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In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Yesterday, 04:17 PM

"Did I use too much?" Lindow panted as he was brought to his knees after releasing the overcharged Discharge. Supporting himself with the Bandit's cleaver, he watched for a moment as Reinaan and Gilly pressed the offensinve whilst the creature struggled against the stunning effects of his attack. 


Forcing himself to his feet, Lindow leaped backwards to put some distance between him and the serpent.


"Here's a present for you..." After returning his blade to it's scabbard, the man reached to his belt and grabbed the two remaining daggers. Seeing that the creature was having trouble moving her arms remove Gilly's spear, Lindow took a second to line up his shot before sending the two blades flying towards the monster's eyes. 

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

07 August 2018 - 11:41 PM

Lindow quickly glanced up at the explosion overhead. Seeing the shaking rock structures as they were about to fall, he brought his gaze back down, only to have it met by that of the beast's. The effects of her strange magic were quick, and in that instant he felt his body begin to stiffen up. 
"Not good..." With the monster rapidly closing in for the kill, and the rocks dangling overhead, the chosen of thunder found himself in quite the predicament. Luckly Gilly and Reinaan were at his aid in moment's notice, and whilst Reinaan only managed stab the tip of the tail, that in combination with Gilly's attack was enough to cause the Lamia to wince in pain, weakening the potency of her glare. 
Quick to take advantage of the opening, Lindow ripped his gaze away from the Lamia's eyes, instead focusing on her extended claw. Seeing this, the serpent quickly batted the Ice Chosen away with a hasty backhand, before lashing out at the man with a swipe from her talons. 
"I guess running isn't always an option after all..." Painfully aware of the fact that if he dodged, he'd be running the risk of being hit by the rocks Lindow quickly twirled the Bandit's Cleaver into a defensive position whilst swinging it up to met the monster's strike. As he did so, the witch hunter stepped forward into the serpent's space. Bringing his free hand upwards with the blade, Lindow commanded his shadow to spring from the ground yet again to reinforce his guard with a wall of murky blackness whilst sparks began to dance across his right arm. "but you won't be going anywhere either."
Magic flared fiercely in his eyes as Lindow gritted his teeth and reached into the abyss within himself to draw out the storm that was the Thunder Spirit's very essence. His voice boomed like thunder, heralding a suddenly eruption of lighting that angrily arced and danced in the air around him as he attempted to pump more energy than ever into his spell. 

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

31 July 2018 - 01:00 AM

"It's you that's gonna be eaten!" 


"Up we go." Lindow spoke quickly as he scooped Gilly up and slung her over his shoulder. Having noticed the creature's sudden change in attack style, he darted towards the south side of the room at full speed to avoid the serpent's initial lunge. 


"Sometimes it's best to simply get out of the way, my dear..." Glancing over his shoulder, Lindow watched as the snake woman contorted her body to shift direction before hungrily giving chase to the pair. She was closing in fast, which was both good and bad thing.


"and if you intend to counter, be sure to go for a more... decisive strike!" Lindow's words seemed to cause his shadow to begin to twist and shift.


Tightening his grip on Gilly's back Lindow smirked as he watched his shadow suddenly leap from the ground as if it intended to impale the snake woman from bellow. Unfortunately, the beast's reflexes remained swift, and the it was able to quickly save it's self by dispelling the murky figure with a swipe from her claws. Having expected as much, Lindow had already begun pivoting backwards whilst swinging his cleaver towards monster's face with the intention of taking away it's sight.




The snake woman narrowly avoided the flash of steel by pulling her body upwards at the last moment. Seeing this, Lindow's eye narrowed, and whilst his body was still in motion from his last move, the Thunder Chosen allowed Gilly to slide off his shoulder. Moving with lethal efficiency, he quickly grabbed a knife from his belt and sent it flying towards the creature's face before Gilly even touched the ground.

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

24 July 2018 - 04:35 AM

"Don't look her in the eyes!" Lindow watched Reinaan struggle for a brief moment before quickly moving to the boy's aid yet again. He had heard tales of creatures such as this during his time with the watch, but to think that he would actually be facing one at this very moment was rather surreal.


This journey was without a doubt the best thing to ever happen to him...


"Cutting through those scales will be rather bothersome..." Seeing Gilly move towards the Lamia's side, Lindow proceeded to rapidly close in on the opposite flank whilst bringing his free hand up near his face. 


"Gilly stab!" A spark danced across the tips of his fingers, causing Lindow to smirk as he watched Gilly unleash her own signature technique.


"I hope you don't mind if skip straight to this." He chirped under the girl's war cry. 


Magic suddenly flared in the man's eyes, heralding the crackling aura of the Third Blade as it manifested itself in a cutting edge which extended outward from his folded hand. Leaping forward, Lindow willed the lightning blade to extend whilst swinging it in a wide diagonal arc towards the creature's head. 


Despite his smile, Lindow's aura was deadly serious. Regardless the fact that they had the group had advantage of numbers, this creature had the potential take control of the situation rather quickly if they let the fight drag on for too long. They were here for a reason after all...  

In Topic: Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

22 July 2018 - 10:06 PM



Whilst Zane spoke with his father, and gave the freedom fighters the signal that they were cleared to enter his home, Ken's slide was brought to halt by his brother's boot.


Peering down at his twin with a look of concern, Axel sighed before helping Ken to his feet. 


"You're embarrassing us in front of the wolfs, loser."  His tone was soft but stern. "You're still recovering. So act like it..."


Guilt over Cynthia's death wasn't the only thing that Axel had been forced to wrestle with as of late. Even with Alex's healing flame, Ken's Chaos Inhibitor technique had still put quite some strain on the boy's body, and though Silver wasn't here to say it, Axel knew all to well that his brother ran the risk of ruining his body permanently if he kept pushing himself beyond what it can currently handle. 


Studying the flow of Ken's aura with a frown, Axel glanced back over to where the others were. "Come'on, it looks like we're going on ahead."