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Maeriberii Haan

Maeriberii Haan

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[CFV Standard] V-Tachikaze

10 July 2018 - 12:47 AM

Man, Tachi is super expensive now.


Grade 0 (17):

x1 Dragon Egg

x4 Archbird (Draw, Perfect Guard)

x1 Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo

x4 Savage Shaman (Heal)

x4 Black Cannon Tiger (Crit)

x3 Savage Aggressor (Crit)


Grade 1 (13):

x4 Vicious Claw Dragon Laceraterex

x4 Winged Dragon, Skyptero

x4 Sonic Noa

x1 Winged Dragon, Beamptero


Grade 2 (10):

x2 Savage Raider

x4 Assault Dragon, Blightops

x4 Ravenous Dragon, Megarex


Grade 3 (10):

x4 Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex

x4 Tyrant, Deathrex

x2 Savage King


Trigger is where I'm most iffy at. I haven't been able to test much, but I think Kagero and OTT would be my primary concern. I think Front would help push me through OTT's stack of cards and clinch the match up, but it just sound meh against Kagero.


As much as Tachi eats through the deck, I really can't justify not running draws. Getting Gigarex or any of the primary combo cards fast is super vital. Kinda considered to run 5 or 6 draws, even. Attempt Mammoth is something that I really wanted to use, but the G2 slot is too tight already with Megarex and Blightops being amazing and Raider being a solid enabler.


But yeah, still only just returned, so I don't have much idea on what I'm doing here.

[CHQ] Narrow Margin

29 April 2018 - 03:31 AM





"Exactly thirteen days before Midsummer, when the great Sun disappears from the horizon, the Midgardsormr will disappear deep in the ocean of trees."


By the time the members of Cherry Heart that had chosen to investigate the matter in the Arbolia Line arrived at the railway's office in the city of Cathaya, they were greeted by a letter framed in gold borders just inside of the office. In the middle of the room, one tense-looking man sighed with relief when he saw the group's arrival. He quickly fixed his tie and wore his hat more properly before standing up. The room itself was small, but it was filled with so many paperworks as well as different miniature models of trains adorning it.


"Thank you for coming here! You are the first guild that had answered my company's call for help, and I couldn't feel more grateful for your appearance here." The man spoke with a dignified, but still elated voice, losing the tension that he used to showcase earlier.

"I am Walter Neall, the head of the Arbolia Line Company. It is a pleasure to meet the four of you." He continued, bowing at the four. His mannerism was very polite so far, and he didn't seem to question the capabilities of he four guildmembers.


"I am aware that your guild is not renowned yet, but any help that I can get is very appreciated. Please, do have a seat. We still have around one hour before departure."


Two claps, and from the outside of the room, several maids came inside and provided the four present guildmembers with their seats. In addition, they were also served a cup of herbal tea not long afterwards.


"Make yourself as comfortable as you need to. As you have read on the notice I posted, ever since one month ago there had been a copious amount of letters coming on every single one of our trains' trips. It had gotten to the point where our customers had started to avoided us.


I am quite adamant that these letters are merely empty threats, but their impact is quite irritatingly, very real. The promised date is in two days. The train should be in the middle of the ocean going to Oriad by then. I am not sure what do they mean by the "ocean of trees", but it would do us a lot of good if you can capture the culprit that spread these letters when the promised day hits, to prove that it's all empty words.


It's quite simple, isn't it?"

Walter's words were eloquent and lacking in doubt, although an astute observer should notice that he was seemingly hesitant on explaining more than that about the threat. There were still one hour before the train departed. The guildmembers should be able to ask Walter for more information, relax, or explore the train station for further clues.


Hours before the promised time: 51.


Batman Ninja

01 December 2017 - 11:39 AM


Just...watch the trailer.


Studio that animated it is the one that made the Jojo OPs, and the staffs are looking really solid.


Will this really start the age of CG anime?

Either way, I'm hyped. I love the expressions already here.


22 October 2017 - 11:02 AM


[CHQ] A Story Just For You

07 July 2017 - 08:53 AM





Prunus Countryside, one hour past midday.

The guildmembers from Cherry Heart departed as soon as the transport was ready, and without taking a long time, they would find themselves already staring at the famed sight of Prunus' vast farmlands that seemed to stretch for eternity aside from the occasional modest farmer houses and the odd trees here and there. It took around half an hour on the bumpy countryside road until the sight of a peculiar mansion rose on the horizon, standing out over everything else in the area. While it wasn't really the fanciest mansion around, compared to the small buildings nearby it was quite worlds apart.


Soon they would find themselves on the gates, on where the guard of the mansion asked the driver regarding their business, and once that was sorted out, the guildmembers would be dropped there and be greeted by a man in butler outfit.


“Wonderful, quite a splendid timing! You must be from Cherry Heart. My name is Jacques, the head servant of this place, but much to my regret, there is only so little time for idle chitchat right now. Come, the mage has been waiting.”


Only giving a little time for the guildmembers to rest, Jacques urged them to follow him inside. Quickly treading through the corridors, the guildmembers would notice the vastness of the insides, yet there was little time to explore right now, and not long afterwards, the group reached one of the primary bedrooms, where they would meet a flowery-looking man in white sitting besides a bed. Getting closer would made them notice the unconscious pink-haired girl lying on the bed - her face constantly changing between a state of bliss and contorted horrified expression.


“My my...I did not expect the volunteer group to arrive so quickly. But it's all for the better, all for the better~” The man looked quite awfully cheery as he greeted them. “Indeed, indeed. I am the one that asked you all to come here~

See, I am hired by this family to help find a way for this girl to be cured from her eternal nightmare, and while I have a way to do it...it seems nobody wanted to volunteer themselves to enter her. My neck and reputation is at stake here...so since you're now all here, why don't we chat a bit before I send you all inside?

Perhaps you folks would be quite curious on how would it even be possible to travel into someone's mental world?”


On the dream mage's command, the mansion servants had brought in a few small tables and chairs while some others also brought in a full teaset and cookies too. It seemed that the dream mage was quite close to the servants here for some reasons despite him should be a stranger to them all. Still, even with the strangeness, so far he was being quite courteous. Perhaps it's best to find out more regarding him, his magic, or the sleeping beauty over there before they embark on their mission?