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#7099077 Best Anime ED [BAED] Tournament - Nominations Closed

Posted by Alaina on 09 May 2018 - 02:41 AM

  1. Sugar Song to Bitter Step - Kekkai Sensen 
  2. Kimi ni matsuwaru Misteri - Hyouka 
  3. Secret Base - Anohana 
  4. Mashi Mashi - Haikyuu

#7098552 [CHQ] Guild Examination Quest

Posted by Alaina on 06 May 2018 - 08:38 AM

While Ol was trying to keep himself steady, the pain and weight from the lizard girl on his back was proving to make this difficult. Being unable to move any bit forward, the boy tried to use his other gauntlet to block against the arrow that was forming in Vincent's hand. However, before he could do anything, Ro had moved to his side, flinging a large mass of tree sap at him. With no way to stop the attack, Ol weakly tried to raise his arm to stop it, though it only served to cause the coffin's steam vents to get gunked up. Sadly for Kasayee as well, the attack had no real aim to it and she was caught in the crossfire as a result. While the coffin had managed to block a large majority of the sap, some of it had still managed to hit Kasayee, though it would only serve to be a minor hindrance in removing herself from the body of Ol. 


Vincent as well had let loose his arrow, and with no way to prevent the attack, Ol was struck right in the head, being forced backward as he was knocked out by the force of the attack. With him down, all that had left was Sibl, who was standing with a standing expression on her face. As she examined each of the members of Cherry Heart, she sighed, saying, "I give up."


"Wh-what?" Fen was a bit baffled at this sudden declaration, as she got herself back up. 


"Don't get me wrong, I can probably kick your asses," she proudly boasted, "but I'd rather not break my axe, be torn up and get shit in my hair," she motioned towards the sap, "to get that win. Besides, it's not like I can't take this exam again. So," rifling through her pockets, she tossed a red gem, identical in color and shape to the one that the group had found earlier. "There. You win. Nent come on." She motioned to the man, still tending to the wounds of Temra. 


The boy looked at her in a bit of disbelief, but taking in the situation he merely said, "I surrender as well." As the, mostly silent, man declared this the door at the north side of room began to rumble and shake before finally sliding open. Beyond the door it revealed yet another staircase, going upward through the cavern. 


Motioning towards it, Sibl said, "well there you have it. Now get going before I decide to kick your asses anyway." 



#7097921 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 02 May 2018 - 03:27 AM



As Alois and the knight managed to break through the ranks of the bandits,getting closer to the injured frogs, he said, "alright, well, suit yourself then." Looking over, he saw the man who looked to be the leader of these bandits engaged in a fight already. Seeing that it was Azar and Eddy in the midst of it all, the boy looked back to the knight saying, "well, they seem to already be at the main event. So, you know where to find me. Have fun with the frogs," with that, Alois gave a short wave before sheathing his hand axe and drawing one his others. 


Walking forward, Alois was beset by a man with a lance, charging at him and yelling as he tried to run Alois through with the weapon. Gripping onto his axe, as the bandit made his way forward, with both hands Alois swung down onto the shaft of the weapon, breaking it in two as he did so. The man slowed himself to a stop as he got face to face with Alois, looking as his now broken lance. Looking at the weapon, then back to Alois, then back to the lance, he gulped. Turning around, the man yelled once more with fervor as he ran the opposite direction of the boy, poised to leave the fight. Alois shook his head as the man ran away, only to be stopped by a bandit wielding a large sword. 


Getting his axe ready, the boy swung it at the bandit who had, with some effort managed to parry it away. As his attack was deflected, the bandit went to kick Alois in the stomach, sending him back before raising his sword up. Alois brought his axe blade up, blocking the sword strike. As he parried the blade away, Alois went to swing his axe yet again, only for the bandit to backstep away from it, getting ready to stab the now open fighter. However, before he thrust his sword, an arrow found itself lodged in the bandit's arm, causing him to falter and howl in pain. As this happened, Alois took the opening and swung his axe with a heavy swing into the chest of the bandit. As the blade went through, the wood of the axe's handle snapped as the bandit dropped. "Oh, that's not supposed to happen," Alois looked at the axe stub before shrugging and discarding it. 


