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#7122540 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 10 October 2018 - 08:25 PM



Once back outside of the labyrinthine hotel and back out on their own home plane, Avery seemed to have calmed considerably. Though there was a look of disappointment on her face as they first made their touch down onto concrete once more, the girl's expression soon shifted to become more of a neutral one. As the group began to move their seperate ways for the night, it had appeared that one of them was leaving the group, as they had to move. While Avery knew little about Haruka, there was certainly a feeling of disappointment that went through her yet all the same, she didn't do more than give a small wave goodbye to the girl. With Tyler offering a ride, Avery merely said, "no, I'm fine walking from here." With that, the girl merely made her way away from the rest of the group, calmly walking home. 


Once home, Avery did little more than give a short greeting to her parents and forge food from her cabinets and refrigerator before retiring to her room. Wading through the mess that it was, Avery opened her laptop up and unloaded her backpack of notebooks onto the floor next to her. Opening one up next to her, the girl began to type furiously into the keyboard, logging down all that she had written on the sheet of paper into a document. With great fervor in her fingers and a look of enthusiasm across her face, the girl spent the night copying down and cleaning up the things that she had written down for the day. Once she had finished, the girl let out a laugh in joy of her success, before this was abruptly cut off as  she passed out on her desk, the fatigue of the day's events finally catching up with her. 

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#7122507 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 10 October 2018 - 04:18 PM



As Gwen went to go and embrace Lok, and Nine was now clearly looking at him, it was clear the boy was in some kind of anguish. The cause obviously being Fiona as well, Nine's chipper mood went to becoming one of more on edge, looking to the tent that the boy had emerged from. While the two seemed ready to leave without the Drapion girl, Nine felt far more reluctant to do so for a small variety of reasons. Yet still, if the two got into a fight there was likely little he could do given how emotional she was and furthermore it wasn't as if he could just abandon or trample on the feelings of the two with him. "Alright. Follow along." Knowing that it would do no good, or in fact it would do only harm, to press further on the matter, Nine gestured for them to follow and go to Jirachi's mansion as he began to make his way there. 




Sitting down, Marie listened on as Randy explained why he had been so ready and eager to brawl at when the chance presented itself. Marie didn't really say much in regards to being called a kid, given the dangers they had already fought against. All the same, the girl wasn't too sure she knew what exactly the situation Randy had found himself in was, as she was not the wrestling type of girl, but still sympathized with how he felt. Twiddling her fingers around, the girl seemed ready to say something, but then the mimikyu had introduced themselves as well. Marie wasn't quite sure how to feel about having been tailed from the shadows since they got here, but Nani didn't seem malicious.


And once, Keanu spoke up about them being family, a big smile formed on her face saying, "right. We're all family here now, so don't hide around so much anymore Nani. And Randy, I'm sure that you can take your spot in your sport if you keep working on it." While she seemed happy, her genuine smile turned into more of a smirk as she started wagging her finger at him as she joked, "but, that's only if you pick your fights better. After all, you can't enter for a contest in Alola if you're jailed in another region." 

#7122198 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Alaina on 08 October 2018 - 10:25 PM



Xia seemed to be in rather high spirits this morning. While she was definitely sad that the other dragon was no longer going to be in the arena scene and she never actually got to know the other person, the girl was still overjoyed that they had two new people to meet as well. Xia had nothing but good experiences with new people, so she was thrilled to see who she would be spending time with now. Making her way into the room, she saw the others already gathered and a boy with spiky brown hair, who while introducing himself was interrupted by a pair of flaming exploding skulls. 


Looking a bit in awe, the girl gave a bit of a clap and said, "whoooa. That was cool." As the girl looked down from the explosion, she saw a new girl walk into view as well, introducing herself. With both of their introductions out of the way, Xia seemed to be beaming as she said, "hi new people! My name is Xia and I can't wait to be both of your friends!" With their intros done, she said, "oh oh, since you're new you probably don't know where anything is! Well, I don't either, but it'd be fun to get to know the whole place together then! And Cyan, you should come along with too! After all, all that bar stuff and sports stuff was fun yesterday, so all of us should totally go another fun adventure today!" 

