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Maeriberii Haan

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#7110485 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 17 July 2018 - 11:48 AM


The battle continued to rage on.


From where Bel was, he saw his Megidolaon landing unopposed as Isamy's dragon was caged in a strange box-shaped barrier. It seemed that its size and power ended up making it more vulnerable, but he couldn't let his guard down just yet. Some of the former members of the Divines rained fire towards Isamy and the Dragon, but with her current ability, she absorbed all of it to the point that it was able to withstand the rest of the attacks. The barrer continued to contain the dragon, but it seemed that its own attacks went around unimpeded.

Bel prepared for another Megidolaon, but before the attack was able to be prepared, the dracolich summoned many wyverns around. As big as Culebre, at this moment Bel was getting himself ready to attack it instead before those wyverns were able to reach him, yet they disposed of themselves quite a distance away from him. Their self-destruction led to a cloud of black flames aimed towards him and Culebre however.



The black flames emitted an intense heat even from this distance. Bel felt that even his supernaturally-generated COMP would melt should the flame hit. With one yell, he casted Shield All to protect him and Culebre, but the barrier summoned in this manner only managed to slow down the flames a little. The unnatural flames eat away the protection before continuing on their way. Fire immunity ddn't work for this flame. Bel prepared to dodge the blast alongside Culebre, yet, without him ordering to, Culebre dived downwards ater shaking him off its back. The dragon demon collided with the flames, engulfed and destroyed in a matter of seconds, but opening a way for Bel to avoid the attack.


As he fell down, his gaze was locked at the scene above him.


"So, it really felt a bond to that boy, huh? That Amaterasu too...


Well, I suppose he really is a worthy vessel."


That thought made Bel smile with pride as he turned around midair to look at Isamy and her dragon. Another Megidolaon was fired from his palm  The battle had become more and more heated. One of his allies had decided to change sides. it was not the time for him to relax.

However, Bel decided to test one of his hypothesis. Should his judgment about that boy was right, then he would not need to do anything yet for now.


Someone else would take his slack and participate on his regard.



"So many temperaments..."

The sparks of everyone's feelings and actions all funneled into the nameless girl's blade. Taking the form of tiny scarlet orbs, each were absorbed into her as she prepared for the next attack. Everyone's passion in this battle really did make her somewhat envious. All of them had their own reason to fight with all they had against Isamy, yet all that the nameless girl fought for was her own self-satisfaction and personal closure.

Those were of course very important to her, but even then, ultimately, she couldn't help but wonder at the romantic idea of fighting for something one truly believed in rather than just for a short-time personal satisfaction.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 70%


Each attacks that landed. Each hit that Isamy suffered. Even those that she shrugged off and absorbed, it all helped the nameless girl to understand her more and more. More than even sincere words, the temperaments told her more about the nature of the two's existence. Identify, adapt, exploit. She watched as the dracolich constantly shifted between black ice and black flame to cover itself as its assaulted another wyvern despite the barrier locking it in. She had seen how Dorian and Butlerok's flames only made it stronger. All of those felt like meaningless gesture, but for her, it was of utmost value now.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 80%


"Just a little bit more. A little bit more, and I will unravel-"

[ W H O A R E Y O U ? ]


A psychic assault invaded her mind. It was a lot weaker than Isamy's previous one. The nameless girl attempted to shrug it off, igorng it as she continued to charge her attack.

Yet it refused to go away. A persistent echo, hard to see whether it was Isamy's own power or the nameless girl's mind that kept refusing to let the question disappear. Like how she was going to exploit Isamy's structural weakness, right now Isamy had managed to exploit hers.


"You really are persistent, aren't you?"


At first, she simply smiled in response. The nameless girl smiled at Isamy, at her own thoughts, at the utter mess that was her own existence. The smile started out small, but it became wider and wider until she suddenly broke into laughter out of nowhere. Why would Isamy ask this now? Why would she think that it was something that would slow the nameless girl down now? That was all felt like a complete joke, as much as a joke as the nameless girl's own existence in the first place.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 85%


Amidst her laughter and the constant question echoing inside of her mind, the nameless girl spoke.


"Who am I? What sort of answer do you want to hear from me anyway?"


A member of the Counter Corpse, the shinigami that she knew Reimu was an associate of, had decided to change sides at the last second. The nameless girl simply nodded at his decision. That man was strong. Way stronger than her. He would surely be a threat to her and to anyone else. The situation had become more hopeless. But the nameless girl continued to laugh.


Laughter was liberating. Laughter helped clear her mind. Laughter helped her realize just how sick she felt about the question Isamy imposed to her now.


