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In Topic: [CHQ] Guild Examination Quest

Today, 04:25 PM

Fen felt a bit bad leaving the sap on Kasayee, but she didn't really have anything on hand to remove it with. With that out of the way, the group left the Barkskin guild members to their devices as they ascended up the staircase to what they believed would be the next trial. The stairs would go on for most longer than any of the others they had gone on thus far, with more twists to walk through. After awhile, though, the group had eventually end up in a room similar to the one they had just been in. 
The room itself was made of the same stone that the rest of the cave was, though rather than a full circle the room was only a half-circle. There were two entrances on either side of the room, on the flat end of the circle, the group appearing out of the right one. At the head of the curve was what appeared to be a large door, also similar to the one from the room they were just in. Most notably, though, were the people that were in this room alongside the Cherry Heart people. At the door at the end of the room stood one of the proctors; Neru, the male of the two. He had a bored expression on his face as he was simply sitting down, giving the group a wave as they finally made it into the room. Were Vincent to look at the man, he would notice that while Neru's aura still felt like looking at a wall, it seemed even more defined and attention grabbing then all of the other auras in the room. 
On the side opposite of the one that the group came out from was the familiar four members of Lemon Soul. The four looked a bit roughed up, though in regular high spirits Agina looked over to the group waving, as she said, "hello there friends!" 
"Yeah, glad to see you all made it here too," Alpine followed. 
Before the pleasantries continued, however, Neru stood up. "Right, congratulations on both of your teams making it this far. Yay." There was no enthusiasm in his voice as he gave a small golf clap. "As you are now here allow me to present to you the final challenge you have to clear. Between the eight of you, you must land four solid hits on me. After that, the door behind me will open." 
Sen stepped up, a wary look in his eyes as he said, "don't you think you're thinking a bit too highly of yourself?"
"Who knows?" The man shrugged. "Regardless, allow me to remind you of the rules of your exam. Your task was to find the dragon jewel, more specifically its four shards, in order to past this exam. Whenever a team brings all four shards past this door they have passed. Now, throughout your first two trials I am sure you both found two of the four shards. So, you'll have to get them some way, won't you?" 
Alpine and Sen seemed more on edge as the implications of Neru's statement set in. The two looked at each other, back to Agina an Mellow and then to the members of Cherry Heart. Speaking up, Alpine said, "well, I guess we should team up to bring him down right?" 
"Hell no!" Sen looked to Alpine in disbelief. "Listen, the four of us can take one guy easily enough and there's no way in hell I'm working with him." The boy pointed towards Vincent, clear anger in his eyes.
Despite Sen's clear hatred towards Vincent, Alpine continued to attempt to convince him to try to work together. As the two bickered, Agina just looked between the two with a strange look of curiosity and amusement directed at them. Neru continued to stand there, a look of indifference on his face as he watched the two groups. Mellow looked confused but looked back to the members of Cherry Heart and gave a wave.

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

17 May 2018 - 11:31 AM



Nine grimaced as his attack was blocked once more, and while the godslayer was definitely confident he wasn't careless when it came to dealing with the Houndoom. Thankfully, there was one person he wasn't paying much mind to. As Lok managed to jump onto him, Nine saw what the boy was going for and smiled a bit, before immediately having to bring his arms up in defense. Grunting in pain as the dark pulse struck him, Nine was starting to feel his limits catching up with him and knew that he didn't have all that much left in the tank. All the same, he wasn't about to stop now, as the godslayer seemed unable to defend himself from the attack of the braviary as he had managed to do so many times before. 


With the flying type having knocked the god slayer off the ground, Nine felt now was as good a time as any to test out his theory. "Keep him from staying in one place." As Nine was about to attack, however, he saw Gwen launch her magical fire towards him. With a smirk growing on his face, the boy grabbed at the flame as it melded into his body. His aura seemed to flare up even further, the flames across his arm growing even hotter and more powerful as his veins glowed with an orange and red color, as if magma were flowing through them. Giving a thumbs up to Gwen, the chaser moved forward and launched one powerful flamethrower towards the godslayer. 




With the new day having come and the fight clearly on the horizon, Marie tried to psyche herself up for the coming storm, so to speak. Marie was scared of what the day would hold. She didn't want to fight, and she certainly didn't want to see all of the people of both sides fighting either. It had been terrifying yesterday, and she felt as though things would only be as scary today. Yet still, if there was a chance that she could help things, and if there was a chance that Keanu was still there she couldn't just sit by. Getting out of bed, the girl made her way to where everyone else had been gathered. As the Tyranitar gave her the briefing on what was to come, Marie only nodded and waited to begin her march to the village. 

In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

16 May 2018 - 06:21 PM



Jacklyn was slightly surprised by Ivan having already calmed down, but just nodded and said, "oh. No problem then. And make sure you apologize to the daycare man too. And Po too, he was worried as well." The girl nodded, now just standing there as she looked to the daycare, awaiting their other team member. A look of realization eventually crossed her face, as she turned back to the boy. "Oh yeah, Ivan," her expression became a bit more defiant and her voice stern. "You're darn right you aren't joining any shitty team on this island. After all, you're part of my team. And that's where you'll stay for the rest of this journey!" Smiling as she made her declaration, the girl nodded to herself. With that, she waited with her team member for Genny's part time employment to be finished. 

In Topic: Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

15 May 2018 - 10:39 PM


As Tsetseg had managed to clear a path for the blue haired girl, she watched as the girl galloped away from the conflict. Feeling successful at a job well done, this was cut a bit short as the bandits turned their attention towards her.  Readying her bow to fire against them, the girl started to back off when her ears perked up at the familiar voice calling out to the bandits. A smile crossed her face as the warrior had come to fight the bandits, single handedly cleaving through the ones that were moving to threaten the young archer, before turning back to her. "Urvan!" The girl shouted out. Rushing towards the man, greeting him with a cheery hug, as he had seemed to be worried, Tsetseg said, "it's ok Urvan. I had a really fun time so it all worked out!"  As more bandits had begun to converge on their position, the archer let go of Urvan readying her bow to fight. As the rest of the patrol charged in, Tsetseg once again provided covering fire against for the patrol, her arrows striking true against the bandits.


Alois's smirk did not leave his face as his axe found purchase in Binks' back, catching the axe on its return trip back to him. As the onslaught of attacks had managed to pressure Binks, both fist and spear finding their mark, the man seemed to go into a wild frenzy. While he was swinging at both Azar and Edrick, Alois found it hard to get a clear shot on the man. However, as he swapped to a bow, it soon became apparent to the fighter that he was the next target. With a quick snap of the wrist, the boy tossed his hand axe towards the legs of Binks, though in the process found it hard to dodge the incoming arrow. Trying to move away, the boy still took the arrow to his side, grimacing and grunting in pain as the the attack had found its mark. "Fuck, that hurts." The boy muttered to himself, awaiting the return of his hand axe and watching to see how his other two allies would deal with the man.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Not Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

14 May 2018 - 10:10 PM