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23 December 2018 - 01:41 AM

Legends of Zelda Four Swords Adventure 

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22 December 2018 - 10:27 PM



Jacklyn found the emphasis that Belle put on her words a bit weird, but she could relate. Back home, she had spent some time at the docks and always found the fishermen amusing there. So, she had often pretended to go through the motions of fishing herself, internalizing the theory of what she was supposed to do when she could finally afford a fishing rod all her own. As Belle finished her thought on the price however, the adventurer got herself out of her own thoughts for a moment simply seeming surprised, and then more so by Ivan's reinforcement that a rod would be too expensive. "No way..." 



"...it's true." The girl hung her head in defeat as she saw the price tag on the cheapest fishing rod that was around in the outdoor store that they had stumbled across. Lifting her head back up, she sighed and said, "next time. For sure." After giving a bit of a nod, the girl continued to move around the store, doing what she did best before going over to where Belle was. With supplies in hand, she said, "here you are. One sleeping bag and a pillow, and a backpack for you. That should get you through the night just fine. Oh and also," showing the two her newest find, "a portable lamp. For when it gets dark at night and we need to read or tell scary stories without a campfire." With clear enthusiasm in her expression at this, she then turned back to the blue haired girl saying, "oh, don't worry about sleeping outside. You can share the tent with me. Unless you'd rather watch the stars, which can also be fun!" Looking at the two of them more clearly now she said, "well, if we've got everything we need, I say we go catch ourselves a boat!" 

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22 December 2018 - 10:06 PM



Nine gave a small wave to the Accelgor as she disappeared from his sight. Letting out a small sigh he merely said, "I'll never get how she does that." Figuring he would wait around to tell the group what had happened, it didn't seem he had to wait for much longer as the two ghosts eventually approached him. As she wondered where the deputy was, he said, "she just had a thing or two she wanted to take care of before leaving town. Says she'll be fine by tomorrow, so we'll meet back with her then." At her next question, the Houndoom merely chuckled a bit as he seemed to reminisce a bit before saying, "well, I've been doing this whole Chaser thing for awhile, so I've been to Juyu a few times before. And let's just say in my younger years I was a bit of scoundrel, so I got to know them pretty quickly on my first visit. From there, well," he waved his hands around a bit before saying, "I suppose I enjoyed having some familiar faces in town each time I came, so I made a point to see them, and we hit it off from there." Smirking a bit as he glanced to the side he said, "well, I made a point to call them friends. Can't say how fond they were of me."


With his brief story done, the man clapped his hands together as he said, "well, since we're here until tomorrow anyway. How about we find a place to sleep now? It's a long journey from Juyu to your hometown, so we gotta be sure to be well rested before then." 




Marie was a tad bit shocked let out their shriek, seeing them strike with their own icy wind towards the Skuntank. While it was definitely something that weirded the girl out, she managed to focus back on the cannibal, only made even more nervous as it seemed to take some violent glee in thinking of eating them. As it let out another spray of acid, Marie attempted to counter with an attack of her own. As her small necklace glowed, the girl let out a blast of water that pierced through the spray of acid. Not expecting this, the Skuntank was struck by the water gun, but only seemed more primed to devour the people before them.


Meanwhile, while the water gun had pierced the acid spray it did nothing to actually stop the attack. Not expecting this, Marie couldn't react to the attack in time and was instead drenched in acid. "Ew, ew, ew." The Brionne shuddered a bit as she was hit by it, though this quickly turned into a strange feeling of fatigue as her muscles felt like they were weakening. To make matters worse, as she let out another pained cough, the girl could start to feel the burning sensation spread into her legs and was having trouble standing. 

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21 December 2018 - 11:51 AM

While the falcons had attempted to regain their footing against the beasts, it didn't seem that they were letting up on the pressure. While ready to strike against the sword wielding skeleton in front of him, Leon was caught off guard as the skeleton completely ignored him, continuing to move for the shaman. With a swift slice, it managed to reopen the wound she had received from the axe that had just been sealed. While the pain was not quite as much, the feeling would be familiar and even more so as three more carrion had bolted past both Rona and Leon to aim for the shaman once more. Only two of them had managed to make it to Ada, both tearing into her flesh with their beaks once more, with the third seemingly to stop short as it realized the shaman was too surrounded for it to strike, instead going for the nearby swordsman. 
Seeing the wyvern rider, the already heavily injured Carrion made its way over to Rona, only to be met with an axe that had immediately spelled its doom. The other Jouran was finding much less success in his ventures. Though he had been able to put the Carrion he had targeted to a swift end, the counterattack of the beasts that had arrived him had begun. Beset by fang and steel, Raynor found himself able to avoid the fangs of the hound amidst the clamor of battle, yet was still struck strongly by an axe and lance to his sides. Though he wouldn't find his wounds unbearable, he knew that a continued focused assault like this would spell his doom. 
As if to make matters worse, Leon could see that the swarm of monsters from the west had finally joined up with the rest of the beasts. Stressed as he could start to feel that they were slowly being strangled out by the beasts, the falcon leader heard the sound of the Draytter call out asking for his orders. Seeing that he was surrounded over there, Leon took a deep breath before he shouted, "Rona. Go and help Raynor out, Ada and I will handle the monsters over here." With that, the boy strained himself once more as he slashed at the sword wielding skeleton, cleaving off a few of its ribs. 

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20 December 2018 - 02:52 PM



While Marie had managed to bring down one of the Sableye, she was sadly not able to handle two of them at once. As the third of the dark ghosts dove into the shadows at her, Marie couldn't do much as it locked its arms from behind her. Now grappled, as the girl couldn't turn herself around to fire anything at the cannibal, she froze up a bit as they bared their fangs and aimed to sink them into her shoulder. However, before it could reach her, the girl felt a jolt run through her system and the feeling of the Sableye's grip on her lessened. Looking back, she saw that sparks of electricity were arcing off of it, and it seemed to be both stunned and heavily injured. Taking a second to realize what was going on, the girl merely struck the back of her head against the Sableye's face, knocking it off and onto the ground. 


Turning to face where Nani had spoken towards, the girl let out a few more coughs as the burning in her legs continued to flare up. All the same, she wasn't going to let that stop her from teaching this bully who wanted to eat them a thing or two. As it seemed ready to charge Nani, the girl took a deep breath before letting out a small stream of chilled air towards it. Already in the middle of its attack and not paying much mind to the girl, the icy wind had managed to strike the Skuntank, and is it did the cannibal would feel a sudden chill course through its body, slowing its approach towards Nani down and giving the Mimikyu a better chance against them.




Nine was a bit caught off guard as the girl asked if he wanted to fight her, in the most timid ways of possible, and chuckled a small bit before saying, "no, that won't be necessary. You've been serving as deputy of this crazy town for more as many years as I've been coming here, so I believe you've got the skills to fight." As the girl then made her next request, Nine couldn't help but playfully pat her on the head saying, "sure thing. I don't think anyone's in a crazy rush to get moving after today." Taking his hand off he gave a coy smile he said, "so you can have her to yourself for the whole rest of the day."