"You can call me Tenshi. Call me Nanashi. Call me an impostor, a faker, call me with any name you wanted. You can treat me as her alternate counterpart, her sister, her daughter, or her lover. I don't care a bit." As she said this, Dorian and his friends had rebounded since their failed attack attempts. "I'm just myself. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm going to be the one that define what that means, and I don't have any obligation to tell you anything about the conclusion I'll draw one day."


Butlerok and Rhadamantys launched their best assault at the Dracolich, in the form of a mighty and earth-shattering X-shaped combination attack. It was soon followed by the appearance of a figure. A goddess-like figure, rising from the snow. She rushed towards the Dracolich before her very essence became engulfed in a sphere that was reminiscence of the sun itself. The words Megidolaon came across the girl's mnd as she witnessed the attack. Acknowledging their actions, the nameless girl aimed at Isamy instead. The shinigami that had chosen to change sides was a massive threat to her and to everyone, but the Nameless girl had to engage him in combat one by one to be able to start exploiting his weakness, and that would make her start from zero again.


That would be quite disappointing, wouldn't it?


The analysis of Isamy Maximus (Ed Garith) had been completed.


"If you want an actual answer, then I guess here it is."


As the mental voice inside affirmed the fact that the preparation was complete, the nameless girl regained her composure and her serious expression. She brought her sword forward, and from all the temperament that it had absorbed, it started to spin wildly mid-air. From the nature that she had read from Isamy, the energy of everyone's spirits had been reshaped into a form that would strike at any vulnerabilities the hollow being might have.


"Who am I? Just someone that will bring you down, somehow."


Following her words, a great blast of deep crimson beam was fired from her spinning sword, threatening to turn anything in its path, most notably Isamy and her dracolich, into dust.


#7109228 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 10 July 2018 - 12:03 AM


"You can call for assistance if you need it you know." Gunther said softly as Ciela hesitated to join with the rest. "I wouldn't want anyone to miss out."


"I suppose... but right now I'm already here." Taking the slice of pizza that Gunther offered, Ciela gave him a smile before digging in. "I'll be sure to rely on you next time, maybe."


The pizza...thing was surely enjoyable, but Ciela for the most part tuned out of the rest of the talk that continued afterwards. The matter between foxes, frogs, and the Patrol had given her too many headaches, and as much as she wanted to yell at Rufus, again, she felt that she was just too tired to deal with any of this now and ended up just busying herself with what was left of the food. As Rufus said his last words though, Ciela's gaze went towards Sienna.


Looking at her, Ciela was at least aware that Sienna wouldn't feel that good about her after the things that she had done so far. The foxes still were scary to her, but...well, after Rufus almost killed her earlier, Ciela felt that it probably wouldn't get worse from there on. She still felt justified with what she had done so far, but Ciela ultimately made the decision that it was best for her now to create a new start between her and Sienna, should she still decided to stay with the group.


"Sienna, uh..." This was harder than what Ciela thought at first. "This might come as a bit half-hearted but... Sorry for kicking your father in the back and for charging at you when that bandit held you earlier. And I guess, sorry for pushing you to burn the forest a few days ago, and for acting dismissive at you before and for...


uh... did I miss anything?"




"But yeah. I'm really sorry for all that. Might not be enough, but I'd like to start anew and uh...maybe get along better with you now? Of course, should you stay with us."


#7109227 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 10 July 2018 - 12:02 AM


"Yes. What you said of me is true."


A truth that Satori had been averting her eyes from so far, refusing to acknowledge it even if the very fibers of her existence continued to echo it over and over. She was nothing more than a memory given form, and with Koishi acknowledging her as such, Satori had no reason to see her as anything else. However, even as her existence as an individual had been disproven, Satori remained still. No matter how her heart was hurt, she still locked her gaze on what was left of Koishi.


"Yet, there are something more important than all that." Without breaking her eye contact, Satori gently lifted Koishi's third eye from the snow. Koishi's tentacles weakly resisted her, but Satori ignored her weak attempts. "It is you, Koishi. I am here to protect you. I am here to make sure that you can be happy."


Yukari is gone. Big sis is gone. You're nothing more than just my childish wishes given form.


"A proof of your weakness, that is who I am."

Then...what can an empty recollection like you can do?


"Anything necessary."


Satori's tentacles went to wrap Koishi, but before that was to happen, a mental assault happened just as she lowered her guard.


[ Y O U R S I S T E R
J O I N H E R ]


Was it Isamy? The weight of the mental assault was overwhelming, yet at the same time, it felt weaker than it was supposed to be. Still, even then Satori felt like she was slowly unraveling. The voice calling out to her, the voice inviting her to die, surely, it was truly enticing.


