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Maeriberii Haan

Maeriberii Haan

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In Topic: Member Services Request Thread

19 July 2018 - 02:05 PM

Is there any samples for how header text, custom flash, and custom background will look?

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

18 July 2018 - 03:15 PM


"Let’s commence the extermination.”


"Yeah, let's. Snakes are unpleasant, anyway."

Ignoring the muffled "hey!" coming from around her neck, Anis prepared her bow as the threat had made herself appearance clear. A serpentine entity, Reinaan led the way with a breath of flame, followed by Gilly's ice spear. Lindow soon followed, approaching the enemy and tossed a dagger at her, before trying his best to dodge her retaliation. In the meantime, Anis had prepared her bow, and fired an arrow right to the creature's head while she was occupied with Lindow. Such a creature sadly would not be affected by poison, so she would have to figure out something else for once.


Perhaps she could pull out something dangerously flammable?


In Topic: The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

17 July 2018 - 11:48 AM


The battle continued to rage on.


From where Bel was, he saw his Megidolaon landing unopposed as Isamy's dragon was caged in a strange box-shaped barrier. It seemed that its size and power ended up making it more vulnerable, but he couldn't let his guard down just yet. Some of the former members of the Divines rained fire towards Isamy and the Dragon, but with her current ability, she absorbed all of it to the point that it was able to withstand the rest of the attacks. The barrer continued to contain the dragon, but it seemed that its own attacks went around unimpeded.

Bel prepared for another Megidolaon, but before the attack was able to be prepared, the dracolich summoned many wyverns around. As big as Culebre, at this moment Bel was getting himself ready to attack it instead before those wyverns were able to reach him, yet they disposed of themselves quite a distance away from him. Their self-destruction led to a cloud of black flames aimed towards him and Culebre however.



The black flames emitted an intense heat even from this distance. Bel felt that even his supernaturally-generated COMP would melt should the flame hit. With one yell, he casted Shield All to protect him and Culebre, but the barrier summoned in this manner only managed to slow down the flames a little. The unnatural flames eat away the protection before continuing on their way. Fire immunity ddn't work for this flame. Bel prepared to dodge the blast alongside Culebre, yet, without him ordering to, Culebre dived downwards ater shaking him off its back. The dragon demon collided with the flames, engulfed and destroyed in a matter of seconds, but opening a way for Bel to avoid the attack.


As he fell down, his gaze was locked at the scene above him.


"So, it really felt a bond to that boy, huh? That Amaterasu too...


Well, I suppose he really is a worthy vessel."


That thought made Bel smile with pride as he turned around midair to look at Isamy and her dragon. Another Megidolaon was fired from his palm  The battle had become more and more heated. One of his allies had decided to change sides. it was not the time for him to relax.

However, Bel decided to test one of his hypothesis. Should his judgment about that boy was right, then he would not need to do anything yet for now.


Someone else would take his slack and participate on his regard.



"So many temperaments..."

The sparks of everyone's feelings and actions all funneled into the nameless girl's blade. Taking the form of tiny scarlet orbs, each were absorbed into her as she prepared for the next attack. Everyone's passion in this battle really did make her somewhat envious. All of them had their own reason to fight with all they had against Isamy, yet all that the nameless girl fought for was her own self-satisfaction and personal closure.

Those were of course very important to her, but even then, ultimately, she couldn't help but wonder at the romantic idea of fighting for something one truly believed in rather than just for a short-time personal satisfaction.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 70%


Each attacks that landed. Each hit that Isamy suffered. Even those that she shrugged off and absorbed, it all helped the nameless girl to understand her more and more. More than even sincere words, the temperaments told her more about the nature of the two's existence. Identify, adapt, exploit. She watched as the dracolich constantly shifted between black ice and black flame to cover itself as its assaulted another wyvern despite the barrier locking it in. She had seen how Dorian and Butlerok's flames only made it stronger. All of those felt like meaningless gesture, but for her, it was of utmost value now.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 80%


"Just a little bit more. A little bit more, and I will unravel-"

[ W H O A R E Y O U ? ]


A psychic assault invaded her mind. It was a lot weaker than Isamy's previous one. The nameless girl attempted to shrug it off, igorng it as she continued to charge her attack.

Yet it refused to go away. A persistent echo, hard to see whether it was Isamy's own power or the nameless girl's mind that kept refusing to let the question disappear. Like how she was going to exploit Isamy's structural weakness, right now Isamy had managed to exploit hers.


