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#7071084 Post an anime pic and I'll try to guess the source.

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#7069748 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

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"Well, not quite..."


Auburn really was as bad of a liar as Celica. Florentia was somewhat irritated that Auburn seemed to hide something from her, but she prevented herself from admonishing him for it. Keeping secrets sometimes weren't all that bad, perhaps. Flo continued to what Auburn had to say, until he instead shifted the topic into something else.


"On the other hand I've been wondering about you instead. What kind of training do you give for your request? I see it up thrice now but I don't think anyone's taken it so far."


"Purely physical and mental fortitude training, nothing more and nothing less." The training plan that Flo had prepared involved a gauntlet of running, swimming, among several other physically straining activities before the proper main meat of a survival session on a place that she had specially prepared. "It is a gauntlet that aims to push the limitations of a human's body. A challenge that figuratively turns boys into men. Then at the end of it, we will have a sparring session. Doesn't that sound nice?"


She was flat throughout while describing her training. She didn't end up explaining each parts of the training itself, perhaps because even someone like Flo could appreciate surprises.


After a while, Flo went to count the tally of the quests that had been chosen so far. Three people had chosen to go into the Rank Up quest, but the rest hadn't reached a clear decision yet. And so, Florentia ended up called the rest that didn't choose the rank up quest, among them was Dmitri, Auburn, Kasayee, and Mina.


"Right now, we are not in a position to proceed, as the current tally for the quest outside of the rank up still had not reached a decisive point yet. Two for the restoration project quest, one for the steam engine quest, and one seemingly undecided, among others.


Please decide with each other about which quests would you take."





#7067380 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Nanachi Ninanai on 10 January 2018 - 10:44 AM


The lack of news about the guildmembers taking a certain quest on the city's outskirts had caused a lot of worries following the next day, but their return by midday quelled all worries to be had. Thus, the day continued like usual, and by the next day the guild continued their activity as a fledgling adventurer's guild.


Days thus went and gone, marked with several departures of different guildmembers. The guild found itself smaller than ever, and ended up focusing to take smaller quests for the time being. In the meantime, the guild secretary Celica had asked for a week-long break for fatigue and injury related reasons allegedly, and the management of the guild had been taken over by Florentia completely. No major incidents happened through these days, and the guildmembers ended up with the time to properly know each other better. And thus, the guildmembers had developed a rhythm to follow in their new life in Cherry Heart.


This would last until the start of the second week.



"All of you had done a splendid job so far in building the foundations of the bright future of Cherry Heart."


It was morning assembly, and Florentia as usual had gathered the present guildmembers on the headquarter's main hall. Her words were as stiff and unemotional as ever, but her praise was genuine. Celica still hadn't returned yet, and while Florentia had some inkling about why, she had decided to not pursue the issue further for the time being.


"Today marks the day that we finally have become eligible to partake in the guild examination which would allow us to accept quests of higher rank. The content of the examination quest had not been disclosed, however words of mouth had mentioned that it involved retrieving a prized artifact named the Dragon Jewel from its resting place.


Our participation is necessary here if we wanted to be anything more than a startup guild. The quest demanded three to four of our members, and conflicts with other guilds would be inevitable. Please decide it among yourselves regarding who would apply in this quest. I will not be able to assist you by participating. The rest would continue taking other quests as normal.


Should any of you possessed any questions, it would be of your benefit to ask it now."


After her lengthy addressing, Flo went silent, observing the guildmembers and waiting for any potential questions to be asked. The building that they were in had seen a significant amount of change through the past week. While it was still far from fancy, and barely even qualified as habitable, a lot of work had been done in refurbishing its appearance, and the left side of the building had been repurchased. The plumbing had also been fixed, however internal baths were still far from being realized.  Further developments on the building might be best if they're made following the needs of the guildmembers, as the basics had mostly been covered now. However, Florentia decided to wait until they had decided regarding today's quests before she would talk about it.





#7067164 [CHQ] A Story Just For You

Posted by Nanachi Ninanai on 09 January 2018 - 11:51 AM


"Come and face me like true warriors! Do you think you have won when you blinded me?"


Ierne's thrashing of her surrounding lacked any rhythms to it, yet all were properly aimed towards where her enemies were. Despite being consumed by anger and hate and losing the function of her eyes, she still had her trained ears and some of her base instinct, allowing her to pinpoint the movement of the Cherry Heart guildmembers and guide her attacks. In particular, she was focused on the movements of the one she remembered as the inhuman-looking boy. Not that there were much dissimilarity between herself and him at this rate.


