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23 February 2018 - 07:53 PM

While Ryia had managed to make it to the door, she was relieved to see that Reinaan had been able to as well. Though, this relief turned to worry for two reasons. One, something seemed a bit wrong with how the draken boy was moving. Two, there was now a scorpion in the way of the others and the door. With the storm fast approaching and their goal in sight, Ryia was knew that she had to do something to help the others out here. Taking a few deep breaths to collect her energy, the girl made a sprint towards the scorpion. As it was stabbed in the back by an ice spear, no longer advancing and instead just trying to dislodge the weapon from its body, it didn't seem to totally notice the girl at first. Still, it managed to get a good claw swing at her, which she used her previous tactic of back stepping to avoid it.


As she did, her legs were starting to feel the burn of all the running she had done, and she could truly start to feel the sweat accumulate over her brow. Nevertheless, she pressed onward, reaching the scorpion's face. Lifting up her mace the girl mustered what strength she could into her fatigued arms, and swung downward with it. Smashing into the scorpion's face, she had managed to deal a heavy blow, though the scorpion was still very much alive. In the short period of time, the girl wasn't sure if she'd be able to keep swinging at this thing to aid the others but would try all the same, but were the others to help her in killing this arachnid, she would retreat back into the refuge they had found. 

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23 February 2018 - 07:02 PM



Alois raised an eyebrow at the old man, as he seemed entirely nonplussed by the whole experience, but didn't say anything on the matter. Instead, he just sat in increasingly awkward silence as the boat ride continued, trying to digest everything that had happened today. Reaching into his pocket, the boy took out the leaf, seeing that it was indeed still there and indeed real. Pocketing it again, the boy stepped off the boat when they had arrived at their destination, with the old man who rowed them back saying that their friends hadn't come back yet. Looking at him curiously he said, "how did you-" stopping himself, instead shaking his head saying, "thanks man. Thanks." Looking to Gunther, he said, "so we can both agree this has been one weird da-" he stopped himself again. Looking at the sky, he realized it was an entirely different time of day then it had been when they left. In fact, it looked as though an entire day had passed. Sighing, hanging his shoulders low in resignation he said, "I give up." 


As the Sage summoned the duo back to his abode, Alois reluctantly followed after him. As the elder informed them of their friends being missing, and likely prisoners, Alois sighed saying, "of course they are. Why wouldn't they be?" He shook his head looking to Gunther saying, "I swear, these people." As the Sage proposed them going on an assault to go get them back, Alois, with far less enthusiasm then he normally would have said, "sure, why not? If our team is in trouble then I guess we gotta go bail them out." After saying this, he realized something. "But uh, aren't you guys more about sneaking then upfront assault? I don't know if you've noticed but we aren't exactly the stealthy type." He pointed between both him and Gunther. 




Tsetseg nodded, with a somewhat triumphant expression on her face, as the Issaurian agreed with her. While the frog who came here seemed to be swayed by the words of the others, he still didn't seem wholly convinced. Instead, he looked to the fox chieftain, seeming to want to do something in regards to honor and justice, then back to Sienna. Following that, a glove he was wearing was thrown, the Sienna in the face. As silence passed, and the glove fell to the ground, Tsetseg merely looked in some kind of fascination, before letting out a, "whooooooooooa" in surprise. She had no idea what the glove throwing had to do with either honor or justice, but nevertheless, she seemed in awe of what was to happen next. 

