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#7081903 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Alaina on 23 February 2018 - 04:50 AM

After having weathered both attacks, Leon heard the shouts of Ada behind him, accompanied with a blast of dark magic over his shoulder into one of the bandits before him. He knew that they could use the choke point to deal with them one at a time, but as things stood, Ada was still greatly injured, and he wasn't sure if she would be able to take another hit from one of these bandits. As such the mercenary leader stood his ground merely stating, "I'll be fine, just keep covering me." With that, he looked to the fighter at his side, and brought his blade down onto him. The Fighter seemed ready to counter against him, however, Leon's blade had struck true, causing the man to collapse to the ground. 
Meanwhile, the thief had continued making his way towards the treasure chest. While he was certain the invaders were probably going to be busy with the others, his certainty was very swiftly revoked. As he felt three knives stab into his side, he let out a cry of pain, shouting, "fuck! Ow!" He turned towards the perpetrator, a red haired girl with selection of knives in her hand, accompanied by a blonde haired woman with a sword. Not at all caring about who they were, though, the thief proceeded to say, "mother of magic, what is wrong with you? I wasn't even doing anything. You think I'm going to kill you or something? Oh look at me I'm the big scary thief with a puny little dagger, I'll take on the girl shooting darkness from her finger tips no problem. Oh, Shepherds this hurts." Clutching his wound he said, "listen, I just wanted the fucking chest. I can like, get what's out of there for you if you just let me live and leave here."
On the other side of the interior, the barbarian had been recoiling from the burst of dark magic he had just taken. Though he had taken a heavy hit, the man was not ready to give up just yet, and bringing up his axe, he struck at the Iron Falcons leader once again. Stepping to the side, shoving his shield against the axe blade, Leon had managed to avoid the attack altogether before delivering a counter of his own. Felling the bandit with his attack, the voice of the bandit leader sounded out to him. 
"So you're the leader of this little troupe are you? You don't look Jouran yourself - well, you don't look like much, to be honest. But what's a man like you doing with someone like them?" 
"That's none of your business." 
"Oh, I think we're about to come to a very brutal disagreement on that matter." Leon merely grunted, keeping his stance ready for the oncoming attack. "You're not worth anything so, don't say I didn't warn you." Taking in a deep breath, the bandit leader seemed to gather his focus, as with a swift lunge he pierced through Leon's defense and stabbed through his gut. Coughing out a bit of blood, his legs buckling from the pain and grip momentarily loosening, Leon was barely able to keep his ground against the attack. The man pulled his lance out, and seemed ready for round two. 

As Rona charged forth, goading the monsters to attack, they seemed more than willing to oblige. The first skeleton, wielding a sword, walked up to the girl, and without much effort needed, managed to leave a scratch across her with his blade. The second, the one with the lance, thrust at her with it, missing completely. The final, the armored skeleton with the axe slowly advanced towards her. Gripping its axe with two hands, it didn't seem able to go for the throat, due to the girl's height, and instead merely went for her hip instead. The bones that made it up creaked a bit as it swung its axe at her with great force, striking true in its target. Rona, in retaliation, lifted her axe up and brought it down on the creature. While the axe found its mark, seeming to do significant damage at that with how the bones were beginning to crack, the skeleton didn't seem at fazed. Instead, it merely held its posture, and kept its axe raised, ready to strike her again. 

#7080966 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 20 February 2018 - 03:29 PM




As the group went to explore their new room, Avery stepped forward, her walking pace slow as her eyes darted around the room. Resting on the shadow, she recognized it to be of the same origin as the one downstairs. They went by the name, or title, of Anomaly Nurse Shadow. 


Anomaly. Unknown. 

Nurse. Helpful. 

Shadow. ??? 


Curiosity sparkled in the girl's eyes, though was swiftly subdued as she looked around to the others. No questions. Nothing strange. 


Walking slowly, the girl made her way to the table full of apples, looking to Paul, to Jason, and then to the apples. Reaching out her hand, her eyes darted down to observe it. Trembling. Her hand stiffened up as she continued to finally pick it up and take a bite of out of it. 




As the girl ate her apple, the rest of the group seemed to be talking about something. About how they couldn't tell anyone else about this. About how they were going to need to figure all of this out. The girls eyes went wide, pausing eating her apple, as Paul mentioned that he would be coming back. While she seemed like she was about to say something, she paused. Her eyes studied the faces of everyone else in the room. 


Annoyed. Concerned. Pensive.


