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In Topic: Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

17 August 2018 - 01:21 PM



With their duel having concluded, Hanae began to walk out of the arena saying, "alright Ayame, let's get out before the next duel starts." With the girl motioning for her senior in dueling to follow, Hanae began to walk through the walls to get back to their waiting room. As they did, the girl saw the one girl with the pendulum dragons, a serious look on her face as she started to make her way to the stage as well. With a pat on the shoulder, and a sly smile on her face, Hanae said, "well, good luck out there dragon girl. Don't choke." With that, the girl started walking forward, until getting back to the room, to see both Blues and the older guy there. With a wave she said, "yo there, guess you and I are opponents for next round Bluesy boy." 




As Blues told the girl that she was only supposed to wait, Tycho came back and, while he was concerned about the power of the blue-eyes dragon as well, he then briefly turned his attention to Furiko. Her body lurching forward a bit from the force of the man's pat, the girl smiled and  said, "well, I'll do my best." With that, it appeared the duel between Hanae and Ayame ended, prompting Furiko to get going. With a wave, she said, "I'm off." 


Walking through the halls, the girl's expression started to become more focused as she started to think about her match up. There was no denying that she was still shaken from her duel against Kyouji, and it wasn't as if she could turn this around just by herself. She wanted to go toe to toe with Kyouji again, but in order to do that she needed to get there. And in order to do that she needed to win the match in front of her. Yet, there was the chance that she was still not good enough to even get beyond that. It would be pathetic of her to lose in the first round, yet she didn't even know how good everyone in the competition was. What if she was just - 


"Well, good luck out there dragon girl. Don't choke." 


Her thoughts were broken by Hanae's comment towards her, looking a bit confused at the girl. "She seems to be in a good mood." After making the comment to herself, Furiko took a deep breath and attempted to steel herself for the duel ahead of her. Walking into the stadium proper, the crowd seemed ready for their next match as she and her next opponent, a Rando Chance, were introduced to the audience. Putting a smile on her face, the girl looked at the man and said, "pleasure to meet you Rando. I hope we can have a good match.”

Rando smiled, holding up his arm and allowing the duel disk to snap to life. “I hope you put up a good fight. After all, I'm just small fry compared to what you're really after, huh?”

Furiko’s smile faltered for a moment, before she ignited her own duel disk. “Please, every duel is just as important as the last. And what I’m after now is just to get to the next round. So, ready? Duel!”
Fortune Cup, Round 1 - Furiko Hoshizora vs Rando Chance
“I’ll take the first turn.” Drawing the first five cards from her deck, the girl looked at her hand before saying, “first, I set both of my pendulum scales with the Scale 1 Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon and Scale 8 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon." As she placed her cards on her disk, the rainbow letters spelling out PENDULUM appeared on her duel disk, the green and fuchsia dragon being summoned on either side of her. "Now, with these, I can summon monsters between levels 2 and 7 in my hand.” Taking the next card from her hand she said, “so, I pendulum summon Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, in attack mode. And, I’ll place two cards face down and end my turn. Your go.” 
“Now's that's a fancy opening move,” Rando said as he looked down at his hand. “My turn, draw!” He smiled as he began his move. “Now, my opening won't be as flashy, but it will be productive all the same,” he commented. “I set one monster in facedown defense position, and set three cards face down in my Spell and Trap Zone. With that, I end my turn.”
"My turn, draw!" With the card in her hand, the girl merely directed her dragon to her next move. "Phantom Dragon go! Attack his face down card." 
"I activate my trap card." Rando interrupted as Furiko made her  attack. "Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir. With this card I can add 1 "Nordic" Monster from my deck to my hand." Pulling out a card from his deck, revealing what he had drawn. Furiko's eyes went wide, however, as seeing just what deck it was that her opponent was running against her. However, all the same, her dragon's attack didn't stop as the gray flame moved towards the face down monster, destroying it. 

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

15 August 2018 - 11:40 PM



While her face was planted in the ground, Marie still was trying to muster the strength to stand back up. The enemy before her meant to kill her. But it wasn't as if they were like Blake and just enjoyed doing it. The legend kept talking and looking as if this was just a fact of life, and that it was fact that they were going to kill Marie and her friends. It was something beyond just bravado or confidence. It was something beyond just duty and work. It merely was. Shaken to the core, Marie was having trouble finding the strength in her already weakened body, and could barely lift her head up to see the feathers falling on everyone, causing them a great deal of pain as well. Her eyes went wide with panic once more as Randy went for an attack, only to be slammed back down to the ground and the legend to stay in its spot. 


Seeing his still body against the ground, more tears began to form in her eyes as she started to claw her hands against the ground. The Queen of Death then went to strike the other pikachu. Marie didn't know if they would be able to survive the attack either. She didn't know if any of them would be able to survive any of this. Her strained breathing started to pick up the pace again, as the girl was starting to feel just how powerless she was. This was, as she knew it to be, the end. 


