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Posted by scooterulez on 03 December 2018 - 01:17 AM

~Before the party~


“It’s lucky that the dorms came prepared for party food making, but do they need 5 muffin sheets? Oh well, the cake should be done by now.” Aaron spent the rest of the day in the dorm kitchen after making a shopping trip to get whatever the school didn’t have on site, like a tub of cream cheese. The dorm lobby smelt sweet and savory as the oven ran continuously for 3-ish hours as Aaron made a mess of the kitchen with flour, barbeque sauce, and cream cheese. Nevertheless, Aaron was able to make all that was requested for this small party of theirs as he proceeded to clean up and making signs that read, “DON’T TOUCH! FOR PARTY!” on all his dishes.


Back in his room, as he changed into some nicer formal/informal clothing, he logged into his email to see if the support group responded back to his costume change order. However, instead of seeing the email, his inbox was littered with anti-quirk propaganda and newsletters about Starkiller City. Even the US and other major nations were implementing new forms of ‘Quirk Training’ in schools in the past few days, trying to prevent situations that formed Starkiller City or things like it. Aaron wasn’t one for politics, but at least everyone is trying, to some extent.

~At the Party~


Aaron was in the kitchen as the music started to play, and they had some unusual taste in American music, but Aaron grew up with oldie music because of his folks. Looking back into the lobby, it seemed that others have brought their own snacks like off-brand potato chips and soda, however, that will be nothing compared to what Aaron was bringing out: Vanilla Brownies, first time attempted cheesecake that feeds 14 and some slightly warm yakitori, rice not included. As Aaron brought out his dishes, he saw that everyone, except Akira and Gin, were here, as well as some of 1-B, some of which he recognized being Aina, Shin, and that one guy that Val carried out during the attack. As he walked over to them, he redirected towards Ino and mentioned to her, “Hey Ino, I made the cheesecake you wanted. Let me know how it is, my first time making it,” then continued on his way towards 1-B.


“Hey Aina, Shin, and. . . ‘Case’ was it? Thanks for coming to our ‘what was supposed to be a small 1-A thing’ party, glad to see you here. Also, I’m sorry about Goto, I hope he is doing fine.”


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Posted by scooterulez on 15 November 2018 - 02:29 AM

It seems like everyone, well most of the class, was excited about throwing a welcome party, however, not everyone was here to agree to the party idea, even Sayuri became permissive to the idea though she sounded against it, Aaron also being one of them. Parties were never one of his favorite things as he would tend to fade into the crowd and end up leaving. "Actually, I wouldn't mind something small, like a 'meet and greet', nothing big. I want to adjust to dorm life tonight, and I have a feeling that some of us that aren't in the room don't want to be bothered with a giant party." Aaron got up from his desk as he started to pack up his belongings into his bag, then stopped as he let out a sigh as he began thinking that someone will drag him to it, or it might go into his room."Be that as it may, if y'all want to throw one, I wouldn't mind bringing something for it. The dorms have a kitchen, right? I can make something for it if you like, name it and I'll see what I can do about it, granted that we are given the ingredients for it."


He took out a notepad and pencil and wrote on the top everyone's names including those who weren't in the room even if they don't want to have a party, it can't hurt to ask; best to keep the party to one room instead of the entire building and beyond. Right next to his own name, he wrote 'Vanilla Brownies'. "So, what do you guys like? I mostly do bake goods and some sweets, but limit to one dessert, please."

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Posted by scooterulez on 11 November 2018 - 04:24 AM

The walk to the meeting place was short and silent as his escort didn't talk nor gave heed to Alistar's presence, which was fine, to say the least as the weather outside was perfect for some tranquil thinking. For it was uncommon for all the Sins to be gathered at once for such a meeting, as it was also rare for Alistar to get summoned for he normally stayed in his study or the infirmary to take care of the army and his fellow Sins, Rock is the one he saw the most of. The last time he was summoned was not a pleasant one, as it should be forgotten, but it keeps to the back of his mind to just haunt him in his dreams.


As they approached the entrance of the Hugh Chancellor's chamber, he saw that only Rock has arrived making him second, and soon his comrades one after the other, with the exception of Alura and Alabaster. Alistar felt inclined to thank his escort for the company, even if no words were spoken, as they were welcomed inside. “Looks like they're ready for us. Thank you for walk Miss. . . I actually never did get your name did I? I would like to thank you properly if you don't mind.”