With his path to the bandit leader, relatively, clear, Alois took his hand axe out and began to look as if he was focusing his aim. For no particular reason, Alois shouted, "boy!" before tossing his axe towards Binks, Alois himself getting ready to grab the axe on its way back and begin to get ready for more up and close combat with the bandit leader. 

#7097911 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 02 May 2018 - 02:02 AM



As the conversations continued, Marie's fears and worries were not eased at all. In fact, as Randy spoke they were more exacerbated than anything else. More and more worried for Keanu's well being, her thoughts going back to how she had merely left him alone with a madman. She wasn't quite sure what to say as the man in charge of the town guard came back and started to talk with Randy. The girl seemed to be ebbing away from the conversation, knowing that things were reaching a point of violence between the Blake and the guard man, but she was a bit lost and unsure as to what she could even say. As she did, however, she looked to the Noctowl, as she mentioned something about their queen. 


Looking to the girl curiously, Marie asked, "the queen?"


"Yes, the Queen. Queen of Death. She is...important to us."


Marie seemed a bit off put by the ominous sounding name before asking, "does- does she also not like all the violence?"


"She..is violence." The Noctowl said, pausing to try and find the right words.


"Oh..." The girl paused for a moment before asking, "so um...does she side with Blake then?"


"She does not...side."


"So, only bad things will happen for both people then?"


She nodded. "Bad things coming, yes. Bad things everywhere, now is our turn."


Marie was quite troubled by this, and unsure of what to make of this whole "Queen" thing. All that she did know was that there was something bad waiting to happen. As such, she tried to plead with the head guard saying, "hey Mister, isn't there something else we could do. I mean, if you go and fight then more people could d-die and then everything is just worse." The girl was unsure how she would convince this man otherwise, her thoughts all jumbled, but she definitely had the feeling that a lot of people would die if everything continued as it was. And, while she was trying to convince herself that Keanu couldn't be dead, if this Queen did something she was certain that there would be no more convincing herself otherwise. 

#7097908 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Alaina on 02 May 2018 - 01:28 AM

 Cyan was close behind when Xia’s teammate passed her the ball. He grit his teeth, before suddenly shifting into a grin, an idea coming to his mind. Suddenly, Cyan was gone, only a trail of smoke left in his wake that seemed to be heading right in front of Xia. Just as sudden as he had disappeared, he reappeared in front of the dragon, almost immediately trying to swipe the ball from her. He glanced over to the ref, noting that he wasn’t doing anything to stop him. 
As Cyan had managed to catch the ball, appearing in front of Xia, she backed up a bit saying, “whoa!” Her expression of surprise was then replaced with a excitement as she said, “man Cyan, that was sooo cool! Is that a thing “demons can do?””
Cyan grinned as he heard the girl. “What can I say?” He passed the ball to seemingly no one, before disappearing into smoke again, appearing where he had thrown the ball. “I’m just that badass!” He said, catching and dribbling the ball in place. Starting to cackle, however, he let his guard down as one of Xia’s teammates managed to steal the ball from him. “Hey! I was showing off!” He barked, chasing after him.
As the man tossed the ball back to Xia, she caught it with ease as she began to dribble back towards the opposing team’s basket. As she was stopped by three of Cyan’s teammates, surrounding the girl, she decided to try her hand at tossing the ball towards the basket. However, before the ball left her hand, one of Cyan’s teammates had managed to slap the ball out of her hand. With the three of them breaking off towards the ball, one Xia’s teammates made their way over to her. “Hey Xia, in order to score you don’t need to throw the ball into the hoop. Just as long as it gets through it, you can drop it into it. Got it?” The girl seemed to be processing this advice, before cheerily nodding at the man. 

