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#7088821 what happened to aix? [serious]

Posted by Junko on Today, 12:16 PM

why don't you just Aix him yourself?

#7085247 Restructuring the Mod Team

Posted by Junko on 05 March 2018 - 09:12 AM

Section-specific mod is outright detrimental with the current size of the team and the forum. Adds a lot of unnecessary baggage to decision making on each sections. There's no need for a formal system to keep mods in check from messing with sections they had no expertise in.


Flame is the only ideal candidate so far for head mod/super mod position, going off both tenure and capability. To the extent of my knowledge of him, he is not someone that would use the position of a supreme emperor to one-sidedly enforce his own decisions without taking notes of others' inputs first. A system with one supreme emperor would work just fine in a community this small. I would argue that the members and the entirety of the rest of the mod team would serve as a good enough check a sole Head Mod.


Meanwhile Sakura had been proven again and again in several different cases to utilize the position that had been granted to him to enact decisions that while not necessarily self-serving, purely decided by himself without the input of other mods, often to the detriment of other members.


The rest I guess simply lack tenure for the time being.

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#7084952 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Junko on 04 March 2018 - 01:14 AM


"What are you doing? Kill the frogs!"


"W-wait, damn it! Curses, calm down!"


Just when Ciela was busy finishing her healing for Edrick, chaos erupted all of the sudden. It was hard to piece what happened at first, but apparently Link had struck the frog warrior that challenged Sienna down, and he got attacked by another frog in return, and now Chief Rufus used the situation to gather his own warriors to attack the frogs. Ciela started to mutter curse words towards Link with her every breath, but in the end she did accept the fact that this sort of situation was somewhat inevitable with Rufus' hardheadedness. Still Link definitely didn't help.


"Cease this nonsense! Cease, I say!"


This was getting nowhere fast. A slaughter would start soon. Oh what a bother, why couldn't this morning be peaceful? More importantly, what would happen to the half of the group that sided with the frogs? Sienna could perhaps vouch for them so that they didn't get attacked, but would Rufus even hear reason at this point? Ciela doubted that she was getting heard either. She needed to do something significant...to avoid a pointless fighting, she'd probably would like tying down both leaders of the two Protean tribes into a chair if possible.


Well, maybe there was one thing she could do. Ciela whispered a direction towards Remy, and her partner responded in kind. It was odd that he didn't voice his concern on her idea this time, but maybe he was as desperate as she was about the current situation. Or maybe Ciela was too focused on her goal to notice any doubts. Thus, Ciela and Remy approached Rufus as if nothing was actually happening, before Remy turned around. The foxes had been nothing but kind to her and the others the past day, but enough was enough.


The next moment, Remy let out a strong kick towards Rufus.


"Now will any of you listen to me? I'm not doing this for the frogs, nor for my own group.


Cease with this idiocy, or I will trample your chief!"


#7084520 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Junko on 02 March 2018 - 01:02 PM


"Ah." The sunlight was bright and there were barely any clouds covering it when Nanashi stared at the sky above the tower.


"I was sloppier than I imagined myself to be."

It was far from as romantic or sensual as Nanashi thought at first. None of the two had any experiences beforehand aside from some barebone knowledge about the concept, and so the glimmer of romance disappeared really fast. At the very least Nanashi now was aware about the true potential of the Sword of Hisou's shapeshifting...


"it sure didn't leave me satisfied either..."


What else would she do, however? The act didn't satisfy her physically nor emotionally. Seeing Tenshi's smile while sleeping on her side, covered by their clothing put on top of her messily, put some ease into her mind, but she still felt that something was missing. She stood up, and started to stretch her body. Even if this wasn't a physical realm, doing so was nice, making her remember that she really was alive.




Maybe she overdid it this time, however.



Dunno what you have planned, but the Planeswalker Spark is a part of the world that Jace and Chandra are from. It is a rare manifestation within the soul that allows such people to travel between one plane of existence to another without being destroyed from being within the Blind Eternities, which I guess you can say is the 'empty' space between each plane. However, and I have both seen and used this to my own advantage, if the Eternites makes contact with someone that is not a Planeswalker...well, let's just say that what happened to Isamy is nice. Most don't survive that kind of physical warping.

However...I have no idea why this seems to be happening, since when I tried to carefully stretch his Spark between myself and him (word to the wise, don't try that yourself unless you know full well what you're doing, almost killed myself at first from not knowing better), he would be drained as fuck when we're done...but it seems like his Spark has been forced to be shared between Isamy and the other two people with her, in addition to the Souls wandering the area without any real penalty.


