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In Topic: Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Yesterday, 10:08 PM

With the group moving out to strike, their offensive had been met with great success. As Rona dove down towards the axe wielding skeleton, she managed to cleave off one of the arms of the skeleton along with some of the bones that were attached to it. Meanwhile, next to her, Leon struck with his own blade  at the lance wielding skeleton before him. Cleaving into its ribs a bit more, the creature was soon left with little to make for a torso, though whatever fueled its unnatural strength seemed to care little for  this fact as it struck out with its lance towards him. Thankfully, Leon had managed to parry the blow away with his shield causing the skeleton to stumble back a bit. 


On the starboard end of the boat, meanwhile, the others seemed to be handling themselves fine as well. As Raynor drove his lance into the skeleton before him, it might've stuck into the ribs of creature if the act had not torn a large whole through them all. As Raynor struck the creature, it as well seemed to respond in kind as it stabbed into the hide of the salamander he was riding atop of, though this did little to actually impede or harm the creature. Ada as well, had fired off yet another blast of dark magic which struck the carrion soundly and tore a large chunk of its flesh and feathers off. With its eyes clouded by the shroud from Ada's attack, and Ada herself having a small of residual darkness surrounding her the bird's offensive retort was met with a miss. 


With Ada's advance, however, as she had planned, the Phantom took great notice of her. In fact, were Ada paying attention to it, it would have seemed to have had its attention on her since it got above the boat. So, quite like she expected, the dark cloaked creature cloaked in shadow made its way towards Ada. With one of their empty sleeves of the cloak lifting itself up, a coarse blue and white light started to gather around where a hand would have been. The light seeming to be a mixture of both fire and lightning, the ball was sent towards Ada, striking her truly and causing a great deal of pain to her, more so then any of the attacks she had been inflicted thus far had given her. With the attack having landed, Ada retorted with one of her own, sending a blast of dark magic at the figure, and causing the shadows around it to flicker and warble as the body itself was pushed back, though recovered easily.


What made matters worse, however, was that after the attack had landed, it seemed as though something had changed within the skeletons and carrion. With those that were able, the carrions had all begun to flock towards Ada, with the one she was currently fighting against still moving to peck at her, this time with more success and second one diving in to strike at her as well. Though Susanoo had done a great deal of damage to the archer, it too began to move forwards, now completely ignoring the Yonan and moving to strike at Ada. With bow drawn back, it fired an arrow that sailed right past Layne and into the back of the shaman. The axe wielding skeleton too had begun its march forward, and though it was unable to get close enough to strike  at Ada, it was close enough to another living being. Readying its axe, it took a large swing into Layne, carving a large cut into the boy's side, before dislodging itself and seemingly having its attention drawn right back to the shaman. 


The skeletons that had no hope of making it to the girl instead focused on their opponents in front of them. For Rona, the axe wielding skeleton swung once more and managed to pierce through cormag's hide, though if only slightly with its strike. A retaliation was soon had by the wyvern rider, being able to cleave shatter the skeleton with one mighty drop of her axe onto it. The lancer that had been fighting Leon made way to pierce into him as well, the lance striking him in the cut. Wincing in pain, the boy made one quick slash of his own, separating the skeleton's head from its body and causing the creature to fall to the ground. As the lancer Raynor was fighting struck him, this time for a slightly more effective amount of pain, its life too was cut short as the man managed to break apart what little structure was left of the skeletal foe. 


With their foes defeated, Leon looked towards the phantom, and though it was obvious he still shouted out, "everyone! Move to cover those two." 

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

16 October 2018 - 11:45 PM

As the shark had charged both past her and the halfling, Ryia was surprised to see it instead head for the Draken instead. As the beast made its way out of the ground, those close enough went on the offensive to try and take down the land fish, however the resulting damage didn't seem to be too high. With his own sword swing being ineffective, Damien then bolted towards the rock formation, only for Ryia's attention to then be drawn to the top of the rock formation, and the man now atop it. As she looked at the black thing atop the spire a sense of dread washed over her, causing a chill to run its course through her. This did not last long, nor did it cause her to falter for much more than a second as the man atop the rocks had begun his introduction, presenting himself to be an archmage of some kind. Gulping as their troubles seemed to have just multiplied, Ryia watched as the man sent out a blast of fire towards their swordsman ally. 


Responding as quickly as she could, Ryia attempted to summon a wall between Damien and the fire to block the boy from being roasted by it, saying, "Damien get back!" With that, her window of time to take on the shark was dashed, as it sunk back down into the ground. Not wanting to make any sudden movements to draw it away from the plan that both Reinaan and Lindow seemed to have in dealing with it, Ryia merely held firm, both waiting for her time to strike against the shark and agonizing over her own lack of ability to be able to do anything more about the attacks of the archmage above. 