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23 February 2018 - 04:50 AM

After having weathered both attacks, Leon heard the shouts of Ada behind him, accompanied with a blast of dark magic over his shoulder into one of the bandits before him. He knew that they could use the choke point to deal with them one at a time, but as things stood, Ada was still greatly injured, and he wasn't sure if she would be able to take another hit from one of these bandits. As such the mercenary leader stood his ground merely stating, "I'll be fine, just keep covering me." With that, he looked to the fighter at his side, and brought his blade down onto him. The Fighter seemed ready to counter against him, however, Leon's blade had struck true, causing the man to collapse to the ground. 
Meanwhile, the thief had continued making his way towards the treasure chest. While he was certain the invaders were probably going to be busy with the others, his certainty was very swiftly revoked. As he felt three knives stab into his side, he let out a cry of pain, shouting, "fuck! Ow!" He turned towards the perpetrator, a red haired girl with selection of knives in her hand, accompanied by a blonde haired woman with a sword. Not at all caring about who they were, though, the thief proceeded to say, "mother of magic, what is wrong with you? I wasn't even doing anything. You think I'm going to kill you or something? Oh look at me I'm the big scary thief with a puny little dagger, I'll take on the girl shooting darkness from her finger tips no problem. Oh, Shepherds this hurts." Clutching his wound he said, "listen, I just wanted the fucking chest. I can like, get what's out of there for you if you just let me live and leave here."
On the other side of the interior, the barbarian had been recoiling from the burst of dark magic he had just taken. Though he had taken a heavy hit, the man was not ready to give up just yet, and bringing up his axe, he struck at the Iron Falcons leader once again. Stepping to the side, shoving his shield against the axe blade, Leon had managed to avoid the attack altogether before delivering a counter of his own. Felling the bandit with his attack, the voice of the bandit leader sounded out to him. 
"So you're the leader of this little troupe are you? You don't look Jouran yourself - well, you don't look like much, to be honest. But what's a man like you doing with someone like them?" 
"That's none of your business." 
"Oh, I think we're about to come to a very brutal disagreement on that matter." Leon merely grunted, keeping his stance ready for the oncoming attack. "You're not worth anything so, don't say I didn't warn you." Taking in a deep breath, the bandit leader seemed to gather his focus, as with a swift lunge he pierced through Leon's defense and stabbed through his gut. Coughing out a bit of blood, his legs buckling from the pain and grip momentarily loosening, Leon was barely able to keep his ground against the attack. The man pulled his lance out, and seemed ready for round two. 

As Rona charged forth, goading the monsters to attack, they seemed more than willing to oblige. The first skeleton, wielding a sword, walked up to the girl, and without much effort needed, managed to leave a scratch across her with his blade. The second, the one with the lance, thrust at her with it, missing completely. The final, the armored skeleton with the axe slowly advanced towards her. Gripping its axe with two hands, it didn't seem able to go for the throat, due to the girl's height, and instead merely went for her hip instead. The bones that made it up creaked a bit as it swung its axe at her with great force, striking true in its target. Rona, in retaliation, lifted her axe up and brought it down on the creature. While the axe found its mark, seeming to do significant damage at that with how the bones were beginning to crack, the skeleton didn't seem at fazed. Instead, it merely held its posture, and kept its axe raised, ready to strike her again. 

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23 February 2018 - 02:36 AM



The stare down between Jacklyn, Rus and the Buneary continued. The fire bunny seemed to be content with standing there, glaring at the pokemon, while Buneary seemed keen to look for an opportunity to run. Jacklyn, however, seemed to be waiting as well. Merely watching the two, until a sudden look of realization hit her. "Right. Right. I need to tell you what to do here don't I?" The girl looked to her Lepash, who seemed to have an expression of disbelief towards his trainer as it looked back at her. She wasn't quite sure what the look was for, figuring that when it came to wild pokemon, the two would just battle it out themselves, but said, "alright Rus go and use pound!" The Lepash let out a sigh as its head hung down. "Scratch?" It shook its head. "Uuhhhhh-" the girl clapped her hands in realization. "Tackle! Use Tackle!"