The girl stopped herself, instead merely watching the scene play out with all of her classmates. As they seemed to reach some sort of a conclusion, the girl looked back to her phone, seeing the number there. Fiddling around the bit, the girl looked over to Paul saying, "u-um," her voice cracked as she started, and both her body and voice seemed to be trembling as she continued speaking. "Y-yeah, coming back here would be crazy, right?" The girl let out an awkward chuckle before saying, "but it's uh, um, better to be safe then sorry." After sending her number out, the girl awkwardly put her phone back in her pocket before saying, "but um, yeah. I'm just gonna, gonna head off to bed. Right." With an awkward wave, the girl made her way to her bed. Lying down, her face planted first into her pillow, obscuring a wide smile on her face.

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#7080680 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 19 February 2018 - 11:01 PM



Jacklyn had continued to skip, skip, skip to her lou, moving down the route as she did. Having never left her home before now and the major port of Unova being in Castellia City, the girl hadn't ever actually been out in the wilderness before. So, with the fresh air being new to her and the rather plain road they were on being completely different then what she was used to, the bubbly girl kept a grin on her face as she continued to hum to herself. It wasn't long, however, before a noise caught her attention causing the girl's merry skipping to come to an abrupt halt. Looking towards the source of the noise, the girl began to move towards it, not really paying any mind to her surroundings. Walking further into the tall grass, the girl hopped back, letting out a surprised, "hawaahhh!" What she had found, as well, hopped back in similar surprise, eyeing the girl with similar curiosity, albeit with a bit of caution behind it. 


"Oh my god," the girl muttered to herself, looking at the pokemon before her. "You're so adorable!" Shouting this at them, the Bunneary took a step back, unsure of what to make of the girl as she seemed to grow more excited. As she looked at the pokemon, she paused before saying, "wait, Big Sis had a Bunneary. And she's like a pokemon master! So that must mean Bunneary must be super strong! You will be mine you cotton eared Leporidae!" Taking out a pokeball she emphatically shouted, "Hiyah!" practically spiking the ball the pokemon. The Bunneary seemed to be a bit taken aback by this, as the ball had actually just missed it by a foot. A pensive look across her face appeared, the girl saying, "crafty one aren't you? Well, I know just how to catch a crafty one like you! Rus!" The girl sent her pokemon out, the Lepash yawning as it stretched itself out. "Come on Rus! We got ourselves a Bunneary to catch!" The Lepash looked back to the girl, unsure of what to make of her statement, but understood that there was a battle about to be happening. Getting its game face on, the fire pokemon turned towards the wild Bunneary, who was clearly now more guarded in posture, looking to get the fight on the road. 





Oswald could only sigh as Naomi had, once again, seemed to ignore his advice. Instead, as she was marveling at the grass, Oswald walked over to her and said, "it's because there's no one who comes out to cut it." It wasn't shortly after this that a newcomer had come to challenge the girl. Oswald examined the new person curiously, unsure of why his outfit was so strangely similar to Zoe's. Whether it was an ongoing fashion craze or potential child gang circle, only time would tell. While the young detective was keen on learning more about pokemon battles from first hand experience, he already knew what Naomi's pokemon was, and knew that it wasn't going to be much of a challenge between the two. Instead, his attention was pulled towards his other partner, Kanon. 


Seeing the girl finding a wild pokemon, he became instantly intrigued, knowing that he needed to still study how trainers went about catching wild pokemon. Taking out a notebook, the boy began to examine carefully each action taken, such as the Rockruff deftly avoiding the girl's first pokeball. As she sent out her own pokemon, he watched curiously to see how things would go from here. 

#7076280 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 04 February 2018 - 09:33 PM



Friday, After School

Heavy Fog

Oh no. 
Avery hadn't felt like going to club today. Like always, she had just wanted to go from her last class to home. However, there was talk of a party going on. It was going on everywhere. Which meant it involved everyone. While the girl didn't really want to go to such an event to begin with, there was another issue that had come up in regards to it. One that she had found out when she had went to club that day. That was who was running this party. 
The girl's face seemed to be a bit pensive as her foot tapped in repetition as the club began talking about the party. They seemed to be pretty keen on having everyone go, especially as one of them was hosting it, and the girl's eyes started to drift away from the club, It was then directed at her and Reno to come and join the party as well. The girl's posture froze once again, as she looked to the rest of the group with a smile on her face. "Well, if I'm invited, sure. I'm not much of a party animal so be gentle with me." The girl let out a small chuckle at her own laugh. 
Bad. Stupid. Why. 
Avery wished that she could shut herself up.