"What's it to you, heretic?"


“Well. . . I. . . Nevermind.” It didn’t seem like she was willing to give up anything about her to him, so Alistar proceeded forward, but continued with determination to at least get something positive out of her. “However, I do thank you again for the walk here. It was quite a nice day outside wasn't it?” At that moment, she turned around with a scary, yet stern anger in her voice, staring down Alistar as he backed up away from her up onto the nearest wall.


“You think I'm in the mood for small talk?!  We rock paper scissored to see who was gonna get stuck grabbing you, and I lost.  I ain't in the mood to give you my name, or talk about how nice it is today, so shut your mouth and keep moving!”


A twinge of fear fell upon Alistar as the knight yelled at him that he grasped his left arm as it began to twitch in excitement. “Y-Yes! I am so sorry! I won't intrude again!” Alistar scurried past her and caught up with his fellow Sins as they were led into the chambers. As they entered the room, Alistar's eyes locked onto the High Chancellor as he thought back to his court hearings years ago; This man, Damian, was one who opposed to having Alistar live and the choice option give at the hearing but was clearly outvoted by the high scholars who saw potential in Alistar. Alistar doesn’t remember if he was High Chancellor at the time, but someone of great importance nonetheless. His thoughts soon dispersed as Damian's eyes met his and he quickly averted from his gaze for Alistar saw nothing but hate from that man, trusting this man would be unwise.


The meeting began with a bang as Alura came crashing through the closed doors and carrying an older gentleman under her arm. Soon after, a younger knight came rushing in, running into Alura, then joined her fellow knights who looked quite relieved thinking that she wasn’t dead as she explained her troubles with getting Elysium. Nevertheless, after everything calmed down, Damian began to explain the purpose of the meeting, Alabaster Morningstar, the Lion Sin of Pride is missing. Alistar thought it was unusual that he hadn’t been around, he thought Alabaster was on a solo mission, as he would do on a usual basis if memory served him right. Some of his Sins spoke about their thoughts on the mission but were drowned out by Damian’s threats as there was no say in the matter if you are deemed a sinner of the state.


After the meeting, Alistar got thinking about what was talked about as they walked out of the chambers. It felt off that Alabaster would get up and leave without notice, even if this news came from one that controlled the very existence of the Sins. Nevertheless, whether it be from the High Chancellor or Pride’s unknown reasons for leaving, everything about this mission felt. . . off. Alistar looked amongst his comrades and went over to Lavinia to talk about his assumptions, but was a strong grip came onto his arm as he smelt the stench of ale radiating from Rock.


"Oy, Mumbo Boy, We're gonna grab my armor, right? And then... and then you... you're gonna help me carry all the booze we can. We gotta stock up for the trip, and to celebrate the fact we got this kickass mission! And if she wishes, Shortie can come join us too, I'd invite Dreamer Boy, but he doesn't do parties. Or booze,"


"Well Rock, I have to correct you again that I don't dr-" Alistar was cut short from his sentence as Rock tugged hard as they walked away from the group blabbering about the party they were going to have and that he was going to beat him in a drinking contest. Well, there is no point in talking reason to drunk men, but I guess this is my life now. Thought Alistar as Rock dragged him away towards town, talking to Lavinia can wait until they were on the road.

The walk to Rock’s place was quite far from the capital, and his home was relatively small compared to his neighbors, though halfway in their walk they passed by a barren building plot that once was his mentor’s, Maro, clinic. The plot was barricaded off as another building was going to be built in its place, still, his past memories of the building filled his conscience as he stopped to reminisce of his former life. However, it was immediately interpreted as he felt a tug on his arm as Rock brought him back to reality saying something about they were almost there, but he was drowned out as Alistar was snapping out of his thoughts. He looked back as they walked away towards Rock’s home still daydreaming of his past.


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Posted by scooterulez on 03 November 2018 - 11:19 PM


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Posted by scooterulez on 19 October 2018 - 04:26 PM

After the explanation, Terro seemed very concerned about this whole thing, just contemplating with himself over the complexity of government minds. It should've been at least taught growing up in grade school. "America is a little different on how they teach kids about when to use Quirks and what is acceptable and what's not, Japan is just a little strict about it I guess."


