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#7117688 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Hälō on 07 September 2018 - 03:22 AM

Lindow quickly rolled his eyes at Gilly's pouting before shifting his gaze back over to meet the stranger's. "It's the eyepatch isn't it?" He spoke in a joking tone. It was subtle, but Lindow could sense that he was being analyzed by for some reason. "Hate to break to you, but if you're looking to have your wounds tended to by a beautiful maiden, you've stumbled into the wrong group." Studying the other man for a moment under his seemingly friendly smirk, Lindow couldn't help but feel like he was looking right into a similar mask. 


Turning his attention back to Gilly, Lindow suddenly hopped to his feet. His eye narrowed slightly as his shoulder wrung out in pain from the blow he had suffered in the battle with the corpses, but he managed to keep the reaction to a minimum. Perhaps next time he would heal his own wounds first...


"You heard little Keres, even the greatest heroes would need to have their wounds tended to after vanquishing such a mighty opponent!" Lindow chirped bombastically whilst quickly closing in on Gilly like a predator. "There's no shame in using the resources we have at our disposal~" Using her free hand to try and pin the halfling down by the top of her head, Lindow washed the Light Spirits magic over the places that he had seen her get struck.


"Besides, you'll be even more of a nuisance if you're already injured during our next encounter..."


Once Gilly seemed to be healed to an acceptable degree, Lindow exhaled deeply before turning to Reinaan and motioning the boy over. "You weren't too bad with your blade down there. I think I owe you some of this after our little dance with undeath..."

#7106482 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 23 June 2018 - 11:57 PM

Piper took in the Grendel's lesson in silence. Hanging on ever word as he and Paul both showcased their persona, and even finding herself swaying and gasping in amazement at the spectacle. This strange power was truly beautiful, and it made the flames of her passion dance with new excitement. 
"Hi there!" When the lesson ended Piper appeared at Grendel's side with sparkling eyes and an enamored grin that stretched from ear to ear. "Aren't you the most helpful little man..." She cooed at the wolf whilst producing a pack of jerky from her massive camping bag. She watched Grendel takes a step back, clearly startled at her cheery, excited approach.
"Hey!  I'm a predator!  You can't go approachin' me all--!  Wait, what's that smell?" He paused as a meaty treat was produced.  
"It's jerky... here have some!" Unwrapping the morsel from it's packaged, Piper extended it to Grendel thankfully. "You didn't even have to, but you wen't through all the trouble just to help us out..."
As Piper extended the jerky to Grendel, he snatched it excitedly with his teeth.  With a full mouth he replied to Piper, "You n' I are gonna get along, lass."
"Oh my god, he called me lass!" Piper smiled warmly at the wolf whilst reaching up and gently stroking it's neck. "I'm Piper by the way..." The girl beamed with warm friendly energy, but that quickly faded as the sounds of conflict came from further in dungeon.
Springing to her feet, Piper suddenly dashed towards the sound, only barely managing to glance toward Avery and Paul before she entered the next area. "Guys we have to help them!" She could only tell for sure that Avery and answered her call, and after a short travel the two girls quickly fund themselves at the scene of the battle, with Tyler's persona looming menacingly against two shadows. 
"Hey no fair, I wanted to try next...!" Piper shouted over to Tyler as she halted her advance. "Are you guys ok?!"

#7102396 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Hälō on 30 May 2018 - 04:57 PM

"Sweetie, if I was just following orders I would have let Matilda eat you alive," Jack said, her voice elated at the prospect ahead of her, licking her lips in the process. "But no, not this time. I'm not letting her take away my toys before I get a chance again, not before I get to have some fun. And believe me, we're going to have soooooo much fun together~"