Koishi was dying. Satori would not have any reason to exist without Koishi's continued existence. And Koishi herself had zero reason of continuing past this point. She had lost her sister. She had lost the only parental figure she had ever known. Even if she continued, she had no reason to go through, and to restore a world that had nothing but scorn to her. Perhaps it was better for her to die. Satori was made to serve all of Koishi's desires. She was all that she wanted from her sister. Of course, should Koishi wished for her own death, Satori would have to comply, right?




Satori's tentacles continued on their way to wrap itself around Koishi. Several words were whispered, and bright light enveloped Koishi, followed by her remaining eye closing as Satori brought her closer to herself. Satori made a smile as she turned around, with Koishi lying dormant as she was carried by her.


She set her eyes on Isamy.


"I'm nothing more than a fake, and I am nothing more than her wish fulfillment, given form." Satori's smile became tender as she put her gaze on the sleeping Koishi. "But, even then I am still her sister. More than you, more than even herself, I would know what would be best for her.


She will sleep for now. She had been hurt too much. This is the least that I can do for her for now."


More whispered words, and a barrier was set up around herself and Koishi, protecting them from further mental assault from Isamy. Satori let out a sigh. This was the most she was able to do to save Koishi. Koishi would now be the only one that could save herself further.



[ R . U . I N . P A I N ?]


A voice echoed inside of Koishi's mind. A voice that felt like a maelstrom rather than a coherent thought, but it felt soothing to her, who had been straddling the line between life and death. She had nothing with her. She had no one else, and she had nothing waiting for her should she move on forward anyway. But, even so, death was still too scary for her. Yukari, Neos, everyone said that she should not run away. No matter how scared she was, she should continue moving forward. But, without any reason to now, why should she?



i am in pain


Even her own reply was weak. What should she do now? Too afraid to die, yet too afraid to move forward. Without being able to decide for herself, the mysterious voice continued to be the soothing guidance that Koishi needed.


[I T ’ S E Z]




tell me, tell me what should i do!

She could not decide anything on her own. That was something that Koishi had resigned herself with. She was too childish, too unstable, too weak and too cowardly to do anything on her own. With the voice promising her guidance, Koishi felt like she had finally found another light that she could follow. Wherever this light would take her, Koishi felt that everything would be alright after.

[J U S T
G O ]


i will.


she meant nothing to me.


if it will stop me from getting hurt, then i-


Yet, before she was able to unravel Satori's existence, Koishi's mind was filled with darkness. Her senses shut itself off. She was unable to find herself hearing the guiding voice any further.


Her consciousness became dark as Koishi was forced to go into a slumber.


#7106918 [SEMI-SERIOUS] Required information for now known reasons

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 26 June 2018 - 12:16 AM

I thought that Tenshi just took up all the spots from second through fifth just because of how many of her there are in the GCRP.

there are more tenshi in gcrp than there are stars in the night sky

#7106508 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 24 June 2018 - 03:28 AM


[ G U L A ]
[ D R A C O L I C H ]


"Beast that does not know of love...I can perhaps teach you a thing or two."


The flames dissipated from Nanashi's form as the frozen form of Isamy changed. In exchange, what was there now was a great dark dragon, covering the hollow giant with its wingspan. Such a beautiful creature, yet it was also pitiful to see. The others seemed to be struggling. The Dragon seemed to communicate with the others, yet not to the nameless girl. That was strange. Surely it was strange. However, she couldn't care less about it.


Nanashi could feel it. Isamy's nature had changed once more. With the new Inclusion within her, Nanashi could not exploit the same weakness as before. She would need to reanalyze her and her dracolich, before she would be able to-


"Divine Arts."


A familiar voice could be heard. Right underneath the Dracolich, a gigantic octagonal magic circle made itself apparent. A trigram, the physical symbol of the eight principles of reality according to Taoism. The octagon thus spread out, forming a circle, before barriers formed from its edges, circling and trapping the dracolich inside of it. Floating nearby was Reimu Hakurei. Her crippled form was visible for all to see, but her expression was that of complete determination. She uttered several words that the nameless girl could not hear, before the name of her Spell Card was declared.


"Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle!"


With the declaration, uncountable amount of talismans and energy bullets formed inside of the eight-sided barrier, continuously bombarding at the dragon as its movements was sealed. It seemed like an attack that would attempt to purge what was inside completely, but that would not be enough, wouldn't it?