The Buneary seemed more curious by the antics of the pokemon and its trainer then anything else, and continued to watch their exchange. However, as the Lepash began to charge at the Buneary, it quickly changed pace, leaping to the side to avoid the attack. As Rus had missed, Jacklyn called out once again, "Tackle!" The Buneary continued to try and leap away, each time trying to use the tall grass around as cover to dodge the attacks. And each time it missed, the trainer merely called out for another tackle. As the Buneary had leaped away once more, seeming to get in a rhythm of dodging the attacks the girl said, "oh forget it! Burn that bunny Rus, Ember!" The buneary was entirely caught off guard as the Lepash let out a breath of sparks at it, being struck by the small flames and stumbling back. With the hit landing true, Jacklyn called out for another Tackle, which Rus happily did, slamming into the Buneary. As the normal bunny pokemon seemed to run short on breath, Jacklyn remembered that pokemon had to be not unconscious...from getting hit a lot, in order to be captured. And so, winding up her arm, she shouted, "you will be mine adorable bunny creature!" With a toss that flew more true than before, the ball hit the Buneary, drawing the pokemon inside of it as it began the capture process.


1 Shake. 

2 Shake. 

3 Shake. 




With the noise confirming her capture complete. The girl picked up the ball, tossing it up and down in the air, "woooo! We did it Rus, we did it!" The Lepash seemed to let out a sigh as the battle came to its conclusion, nudging Jacklyn. "Oh right, you're probably tired now, so here you go." Returning the pokemon back to its ball, giving it a rest for now, the girl then immediately sent out her new pokemon. With that done, the girl seemed to be even more overjoyed than she had been before. As she pocketed the ball, she then realized something. "Wait, where did everyone go?" Not realizing that she had skipped away from everyone else yet, the girl had been split off from her other two party members. Thankfully, the land was flat and mostly featureless, so finding them was not at all difficult. Running towards them,waving the freshly used pokeball in her hand she seemed to still be bounding with energy as she said, "guys, guys, guys look! I caught a pokemon! And it's adorable!" 





Oswald watched as Kanon sent out her first pokeball, taking down notes about the failure. As he continued to watch the rest of battle unfold, he felt a familiar wait press against him. Clearing his throat a bit as he looked to Naomi, now slumped against his side, he said, "well, if you must know. I am taking notes on the capture attempt before us. After all, knowing is half the battle, and I plan to win most." Looking over, he saw that the Rockruff had disappeared, with Kanon carrying a pokeball in hand now. "Blast it all," he muttered. Closing his notebook, the boy tried to push Naomi to stand upright again, clearing his throat again before saying, "well, it would appear we have a new member on our team, right? Good job on the catch Kanon. Oh, and I suppose good job on the victory as well Naomi." 

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21 February 2018 - 03:23 PM



As Nine made his way back to the other duo, he cursed under his breath and the rain as he saw Lok jump onto Kyogre's back. As the brief altercation took place,  Nine was able to see a mist so cold there was a visible chill in the air and briefly panicked that Lok was about to meet his end. However, the boy had managed to get himself away from the legend, instead falling into the water below. Finally getting to Gwen, he called out, "Gwen!" Catching his breath a bit, the Houndoom didn't seem to completely stop before saying, "ok, so, surprise, the Cacturne's a godslayer, also Kyogre's probably going to destroy the town if we don't stop her, also he's going to kill her if she gets stopped, also Lok might be drowning right now, so, you go help him out and then help me as I try to keep these two parties from killing us, each other, and everything in town, sound like a plan? Good." After rapid firing the situation at the girl, the man then started to move away from her, so that Kyogre wouldn't pay much attention to her. Instead, he called out, "hey Kyogre! If you want to, still willing to talk this out!" He got ready this time to dodge out of the way of any sort of attack the legend would throw at him saying, "I mean, I clearly don't want to fight, and you've already proven how strong you are by beating the Rotom and Drapion, so what's the harm, right?" 