Lace's eyes narrowed as she rapidly closed in on Jack. Though when she raised her blade in preparation to counter Jack's tendrils, she suddenly registered the spikes that were rapidly approaching from behind. Leaping backwards, Lace quickly drew her straight sword and suddenly broke into an acrobatic spin whilst swinging both blades apart towards the two incoming attacks.
In that instant multiple arcs of light flashed around Lace's tiny form to meet both the tendrils and the thorns of darkness, each an insanely fast sword stroke augmented by her spirit. "Iron Lotus..." Landing on her knees with both arms wide at her side, Lace glared at Jack whilst a group of new arrivals made their appearance. 
"Fun?" The arrival of reinforcements did nothing to lighten XIII's spirits. Hearing Bethany cry out yet again, Lace's expression was grim with murderous intent as she slowly brought herself to feet whilst staring down Jack. "Well see how much fun you're having when I rip whats left of you out of that suit." Her usual deadpan tone dripped with contempt as she took a step forward to begin her next charge. The quicker she finished this, the quicker she could see to saving Bethany...
XIII's grip tightened on her blades. However before she could advance, a massive torrent of flame suddenly shot between her and opponent. The fire seemed unnaturally hot, so much so that Lace found her self instinctively backing away, as if even her very soul was in danger of being burned away.
"Hellfire?!" Lace's eyes were wide as she looked to the room's east wall, where a massive hole now billowed smoke into the outside world. Turning to see who had been responsible for such an attack, her lavender gaze was met with a man clad in black. His hand smoked as he lowered it to the large gun holstered on his thigh, and he brandished an irritated smirk as he approached.  
"Go on and help your friend, dollface..." Tyson called over to the petite swordsmen as he drew his dessert eagle, causing gleaming pistol to suddenly be engulfed in the same unearthly flame he had used moments ago. "Just leave these runts to the pros." 
"Two vile souls, Ripper..." Mephisto's voice purred in the back of his mind, causing him to grunt with annoyance. "a fine harvest."
"I wanted to take a crack at the boss, not these small fry..." Tyson thought back before calling over to Robert. "Robert, help her cut the AC will ya? It's freezing in this jabroni..." 
The man walked with a confident swagger, not even bothering to take his free hand out from the pocket of cargoes as he begun to open fire on Jack, Louis, and his pet with each step. These rounds were charged with hellfire, and would detonate in a nasty explosion of the soul searing flame on impact. 
After sending two shots towards each of his targets, Tyson flicked his wrist, causing a silver chain to suddenly manifest on his free hand. Gripping Mephisto's chain tightly, Tyson sent hellfire swirling down it's barbed links, before swinging it in a wide arc towards Jack. The Devil's Arm quickly extended to more five times it's original length, tearing through the room's walls at it was swung towards rogue contestant. 
"Right." These people seemed quite powerful. She'd have to trust that they were able to take care of themselves...
Using Tyson's sudden offensive as an opening, Lace used Helter Skelter to vanish in a flicker of movement. Though she wanted to be the on to defeat Jack, Bethany was the main priority here.
XIII's tiny form reappeared in the air roughly sixteen feet from Bethany. Swinging her blade downwards, she shattered the spears of ice directly bellow her, and skillfully landed on the frozen ground. The cold coming from the ice mage was much stronger here, and Lace could already feel a light layer of frost beginning to gather on her clothes.  
"Bethany!" She called over the various noises that had filled the room since this conflict had started. It was hard so see through the frosted air, but in the center of storm, Lace could just barely make out her friend's huddled form. Gripping her blade tighter, Lace began to run forward against the ice winds, slicing through the field of lances whilst doing her best shattered an frost that begun to form on her own body. 
"Stay right there..." XIII called out ounce again as she growled with effort. Bethany was always trying to save people. Everyone, despite the fact that she had her own problems worry about. Bethany was the hero as far as Lace was concerned, but now the tables were turned... 
"You don't have to do a thing this time... I'll save you!" 

#7100942 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 21 May 2018 - 12:48 AM

"..." Confusion caused Piper's brow to furrow as she stared blankly at Avery whilst the girl began peering down the hallway as if she were looking for someone more suspicious than herself. 
I can't tell if she's screwing around or not...
She watched her for another moment, trying to discern how genuine Avery was being but ultimately failing due to the fact that she knew nothing about the her. Nothing besides that fact that she had also seen the island.
"I guess everything that happened the other night still has me a little on edge..."  Sighing defeatedly, Piper released her grip on Avery's shoulder and shrugged before placing her back against the wall. "Sorry about that."  Though she was still unsure of the girl's true nature, there was one thing that Piper knew that they had in common...
You wanna to go back too don't you, girl? 
"Avery, right?" Piper was never one to beat around the bush. "Listen, in all honesty something about you sort of gives me the heebeegeebees, but I can't  really put my finger on it..." She flashed the girl a joking smile as she felt her phone begin to vibrate. "But I don't think it was just  coincidence that we bumped into each other like this! I've been thinking about going back over to "that" place again this week... you wouldn't be down to join me, would ya?" 
Glancing down at her screen, Piper's eyes suddenly widened as she realized she had been added to a group chat. It was almost too perfect. As she quickly scrolled through the messages from the boys, her lips curled into a grin that grew larger and larger as she read each word.
"Looks like it wouldn't be just us either!" Piper's spark returned in an instant as she moved closer and brought her phone up to show Avery whilst her fingers quickly danced across the keyboard to formulate a response. Once it was complete, she quickly swiped up to her camera app flashed a silly smirk before snapping a picture of her and Avery.
FROM: Piper O'reilly
TIME: 8:16 A.M.
Attached: IMG_2823
Guess who I bumped into :). Lol was just trying to convince her to go back with me! Crazy coincidence... Sign me up for both days. But we should definitely try to see if we can find some gear... can't just rely on Paul's friend with the hammer if we're for real about this.
FROM: Piper O'reilly
TIME: 8:17 A.M.
Oh yea lol It's Piper
When she turned back to Avery, the flames of Pipers passion burned brightly in her eyes as they twinkled with excitement. "So are you in?!"  


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#7098787 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Hälō on 07 May 2018 - 09:25 PM



Lace's eye widened in shock at the sight of Jack's foot knocking Beowulf to the side. Gritting her teeth, XIII tightened her grip and pulled backwards, instantly stopping her attack mid stroke as her gaze shot towards Matilda. Knowing all too well that she was now wide open, Lace touched her feet to the ground then quickly darted to the side to create distance between her and the witch.


XIII brought herself to a sliding halt a few feet away, and found her gaze was met by a contestant that she had wanted to cross blades with since the very beginning.


"Where do you think you're going, Barbie-Doll?" Jack's words sounded like those of a demon.


Quickly glancing around, Lace watched as Matilda and Bethany quickly gained the upper hand before the former made her escape with the body. To make matters worse, Louis had yet to make his next move, meaning that Angelica and Rawal's battle to stop Bethany was about to grow even harder... 


I guess that means it's my job to take Jack down alone. I just have to trust that they'll find a way to stop Bethany...


XIII's grip tightened around Beowulf, causing the azure aura around her to suddenly flair once more against the coldness that continued overtake the room as she glared at Jack. Remembering what Matilda had said about Jack's new strength and speed bing on a level able to rival her own, Lace began formulating a strategy.


To call the situation dire would be a complete understatement...