#7122172 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Alaina on 08 October 2018 - 08:26 PM



Jun couldn't help but chuckle yet again with her very amused look on her face as the girl began to talk about lambs and her subjects. She briefly wondered if this was some kind of method acting and this girl was something like a performer like Souji and Rose, but she didn't push any further on them. Instead, as the girl went to take her seat, Jun proudly said, "yeah, Captain. One of the guys dueling today. He's really great at dueling and brewing, and I'm like his right hand man, his go to guy, the almost top dog of the duel team just under him." Jun seemed to speak with pride on this matter, though the substance of these claims were definitely dubious and was more a result of Jun going along with the over exaggerated way of speaking her new friend had. 


Sitting down with the rest of her friends, she seemed ready to say more before her attention was taken by the roar of the crowd. With a look of excitement on her face, she looked to her friends saying, "look guys, it's getting ready to start!" Looking to her fellow Juniors, Jun asked, "are you guys ready for this? It's gonna be all, ba bam! and kapow! And boing-oing! It's gonna be great!" While her enthusiasm wasn't necessarily mirrored in her fellow classmates, Jun was definitely feeling a strange sense of nostalgia as these two hadn't dueled in a serious setting since her, and likewise their, freshmen year. 

#7122131 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 08 October 2018 - 01:54 PM



"Huh?" Was all that came from Jacklyn as the girl had refused the offer to battle once again. Her expression seemed to become more annoyed at the girl's counter enthusiasm to Jacklyn's own, yet still she was not about to back down. In spite of her enthusiasm, or rather the cause behind it, Jacklyn had never actually partaken in a triple battle. Despite their popularity in her home region, the girl had only ever been relegated to watching them from the comforts of her home or random trainers on the street or hearing about them from her sister. With such the opportunity being presented to her, the girl couldn't help but want to try it out. That and she was feeling a bit restless this morning. 


Looking at the girl, seeming to examine the girl. It didn't take long for the girl to realize that she was much taller than this girl, which meant she was probably older too. Jacklyn knew she wasn't that old either, so it must've meant that she was speaking with a little kid. A thought forming in her head, the girl let go saying, "fine." Beginning to walk away, she looked to her partner saying, "Ivan! I need to go take care of something real quick. Make...small talk with her?" Though she sounded unsure, she simply nodded to herself giving a short wave saying, "be back in a sec." With that, Jacklyn ran off. 


After some time had passed, Jacklyn came running back to the group. While the sweat on her brow and heavy breathing was indication enough that she had been moving as fast as she could, the girl had hardly seemed winded and had a much more positive expression on her face then when she had left. Bringing up a few small bags of what appeared to be candy, and after catching her breath a  bit she said, "hey Ivan, here. I figured that after our triple battle we could enjoy some nice Gummy Bewears." Giving him one of the bags of candy her voice then shifted to very overly dramatic as she said, "oh but look at this. I have one bag too many! After all, there's only us two doing the battle against him. If only there was someone else I could give this to...someone who would also battle." Her terrible acting was only made more clear by her continually and obviously looking back to and away from the new girl. 

#7122129 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 08 October 2018 - 01:42 PM



While Tsetseg's prowling had revealed that their food was indeed not what was watching them, or at least not to the best of what she could tell, her attention was soon turned to Licorice who had begun talking about all that had happened in the forest recently. The girl frowned a bit, remembering both what they had to do and go through in just a day prior, and also on her failings as a member of the patrol. All the same, once she had finished her speech and her white haired friend had made her statement, Tsetseg nodded saying, "yeah, yeah. As a member of the patrol, I'll be sure to stop all the dark things from happening." Nodding again, the girl seemed fine with this resolution of hers. 


It was then that the Pontic boy talked about sharing the story of how the world was created. Tsetseg seemed very curious of this, as she was very aware of how Locris was created but not the world at large. As her white haired friend mentioned trees, she went wide eyed and said, "whoa? So we're like all plants then?" Very surprised and awed by this, the girl  mumbled, "I wonder if I can grow up to be a mighty oak." 