That sure explained Yukari's condition.


I see. Hm, I have a certain guess on what might be the cause of that. Thank you for your information. I doubt that my plan would disrupt this spark, so rest easy.


Once she thanked Neos for his information, Satori immediately cut off the thought line and moved her thought back to the private channel with Darcy. Neos' words gave Satori some food of thought regarding what might be the nature of these heralds of Isamy.


Just let me know when you're ready, and I'll attack him. For now, I'll wait and prepare.


I believe that I am ready now. Also, it seems that these heralds of Isamy really are simply an extension of Isamy at this point rather than their own person. Didn't she say something about assimilating us all into herself? Just now Neos said something about an undivisible thing being shared across all of them. We need to make sure how much would this extend to.


Now though, it was time to see whether this connection, should it be true, also extended to negative effects affecting one of them. Yet before Satori could do anything, a loud roar echoed throughout the battlefield. A sudden surge of power could be felt on all the lingering souls on the battlefield, which made them seemingly go berserk. This ought to prove as a dire issue, as six of such summoned creatures went to attack herself and Darcy. Without being able to risk to look into their mind to seek out the best way to dispose of them, Satori decided to use her Recollection to pull one of her pets' Spell Cards instead.




"Recollection: Subterranean Sun!"
A star was born. The vague recollection of her beloved pet and friend Utsuho manifested into a miniature Sun where Satori and Darcy was standing before. An actual sphere of energy created by nuclear fusion reactions, Satori hoped that its radioactive heat might be able to scorch the attackers, or at least stalled them enough while she and Darcy pursued Metarchus. The attack drained her more than she would like to admit however, and she started to doubt that she was able to perform her mindrape on Metarchus without borrowing more energy from Darcy.
There he is! At the top of that creature going near the tower there. I'll trust this to you for now, Darcy.

The large creature's roar caught Bel off-guard, and before long he realized that several creatures had started to move in to attack him while he was still not battle ready on top of the tower. He narrowly avoided the worst of their onslaught, being way faster and dangerous than the other summoned things that had appeared so far on this battle, and he had to drop himself from the tower to be able to have a chance of firing off his COMP.
Another demon pulled from the ever-expanding compendium. The phantasmal horse of Odin cushioned his fall, and allowed him to get away from the creatures attacking him as he shook himself out of surprise. Looking at his condition, he didn't seem to manage to fully leave unscathed from them, and so he used a Diarahan to get himself back to full health. There were no doubts that those creatures would continue pursuing him, and so he decided that he would execute his plan now instead.
"I summon you, Genma Cu Chullain!"
On top of the phantasmal horse, another demon was summoned. Once again, not the Cu Chullain that he knew, but a man in blue tights that he summoned once against the Avatar before. He would still be a Genma however, and his capabilities, as this man was classified as those so-called "Heroic Spirit" would suit Bel better rather than the Cu that he knew.
"Here goes then."
He only had one thing in mind: penetrating the infinite arrangement of blades on the lake, and delivering a direct hit towards either Isamy herself or her servant stuck on her head. His hands started to type on his COMP. He was starting to get used to it. He simply executed a simple command with it, activating Sleipnir's Wilder classification in the COMP to use Devil Speed. Coupled with a Genma's Phantasm, it would allow him to blink very far, as if he was just a breeze of wind. With another series of commands on his COMP, he designated his location: the insides of the field of blades.
And so, on the next second, he appeared there, the heroic spirit still on his side, twirling his crimson-colored spear around as he was getting ready for action. He was looking so eager to fight. Bel let out a sigh, realizing that his existence due to the nature of his summoning wouldn't even last for more than one attack.
"That big thing there is our target? All right, this will be fun!"
"Even if you only manifest here for an attack...why are you so excited?"