"Of course..." As she spoke, Lace shifted her stance and grabbed Beowulf with both hands, before holding the large blade up at the ready. "It's only natural that I'd have to see to dealing with her underlings first." Bursting into motion the moment the words fell from her lips, Lace suddenly swiped upwards to release a large shockwave that traveled hungrily across the ground towards Jack at monstrous speeds. After releasing her attack, Lace dashed off to the right to circle around the Magnum Locust to close in whilst studying her opponents movements.

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#7097569 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 28 April 2018 - 08:41 PM

Piper sighed as she idly scrolled through her social media feed with a disinterested expression. Ever since the night at the island, nothing seemed to be able to get fired up anymore. Even her art felt unexpired and forced, leaving her with a subtle melancholy about her.  


The young artist had glided through the her first class of the day without even feeling she had done anything, and now as Piper slowly strolled through the walkway towards the school's exit, she wondered if maybe she should reach out the others about going back.


I do have Paul's number... but maybe I should just wait till I see him in class...


"I hope Quinn is alright..." Her thoughts drifted to boy as she switched to her phone's camera and raised it up to her face to adjust her hair. He hadn't returned any of her texts, and it was beginning to grow worrisome. "Maybe I should ask someone in the drama club," Piper spoke clearly to herself just as she usually did. 


"..." Suddenly her eyebrows arched as she caught a glimpse of a familiar face a few paces behind her in the crowd. It was girl with the glasses, again. Lowering her phone casually, Piper slid the device into her back pocket and began to speed up her stride ever so slightly. This wasn't the first time she'd caught a glimpse of the other girl behind her, and though most people would think she was nuts, Piper had been plagued with the sensation of being watched for most of the day... 


My Piper senses are tingling...


Without breaking the air of casualness, Piper turned the first corner she encountered as if she intended to go deeper in building. Though instead of proceeding, she quickly spun around and stood against the wall with her arms crossed. When Avery inevitable followed, Piper would quickly reach out and grab her shoulder. 


Welp, I wasss just thinking about seeing more of these people...


"Hiya!" Piper's tone was light hearted but it didn't match her gaze, which quickly became sharp and analytical. "We doing a lil stalking? Skulking perhaps?" 

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#7094059 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Hälō on 11 April 2018 - 05:18 AM

"Hey!  Just what the hell do you think you're doing!?  You can't do that on hotel property!  I could have you suspended from the competition!" Get your ass off this rooftop or I'll remove you by force,"
Geno's demand prompted Lace to suddenly halt her swing mid stroke. Completely unaware of how impressive this feat was, she peered blankly at the man for a moment before finally recognizing him as the hotel's head of security. 
"Oh." XIII lowered her blade with the same neutral expression. For a moment she toyed with the idea of knocking the man out. Though quickly disregarded the notion after sizing him up and realizing that she'd never get away with it...
Sighing, Lace opened her mouth to apologize only to find her self silenced by the ring of Geno's phone.   
"I'll deal with you in a moment," Geno growled, causing Lace to arch an eyebrow.
Watching him walk away, Lace lazily listened in on his conversation with her inhuman hearing.
Though incapable recognizing the voice of the person on other line, the girl's eyes suddenly narrowed in fascination at their words. "Hey..." She began but was ignored in Geno's sudden dash down towards the lower levels.  
As Geno descended, XIII closed her eyes and tried to open up her senses. A strong wind hand begun blow atop the building, and after a few moments of standing their in meditative state, the girl felt a chill run down her spine. 
"Such a wicked aura..." Lace breathed before opening her eyes.
Though it was hard to pinpoint on the source with all disturbances around, she was certain that something grim was about to happen. The sensation lingered in the air, making it cold and heavy to the swordsman.
"Is this our next ordeal?" XIII sighed before returning her sword to it's scabbard and leaping off the side of the hotels roof. Now in her own free fall, Lace tried her best to zero in on the source of the malefic intent that she felt so potently. 
"The banquet..." Having finally narrowed it's location down to a general area, Lace's thoughts drifted to Angelica causing the girl to tuck her arms into her body to gain speed. There was no way in hell that she'd leave the her friend in whatever mess about to start without back up.


#7082553 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 25 February 2018 - 03:24 AM

With the others turning in, Piper's gaze quickly zoomed back into focus.


She had been spacing out towards the bathroom door that her friend had vanished behind. Her mind constantly replayed everything that had happened over and over again, as she tried her best to make sense of it all. Could this really be happening? A bunch of teenagers sucked into some super natural s*** like this was some sort of tv show...

Piper's eyes danced around the group. First landing on the girl who inquired about lock picking skills. She definitely had a big mouth on her for such a small girl, and Piper definitely had the feeling that she had seen the girl around school.

Glancing across the faces of those who were sleeping, Piper lingered on Jason for a brief moment before she sighed.

The girl with with the glasses definitely seemed off. Something about they way she moved and spoke seemed eerily fake, and it even seemed like she was having fun here. Piper wondered if anyone else had picked up on that as well...

"I think I'm down to come back." Piper uttered what she realized was the first word she had spoken since they had left the party.

As she begun to move towards the kitchen she studied the faces of the two large gentlemen at her right. Piper recognized one from her Gym class. He was just the run of the mill tough guy from what she could tell, but she didn't like to judge a book by the cover.

The other guy was a complete mystery though. He hadn't really said much since they met, but she imagined his backstory had something to to with the union of a human woman and giant.

"It would be a waste for us to just fall down the rabbit-hole like this, and not even bother to check out the sights in 'f***ed up wonderland island resort!'" Piper smirked slightly, trying to brighten up room's energy a little. "This kind of stuff doesn't just happened everyday. It's not like we stepped in s*** or something... we can't just wipe it off and move on like none of this crazy s*** ever happened."