"Cowards! If you shall try granting death into this body, then face me head on!"


By taking control of this dreamscape for her last rampage, allowing her to hurt the trespassers, Ierne realized that she was simply a fake. A construct not even born from a buried memory, but from the malice of a scorned witch. A nightmare with the sole purpose to haunt someone. To tell a story that they didn't want to hear, even if such a story didn't exist in reality. In the end, she was fine with it. She was true to her design, becoming the tyrant that her creator wanted her to be. Her end would be near. She could feel that she was gradually losing her stamina as the exertion she forced herself into became more and more real. She decided to not go down without taking the rest with her.


She could feel one of her projectiles almost hitting Ro, and with it as her guide, she rushed with a sudden burst of speed towards that direction and slammed her sword right to the ground. However, there were no sounds of flesh being sliced, nor gasps of reacting to someone's death. Once again, after many of such tries, she missed her mark.


"Why don't you attack? All of you wanted to kill me, so just try it!"


Her words became more laced with frustration the more she missed her mark, yet she ended up smiling. Partaking in such a destructive act made her feel like this fake life of hers was more than what it was. The more she tore down the streets, the more buildings she demolished in her missed shots, she felt more and more alive. She didn't know a thing about the real Ierne, but she wondered whether she would feel the same too with her.


After all, one's worst nightmare would be something that was based from something in reality.


However, at that point, she lost track on where the rest of the group were until she ended up hearing some faint whispers. Ro ended up merely being a distraction rather than someone that genuinely attempted to combat her, and the rest were figuring out a plan by now. Preparing for another volley of projectiles, Ierne took aim, trying to empty her mind for a moment to pinpoint the exact location of the whisper-like sounds. However, before that could happen, she felt as if there were a rain of something clanging on her armor, ruining her focus with the sound they make.


“Prism Magic: Shining Storm!”


What little was unprotected on Ierne drew blood from the persistent rain of prisms, but her armor withstood the barrage without much issues. Such minimal flesh wound would not deter her. Her focus returning, she located where the attack name was declared, and brought her sword down.


At least, that was what she would have done.


Those seconds of distraction ended up being fatal. Just as Dmitri's storm started to cease, Mina had thrown Auburn's flask towards Ierne, whose instincts and remaining senses barely able to notice it until it was too late. The flask broke by the time she realized what happened, and the next second, Ierne was consumed in flames as the deafening sound of explosion consumed the area.


"Curse you all...the fate of these lands wouldn't change without..."


Those that were able to see as the fake king burned saw that her broken down body still produced a smile even as she uttered her last words. As more and more of Ierne burned to ash, the flames grew larger and larger from her loss of control of the dreamscape, and when the last of her armor dropped to the ground, the flames simply exploded, consuming the entire city within it.


However, rather than finding themselves on a similar fate to Ierne, they would find themselves on the same city of Taxus as the one Auburn and Dmitri visited before. Before them, a woman lay on the ground. Her hair was white and her attire was both regal and profane with several decorations harkening to foul magics. After their long search, they managed to find the witch that caused all these headaches. In the meantime, as the witch's control of his mind ceased to be, Myrdain slowly gained his vigor back, growing younger and younger from the state he was found by Dmitri, until he looked as young as when the guildmembers first met him. He rose up on his own and reached for the witch. Shaking his head at her sorry state now, without a word he made several gestures on the air, and wrapped the witch in a coffin-like construct made out of rose thorns. Who was that witch? Without that even getting any answers, everything ceased to be.


And then everything turned dark.



"Breakfast time would be up soon, but first, I would need to clarify on some things."


When the group regained their consciousness, it was already morning. They would find some bandages on their body, seemingly covering injuries that had since been healed, and that each of them were on a bed wearing plain white clothing. Their proper clothing and belongings were neatly folded on the side of their bed. The one greeting them was Myrdain himself rather than Jacques the head butler. On the distance, they could see Mira was busy playing with Myrdain's familiar, chasing it around as if it's a cat.