"Why shouldn't I be excited? I'll just make that one attack count. Against something of this caliber, I'm sure that would be satisfying enough of a feat." Cu's eye lit up. The field of blades were everywhere, and the two were barely able to avoid them. Cu might not be able to get a clean shot from this position, but just from seeing his eye, Bel knew that nothing would stop him from trying to blast off all of the obstacle to achieve that one shot. "I'll leave the positioning to you, Master. Get me to a favorable position, and I'll pierce the enemy's heart with my thorns."
Seeing him being this spirited made Bel couldn't help himself but to put a smile before returning his focus on the battlefield. Cu was right - this was a battle of a lifetime, a battle to decide the fate of the multiverse itself. A son of Man, the king of demons, an ordinary high school student, and now, a would-be decider of the fate of everything. If he couldn't put his all into this one fight, what sort of thing would be enough for him? Even if the stray souls would find any excuses to attack him even as he ran around the field of blades on top of Sleipnir, even if he had to pierce through the blades somehow, that shouldn't be an issue for a king of demons.
"Let's get started then, Hound of Ulster. I shall rely on your spear to achieve victory today."
Nanashi never understood the need of clothing. She was aware of the notion of shame from the little specs of memories and knowledge on her mind, but for someone that never actually been drilled about the concept through her life, she liked it better when she was out of her clothing. Feeling the breeze on her skin as she walked around the tower, basking in the sunlight, was more valuable than whatever else a sense of shame would bring her.
Ah, the affirmation that she existed. Even if this happened inside of her mind, the sensation of the wind was real.
"I am alive!" And so she shouted, announcing it to nobody in particular.
"I exist!" An individual. Made by flesh and bones, even if those are merely fakes generated by the sword that she had turned into. She had her own will, and her own feelings. Even her decision to sleep with her beloved earlier was an affirmation of her existence.
This world was beautiful. Fake as it was, it was a secret garden for her and Tenshi alone. Indulging in her desires had been her driving force so far, and what defined Nanashi so far. There was no tests left that she had to face here, as far as she could believe, so right now this was a breather that she could take for as long as she could. Just her and Tenshi here. They could be with each other for an eternity, all while the short-hair win the battle outside for the two of them.
"Urm...stop...please..." In the middle of her thoughts, Nanashi noticed that Tenshi started to mumble things in her sleep. Her smiling face became distressed. A nightmare? Nanashi thought to herself as she sat on her beloved's side, caressing her hair in hope that her calmness would return.
After a while, it did seem to return, as Tenshi's smile returned and she moved less on her sleep. Seeing that happen, Nanashi smiled and kissed her cheek before leaving her side to go downstairs. She didn't pay much attention earlier when she entered the tower with Tenshi, and now she started to feel curious about what might be inside. Maybe she could find something fun, or perhaps something that could spice up things between her and Tenshi. Ropes, perhaps?

No, she didn't even know how to use them in such context.
Ignoring the distraction, Nanashi only managed to find something interesting at the first floor. Right next to the stairs leading upstairs, there was actually a smaller set of stairs aiming down. It looked strange standing side by side by the stone spiralling stairway next to it as if it was built separately from the rest of the tower.
"It's strange...shouldn't I notice something like this before?"

The visions of a girl being tortured started to return once more to her mind, although those were merely distraction for Nanashi now. A fetid stench came out of downstairs, making her curious of what might be inside. Taking a deep breath to solidify her decision, she took her first step on the stairs leading into the abyss.




#7082596 Chihayafuru season 3 confirmed!

Posted by Junko on 25 February 2018 - 08:00 AM

Miracles and magic do exists!

Ever so slowly, lit up my hopes for a Twelve Kingdoms remake.

#7082575 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Junko on 25 February 2018 - 05:53 AM


"Hey...hey! Wait for me!"

"I'm not even running... maybe you should stop spacing out instead?"


Nanashi still had no idea what was happening, but she was just happy that she was able to talk with Tenshi again. She looked a lot more mature and calm than the last time she saw her, but just from her voice Nanashi was sure that this really was her. She walked right behind Tenshi who started to hum a familiar tune along the riverside, not saying another word as she simply enjoyed this fleeting moment with the one she loved. Not even the continuous grotesque images and voices of someone being tortured over and over again could distract her from enjoying this situation.


Right. Nanashi realized that she was supposed to be in a final battle against Isamy. She still realized that this was her own mindspace, and she was still trapped here until her physical body expires somehow, or she could find a way to break free. Well, there shouldn't be any issues with that. Someone probably put her body in good use right now, although Nanashi remembered something important and flicked her hand. A light shone from her chest as she connected herself with the essences of the sword of Hisou once again.


"Have I missed a lot?" Tenshi stopped on her tracks. The sound of rumbling water could be heard not far away from them now. It seemed that they somehow ended up being close to a waterfall.


"Ah...right. I was going to tell you about it."


Nanashi took a deep breath. This would be a long story.





Short-hair stared at the sword of Hisou as she started to feel the blade getting hot on her back. The glow on it returned for some reasons, and a bit of testing made it apparent that most of its abilities had been returned. Just in time too, as the herald has revived her dragons and attacked her with them.


"Undoing the consequences of your mistakes? That just sound so stupid."


