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[AGM Gift] Snatched Sea Snack

21 December 2018 - 08:52 AM

I got @Dova for this year's gift grab bag. I attempted to make a WATER deck with milling (sort of), Fusions, Rituals, Xyzs that Rank-up, Traps, and all different Levels. It's a slow and steady wins the race sort of deck that thrives in the Battle Phase.


So are you hungry? Do you like seafood? Well you're in luck because this deck is all about those editable sea creatures. 


Main Deck Monsters
Extra Deck Monsters



Spirits of Purgatory

01 November 2018 - 12:25 AM

A very large generic Fairy archetype. While most don't have direct interactions with the rest of the archetype, "e, Spirit" is how they are referred too. Each has an effect that relates to their powers and the deck is extremely versatile. I hope you enjoy. I would be interested if anyone has the time to see potential decklists that people come up with since they are very splashable and even the pure version have can have a lot of variation.






20 September 2018 - 03:06 AM

This is an archetype I came up with based on the name someone else gave in the Archetype. Here: https://forum.yugioh...ame/?p=7117690>


I will just past my own quote about how I envisioned the archetype. 

"Ravenituals are DARK Winged-Beast-Type Level 4 Ritual Spirit Effect monsters. This means they have a whole host of support including Blackwings, Raidraptors, generic Ritual support (Pre-Prep, Prep, Impcantations, Djinns, Manju, Senju, etc.), and generic Spirit support (Amano, Aratama, Nikitame, etc.). They work opposite to Shinobirds though. Of course, they are rituals needing to be properly ritual summoned and are spirit monsters that return to the hand during the End Phase they are summoned. However, instead of intending to break boards and OTK while creating tokens for defense, they are meant to create unbreakable boards during your opponent's turn before vanishing."


In, fact I liked them so much I went ahead and created them myself. So here we are.




Overall this archetype is decently splashable and very consistent. It has some serious defense and gains a lot of resources. However, it has problems putting damage on board, can run out of resources in grind games, and has vulnerabilities against certain cards. 


Further Analysis


08 September 2018 - 02:04 AM

This is a small set I created to complete an archetype for the AGM format that was first created by @Draconus297 himself in the Generics sections back in Mar 2016 (https://forum.yugioh...ject/?p=6824896).


Lore-wise they remind me of little annoying, but deadly, virus computer bugs that spring up out of nowhere, are very hard to remove, and can cause havoc to your computer by swarming it from installing more and more viruses once the first one is downloaded.

Those cards are here in the spoiler.

Original Cards

They are a bunch of Level 2 Earth Cyberse-Type Flip Effect monsters. They all have hand, grave, and flip effects that allows them to swarm the field and create disruptions for your opponent. They do need some help triggering more effects without your opponent's help, generating damage, dealing with opponent's big beaters, and floodgates. With no S/T or Extra Deck support, that is where my focus fell upon.


New Cards


There are 2 synchros. One that is easy to make all while helping trigger effects and keep board presence. The other is a large beater, board wipe, double dmg, piercing dmg, and a book of moon effect, but it is hard to say with how slow it is if the large investment is worth it. The field spell gives an extra normal summon, closes the window of activation for your opponent during flip summon, and give a nice, but unnecessary stat boost. The quick-play spell helps protect your vulnerable monsters with blanket protection. The hand trap/trap helps get you out of tricky situations where you need to trigger a flip effect or need to negate a critical card (a starter or a floodgate).

Uggla6 Released Set - Week 12

21 August 2018 - 09:57 AM

Elemental Herbs
This deck is about removing backrow. Almost all the main deck monsters deal with removing backrow. So much so that the deck has problems otherwise. Luckily there are a few cards that can force your opponent to set S/T Cards or even put their monsters in their S/T Zones. It's a modern link deck, built for the competitive format. It is designed to work like a TCG exclusive archetype where they slip in 4 cards at a time across 4 sets (1 year). The 16 cards will be divide into the sets they are intended to be released in. Once the full support is out, the deck should be Tier 1.
Set 1


Set 1 Commentary
Set 2
Set 2 Commentary
Set 3
Set 3 Commentary
Set 4
Set 4 Commentary
Decklist will be posted shortly.