Alois hadn't paid much mind to what it was that Licorice said, as it wasn't as if it had changed anything from what they already knew. All the same, he raised an eyebrow as Eddy mentioned a creation story, almost certain that it was going to have something to do with how great Inera was an all that. Before he could say anything, though, he noticed the flower knight leaving and electing to go watch outside, gesturing to the graveyard of all things, away from everyone else. As he watched him move out, the boy then looked over to Penelope, who seemed to be having a fine time herself. Looking between the two, he then sighed to himself and said, "you know, I could use some fresh air too." Standing up, the boy walked over to the larger man and said, "so how's about I join you?"

#7121416 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 03 October 2018 - 03:22 PM

Standing there, not saying anything and a bit blankly as Tyler had stormed off down the hall, Avery merely went with the flow and nodded as Paul mentioned getting the blue key. Following slowly behind, the group began their trek through the hallway and while Paul had gone straight Avery’s attention was caught by a branch in it. Without saying anything, the girl slipped away from the main group and began walking to see what was down there. 
“Oy, oy, y’all like separating from the group without tellin’ nobody,” Grendel muttered as he followed Avery. “The lot of ya are gonna need bells or somethin’,” he began to sniff the air, seeing if he could notice something.
A tall, cylindrical device stood before Avery.  It was made up of two large, rounded frames of heavy glass, and a cold steel.  It’s base was wide, sprouting four metal legs.  Whatever this object was, it could fit at least four people inside at a time.  It crackled with electricity, and an electronic panel inside of the device was clearly meant to operate it.  And here, just isolated in a dark corner of the floor, the device sat alone.
Avery looked and examined the strange machine up and down.Tapping on the strange device, a curious expression on her face as she did so, she wondered what the function of the device could have been. “Elevator? Teleporter? Cloning Machine - no, probably not that.” The girl tapped her chin for a bit before figuring out that she had no idea what to make of this. 
“Ya watch a lot of sci-fi, doncha?” Grendel commented. “Just because yer in a strange world that defies yer comprehension, it don’t mean everythin’ is something fancy, ya know?” He looked over the device and shrugged. “I nevah figured out what was innt,”
"Is that so? Unfortunate." Avery mumbled to herself before continuing on. Once the two had finished looking at the device, they began to move down the hall proper to continue their search for the blue key. 
They came across a large room that was mostly empty.  The exclusion to this was a number of the adventurer’s portraits hanging on the southernmost wall.  Avery, Tyler, and Haruka’s portraits had all changed to now include their newly summoned Personas.  Other than that, the room was empty.
Still curious and eager to explore, Avery gleefully walked over to her portrait, seeing the bird persona now behind her. “How curious! I wonder where they got these portraits from and why they hang them all over the place...I wonder…” The girl removed the portrait from the wall, examining it only to see that it was indeed just an average picture. Though, she had the eerie sense that the persona in the image was tracking her with its eyes. “Oh, well...Unless…” Focusing a bit, the girl called her persona out, the bird now appearing behind her. The two stared at the image, and the image stared as it always had. Looking to Vedfolnir, the bird looked to her and smiled, though Avery merely let out a disappointed sigh. “I suppose it’s just ominous decour.” With that, she placed the portrait back on the wall. 
Paul was curious about his own portrait.  It hadn’t changed at all but he approached it all the same.  “These things creep me out,” he said softly aloud.  Paul moved away from the portrait and proceeded forward.
“Oy, why da hell do you all get fancy pictures?” Grendel muttered as he looked over the wall. “They took pictures of you wankers but not of the mighty Grendel? What the bloody fuck is wrong with da cameraman? If I evah find the wanker takin’ ‘ese, I’ll strangle ‘em with me bare hands and then I’ll---,” He went off into a long rant, going on and on about how he’d kill the person and feed them to the Reaper among other things.