A large sphere of destruction fell from above, aimed towards the now-trapped Dracolich. It was the doing of the blue-haired boy currently up there riding his own dragon. An attack neither holy nor wicked, unable to be resisted by anything. It perhaps would be something like a nuclear blast? Or was it so?


Everyone was doing their best in fighting. Nanashi decided that she too would play a part here. The nameless girl thus closed her eyes as she gathered the scattered temperaments from the Dracolich and Isamy as the onslaught continued.


#7101716 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 26 May 2018 - 07:59 AM




The Drain that Bel used on Isamy ended up backfiring. The sort of energy that was being absorbed ended up being something too overwhelming for this humanoid body vessel. Bel ended up having to cut the spell short before he would pop from it, but even so the spell ended up taking a major toll on his body. It was at that time that Isamy launched an icicle at his direction, aimed at his COMP. Culebre could have blocked it for him, but Bel had other thing in his mind. He pushed the COMP aside, and had the icicle drove itself through him directly instead. The pain caused by it was invigorating, it was warm. Some of his lifeforce returned as the ice dissolved on his body.


Still, the botched attempt on Drain had caused his mana reserve to disappear into nothing. Bel acknowledged the fact that he was going to be absent from the fight for a while to recover his reserves again. With a grumble, Bel had Culebre fly up high into the sky, just as a cold wave of nostalgia hit his brain.


[T U R N B A C K]


By the time Bel looked downwards, the lake were already covered by a dome of ice, and he had lost contact with Amaterasu. His escape was narrow this time.



"The hell is up with this?"

Short-hair didn't even get much chance to celebrate after her sword managed to cut through Isamy's mask cleanly. Right now, the lake was starting to get covered by an ice dome, and another ice dome formed almost immediately after from Isamy's side. It was quick to push her away, who was so close from Isamy's position at that time. She attempted to summon stone pillars from the ground to halt it, but the advance was unstoppable by such a paltry method.


In the end, she found herself being crushed by the two ice dorms. Her Celestial physiology allowed her to remain in her position for long, holding on while her body were being grinded, but even so she could feel that her insides started to break apart after so much exertion from such force. The Sword of Hisou were shining brightly at this time.


In the end, Short-hair decided to close her eyes, and entrusted her fate to the one whose heart became one with that sword.



"Ah. May I ask something? What are you feeling right now, right here?"

"...Eh? That's unusual, comin from ya. Never thought you're the type to care for what people think."


"You know that you are going to fade away soon. But you're acting as if nothing will happen. As careless as always..."


"Why should I worry about it? I ran on borrowed time already. If it's not for you, I wouldn't have been able to fight for this one last time in the first place."

"But you'll disappear! Nothing about you will remain in this world soon."


"So? You'll still remember me. You'll remember my greatness, my deeds, my ideals. You can see that when I disappear, I fought for what is right. Fighting wholesale for the sake of my own world, and for everyone else too. Guess I'm still just pretty selfish with it, but that's a proud way to end things, ya know?"


"I see." The ego of the nameless girl took form once again. Staring at the girl before her, the nameless girl let out a smile as she watched the short-haired girl before her gradually disappearing. She was right. As long as she, the nameless girl, survived, the short-haired girl would still live on even if her world didn't manage to get restored at the end of this. It's the same for everyone. It's the same for Tenshi herself.

"It's been real fun fighting on your side. You're a real creep, but that's not all that bad compared to meself."


"And it has been an honor fighting alongside you too.


Thank you, for letting everyone else find peace. And thank you for letting Tenshi have her peace."



A phoenix emerged from its ashes.


A sphere of flames covered the localized area of the ice that used to grind on the blue-haired girl's body, and once it dissipated, it revealed the nameless girl in the midst of it, having been reborn back into this world. The first thought that came across her mind was to burn down the entirety of the ice dome surrounding the lake...but in the end she was too slow in doing so. A powerful, uncontrollable force destroyed the ice dome without breaking out a sweat. In a separate position, Butlerok caused an inferno to be localized around him. Both were a display of power that was way beyond what the nameless girl could achieve by herself.


There goes her chance of doing an impressive reentry.


Well, at the very least, she would still have to do something. Uttering one word, copies of the Sword of Hisou manifested near her, lining up as if they were missles that were ready to fire. It was then that she picked up the flowing temperaments coming out of Isamy, perhaps out of the attack that the Short-hair did earlier. Coupled with the emotions of those that remained in this fight, it should be enough to power an onslaught.




The nameless girl pointed her arm upwards. The free-flowing temperaments on the battlefield easily gathered up above her. She focused her mind on it a little bit, and imprinting her elemental affinity into the energy, the temperaments burst into flames. Isamy was in the range for a clear shot from her now.


