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About Me

My Life in a Simple Formula:

DFSK + $$ + $$$= My life! (read on to find out more!)



HELLO WORLD! I am Dandandalaxy 3 and my real name is Dan-dan Dalaxy 3.. I'm joking. This is my 3rd account after dandandalaxy and dandandalaxy and I made new ones for no reason at all! Just cos! Now on a more serious note; chocolate bars grow on trees and they come out of animals.. or is that animal poo i dunno but it's worth the check! Now I'm gonna stop trying to be funny or soon I'm gonna be talking about when I lost my shoe inside the shoebox if that makes any sense! Oh well! Cos I dont make sense! Why I dont make sense! Because I have recently been sniffing Petunia flowers! Does that not make sense! Well life makes no sense! Why do we have two ears! And why don't we have eyes on the back of our heads! Now I am gonna give you guys a hint about my real name! I DIED IN 1999! That doesn't make sense, I'm fond of writing letters on the computer! lI look at those two letters! They're not the same letter! Ones a l as in an l for locket and one is I as in I am, I hear! Now enough about that and more about this! $$$! That means that I wanna be rich! and that $$$$ this means I am rich! I'll show you:

$- a dollar sign

$$- easy money

$$$- I wanna be rich

$$$$- I am rich!

$$ + $$$ = $$$$ not in algebra cos in algerbra it's $$$$$ but nobody cares! 

Thank you for listening to my about me but it's not finished so who cares! Have you ever seen a donkey.. I have, my best friend is one! 

Donkey friend + Smurf friend + Kala friend = you turn crazy! And that's what happened to me because of the DSK formula! Donkey, Smurf, Kala! Now then let me tell you something very important! I have a new friend! Frankenstein friend! So the new formula is DSKF! Now DSKF + $$ + $$$= You have to give some of your money away so you're only a little $$$$! And that's what happened to me, so that's the formula of my life:

DSKF + $$ + $$ = My Life!

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    Yu-gi-oh, Magic the Gathering, Mario and C.O.D


So I've decided to make a proper signature. 

My favorite card:

Treeborn Frog


Cool Quotes:

'Doing nothing is very hard to do, you never know when you're finished.'

'I mean, part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich.'

'I write my scripts on paper made by 100 dollar bills.'

'Eat whatever you want and if anybody tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.'

'People say you can't live without love... I think oxygen is more important!'

'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.'


10 Facts About You (Try it, it really works!):

1) You're reading this now!

2) You're realizing this is pointless!

4) You didn't realize I skipped 3!

5) You're checking to see!

6) You're smiling!

7) You think this fact is pointless to!

9) You didn't realize I skipped 8!

10) You go to check and smile again.

11) You're still reading!

12) You're a human.


Another Few Facts About You

1) You don't wanna read another set of facts.

2) You are human.

3) You know the meaning of Yu-Gi-Oh and you know how to spell it.

4) You are still alive.

5) You wish this will end.

12204305984965) You're wondering what just happened!


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