Winding a long hall, Avery, Paul, Haruka, Grendel, and Tyler, came across a wide room with mirrors and a strangely placed sofa.  There were four mirrors, one on the south, east, west, and north walls respectively.  The sofa, which sat idly in the middle of the room, was missing a cushion.  “Weird place for a nap,” Paul commented.  He couldn’t help but wonder what this room was for.  The mirrors especially made Paul curious.
Still feeling Haruka’s weight on his back, Paul shifted slightly.  She quietly pointed out an indicated “safe room” on the map, to which Paul gladly obliged.
Inside, a Shadow Nurse waited for Paul and Haruka.  It was the same nurse as before.  “Greetings Masters,” she said politely.  The safe room was once again lined with with beds, amenities, and food.
“Er, hi… again,” Paul said nonchalantly.  “She’s injured,” Paul said, thumbing to Haruka on his back.  “I’m going to leave her here to rest for now.”  Paul gently sat Haruka down on a bed.  “Hope you get your strength back soon,” he commented.  “I’m gonna help out Avery and come back for you when I’m able.”
Paul left the safe room abruptly to return to Avery, Grendel, and Tyler.
Avery had, meanwhile, been searching the room. Her eyes locking onto the couch instantly, the girl had walked over to it and began examining it thoroughly. Deciding to go and pick up the two cushions, the girl examined to see if anything had happened once the couch was bare, though, there didn’t appear to be any apparent change in the room. Tapping her chin, the girl decided to go and put the cushions back on, though before she had, she noticed there were two pressure plates that had been previously obscured by the cushions. Furthermore, there was also one in the seat that was missing a cushion. 
The girl thought about what would be needed to activate them, mumbling to herself, “maybe if I sat on it it’d be enough weight to trigger the plates but there’s a chance that the cushions aren’t heavy enough to press down them on by themselves which means I’d probably have to lay down across all three or maybe get two other people to sit beside me and -” The girl cut herself off, thinking about how both of these solutions would look and froze for a bit. Shaking a bit as her nerves were beginning to surface, the girl decided it was probably best to look for something else to weigh it down first.
Paul emerged again and noticed the odd expression on Avery’s face.  “What’d you find?” he asked.  He approached the sofa and examined it.
Letting out a small “eep” as her concentration was broken, the girl looked over to the source of the voice. Seeing that it was merely Paul, the girl cleared her throat a bit before saying, “um- yes, well - the couch. Er, the couch needs weights - things to weigh it down where the cushions are...yeah.” 
“Betcha five bucks a cat stole ‘em to sleep on,” Grendel commented. 
“Hmm.”  Paul looked around.  He didn’t see any weights.  “Maybe we should check another room nearby?”
“Y-Yes.” The girl’s voice cracked briefly before she cleared her throat again saying, “that would probably be good.” While her body’s posture was still stiff, the girl’s voice seemed to be mostly calmed as she pointed over to the south of the room saying, “there’s another room over there, so, how about that?”
Paul stretched as he approached the southeastern door.  He stooped down a bit and peered through the peephole into the other side.  “Another shadow.  And a few more mirrors too,” he commented.  Ready to rock?” he asked.
“Oy, maybe you should wait fer the others. Ya know, for meat shield purposes, and wakin’ their personas to be put on dat wall of wankers!” Grendel called out.
Avery seemed to find the idea amusing, letting out a small chuckle, which was then replaced with a rather  serious expression as if the idea of it had gotten her going into serious deep thought. All the same, she nodded to Paul, and contrary to Grendel's advice the girl let her anticipation give way as she opened the door. 
Paul entered Room 5 with Avery beside him.  The shadow in the room stared them down immediately, already alert to their presence.  Paul stood at the ready, and he could hear the shadow mumbling something beneath its breath.  However, the shadow turned its back to Paul and Avery, then vanished from sight.
Paul let out a sigh of relief.  “That was odd.”