With one word, the area right above the nameless girl became a display from hell itself.






A continuous series of flame pillars made out of lifeforce descended from the sky and threatened to burn down everything in the localized area around Isamy. The energy that the nameless girl was using was plentiful enough to make her onslaught to have a devastating potential, but in raw power, it still wouldn't compare to what the shinigami and Butlerok currently utilized. Even if she was capable of using focus fire with her pillars, it still wouldn't outdamage them.


And so, the option for her was to accept that fact and use the firestorm as a diversion. The swords that she had summoned hovered around her, readying themselves for a more focused assault on Isamy.


"Since you've entrusted everything to me, it's fine if I get your former boss to follow you too, right?


Well, it's not really an option. Both of you deserved some rest already."


#7101707 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 26 May 2018 - 06:29 AM


"Hey, hey, watch where you're going with that!"

As Angelica was focusing her lasers n her attempt to try hitting Bethany, Louis and Basabth decided to join the fray and attack her directly. Many tendrils exploded from all direction, and Angelica had to shift into her Seraph mode on the fly to even be able to dodge them on the fly. But, that was not all, as the spikes would expand whenever they grow and became near with her, leading towards Basabth itself manifesting from them in its attempt to cut her apart. Angelica blocked with her arm, which got cut off cleanly by the shadow creature, but she was able to pick the arm back up and digested it back into herself while absorbing the blow to power Paraiso. Just in time too, as she ended up failing to dodge one of Bethany's ice shard attacks, who tore a hole through her even after she used Paraiso's energy absorber to mitigate it. Grumbling, Angelica attempted to patch the hole the best she could as she brought out her sword and start going forward with her thrusters fully active in an attempt to hack apart Louis with the blade, while her funnels managed to dodge Bethany's shards and continued their attempt to keep Bethany busy.


At the same time, the barrier around the dining hall shattered, revealing new arrivals to the party. Angelica recognized none of them, but she honestly couldn't give a shit about their identity right now. If they're with the enemy, she would bring them down, and if they're with her, she would be glad to have them around. That's just simple.



"Didn't seem like the ideal way to regroup and deal with a problem, but I suppose that this was desperate enough for such a measure to be necessary."


The white-demon lord maintained his smile with the rest of his group as they ascended over the stairs. He was always just thinking that he would not be around meddling in the affair of mortals anymore and that he would be able to continue her existence as someone that had no bearing to the mundane world, but regrouping with his old associates this way were not bad at all. He thought of making small talk with the others as they go, but with the seriousness of the situation, he'd just let his smile deal with that for him. It didn't take long until the four of them reached the rooftops, only to see it covered by a black bubble born out of magic. Even Nero had to grumble at that sight.

"Time bubble, huh? I see that they really are desperate now."


This shouldn't be all that much for the four to handle. Nero walked to the side, and let Morgan lead in the way of dealing with the situation as she would see fit.


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#7098789 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 07 May 2018 - 09:36 PM


"Yer lily-white skin is soon gonna be dripping red with blood,"


"Try me, you dastards!"


While going around and healing people as necessary, Ciela attracted the attention of several of the barbarians. One of them swung his axe towards her and Remy's direction, but before it could hit either of them, Fate decided something else, and an arrow landed on on him in a way that caused him to teeter off balance so that the swing was a lot easier to dodge. For good measure, Ciela had Remy kick and stomp on him for a bit to make a point afterwards. Another bandit soon attacked her, but he also fell to the ground due to a sudden arrow. It truly was divine providence. Another one attempted to do the same until he took an arrow to the knee. Again and again Ciela made her point by kicking and stomping on the fallen bandits whenever possible.


"If you want to get a taste of me, come here and catch me!"


At this point she realized that she was tempting fate, and now had decided to retreat, after the immediate threats to her had been disabled (whether they got killed by Remy or not remained unclear). Ciela decided to run towards the princesses again, only to find Link in the middle of a brutal brawl, and two axemen going towards Catriona and Penelope's position. Unsure on what she should do for the time being, Ciela decided to inch herself closer to Link and cast a healing spell on him as he continued to beat the lancer senseless.


#7097813 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 01 May 2018 - 05:30 AM

"Capable of defeating even a spear that manipulates causality itself...Guess this is about just expected from an opponent of this caliber."