Yet in her despair an image flashed before her. In spite of her broken and bleeding form, she had never backed down. Instead, she merely stood her ground and continued to fight. Even though her life was on the line and it was very clear she could die, the woman had kept on fighting. When she was shoved back, the woman merely pushed back even harder. She never stopped. Again and again and again. Pushing back with far more might then anyone could expect from any normal person. 


Marie was no legend. She was no fighter and she certainly wasn't the strongest person in Alola. Yet, if there was one thing Marie couldn't stand, it was bullies. And if there was one thing she could never lose to, it would be them. No matter how young or old. No matter how weak or strong. A bully was just a bully, and Marie would do everything she could to stop one. Pushing up against the ground, the girl barely got back up to her feet, but still she stood. With eyes barely opened she looked towards Yveltal, and began to take one deep breath. As she did, an aura of blue flared around her body and as it did, the two gems in her pocket responded. Her necklace too began to glow as she did, with one of them gems snapping and flowing into her. With her aura flaring beyond anything it had ever been before, the girl let out one loud yet strangely melodic scream at the legend. 


With four small orbs of compact water forming, the girl fired all of them towards the legend. 




Meanwhile on the sandy beaches of Northshore, Nine was busy moving pieces of drift wood. As Gwen called out to him, with strained laughter the Houndoom responded, "right, right. Don't worry about me and go do whatever you guys want." With a wave goodbye, Nine continued to work on the beach, moving what he could before he felt he was pouring too much time into this. With that out of the way, Nine let out a sigh of relief and looked to the Poliwrath. "Well, I think I've done my share here. Still got plenty of city to see after all, so I'll be off."


 "Done your share, hmph, kids these days don't know what hard work means." He shook his head and went back to work himself. 


Scratching the back of his head a bit amused by the claim, with a smile on his face he asked, "well, do you know anywhere else in the city that needs some assistance in its storm recovery?"


"Where doesn't?" He grunted. 


"Got me there." With that, Nine began to move into the city proper to start searching for more clues there. He himself wasn't quite sure where to begin his search for the legend, and it wasn't as though he could just ask any old person about it. Something told him that randomly asking "excuse me sir, do you know where to find a wish granter," wouldn't go over so well with the common townsfolk. There was the Braviary who was quite helpful, but given that he was the most helpful to them so far he figured one of the other three probably would've already gravitated there. Scratching his head, the Houndoom then remembered someone else from yesterday. 


A young Blitzle who had been on the shore with them after his fight with Nikora. He didn't know much about the girl, but given how she talked and acted she seemed to be at least some kind of chaser, or at least had the very intrusive into all problems attitude that most chasers seemed to carry. He figured if there was any one he was going to ask outside of a godslayer themselves, another chaser would probably be the best bet. And even if she didn't know anything well, company was always appreciated. With that in mind, Nine began to walk through Northshore attempting to locate the girl, and lend a small helping hand to anyone who seemed to be struggling in their recovery efforts along the way. 

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

15 August 2018 - 09:18 PM



In spite of Souji's pace as he checked his phone and the shout he made for her to slow down, Jun did no such thing, merely walking forward with a smile on her face as she continued her pace forward. With the text that she had received from her friend, the girl knew where to go from there and lead Souij to their usual hang out spot. It didn't take long for the duo to get to the room, and once they were there, the girl was about to give a loud greeting to both of her friends. However, as Yusuji already seemed to be in the midst of her painting with Melissa just watching, the girl held herself back and put a finger to her mouth, signalling for Souji to be quiet. 


After a few moments of watching her friend paint, the girl found the opportunity to finally make her greeting. With a large smile on her face the girl said, "hey there 'Sujii. And hey there 'Lissa, nice to see you so soon again. Like I said, I brought over Souji and - oh, you probably don't know him. Here 'Lissa, this guy right here is Souji," she pointed to the male next to her. "And he's- well-" the girl paused and stopped herself as she tried to think of what to say before merely shaking her head with a smile saying, "well, I'm sure he'll be fine. So, what were you guys in the middle of painting?" The young girl moved to peer at the canvas over Yusuji's shoulder. 

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

14 August 2018 - 11:04 PM



While Marie continued to feel her blood boil in this situation, the attacks seemed to hit their mark and deal some damage to the legend before them. However, the legend still didn't seem to be backing down in its fight, and still seemed as ready as ever to kill all of them. As it made this claim, black feathers began to rain from the sky, causing the girl to pause and marvel at them for a brief moment. Though it was a strangely beautiful sight, the girl felt an incredibly eerie feeling from them, and every part of her body screamed that they were dangerous. Of course, she wasn't the fastest and was already delayed in her movement, and  thus had a much more difficult time avoiding the feathers then her other companions may have. Moving backwards away from one merely caused her to backpedal into another. 


As the feather struck the girl in the back, it seemed to disappear into her. While the feather didn't seem to do any actual damage to her, the appearance was far more deceiving then it let on. Feeling a sudden explosion of pain in her back, similar to what she felt from the streams of energy that the legend had poured out earlier, only this time her muscles began to feel heavier and her body numb. It didn't take long for the girl's legs to give out from under her as she fell to the ground. Face first against the floor, the girl wasn't exactly finding it able to drift off into a slumber, as the electricity around her continued to jolt her and keep her barely conscious. Yet all the same, this only caused the girl to be lost in her own thoughts. 


