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Tokyo Ghoul: Apex Complex Intrest Check

29 August 2017 - 01:23 AM


Co-Hosted by: Hi I'm Dad

- Ghouls (喰種, gūru, translates approximately to eater species) are a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that is only able to feed on humans and other ghouls.   





"Revolution. Funny thing, isn't it? Some nut-job starts calling himself the One-eyed King and fighting the CCG- handing them their asses at that! Next thing you know, the Doves receive a massive spike in both reach and funding... 


It was all good and fun until they started turning up in our neck of the woods. It didn't take very long at all for them to start naming Commission of Counter Ghoul Headquarters all over the world, and now even in the good 'ol US of A, if you don't play your cards right, you'll find a bunch of suits with brief cases at your door, and trust me, nobody else will ever find you after that.



Ghoul Activists, Ghoul Terrorist Organizations... It's like all anyone ever talks about now is ghouls, ghouls, ghouls these days. Whatever is happening in japan, was exactly what it took to make the war on ghouls sellable, and the birds were all too eager to step up to the task of satisfying the rapidly growing demand for global ghoul extermination...


But war is a two-way street, ya know? Real strong ghouls have been popping out of the wood work, and their all moving like they've got big plans. New York ain't the city it used to be anymore. Not after that woman moved in and starting provoking the CCG...


The birds have been pretty silent as of late, but that wont last long. It just means that they're cooking up something nasty for us.


I wonder... did this One-eyed King know that he had set the stage for the end of world as we know it?" 



- Page 35, "Oliver's notes"







Behold! As Hollow steps up to run his own RP...


As you can see, this is just a mere interest check as of now. That's so I have a place to store information regarding the project, as well as a way to gauge the general interest of the people and answer any questions y'all my have. It would be shame for me to work my little boney butt off just to have nobody want in on my crazy train, right? 


I'll be slowly filling out a nice little database that will give solid detail about the Tokyo Ghoul universe throughout the week, but here is some general information about the RP: 



  • This RP will be limited acceptance. I want to really focus on character development, and that becomes hard with a huge cast. At the moment I'm considering maintaining four available player slots, not including my co-host.
  • Characters Characters Characters! As stated above, I want the story to truly fall around the cast. I've planned this story out in a way that my world is easily moldable, and only intend to solidify it once I have my players characters sorted out, so I can meld their backstories into the universe to make their development even more powerful. I want to give every member of the cast their time to shine and really create a cool story with your creations. 
  • "Sounds cool, but what kind of characters will we be making, Hollow-san? Ghouls? CCG Commandos": The answer is both, Mr. Convenient Bold Text! The main cast will be made up of a group of man-made ghouls that were created and trained as special unit within the Commission of Counter Ghoul. These individuals were either inducted into the project via volunteering, or were forcibly brought in as "acquired assets". Nonetheless, they would have had any memories of there past lives scrambled, and be given new identities upon being "reborn". The transformation process is brutal, and the survival rate is abysmal to say the least. Though no pain no gain right? You're one of the 'lucky' ones after all, a member of Apex...

GearZ: Awakening [Ineterest check]

09 September 2015 - 04:16 AM

                                                                                                                   A Hollow RP
                                                                                                                           Co-hosted by Hydriegon 
It all went black. Every computer monitor, television, cell phone, and even the massive digital billboard that hung over the market square suddenly cut to a dark screen. And then it happened. The violent hum of static filled the speakers of every device in the city, causing all of it’s inhabitants suddenly vibrate in pain and annoyance. Suddenly all the screens in the city lit up with the image of man, boasting an all too familiar mask. 
They all knew the figure that was presented to them… some of them feared him, others had been waiting patiently for his return. But none of them could have anticipated what was about to happen next… 
“You claim to have created a utopia, yet countless families are still starving in the Grinds. You hide behind your tower, and your armored attack dogs as you try to convince the world that those vary same people that you’ve banished to far edges of the city are the enemy of mankind…
 If you NEED an enemy, then look no further. This is no threat. This is not a warning. We have no demands, and we will not be negotiating… We are Genesis, AND THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR!”   
And with that everything went silent. All the city’s technology returned to normal as if nothing had ever happened, but it’s citizens all lingered with mixed expressions. In that moment every Gear host, member of the Anti-Gear movement, and private citizen had been united, in a near universal understanding. They all knew something big was coming. 
More Information

Naruto - Escalation [OOC/Accepting/NS/PG-16]

12 July 2014 - 10:19 PM


"For countless years, the Kusagakure has been forced to dwell in the shadow of the 5 “great” countries. This ends today. The hidden leaf village has been dealt a great blow at the hands of Orochimaru, and is now left unable to competently meddle in our growth.  However, should we not seize this opportunity; I fear that we are doomed to remain at the mercy of our neighbors. A mere battle ground for their egos to clash. As I dawn the mantle of Kusakage, a new era begins for the hidden grass village; an era of metamorphosis, an era of escalation!"

- Gin Chukumaru






Create your own adventure:New Battle City [looking for characters]

05 May 2013 - 10:42 PM

Hello guys, I’ve been planning the coya for a while, and I thinks it final  time to put it into motion.

The rules are as follows :


1) This cyoa does not operate under any specific time frame. I am doing it this way to avoid any disruption of the story due to the schedules of the players.I’m going to try and run the story in a way that it can function no matter how many players are currently active.


2) All duels will be hosted on YGOPRO (Can be downloaded here: http://www.ygopro.co/Home.aspx) I will inbox the contestants to set up the matches, don’t worry you won’t be disqualified if you cannot fit the match into your schedules. (I get that we have lives)


3)You can only control your own character during "free will choices"


4) All NPC’s will be controlled by me,that includes dueling. I will also be responsible of keeping track of wins, and other important things.


5)Now onto  the most important thing… Decks! I want you guys to have fun, and use decks that really feel like they belong to your characters. So no meta decks! When I say “No meta” I’m not telling you not to use mermails, fire fist or anything like that… I’m simply telling you to be creative with them! Upon creation of your character I will ask you to inbox me their deck list (So I can approve it, and keep record for story purposes). You can make small changes to your deck whenever you want, but you can only completely create a new deck  at the end of the season. So choose your character’s decks wisely.


6)Have fun.  And inbox me any questions you might have :)


Now for character creation there will be 8 slots excluding my character (Yes I have a character. His name is Seto Kytes, and he will serve as my avatar)


Here is an example of how you make your character. Remember its first come first serve.


Name: Seto Kytes

Appearance(can be as detailed  as you want ): Very slim build, with messy brown hair. He is always seen surrounded by guards.

Personality : Calm and easy going.

Deck type: Photon/ Galaxy

Duel spirit(note: Your duel spirit must be in your deck. It can be Side,extra,or main ): Dimension wanderer

Background(Just say something about your character, like why they are participating in the tournament): The current owner of KaibaCorp. He has decided to host the 2nd battle city tournament for unknown reasons.


Ok guys lets get started. :3