The two dragons darted right towards Short-hair, and she dodged one just in time for it to slightly graze her. The contact was what important, and even as the dragon managed to make her start bleeding, it was enough to give the Sword of Hisou enough information about its nature. Once the other attacked her, Short-hair summoned a large pillar from the ground to strike it moments before it could hit her, and in the short moment of distraction that the pillar provided, she put some of her own energy into the sword before unleashing a powerful slash towards the dragon as Short-hair utilized the sword's ability to become the conceptual antithesis of a "black dragon".


All that sacrifice and this is how strong are? The woman I met before had much more promise than this creature before me. But you don't care right as long as you can "save your people" is that it? Such insufferable weakness, how can you even bare to live with yourself?


"Damn it, that's what I wanted to say!"


She was annoyed that Rhadamantys' line was just the sort of thing that she was going to say right now, but they were cool and proper enough at least that Short-hair wasn't that miffed about it for as long as it should be. She avoided another of the remaining dragon's strike, before bombarding it with her keystones, now capable of firing temperament lasers as they ought to. Wielding this sword made Short-hair nostalgic for her own copy. The Rainbow Sword she got as a replacement were far from being as good as this, though this one felt conceptually more brittle even if it store even more ridiculousness than her own copy.


With herself getting out from the dangers of the two dragons for the time being, the short-hair decided that she should start the preparation for a big attack after times and times of failing to deliver anything relevant enough. With that, she also attempted to figure

out something decent enough to say to the Herald.


"You made mistakes, your friend's dead, and you lost everyone else now, boo hoo." Short-hair focused her attention to Apep as her sword spun right in front of her. The temperaments from everything on this battlefield, even the stray souls of the faultless that remained, everything empowered the weapon. This was just how she liked it. She hadn't felt this kind of high ever since her failed attempt to fire one against Reimu and Marisa six months ago. The hair that she cut off recently grew back to their natural length. All of this made her realize just how much of her dislike of the Herald's words was simply caused by her own experiences. Apep tried to undo her mistakes, while she grew from that mistake. What a sissy. That thought alone made her emotion build up to reach for a critical level. Those emotion thus took form as a spiteful declaration.


"Now you're trying to find a way so the world can pretend your fuckup never happened. Piss off with that attitude! Talk about reviving your friend when you can actually own up to your mistakes, mongrel!


You want to see a real fuckup? Here it is! I am Hinanai Tenshi and my whole life consists with nothing more than how I ruined countless people's lives for my own whims!"


And even someone as terrible as me can still change things for the better. Her loud yelling made her smile for a bit. She hadn't been able to feel this alive in ages. A crass and vulgar entity that have been reduced into yet another soul without any home, yet another unrecorded derivative of an individual named Hinanai Tenshi, the same as the one whose body she borrowed, and the one whom she used to hate. In her fleeting existence, talking shit about someone's motivation was just so satisfying, and it made her able to feel pumped up for the current battle.


"Take this, Scarlet Weather Rapture!"




The beam was fired with that attack declaration, traveling to reach Apep's location as the entire battlefield continued to supply its power.


"...Oh, hello there, Butlerok."


Not the one Reimu wanted to restore the most, but having him back would be a great boon regardless. Even then, Reimu took several steps to create some distance between her and Butler, just to be safe. She prepared to continue her assault on the prison, however something else happened.


The lake stopped freezing, and it was now covered entirely with blades. Circles and circles of blades continued to form, and Reimu was forced to flee the immediate proximity of Isamy to avoid being too close to any of them. Upwards, she noticed Dorian was fighting Byakuya directly. For the time being however, she decided that she would just focus on surviving and learning the properties of this attack rather than helping Dorian. Not out of spite, but she lacked the firepower to be much help anyway against such an opponent. Her mind was still reconfiguring itself too, after 28 days of barely any use.


That's like the entirety of February!



From atop of the tower, Bel continued to watch over the development of the battle. While he could've directly participate now, he decided to wait and see for the development of Isamy's current attack. In theory he would be able to reach there fast using a Flight or Genma or Wilder demon, but hm...


In particular, he remembered one Genma that could help immensely, but that would require some set up first.



"And that's everything."


"I can't say I agree with everything, but I don't dislike the path you chose."


By the time her story was finished, Nanashi found herself already approaching a black tower. It was actually the same exact one that she spent some time with back in Remembrance, just with less snow. Tenshi was still in front of her, leading the way.


"Even my feelings for you?"


"Well that..."

The top of the tower was empty, and the two was able to see the endless vast wilderness that surrounded them. A world consisting but no one but the two of them, for their pleasure to enjoy for as long as they were here. The visions of torture had disappeared too, and now Nanashi was fully embracing this temporary happiness that she felt.


