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This is so far not a great Christmas. My head is too sore for any real enjoyment. Updated 25 Dec · 0 comments

About Me

I have Asperger's and can seem like I am calm most of the time. My main quell is that I don't like expressing my emotions so they bottle up. Most of the time they just fade but usually lead to depression which then leads to total blocks on everything. Last year because of that I only really ate once a day and that was only two slices of toast, my academic life is a mess but slowly getting rebuilt. Most of the time I am generally doing things alone and rarely participate in group work even if its groups of two, I will just sit there and do the work myself. A few years ago I blamed it for practically everything which happened to me and wished I was someone else, then I thought what would happen if I still remained as I was even without AS. That lead to my first depression.
The main thing I believe which has helped would be the support dog I got in December, in the past 3 months I have improved faster and have been more outgoing than I have since I was around 6-7 years old. Other than that it would be some anime and medication. I am very bad at seeing things through, quitting multiple clubs at school and plenty of out of school activities. I am also very ignorant about things that don't affect me, whether it be some else is ill or being bullied and so forth.


Giga: You are a pretty cool guy. I haven't interacted with you much but you stand out to me as one of the knowledgeable members here. You can get defensive at times but we all do.
The Nyx Avatar: I don't really know you but you seem to be decent at the game and a decent member.
Queen DeVille: Another one I don't really know, but I'm rarely in the DP section nor on DP much due to internet limitations. Would interact more but can't really unless BT (not the member) gets a exchange closer.
Toyo: You are probably one of the most liked members on this forum. To be honest I did think you were older than me until this year,when I found out you are a few months younger than me. Despite that you are evidently my senpai, both in experience on the forum, and also as an idol. (Still wondering how Aix pegged me as one)
Dae: You don't care what YCM thinks of you which I can relate to. You're experienced in MtG and are good at creating graphics. Not much else to say as I don't really talk to you but I do appreciate you presence.
Hina: I like you. You are one of the nicest people I have met on the internet and in life. You help me feel better about myself by posting encouragement for me in my AMA threads and the likes. This year as been rough on me in different ways and you have helped. So thank you.

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