She was deliriously tired, and her make up felt gross on her face after having ran from the cops and trekked through the rainy jungle. If she were being honest with herself, there was a part of her mind that was still desperately clinging on to the fact that this might all be a dream. But she'd be damned if she didn't do her best to take it all in stride. If this was truly new adventure, then she wouldn't let such a thing slip away because she was scared.

"I'll send out my number in the morning..." As she plucked up an apple, Piper's gaze finally landed on Paul. He was one of the cuter guys in her math class, but that was just about the only thing she knew about him. As she studied his features, the girl memory flashed to the scene of him saving them from the shadow, causing her eyes to narrow slightly.

"Cute guy who sits behind me in math class by day," As she passed the boy on the way her chosen bed, Piper flashed him coy smile whilst bringing her apple up to her lips. "Vanquisher of monsters, and summoner of my Uncle Jerry in a Thor costume by night, huh?" She giggled slightly though she clearly lacked energy.

"Thanks for the save out there by the way, tiger. " Piper tone was slightly dreary as she bit into the apple.

Even if he didn't know how he did it, Paul at saved them with that power. The glowing orb she had been painting was also there too wasn't it? It was hard to make out in the chaos but Piper was almost certain she glimpsed it before Paul summoned the big guy with the hammer...

The more she thought about it the more questions she had. Questions she hadn't even the vaguest idea of how to start answering. "I think I'll follow their lead and see if these beds are half as good as advertised..." Plopping down backwards into her bed, Piper raised a hand a threw up a peace sign just before her eyes began to drift shut. "Night guys."

#7079886 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Hälō on 17 February 2018 - 08:48 AM

Lace sighed as she walked down the hotel hallway. After the last round, something about her now seemed oddly more human. Her skin was still pale, but her cheeks seemed to have just a hint of color now, and even her cold lavender eyes had a shine to them that one couldn't help but notice.


Though unfortunately her tiny lips were curled into a frown as she mused at exactly what she was going to do when she arrived at her destination...


"Oh! Miss XIII, are you looking for the banquet?" 


One of the hotel's workers greeted her with a smile as she turned the corner. "I can escort you if you'd like..." Lace halted her advance but said nothing. Instead choosing to study the other woman's face in what soon became a silent stare down.






"What do you do usually like to have done for you when you're feeling sad?" Lace broke the silence at last. 


"Excuse me?" Visibly confused, the hotel worker scratched the back of her head and glanced around the hall. "I guess my husband usually brings me cake from my favorite restaurant when I'm down..." The woman said thoughtfully before returning her gaze to Lace, who had already began walking again. "Why do you ask?




"H-Hey!" She called after the contestant to no avail. Sighing defeatedly, the hotel worker shrugged and went about her business.    


"Food, huh?" Lost in thought, Lace touched her chin. XIII did recall seeing a lot of the characters in the movies she and Angelica watched eating lots of sweets when they were depressed...


"I suppose it's worth a try."



Having never really understood the practicality of knocking, Lace hastily hit the door nob with her foot to find that it was left unlocked. "Bethany?" Upon stepping inside the room, XIII was instantly aware of a sudden drop in temperature. It was like walking right into a freezer. And though she herself was no stranger to such an environment, there was something about this frost that exuded melancholy...  


Glancing around to study the ice that covered every inch of the room, Lace's gaze finally fell on Bethany who had been sitting with her back pressed against the wall.


"Hey..." Clearly unsure of how to approach such a situation, Lace took another step into the room. In her hands she brandished a large shopping bag, as well as a tray from the hotel's coffee shop. "I wanted to give you my condolences." Steam billowed from the two cups as hot liquid as they struggled against the new cold environment, filling the room with a delicious chocolate aroma. "They also come with food... and chocolate." She glanced at the contents of the bag for a moment before extending it and the tray towards her future partner sheepishly.


"I-I didn't know what you liked so just grabbed everything..."

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#7076694 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 05 February 2018 - 11:31 PM



Piper's Room
The low hum of the new band she discovered on her way to home filled her room as she sat with her legs crossed on her bed. There was a canvas sitting a few feet in front of her, with a swirl of dark hues that seemed to be centered around an orb of some sorts. In the orb, she had begun to fill in different shades of light blues in what was the beginning of a fiery texture... she wasn't quite sure why, but something about this painting felt... right. It was almost like she had seen the scene before.
She hadn't been able to focus even a bit during school. There was talk of a party, and Quinn had skipped their morning period but other than that it was just another day. She drifted through all of her classes without even noticing, and after dealing with the process of getting her Art Club off the ground. Now all she need to do was find some members...
*beepbeep boobeebee boop*
Her cell phone sounded off causing her to jump slightly. With both her hands covered paint, Piper leaned back and swiped her screen with her foot. Sight of the words "Queen" in her notification made her face light up slightly, it was Quinn.
Hey. It's Quinn. You want to go to Kevin Garcia's party tomorrow night with the drama crew and me?
Piper's lips curled into a smirk. As she moved her phone so that it between her legs, the girl already began plotting what kind of outfit she'd be bringing out...
funk yes! I'll bring paint :D
She typed the words with her toes in a manner that clearly indicated that she had done so before. Leaning back and giggling with excitement, Piper brought her attention back to her painting. Inspiration stroke again with a vengeance. 