"I'm still very serious about it. No matter the source, it's my feelings now."


"But...come on..." Tenshi sounded more and more unsure, and Nanashi saw that as an opening. She approached her, getting closer and closer until she was practically pinning her to the floor. Nanashi was able to feel the other girl's breathing on her skin as they lie close with each other.

"We're not here for long, the two of us. You're not that opposed to this either, aren't you?"


"But, you're..." Tenshi was unable to finish her words, and Nanashi put her finger on the girl's lips so that she wouldn't speak again for now.

"I am not you, and you are not me. Haven't we gone through these motions already?"


Nanashi sighed, before she lowered her head and gave Tenshi a quick kiss. Tenshi's face reddened, and before waiting for her further reply, Nanashi had started to unbutton her shirt. There was nobody else on this world.


There was nobody else she needed in this world.


"I want to be with you, that is all that I wanted." Another kiss. This time, It was responded in kind by Tenshi. Seeing how receptive she was to her feeling now made Nanashi's smile widen.


"Nothing to worry about now. Let us savor this sweet embrace, and think about its bitter aftertaste later."





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#7081765 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by Junko on 22 February 2018 - 09:53 PM

This would be pretty sweet ngl


Also I wonder how far into the future they planned the summons and the story...Eventually they have to have an ending after all unless we go into shonen levels of bs


Most gacha games plan at the very least for half to one year into the future. Story planning probably depends but I can see them already have full plans for Book 2 already by now and half-finished a Book 3 draft. Assets are usually ordered months before. 


It definitely can go on as long as there's demands. The main issue is just that at one point they'll run out of popular new characters to introduce to the game and would have to rely on OC and alternate forms of characters (regrettably as it is, would they even go out of their way to make a banner focusing on minor characters that didn't get meme'd?)


If the fans are fine with that happening inevitably at one point, they can figure out ways to keep the game running.

#7080315 Do any of you like me?

Posted by Junko on 18 February 2018 - 11:00 PM

I just did.

#7078473 BREAKING NEWS: New Mod CowCow exposed

Posted by Junko on 12 February 2018 - 06:52 AM

@God Emperor Cow


You called?



#7078427 YCMPD

Posted by Junko on 12 February 2018 - 12:41 AM

@God Emperor Cow


huh, you're right.


Just here so I can leech off informations.

#7077105 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Junko on 07 February 2018 - 08:49 AM


"Well, let's see, let's see..."


The two walked towards the doctor's place once again, and Angela immediately went to his kitchen with the materials that she bought earlier. Well, the equivalent of one. The kitchen here looked really strange. It took her a bit to get used to it, but after a little bit of trial and error, she was able to figure out how things worked here.


"Let me remember it...for mapo doufu, the first thing I should prepare..."


Angelica never read recipes. Learning from recipes was too hard for her, so she always ended up trying to do it with practice. As much as she'd like to say that she was able to recite the steps from the back of her hand, it's actually hard to do so since it had been a while since she last cooked.


First was preparing the minced pork. Thankfully it was already minced when Angela bought it, so what was left was for her to salt and add some sesame oil into it and mix them well. She then manually cut the tofu itself, doing it with a precision so they would all end up having a roughly same size, then she boiled them for a little bit, with a helping of salt (normally she would have to get the fire to heat the water up for a while first, but future technology sure was amazing). At the same time she also fried the minced pork for a bit.


"It's fine, doc. I'll handle everything here. You're already treating me, so it's the best I can do to thank you."


Now, the main part. She fried the special bean paste, consisting of soybeans, broad beans, and various spices for a bit before adding black beans and the rest of the seasoning for a while, until the smell was right for her. Once the aroma fully blossomed, Angela added water to the pan, and once it heated a bit, she added the soft tofu first, before the minced pork and some extra serving of sweet soy sauce and garlic greens.


"Huh, a message?"


The message took Angela's attention for a bit, and she almost missed her timing to add in the corn starch mixture she prepared beforehand. Half first, then half a little while later. Now with all the primary ingredients inside, Angela decided to taste it a bit. "Ah, not salty enough." A pinch of salt fixed the issue. She was a little bit disappointed that the special bean paste sold in the packages here weren't all that spicy compared to the ones she usually prepare by herself back at home. Perhaps the future wasn't all that awesome in the end.