Avery had taken a notebook out at the sight, jotting something down, before saying, “they come in all kinds even before fighting…” Curiously musing to herself, she didn’t say much more before putting her notebook back into her bag and moving to the east side of the room. Given the map they had, the key was likely to be at the end of the adjacent hall, yet there was a snag in their route. Or, more specifically, a handless door that barred their path. Looking at the door, Avery commented aloud, “it’s blocked.” 
“Dammit,” Paul swore.  He started walking back toward the previous room.  He stood in the doorway between Room 5 and Room 14.  The mirrors were in the same locations in both rooms.  “Hey.  What do you think about these mirrors?  They strike you as odd?”
“Broken mirrors always strike me as odd,” the girl stated matter of factly. She seemed to then block out the fact that there were others near her as she merely looked at each mirror. Walking over to the south mirror of the Room labeled as “14,” trying to see if she could move it. As it was fixed to the wall, she instead moved to the wall in the other room. While the mirror was certainly broken, it didn’t look too much different from its counterpart. While she was observing it, though, her ears perked up at the faint sound of whispering wind coming from behind it. 
Curious, the girl grabbed onto the mirror and, unlike its counterpart, it was not fixed. Removing it, the girl saw a vent...with a sofa cushion in front of it. Seemingly taken off guard by this, the girl raised an eyebrow, before merely stating, “curious.” Grabbing the cushion, Avery nearly dropped it as it seemed far heavier than the other two in the previous room. Unzipping the pillow, the girl’s eyes perked up as she pulled out three heavy metal plates inside of it. Staring at them, confused for a second the girl then was struck by epiphany as she shouted, “I’ve got it!” 
Moving back to the other room, the girl removed the cushions from the sofa once more, before placing each plate onto each seat. As she did so, she heard a loud “thunk” noise coming from the other room. With a smile on her face Avery simply jotted down something in one of her notebooks before excitedly running from the couch to the metal door that had barred her path earlier. After a few moments passed, Avery made her way back into the room everyone was in, a smile on her face as she said, “I’ve solved the mystery,” a blue key now in hand. 
Paul applauded earnestly.  “Nice job.  That was good work,” he said to Avery.  “Then according to the map,” Paul said, glancing at his phone now.  “We’re almost out of here.”
As she had received the praise, the girl seemed to be trembling a bit, as her smile remained, simply saying, “yes! We almost are!” Checking the map hastily, only looking for a blue “X”, the girl then said, “s-so let’s go!” Her voice seemed to carry the tremble as well as she began to practically bolt out of the room and to the south west of the floor. 
Paul followed with haste.  “Where to?” Paul asked as they arrived at the split that led back to Room 1.
“Oh well, um, how about this one- this way.” Avery pointed to a room on the map, though, wasn’t actually close enough to Paul for him to see and rather than wait just started walking in the direction of the room marked “20.”
Paul followed Avery closely, keeping right on her tracks.  Almost immediately upon arriving at Room 20, they stumbled into another shadow.  “More of them.  They’re just fuckin’ everywhere.”  Paul readied himself.  “Let’s ambush this one.”
Avery looked towards Paul and merely nodded, waiting for Paul to take the lead on this one. 
Paul snuck ahead and creeped behind the shadow.  He drew forth his bladed staff and broke into a sprint.  He kicked in the back leg of the shadow and brought it to a knee, then pierced the enemy’s back with his blade before kicking it forward to the ground.
The shadow splattered into a black ichor before revealing its true form: a knighted horseman shadow who was known as Eligor.
The shadow was winded, having been taken by surprise.  “Sneaky bastard!” it barked.
“Should’ve been watching your back,” Paul said as he concentrated.  Shango appeared in a cloud of thunder above Paul’s head.  “Kouha!” he demanded of Shango.  The god spun its hammer wildly before bringing down an afterimage to the ground.  Then, a bright pillar of light erupted at Eligor’s horse’s feet, striking a non-lethal blow.  That was the best Paul could have hoped for, for now.  His stamina was exhausted, and it was Avery’s turn.
