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In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

16 October 2018 - 02:48 AM

"Hm," Lindow quickly reloaded his crossbow whilst observing the brief exchange between the group's vanguard, and the first of the sharks. Ordinarily, the man might have been inclined to rush in just as Damian had, but with the Nature Chosen out of the fight, it now fell on the him to provide the party with ranged support. 
With a fresh bolt set, Lindow took a knee. Exhaling to deeply to shake sickly feeling that Gate in the distance brought him as it loomed in his peripheral vision, Lindow brought his crossbow up and began tracking the sharks movements after it returned to the sand.  
"We need something to stop its movement!" 

"No this is prefect. Reinaan, I need you to remain calm..." Lindow spoke in a carful tone as he watched the shark begin to menacingly circle Fire Chosen. "Our best chance to inflict damage is when it comes up to attack. If we kno-" Suddenly, the voice a new combatant cut through the air. Glancing over to the Auran mage for only a moment, Lindow sighed before returning his sights to the shark. They'd deal with that one later...
"You need to focus solely on dodging. Trust us to provide the counter attack..." He called out towards the young Draken a few moments before the shark began to move towards him once more.



In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

01 October 2018 - 12:09 AM

"Oh no you don't..." Having remained silent for the lion's share of trip, Lindow finally spoke up as he stopped short and spun around to grab Gilly by the top of the head in the same manner that he always did. "This is not that kind of party, my dear. I'm afraid dragon time will have to be canceled until you grow scales and breath fire like, young Reinaan." He spoke sternly, and wouldn't allow her to continue until she slid back into her armor.  
Before they proceeded, Lindow shot Reinaan scolding look.
By the time the group had reached the sharks, Lindow had nearly completely changed his gear. After recalling what had happened in their last battle with these creatures, and receiving Damian's advice regarding the effectiveness of slashing attacks on their hide, Lindow had reluctantly stowed away his three swords in favor of weapons that better suited the situation.  
The Bandit's shield was fastened tightly to his left arm, and on his back he now brandished the remaining three javilin, as well as 15 crossbow bolts. The four daggers remained on his person however, seeing as they weren't exactly cumbersome in the first place.   
"Whoa, there're a lot of them," Glancing over to Gilly, Lindow watched her form an ice spear before shifting his attention back over to the mule so he could grab a crossbow. "This seems like a job for Gilly!" As the Ice chosen lined up her shot, Lindow calmly loaded a bolt into his bow before turning to the rest of the group. 
"She's not too far off. I suppose the best course of action is to cause some kind of disturbance from here, and see how they react..." He sighed, the heat clearly making the Witch Hunter slightly irritable. "Who knows what will happen though. Be ready for a fight, because they'll be on us before we know it if they fancy it." Bringing up the crossbow to eye-level, Lindow began to line up his shot whilst walking a little past Gilly. After a moment of silence, Lindow drew a deep breath before raising the bow at a slight angle and firing it off towards the mass of sharks.

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

07 September 2018 - 03:22 AM

Lindow quickly rolled his eyes at Gilly's pouting before shifting his gaze back over to meet the stranger's. "It's the eyepatch isn't it?" He spoke in a joking tone. It was subtle, but Lindow could sense that he was being analyzed by for some reason. "Hate to break to you, but if you're looking to have your wounds tended to by a beautiful maiden, you've stumbled into the wrong group." Studying the other man for a moment under his seemingly friendly smirk, Lindow couldn't help but feel like he was looking right into a similar mask. 


Turning his attention back to Gilly, Lindow suddenly hopped to his feet. His eye narrowed slightly as his shoulder wrung out in pain from the blow he had suffered in the battle with the corpses, but he managed to keep the reaction to a minimum. Perhaps next time he would heal his own wounds first...


"You heard little Keres, even the greatest heroes would need to have their wounds tended to after vanquishing such a mighty opponent!" Lindow chirped bombastically whilst quickly closing in on Gilly like a predator. "There's no shame in using the resources we have at our disposal~" Using her free hand to try and pin the halfling down by the top of her head, Lindow washed the Light Spirits magic over the places that he had seen her get struck.


"Besides, you'll be even more of a nuisance if you're already injured during our next encounter..."


Once Gilly seemed to be healed to an acceptable degree, Lindow exhaled deeply before turning to Reinaan and motioning the boy over. "You weren't too bad with your blade down there. I think I owe you some of this after our little dance with undeath..."

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

04 September 2018 - 12:09 AM

"We figured we'd give you a head start, in case you fancied running off with the girl and our stuff..." Lindow popped out of the hole in the wall with a rather drained expression. Speaking with the same sarcastic edge, Lindow met the stranger's gaze as he slinked over towards the far wall. "We do love a good rescue." He flashed the man a smile that never met his eye.


"Though it seems you two were busy yourselves..." A quick study of the group that stayed behind and the sounds of the vultures outside were all he needed to know they had also been in some sort of tussle. 


Sliding down so that he was sitting against the wall, Lindow threw his head back and yawned before raising his right hand towards the Ice chosen. "Gilly, come here and let me have a look at you." As spoke, the Light Spirit's magic begun to shine in his palm. Though she was acting the normal, Lindow knew that the girl hadn't had the easiest time down on the ruin's depths...


"If anyone else needs this, then now is the time. I'd like to try and get nap in before we set out again."

In Topic: Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

03 September 2018 - 11:43 PM



Axel watched the small crowd young villagers form with a slight glare. Still holding his brother, the white hedgehog took a defensive step back as the gathering of children grew dense between Chimera and Alex.


"Ugh," Pups generally made the prodigy uncomfortable. Their auras were unrefined, their bodies fragile, and their minds underdeveloped. Luckily the only times he ever had to deal with them were on his outings with Silver... 


"..." Axel expression sunk slightly at the thought of his master. "We're wasting time." Shaking his head, Axel closed his eyes and begun to spread his senses across the village. "We don't need them to tell us the emerald's location..." The air around him begun to bend and shift as he combed the land for the energy signature that had led them here.