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#7074930 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Alaina on 01 February 2018 - 11:20 PM



Xia gave a wave to Aurora saying, "have fun with your box!" as the girl left. Looking at Snowball, Xia said, "alright, well, what do you want to do now Snowball?" At these times, Xia would normally try to find some kind of work that needed to be done or go do something fun that probably involved punching. However, she had a Snowball to worry about now as well. The furry creature was definitely a wily one, having been able to sneak out of their room yesterday. As such, Xia was concerned with taking on any sort of job where they'd have to leave Snowball on their own. After some grueling minutes of thinking, Xia eventually said,"I got it! Let's go explore, Snowball!" 


With that decided upon, the girl rested the animal on her head, and began to leave the apartment complex. Trying to find a new place to explore, the girl had only really been to the sports area and the casino. So, she decided going in the opposite direction. After some walking, Snowball and her trusty steed had eventually made it to a building that was enormous in size; so tall that Xia wasn't quite sure if she could see the top from where she was. Her face entirely in awe, the girl said, "let's go check that out Snowball." With a "mrow" as the only noise of confirmation, Xia nodded and went in. 


The inside of the building wasn't quite as impressive as the outside, though it was still certainly spacious and tall. While Xia was made curious about the woman who was floating in mid air, sitting on a chair and looking at a bunch of weird light screens, the girl's attention was taken by something else. An elevator! And even more impressive she saw more stairs than she had ever seen before spiraling upward. Walking over to the staircase, the girl seemed to be in awe as she looked to her animal companion. Snowball didn't seem to react, and so Xia said, "yeah, let's go." With that, the girl began to ascended the staircase. 


And ascend.


And ascend. 


Xia wasn't sure how many stairs there were, nor how high she had actually climbed, but she didn't seem any bit deterred. Merely looking around every step of the way and letting out some "ooo"s and "aaah"s. It wasn't until probably half an hour of walking had passed that Snowball had let out another whining noise. "Oh, you're probably right Snowball. Let's go explore something else!" With that, the girl and the cat had turned back and, much to Snowball's dismay, walked down the rest of the stairs. 


As she exited the library Xia let out a sigh before saying, "man, I didn't know there was a whole building dedicated to stairs. Libraries certainly are something aren't they Snowball?" Wanting to go somewhere else, but not wanting to get lost, Xia had decided to get back to the apartment complex. When she had gotten back, she saw a familiar white haired friend saying, "Aurora! Hi! Man, I haven't seen you in. Hmmm, Snowball how long has it been?" The cat mewoed. "Yeah! That amount of time! Anyway, how was your box?" 

#7072471 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 27 January 2018 - 06:51 PM



Nine's request to speak was met with less than ideal results. As the sea goddess glared at him, Nine felt almost frozen in place, seeing enormous orbs of aqueous energy form near the woman. As they were fired at Nine, he knew that taking a direct hit from that would, by itself, probably take him out, though, he felt his feet glued in place all the same. As he could merely stare in awe at the raw power the legend displayed, he suddenly felt the wind get knocked out of him as something had tackle into him, forcing him to the ground. Having avoided getting obliterated by Kyogre's attack, Nine let out a sigh of relief, before looking up and seeing Gwen there. A smile forming on his face, Nine said, "well, I can't say I'm used to being the one swept off my feet." After joking, the man started to get up, helping Gwen back up as well before saying, "thanks Gwen, I don't think I could've taken something like that directly. But hey, at least I'm not a liar." Joking once again, in spite of the direness of the situation, Nine felt oddly lighthearted. He wasn't quite sure what it was that was causing this feeling himself, but the best he could guess was that he had either grown far too comfortable with situations like these, or he was so nervous that he was forcing himself to make light of it. 


This lighthearted attitude, however, was immediately dashed as he saw Fiona jump to fight Kyogre...by herself. There were so many things Nine found to absolutely anger him with this that he said, "what the hell is she doing?" To make matters worse, the Cacturne had launched yet another energy ball at Kyogre, though she was not paying attention to it. Trying to stop it from wounding the legend, Nine fired off a dark pulse towards the ball, colliding with it. While his attack had managed to weaken the energy ball, it had not been able to stop it completely. The Cacturne looked over to Nine, briefly, only to then look at the sea goddess, who was now busy dealing with Fiona. Looking to Gwen, Nine said, "well, maybe he'll want to talk more." Nine did not believe that in the slightest. After telling Gwen that, Nine began to make his way towards the Cacturne, seeing how talk attempt number two would go down. As he kept walking he merely looked at the legend and Fiona saying, "Arceus help you, Lok." 




Marie was a bit unnerved by the whole talk that Randy had with the man. She didn't quite know what this whole death goddess business was about, and while she wanted to think that it was just superstition, it wasn't as if she wasn't familiar with her own region's gods. All the same, the group had eventually made their way off the raft and after getting some advice from the man she gave a wave saying, "bye, and thanks for the help Raft Guy." With that the group had began their trek through the woods. 


