441 Krow's Beat 'Em Up Tourny

Posted by VCR_CAT on 27 March 2018 - 10:55 AM

Okay, a small amount of consideration and spending most of time doing other things, I have a TCG deck picked out. It won't be as good as my TCG/OCG deck, but y'know, if that's what you wanna duel against just lemme know.