"Oh, yeah, I heard you actually took down a villain by yourself Aaron! I guess you got in trouble for that... but... I think that's awesome, for what it's worth! Terro replied giving Aaron a thumbs up for this achievement of his. It would've been something worth looking back to if the police weren't so threating about it being a huge mistake, which made Aaron a little embarrassed just thinking about it.  "Actually, come to think about it... I really don't know what happened back at the stadium... I was attacked by a villain and that was really distracting...," 


"Oh! Well. . . yeah. . ." Aaron scratched the back of his head wondering how he knew this. He didn't really spend much time around his own class during that whole time, mostly with 1-B, maybe everyone got asked about it during the interviews. "To be honest, I actually spent more time with 1-B during the attack and I really didn't see anyone else from our class, except for Akira for like 2 seconds. But the villain I captured was on top of the giant lizard monster, her name was. . . 'Shiki' I think? She has like greenish-blue hair, small horns coming from her head, a lizard tail, and looks like someone our age or younger, maybe older. She was controlling the monster because she screamed out 'REX' as I took her away, which in turn made it spew out fire into the stadium. . . But other than that, I really didn't know what really happened in the stadium, just helped 1-B and they helped me." Though he could mention the photos and video, Aaron felt best to leave that out for best intentions and quickly changed topics to get a better mood in the room. "So, what rooms are you guys in? I'm on the top floor."

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Posted by scooterulez on 17 October 2018 - 12:24 AM

When things couldn't get worse, police interviews was probably a 20 out of 10 in horribleness. Aaron was reprimanded but also thanked, kind of, for the capture of Shiki when a pro-hero should've done it, and then lying to an officer for claiming a licensed hero. The threat of deportation back to America was up there on possible punishments, but they needed to do some further investigating on the subject. He was then questioned about what happened, who was there, yadda yadda, then he was set off to go back home.


The week went slower than normal as he saw Anti-Quirk groups putting up propaganda in his apartment's bulletin board, the news of Goto's current condition, constant calls from a family wanting him to come back, and the letter of moving into the dorms on campus. With all things going now, moving into the dorms would be better the better thing to do than being confronted by gangs. Aaron's room request asked for the top floor of the building he would move into, asked to install solar panels on the roof and have them go to Aaron's room for personal power supply instead of using the school's. Everything else was pretty much the same to his room's current design.

The first day back since the tournament and life seemed to go back to normal, but the scent of last week's shenanigans and disasters still lingered in the halls of U.A. Everyone pretty much kept to their cliques and some to themselves throughout the day, nevertheless, U.A. was different than it was 2 weeks ago with the excitement of tournaments, weekend plans, and sleeping in.


As the day neared the end, the class was greeted with a visit from Lord D. He came in to give comfort and reassurance but immediately pointed out 5, Aaron being one, and gave the news he hoped to hear since last week, he was just given a warning!


As Suna and Lord D. exited the room, the class began to chatter among themselves and others, Sayuri and Ino, Ichiro to Asuka, Akira and Gin, and even Terro popped a question that intrigued Aaron's attention.


"So... um... anyone knows what law they're talking about? I never even knew there was a law...,"


Aaron turned around as Isami piped in confused by the laws of Quirks too. "Terro, there are 'Quirk' laws that were established a generation or so ago to help keep the peace and common ground, however, they have been seen to be a double-edged sword to a majority of people, especially those who turned to the life of crime. For example, we legally can defend ourselves and others with quirks, but as soon you 'hurt' someone in the process they'll be on you like vultures because you are 'displaying your quirk to the public.' But that's only if they catch you, so say goodbye to Valentine and Samaritan Laws if you have a Quirk. . . It's hard to live in this super society when there are laws telling you can't use something that is a part of you early in life, it's frustrating, you know?"

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Posted by scooterulez on 11 October 2018 - 01:55 AM

"AND YOU,  Some police officers are spreading a rumor about catching a villain, but they said they didn't see your face in the Hero Registry Database!  You don't think that smells a bit fishy?" Aaron nearly jumped out of his suit with that unexpected directional call and causing him to blurt out "I didn't do it!" out of panic. To recover composure Aaron was about to give up his reasonings for capturing lizard girl, but someone he didn't recognize interjected to talk about getting Goto back. This gave Aaron some leeway to do some transferring the recent pictures and video to a memory card, hopefully, to get Mako off his back about capturing a villain. As he opened his phone, he failed to see that his parents have called about 30 times each and with text messages of worry, panic, and misspelling. Now didn't feel like the time to call them, but when is on his way home maybe.