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#7069025 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 16 January 2018 - 02:54 AM

Alex sighed and walked towards her copy. "We can't live in the past... We can't let it haunt us forever... But no matter what... Events like this will stay with us forever..." she put a hand on the copy's shoulder. "We have to look towards the future... And we have to make sure... That our future is a good one... For everyone..." she said with a slight smile.
The copy continued to cry whilst it looking up into Alex's eyes, seemingly surprised by the sudden embrace. As it did so, it's form began to lose stability, and soon started to flowing into the real Alex's body in what resembled a cloud of embers...
In the outside world, Roxie halted her approach. Peering forward towards Alex she watched with fascination as the feline continue to struggle to get to her feet. Though it wasn't Alex's will to fight that had peaked her interest...
"This heat..." Roxie mumbled to herself as she squinted her eyes at the sudden wave of hot air that had begun to wash over the room. It was a solemn kind of hotness, rarely found in nature. Thick. Unmoving, almost as if she were standing in an oven... 
Unsure of what to make of this development, Roxie quickly shielded her face with her hand before taking another step towards Alex.




"A jewel containing the ultimate power..." Axel smirked before tossing the emerald up into the air. "I've already decided that I'll do whatever it takes to bring Alex back," Catching the chaos emerald behind his back, Axel's eyes glowed brilliant blue as he shifted his posture to mimic the stance he had seen so many times before. "I'll save her with these hands... Even if I have to tear my own body apart!"
Clearly unnerved, Batsu spat towards the ground. "Don't worry, I'll be doing the tearing." The rooster growled with malice as he watched Axel shoot forward in a blur of movement. Narrowing his eyes, Batsu cursed with annoyance upon realizing that hedgehog was now even running differently from before... 
Closing the distance in only a few seconds, Axel continued to mimic the image Ken in his mind's eye; smoothly dodging under the first of Batsu's strikes before quickly jerking his own body around in a rapid spinning motion.
"Reverse... Hurri-Ken!"
He roared the name of the attack, the words tasting sour as his leg collided with Batsu's at high speed, sweeping the larger mobian off balance and knocking him into the air with surprising force. A bright blue aura trailed behind Axel's heel, quickly dissipating has he stopped his spin with by slamming his free hand firmly on the ground.
Though he wasn't nearly as strong as his brother, by using the chaos emerald's power to distort space, the prodigy could still pack quite the physical punch when channeling it properly. "I need... to finish this quickly..." Axel's grit his teeth as his body screamed in agony from the strain of preforming one of Ken's techniques. 
The bright blue aura gathered itself around Axel's hand as pushed of the ground, springing towards Batsu with his fist cocked and the purple chaos emerald floating close behind him.
"Shhhho-" His voice was followed by the sound of impact as the hedgehog's fist slammed into the rooster's gut at full force, sending him higher into the air. "RYU-" Axel's muscles once again cried out in misery has he continued to copy his brother, drawing from the memory of when he was first hit with this cursed technique and following his last punch with a second even stronger blow right above Batsu's solar plexus.
Seeing the light quickly fading from his foe's eyes after the two devastating blows to his vital areas, Axel gritted his teeth once more whilst cocking his fist back a final time. "KEN!" Axel's voice boomed throughout the room as his fist crashed under Batsu's chin, causing a shockwave to blossom from the impact, separating the two.
With in moment's both figures came tumbling down to the ground. Though when the dust cleared, only one found themselves with the strength to get up. 
"Must that idiot put his name in every blasted attack?" Axel panted as he looked over to the now unconscious Batsu. Barely able to move his arms now, he gingerly plucked the chaos emerald from the air before allow his limbs to hang limply at his side.
Though before he could turn to continue his advance further into the ship, his eyes widened in shock upon sensing a large energy building up somewhere close by. This sudden burst of power was massive, and boasted a heat so severe, that it made the young prodigy suddenly breakout into a sweat, despite his distance from the actual source... 
"N-No Way..." He gasped, whilst turning towards the direction of the energy signature.   
What was truly frightening about the aura was not it's size nor it's proximity to him...  But the fact that it felt so familiar.