It this didn't last particularly long, as they were eventually beset by a group of strange gijinka in mask. Marie was immediately worried by this, and assumed that these were cannibals that had come to eat them. As such, she began to hide a bit behind Randy and Keanu, leaving Randy to be the one to talk with the man who stepped forth. As they started talking, it had seemed that the person couldn't understand Randy, and likewise neither Marie nor Randy was able to understand what was being said by them. However, as Randy spoke to them, Marie started to notice that they didn't seem to want to eat them, and that instead they were more scared than anything else. Thinking on it, Marie knew exactly what she had to do. Which was of course, break the ice. 


Walking up, she looked to Randy saying, "don't worry, I've got this." She seemed to pump herself up before looking to the figure before them. Taking out her deck of cards, the deck box being a bit ruined from the water but the cards themselves being still in usable conditions. Taking the cards out of the box, Marie held the deck out to him, saying, “here, take one. One. Take.” She points to the deck and then holds up 1 finger, repeating this process to get the point across.


The masked person seemed confused by this gesture, but, taking a card off the top, it then went to bite down on the card. 


Marie, startled by this, said, “no no no no. Look. Look at it. Not eat. Look.” She then went to make a biting motion towards her deck and then shakes her head. She then points to where she assumes their eyes are and then to the card and repeats this motion. The message coming across, the masked man looked at the card. Marie let out a sigh of relief at this, as she began to smile again and cheerily nod towards them. "Alright, now give it back.” She pointed to the card, then made a gesture towards herself, then pointed to herself. As the man gave the card back, stretching his arm out as far as possible to keep distance between him and Marie, the girl grabbed the card back. Being a bit bent, and wet, Marie wiped the card off with her shirt and straightening it out while muttering, "gross, gross." 


After that was done with the girl placed the card back in the deck, shuffling it a bit before looking to the masked person with a look of confidence and joy on her face. "Now prepare!" Waving her hand above the deck, she pulled the card from the top. "Is this your card?" Lo and behold, it was indeed the same card. The masked person grabbed the card excitedly, lifting it to the air as they began jumping up and down. The rest of the masked people jumped out, surrounding the girl as they leaned in. Marie jumped, a bit startled by this saying, "w-whoa." She then looked towards Randy, a prideful smile on her face as she looked back saying, "if you'd like I can show you all of it again." Remembering that they couldn't actually understand her, the girl just decided to go and show the trick again, pulling one card out from the deck and showing it to everyone. She then shuffled it back in, and showed them all the same card as before.

#7070743 [CHQ] Guild Examination Quest

Posted by Alaina on 21 January 2018 - 08:44 PM



All guilds, sanctioned by the government, are given quests for them to solve. Those quests are all rated, given a letter that goes from E through A, and likewise all guilds are similarly labeled. Starting at E-Rank, those guilds are seen more as handymen a small problem solvers than anything serious or noteworthy. And so, to take on quests that are more rewarding in both monetary value and grandeur, the guild must go through a government regulated exam. These quests are the first step are the first steps for all guilds looking to make a name for themselves to take. One such quest was being held today, at a nearby cavern system. There, four guilds had been invited, meeting up at the mouth of this system.


The ride there was awkward, to say the least, for Fen. She was already tense from the onset of the ride, as she had not been totally mentally prepared for taking on such a mission with such high-stakes nor was the company she was with very uh...comforting. The ride had been mostly silent as none of the people she was with seemed to be very keen on talking, in addition to the fact that the girl wasn't exactly super comfortable with everyone she was with. Vincent she knew, and while he wasn't a terrible person or anything, he was still easily irritable. Then there was Ro, who Fen wasn't quite sure what to make of the boy, as he seemed to be smoking something flowery and genuinely(?) tried to tell her to calm down. Then there was the last one, who Fen had rarely seen before, and when she had she wasn't sure if she was actually real or not. She was referring to the naked - yes, naked - lizard person, who wasn't even inside the carriage at the moment. 


All in all, Fen had been very stiff in posture and on edge. As such, she was very relieved when their ride had come to a halt, stretching a bit as she walked out of the carriage. This was only replaced when she saw a group of 10 people already gathered at the meeting place. She didn't really make out much details of most of them, as a black haired man and red haired woman perked up as they had arrived. The red haired woman said, "oh, welcome. You must be here to take the guild examination, correct?" 


"What's your guild's name?" 


Fen shot up a bit as the black haired man had asked his question, stuttering out. "Ch-ch-cherry Heart!" 


