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About Me

For those who are wondering or even care: yes I am The_progenitor from Azneyes's Stream. Don't ask me how the heck I got mod. Even I don't know.

My goal ATM is to follow Gadjiltron's example and get good at my OCG to help others with theirs. I would like to think I have at least a basic knowledge on balancing, and so far no one has been unsatisfied with an suggestion. If you have any questions about a card, send me a link to the thread, or if you just have a general question about basic rulings or card tips, feel free to ask them as well, and I will do my best to reply in a timely fashion.

On a completely unrelated topic, feel free to add me on Steam or any other account I have listed, but please say that you are from YCM (especially on steam because there have been a lot of phishers recently, and I do trade in the TF2 economy).

Now onto my dueling:

I don't really care about winning or losing. I only want to have a good match. If I get stomped, or I do the stomping, its just not satisfying. I would rather play a 17 turn back and forth duel and lose then stomp 5 people in a row.

And it is for that reason, that I don't play meta. I always find it hilarious when my Mecha Phantom Beasts give Shaddolls a run for their money, or when my pure T.G. beats Tellarknights.

I play on DevPro and Dueling Network, so feel free to hit me up if you want a match. I would play in person, but I don't have the money to build all the decks I play, and even if I did, I am at Penn State University, which has no hobbie or card shop within reasonable distance of the campus (considering that any store not physically in State College is about 3 hours away):
DevPro: The_progenitor
DN: luckysword12

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Thanks Armz


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