“Vedfolnir!” As she called out her Persona’s name, it appeared behind her, flapping its wings. With one more mighty flap, it let loose a blast of wind that struck the horseman, knocking it down onto the ground. “Once more!” The bird flew overhead of the knight and fired yet another blast, destroying the shadow as it connected with them. With a giddy smile on her face she said, “good job Vedfolnir!” The bird let out a caw before vanishing away again. 
Paul smirked.  “Nice.  That wasn’t too hard.”  Paul stood beside a blue door, knowing Avery had the key.  “After you,” he joked.
“Right.” The girl sped forward towards the blue door, and with her newfound key managed to open it. After opening it, there was only a hallway to be seen, and peering down it, the girl started to walk through it. Eventually, she made her way to a dead end with nothing but a chest in it. “Oh…” The girl looked at the map again, and she felt a weight on her chest as she realized that she had gone in the exact opposite direction of the exit. Staring blankly forward for a second she weakly said, “I made a mistake.”
After blinking a few more times, the girl went ahead to the chest before her to try and focus on anything except her mistake. Opening it up, she found what appeared to be a pair of armored plated women’s pants and a very large jacket. She stared at it, confused for a moment beginning to mumble, “now why would anyone leave a pair of clothes just lying around like this, does someone live here? Are these someone’s clothes? The shadows live here so many it’s their clothes, but they don’t all wear clothing anyway and beyond that why go to the trouble of putting it in this container unless someone put it in here to simply be found in which case maybe someone wanted us to have new clothing, though that seems a bit presumptuous to force their choice of style on us but then whose style would it be…” The girl continued to rattle off to herself as she examined the clothing and stuffed them into her bag. 
Paul scratched his head.  She was right that finding clothes in an… otherworldly plane of existence was strange.  But these clothes specifically were made to fit humans.  How did they get here?
“Don’t work yourself up over it,” Paul said, examining the jacket from afar.  “Maybe we’ll find a use for it all.  For now, let’s make our way back to the exit,” Paul said, heading back to Room 20.
“R-right.” Avery agreed as the group began to head towards the correct direction of the exit. Making their way out of the room, they began walking backtracking through a few rooms and hallways, until they had finally made their way back to the white door at the northern end of Room 2. Using the white key, the girl went to open it, seeing there was another shadow inside. Seeing it was distracted, Avery looked back and asked, “ambush this one?” 
Paul nodded.  “Let’s.”
Nodding, Avery moved forward first this time. Moving forward, the girl was able to move silently and swiftly, managing to sneak up on the shadow. However, after about closing half the distance, the girl had the front of her foot hit the ground at an awkward angle, causing her to lose balance and  effectively trip on nothing. Letting out an “aaaah” as she fell, the girl landed on her face, alerting the shadow to their presence. 
The shadow snapped around, annoyed.  It snarled at Avery and Paul.  “You thought you could sneak up on me?” It asked as it stepped forward out of the darkness.  The shadow was a towering bodybuilder with beach shorts and a striped towel and sandals.  “How dumb are you!?” it asked as it dissolved into a mess of ichor.  
It revealed itself to be Jack Frost.  “Gonna put you down, ho-ho!” it said with a rather sinister giggle.
Paul was suddenly caught off guard as Jack Frost set its sights on him, and cast a series of ice shards in his direction.  Paul blocked the attack as best he could, but it was a critical strike and took Paul down to the ground.  With Paul down, Jack Frost then targeted Avery.  
“You die now, ho-ho!” Jack Frost quipped.  It fired more ice crystals in Avery’s direction, but failed to take her down all the way.  “... ho-ho?”