She didn't want to have to keep fighting, but she knew the legend probably didn't care. She knew that if she stopped or tried to run then she would die. And she didn't want to die. But if she did nothing then the others might die too. And she wanted that even less. Tears started to form in the girl's eyes as she was paralyzed in fear on the ground, merely trying to muster and work up the courage and strength to stand up and keep everyone from dying. 




As the group made their way down to the beach, Nine couldn't help but wince a bit at the sight. He had seen Northshore at its height, even if only as a passing visitor, and this was most certainly not it. The torn and ravaged beach was certainly a far cry of its former self. Yet, Nine still felt a sense of relief to know that this was where the destruction ended, or at least hopefully it was. Moving forward to see the townsfolk move about and try to clean the place up, he turned to face the rest of his group saying, "well, I agree with Gwen at least. We shouldn't dally in one place for too long, so, I'll just see about talking to someone and see where to go from there." 


With, Nine went to pick up a piece of trash on the ground, and move to the man who seemed to be in charge of the recovery efforts. "Mind if I help clean up a bit?" 


The man, a Poliwrath, looked Nine up and down. "A scrawny thing like you? Think you can keep up? Well stop pussyfooting around and get to it!"


With a small smirk on his face, Nine merely agreed, "right, well, I'll go for as long my scrawny self can." Beginning to move around, he went to pick up some of the trash off the ground and place it in the trash. "So, bad storm hit the city?"


"You couldn't have come here without knowing what happened don't try and distract me from that piss poor job you're doing, come on, come on, put some muscle into it."


"Yeesh. Got it." The Houndoom started to move at a faster pace. picking up larger pieces of driftwood in the process. After a bit he says, "just trying to see how bad the damage goes through the city."


"It's all over the place. These Legends cause a mess whenever they come by here."


Nine perked up a bit at the mention of multiple legends. "Do they come by often?"


"No, but often enough. Not long ago when that Moltres came around and got into a fight with a Godslayer, over by the mansion on the hill, could've gone south fast....Hey, what're you doing? Stop staring at me and get back to it."


A bit startled, both by the sharpness of the man's tone and the sudden information, the Houndoom quickly went back to work, all the while trying to process what he now knew. Apparently, he had come far too late to meet as many legends as he possibly could've. In addition, if he had come earlier, there was a chance he could've also stopped Nikora far earlier and prevented this whole flood from happening in the first place. Curious, he merely spoke to himself, though loud enough that the Poliwrath would have no trouble hearing him. "Man a godslayer. That sure does sound like bad news. Though I wish I could've seen them."


"They were a rather pretty lass, but bad news....and a lot stronger than you, can't you even lift that little piece of wood?"


Moving to the rather large piece of wood, Nine went to go pick at up. At first, he kept playing up that he was indeed weak, though as he tried to lift the piece of wood up even more he found it far heavier then he expected. With some effort, he eventually managed to hoist it up off the ground, saying with a strained voice, "yeah, she- she probably was." Given that Nikora was most certainly not female, he felt a little more relieved that they hadn't been the one to fight Moltres earlier. This, of course, was only subverted by him now realizing that there was yet another godslayer for him to worry about. And a pretty one at that.


Starting to move the large piece of wood in hand, Nine jested, "she could probably lift this no problem, but me. Man I wish there was some convenient way to wish this all away." 


"I know one way...." The Poliwrath responded.
"EXCERCISE!" The man shouts proudly and aggressively.
"Right you are sir." With a defeated sigh, Nine got to his work, and looked to the others trying to convey that he was probably going to be here far longer then he anticipated. 

In Topic: Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

14 August 2018 - 09:00 PM

Leon was quite aware of how he looked, especially in comparison to the rest of his men. Yet, he did not seem to change his expression at all as he continued to give his cold stare at Susanoo, as the man looked from Jouran to Jouran about who was actually the leader. Upon the man's defeated realization that Leon was indeed the leader, the man moved to get a chair, ignoring the last comment made by the brutish man. Sitting down, Leon looked to Yonan before him, saying, "I'll make myself brief. As you already know, we've been hired to do a job here that involves moving to the small isle to the south. There are monsters there, and we need to get rid of them. Most of the people here won't give us a boat to use and so, since you seem to have a vessel much sturdier then everyone else's, I'm asking that you aid us in getting there." 


Meanwhile, while Leon was talking to the man inside, the group outside would see a clear crowd forming. The town itself was no stranger to a hectic bar fight here and there, especially since Susanoo had made his presence known. Yet, some still made their way to check it out, just to see if there was any excitement to be had. Of course, they were greeted with a sight much stranger then normal, and as a result called attention to others. A small crowd was gathered just a bit away from the group, though they seemed to be chatting amongst each other, some worried faces and some clearly pointing towards the salamander that had found its way next to one of their bars.