"Still got some spunk left in ya, huh?" Roxie halted her approach once more as Alex suddenly began rise to her feet. The hedgehog's smirk flicked slightly, as the air rapidly began to bend and twist from another sudden spike in the temperature around the pair. It was beginning to make it hard to breath...
Alex remained dead silent when finally managed to stand upright. Flames had began to dance around her form, and were quickly increasing in intensity. They hugged her body with each passing moment, wrapping around her arms and legs before seemingly densifying into a molten aura that dripped down to the metal floor, causing it to slowly melt. 
Nonetheless, Alex remained motionless. Glaring forward towards Roxie with pupils hat had faded to leave her eyes completely white and empty, yet somehow primally fierce. When the molten aura finally began to creep over her face and body, Alex was replaced by what appeared to feline that had be molded from bright red magma. 
Seeing this, Roxie grinned madly before retaking her fighting stance. "Oh Oh Oh! I Know what this is... ALEX, YOU'RE DOING ONE OF THOSE SUPER ANIME-STYLE POWER UPS!" A third gust of hot air blasted Roxie, causing her already tattered clothes to blow franticly. Alex had begun her approach now, and with ever step forward the feline left a melting foot print in her wake...
"Alright, let's back to it then..." Alex's eyes told Roxie everything she needed. No words necessary. Tilting forward, she vanished in a burst of speed just as she had done many times before. However this time, Alex vanished as well... 
"It's coming this way!" Axel spat in surprise and confusion as two massive auras began rapidly approaching from across the ship. They were fighting, and one of them was definitely Roxie's...
There is no way thats...
"Sh-" The prodigy began before he was suddenly cut off by a massive crash from the room's south wall. Flames shot past his face in that same instant. Causing the white hedgehog to hop backwards just as two figures came flying through the red hot whole that had been melted through the ship's haul. 
The site of Alex's molten form sliding past him on melting metal, actually caused Axel to drop his chaos emerald. Utterly shocked, he could do nothing but stand watch as the fiery thief quickly regained he balance, seconds before Roxie crashed into her with another savage kick. The two furiously exchanged blows for a moment, moving at speeds that even Axel had trouble following. 
The two were ignoring him. Choosing to focus everything they had into this confrontation.
Gaining the upper hand for a moment, Alex swung her hand forward and released a massive wave of flame that swallowed Roxie whole. Taking advantage of this opening, the molten figure then proceeded to shoot forward, smashing Roxie through another wall and leaving Axel speechless for a moment. 
"s***." Pulling himself together, Axel closed is eyes and began to follow the pair's movements with his senses.
It was as he suspected... 
"They're heading right for Ken..." His brother's aura indicated that he had managed to finish his own fight as well, but in the condition his twin appeared to be in, Axel knew he would be nothing but the collateral damage if he got caught up in Alex and Roxie's battle. Grabbing his emerald up off the ground, Axel focused on his brother's location whilst calling on the gem's power.
"Chaos Control!"
Reappearing in a flash of light, Axel landed hastily at his brothers side, still panting from the strain he had put on his body during the fight with Batsu. The boy took a moment to glance around the room, and sighed. It looked exactly like what one would have expected of a battle between two monsters... 
When did Ken become so powerful...
And in the center of all the rubble and destruction laid Ken, and his opponent. Both alive somehow. Sleeping next to each other as they had been friends all a long. To fight at this level without causality. Axel scoffed, that was something only his softhearted brother could manage...    
His eyes sudden shot to the space between the two unconscious mobians upon sensing Alex and Cynthia's fight quickly approaching. The pairs aura hadn't stopped moving since they begun, and had broken through multiple rooms of the pirates ship in the short time it took Axel to locate and teleport to his brother. 
"Do those two intend to destroy the entire ship?!" Axel said through gritted teeth as the floor began to shake and the ground around them began to heat up, rapidly glowing a bright orange as the metal start going through the melting process.
"No time to save both..." The decision didn't even take consideration. Grabbing Ken's shoulder, Axel grunted with effort before once again vanishing in his trademark flash. Seconds later the spot they had been previously occupying gave way to a torrent of flame that kissed the roof the hanger before dissipating. 
As he reappeared a safe distance away, Axel exhaled and began to cough from exertion of teleporting more weight than he expected. Glancing down to see why his brother had become so heavy, Axel sighed in annoyance.
"If knew you were going to pretend to be asleep, I would have left you there." Axel gaze hung on Ken's hand, which was gripped loosely around Benny's arm so that she was also teleported. Though before he could say anything else, Alex and Roxie made there entrance.
Leaping through the hole in the ground the two broke from their grapple and brought themselves to a skidding halt in the center of room. Roxie's clothes were nearly all burned away, but despite her battered form she wore a toothy grin as she hunched over slightly and caught here breath. 
And though Alex's feature's were hidden by her molten aura, it was clear the she too was taking a moment to regain her composure- if she ever had it in the first place.
"What happened to you Alex..." Finally able to study the thieves evolution, Axel activated his true sight as he peered into burning shell that had formed around Alex. He needed to know where all this power was coming from...

#7068571 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 14 January 2018 - 04:22 AM

Piper watched her fellow classmates trickle into the classroom in pairs as she sat idly sipping her coffee. Having only made it to the orientation just as it had ended, she was lucky enough to able to simply grab her schedule and walk straight out the door before the horde of students attempted to make towards the exit.

Though she had originally been ecstatic about being placed in an art class for first period, her excitement quickly faded upon seeing that their teacher was about as try as one of the markers she usual found in the laundry.

"Class is too small for me to take a nap..." She mumbled to herself whilst sliding back into her chair. "But I guess I can't get in trouble for doodling in an art class, right?" Her lips curled into a smile at the prospect of getting in some good drawing time early in the morning.

"Hi, I'm Queen nice to meet you." Quinn flashed a quick smile. "So, I don't recognize you. You new around here, or you just a wallflower?"

Piper jumped slightly, too lost in her thoughts to realized that she had just been assigned a partner. Studying the boy for a moment she smiled, already enjoying his the aura he gave off. "I'm far from a wall flower..." She smirked whilst pulling out her sketch book from her bag. "I actually just moved out here! Got into some trouble back home, so my parents figured they'd give me the 'ol fresh princess treatment, and shipped me out North Bumblef*** to stay with my uncle and auntie." Her smile shrunk slightly after being reminded of her situation, but nonetheless she continued conversationally.

"You seem pretty popular..." Piper said whilst nodding towards the bubbly blondie that her partner had originally been sitting with. "Barbie over there a part of your clique?" Her old town was filled with girls identical to Chelsea. They looked plastic, thought they were smarter than they were, and sought validation by blowing the hottest guy they could find in their daddy's pool.

"Mmm... You could say that." Quinn smirked leaning closer to Piper. "Really most of us only hang out with her cause she throws the best parties. End of the year she throws this big one called the 'Summer Bash'. Real banger y'know." Piper turned to study Chelsea as he said this. Yep, she fit the bill.

"Anyway Little Miss Bel Air, what kind of trouble you like to get into?" Quinn's smirk grew wider. Yeah he was definitely happier to have her as his partner than yappy little Chelsea.

