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In Topic: D/D Savant Albert [ANIME]

Today, 06:18 PM

Make it add from Grave, limit it to Dark Contracts, and it's pretty all right.

But then it doesn't work unless you have a Dark Contract in grave. What this is really good for is setting backrow that you didn't manage to set during your turn.



That's user error, and doesn't warrant having a card made for it.

And "user error", as you put it, is part of the game. People don't play optimally, and this covers up for your non-optimalness. It's not a good card, but it genuinely has niche use.

In Topic: [ANIME] Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon

Today, 06:00 PM

It's DARK so that you can't make it in Windwitches.

In Topic: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Today, 05:46 PM

It's a YCM issue that's being worked on as we speak. There's a lot of site politics to wade through before we can give the people who know what they're doing access to the code so that they can diagnose the problem. That's the simple explanation, and it might not be 100% correct, because I personally don't understand it.

In Topic: God Bless the Dead [Shiranui]

Today, 05:37 PM

rip my budget @_@


And it comes out on the 30th?  I suppose it couldn't hurt to put the budget towards Gozuki and the extra deck.


So I'll update the OP.


-1 Shutendoji

-1 Necroface

-1 Dragon's Mirror


+3 Gozuki


I'll take Draconecro out of the Extra all together.  What should I replace it with?  Goyo maybe?  Actually I can just staple Goyo cuz Plaguespreader makes him easy to get.  Any XYZs I should consider?

No, not Goyo. Perhaps Brionac if you're going to be buying Duelist Saga.


EDIT: Get Black to help you. He's actually played Shiranui before

In Topic: D/D/D Super Doom King Purplish Hell Armageddon [ANIME]

Today, 05:29 PM

It's an easy to make 3500 volcasaurus without the attack restriction.


Why not?