It was Avery’s turn now. Trembling both from the cold of the ice and the embarrassment she had just suffered, Avery was red in the face as she kept looking at the ground. Grinding her teeth a bit, the girl look back to the Jack Frost merely screaming, “Garu! Garu! Garu!” In response to her command, the bird Persona appeared and let loose a gust of wind that knocked the Jack Frost off of its feet. Letting out a string of caws that sounded like a mock laugh at the shadow, Vedfolnir sent out one last blast of wind towards the downed Jack Frost, striking the shadow and turning it into its dark remains, felling it. 
Not daring to look at anyone else’s face, the girl began to make her way down the hall to the locked door leading to Room 4.
Paul, Avery, and Grendel arrived just outside of a blue door that led to Room 4.  Thanks to Avery's key, the door was unlocked.  Behind this door, two more shadows patrolled the floor.  
“Right.  Let’s get after tha yellow one, then,” Grendel commented.  
Grendel slinked into the darkness and drew upon the yellow shadow.  Without warning, he sprang upward and sank his jaws into the shadow’s neck and brought it down.  With a violent tear, Grendel wrenched a chunk of the shadow’s flesh from its body, forcing it to reveal its true form.  
The knighted Eligor and the horned Incubus were the trio’s foes once more.  
Thanks to Grendel’s quick, sneaky work, he was able to strike first in the battle.  “Y-you-- you bastard!” Incubus snarled.
“Beowulf!  Cleave!” Grendel howled.  The Persona struck quickly, slashing its weapon across the horned demon, Incubus.  A critical strike was dealt, and Incubus fell with ease.  “Again, Beowulf!”
The Persona followed suit and easily finished off Incubus, causing it to burst into a wisp of smoke and ember.
“Go for it, kid!” Grendel said to Paul.
“Kouha,” Paul demanded of Shango.  The storm god appeared in a crash of thunder and slammed its staff to the ground.  A pillar of light erupted beneath Eligor, blinding the shadow and taking it to a knee.  “Kouha!” he said again.  Another sparkling ray of light washed over Eligor and it cried out in agony.
“Avery,” Paul said quickly.
“Right!” The girl shouted out as she quickly made her way over to the downed Shadow. With one swift kick, the girl smashed her foot into the shadow knocking it away and causing it to explode into shadows. Still bouncing on her feet, the eventually settled down before looking to see another of the shadows still patrolling. “We should-,” the girl stopped herself and merely pointed to the door, to indicate moving to the next room. Walking over to the door, the girl pulled out her key and unlocked the door, moving into the next hall. 
While there was a bit of twists and turns, the path was still free of danger, and as the group made their way over to a staircase. With a sudden refreshing feeling washing over her, Avery looked to the others and said, “I uh, I think we made it.” 
As the girl made her comment, she noticed something that caught her eye. Down the hall from where they were standing was a chest far more unique and brilliant looking than any of the ones they had come across previously. Making her way over to it, the girl seemed to start examining it, looking all around the daunting box and feeling a bit intimidated to even try opening it. Yet, all the same, her curiosity overwhelmed her and she went to attempt to check the contents of it. 
Paul had followed behind Avery as she went for the chest.  “Good luck,” he said softly as she prepared to open it.
After a bit of messing around with it, Avery managed to pry off the lid to it, with her eyes immediately going wide with shock as she saw the contents inside. Nervously shaking as she reached for the inside, the girl pulled out two small, yet perfectly cut diamonds, shaking with excitement and disbelief as she turned to face the others and present what she had found. 
“Are--are those diamonds?  Like… real diamonds?” Paul stammered.
“Y’never seen diamonds before, boy?” Grendel huffed.  “I’ve laid eyes on treasure bigger n’ that lot.  Maybe it’ll do you some good, but, ya could do better.”
Paul sneered at Grendel.  “Yeah, thanks.  Diamonds are worth a lot in our world,” Paul commented.  “Hope you can find someone who’d be willing to buy those,” Paul said.  “... without asking where you got them from,” he added rather softly this time.
Avery, still in shock, stiffly nodded at Paul’s comment, still looking at the diamonds in her hands. Eventually, she managed to put them away and pocket them, looking back to the others. Clearing her throat she then said, “well, um, ahem - should we uh...look for a way out now?”
“Yeah,” Paul agreed.  “Let’s get the hell outta here.”