The red haired chuckled a bit as the man wrote down the name, the girl saying, "well, glad you could make it. Now, we're currently only waiting for one more guild to arrive, so please, make yoursleves comfortable for the time being." 


As the black haired man gestured them away, a familiar sounding voice rang out. "Cherry Heart? Fen! It is you!" A purple haired girl, a smile plastered across her face walked up to the young chef. 


"Agina?" Fen was clearly taken by surprise by this sudden appearance. 


"The one and only! Well, maybe. I've never heard of Agina's so I've just assumed but perhaps- "


"Hello there." A brown hair boy, who had been with Agina, had walked over. "It would appear fate would have us take this exam on the same day, wouldn't it? Oh," he looked at the other three with her. "You're different than the ones who were with her before. I'm afraid we haven't met, my name is Alpine, of the Lemon Soul guild."


"And I am Agina! Coincidentally also in the Lemon Soul guild!" The girl then pointed to the other two who had been with her, the boy who Fen had recognize, and a white haired girl that she didn't know. "They too are in our guild, but they are very bad at speaking to people -" 


"What was that?" The male further back had retorted. 


"He is Sen. And the last one is Mellow." The irritable one, Sen, gave a begrudging wave as the white haired girl looked to Sen, only to then mimic his movement. While Alpine and Agina seemed to have a friendly expression on their face, Sen seemed to already be annoyed. However, as his eyes scanned across the group, he only seemed to get more so, until he stopped at Vincent. For no reason in particular, it appeared as if Sen was scowling at him. The white haired girl, however, didn't seem to have much in way of expression, merely looking at the quartet, though her gaze seemed to linger especially on Kasayee.


Alpine then asked, "so, what might all your names be?" 

#7070509 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 20 January 2018 - 05:57 PM





With the first day behind her, Avery had made her way to the second day of school with much less issue. Having managed to avoid bumping into anyone that immediately recognized her, the girl made it to her classes without incident. Once there, she had her notebook at the ready, jotting down what she could. Of course, interestingly, every few minutes or so the girl's eyes would flit around the room, looking to her other students.
Reclining. Note taking. Day dreaming. 
Every five or so minutes, the girl's note taking would come to a stop. She would wait two minutes. Then the cycle would continue. Her posture slouched, her eyes would stay on the teacher but then, at seemingly random intervals, try to focus anywhere but. Her focus eventually rested on the boy - girl? No, it was boy - as the teacher had begun to ask them a question about their reading. The girl hadn't recognized who this person was, at least beyond being in this class yesterday as well, and briefly wondered what grade they were in. There were a few other things they were curious about, but the main one was wondering whether or not the Mr. St. Lawrence had a hearing problem or not, as he did not seem to react to the teacher's questioning at all. Again. And again. Until finally they responded. In spite of seeming to be caught off guard, Avery was impressed by her answer. As was the teacher. Going on with the rest of the class, their discussion continued. 
"...so what were your thoughts on it, Ms. Moreaux?" 
Eventually it had came her turn to sit in the crucible. While the professor looked at her, expectantly, it felt as though there was fire coming from his eyes. Beginning to gulp a bit, the girl averted her eyes away from him momentarily as she said, "u-um, well." She wasn't quite sure how to go on from there. Her eyes avoided the teacher's briefly, looking at the other students. 
Expectant. Nervous. Unfocused. 
Her eyes centered back on the professor, who raised an eyebrow, before she said, "w-well um, sorry. I left my, uh, book at school yesterday."
It was in her bag. 
Some of the students smirked, others nonplussed. The professor sighed saying, "well, at least have the decency to look up a summary online, like some students who remembered to bring their book home anyway." Standing up, he addressed the rest of the class saying, "remember students, I am not a lecturer, I am a professor. And this is not a lecture hall. It is a discussion. So, I expect you all to get your reading done, so I don't have to wear out my voice telling you things you should already know. Now then, Mr. Hughes." If there were a picture for an "oh shit" facial expression, it would be the student just called on. 

With the day having finished, Avery was more than ready to end her day and go home. However, as she was walking away from the school, she saw the familiar face of Lindsay, seeming to go about her own after school business. Changing her path, the girl ended up getting lost in the crowd and going with the flow. This had ended up in her getting to the auditorium, back to the club fair. The girl had been reminded of her action yesterday, having gone to join a club. She wasn't very fond of the idea. However, joining would do no good if she never showed up. Seeing the booth, she saw that there was a group of people who were busy playing games there already. As she began to step up to the place, she gulped. 
Her nerves were getting the best of her, though, they started to dwindle as someone else entered her field of view Him. 
Basketball. Star. Fallen. 
She knew who Jason was; it was only normal for a student at G.O.H. to know who he was. She wasn't planning on making a name for herself in this club to begin with, but because he was here, he was likely to draw far more attention than she was. All the same, while she was thinking this, she looked over to see the game that they were playing. She didn't know what it was, but it looked interesting all the same. And so, there she stood, not saying anything and merely staring at the screen. And there she would remain for the time being.

