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In Topic: [CHQ] Guild Examination Quest

26 May 2018 - 05:08 AM

"You wanna come over here and try yelling like that to my face?!" Vincent glared daggers at Sen as the druid causally strolled over and began chatting with the other members of Lemon Soul. Vincent was ignoring everyone else in the traditional sense. With lion's share of the boy's attention split evenly between the auras of those in the room and giving Sen the evil eye...


Extending his fist towards the other boy, Vincent's scowl turned into a vicious sneer as a small bow of crimson energy erupted into existence atop his wrist along with the crackling form a developing trick arrow.Though Vincent's eyes seemed to be glued to Sen, his senses were focused elsewhere whilst the boy reached out and drew back the arrow resting on his forearm arm. 


"Trust me, I have no intention of working with you either, pal..." He growled over to Sen once he finally finished lining up his shot. 


In that instant, Vincent suddenly spun on his heel. Turning towards towards Neru, he released his scattershot towards the man before willing it to erupt into a large wall of smaller projectiles. "Just sit tight, small fry. Your ass is next after this guy!" As he watched to see how Neru would deal with his attack, Vincent ripped the bow from his wrist and began molding it's traditional size. 

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

23 May 2018 - 06:53 PM

"Alright... I think we need to sever them at the waist. I'll wait for you to call it."


Lindow could her the panic in the boy's voice. This must have been his first encounter with the undead...


"Keenly observed. Dismemberment is the way to go..." Seeing Reinaan prepare for his next attack, Lindow reached down and grabbed the hilt of the Bandit Cleaver whilst his right other hand continued to dance with static. "After I release Lily's magic, I'll try to weaken our friend further, I need you to strike immediately after me." Their foe's flesh was unnaturally durable, meaning that their best bet was to combine their efforts on one target at a time. "After that we regroup to the left. Our objective isn't to defeat them all, we just need to buy time or disable them until the door opens." 


Not wanting to let their head start be for not, Lindow thrusted his palm forward immediately after conveying his strategy. Blue electricity to the air and crackled fiercely as it bombarded the flaming thralls with it's magical current.


Quickly drawing his hand back Lindow, suddenly dashed towards the mummy on the far left, attempting to widen it's wound with a swift slice with the Bandit Cleave as he ducked down low and darted to the left of the group with his naturally impressive speed.



In Topic: Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

21 May 2018 - 10:26 PM

Pirate Ship - Recked Hanger 

"Hey Hey Hey!" Roxie vibrated in Blake's grasp, prompting him to release her. Barely able to move with her injuries, Roxie stumbled forward and tackled Alex in a sloppy hug. "What's with all the past tense, love?! Just because I'm giving you some leave, doesn't mean you're getting away from me forever..." Her tone was soft as she held Alex in what she knew to be their bit of time together for quite some time. 


After a long moment, Roxie pulled back and shakily tried to balance on her own two feet. Barely pulling it off, she flashed Alex her trademark smile just as Chimera beckoned the Freedom Fighters to make their departure. "When you're done saving the world, you best believe that I'm coming to steal you back!"


As Roxie spoke, Axel approached with Ken hung heavily on his back. 


"Everyone grab hold of me..." With all three of the chaos emeralds swirling around him, Axel placed a hand on Alex's shoulder whilst waiting for the others to join them. Once the crew had been assembled, the young prodigy closed his eyes and begun focusing on their destination. 


"You can bet that shiny new arm on it, Alex!" Roxie called out to Alex just before the Freedom Fighters vanished in a brilliant flash of light.




Mobian Sea - Light Piercer - Meeting Spot


Roughly twenty minutes after their clash with Roxie and her crew, the team found themselves right back were it had all started. Though they all sustained no small amount of wounds in their fight for Alex, rather than rush off to the ship's medical wing, the Freedom Fighters sat scattered across the top deck to rest together in the last traces of the setting sun. 


Having propped his brother against the railing by his feet, Axel peered off into the slowly moving horizon as the Light Piercer chugged drearily through the air. 


"I think it goes without saying that our next stop will be the arctic..." As he spoke, the prodigy turned to glance at the faces of his companions. They had come so far since the day fate had thrown them all together. "We'll regain our strength, and repair Light Piercer as we travel." Axel's eyes narrowed a bit upon catching himself calling the vessel by Ken's idiotic name for it. Things really were changing...


I wonder... are you smiling right now, Silver?

Glancing over to Chimera in embarrassment, Axel couldn't help but notice that the robot seemed to have smug air about him as peered back towards where they had left the pirate ship. Arching an eyebrow, the white hedgehog turned so that he were looking in the same direction.


"You seem rather pleased." He scoffed whilst idly studying the shape of the view of the pirate vessel as they drew further and further away. 



In Topic: Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

21 May 2018 - 12:48 AM

"..." Confusion caused Piper's brow to furrow as she stared blankly at Avery whilst the girl began peering down the hallway as if she were looking for someone more suspicious than herself. 
I can't tell if she's screwing around or not...
She watched her for another moment, trying to discern how genuine Avery was being but ultimately failing due to the fact that she knew nothing about the her. Nothing besides that fact that she had also seen the island.
"I guess everything that happened the other night still has me a little on edge..."  Sighing defeatedly, Piper released her grip on Avery's shoulder and shrugged before placing her back against the wall. "Sorry about that."  Though she was still unsure of the girl's true nature, there was one thing that Piper knew that they had in common...
You wanna to go back too don't you, girl? 
"Avery, right?" Piper was never one to beat around the bush. "Listen, in all honesty something about you sort of gives me the heebeegeebees, but I can't  really put my finger on it..." She flashed the girl a joking smile as she felt her phone begin to vibrate. "But I don't think it was just  coincidence that we bumped into each other like this! I've been thinking about going back over to "that" place again this week... you wouldn't be down to join me, would ya?" 
Glancing down at her screen, Piper's eyes suddenly widened as she realized she had been added to a group chat. It was almost too perfect. As she quickly scrolled through the messages from the boys, her lips curled into a grin that grew larger and larger as she read each word.
"Looks like it wouldn't be just us either!" Piper's spark returned in an instant as she moved closer and brought her phone up to show Avery whilst her fingers quickly danced across the keyboard to formulate a response. Once it was complete, she quickly swiped up to her camera app flashed a silly smirk before snapping a picture of her and Avery.
FROM: Piper O'reilly
TIME: 8:16 A.M.
Attached: IMG_2823
Guess who I bumped into :). Lol was just trying to convince her to go back with me! Crazy coincidence... Sign me up for both days. But we should definitely try to see if we can find some gear... can't just rely on Paul's friend with the hammer if we're for real about this.
FROM: Piper O'reilly
TIME: 8:17 A.M.
Oh yea lol It's Piper
When she turned back to Avery, the flames of Pipers passion burned brightly in her eyes as they twinkled with excitement. "So are you in?!"  


In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

16 May 2018 - 01:28 PM

Upon hearing his comrade's warning, Lindow quickly leaped backwards so that he was outside the range of Reinaan's tail. The fumes from what he could only assume had been the embalming process were beginning to make his eye water, but they'd have to continue to endure with door moving at a snail's pace.


Seeing the newest mummy make it's appearance, Lindow cursed before rolling up of his right sleeve. Crackles of energy danced off his skin as he called upon the power of thunder yet again, and his eyes glowed cyan as he cocked his arm back in preparation to release another discharge. "Reinaan, back up..." He growled as he waited to see what kind of damage the young Draken's attack had done to their foes.