One of the three caught up to the ball, starting to dribble it as the three of them headed towards the hoop. However, Xia’s team was ready for them as they managed to intercept the one with the ball. It didn’t take long for Cyan to make his way to where all of the action was going, blinking his way towards a girl that had managed to take the ball from his teammates, quickly taking the ball back. Right in front of him, however, was another player who was making it rather difficult for Cyan to go for a shot. Cyan turned to one of his teammates. “Catch!” He shouted, bouncing the ball off of the ground and towards his teammates. The girl barely managed to catch the ball, her dribbles being a bit off due to the speed of the ball. She seemed like she was ready to make a shot.
As the girl went to shoot the ball, there was suddenly a half dragon girl in front of her, jumping high into the air. While the girl had moved to block the ball, her arms were exactly in the position to do so. However, because of how high she had jumped, the ball ended up hitting Xia in the face, as it then made its way back towards the ground. 
With one of her teammates at the ready, they had managed to grab the ball and start dribbling it back down court. While one of Cyan’s teammates had moved to stop him, the man passed it back to another of his teammate’s who in turn passed it to Xia who started moving down the center of the court. 
“Gotta do everything myself… some things never change!” He said, making his way towards Xia. With another puff of smoke, Cyan found himself right next to the dragon girl. “Gonna make the shot?” He taunted, swiping at the ball in an attempt to get it back.
“Nope!” The girl exclaimed, holding onto the ball as she tried to take one step to past Cyan, before leaping into the air. 
“H-Hey! Get back ‘ere!” Cyan shouted, running towards his hoop. He jumped into the air, teleporting to give him more air as he appeared in front of the hoop, ready to block any attempt of slam dunking.
Without caring for Cyan’s attempt to block her attempt at scoring, the girl slammed the ball into Cyan’s guard, pushing the ball against him as she went to dunk it. 
Cyan was not ready to take on the full force of the girl’s dunk, fully expecting her to pass it onto her teammates. Instead of the ball going into the hoop, Cyan was the one that ended up getting dunked while the ball went flying from bouncing off of the demon’s arms. He got stuck inside the hoop, although it didn’t take much for him to get out as he faded into smoke, appearing right underneath the hoop. “Holy shit you are strong.” He remarked, cracking his back that had slammed against the rim.
As the girl landed back on the ground, the whistle blew yet again as the ball had gone out of bounds. The ref seemed unsure if what had just happened was a foul or not, but didn’t make any more note of it as he motioned for one of Xia’s team members to get the ball. 
Xia, meanwhile, looked incredibly jovial as she said, “thanks! I’ve been told that in many ways before! But man, you must be pretty strong too!” As the ball was getting ready to be passed she said, “man that was really fun. Maybe I’ll do it again!” After saying that, her teammate then tossed the ball back to her. 
Cyan chuckled. “Flattery will get you nowhere.” He stood up straight, stretching his arms. “But it is appreciated!” He watched as Xia’s teammate got ready to pass the ball. As soon as Xia got the ball, Cyan was already in her face, swiping at the ball to get it from her “Let’s see you try!”
As Cyan swiped the ball out of the air from her, Xia didn’t seem all that bothered, instead going to mark the demon by spreading her arms out to the side again as if to stop him from going anywhere. 
Cyan grinned as the dragon tried to stop him, before tossing the ball between her legs. As the ball left his hands, he suddenly disappeared in a trail of smoke, appearing behind the girl and ready to continue the dribble of the ball. “You’re gonna have to do better to stop me!” He mocked as he dribbled forward.
While the girl started to run after him, her teammates were a bit faster on the draw. Though they would go to block Cyan from moving forward, the would also seem generally at a loss as to what to do against Cyan’s teleporting drive. 
As Cyan went on forward, he felt the glare of the ref aimed directly at him. He’d have to tone down the teleporting, at least against the non-competitors, less he wanted to lose the game for his team. Speaking of which, Xia’s teammates managed to block his advance forward. Instead of blinking, he swiftly tossed the ball to the side and towards one of his teammates. While she struggled a bit, she did manage to successfully receive the ball as she continued onward, prepared to shoot as she had before.
Xia had managed to catch up to the team member that Cyan passed it to, and so jumped to block the ball from being shot again. However, the girl was anticipating Xia’s jump this time, and so she just held onto the ball, shooting it when Xia began to descend. While it was not the cleanest of shots, it still managed to reach past the dragon girl’s arms and swish through the hoop, netting a score for Cyan’s team.  
The demon pumped his fist as the girl managed to land her shot, the sound of the whistle bringing great joy to him. His celebration was cut short, however - after all, the game itself wasn’t over, and the shot itself was only worth 2 points.
Both teams got ready for another tip off. Just like before, despite Cyanthrax’s best effort, he wasn’t able to beat out Xia, as she managed to get the ball for her team.
As Xia grabbed onto the ball, one of her teammates had gotten an idea. Sprinting to the other side of the court, the man shout out, “Xia, Pass!”As the girl landed back on the ground, with great velocity and force that she had displayed the last time she passed, she managed to toss it all the way to the man on the other side. Bracing himself for it, he would be able to catch it and then immediately go for a shot.  
Cyan and the rest of his team made a mad dash towards the man with the ball, but no one was able to get there fast enough to stop him; the ball had been passed way too fast for anyone to react properly to it. The player managed to get a relatively clean shot, easily scoring for Xia’s team. “Fuck!” Cyan shouted, shaking his head.