"You really are persistent, aren't you?"


At first, she simply smiled in response. The nameless girl smiled at Isamy, at her own thoughts, at the utter mess that was her own existence. The smile started out small, but it became wider and wider until she suddenly broke into laughter out of nowhere. Why would Isamy ask this now? Why would she think that it was something that would slow the nameless girl down now? That was all felt like a complete joke, as much as a joke as the nameless girl's own existence in the first place.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 85%


Amidst her laughter and the constant question echoing inside of her mind, the nameless girl spoke.


"Who am I? What sort of answer do you want to hear from me anyway?"


A member of the Counter Corpse, the shinigami that she knew Reimu was an associate of, had decided to change sides at the last second. The nameless girl simply nodded at his decision. That man was strong. Way stronger than her. He would surely be a threat to her and to anyone else. The situation had become more hopeless. But the nameless girl continued to laugh.


Laughter was liberating. Laughter helped clear her mind. Laughter helped her realize just how sick she felt about the question Isamy imposed to her now.


"You can call me Tenshi. Call me Nanashi. Call me an impostor, a faker, call me with any name you wanted. You can treat me as her alternate counterpart, her sister, her daughter, or her lover. I don't care a bit." As she said this, Dorian and his friends had rebounded since their failed attack attempts. "I'm just myself. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm going to be the one that define what that means, and I don't have any obligation to tell you anything about the conclusion I'll draw one day."


Butlerok and Rhadamantys launched their best assault at the Dracolich, in the form of a mighty and earth-shattering X-shaped combination attack. It was soon followed by the appearance of a figure. A goddess-like figure, rising from the snow. She rushed towards the Dracolich before her very essence became engulfed in a sphere that was reminiscence of the sun itself. The words Megidolaon came across the girl's mnd as she witnessed the attack. Acknowledging their actions, the nameless girl aimed at Isamy instead. The shinigami that had chosen to change sides was a massive threat to her and to everyone, but the Nameless girl had to engage him in combat one by one to be able to start exploiting his weakness, and that would make her start from zero again.


That would be quite disappointing, wouldn't it?


The analysis of Isamy Maximus (Ed Garith) had been completed.


"If you want an actual answer, then I guess here it is."


As the mental voice inside affirmed the fact that the preparation was complete, the nameless girl regained her composure and her serious expression. She brought her sword forward, and from all the temperament that it had absorbed, it started to spin wildly mid-air. From the nature that she had read from Isamy, the energy of everyone's spirits had been reshaped into a form that would strike at any vulnerabilities the hollow being might have.


"Who am I? Just someone that will bring you down, somehow."


Following her words, a great blast of deep crimson beam was fired from her spinning sword, threatening to turn anything in its path, most notably Isamy and her dracolich, into dust.


In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

16 July 2018 - 09:57 PM


Tianzi's Solarbeam managed to carve a path for herself, but it was soon responded by Groudon's own Solarbeam, this time way stronger than any of his previous. Even while Tianzi herself was strengthened by his intense sunlight, she knew she was not going to last that long if she kept at it like this.


But she saw Scarlet took the opportunity to attack Groudon, and Tianzi herself felt that it was her own opportunity to get the opening to land a strong hit at Groudon. Her figure hidden by the incoming brilliant light of the two clashing Solarbeams, as Groudon went to counter Scarlet, Tianzi used her last Teleport of the day to position herself right behind the Legend.


Putting her all into it, Tianzi blasted him with Solarbeam from up close.


In Topic: RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

16 July 2018 - 09:56 PM


"Ugh...what is happening?"

The deeper Angela went into the tunnel complex, the more nauseous she felt. She clutched her head in pain, but the sensation further convinced her that something interesting was going on inside, somewhere. The voices continued to skitter on the distance, as Angela made her way only guided by the faint light of Aetherstone veins going near her. To think about it, she had only been into a mine complex once before.


Right, it was when her father surveyed a newly discovered coal mine near her city. He decided to take her there, along with-


Her thought and anger was disrupted by the sight of six of the creatures that attacked her earlier. Two on the ceiling, and two on each side of the pathway. Angela prepared her spear in response. They seemed to be aware of her presence, and that was enough for Angela to decide that she was going to take the initiative.


She conjured two phantom spears and with a rapid speed, lobbed them towards the two creatures on the ceiling.