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Until Middle School, the years were a mix. First half, I wasn't the best grades-wise, and one of my teachers even thought I needed special education; but I took a test or was evaluated and concluded I didn't. Funny thing is the following year, I did really well. And then did a mix of good and average on my 5th and 6th year. I had a decent amount of friends all these years.


Middle School, had a mix of average and good for grades. As for friends, I had some, but sometimes felt like I didn't; felt detached, left out, or just like a third wheel.


High School: This year I was proud to say I had friends. Friends I had in classes, friends I'd sit in lunch, friends I'd see after school, ect. But this is when I had the most work to do in school.


College: It's a mix; depends on what class you get, what teacher you get, and how they conduct. For example, I loved my Fall Semester from 2016. And despite my Thursday class technically being my least favorite due to the tests, he was still a nice and occasionally funny teacher. Even understanding of other people's problems. This Semester that just passed however, I believe is my least favorite thus far. Unlike some of my previous classes, all of these classes had homework, and I particularly hated my Tuesday/Thursday class and teacher. And I had more friends in my previous Semesters.

But I'm optimistic about this upcoming Fall Semester.

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Today, 05:27 PM

... sure.




aww dang sandwich man's taken already rip




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Today, 02:54 PM

I can't pick just one; it's not fair to the other memes.

Would it hurt their feelings?

Demoman is my secondary. I often use Medic, Sniper and Engineer whenever my team needs it.

Any other competitive shooters you like to play?

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Today, 06:43 AM

Umless you can do it to this card, it's a bit limited. Let's say you used this to replace a Solemn Card because your opponent was going to destroy your first copy. Or perhaps switch out a Call of the Haunted in order to Special Summon again. Or something like Dimensional Barrier, yet have a different Normal Trap Card on the field. It's fine, both in balance and practicality.

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More Spell Cards added to the archetype.