In Topic: Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

16 October 2018 - 06:28 PM

It had never really mattered when a class was for Avery. She had always been up late and awake early, finding other times during the day to get her sleeping done. As such, she was always perfectly fine and awake, or as awake as she needed to be for any of her given classes. The girl would always manage to feign relative interest in her class, not enough that she was too excited about it nor too little to make her seem like she'd rather be anywhere else. She had always taken care to have a notebook out and whenever the teacher would say something, at the very least appear to be, writing something down in it. And thus, the sight of Avery at her desk barely able to keep her head from resting atop it was a definitely abnormal one. 
With pen pressing against the blank paper of one of her notebooks, leaving an ever increasing black ink splotch there in its path, and her eyes having to fight to stay open the girl was very clearly tired. Eyes centered on her desk, the girl was merely doing her best to fill a seat yet she was hardly paying attention to any of the noise being spoken out of the mouths of both the teacher and the students. 
"-reaux." Something stuck out within the white noise of class. "-Moreaux." The girl's eyes seemed to grow a bit more attentive as she looked around. "Miss Moreaux." As if a balloon popped in her face, Avery looked up, startled as  she saw the teacher calling for her. Staring at them, like a deer in headlights, Avery said nothing as the teacher continued, "since it helped Miss Farros wake up, how about you answer the next question?"
Oh no. 
Having managed to survive class, feeling a tad mortified though, Avery began to walk with all the speed, grace and posture of a Romero zombie. Letting out a huge yawn as she walked along, the girl was soon tapped on the shoulder and a "boo" came from behind her. Becoming far more alert as her body froze up, the girl turned around, only to see the smiling face of her acquaintance Lindsay. "Gotcha."
As Avery let out a deep sigh, the other girl started laughing. With a somewhat tired, "good morning Lindsay," Avery's expression seemed to reset as she continued walking down the hall. 
"Morning Avery. Or, it looks like you still think it's night." Examining the girl's face she said, "what's got  you so tired this morning?" 
Trying to appear more cordial, the blonde said, "I was...working on something." 
"Work? It's like the second week of school - not exactly all nighter territory yet. Unless," with a gasp and look of faux surprise, the more enthusiastic girl said, "could it be that the elusive Avery has a hobby?!" With a giddy expression on her face, the girl said, "well c'mon, tell me. What is it? Coding? Art?" Leaning in closer and whispering, "is it drug related?" Avery's fatigue did little to hide the scowl on her face, looking at Lindsay, causing the girl to back off saying, "yeesh. But this is a rare opportunity, so you gotta tell me." 
Avery understood the persistence she was facing against and sighed saying, "I was, uh, writing something." Lindsay's face seemed to get more eager as she wanted to prod even further, causing Avery to say, "it's nothing interesting, really. Just a bunch of spreadsheets and notes to help me stay more organized." 
Though she still looked like she was expecting more, Lindsay merely said, "well, who would have thought that Avery Moreaux was such an organization freak. Well anyway - wait..." The girl stopped as she seemed to remember something. "Shit, I got class on the other side of the building. Later Avery," with a wave, her friend bolted off. 
Letting out another sigh, Avery just made her way to her next class. 

In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

15 October 2018 - 11:33 AM



Jacklyn's expression shifted from its faux anguish to a more ecstatic and assured one as she snapped her own fingers and pointed to the girl, saying, "you got yourself a deal, bub." With that out of the way, the girl got her pokeball ready as she saw the youngster far less patient then she was on the matter, which was a small feat in of itself. As he sent out his pokemon, the girl in turn tossed out her own saying, "go get 'em Rus!" As the Lepash got out, it let out a puff of smoke from its mouth as it got ready to fight. 


Looking to its side, seeing the new girl's pokemon be sent out, it seemed to have a look of recognition cross its face. Without much of a greeting, it instead looked more focused then before on the battle. As the Youngster's pokemon went to attack, Jacklyn said, "alright Rus, dodge it!" The Lepash, however, was not fast enough to dodge the shock and so winced as it took the attack. "Okay, maybe next time. But ember it now!" Though it seemed slightly irritated by its trainer, the Lepash moved forward and let loose a small burst of flame from its mouth. Though the Lepash wanted to strike back against the Pichu, with the other two standing guard in front of it, the ember was instead aimed at the elekid instead. 

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

14 October 2018 - 06:58 PM



Once they had made their way back to the mansion, the way much easier to get through this time then it had been before, the group had climbed up the same set of sky stretching stairs that were there before meeting with the wish granting legend once more. While they seemed skeptical about their group's size, when asked Nine merely nodded to them and the legend seemed to not pry any further. As she began to voice her worries, Nine merely smiled, a bit heartened by how ordinary the legend seemed. "Don't worry, you got the best tour guides to the outside world you could need." After jokingly reassuring the legend, he followed Jirachi's instructions to hold hands with everyone and within the blink of an eye, they were no longer in Northshore. 


They were still, however, not in Juyu. 


Whistling, impressed by their sudden change in scenery, Nine said, "well that's not something you do every day." Noting that they were still quite a bit away, the Houndoom figured they should start their journey. As Jirachi started to stumble forward, Nine walked over saying, "well, like you said. I've still got to put in some effort on my part to make the wish come true right? So here," offering his shoulder for her to lean on. Looking to Gwen he said, "see, they aren't so different from us." His eyes then drifted to Lok, unsure of  how they were feeling. He didn't know the specifics behind what happened between him and the Drapion, nor did he actually know what to do about him now anyway, and so Nine elected to act as his usual self. Looking to the legend he said, "so, how's your first taste of fresh air in such awhile?" 




While the group had sat there and talked with one another for a bit longer, eventually the Tyranitar had come back to speak with them. The girl's face grew troubled as he went on to explain that he had wanted to go check on their home town, and more specifically his daughters. Remembering the conversation earlier, and finally putting a name to a face, Marie didn't want to think of what might have happened had they not intervened in that fight. Moreover, with her mind jumping to the worst, being what had just recently transpired, it took little time at all for the girl to say, "we'll do it." Looking to the others, with a face that didn't seem to be taking "no" for an answer, saying, "right guys?"