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DIVINE Debut [18/18]

17 April 2018 - 09:39 PM

If the question is "How are you going to make use of DIVINE and Divine-Beast as gameplay mechanics?" Well let me SHOW YOU!


I worked in the mechanic of DIVINE being separate in the place it matters the most: Attribute play. As it is, DIVINE is the closest we have to a "neutral" attribute, something that doesn't work with 99% of the rest of the game while everyone else uses the other cards. In working with Attribute play, I can take advantage of that difference in a variety of different ways.


I chose Fusion because it's the summoning mechanic that makes the most of monster differences. Xyz and Link play off of similarities too much, while Synchro is more focused on level calculations. Moreover, I intentionally decided against Link support, playing into the fact that DIVINE/Divine Beast aren't pools that can access a variety of other Link monsters, but took that to my advantage in focusing on a different approach to the Extra Monster Zone, making it a location where a card can be significantly stronger without worrying about how it may impact the game if the player had multiples of that monster on the field.


Overall, I'm quite pleased with the theme, and have learned a fair bit in terms of card grammar that surrounds attributes and the Extra Monster Zone.


Fusion Monsters


Custom Card and Constructive Criticism

29 March 2018 - 03:34 PM

It's come a few times. "Hey YCM?" they ask. "How come you don't post feedback no more?"


There are any number of reasons for why people don't post feedback on cards. Minor ones that range from person-to-person have to do with a general drive and willingness to look into cards and drum up some meaningful feedback. But, there's a bit of a tougher pill to swallow in this regard, and it definitely becomes probably the main reason I, myself, have stopped posting feedback in other card threads.


YCM is terrible at receiving criticism and workshopping.


There's really no way to gently say this. A lot of cards that get posted are, frankly, not a phase where I would say "this is fine as-is." That's okay, nobody gets it their first try. I'm still doing multiple drafts of my work before I post it. This is what feedback is for; to nail down the trouble spots and refine the work into something better.


The problem is, it doesn't feel like anybody wants to do that. It doesn't matter how kindly I've worded criticism in the past, anything short of "looks great good job" has been met with strongly defensive attitudes. This is a great discouragement when it comes to giving feedback, because if few people want to actually participate in constructive feedback, then why bother? It becomes the most subtly unfriendly section if people decide they don't like what they're hearing, and it's too easy to cross that line.


It's not like this isn't something that can't be fixed either. It's not so much an issue where we need to teach people how to make good cards (as Black said in another thread, standards change on a regular basis and anything short of being up-to-date on the meta-game is more than likely going to fall short as a foundation), but people need to learn how to give and receive feedback.


I've participated in a pretty decent number of classes in my university career that have had workshopping elements, and these are some tips I can give to make the experience better for everyone:


Be Willing to Kill Your Darlings - This is the biggest one that I see ignored. People need to keep in mind that no aspect of their creative work is off the table for changes, reworking, or being scrapped entirely. Cards are no exception; if something just isn't working or the work is being held back because of it, then you need to be willing to do something about it. Nothing is off the table.


Don't Seek Other People to Fix Your Problems - A lot of people, myself included, will not spell out the solution for you. Good criticism will show you the problem spots, then at most will give you some ideas on how to go about changing it. Everything else should be your ideas; it's your work, so make it your work. If you really have no idea where to go, ask for suggestions, but if your response is going to be asking for specific direction then you're going to be turning off anyone who wants to give you feedback. Nobody's looking to make your cards for you.


Practice the "Sandwich Technique" - This is more or less a way of sandwiching your criticism between compliments. Overall it makes things easier to digest for people and is a general common courtesy. However, don't force yourself to look for anything to like. Sometimes, and this does happen even here, a given work will be bad to the point where there isn't any actual compliments to give. But that doesn't mean you can't offer that criticism in a polite manner that helps someone improve. Speaking of...


Criticism is not a Personal Attack - Like I said, nobody gets it on their first try. Everyone's designs will have their faults, and if your work is anything short of good then that's no point to be discouraged. Creative work takes practice and revision, and having that outside direction to help you look at what needs fixing is a huge asset to working towards something even better. Receive criticism graciously, and use to make your work better. Nobody gets it right away, but that doesn't mean you won't get there eventually. Of course, you definitely won't so long as you don't listen to criticism.


Don't Post if you Don't Want It - There's no point to posting a work for feedback if you're not willing to receive anything short of "looks great". Putting your work out on any sort of public sphere is going to expose you to a lot of different views and takes, and that should be kept in mind as you're doing it. If that doesn't sound like something you want, then show it to friends or people you trust in a more private setting first.




The lack of feedback has been an ongoing issue on YCM, and it should be addressed in one way or another, but I absolutely believe that the general reception of feedback in CC has become a point of why nobody wants to post feedback. Taking the time to give feedback is one thing, but there are too many instances of some very negative reception to make being in the position of giving feedback an enjoyable one.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered

29 March 2018 - 11:09 AM

Yes, that is the name. No, they probably won't change it.


Finally, an HD re-release for the best entry for one of my all-time favorite series. Red Faction Guerrilla can be best described as "Grand Theft Auto on Mars but with destructible buildings". The selling point of every Red Faction game (barring 2 because it's a pile of trash) has been the "Geo-Mod", allowing full destruction of whatever they want. In Guerrilla, this meant buildings. Need to rescue a hostage? Barrel your truck right through the wall, bust open the cell, and haul yourself out of there!


Overall just a very fun game that I've played a few times already. Hopefully this gives it the chance in the spotlight it deserves.

Global Defense Squadron [16/16]

21 March 2018 - 09:06 PM

This one might be remembered as the first deck I used in a Duel Portal tournament. Refurbished and remixed with new ideas to make everything work more cleanly without such a gimmicky original make-up. This was a more control-style theme I made with a slower pace to its game centered on controlling card counts and the right strategy.

Fusion Monsters

Link Monsters

Spells and Traps

Judging Everyone's "B.L.T." Nominations

20 March 2018 - 06:29 PM

Nico: "The Desensitized"


Lord CowCow: "The Traditionalist"


Mirei: "Peanut Butter is a God Among Flavours"


Winter: "Those Aren't Smarties Those Are Rockets"


Yui: "The Yui"


Nyx: "The Masochist"


Sethera: "Actually Knows the Name for Rolled Wafers"


Azure Wolf: "Cookie Monster"


VCR_CAT: "Unashamed Canadian 90's Kid"