Piper's eye lit at the boy's question, as she produced a brush pen from the pocket of the hoodie wrapped around her hips.

"Ohhhh, so you guy's do party out here!" Piper scoffed before leaning closer to Quinn. She was in full gossip mode now. "I'm a horrible actor though... so she'll probably realize I hate her guts, but if you're looking for plus one, I'm your gal!"

"And in regards to trouble..." She pretended to think for a moment. "A little smoking here, a protest there... I drink a tad but I'm all about the green if we're partying!" A glint of mischief sparked in her eye as she twirled her pen between her fingers. "Boys are fun too I guess, but get me some paint and I can show you the world..." Her mouth was practically watering at the prospect of putting some color to one of the schools walls.

"What about you? Remember I'm new here, so you can go ahead and be whoever you want, I won't be bothered to fact check..." She smirked jokingly before whipping open her sketch book and throwing down a few lines that vaguely resembled a head.

"Oh yeah, well don't you worry I'm always geniune and authentic... well unless I'm not~ Anyway I think you and I will get along just fine. Cause if it's the green wish for then oh baby I'm your genie. I know all the guys with the best stuff, and I know get for a good deal too." Quinn winked and made a popping noise with his mouth. "You don't got to worry about Chelsea either, honestly that girl's got nothing in her head but air, you don't have to be genius actor like me to fool her." Leaning over Quinn watched Piper deftly place line after line in her sketchbook.

"So you one of those artsy fartsy types?"

"More art, less fart..." Piper grinned in response.

Her strokes begun to increase in speed, creating structures and textures from nothing. Within moments the girl seemed to be in her own little world, shutting out everything around her, and only glancing away from her paper to study Quinn's features.

Five minutes later, she slid her book over to the side with a sly smile. It was a caricature of sorts. Of Quinn with exaggeratedly elegantly features, sitting atop what appeared to be the blonde girl sitting a few feet away as if she were human stool. He wore a queen's crown atop his head, and what could either be a joint or a cigaret in his hand, with smoke billowing off the side of the page. In the smoke, Piper had scrawled in her surprisingly horrid handwriting "We're friends now b****!" Followed by her phone number.

Carefully ripping the page from her book she slid it over to her partner with a wink. "First one is on the house~"

"Nice," Quinn chuckled under his breath, however this was enough to finally earn them the ire of Ms. Hemley who shushed them both. "Guess she's not so deaf after all..." Quinn shrugged.

After School, the Gymnasium


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S NO ART CLUB?!" Piper billowed in annoyance as she starred daggers at the list of available clubs. Spinning around immediately, she glanced around the room in search of a teacher, ripping the piece of paper off the wall and crumbling it in her vice grip.

Any faculty would do... even the janitor would get an earful until the school gave the arts the recognition it deserved!

"I don't care if even the heavens forgive suc-" She began only to halt herself up setting her sights on the only face she recognized in the entire school. Seeing the shaking expression on the boy's face, Piper's eyes instantly narrowed as she observed the scene. "Not cool..." Even if she didn't know these people, or even have a full grasp of the complexity of the situation, Piper's gut told her everything she needed to know...

That the guy grabbing Quinn was an a******.

Tossing the paper to the side, Piper thrusted her hand into her bag as she began marching towards the Drama Club's booth. As she approached, the girl produced the small tube of red acrylic paint, skillfully unscrewing it's cap with her mouth before spitting it to the side. She wouldn't be needing it...

"Riku... please, don't. It's fine."

What? But-"

"Didn't you hear him? Back off twerp."

"W-WHOAAAAAAH!" Coming up from behind the group, Piper stumbled dramatically, flailing her arms and squeezing the entire tube of red paint at the douche who had Quinn in his grasp. She hadn't been lying early, her acting was indeed quite horrible. Though regardless she continued to milk her collision, and quickly yanked Quinn's arm free from the bully. "Oh noooooo... I'm so sorry."

Recovering way too fast, Piper darted to Quinn's side and flashed her pigment covered victim a sheepish grin that didn't quite meet her eyes. "I'm sorry man, I think I got a little bit of paint on ya..." The eyes of passing students were now all on them, and though to the onlookers it seemed like a honest mistake by the new girl, those in immediate group would be able to clearly see the coldness in her gaze as smiled at Grant. "Hmmm... you wouldn't happen to wanna join the Art Club, would you?"
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#7067650 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Hälō on 11 January 2018 - 05:12 AM



Early Morning

Light Rain



"Com'on you piece of crap..." Piper growled down towards her phone as her Navigation app wobbled and changed orientation yet again.


Her eyes drifted to the top of the screen to check the time, immediately causing the girl to sigh and hunch over in defeat.


"Three minutes..."


Despite all the effort she had put forth into waking up on time for once, it seemed that the the forces at be were sticklers for consistency... She was going be late every other day. So why give the nice people of New Orleans the false impression that she were an actual functioning member of society? "Message received, universe." Piper mumbled before blowing a strand of dark curly hair out of her face, and sliding her phone back into her acid washed boyfriend jeans. 


The pitter patter of rain dancing across the top her umbrella was completely drowned out by the sound of her doc martens slushing through a massive puddle as she hastily crossed the street towards the Starbucks she had passed whilst her GPS was in revolt. 


"Welp, if I'm going to be late..." A small smirk formed on her lips as she slid through the glass doors and let her umbrella fall to her side, dripping water all over her grey tank top. "I'll at the very least be late with coffee.