As the final files moved over, Aaron turned back to see fire emitting from Val as she was confronting Mako. Carefully, as he doesn't want himself or the card to get burned he moved over to Suna. "Mr. Suna, I would like you to have this." Aaron stretched out his arm and presented the memory card. "I feel like I have been in the stadium more than I needed to be today, but in the process, after all the chaos has died down, I got some pictures of the damage that has been caused and one video of the villains that were still there." As the card went from Aaron to Suna, Aaron wondered if Suna knows about his villain capture. He quickly shook it off hoping that it would blow off as a rumor.


"Well, I've been through enough of today and my folks have been calling non-stop after the tournament, better let them know I'm alive and well." And with that Aaron turned around, picked up his things and started to make his way back home to end this day of disaster and tournaments.

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Posted by scooterulez on 28 September 2018 - 02:59 AM

"Oh crap!" Aaron backed away from where Mike and they were to both avoid a fight that probably didn't need his help with, and to take a different detour as he felt and heard the rumbles and sounds of failing infrastructure.




I sure hope they make it out safely. I should make it out as soon as possible, and out of sight. Aaron kept to the back walls of the building away from the stands as he continued up the stairs just as another vibration was felt, but not powerful enough to break the stadium up more than it is right now. He reached the room with his stuff in no time, quickly grabbed his belongings, then proceeded to grab the batons he left. Nevertheless, shouldn't take too long since they were a hope, skip, and jump away, literally, as Aaron climbed back up the fallen debris to his cemented weapons. Taking this moment, he took out his phone and took a few pics of the stadium as things seem to have calmed down. No intense fighting, no giant lizard wrecking havoc, and breathing fire, and no sign of villains for- "Wait, who are they?" Looking down near the center of the arena was a small group of people that couldn't be recognized from Aaron's current position. "I should get out before I get noticed. . . or get in a little closer and see who's who."


Aaron jumped a few stories down as he got closer to the edges of the second-tier stands to get a better look. Doing his best to keep out of sight, he whipped out his phone and started to record whoever these people were. Right off the bat, he recognized Hadley, the mask lady, "Suna arm eater", and. . . the grey guy that died at Kashyyyk?! He lived?! If that was a surprise, a huge mass of people dressed in prison garb came flooding into the arena from the levels below. Time to go! Aaron snuck up the stairs and ran back towards the exit from whence he came.


As he came down the flight of stair and down the hall, it started to become abnormally warm to eventually really hot, as it could only mean one thing He saw Val around the bend as she was carrying someone with her. "Hey! Val! We gotta get out of here! There are prisoners, villains, and maybe a nuclear bomb in the arena!"

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Posted by scooterulez on 18 September 2018 - 01:16 AM

"You should try and find your classmates. That...and continuing to help the evacuation process move."


"Duly noted. Stay safe you guys- Oh! And I didn't lie about being a pro, he asked for my name, wrote on a piece of paper and continued on his merry way. But later guys!" And with that, Aaron turned back to the stadium and thought of what he could do. First things first, gotta get quick battery charge, and there sure are a lot of abandoned cars in this parking lot. Aaron glanced over a few cars that seem to have a fender-bender when trying to leave, opened their hoods and with his handy taser line proceeded to absorb electricity into his system. And after a few cars or so, he was nearly up to his full charge, but enough to get in, get his things, and get out.


Aaron ran in the opposite direction from where he, Aina and Shin exited from and towards where the monster was, which seemed to have been knocked out. Whoever did it, props to them for taking it out before it got out of hand. First stop, the room where I left stuff, then up to where I left my batons in the wall. But remember to keep an eye out for my class. Who knows where they might be at- In his next turn, he stopped to see Mike, Asuka, and Ino facing with some chick with pink gel-like hair, who was in front of Aaron. It didn't seem that she, or the others, were aware of Aaron's presence as she was concentrated on Mike and them. Aaron kept from view as he prepped one of his tasers for a sneak attack just as Mike threw a ball towards her.