#7097581 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 28 April 2018 - 11:15 PM



As the girl continued to walk through the halls, she looked up from her book, seeing a corner coming up. Making note of it, the girl went back to looking at her book as she continued her steady pace. As she turned the corner, however- 


"AAH!" The girl yelped as she tossed her book into the air in shock, standing there with a surprised expression on her face as she looked at the face of who had surprised her. A girl with long, somewhat messy hair, that she had recognized as one of the people both at the island, and someone who she had seen around school. The girl seemed to still be paused in surprise as the girl made her comment, only for her expression to change as the book fell down onto her head. "Ow."


The girl in glasses rubbed her head, as she picked the book back up. Looking to the other girl before her, she looked with a confused expression that seemed to be weirded out by the other girl's greeting, saying, "um, hello to you too?" Picking herself back up, the girl cocked her head to side as she asked, "um, were you expecting someone different?" Her expression turning a bit more worried, the girl said, "are - are you being stalked?" The girl looked down the hall she had just come from, as if searching for someone suspicious looking. 

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#7097461 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 28 April 2018 - 04:49 AM



As Alois had been making his way through the crowds of the bandits, he saw a bandit wielding a sword make his way over to him. As the boy readied himself for the fight, the man was intercepted by the flower faced knight, and was taken down rather handily. "Well, not the first person I would expect to swoop to my aid," the boy joked towards the knight. Before he could say anymore, though, the another bandit with an axe, one closer to his style of axe fighting, had rushed towards him. Gripping his axe tighter, as the bandit swung his axe down on the boy, Alois swung his own upward, colliding blades against each other. With the bandit's axe being forced upward, Alois then took another heavy swing into the bandit's gut. The wind was knocked out of the bandit as he dropped his axe, with Alois finishing him by just shoving him to the ground.


With the foe defeated, Alois's attention was then drawn towards a familiar yelling voice, yelling about a familiar subject. Musing to his aloud, the boy said, "oh, well I guess Eddy's in this fight too." Looking back to the knight, then looking to where he was going, the boy said, "so need some help frog-sitting?" As he asked this, a lance wielding bandit had made their way over to them, trying to charge at them. Sheathing his axe, Alois then drew out his hand axe, twirling it a bit before tossing it at the charging bandit. With the axe burying itself into the chest of the lancer, the man fell down to the ground. The man's charge faltered, his lance dropped to the ground as he gasped for air. Alois swiped at the air, grabbing his hand axe as it made its way back to him. Walking up to the injured bandit, Alois delivered a swing with his hand axe to the bandit, felling him as the attack landed. With a cocky smile he turned back to the knight as he said, "I work for cheap."