Gae Bolg had been stopped in its track by its only weakness - the spear itself. Reimu watched as it was crushed into nothingness. There was nothing else that could be done about it, and Reimu started to drift away from Byakuya's presence as she thought about what she would do next, until something happened. Hollow Isamy had chosen this time to be active of all time. In quick succession, people fell as Isamy utilized her now power. Reimu knew nothing about the power. She only knew that it was called "Void Inclusion" followed by what she assumed to be someone's name. Yet, as the pair of giant revolvers manifested on Hollow Isamy's hands, an inexplicable feeling of anger awakened inside of Reimu.

Feeling the black orb spinning near her, Reimu's emotions pushed her to act. As several pillars of light came crashing down towards Dorian as fired by Byakuya, Reimu summoned several barriers to block each of their trajectory before they could hit. While some were able to miss a direct hit with the barrier and continue on its way, the ones that hit the barrier squarely would find themselves stopped in their tracks. The barriers on their own were not strong or impenetrable, but they instead serve as portals. Like how she was able to ensure a safe passage to Gae Bolg  earlier, the barriers absorbed the lasers completely before Reimu summoned a second set of barriers right  in front of her.

With a flick from her hand, the attacks from Byakuya that hit the barriers directly were fired at Isamy instead as a continuous stream of golden energy.

"I'm not that talented as that hag in regard to this, but...if it's to erase just you, I'll use any cheap tricks I can figure out."


It would be far from enough, but right now Reimu had set her eyes on Isamy herself to be her sole target in the battle.

Once the result of the Gae Bolg had been determined, Bel had already continued to move on top of a resummoned Sleipnir. Isamy had awakened and attacked, at the cost of their allies, and she continued to attack. While Bel was not in the trajectory of any of those, it just felt right for him to continue moving as to reposition himself into a more advantageous position. Right now it seemed that the sole target to defeat was Isamy herself as well as her remaining herald on top of her, but he was unsure yet about what sort of something would he be able to utilize. Perhaps he could try calling for Ishtar once more? She did feel like a strangely familiar old acquaintance of his, but at the same time something told him that Ishtar would be less than pleased if she's pulled out as often as he was pulling her out this time. He could perhaps prepare for Cu once more, but that would only be effective on the herald assuming that he could prepare the strike unnoticed. And Jeanne would be useful, but he wouldn't be able to get into position to block the warheads being fired.


Maybe a more conventional demon then? Using his COMP, he went through his compendium up and brought Amaterasu back forth. It was a weird feeling, being able to tinker with the existence of a divine entity like this, but at the same time it sure was more convenient than the Heroic Spirits, in a strange way. Within Amaterasu's itself, there was nothing out of the ordinary that he had included in her kit. Right now though, her reliability might just be what he needed. Bel stopped as he went closer to Isamy. Several hundred feet above ground, a large sphere of light formed above Amaterasu. It was as if it's the sun itself, with how overflowing of magnetite the goddess currently was.




The miniature sun homed in towards Isamy, set to explode and bathe the area in almighty light. Rather than fancy tricks, perhaps the answer really was just brute force.



"Somehow...we did it? Did it really succeed?"


Still dazed and unsure about the exacts of what happened earlier, Satori descended back to Darcy's arms as the existence of the mind calling itself Metarchus ceased. She wasn't sure about how exactly did she manage to do it, but the rush of energy from both herself and Darcy managed to overcome the herald's defenses. She saw off what was left of Metarchus flying over towards Isamy on top of the dragon he summoned. Right...for just a moment she saw the overwhelming consciousness of a dragon during the Recollection.


"Let's retreat for now. I'm not in the position to use another Recollection, and you are drained too after supporting me. With only Byakuya and Isamy left, we can relax a little bit more for now."


As she said that, Satori let her consciousness drift into the area, focusing her entire effort on one thing. Now that Metarchus had ceased, finding Koishi became her priority. So far, no signs of her sister's consciousness could be detected, and there was no sign of unnatural emptiness that would be there if Koishi closed off her eyes too. Of course, there was a simple answer that could explain it, but Satori was trying her best to not accept it as an answer just yet.


Being busied by her own goal, Satori could not detect the presence of an attack coming towards her and Darcy's location.







#7096996 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 25 April 2018 - 10:58 AM


"....Damn it...!"


They were in no position to clear the corpses in one volley of fire right now, and more and more corpses came to attack the group. Even worse was how the door didn't even realize the direness of the situation and took its sweet time in opening itself.  Anis wanted to shoot these corpses with her arrow, but those didn't do much to them. At the same time, Gilly ended up doing something reckless again, and she was now busy struggling against one of those corpses, while another was approaching her.


"By the gods, why didn't she use her magic anyway?"


