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Four Word Story

27 April 2011 - 03:51 PM

Ok so here how you play.

I'll start with 4 words that could be part of any sentence like, "Once there was a/an" then the next person would say like, "very beautiful princess named" and so on. But nothing sexual and no swearing.

It's a very easy game once it gets going. So here we go.

Once in a land


20 April 2011 - 10:00 PM

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It says it all. After 5 years, he comes out with a new Album. I can't wait.

FableHaven by Brandon Mull

07 April 2011 - 02:07 PM

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I think this is a great series. Right now me and my family are on book 3.

Discuss about you like about the book.

How do you do this

17 January 2011 - 01:06 PM

You know how some cards have that "Do one of the following effects" effects then they have this thing:
  • Blah blah blah
  • Blah blah blah
I tried doing this on my cards, but it won't work. Is there a way put those dots on a card?

Gulliver's Travels

31 December 2010 - 11:56 AM

I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that it was really good. Was it?