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#7059976 Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 06 December 2017 - 09:09 PM

by the love of god, what the fuck.




so this is the boss of LS now.

#7059036 the above user should have been _____

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 05 December 2017 - 06:25 AM

evolved to golduck already


get your hyaku shiki bling on damnit

#7057279 if you still use a design ive made post in this thread

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 30 November 2017 - 04:51 AM

still kept a few things you made for use in other places i guess

#7054839 Rennac's Master Plan

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 23 November 2017 - 10:59 PM

little did rennac knows, L'arachel is a saint compared to the hell he just inflicted to himself.

#7054615 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 23 November 2017 - 12:21 AM


"An empty vessel.  Yet you fight for a reason I cannot see.  Will you tell me why as we dance in Gabriel's Flame?"


"Was there really anything to see? I fight because I am alive. Because I exist, not as a tool to create an artificial peace, but as an individual of my own."


The flames engulfed the arena, slowly inching towards the unconscious Lace and Mango. Even if it was just a normal flame, it would be worrying enough, but Angelica couldn't actually detect the composition of this flame. It seemed that it really was a supernatural, holy flame. In that case, she wouldn't have five minutes. She had to force the miracle to happen faster, before either of the two became ashes, and before her set-


Choros went to charge at her, blade at hand. Detaching her tassels beforehand, Angelica blocked the angel's blade with her own sword. Normally she would've used this opportunity to rain lasers at Choros, but she was conserving her energy for the miracle she was waiting for. The fact that she's not composed with the entirety of her materials now only made the issue worse - she wouldn't last longer blocking Choros before her arm broke. With her other arm, Angelica fired a concentrated but short blast towards Choros before her thrusters was activated to shift her towards the sides. The tassels she had detached earlier manifested into copies of her own sword, and with a hand signal, were all brought down at Choros, attacking him as independent drones.

How many time she had left? Should she save Lace and Mango first? But that would risk Choros hitting her while she lowered her guard. In that case, she would need to finish him off before he could kill the two. She made it sound a lot easier than how it would be in practice. Just as always.


"A machine given life that I am. Once an artificial angel, but it has been long since I've fallen. I did not regret anything about that though. I'd rather be this kind of creature, defiled and unholy, rather than a mindless body devoted to instill order.


For yourself, have you ever felt it? Desire, feelings of pride, or the feeling of anger?"


Angelica summoned a copy of Ohr on her left hand before rushing towards Choros again. If he wanted a dance, then a dance he shall get. One slash, two slash, that would be her motion here. Flowing like water, and not forcing herself to block Choros' attack when she could dodge if possible.


"Desire pushes one to move forward, for it gives us a goal to achieve." One horizontal slash. If she could keep this rhythm, it would be ideal. "Anger pushes us to overcome any obstacle we might see in the completion of that goal." Barely stopping, it was followed by a double slash using both swords. "And a sense of pride prevents us from stopping, for giving up would disgrace it. Our pride defines us. It gives us meaning. Our actions, our relations, if without a feeling of pride, then they're nothing but empty gestures.


I'll say it again! To live is to be proud of one's existence!" Using all of her thrusters, Angelica pushed forward with both of her swords for a full power stab with both of her swords. The image of her remaining sister flashed before her, pushing her to increase the output of her thrusters.


"If it's a dance you want, then that's what you'll get. Come, let's dance the last dance! Whether it's for you or for myself, I'll make sure one ends here!"


#7054451 [LVP1] Madolche, NK, RB, Zefra-Draco, Aleister/Invoked

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 22 November 2017 - 06:50 AM

So does Metaltron confirms the connection between DT and Draco- story now?


Anyway Sistart is kinda meh but being able to be made by mismatched Madolches are nice I guess.


Isolde is ridiculous. Would kinda force you to run NK in a certain way but she pretty much does everything.


Kimfalco is really damn good for being a combo extender that can be made by mismatched pairs, mitigating one of RB's biggest issues. It being able to do the loop de loop is icing on the cake.


Aleister is good with his genericish mat and Metaltron feels really gimmicky.


EDIT: Actually any warrior based deck can now use Phoenix blade to meme summmon a level 1 tuner for Needlefiber plays. This sounds fun.

#7054176 Post music and I'll rate it out of ten

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 20 November 2017 - 10:35 PM


testing the waters with a SNES track.

#7053760 [CHQ] A Story Just For You

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 19 November 2017 - 04:44 AM


"I acknowledge your choice."


From the side of the rider's body where Auburn shot her, blood visibly trickled down. The armor of the age seemed to not be able to handle today's firearm, but the rider was seemingly nonplussed by it. She continued to stare at Auburn, as if she was judging every inch of his being.


"It was such a childish wish. Something so fleeting is not worth pursuing. No matter what path we take, we would tread on someone, we will always have an opposition to overcome. I simply chose the path of most resistance, something that would ensure the future of the people that would inherit the ashes of this city even if it's at the cost of my own people.


Won't you say, what I did here ensure the smile of you and the people of your era?"


As she said it, the dragon turned towards Auburn's direction. As each moment pass, Auburn would  start feeling more and more that the rider before her was exactly the same Ierne that he met before. As the dragon opened its jaws, he would feel like Ierne was smiling at him. What kind of smile it was, perhaps he wouldn't know ever.


"I of now, will no longer acknowledge the weak, helpless, useless ierne of old. She had died with this city she wished to protect. If you're so stubborn about only accepting the old me, then it would be for the best for you to join her.


