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In Topic: Post and I will rant about you

Yesterday, 09:55 PM


In Topic: Ask Spinny Things

Yesterday, 09:03 PM

What's your least favourite school subject?

I dont really hate any subject at school since i like learning but maybe my least favourite was French due to the bad teacher/class, i like the language though

In Topic: blunt opinions thread

Yesterday, 05:11 PM


In Topic: Ask Spinny Things

Yesterday, 03:17 PM

how have you been doing recently? everything ok?

I always feel bad saying "no" when im asked if im okay but recently has been a bit bad for me unfortunately.

How are you? 



Excuse me sir, but it's Math not Maths. Do you see an s next to Math in Mathematics?[/bad questions]

Any Statistics in your repertoire?


Also no we havent done the statistics aspect of our course just yet although apparently a lot of people dread doing it.

In Topic: ask me deep philosophical questions

Yesterday, 12:11 PM

Are you an autogynephile?