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The True Sp33dn0id

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In Topic: Post a Pic of the Real You!

Today, 07:44 PM

Hey Polaris, if you don't mind me asking...


what is the circled part of the image? Is it a penis?

In Topic: [CIBR] Amanoiwato

Today, 08:55 AM

you can SS it in shinobirds and then it won't return since it wasn't NS'd

In Topic: Lightkin's Vanguard [WRITTEN]

Yesterday, 01:25 PM

You can run it in Bujins to access Yamato as soon as possible. If you already have Yamato, you can use it to dump the little Bujin creatures from your deck.


You can run in in Digital Bugs to set up Cocoondensor and an instant Insect-type rank 3.


You can use it in ABC to mill Fusion pieces or to help set up Xyz/Links.


You can send Wulf, Lightsworn Beast to set up an instant Rank 4.


Overall, I'd say these interactions, especially the last one, make this card too strong.


Oh and you can use it in Blue-Eyes to mill white stones and set up Synchro plays.


I recommend removing the activate from hand clause.

In Topic: [CIBR] Mecha Phantom Beast Raitten

Yesterday, 11:30 AM

The restriction means that you can't do something like discard 2 -> 2 tokens into 2 link spids -> decode talker

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Awards 2017

24 June 2017 - 07:04 PM

Ultimate Debater Speedroid. Never before has anyone been so consistently abysmal at a task as Speedroid is at debating. Terrible points delivered condescendingly, just what everyone loves to see.

Thing is, I'm actually semi-alright face-to-face, if I keep my chill. Online though I'm bad at communicating my point