You will be the foundation to a bright future, Auburn."


With that word, the world around Auburn was set ablaze in an instant. It was an impressive show of force, as befitting of a creature of the old days. Would Auburn even be able to survive it?



As Ro traveled through the edges of the burning buildings to reach the castle rooftops again, he would be treated with the full view of the conversation between Auburn and the dragon rider. As the rider spoke, any doubts that she was any familiar to him would be gone - she was not. Ro would come to the conclusion that he wouldn't be able to recognize her throughout his long life, even if he tried his best to remember. At the time though, he would also notice a strange distortion going around the rider as if she wasn't really able to properly maintain her form here for some reasons.


She didn't seem to notice Ro right now, so the opportunity for a sneak attack was there. The tail was still active however, and a hit from it would be a major setback. He would need to smoothly figure out his way out of the mess.



"You two have my utmost best wishes. May your journey be full of blessings."


As Dmitri and Mina went through the final door in the hallway, they would be treated with the same burning landscape as the previous two guild members had experienced before. They started on the streets as the building around them were ablaze. and

after moving around they would also notice the current event happening at the top of the castle complex.


Should they found a good looking spot or continue their way through the streets for a while though, they would find the streets were littered with the shadow creatures that had been attacking them before. Distorted figments of memories made manifest as wraiths. Some looked like they were more defined than the others, whiich might mean that they would be more dangerous than the others. So far the wraiths didn't notice the two however, and they all seemed to be attracted towards the center of the city. Whatever was going on with the castle, it seemed that it were drawing the shadows in.


Further inquiries might be necessary.


#7053477 [V-Jump] White Cards

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 17 November 2017 - 11:29 PM

if only fishborg blaster was here...

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#7051099 YCM Roast 2017 [Saturday, November 25, 2017]

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 08 November 2017 - 06:38 AM

I like the idea, things like this are what brings communities closer. I'd volunteer as a roastee, but is personal image mandatory for it? I'm a bit paranoiac about it.

#7050464 Rule 34 and Creators

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 06 November 2017 - 12:09 AM

Quite a lot of artists drew the porn of their own characters. It's not universal but it's something that happened decently often, so I imagine at least those people are fine with people drawing porn for their characters.


Granted though, sometimes R34 can happen not because of people liking said character but more out of either mockery or just from distaste of said character. I recall something like that happening to a character in a mobile game I play, so porn as the ultimate form of character appreciation isn't really universal.


Well for myself, I'd honestly be endlessly miffed if I'm an artist and my character's depiction in porn isn't accurate to my vision, something like the Hideki Kamiya mention above.

#7050259 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 05 November 2017 - 05:00 AM




RESTARTING IN 5...4...3...2..


Angelica, who aimed to attack the angels using her stealthily planted fractions, were forced back by Choros' powerful retaliation that was so strong, she was short-circuited by the backlash. And now she was there, lying on the ground unable to really move for a while as her system were being completely rebooted. By the time she was able to get up, she felt something was off as she prepared for another attack. The system that corresponded to her creation of laser had been malfunctioning badly, and it seemed to revert the upgrade she had on it before. Bad time for that to happen. But, soon her sensors realized that the remaining Choros was going to attack Lace, and feeling irked by that as it seemed that Lace was suffering the same of backlash as she did, Angelica decided on her next action.


"Rest eternally,"


"How about YOU rest eternally?"


As Choros brought down his blade, a disembodied arm wielding a golden blade became its adversary, and moments later it managed buy enough time for Angelica to manifest fully there, her skin blackened as her face lost most of its features. Her "super mode" so to be said, and the only reason why she was able to get there as soon as she did was because she managed to reactivate her fragments that she was aiming to use to stealthily fuck over Choros earlier into a good use. With the golden blade Ohr on her hand, she stared at the angelic being before her.


Seeing that there was only one angel left now, Angelica formed a wide grin. Five minutes left.


"You angels are always incomprehensible...living with so much restriction is so lame, you know? You reminded me too much of my sisters, so I guess...go die in a fire?"


Plasma coated the golden blade as Angelica placed more and more of Shangri-la's power into the blade to overpower the Angel. It's fine that she'd be unable to use her beams as much as before. All that means would just be that she needed to use them at a right time.


Well, she still had her sword anyway.


#7049717 Osama Bin Laden was an anime fan and played pirated Naruto games

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 02 November 2017 - 09:02 PM

I'm still curious what's his team in Diamond is

#7049507 NANOWRIMO THE 2017

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 02 November 2017 - 10:45 AM


A boy fell in love with a girl. Unable to confess, he is gifted with a deus ex machina...

#7048603 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Watatsuki no Yorihime on 31 October 2017 - 12:20 AM

Well well, Tianzi would be wearing a SS officer outfit in a halloween celebration with zombie-like makeup, primarily because she likes the design and because it would tend to irritate people to her amusement. On top of the outfit though, she will wear a bedsheet ghost outfit like that of Medjed's, and would pretend to be a kid (since she has the body frame for it) so she can get candies. If that fails she just teleports behind the homeowner and say "psh nothing personnel kid" suckerpunch the homeowner, and get the candies herself.


In parties she would be too busy eating candies to socialize but she's a classy person so her outfit and composed demeanor would attract others anyway, at least until she starts to annoy them.


teleporting zombie nazi cosplaying as Medjed is just so fun and feels like something Tianzi would do.