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18 December 2018 - 09:46 PM

The sudden ringing in the back his head caused him to slow in his movements. There seemed to be a wicked aura drifting through the air, and it didn't take a genius to know that it was coming from the Demon Gate. Grunting in annoyance, Lindow watched as the Fire Elemental brought its body low to the ground, before rushing forward with it's arm extended as if it planned to hit him with a flamming haymaker.

Pivoting so that he was now facing the rapidly approaching threat, Lindow gripped his wrist and called upon the power of the Thunder Spirit. "Lily... I'm borrowing this again." Cyan static crackled around him in response, dancing in arcs through the air as Lindow surged forward to meet the Fire Elemental halfway.

"The Third Blade!" The Chosen's voice boomed with magic.

As he swung his arm up towards the Fire Elemental's attack, a blade of brilliant light erupted to life and raked across the bone. Catching his arm on the hight of the first swing, Lindow let out a roar as he swung the blade of thunder magic back down into the creatures skeletal appendage, causing the bone to splinter inside the flames and forcing the creature to stop it's charge. Though before Lindow could make his next move, the fire from the Elemental's arm blasted towards him with surprising speed.

Attempting to dodge, Lindow raised his shield and leaped forward, only to still be sent flying backwards through air by the force of the attack. He could feel that he was right arm of his robe was on fire. Though that quickly became a second priority when he realized he was also dangerously close to flying off the edge of the platform.

Ripping a third dagger from his belt, Lindow twisted in the air and begun franticly attempting to hook himself into one of the cracks that littered the structure. Finally gaining hold at the very edge, he let loose a sigh of relief before pulling himself up and rolling back onto the battlefield. There he took a moment to catch his breath and observe the fight, whilst using his now chipped dagger to rip away his burning sleeve.

"I do hope the others are still alive down there..." Lindow sighed again as he brought his palms together and started to heal his burns with the Light Spirit's power.

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

12 December 2018 - 07:11 AM


Lindow's eye widened with alarm as he watched the massive display of fire magic come down from the very sun itself. Halting his advance immediately, he hastily dived backwards moments before the flames crashed down upon were he had just beens standing. Feeling a wave of heat wash over the area, the Thunder Chosen quickly rolled to his knees and ducked behind the bandit's shield to try and defend himself. Though being as close to blast zone as he was, the man could do nothing but hiss in annoyance at the sensation of his arms being singed by the residual flames.

He didn't have time to think much about that though. Seeing the looming skeletal figure rear backwards after swatting Damien, Lindow once again dived to the right, and broke off into a full sprint moments before the Elemental's fist came smashing down. Nothing quite got the Witch Hunter's athletic juices flowing like the threat of imminent immolation...

"Help him..." Lindow called out Keres, whilst drawing a dagger from his belt. Eager to retaliate against their attacker, he hastily twisted his body backwards to send the blade spinning towards the Fire Elemental's chest. The man watched intently as the projectile sailed through flames without showing any signs of damaging his target. He had expected as much. Though with only three daggers left, Lindow knew that he'd have to choose his shots wisely if he wanted to have any chance of discerning this creature's weak point.

"Nothing is immortal." The Thunder Chosen silently assured himself whilst watching the Fire Elemental extend a hand towards him. Flames gathered in the creatures palm for only a moment before shooting forward in a large column of flame that threaten to swallow Lindow whole despite how fast he was moving.

With only mere seconds to react, Lindow hastily ripped the cloak from his shoulders, before suddenly pivoting to swing it backwards just as the flames seemed to wash over him. Making use of the short time that creature's view of him was obscured, Lindow dived to the side, allowing the jet of flame to shoot over the edge of the platform, narrowly missing him. However, the heat from the magic was immense at this distance, forcing Lindow on the move yet again. Using his natural speed, he began to circle around the Elemental, being sure to stay on the opposite side of Keres and Damien. Drawing another dagger from his belt, Lindow took aim before tossing it towards the center of the Elemental's face.

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05 December 2018 - 05:50 AM

Lindow quickly leaped up to his feet after feeling Keres's tiny body roll off his side. Seeing the fire mage's magic split apart, Lindow wasted no time in stepping between Keres and the incoming attack, causing both flaming maws to soon coming fly towards them.

"I'll go ahead and repay my debt now. " The Thunder Chosen's words prompted his shadow to suddenly surge from the ground to form a wall that curved defensively around the front the pair. Bracing the Bandit's Shield against the murky black surface, he grit his teeth as the two fiery hounds smashed into his hastily crafted defenses with loud crash.

Smoke billowed off the face of his shield, as Lindow was sent skidding backwards by the force of the attack. It was brief, but for moment he saw the flames struggling against the shadows before causing them to vanish, successfully weakening the torrent of fire that actually made it through to the Bandit Shield.

Quickly recovering from the impact, Lindow plucked the last javelin from the quiver on his back whilst shifting his gaze so that it locked on the Auran once again. Halting his momentum by suddenly pivoting to the side, the Thunder Chosen's entire body arched forward as he suddenly sent the javelin soaring through the air towards the fire mage.

"You know... I've never killed an Auran before." Lindow sneered through the harsh smokey air.

Seeing his projectile find it's mark, he raised his shield and dashed forward to further close the gap. Weary of the final flaming hound that still lingered near the mage, the witch hunter intended to send a dagger flying towards the his prey's neck whilst readying himself for evasive maneuvers.

"I'm quite interested in seeing what color you bleed..." Lindow cooed to garner the lion's share of mad man's attention, with hope that Damian or Keres would be able to take advantage.

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22 November 2018 - 06:24 AM

Being met with the Keres immediately after stepping out of the realm of shadows, Lindow arched an eyebrow and returned the girl's nod before turning and darting up the stairs of the gate. Though he was a tad surprised that she had made it this far before reptilian duo, he didn't have time to dwell on it.


Just before he reached the last few steps, Lindow crouched low and gathered his breath. With his heart rate steadied, the Thunder Chosen tightened his grip on the javelin he had been clutching, before suddenly springing up onto the top of the rock formation to join The Auran. 


Locking onto his prey in an instant, Lindow announced his arrival by immediately sending the javelin flying towards other man whilst surging forward with the Bandit's Shield raised in front of him. Intent on using his natural speed to close the gap, Lindow's free hand lingered near his belt, and he would be ready to throw one of his daggers if the mage showed any signs of casting.

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13 November 2018 - 02:03 AM


"..." Axel peered into Ken's face for a long while before sighing into the cold air. His brother was right. As much as it pained him to admit it, Zane was one of his trusted comrades, and he owed it to him to honor his wishes and his people. "Whatever." It was the closest the young prodigy would go to verbally conceding to his twin, but it was enough to remove the tension.

Following the locals to the inn, Axel thanked the inn keeper with a nod before slipping into their room and shutting the door. Gently placing Ken one of the beds, Axel rolled his shoulder before moving towards the window. "Friends, huh? You must be having a blast..." He scoffed at his brother whilst studying the humble village. Despite the fact that it was clear Mephiles's attack had taken large toll on them, the wolfs seemed to be doing their best to keep up the status quo. Though Axel could still feel the negative emotion that hung in the air...

"Don't forget yourself, brother. This is all to avenge Silver..."