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Posted by scooterulez on 03 September 2018 - 02:52 AM

As Aaron and gang exited out the arena towards the makeshift evacuation site, a sigh of relief from Aaron knowing that nothing bad has happened from capture to now. “How much I wanted to get out if that place!! Thanks again, you guys! And lizard girl, we are almost to the authorities.” They approached a group of officers that form a barricade as Aaron can feel Shiki starting to move, however, he was running out of steam to really do any to her, so he stopped for his sake. “Hey, guys hold on for a bit as I get her to the police.”


Aaron walked over to the nearest officer, “Hello officer. I have obtained the villain that was controlling the giant lizard monster that crashed through the stadium.” The officer, with a pleased look, "Thank you for the assistance!" He called over another officer who takes Shiki from Aaron as she is taken in. “Well, I should be going now.” Only a few more steps away until he can go and relax from this crazy day of chaos and tournaments. A good sleep would be-


"Hey...you look a little young for a hero.  Mind if I get your hero name?"


Aaron froze in place as knowing that he did break the law to an extent of using his quirk on someone. Maybe they don’t know he is a student, maybe he can bluff his way out, or not. Turning around, "Uhh. . . Voltage. . . Just Voltage."


"Voltage." The officer takes out a notepad and writes down ‘Voltage’ then looks back at Aaron.  "Duly noted. Thank you for the assistance Voltage! If there's anyone else in need of rescue, a hero like you should get back to work!"


“Yes, but I need to refill my quirk before I can go back in. I used most of my power restraining that villain.” Aaron turned back around towards Aina and Shin after making a somewhat successful bluff, maybe. “Well. . . I am a pro now according to the police, so I am going to go charge up and I will get back to helping people. Can't let the names of heroes go asunder, and my own reputation. . . Well, thanks again Aina and Shin, I’ll catch up later with-” A television screen from a nearby response shack caught Aaron attention as he saw that the shadow figure again along with someone familiar. Pointing towards the screen, “Hey guys, does that guy look familiar to you, or is that me?"


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Posted by scooterulez on 22 August 2018 - 01:54 AM

I can't believe that worked?! But now, how am I going to stop?! Aaron didn't expect for that to work as it did, not to mention there were other options that didn't involve using himself as a slingshot. Nevertheless, as Aaron collided with the girl, he immediately locked his arms tightly to ensure guaranteed capture. He could feel her squirm to get an arm out and yell back to her monster, however, he wasn't going to let her get away that easily. He proceeded to electrocute her midair to stop the squirming and screaming as he felt her entire body go limp in his arms. Now that one problem was solved, the landing needed to be taken care of since it will be more difficult with a dead weight in his possession. As he got closer to the stands as he descended, his tried to make use of levitation to help with him leveling out. However, as he proceeded to run along the ground to slow down, a dividing support wall came in to stop his momentum as he hit it with all the weight of the girl knocking the wind out of Aaron. 


Taking a few seconds to gain his composure, he saw the aftermath of stealing the beast's girl, most of the stadium around the beast in flames. Aaron now had a guilty conscience form knowing that he was part of the cause of this destruction. Aaron shook the thought off, threw his captured villain over his shoulder, and ran through the halls to bring her to the closest authorities or heroes, as soon as he got out.


He got about 3 to 5 hallways away from where a majority people have escaped but would have to stop a couple of times to rest as the impact to the wall may have done more than bruise his body. Nothing was broken, but it was enough that it might be that a fracture has occurred somewhere on his person. He also didn't use enough electricity the first time to keep her under as he could feel parts of her gain control, so he Aaron had to continue shocking her to keep her in place. As Aaron got down to picked up Shiki, he saw from the corner of his eye 2 1-B classmates, namely Aina and Shin.


"Aina! And. . . Ninja Guy? Anyways, I need help getting out of the stadium because of this!" He pointed to Shiki and continued, "She was on top of the dragon-lizard thing and I was trying to back up Akira as he was fighting some Irish chick and I thought getting rid of the owner was the best choice of action and so I slingshotted myself to grab her and I succeeded only to getting her dragon mad and spewed fire out and I might be part of the cause for it but I got his owner and paralyzed her and now I am making my way out and I need some type of backup to get her out with no trouble whatsoever because an evil mask lady who took Double Dragon away is here and may come out of nowhere and take her back and this girl may be the pro's ticket to getting whoever is in charge of this attack and I am running out of juice to properly defend myself from an attack so I need help please!!" It was a lot to get out, but Aaron managed to get it out, even if it was clustered. He bent down and picked up Shiki and threw her over his shoulder, "So, let's go you guys!"