Marie was a bit concerned as the men continued to drag Randy off, uncertain about what his fate was going to be like, yet all the same there wasn't much she was able to do about it. Looking around as she and Keanu followed the guard people, they were met with curious looks from the townspeople. Yet, more interesting, they seemed to both scorn the masked people and praise the guard people in equal scorn and admiration respectively. Marie was both curious and concerned by this, and wasn't quite sure what was going on around here, but didn't question anyone about it out of a bit of nervousness on the subject. As the guard people eventually told them that they were free to go as they please, and visit Randy only when night fell, the girl nodded and looked to Keanu saying, "well, uh, I guess we'll explore or something." 


The girl wasn't particularly enthusiastic about it, given the current situation, and was using it more to kill time then anything else. Though as she walked around, she marveled at just how different the city was from Northshore. Whereas that one reminded her of the port cities in Alola, this was far more natural feeling and was way more dense in forestry then any town she had seen before. The girl's attention was eventually drawn towards the less rural part of the town; an area that appeared to be a bustling marketplace. 


Walking there, Marie's dour expression was replaced with one that was filled more with child like excitement as she saw all the goings on. There was an energy to the place, as all the townsfolk around seemed to be lively and bustling around. Different stands and colors filled the vision no matter where one looked, and there was an overall friendly and familiar atmosphere amongst all the business being dealt. Marie looked around, taking a cursory glance at each of the stands before her attention was drawn to the more official looking buildings further back. Cheerily motioning for Keanu to follow, the girl bounded forth towards the first of the buildings. 


Inside it, there were all kind of pottery and furniture of all kinds. The girl moved around looking at each of the different wooden chairs, desks and cabinets, only to then be captivated by the clay bowls that were around as well. Thinking they were quite pretty, the girl looked around at the price of one of them, noticing that it was well within the amount of money that she had. The girl seemed to try to restrain herself from impulsively buying the thing, thinking that even if she bought a bowl, there was no guarantee that it would be safe from harm when they finally left this place as well. As Marie looked clearly conflicted and like she was trying to wrestle with something, someone eventually came over to her asking what she was looking for. 


Looking at them, a bit startled as she was forced out of her thoughts, she merely shook her head. "Oh, um, nothing really. I just thought they looked pretty was all."


"Ah, yes, they're made right here in Mowloo. We take care of ourselves here, we have to, being hidden away in the jungle and all."


Marie was made curious by this statement and asked, "hidden away?"


"Well we're smack dab in the middle of a jungle, it's not a place most just visit you know."


Marie tapped her chin, nodding, though only made more curious. She wasn't quite sure why people would purposefully seclude themselves away like that, and thought there was probably some kind of reason behind it. "Is the jungle like, a fun place to live in, or something?"


"Fun? I don't know about that. But, its a place that's ours."


"Hmmm..." Marie seemed to think about the answer for a bit. Nodding to herself, she was starting to be able to understand the sentiment. "Yeah, that makes sense. Well, thanks Mister." With that she waved to the shop worker and went to the next shop over. Inside there was a bunch of different kinds of herbal remedies and medicines that Marie wasn't entirely sure what their purpose was. However, in her search, she eventually spotted something that did, that being a necklace on display. Looking at the thing curiously, it seemed to be a charm of some sort that had some water trapped within. Having had to fight the buyers impulse already once today, the girl caved in and bought the charm known as Mystic Water. 


Putting it over her neck, thinking it was well worth the four hundred poke it cost, the girl went to examine one last area of the shopping district. Inside the last building she went to explore, it seemed to be an art gallery of sorts. The girl seemed to be in awe of all the different paintings that were around, being different in style and content then anything she had seen in Alola. As she continued to browse the gallery, a merchant eventually came over to her and started to try and sell her the paintings as much as possible, though his interest seemed to wane as he realized Marie was but a child. 


Being annoyed by the merchant's shift in demeanor, the girl raised her finger and felt ready to prove him wrong. Of course, as she did, she looked at the necklace she was wearing and stopped herself. With no money to actually prove him wrong with, the girl merely gave the man the stink eye before leaving the shop, and going to see more of the town.