With one arrow after the other, Tsetseg continued to fire into the crowd of bandits, each one hitting their mark. Despite all of the arrows she had shot, however, there were very few that were actually kill shots. Whenever a patrol member or a protean would find themselves overwhelmed or outnumbered, an arrow would fly into their foe's leg, their arm, their back. Each time the bandits seemed like they'd win a fight, an arrow struck them, making them falter in the final moments. As Tsetseg continued to survey the battlefield, trying to find the next important mark to fire at, the girl looked towards the Pontic boy as he proudly shouted about the goddess and other such things. She recognized him as one of the people that was part of the group of new friends she had met, so she knew he wasn't an enemy. Though, she was still slightly unnerved and turned her attention away from him for the time being.


Instead, she turned her attention over to the Frog portean who had leaped into the fray. While he seemed to be doing fine, having just crushed an archer, the girl noticed that there were a few bandits starting to make their way towards him. Pulling out an arrow, the girl put her focus onto one mark of hers; a bandit wielding a sword. As she had studied her target, she twirled the arrow in her hand, before nocking it into her bow and pulling back swiftly. With lethal accuracy, the girl fired off an arrow, sending it straight into the back of the head of the sword bandit, knocking him down in a shot. 

#7096965 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 25 April 2018 - 06:42 AM



As Marie explained to Randy what had happened, it appeared that the people he was in the middle of fighting hadn't stopped just yet. As the masked people got up, Randy managed to stop one of them by flinging a chair at them, though the girl was paralyzed at yet another came towards her. With fear starting to seize her movements, the girl stood still as the masked man went to attack her, only for Randy to step in the way and take the attack for her. Worried about the Incineroar's condition, the girl looked nervously to him saying, "a-are you alright?" However, her concern seemed unfounded as the the man seemed to brush it off entirely, and checked on the condition of the other townsfolk. With that out of the way, the duo made their way back to the prison, looking for Keanu only to see that he and the Zoroark had vanished from sight. 


The girl looked around, but seemed to find hide nor hair of them. Her breathing starting to pick up pace, wondering what might have happened to the pikachu, the girl looked towards the building saying, "c-come on Randy. Maybe they're in there!" Without waiting for him, the girl started to run into the building, looking around frantically for wherever her friend might've gone. However, the building was mostly empty. The jail cells that were likely occupied earlier today were entirely open and vacant. The only exception to this was the girl that they had met before coming to Mowloo, the Noctowl who they had spoke with. She was standing by herself, in the middle of a wide open jail cell. Seeing the familiar face, not really thinking much more on it, the instinctively asked, "a-are you okay?"


The Noctowl looked to the two, appearing not too much different then when they had seen her earlier in the day. "I am unharmed if that's what you are asking." Though this was true, physically, the girl's voice had a tired sound to it. 


Taking this only as good news, the girl instinctively responded, "oh, well. That's good." As she nodded this, the girl then looked back to the Noctowl. It started to dawn on her that her being here was strange, as she was one of the masked people as well. Marie paused, unsure of what to say to her, unsure of what she even wanted to say. However, eventually the words came and in a scared voice the girl blurted out, "what- what's going on?"


"I guess Blake decided to attack the city and free us...Blake is our...leader."


"Is Blake the mean lo-," the girl stopped herself from insulting who the Noctowl considered their leader. "Er- the Zoroark that we saw earlier?"


"That would be him, yes."


Marie's eyes seemed to light up a bit, before asking, "well, we're looking for our friend who was with him, so, do you know where he might've gone?"


"If he tried to stop Blake he is probably dead."


Marie froze at the words, the shock of them evident across her face. The girl tried to form sentences and questions, but neither seemed to come to her. The panic was starting to become more evident across her face, as tears started to form in her eyes. There was no way he could be dead. No no no. He was fast. He was laid back sure, but he wouldn't ever get himself killed. There was no way that someone like Keanu would die in action... But what if he was? The girl started to breathe in more heavily, wondering what could've happened in the instant that she left him  - she left him. She left him by himself. 


"The-there's no way he's d-" the girl didn't finish her sentence as she looked to Randy, seeming to look for something to assure her. 