Strolling up to the counter, she greeted the barista with a sheepish grin as she rubbed the back of her head and glanced at his name tag. "Hey there, Terry! I'll just do venté ice coffee. Black... But do you think you could also point me towards Greater Orleans High?"


"Sure, hun..." The barista responded with a friendly smirk as he punched in her order. "You're gonna want to head about 10 minutes that way." He nodded his head towards the direction Piper had already been heading before she gave up, causing her to let a small scoff. "Can I get your name?" 


"Pimp Daddy P." 


"Cute," Terry let out a small laugh. "You can go ahead and pick it up over there, Pimp Daddy..." 



Twelve minutes later...



Sipping her coffee, Piper wondered around the school's campus with the expression of a tourist. Having forsaking any aid in navigation, the girl had decided to rely solely on her horrid sense direction and the kindness of strangers to get her to the auditorium.


Though unfortunately it seemed that the entire school was deserted... 

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#7067600 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Hälō on 11 January 2018 - 12:47 AM

"You... fool." 
Lace didn't bother to turn and face the angel as he fell to his knees. Instead she chose to walk forward towards the small crater left in the ground from where she had dropped Beowulf. 
"Only the divine have been able to prevent the stone from being touched by black magics for so long. But you. You alone have sealed the fate of the entire world. That was not meant to be a challenge, you fool. Because I am the last of my kind, I was the remaining soul to keep the stone protected. You have severed my connection to it. There is no doubt now. If the same evil which I felt some days ago learns of the Godstone's state, they will seek it. And I will be helpless to fend them off from this world. They will come. And because of you, this world will burn."
As Lace bent down to pick up her blade, the angel continued his warning before finally shooting back up towards the heavens, leaving the three girls to their own devices once more.
"His kind sure does love to talk..." Lace called over to Angelica and Mango as she rejoined the gathering, careful to stand an equal distance between the other two girls. 
"So-" Lace began, only to be silenced by a sudden move by Mango. Prepared to defend herself, Lace sword hand twitched slightly as the experiment started towards her. However it seemed that Mango had been pushed to her limit, and promptly fell to the ground, clearly succumbing to her wounds.
Sighing, Lace hoisted her broadsword up and slid into into the scabbard at her back. She almost felt bad... whilst she was dealing with the original Lace in the White Room, these two where out here making sure she wasn't barbecued.  
"Please, don't push yourself anymore. You fought well..." XIII smiled with rare warmth as she looked down at Mango. 
Seeing Angelica's sword had returned to her, Lace then shifted her gaze to over to the blue haired girl. Just like Bethany, she considered Angelica to rival, and despite the fact that they were also friends, XIII couldn't help but feel her combat instincts urging her to put herself against the android...
"I don't remember... was burning the world on our list?" Though there was warmness in her gaze, a slight tension had gathered in the air between the two as she smirked at Angelica, waiting to see what the other girl intended to do. 

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#7065407 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Hälō on 31 December 2017 - 04:59 PM



XIII watched in horror as the scene on the outside quickly escalated. Shifting her gaze over to the little girl that was weeping in her chair, XIII felt her tiny features twist into a scowl as she moved closer to girl and grabbed her by the shoulders. 


"Please! We have to save them..." She pleaded whilst shaking the child. "Angelica is a friend. We can't just sit here whilst she's in danger..."


"I-I don't want to do this anymore..." Lace sobbed. Tears streamed down from her eyes as tucked her knees into her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. "Where is Dad?!"


XIII stared down at the girl for a long time. This was her true self?! The original Lace. Nothing but a sickly child...


Her attention shifted again to the outside world, where Choros' ritual seemed to near completion. There was no way this girl could protect Angelica... She couldn't even protect herself. "Damn it..." XIII growled in frustration.Was this how it was supposed to end? Did fate expect her to sit here idly whilst this ghost let her new life burn away to ashes?!


"Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it! DAMN IT!"


A sudden pressure filled the room, causing the crying Lace to look up from her weeping. There at her side, XIII had begun to glow with a furious blue aura that seemed causing the entirety of the room to shake. "S-So... pretty..." The child looked on in awe as the older woman's aura continued to grow in size, quickly filling the small white room with it's azure light. 


"Dad is dead." XIII's voice reverberated with power as took a step forward. "You're dead..."


"And I refuse... to be replaced... by a memory!" XIII growled through gritted teeth as she attempted to force her soul into the driver's seat. She'd destroy the entire White Room if she had to. The entire metaphor could go to hell! "This body is MINE...this soul is my MINE..." The light from her aura had become blinding, and it almost seemed as if everything else around her were being hungrily consumed by it, including the young Lace.


"I'M ME!"



Back on the battlefield, Lace's body had also been enveloped in the very same azure aura. Slowly, she brought herself up to her feet, standing at the edge of her perch high on the wall as she peered down towards the ground bellow. 


Without a word she stepped off of the ledge and began her descent. Her target in sight, she slowly reached to her side and grabbed the hilt of the straight-sword strapped to her belt. Lace's aura trailed behind her like a jet stream and when she drew her weapon, a corona of sharpness swirled around it's blade whilst she brought it back in preparation to unleash her signature technique. 


It was over in a flash. To any observer, it would seem as if her blade had passed harmlessly through the Godstone. But as Lace landed inches from the artifact, a dozen strokes of light would begin to flash across it's surface, each representing a blindingly fast sword stroke imbued with the power of her soul. 


"Iron Lotus..." Lace whispered with finality before slowly sliding her blade back into it's scabbard just as the last of her strikes made themselves known. She was herself. For the first time ever...