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Posted by scooterulez on 20 August 2018 - 06:29 AM


As Aaron got closer, he saw that Akira was already on the beast to throw down with the girl while Sayuri was going behind her for a sneak attack. Isami was also fighting a bunch raptor monsters that were released, and 2 the raptors that were sent forth came straight for Aaron. "Get out of my way!" Aaron lifted up both wrists and shot out his tasers, latching onto both shocking them to the ground. Looking back up, Aaron witnessed a betrayal as Hadley sucker punching Akira knocking him back onto the stands below. Aaron feared the worst as Hadley getting down to deliver a fatal only to see he was fine, even from a hard blow, pushing Hadley away. Getting closer, he went around to get out of sight from Hadley and the girl to come up with a plan to help Akira and Sayuri, but hoping they can take her down with little resistance. from other outside forces.


"Rex. Speak."


A deafening roar rang through Aaron's insulated helmet as the beast vibrated waves of painful sound, causing a pushing force that blew practically everyone off their feet. Aaron was pushed up to some fallen debris and used it as a support as he covered his ears to muffle the roar. As it died down, Aaron quickly gathered his senses and proceeded upwards on the stand to become somewhat eye level to the girl on the beast, but still out of sight. From this view, the entire was almost cleared out only a handful of pro heroes helping those who were either trapped in stadium debris or leading out civilians on the other side still escaping. But back his current predicament, his classmates were down and hurt while the villains were perfectly fine.


Okay, 3 classmates are going against, practically, a kaiju, while the others are wherever they are, hopefully getting out, but now where does that put me? I should be helping others from the debris, those Good Samaritan Laws. However, 3 of my classmates are in trouble and I NEED to help them! Looking back, Akira, hurt more than before, got back up and started to make his back up the monster. OKAY!! I need to do something or Akira is going to get more than hurt! But I need to calm if I am going to be helpful. Aaron Took 2 deep breathes and started to come up with multiple solutions while taking a look around his surroundings to find what he can use. Okay, obviously, that cyan haired girl is the cause of the monster, not Hadley, so she should be the target. Now, I am too far away to hit her with my tasers, even getting to close I could get spotted. I need to hit her from a distance, but what do I have? Let's see. . . cement won't help. . . I should keep my batons on me just in case. . . Me? Aaron looked around again to see what metal was around, beside some exposed beams, nothing really stood out. Looking back at Akira, he was in the perfect setting to strike now as he was in the middle of both girls!


Aaron slammed both batons into the wall behind him and latched the ends of his tasers onto the support beams making a makeshift slingshot. "Let's hope this works, gotta go beyond." Sending electricity to his legs made himself a magnet of some sort to his batons while sending current to his arms to pull the other way, increasing the tension on Aaron body. As his body continued to stretch, he could feel parts of his back pop and the feeling of one of his arms on the verge of dislocating. Looking ahead, he could see Akira getting ready to fight as his body started to form light armor around him. As the tasers lines slacked, Aaron unlatched them and quickly changed the magnetic properties in his legs to repel the batons and increased the magnetic strength to his arms, sending Aaron flying towards the beast controlling girl.


It took only a few seconds to reach them, and as Aaron approached, he forgot about the landing but helping Akira was more important, breaking a few bones will be worth something, maybe. "I GOT YOU NOW!!" Yelled Aaron only a few feet away, as he opened his arms in the attempt to steal her from her pet.

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Posted by scooterulez on 16 August 2018 - 10:21 PM

"Yeah...actually Aaron, that doesn't sound bad. I'm gonna have Terro help me out in regards to teaching me how to actually fight...cause he's like the best person to teach me."


"Oh, yeah, at least the offer is out there." Aaron laid back as he watched the rest of the match unfold as Mike propelled himself and completely obliterated Terro leaving Mike the winner. "Well, that's the end of this tournament, I'm going home. See ya." Aaron got up from his seat and started to make his way back to where he stored his hero costume and other things he bought to the arena.

