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About Me

This is the Custom Card Artwork Dump, which is all about getting them tasty art pieces specifically hunted down and optimized for YCM. If you'd like to contribute, send me a PM and we'll see if you can be added to the contributors.

People of YCM who've meant something to me:
Desu & Kakashi - My uncontested best friends on YCM. I adore them both for who they are and what they've done, and can only hope to do them justice here in no particular order.


While many revile Desu's behaviour, I only see the magnificent bastard he is. His "take no bullsh#t" attitude has never failed to amuse me, and his role-playing quality is beyond compare. While I consider Blu to be my mentor, I know for a fact that Desu is the best role-player on YCM, bar none. He never has failed to deliver a unique and incredible character who has been a joy to work with, and he has always been a wonderful guy to act as a counterbalance, someone I could bash ideas with. Even after he left YCM we've stayed close, and have had a lot of fun between us since. We did amazing work in Hammerwatch, that's for sure.


Kakashi I met through Desu, Blu and Hotaru, and we've stack like glue ever since. I revere his graphical mastery and hold him to be the best artist on YCM I've seen, but he too also dabbled in role-playing. While hardly as passionate as some other people on this thread it was out of character where he flourished. Kakashi is an amazing person and even after him departing we've stayed tight as a knot, our shared interests always seeming to spout out hilarious, intriguing, or nonsensical conversations.


We three have forged a brotherhood from our role-playing past, and I have little doubt it will ever shatter.


Blu - This is the person who, despite how elusive he was and how notorious he is at dropping a project he was working on, taught me about quality over quantity when it came to Role-Playing. I consider Blu my mentor is every regard, he's a wonderful kindred spirit I admired and the first time he joined "Heaven S" made me feel so warm and happy that I was able to draw in one of the big names in the section. I can only hope he's happy with what legacy I've made for myself here, I hope he is.


Aisu - It is truly a shame we've grown apart, because ever since I came back to YCM from my first time here, you've been there for me. Aisu is another role-player who I grew close to a long time ago, but since then we've simply distanced and grew apart and, alas, she's gone. I do miss the good times, but I cherish them and hope you do too.


Cherz - Cherz is a very sweet and kind, albeit cheeky girl. She's very mischievous and clearly doesn't mind to show it off. She's the fourth Watcher of the Hammer, and she's never seemed to lack her charm. She's fun all around in truth. She's a good role-player, where I believe we first met, and since have had a lot of good times shared. We talk a lot, she comes to me for advice and I try to give her what help I can. Ickle baby Cherz-y.


Renegade - Renegade is such a nice person. I want to role-play with him again because he's so damn good at creating such amazing fleshed out characters that I cannot help but be in awe of. His games are always top notch quality too, there's not enough horns I can toot for this mo'fo'. I also cannot stop praising him for completing his CC. Daily Challenge too, that took some damn perseverance. I am probably biased because with him, Chaos and Hotaru, we completed Ragnarok, one of the few Role-plays to ever conclude.


Chaos Sonic - I adore Chaos. Despite him being older than me, and having been on YCM longer than me I cannot help but consider him like a little brother. I am glad I could help him out of his Mary-Sue character crutch, he has grown so much since then. He's sweet and kind, a gentle spirit from what I've known, and his eagerness to Role-Play is only matched by how fantastic his ideas for games are. He's a really nice guy, in all honesty, and I doubt I could've been on this site as long as I have without his support. He's the Boss, he's a music miastro for sure.


Yin - Another wonderful lass. I hope O is doing well as usual, that cheeky chappy! Yin was a former Graphics section moderator, the best active moderator for her time simply because she was professional and acted appropriately at all times regardless of criticism. She is also a wonderful woman and I cannot thank her enough for the sheer amount of renders and such I ask of her. Ever since she's left we don't talk as much but when we do our common interests bubble up with ease.


Hotaru - The only person I know more elusive than Blu. I do admire Hotaru, she's always had fun and been such an optimistic person. I've seen little to no conflict caused by her so that's always good news, plus she's dated Desu (which I totally called since like 4ever) so there's that too!


Honourable Mentions:
• Lujan - You should really try Role-playing again, because you're a dope guy. Seriously, you're so awesome dude.
• Agro - Slushy, dear Slushy. We had a good run, I do wish we'd get closer. Ever since you "left" like many people attempt to do, we haven't spoke. I wish we could, but I'm happy seeing you having grown into a stellar guy.
• LC - One of the nicest guys in the graphics section. Thank you for putting up with my nonsense <3
• Zextra - I thoroughly enjoyed our short rivalry in CC, you were a fun guy to compete against. Thanks for giving me a good run for my money.
• Striker - I've only really seen your good intent on the site, never really seen any bad from ya.
• Koko & Black - You guys are cool.
• Thar - From what fun we've had on CAH I can tell you're a chill guy.
• Aix - A very nice person, and one who has contributed a vast amount of amazing things to the role-playing section. I cannot thank him enough for what he's done, I simply can't. The Role-playing section has never looked better. You're a rising star, and I doubt you'll fall anytime soon at the rate you're going.
• CowCow - You're very sweet at heart and, consequentially, it is quite easy to identify you as a good person. I rarely if ever have noted you to wish ill intent upon another with exception of jest in mind. Peculiarly I also revere your air of innocence that you seem to hold
• Toyo - I knew you back when you used to make cards, and you still make some great sh#t. You've also gotten into my home turf so I couldn't not spot your fantastic work there either, you cutie-patootie.
• Zai - A decent human being.
• Neph & U.E. - They're pretty solid role-players. I can't say much else really.
• Dragon Sage - One of the regulars I doubt anyone can possibly dislike for any reason. He's just a cool guy!

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