It was done around a few minutes later, As she was serving it, she added a bit of extra peppercorn and chili powder into the dish to cover for the bean paste's shortcoming. She went on to prepare the noodle immediately afterwards. It was a lot easier than the mapo doufu, and she was done around fifteen minutes later, serving the spicy sesame noodle with pork and crab as topping alongside a boiling pot of bitter green tea and glasses of clear water.


"Doc, the food's ready."


While she waited for him to come, Angela went to check the message that she received earlier.


[Hey Angela! It's Elijah, from yesterday's fight. Sorry again about the whole... hospitalizing you thing. Anywho, you did offer to hang out during our battle, so if you're still down for that, let me know and we could get something to eat! I know a great sandwich place near the Arena where we can meet!]


Ah. That might be an issue. Angela was going to immediately visit the mines after the rest of her business was done that day, but she couldn't resist meeting around with Elijah either, at least to make sure that he knew she's alright.


[Don't worry about me, I'm fine! It's just my power and the arena malfunctioned a bit due to a strange interaction, but I've fully recovered now. Sure, I'll be delighted to hang out with you.


Not now though. But, if you want to, you can visit me here, and we'll eat together! I want to show you my cooking! Though if you can't, we can hang out after my match. How about that?]


Alongside the message, she gave him the doctor's address. His words about the mines only made Angela more determined to visit it. It might be petty, but she felt like she might be able to find a way to at least mess with Mauvache, at least if she needed to. If she wanted to start a business in this place, it's probably best to not anger her too much, as much as that'd be what she deserved.


"Sorry if it's a little bit spicy, doc!" Angela said, already eating her portion of the extra spicy doufu.


#7073848 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Junko on 30 January 2018 - 09:04 PM


"Ugh... All I know is that I'm not going anywhere near anything related to dream magic again, might as well give someone that dream soul thing I got as a reward..."


"You want to hear about what happened, Guiklmaster? Uh... It won't be very enjoyable or lengthy, but very well."


"But...seeing how things went...it all seemed so rushed and wild."


"Thank you for the information, it explained why you ended up taking a day longer with the quest. I will forward your issues to this city's branch of Yggdrasil for future consideration." Flo paused for a moment, seemingly thinking about something before continuing. "And thank you for still finishing the quest after that unpleasant experience."


Flo listened to each of the three guildmembers' stories one by one, trying to piece for herself what actually happened in that quest. Mina mentioned a witch, which seemed to be the primary culprit here, although Flo herself didn't have any inkling on who might the witch be. Auburn gave the most complete account, though it only made things more confusing. How was a dragon ended up being involved with all of this? There was also this Ierne, who seemed to be the vocal point of the quest. Never heard of that name, and Florentia had a hard time actually figuring out what sort of role did she serve in the quest. Going off Dmitri's words, maybe she ended up being the witch? That would make sense, but this wouldn't explain why Celica would be so interested with the quest outside of meeting with Myrdain himself.


"Hm, rosy pink for the outside, and clear sky blue for indoors, how would that sound? I figure that it might give a pleasant feeling for the inside." Flo offered a suggestion for the debate on which color should the guild have as the guildmembers continued to prepare the pain and work on the front side of the building. Flo herself was busy tending to what seemed to be a budding flower garden right in front of the guild that didn't seem to be there yesterday in the meantime. Picking up the weeds and placing them somewhere else while deliberately planning the growth plan of the flowers. She could just use her ability to induce growth right here to make them all bloom, but it would only serve to be a temporary joy. The flowers should fully bloom as the guild also blossomed further.


"If you move out to work on the guild's indoor, it would be best to start with the empty wing of the building first. Unless any of you had any tricks to make the paint dry faster, I am concerned about the mess that might happen."

Once again, Florentia had not much experience with paint so she simply went off the assumption that the paint would take hours to properly dry. It was up for the guildmembers to decide the approach for doing this.



@Mr. Hyde @Mitch-Arei-Gensou-Engi-tan @Wind Rider




#7073308 Literary Survival Strategy Center

Posted by Junko on 30 January 2018 - 12:56 AM

Voicing my interest. Curious, do you have any reasoning for this order of reading for Borges' stories, or for this selection of stories in general?

#7072375 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Junko on 27 January 2018 - 10:27 AM


Go ahead, I can't get through to him and I'm not going to risk trying again for a little bit, I'll need time to recover after pulling that stunt anyway.


Then I will lead the offense. Please assist me in restraining him. Once I focus into his mind, this will be over.