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#7068898 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 15 January 2018 - 05:14 PM




As the small talk between Avery and the girl, Lindsay, was beginning, it was cut rather short as the auditorium was brought to silence. While Avery let out a small sigh, her eyes instantly went wide as she remembered what came next. As the school began to shout their motto, the girl's expression instantly shifted to one that was both positive and jovial. Shouting when prompted, the girl cheered the motto at a level of enthusiasm and volume that matched the students that were around her. When all was said and done, the girl leaned back in her chair and looked to the stage, her eyes glancing to the other students in her grade.


Bored. Tired. Disinterested. Chatting. 


The girl leaned further back in her chair, lifting her hand up to her mouth as she let out a yawn. Her eyes were no longer fixated on the stage, instead, her head turning to and fro and looking at the others that were here. She remained like this, until they were finally dismissed from their seats. As they did, the duo went to get their schedules, with Lindsay continuing the conversation. "Man, I'm so glad that it's mandatory we hear about how awesome are school is every year." 


The girl chuckled at her acquaintances joke. "Well, we only have to listen to that for one more year." 


"Yeah, and then like horsemen," she snapped imaginary reigns, "we ride on out of this joint. Speaking of, you never did say anything to me over summer break. So what 'Magical Journeys' did Avery Moreaux get up to?" 


Her pace slowed for a second, though went back to normal not a second later. "Oh, well, you know. Same old, same old." Lindsay raised an eyebrow. The girl's hand twitched before she shrugged, "honest. I didn't do anything special." 


Lindsay shook her head before saying, "really? Man, you are one boring girl Avery." 


She paused. "Uh-um -er, yeah." She murmured. Picking the pace back up, the other not seeming to notice this, she said, "well, the summer's over now. So, what do you have first?" 


Lindsay flashed her schedule at the girl saying. "PE, because running's how I want to start my day off." She shook her head, seemingly disgusted by it. "How about you?"




The girl sighed saying, "well, I guess you got the short end of the stick there. Sad we aren't together again but, them's the breaks. Be catching you Avery." With a wave, Lindsay left the girl to her own devices, going to her first period class.


As Lindsay left her sight, Avery let out a huge sigh of relief, her breath seeming to hasten a bit before she tried to calm herself. Putting her schedule away, once she returned to a normal rate, the girl looked at her hand. Sweat. She wiped it off on her shirt before continuing on.


At least it was raining. 



The day had gone by without much incident. Having been the first day, there was not much in way of material that they learned, nor was there much to talk about. Despite this, the first few pages of Avery's notebook had already been filled out. Leaving the building, there was a large gathering around the auditorium. as it was that clubs were being picked by the students now. Avery hadn't joined any club her past two years of high school. She merely got into school, and got out when she could. However, to everyone else, she did nothing. Most people did something. 


She stood there, looking at the crowd. Most people joined a club. Most people did something at their school after it was over. She did not.


Looking at the building, the girl began to walk towards it, joining the rest of the crowd and looking for a club. 


IT. Computers weren't her thing. 


Chess. Too much involved. 


Automotive. Ew. 


Kendo. No. Swimming. Absolutely not. Drama. Absolutely never. 


Fiction. Avery liked fiction. Video Games. Avery was fond of video games. Many people were. Though, girls probably weren't. 


With that decision made, the girl resolved to merely get in, sign up for the club and get out. Even if she signed up for the club today, Avery didn't want to stay at school for the whole of the day. 

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#7068108 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 12 January 2018 - 03:24 PM