After making his way back to the room and grabbing his things, he decided to watch the award ceremony in a nearby waiting room as he checked his wattage. He noticed that Val wasn't up on stage with Akira, maybe she was too injured from her fight with Terro. Either way, it was good to see his classmates up on stage. And with closing remarks from Suna and Madam Mic, Aaron started to proceed out the door-



"So this is what the so called 'heroes' like to do in their spare time?  Make young children fight? Despicable."  Aaron looked back in the room to see that some dark figure now on the screen. At first, it must have been a rival school prank hacking into the feed, but Aaron had bad feelings about this on multiple grounds, both mentally and physically He quickly unpacked his hero costume and proceeded to change back into his outfit as the figure continued to speak.  "A tradition of violence for the sake of violence, and nothing more. Making the future generation fight for your entertainment is not what those who prance around spewing silly ideals should do.  Think of the quirkless masses! Will their children be used as fodder in upcoming events? To show how powerless they truly are against the population that is going to wipe them out?!" Aaron ran out of the room and headed back towards the stands as the figure speech continued to echo through the halls. "Think of the poor citizens of Kashyyyk, who were wiped away in a mere instant thanks to the inaction of your heroes! I cannot sit idly by, and watch the future be overrun by these barbaric monsters!  We are the Quirkless Liberation Front! We will make sure that history will forget this bleak turnout, and ensure the survival of all Quirkless people from here on out! Everyone who is unsatisfied with the current system, rise with us!  Together, we shall take the future from those trying to seize it for themselves! We can go back to the old ways...we only need to be rid of one thing. Heroes."


As Aaron got to an open, the stadium was very much stagnant as everyone was fixed on the screen. He looked around frantically as tried to figure out what was going to happen, none this felt like a prank of any sort to him, something bad was going down.


"And we shall start...here!"

In those final words, Aaron felt to his left a great rumble then a loud crash as debris flew upwards from the stands causing the nearby halls to collapse trapping whoever was in. The cause was a gigantic lizard monster, the one that would be seen from old Japanese movies. As it gave off a mighty roar, 2 or 3 figures could be seen from Aaron's view, but not as clear for all the panicking people running into him as they fled for their lives. Aaron pushed through the crowd getting into a clearing helping up people that have fallen as he got a better view of the figures on top of the kaiju. He could see 4 individuals, 1 big cloaked person, 2 women, and a young girl, however, out of these 4, "The masked one! They were at Kashyyyk! That must mean-" Before finishing his thought, out of the corner of his eyes, rushing towards the crash was Sayuri. Not knowing what was going on with her, he had to at least get with her to see what she was doing. Enhancing his body, he jumped down to the next set of stands and ran towardsthe crash site.

#7114546 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by scooterulez on 13 August 2018 - 12:12 AM

Just as Ichiro started talking back, Aaron’s mind went away from the conversation as he was distracted by the ongoing fight in front of him, but with a quick realization “Oh! Sorry. . .um. . . yeah, outside of that stupid technicality, I did do good in this tournament. And for the winner in the finals, it can go either way in my book, everyone's a winner as long as they take a loss.” Ichiro seemed to have gone back to the fight, so Aaron took a quick time looked back up at the stands where Gin was at only to see him and Akira sitting together, maybe they got over their differences, but Gin’s face says otherwise. "A-A freakin' golem?!" Aaron turned back to the fight to see Terro going all out and attacking Mike with a monstrous looking golem with his quirk. To think he had this much potential in his abilities to conjure up a monster and control it just like Double Dragon’s quirk. Just thinking about it, it must take an enormous amount energy, maybe more than Mike, to do this, Terro might even win.


My quirk can’t compare to the strength of that, he is on a completely different level than me, but maybe I might be better in other ways if I reevaluate my strengths tonight.


Reeling back from the fight, Aaron turned back to Ichiro, "Anyways, as I hope I'm not going into a personal thing but how many times have you gone into surgery to fix your body? Your bones and ligaments must be hurting from just the multiple breaks over that amount of time, especially your arms, even if your muscles are tearing and becoming stronger. If I remember correctly, you have been using your arms a lot from the times I have seen you fight, maybe a break for your arms might be well overdue. I have read that the muscles and bones in your legs are actually stronger than your arms as they support and carry the majority of your weight. I am one lacking in the physical side of things, maybe we could help each other on our lackings, even build up the techniques suited for our quirks." Aaron stopped talking to watch the rest of the fight play out, but still keeping an ear out for Ichiro's response.

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#7005769 [INTEREST CHECK] Which RP Should I Host?

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I don't know much of how to do a Yugioh or Percy Jackson rp to be remotely interested, and Harry potter would be a good one to do. However, I would really like to do a Pokemon one, especially this one.