Satori primed the memory of 40 years ago at the back of her mind. The memory of the day when she dealt a deal with the devil of the moon, and the day she lost her sister. Even if he had been twisted into another form by Isamy, Satori knew Jace's heart was as pure and sensitive as Koishi's. While his mind was not that of a child too, the Recollection should still work as intended. Even if it wouldn't break his mind completely like it did to Koishi, it would be a strong enough battering ram to break his mental defense, allowing Satori to search his heart and integrate his own traumas and memories into it. This place would also amplify the effect due to its nature.


But all that would only happen once Satori could focus her assault. Metarchus needed to be restrained first. But where was he? Satori performed a widespread scan, and saw him going towards one of the towers. Satori wouldn't be able to reach him, and using a Recollected attack from this range would waste too much energy. Instead, she fed the information of Metarchus' probable location towards Darcy instead. Yet at the same time, a passing thought took her attention. Yellow man, wasn't he the one to pacify Koishi back then? He seemed to have something important to tell, and so Satori risked opening up herself a bit for exposure to establish a mental contact with him.


"Sorry, but the Planeswaker Spark is too dangerous for even you to handle. No wonder you're all twisted up,"


You seem to know something important regarding that Herald. I had something in mind for how I would deal with him, but I would first like to know what is this Spark you're talking about, and what danger would it possess.



"Tch, it's operating independently from that shinigami, huh?"


Reimu's Fantasy Seal was blocked by Isamy herself as the hulking giant moved to protect its prison, reducing the barrage into nothing more than a footnote. The beast curled into an approximation of a sphere, covering the prisoners with its arms. Reimu fired another Fantasy Seal again, but the multicolored orbs didn't seem to do much. It not attacking again was really suspect, and Reimu wondered whether it's a trap; a preparation for something catastrophic.


Scrolling through the page to see what she did last time was getting more and more tiring for Reimu. It was exactly one month ago that she last moved. Curse her indecision and her lack of firepower. Reimu struggled to figure out what to do in this situation. She could focus her effort somewhere else, but constant barrage of 1 HP damage wouldn't do much in the long run. She had to find a way to bypass Isamy's protection.


The only decision she ended up with was to stop thinking. Closing her eyes, clearing herself of confusion.


Don't think, feel.


"Fantasy Seal!"


The seven multicolored orbs manifested again around her. The seven of them started to rotate around her as she charged them with as much power as she could, before being fired forward. Yet, this time, all seven of them disappeared even before hitting Isamy. All of them had shifted out of reality at that very moment, only to manifest later on the prisons themselves, bombarding them with purifying magic.


"Fantasy Seal!"


Another barrage, and another. Reimu was attempting to brute force the opening of the prisons itself. While her barrier dissolving cheat technique perhaps would be even more effective, Reimu right now decided to try proving a point to herself regarding the raw power she possessed. She's more of a technique and skill person compared to Marisa, but if she had the black orb with her, why would she let herself get shown up in firepower?



"If that attack didn't work the first time, why did you think it would succeed this time."


"It's worth a try."


A keystone blocked the claw aiming to Shorthair's eyes, while she let Apep to strike at her heart. Apep would then find that despite the extreme force exerted with her strike, she was barely able to pierce through Shorthair's chest, and the short-haired Tenshi didn't even flinch a bit as that happened. She used that moment to grab ahold of Apep and restrain her using several keystones to pin her mid air, before pushing herself backwards as Rhadamantys fired his blast at the Herald.


"Almost blasted me off there, Gimme a better warning next time, can't you?"


Her annoyed complaint was accompanied with a satisfied smile as she grabbed one of the peaches on her hat and gobbled on it, restoring the chest wound she suffered from Apep's attack. She then turned towards where Apep were last time, and let out a sigh.


"Can't you just, iunno, take it easy? Sacrificing everything for the sake of a silly goal is just soooooooooooooo not worth it. Live life, or whatevs.


Would this even give happiness to you or those you care about?"



"Let us end this, Tenco.”


"Wait wait wait, I'm not Tenco, you're mistaken! What even is happening here? What do you want to do to her?"


As she replied, the voice that came out was not her flat, emotionless tone, yet it was more befitting to a normal human teenage girl. Amato was confused, yet she still prepared herself into a stance. Despite the power that Tenshi radiated, Amato was fully sure that she was still capable of dealing with her just fine. She would only need one well-placed strike, and Tenco wouldn't need to see Tenshi like this.


“...Tenshi! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“There is nothing wrong with me, really. But please. I need your energy to fulfill my vision.


So, let me kill you.”


Whose voice was that? Amato swore that she could hear someone else addressed Tenshi, and it seemed that it was the only thing that Tenshi ended up responding to. Tenshi continued her walk, slowly approaching Amato. Amato closely watched the other girl's movement, still not budging an inch from her position. Once Tenshi showed an opening, the battle should be over in a flash.