#7096887 Skaia's Bandwagoning Trash Nuzlog

Posted by Alaina on 24 April 2018 - 08:13 PM

A bit of short one, but here it is. 

Episode 23 - TREES

#7096519 Skaia's Bandwagoning Trash Nuzlog

Posted by Alaina on 22 April 2018 - 08:08 PM

For a casino dungeon, this is very unglamorous. 


Episode 22 - Bumblefuck Hero

#7096383 Skaia's Bandwagoning Trash Nuzlog

Posted by Alaina on 22 April 2018 - 01:49 AM

I don't know why I speak to all of you as if you've never played this game before, but I feel the need to. 


Episode 21 - Rambling GAMING Rockets

#7096194 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Alaina on 21 April 2018 - 07:23 AM



Leif happily petted the dog, as it seemed to enjoy it as well, as she looked over back to the weasel boy. He seemed to be passionate about him not, in fact, a weasel. Or rather, he was one, the weasels just stole their aesthetic from him rather than the other way around. The girl was a bit confused by this statement, unsure of who this "Senka" was, and so she merely said, "oh, is that so? Well um, pleasure to meet you then, Miro the um, handiwork of Senka." While she seemed to pause in her words, the tone through them still seemed to be genuine. 


As she continued to pet the dog, she then looked towards the boy who seemed to be the dog's owner. The girl found the way he spoke to be quite strange, yet amusing in a way, and couldn't help but show this in a smile on her face. "I too admire the zeal you both display towards this cause. So it is well met to you as well Percival," looking back towards the dog, the girl continued petting as she said, "and of course you as well Snow." After a bit more, the girl stood herself back up, looking more towards the quest notice to the one she volunteered for. "My, I do wonder what kind of villainy we'll find ourselves against." 

#7096054 Skaia's Bandwagoning Trash Nuzlog

Posted by Alaina on 20 April 2018 - 07:44 PM

A bit of a filler episode here, but all the same here you are. 
Episode 20 - Huge Improvements

#7095872 Skaia's Bandwagoning Trash Nuzlog

Posted by Alaina on 19 April 2018 - 07:37 PM

Well it's been awhile, so here's a doozy of one. 


Episode 19 - Fog Machine Tower

#7095681 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Alaina on 18 April 2018 - 07:26 PM



The building, while showing recent signs of painting, still seemed to be rather drab and its age still seemed quite apparent throughout. There was very little to make note of, and even then, what was here did not seem to be of recent construction or maintenance. The guild master herself did not seem to be all that interested in them with a demeanor that was about as rough as the building itself. To top things off, the new recruits that she had seemed to be alongside were certainly a motley and odd lot, the most normal looking of them being between a boy with an eyepatch and a girl with a mask of sorts over her face. 


In the face of all of this, the girl's eyes were lit up with eagerness, as she said, "my my, it's all just as I had expected!" The perfect beginning to her journey, this certainly was. 


As they were told to introduce themselves, the girl merely giggled a bit as the young boy in the eyepatch gave poetry to preface his introduction. Following up on it, the girl pointed to herself and with a proud expression on her face she said, "and as it is my pleasure to meet you motley lot, you may have the pleasure of being in my, Reginleif's, company. Though, as we are on more familiar standings with one another, you may call me Leif all you like. I am a knight in training, and through these experiences I shall become one the history books shall write stories about."  With a sudden look of realization she said, "oh, if you would all tell me your name as well, then I could be sure to include you in my storied history! " 


After her introduction, the boy proclaimed a quest that was on the board, one that involved great heroism in stopping a train from some kind of doom. She hadn't read the notice herself, nor did she feel like reading any of the others, but with an eager smile she said, "oh you may most certainly count me as present for the quest! There shan't be an evil on the train that shall be safe from us." Walking over to the trio at the board, she bent down examining the more annoyed of the two, and with an neutral expression said, "oh my, you really are weasel, head to toe. How truly magnificent." Turning to the dog, she then looked to it with bright eyes saying, "oh my, what a magnificent dog. I had read stories about ones that grew to such sizes, but had never seen one myself," without asking for any permission, the girl went to go pet it.