Early Morning

Light Rain


Her umbrella up, the girl merely walked through the streets of New Orleans on her way to school. Her home was not far from the school campus, and so she had always preferred to walk rather than drive or be driven there. The girl looked around as cars drove past and examined what she assumed was a mass of students. It was hard to tell, given what was more a sea of umbrellas that stood over top them, though they were a necessary precaution.
It had been raining since the start of the girl's walk. Not too heavy, as to cause puddles everywhere, and not too light, as to still warrant an umbrella. Avery liked the rain.
Holding her own umbrella up, the girl continued to walk until she had made it to the gates of the school. It was the first day, as it had been twice before. The girl knew where they were supposed to go. She gulped, a slight pause in Avery's step before she began again. 
As she made her way to the auditorium she looked at her watch. Early. By fifteen minutes. Her pace slowed, as her gaze shifted from place to place, looking at the students.
They all seemed to be lagging at their own pace, some either walking slow by themselves or others merely being preoccupied in their own circle of friends, catching up with everything that had happened over the summer. The girl's gaze did not linger on any one person for long, and were she ever to feel like someone else was looking at her, she immediately looked in the opposite direction.
The girl's walk was practically a crawl in speed by the time she had made it to the auditorium. She looked at her watch again. Five minutes left. Picking the pace back up, the girl closed her umbrella as she made her way inside. Walking alongside everyone else, she eventually found a seat in the middle of her class. She was surrounded by people she didn't quite know the names of, but they were familiar all the same. The one to her left, a boy, seemed to be talking with the people around him. The one to her right, a girl who seemed to be preoccupied with something else. 
Pulling her phone out of her pocket, her earbuds already in her ears as the music had been playing, the girl started to fiddle around with it. "Oh, hey there Avery!"
The girl paused. 
Looking towards the voice, the girl on her right, with a small smile on her face the girl said, "oh, hey Lindsay. I haven't seen you since we got out last year."
"Well maybe since someone didn't give me there number," the girl joked at Avery. Avery too chuckled a bit at this, though her gaze shifted back to the head of the auditorium. 
Start. Start. Start.

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#7067938 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Alaina on 12 January 2018 - 12:39 AM



Xia stood there, excited, as Riley had greeted her at the door. Waving to the white fur creature who was resting atop the hat, Riley then seemed to realize that that was where the cat was. She wasn't quite sure why, but the girl gave her the entire hat, along with Snowball, and then got a new one as she left. Giving a wave goodbye to the girl, she said, "bye Riley! Have fun with your thing!" Looking at the hat cat, the girl said, "hi Snowball! Man, we're gonna have so much fun today! Like doing, uh, hm, uhh" The girl thought for a moment. She didn't really know what Snowball thought was fun, and the cat only seemed to meow in response, to her initial burst of excitement. Shaking her head she said, "well, who knows what we're doing! The mystery of it makes it more fun, right? Oh, oh! I know! We'll go outside! I bet you've been cooped up in here all day so let's get you some fresh air!"


Looking at the hat, the girl put it on her own head. Reaching up, the girl grabbed the cat off the hat and, closing the door behind her, she said, "let's go!" As she started walking, cat in hand, she said, "now where do we go first? Oh, we could see Camille! I'm sure they'd be happy to see you. Oh, but they might be busy at work, and it'd be rude to interrupt them during their work you know?" As the girl continued to walk through the halls of the apartment, she saw another familiar face. 


"Aurora! Hi Aurora!" The girl looked like she was about to wave, but as both her hands were occupied with the cat, she just kind of awkwardly shuffled her arms around. Seeing the girl carting something as well, Xia said, "oooh, neat box you got there."

#7067361 Cherry Heart - Guild Hall

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Welcome one and welcome all to the Cherry Heart Guild Hall. Here you will be able to view all things regarding the current state of Cherry Heart, whether it be the guild's current upgrades, active/available quests, etc. So without further ado here they are. 
Quest List

Active Quests

Completed Quests

Guild Rank - E 
Guild Funds - 480 Korona


Current NPCs

General Lore

#7066010 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

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As Jacklyn heard the female voice come from behind her, she didn't turn around to face the person, and said, "yeah. I'm waiting for you and Ivan to get off the boat." As she tapped her foot, she had a sudden look of realization, saying, "wait." Turning around, her expression brightened as she said, "Genneveevee! Glad to see you're as gung ho for the start of our journey as I am! Rad hat too. Now all we gotta do is- " she was cut off as a man who seemed less than thrilled to be here walked up to the duo. "Ivan! You made the perilous journey off the boat too!" She then realized she hadn't introduced the two yet, and said, "right! Genneveevee, this is Ivan, Ivan this is Genneveevee. And together, we're Team- uh, hm. Well, we'll figure that out later." 


After shrugging that off, the girl then looked to the Dockmaster as he seemed to be nostalgic at the sight of her group. Jacklyn smiled proudly as she said, "we're more than fine. We'll be the best group out there. And thanks for the advice Dock Mister." Turning to the other companions of hers she said, "alright, shall we Susan fo-, no wait. That's not - Sally forth! There we go. Let's Sally Forth gang!" She merely pointed in a random direction that lead further into the town, unsure of both where she was actually walking to and just who this Sally person was. 