“…You’re a monster…”

“How rude of you to say that.
I am a visionary. I fight for a great future for all of us."




The mysterious voice spoke up again, and now Amato could recognize it as the voice of her friend. She looked around on where she might be, but she couldn't see anyone else on the desolate landscape except for Tenshi. The voice continued its conversation with Tenshi in the meantime. If it was Tenco, then she took this a lot better than what Amato thought she would.


But enough talk, have at you!”


"You're the one that keeps on talking!"


Full with frustration, Tenshi lunged at Amato. Her movement was faster than the last time Amato saw it, but it was still quite readable. Amato had prepared her own attack in the meantime, and as Tenshi came into range, she let out a punch directly aimed to her heart. It would instantly petrify her internal organs once hit, which should be fatal.


Yet, nothing happened. The fist landed squarely on Tenshi, yet nothing happened. Tenshi proceeded to kick Amato, which she responded with turning her body into stone, yet for some reasons she couldn't. The attack pushed her far back, almost dropping her into a crack on the ground. Before Tenshi could approach her, Amato attempted to summon her pillars to crush her and slow down her advance, but once again nothing happened. Even her Array did not result in anything meaningful. Rather than panicking, Amato still fully resolved herself, and went into a stance in the hope of dealing with Tenshi with pure close quarter combat. Tenshi lunged at her once more...


Amato managed to grab her wrist, and attempted to drive her to the ground. However, she was unable to exert the strength to do so. Rather than the trained body that she was used to, this was nothing more than the body of a normal girl that barely ever see combat. A normal, human body.

Before Amato could fully think about the implication, she was driven to the ground by Tenshi. Her foot slammed into her chest. Amato started to cough, having difficulty in breathing as she felt some of her ribs broke from the force of the stomp. Her hands grabbed to her enemy's legs in a defiant attempt to get Tenshi off her, but it was nothing more than a meaningless gesture now.


"What even...is happening...?"


"It's over. Accept that you'll die for a good cause, Tenco."


Once again, Amato was ignored. Once again, Tenshi referred to her as Tenco, despite nobody else was being around. As she lie bloodied on the ground, Amato froze at the conclusion that she reached. She then went to grasp her hair, her body, everything about herself. She clawed her own flesh, drawing blood as her nails tore through her mortal skin. She embraced the sensation of possessing a normal human body. She accepted it as a fact, as her reality now. She understood what happened to her.




Tenshi pulled out her sword from nearby, and decided that it was a good time to behead her. Amato was unable to think about anything else at this point, yet she let her body move on her own. A short incantation left her lips, and a scarlet blade formed on her right hand. Before Tenshi was able to drive her sword into her, Amato had already pierced her heart using the sword she had just conjured.


Tenco was dead. Amato never existed in the first place. Yet, here she was. Neither, but both. A nameless entity. As the final obscured part of her story had been illuminated, the nameless entity had gained the necessary awareness to escape the trap of suffering that she was in.


"The girl named Amato no longer existed. She never existed in the first place, but she was still me.


In the end, I am who I am."


Tenshi did not say anything as she breathed her last, but the smile on her face answered the nameless girl's question. As a resolution had been achieved, the world around the two dissipated into nothingness. The nameless girl, Nanashi, closed her eyes, and embraced the darkness before light.


When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with the sight of a forest. It was snowing heavily there. It was not the final battlefield that Isamy had conjured. Nanashi was confused, but decided to not question anything for now and just walk around the area. The snowing stopped after a while, and the forest soon shifted into a warmer color. It was unlike anything that Nanashi had ever seen in her short life so far, but she kept on walking. Images of a familiar figure passed through her mind as she walked. Some were warm to her heart, some were grotesque and cruel. For each happy moments that Nanashi saw, she saw the same figure suffering from various horrible tortures at the same time. She didn't feel anything, and still continued her way forward until she arrived near a small river.


"Oi!" A voice called to her from behind. Nanashi turned around, and saw the familiar figure already standing right behind her.


"It really has been a while, isn't it?"

"You sure changed a lot, heh. You don't call yourself with the same name as you used to."


"There is a lot that I wanted to say to you. So much things had happened, and now I have fully set on my path. Doubt is not in my heart anymore, but I still wish that you would listen to me one last time."


"Now that I'm here, might as well, right?" Tenshi smiled as she invited the nameless girl for a walk. "I'm really curious on how the girl I sacrificed my life for is doing anyway."









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