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#7132638 Archetype Generator Meta

Posted by Uggla6 on 21 December 2018 - 08:55 AM

I have completed my AGM Gift for @Dova. They are called Snatched Sea Snacks and can be found here: https://forum.yugioh...ched-sea-snack/

Also, thank you to @Draconus297 and @Flash Flyer - Sakura for your gifts.

#7132637 [AGM Gift] Snatched Sea Snack

Posted by Uggla6 on 21 December 2018 - 08:52 AM

I got @Dova for this year's gift grab bag. I attempted to make a WATER deck with milling (sort of), Fusions, Rituals, Xyzs that Rank-up, Traps, and all different Levels. It's a slow and steady wins the race sort of deck that thrives in the Battle Phase.


So are you hungry? Do you like seafood? Well you're in luck because this deck is all about those editable sea creatures. 


Main Deck Monsters
Extra Deck Monsters



#7119379 Ravenituals

Posted by Uggla6 on 20 September 2018 - 03:06 AM

This is an archetype I came up with based on the name someone else gave in the Archetype. Here: https://forum.yugioh...ame/?p=7117690>


I will just past my own quote about how I envisioned the archetype. 

"Ravenituals are DARK Winged-Beast-Type Level 4 Ritual Spirit Effect monsters. This means they have a whole host of support including Blackwings, Raidraptors, generic Ritual support (Pre-Prep, Prep, Impcantations, Djinns, Manju, Senju, etc.), and generic Spirit support (Amano, Aratama, Nikitame, etc.). They work opposite to Shinobirds though. Of course, they are rituals needing to be properly ritual summoned and are spirit monsters that return to the hand during the End Phase they are summoned. However, instead of intending to break boards and OTK while creating tokens for defense, they are meant to create unbreakable boards during your opponent's turn before vanishing."


In, fact I liked them so much I went ahead and created them myself. So here we are.




Overall this archetype is decently splashable and very consistent. It has some serious defense and gains a lot of resources. However, it has problems putting damage on board, can run out of resources in grind games, and has vulnerabilities against certain cards. 


Further Analysis