"First of all..." The next moment they would notice the existence of a neatly bundled something, wrapped completely with roses' thorns, a familiar sight for the guildmembers. Once he was sure that they noticed the bundle, Myrdain continued. "Her name is uh...Gerda. She's just a witch that manipulated her way into this household, pretending to be poor Mira's long dead mother. She targeted me because I ended up figuring her trick after giving her husband his dream order, and she proved to be quite more than what I expected. Once again, I couldn't thank you all enough for saving Mira and me." There were things that Myrdain seemed to be hesitant on saying, but he didn't waste time to continue talking.


"Second, she caused a wagon accident on your way here, allowing you to be in a vulnerable enough position for her to try taking control. She didn't want to kill you as that would raise suspicion about her activities here. Instead, she wanted the four of you to clear this quest in the way she wanted, so that no further attention would be paid by unwarranted parties here."


Jacques approached him at that time, whispering something to Myrdain. He smiled at it, and returned his attention to the four not long after. "Third and most important, breakfast is ready. Come, Jacques will escort you to the dining hall. The four of you deserved the best for what you've done."



And so, the quest officially ended by daytime, with the four guildmembers being escorted out after being given their rewards. Myrdain had doubled the promised monetary reward for letting things go way out of his control with the wagon incident and what it led to, and they were given one Dream Souls each, leaving the group with 4. He explained it as his own invention - a magical artifact allowing the dreamer to be fully aware in their own dream and affect and manipulate it to their own liking, activated just by hugging the soft ball-like strange object while going to sleep.

In the end, despite the setbacks, the quest was over without further incidents, and the group returned safely to the headquarters. They would feel that Myrdain was hiding an awful lot of things still regarding the incident, and about himself and the alleged witch. However, due to their fatigue, it might not be an immediate concern yet. And should the four of them try finding anything in the history of the different generations of Fraxinus, they would fail in finding any mentions of a king named Ierne. She was not the only female king through the kingdom's history, but none of them were her.


As the day on the guild continued on like normal, a strange fluffy creature locked its stare on the guild building before disappearing into the nearby bushes.




#7066242 I Feel So Attacked Right Now

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#7065174 [OOC][PG-16][Started][Not Accepting] Persona: Philosophy of Man | Co-hosted b...

Posted by Nanachi Ninanai on 30 December 2017 - 10:33 AM

Alright, finally finished my app. Since white-texting is so hard now that the edgy theme exists, just note that anything underneath a line inside of a spoiler tag would be spoilers regarding her actual self.


Oh yeah, persona identity is concealed for several reasons but i hope it's obvious enough.



#7064778 [OOC][PG-16][Started][Not Accepting] Persona: Philosophy of Man | Co-hosted b...

Posted by Nanachi Ninanai on 28 December 2017 - 03:42 AM

This is what I was already doing.  The difference is I was marking turn count and using speed stat to determine who would post before one another.  My posts will always address each individual player's actions.  That won't be an issue.


Err, not that. I think. My suggestion was more about the structure of what is done in discord rather than the structure of each turns.


How should I say it...


Alright, so let's say the party encounters a shadow with a speed of 7, while the party has 8, 10, and 6 Speed/Agi.


So we make a short session in discord first for each whole turns, consisting on like.


-Player with 10 Speed say he's going to do this this and this

-Host mentions the effect of his action

-Player with 8 speed mentions his actions

-Repeat step 2

-Host moves the shadow to attack, mentions the effects of the action

-Player with 6 speed mentions his actions


Something barebones like that is what I mean to serve as what I think needs to be done in discord. Basically it's like doing the encounter before actually writing it into the IC.

#7064771 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

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"Not joining the others?"


"I'm fine being here. Ileca needs me more now anyway."


Away from the rest while they happily interacted with each other, Anis and Shirin were conversing with each other as they watched over a sleeping Ileca. Earlier Ileca started to slow down a lot before passing out, and Anis found out of quite a few wounds that her partner never told her about. Those wounds had been dealt with now, but at the same time, it was a reminder that the two of them really were living close to the end now.


"Ileca is an old bird. A Kukurubo like her would've been lucky if they could hit 20, but Ileca's still very healthy even now despite of her age. Probably could give the rest of her herd a run of their money even now."


"That's why she really wanted for you to be a Chosen?"

"Perhaps. She did say that she wanted to go to places that she never saw, eat things that she never ate, all together with me. Or maybe she just wanted us to die together by going here."


"You sure about that?"