Mumbling to herself, Anis drew her short sword and went towards the the corpse approaching Gilly and attempted to cut it up with a swing. If she was lucky she might be able to decapitate it, if not...well, it's hardly the worst thing happened to her in this journey.


#7094106 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 11 April 2018 - 12:11 PM


"That was nice of you."


The puzzle was solved by Lindow in the end after a while of tinkering. It seemed that it did trigger the door to open, albeit on a really slow pace. Anis started to worry about the situation on the surface already as she watched it open. But before all that could pass, something happened. From the coffins, several figures rose up and went towards the group. The smell, and their look made it feel that they were all supposed to be reanimated corpses in some form. Which would mean Anis' poison repertoire wouldn't work on them. She grabbed her bow and arrow, and started to aim.


"I'll cover this side, then!"



#7093622 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 09 April 2018 - 08:50 AM


"Hell's even happening here?"


Angelica let out an audible groan by the time Matilda announced her plan and the end of the tournament. She was just starting to feel content about her loss and now this Matilda had to come and ruin her fun. All that she wanted was just to participate in the tournament to have a chance to meet her sister again, not to get into this mess. Well, admittedly Angelica spent her time being too spirited about the battles themselves, but even so...


"Now.  Choose."


"First of all, I don't bleed. Sorry to disappoint you."


One of the contestant had taken Matilda's offer. Well, that was not what Angelica expected, but it's not something she personally found to be against. The mess Matilda caused on the dining room was sure gruesome and needless however. It somewhat ruined Angelica's mood even further.


"Second, why now? Could you at least wait until the tournament is over? That's just very very rude of you." Where's Lace, anyway? Angelica wondered whether the swordsmaster was in any way fine. Angelica had no interest in what Matilda offered. No, especially not the notion of being the lackey of someone else.


If Matilda's the one that's going to lick Angelica's shiny metal feet then Angelica might consider her offer, but as it stands now, like hell she would.


"And third, go to hell with your offer."


#7091928 Cherry Heart: A Quest-based RP [OOC/Accepting/Co-hosted by Skaia]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 01 April 2018 - 09:38 PM

Alright, this might not end up be as detailed as I'd like, but hopefully you guys are fine with this.

Though before that, a bit of a disclaimer. This is not a final decision by any means. The apps will only be slated for judgment starting next week. Editing and improving the apps could be done before 10th of April.














Though, that said...


While it's 100% a complete coincidence, 4/6 of the new apps so far has a similar feel to them regarding their characterization and motivation. It probably won't affect my judgment, but I do feel wary about it. Don't take this as me wanting you guys to change your apps, but it's mostly an observation.


Please do tell if I made any wrong judgment in my assessments, and thank you for applying to Cherry Heart!

#7091706 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 01 April 2018 - 04:39 AM


As the dragon girl was happy with how her attack went, she was then surprised by Angela’s next attack. As the blue haired girl with the spear charged at her, Xia held up her guard to defend against the attack. However, despite even seeing the attack as it happened, Xia couldn’t actually make sense of what happened, as the spear managed to snake its way through her arms that she was holding up, piercing her in the chest. Wincing, feeling some pain from the attack, Xia’s smile remained as she said, “see, you got a lot of super cool magic things you can do!” After saying that, the girl then went for an uppercut against Angela now that she was in optimal punching range.

Using her ability again, the punch went through Angela as if she wasn’t there, and Angela used that moment to summon three phantom spears and rain them down on Xia again before she blasted herself away using another wind shot. Only then would she feel the effect of Xia’s uppercut, gritting her teeth at the force that suddenly happened.


“You’re really strong, Xia.”


As Angela launched herself away, Xia held up her arms, bracing herself and guarding against the sudden flurry of wind spears. As they ended, the girl lowered her arms saying, “aww thanks! You must be really strong too Angela. I’ve never seen someone not react to one of my punches before.”


“It’s just…” Angela was visibly sweating from the shock of receiving so much force directly out of nowhere. “Your punches are amazing.”


“Really? Thanks! People back home used to tell me I had a, um, ‘hell of an arm,’ I think? But thanks Angela.” Looking proud of herself she then said, “oh, oh, your spear is also really awesome. I thought I blocked but it still stabbed me!”


“Yeah, it’s pretty hard to block. Kind of a waste for someone like me though.” Just as Angela answered Xia, the room they were in shook really hard. Something was happening outside it seemed, but it wasn’t clear what. It was as if an earthquake happened, but the answer didn’t appear until the ceiling was pierced by a lighting bolt that almost managed to hit Angela. A large beast had apparently assaulted the platform they were in and were now trying to get in.

That was quite worrying.


