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In Topic: [20TH-C] Malefic Territory

20 January 2019 - 08:35 AM



thank you tierra for that 2nd effect


1st effect really nice although World randomness still annoying


3rd effect allowing them for multi-attack. but sadly Skill Drain is still preferable. like come on konami you did several archetypal Skill Drain in the past and this archetype is the one that needed the most (barring Truth Dragon, that being said make Truth Dragon Playable would ya?)

In Topic: [Written] Timeless Justice, Anti-Chrono | Time-based New Year card turned YCM revival celebration card!

18 January 2019 - 10:05 PM

Now, what I have to say is that unless if you were OTK'ed the previous Duel or such, the first effect will probably harm you more than anything, since there is no restriction as to how much ATK the card lose. As far as I can tell, if the previous Duel really dragged on, the card could potentially end up with less ATK than it already started with.


actually the reduction only reduce the amount of the boost not the overall stat so at worst if your opponent win by grinding her/his way up past 7 turns the monster gain 0 ATK thus the stat stay at 2500. wording borrowed from Dark Snake Syndrome


funny thing is NCM reviews actually want  extra effects and to omit the reduction of the boost given the big scary 5000 that only works on game 2 which prepare opponent more to counter this card from the get go in the same vein that this card technically less annoying UTL

In Topic: [MANGA] Partial effect of Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero God Reiji | a.k.a screw the rules i have D/D/D

18 January 2019 - 04:50 AM

Cool cool cool, but what the fuck does that even mean?

i dont know but i love it

In Topic: To the current forum!

12 January 2019 - 09:14 PM

Why did the mod team jump ship, anyway? I know the site had been down for a while, but other than that I feel out of the loop.

the one that actually can fix this degenerating forum is its creator YCMaker... and he doesnt give a damn for all of us and only showup to bring more ads and spambots. We have to survive so NCM is our Noah Ark

In Topic: Ama about mtg

28 December 2018 - 02:33 PM

Ohohoho i see i see. Is there any equivalent in standard though besides i need to replace Sarkhan with Garna Bloodflame?