"it's not like I'm long for this world either. We'll just see how far we can go until we can pass on and join the others." Anis paused for a moment. The image of her husband and chidren passed through her, as well as the rest of her tribe. Herd of Kukurubos beng guided through the plains, and a younger her meeting with Ileca for the first time. Those images from her past brought a smile on her face.


"In that case, go join the others. I'll watch over Ileca in the meantime. If you're not long for this world, isn't it a good time for you to make new memories rather than living your old ones?" Shirin slithered away from Anis' side and later coiled itself near Ileca. Anis wanted to say something in response to the snake spirit at first, but seeing how it looked at her, Anis merely responded with a nod and a tired smile before getting up and leaving.


Even at her old age, Ileca was still interested in trying out new things like using a sword. Perhaps Anis should follow her footsteps too.


#7063747 [OOC][PG-16][Started][Not Accepting] Persona: Philosophy of Man | Co-hosted b...

Posted by Nanachi Ninanai on 24 December 2017 - 12:19 AM

Right, now that I'm actually returning to RPs, I'll voice my interest here.


Probably gonna do Moon.

#7063728 Two heterosexual Irish men marry to avoid inheritance tax on property

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To be fair, true friendship is the best kind of love.

#7059976 Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion

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by the love of god, what the fuck.




so this is the boss of LS now.

#7059036 the above user should have been _____

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evolved to golduck already


get your hyaku shiki bling on damnit

#7057279 if you still use a design ive made post in this thread

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still kept a few things you made for use in other places i guess

#7054839 Rennac's Master Plan

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little did rennac knows, L'arachel is a saint compared to the hell he just inflicted to himself.

#7054615 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

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"An empty vessel.  Yet you fight for a reason I cannot see.  Will you tell me why as we dance in Gabriel's Flame?"


"Was there really anything to see? I fight because I am alive. Because I exist, not as a tool to create an artificial peace, but as an individual of my own."


The flames engulfed the arena, slowly inching towards the unconscious Lace and Mango. Even if it was just a normal flame, it would be worrying enough, but Angelica couldn't actually detect the composition of this flame. It seemed that it really was a supernatural, holy flame. In that case, she wouldn't have five minutes. She had to force the miracle to happen faster, before either of the two became ashes, and before her set-


Choros went to charge at her, blade at hand. Detaching her tassels beforehand, Angelica blocked the angel's blade with her own sword. Normally she would've used this opportunity to rain lasers at Choros, but she was conserving her energy for the miracle she was waiting for. The fact that she's not composed with the entirety of her materials now only made the issue worse - she wouldn't last longer blocking Choros before her arm broke. With her other arm, Angelica fired a concentrated but short blast towards Choros before her thrusters was activated to shift her towards the sides. The tassels she had detached earlier manifested into copies of her own sword, and with a hand signal, were all brought down at Choros, attacking him as independent drones.

How many time she had left? Should she save Lace and Mango first? But that would risk Choros hitting her while she lowered her guard. In that case, she would need to finish him off before he could kill the two. She made it sound a lot easier than how it would be in practice. Just as always.


"A machine given life that I am. Once an artificial angel, but it has been long since I've fallen. I did not regret anything about that though. I'd rather be this kind of creature, defiled and unholy, rather than a mindless body devoted to instill order.


For yourself, have you ever felt it? Desire, feelings of pride, or the feeling of anger?"


Angelica summoned a copy of Ohr on her left hand before rushing towards Choros again. If he wanted a dance, then a dance he shall get. One slash, two slash, that would be her motion here. Flowing like water, and not forcing herself to block Choros' attack when she could dodge if possible.


"Desire pushes one to move forward, for it gives us a goal to achieve." One horizontal slash. If she could keep this rhythm, it would be ideal. "Anger pushes us to overcome any obstacle we might see in the completion of that goal." Barely stopping, it was followed by a double slash using both swords. "And a sense of pride prevents us from stopping, for giving up would disgrace it. Our pride defines us. It gives us meaning. Our actions, our relations, if without a feeling of pride, then they're nothing but empty gestures.


I'll say it again! To live is to be proud of one's existence!" Using all of her thrusters, Angelica pushed forward with both of her swords for a full power stab with both of her swords. The image of her remaining sister flashed before her, pushing her to increase the output of her thrusters.


"If it's a dance you want, then that's what you'll get. Come, let's dance the last dance! Whether it's for you or for myself, I'll make sure one ends here!"