“What was that?” It’s not like she’d be able to die here, but the beast still alerted Angela. She turned at Xia, her expression asking her on what she should do.


“I don’t know?” The girl shrugged, equally clueless. Walking over to one of the openings in the box they were in, the girl looked outside of it, only now realizing the box was moving, and in the air. An awestruck expression crossed her face as she tried to move out of the box, only for an invisbile wall to stop her way. Trying to push against it, the girl then saw a familiar looking beast fly near the door, looking straight at Xia.


As the girl stared back it, she was suddenly struck by a bolt of plasma into the girl, knocking her away from the door and damaging her. All the same, the girl’s expression looked more happy than before as she said, “it’s a dragon!”


“Seriously?” Now that’s actually worrying. Although, it should simply be a stage hazard rather than something she had to defeat and the real deal like Xia herself, but even then it seemed that the situation became more unfavorable for her.


“So uh, we should still continue our fight, right?”


“Oh yeah!” The girl nodded. “When this stuff happens, I’m pretty sure we’re still supposed to fight in spite of it. So, here I come.”


Crouching down, the girl winded back her fist, before moving towards Angela. Only this wasn’t a running charge. Xia sprung off her legs, essentially leaping at Angela, punching when she got into range.


“Well then, let’s do this!” Angela managed to narrowly dodge the punch by ducking and rolling forward, feeling a bit of the ripple from the sheer power of the punch. Another lightning bolt struck down at the time, almost hitting Angela directly. At this point, Angela brought up her Heaven Holes and pulled out several arms from them to lock Xia in place for a second or two, before attempting to fire a volley of phantom spears towards her.


Xia was incredibly confused as arms reached out towards her, which allowed them to grapple onto her in that moment. While the girl didn’t seem all that bothered by it, outside of the raw oddity of it, she then noticed that Angela was beginning to summon a large quantity of spears to hit her. Not wanting to be speared, the dragon girl flexed her arms, breaking free of the strange grasp, bringing up her arms in a defensive posture to defend against the attack.


Xia’s block managed to stop her from taking the brunt of the spears, but Angela used the moment to start charging thrusts for the preparation of her next finisher. In the meantime, three pairs of arms manifested from the holes behind her, and fired a series of projected spears towards Xia all while Angela tries to find a hole or provoke Xia to attack her again.

Standing her ground against the attack, Xia looked behind her to see another set of spears flying towards her. While she couldn’t turn to block the attack, she raised her tail up, lashing it out against spears, attempting to stop them with raw force. Looking to Angela, seeing her charge something up, the dragon girl started to match her in kind, charging a familiar magical force across her arm.


“Another one…”


Angela could feel just how destructive the attack was, but at the same time, it was the prime opportunity for her to actually launch an attack and hit her squarely. Ideally though, she would need to not be hit by the attack.

“Alright!” She fired another volley as she attempted to go around Xia, trying to find a potential hole in her guard. The charging for her Shooting Hundred Head continued. Xia’s tail was a big issue, but there should be a blind spot somewhere. In the end, she ended up striking forward from Xia’s left side, using a large burst of wind to hit forward, and launch a direct hit of her attack.


“Shooting Hundred Heads!”


While Xia kept her charge going, Angela had continued to move on the run, firing more spears at her. Not stopping, but not using her hands to block it, Xia merely pivoted on her side, using her tail to sweep the spears out of the air before they could hit her. As Angela finished, she charged at the dragon girl declaring her super move. Her face lighting up in both surprise, wonder and thrill, Xia responded in kind. “Uh, Super Magic Punch!” Calling the name of her own move, Xia went to intercept Angela’s attack with her own, punching right at the girl.


Right. This had happened before. Just like against Elijah. And now there really was only one way for her to continue. Angela sighed. She really was bad at learning from her mistakes. As the full brunt of Xia’s attack hit her, Angela uttered a few words, and the attack somehow phase through her. Unfazed by Xia’s attempt of blocking her, Angela thus was able to land her attack perfectly. It was a hundred spear thrusts done in the span of one, an intense drilling maneuver that could even pierce bedrock without much effort. Before long, Angela pushed herself away from Xia, somehow not seemingly damaged by Xia’s full-force attack.


Five minutes left.


#7091689 YCM Reform: Remove Necrobump Rule

Posted by Maeriberii Haan on 01 April 2018 - 03:13 AM

The concern in RP is not that, it's just that sometime random people would bump ancient threads up and give false impressions that it might be accepting, and such.


In general I believe it won't be an issue if something is necrobumped with actual new content, but the line of what's actually acceptable needs to be well-defined.

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