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Today, 01:45 AM


Aleithe was displeased at the decision to have both himself and Leon be on the same group, but he understood the reason why and accepted his leader's decision. Yue would be able to provide cover for both of the group's riders well, while Layne would prevent Rona from killing herself in one of her suicidal charges, and not to mention the current infiltration team were the one that had the most mobility in moving indoors. Still, Aleithe wished that he was able to watch over the distraction team since it's the most vulnerable of the group right now.

"Sounds like there's two of them over there. Let's try to take 'em out quickly, so that they can't tell anyone else we're here. Let's get going."


"Leon, you and Aleithe should head towards the back... I'll support Cassia."


Well, they sure lost that element of surprise quite soon. Cassia went in for an attack and got herself exposed, and Ada had to move forward early to cover for her. This left them with Aleithe and Leon, having to decide what to do next. Aleithe himself was fine with Leon deciding what he should do next, but the situation wouldn't let them have the opportunity to strategize anymore. Well, while Ada and Cassia deal with the closest enemies, Aleithe decided to follow Ada's suggestion and moved forward, though also making sure that he didn't stay visible on the corridors for long.


"Leader, doesn't this remind you of the past somewhat?"


It actually had been a while since Aleithe actually fought side to side on foot with Leon like this. He used to do it more on the early days, but now it didn't happen as much as the Falcons grew. Sure was nice to to fight together with someone so reliable once more, back to back.




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Today, 01:01 AM

dagger marisa, please. As much as I'd love an accessible wo dao fodder more swords, we have too many of them. If Eirika can use Gleipnir, why can't Marisa get a dagger?

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Today, 12:32 AM


What a joke.


So this was Rayquaza, the lord of the skies? Supposed leader of the legendaries, and protector of all dwelling under Heaven? His voice instilled fear into Tianzi. His display of power that radiated from his very being felt like it could disintegrate someone as weak as Tianzi at any moments. Yet, the only thing that Tianzi wanted to do now was laugh. She would have laugh out louder than Rayquaza laughed earlier if she was not completely filled with anger now.


"The legends surely have grown complacent if their leader is this powerless."


Tianzi felt fear. Her legs were shaking. She knew that Rayquaza was far above Diancie, and would not even exert any effort if he so wished to wipe the group off. But she forced herself to look at Rayquaza. She forced herself to speak. She was barely able to restrain herself from attacking him, even knowing that it would be suicide.


"Surely, the great and mighty lord of the skies should have been able to deal with this issue personally. Yet I see no battle scars on you, while your similarly complacent comrades probably would have started to die one by one right now. Instead, you called this weakling here, into your palace."


Rayquaza was far above the bandits that ransacked her village, far from those that enslaved her. Far above those that had made her theirs, far above those that subjected her through various punishments throughout her life. Even if through her life Tianzi had made a point to stare back at anyone, even those that would easily kill her, Rayquaza was something else entirely. Maintaining composure before him was close to impossible. Even supported with her anger, Tianzi's voice started to crack. Even Taiga was able to handle the situation better than her, still with her overconfident mojo. Tianzi felt jealous of her. No matter how much she disliked her, Taiga was still a lot stronger than what Tianzi could reach now, and in this sort of situation, Taiga still managed to keep her head on her goal, however insignificant it was.


Or perhaps that was just an illusion? Taiga sure still could stand more confidently than Tianzi here nevertheless. Taiga was still even capable of giving her brand of pep talk to Isole in this situation, while Tianzi barely was able to think about anything other than her own anger and her worries. Being even more selfish than Taiga. That sure was an achievement.


"T-this sort of thing...those Godslayers, they surely sounded quite strong. Yet at the same time, I am quite adamant that they wouldn't attack if you legends didn't show how vulnerable you really are. A moment of weakness, exploited as an opening to instill chaos. As vile as they seemed to be, I couldn't help but wonder about whether perhaps it's for the best that the current order of legendaries are replaced. And even if say, we managed to remind your brethen of the danger at hand now, what would it change in the long run? None of them would walk among us even then, none of them would care about the people as they return to their complacency.


And thus this will just repeat again, give or take a few generations."


Scarlet voiced her resolve to Rayquaza. Just like the steel armor encasing her, Scarlet was steadfast. Her voice didn't crack a bit as she spoke of her wish to stop the chaos from continuing. Before her, Tianzi really was nothing.


"From when I was young, I've always thought that the legends were nothing more than overpowered pompous bastards only caring about their own status rather than the people. When I got older, I foolishly started to work on my goal to personally locate and assassinate each of you to entertain that fantasy, to entertain the hope that something might change that way. But I was weak, stupid, and I didn't even know that  there were others that wanted to do the same.


Now, faced with the opportunity to make a change happens, of course I will accept. Even if that means siding with those that I despise to my very core. I stopped caring about death a long while ago, so whatever the peril is, I don't care. I only cared about change and progress. Either I return you Legendaries to your past glory, or I decorate this castle with your head on a pike. I'm fine with either choice, but for now, I will choose to stop the Godslayers for you."


Without power, Tianzi's words lacked anything to back them up, especially against the symbol of power himself. Though perhaps, being able to say it might be a power in itself. It was dumb, and she might have doomed herself, but it sure was a relief to finally say all that to the one responsible for everything. Tianzi's anger dissipated considerably afterwards, and she turned to face the others, primarily Isole, as she waited for Rayquaza's response.


"Uh...pardon me for acting so erratically so far." Her voice was noticeably more girly and loose now. "I had been tagging with you three the past few days, yet I ended up not contributing much, if at all. With us going for the same goal now, I will do my best to support you three in anything from now on."


She turned to Rayquaza again.

"Of course, that is if I survive here."


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Today, 12:30 AM


The initial volleys didn't quite manage to get the scorpions off the group, and now two of them were so close towards them. Anis' barrage itself barely managed to do significant damage to the beast. Anis' attention went towards the one approaching Gilly, who zoned out at the most inappropriate moment.


 "Would you mind aiding me with my friend here?!"


Lindow was quicker to act, and had already slammed his scimitar into the beast, pushing him away from Gilly and right towards Anis' and the others' direction. Anis quickly prepared her bow again, and fired at the scorpion's face head on while the range was still close.


"How hard do you think it would be to sever its pincers and stingers? Maybe legs, even? If we can't kill them fast enough, maybe we should figure out a way to disable them instead."


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damn it I should have just linked Cory.