#7065949 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

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While the strange second man hadn't responded to her question, Xia didn't pay any mind to it at all. Instead, she was caught up in saying, "oh good morning Angela! Look we have a new friend here!" While the girl was happy to see that everyone had gathered around, things didn't last that way for long as Aria also had to leave. As Cyan and the new guys were having a chat, the girl looked down to see her watch buzzing. See the notification about her white furry beast friend, the girl soon seemed to be filled with a sense of urgency. "Oh, sorry but I gotta go now. Have fun you three!" She directed to the three males, figuring they were already best friends. She then looked to Aurora and said, "oh and good luck with your match." As she began to leave she gave a wave to her other friend saying, "bye Angela, have fun today!" 


With that, the girl had bolted out of the room and started making her way through the apartment. In her excitement, the girl had run through the halls several times, missing both the correct floor and room that Riley was in. However, the girl had eventually managed to make her way to the correct one, knocking on the door. Before there was a response, she said aloud, "Riiiiley, it's me! Xia!"

#7065896 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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With the strange encounter having ended, the two gijinka leaving, it seemed there was nothing else in the way of the group going to Mowloo. While they were about to start going, with Keanu saying something about moving forward, Randy had seemed to take issue with her having tried to discipline for him getting super angry with the two. As the incineroar continued to speak about their situation, Marie was definitely not a fan of people who wanted to eat her, and thus wanted to believe that the thing about the cannibals wasn't true. Randy then seemed to get more serious about the matter, which caught the Popplio off guard, though at the end of it all she said, "uh, um, thanks Randy. I don't want anything happening to either of you either, so don't go getting yourselves into big trouble." The girl then huffed saying, "and I am and an adult, even if I'm not biggest or strongest one." 




Nine wasn't at all surprised by the somewhat hyper and scatterbrained nature that Rei seemed to have. What did surprise him, however, was the sudden demand from Noshi. Nine hadn't even seen the lamp for awhile, but the umbreon seemed to not only know about it, but also knew that it was strange. Nine eyed the trio that seemed to be locked in this tussle about what to do with a lamp, and he couldn't help but be curious as to how intense all three of them seemed to be on the issue. Once Lok had been pulled away by Rei, he eyed the duo that remained, Gwen seeming to be definitely suspicious of Noshi and Noshi seeming quite uncomfortable Stepping in he said, "now now, no need to get so worked up. It definitely has an odd feeling to it, and I take it you know why that is?" He looked to the umbreon.


"I don't, why, do you?" Noshi said, suddenly looking evasive.


Definitely suspicious. "No." Nine calmly shook his head. "To be honest, the whole thing confounds me. It's a lamp, so you're supposed to poor oil into it, right? But the thing won't even open." Nine seemed to have a confused expression on his face when he said this. He figured that the nervous Umbreon would eventually say something if he kept prodding him in the correction direction. 


"What's a lamp if it's not a lamp." Noshi said, shaking his head.


Nine raised an eyebrow at this question. it was certainly a curious one, and something that had him try to take on a new line of thought. If it wasn't a lamp, than that meant it wasn't meant to set something on fire or shed light. Which meant it was just a container with a really hard to unseal lid. Nine merely blurted his thoughts aloud, saying, "I guess the closest thing would be a jar."


Noshi was looking increasingly agitated. He was scratching at his face and staring at a point on the ground. "What's a jar for?"


Nine wasn't sure why the boy was starting to get way more nervous, but he felt that it just meant that he was on the right track. With a bit more thought Nine seemed to start to reach a realization in what Noshi was saying as he said, "to store something." After a brief pause he bluntly asked, "do you know what's stored in that lamp?"


Noshi stopped scratching his face and looked up at Nine, looking surprised. "Store something..." Then he quickly looked down and the scratching resumed. "I don't know."


"Well, then do you know how to open it?"


"Only that which brings life can wash away sin." Noshi furrowed his brow and looked over at the lamp. Then back at Nine. "No."


"Uh, what?" Nine was clearly caught off-guard by the sudden, and oddly poetic, answer.


 Noshi looked back at the ground, his ears flattening. "Nothing." He muttered.


Nine raised an eyebrow at the man seeming to retreat away from the conversation, and saw Rei and Lok coming back from their race. He didn't watch it, but given the expressions on their faces, it was pretty clear to tell who had won. "Perfect," Nine clapped his hands together. "Well, Noshi, either you're messing with us or, more likely, you know more than you're letting on. In either case, I'm way more interested in the lamp than I was a few minutes ago. So, unless we all want to work together to open it now, I'd like to hold onto it myself." While Nine was being blunt about the whole thing, it was clear that there was a sense of enthusiasm in his voice towards the first option.