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Hi everyone, its been awhile, and sadly its gonna be a bit longer, not going to post any new cards for awhile until April, but Ill keep in touch with the forum, need to start up... Updated 01 Dec · 2 comments

About Me

I like creating anything to do with fine art so obviously I was brought here, but what makes me different from modt of the artists here is I try as hard as I can to make cards that can actually be played even though they're fan made, just out of respect of the creative teams behind the actual cards.
Been working hard on www.DeviantArt.com, and thought one day "I need a break", so I picked back up my cards from eons ago, and realized I need to beef, update, and train my hand so I found this site, and have been scratching, holoing, collecting, making cards ever since, and so far I've accumulated a couple 1000 cards and growing from this site( on first day) so I'm a happy Bunny hehe anyway look-in forward towards the Chaos you guys make;daily.


I love female Yu-Gi-Oh! cards so please send me a clip or two, I'm always interested mostly because my deck is full of highly ranking female badasses hehe anyway yeah call me Jamie nice to meet all!

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    Girls on Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, mostly real ones though lol.


Live life loud, happy, adventurous, unafraid, strong!
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D'S Personality test
Your Result: Kalin Kesller (Good)
You are kalin Kesller,a man who holds life by luck of the draw,you have both hate inside you and a feel for revenge,former leader of team satisfaction with your friends jack,crow,and yusei you felt betrayed and thus later joined the dark signers,now you feel you have nothing left other then the luck in the wind,despite your past your a very powerful duelist you even managed to once beat yusei fudo but now your on the right track to making things right,your personality was either full of rage or very empty making you a very dangerous opponent who was willing to make high risks,your infernity type deck which is msotly fiends relies on you having no cards in your hand and relying on luck.
Ace Monsters:Infernity Doom Dragon
Result Breakdown:
58% Kalin Kesller (Good)
56% Yusei Fudo
56% Carly Carmine
54% Leo
50% Sherry Leblanc
48% Crow
44% Dark Vizor (Bruno)
38% Jack Atlas
38% Akiza
32% Luna
Quiz URL: http://www.gotoquiz....ersonality_test

What Yu-Gi-Oh!/GX character are you?
Your Result: Alexis Rhodes
You are a strong duelist, you are one of the top duelists out of the duelists you know. You do not follow the crowd nor do you regard yourself as better than others. You have two good friends that follow you around most of the time.
Result Breakdown:
80% Alexis Rhodes
67% Zane Truesdale
61% Tea Gardner
53% Jaden Yuki
39% Seto Kaiba
37% Chazz Princeton
35% Yugi Moto
29% Joey Wheeler

Quiz Created on GoTo Quiz
6 Neutral

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