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#7121415 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 03 October 2018 - 03:07 PM



As the duo made their way into the pokemon center, they both rested their pokemon and ended up resting themselves as it was starting to get late at night. Jacklyn didn't seem to have any qualms with resting when they did, and didn't speak much, if at all, for the rest of the night. This seemed to persist in the early morning as well, however, once the duo left the pokemon center, Jacklyn seemed to pause for a moment, merely taking in a few breaths and stretching herself out. After she finished stretching she suddenly shouted, "aaaaahhhhhh!" With an even more sudden motion, Jacklyn struck her face with both of her palms with an audible noise to it. Looking to Ivan, two hand prints on either of her cheeks, the girl seemed to have a smile on her face as she said, "today's a new day, so now that we're all rested let's get to adventuring! Come on Ivan!"


Walking forward, the girl began to make her way to the docks of Islesbury in order to keep their adventure going. Though she didn't know much about the city, she figured if she just walked towards the sea that they'd eventually find their way there and so she continued on her way. However, they were eventually stopped by a young who seemed insistent on the two of them battling him in a triple battle. When he had mentioned that there was only two of them, there was a brief quiver in Jacklyn's expression, however as he pointed out someone else, the girl seemed to immediately go back to her enthusiastic disposition. 


While the new girl seemed to be rather resistant to the idea of getting into a battle, Jacklyn ran over to the stranger, grabbing onto and shaking her saying, "come ooooon, triple battles are super cool and fun and stuff!" Looking back over to her partner she said, "right Ivan?"

#7121246 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 02 October 2018 - 02:57 PM



While the two had began walking down the stairs, the young boy kept a small amount of distance between the two of them, though as she spoke up he immediately tensed up and paused where he was standing. While at first on guard, seeing if she was going to play any more tricks on him, though soon relaxed as she finished what she was saying. Raising an eyebrow at the girl, he simply said, "did you two get into a fight or something?" 


"No, not a fight. He's just...you didn't notice? How he...was?"
"Yeah...he did seem a bit mopier then usual. But well, I dunno. I figured if anyone would know it'd be you."
"Yeah, that's true, it would be me, wouldn't it?" The girl's tone became more dismissive and it seemed like the conversation had come to an end. 
As the girl continued to move forward, Alois couldn't help but be more confused at the situation, mumbling to himself, "I feel like I did something wrong...What is up with today?" All the same, he eventually made his way down the stairs and joined the rest of the group. It wasn't long after they came back downstairs that the others returned and dinner was beginning to be started. 
As the older white haired princess had congratulated them on their hunt, Tsetseg smiled proudly, saying, "thanks! It was no problem at all!" It was then that her white haired friend approached them, and  began to rattle off about things that the girl had no idea about, but tried to take as many mental notes as she could on all the things about the animals, wondering if it would be useful for future hunting. As she congratulated her hunting companion as well, and Tsetseg nodded saying, "yeah, she was a great hunting buddy to have around, and it was awesome hunting with a fox!"
Soon, the group had gathered around and started eating their dinner. Tsetseg seemed incredibly thrilled to be eating what she had caught herself, though, soon stopped. As she felt as though she were being watched, the girl couldn't help but suddenly feel on edge. Looking around, she couldn't seem to find anything that would cause this sensation, and so she began to walk around, as if searching for something. Though, when this didn't yield results, she then looked to the food in her hand, seeming to examine it as if it were the culprit and from there was hesitant to continue eating. 
Meanwhile, Alois didn't understand the sudden feeling either, however he seemed much less bothered by it then others might have. It was again, a creepy old abandoned building and he would've almost been disappointed if something off didn't happen during their stay. In the midst of his eating, he merely said to himself, "maybe we'll end up in the future this time." 

#7119486 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Alaina on 20 September 2018 - 11:56 PM



Rolling her eyes at Souji the girl merely said, "right right right. Not just green. All I'm saying is your deck is full of rainbows so spruce yourself up one of these days." As Yusuji then went on to assure 'Lissa about getting the painting for free, Jun merely gave a thumbs up to her underclassmen saying, "it's true. Heck I've got one of her paintings hanging up in my room, and it didn't cost me a thing!" Jun seemed to be both trying to assure Melissa and seemed oddly proud about this fact at the same time.


All the same, the girl eventually went back to watching Yusuji move about the canvas and gave a bit of commentary about the painting and once it was finished, Jun gave a small clap to the artist saying, "nice job 'Suji! Great work as always." After echoing her prior statement, the girl looked down at her phone and said, "oh, look guys." Showing her phone, which just displayed the time on her sea-themed lock screen the girl said, "the duel between Captain and 'Beth is starting soon. And if it's going to be half as good as its been hyped up I'm sure it'll be a great watch. So, how's about we get going there guys?" 

#7119482 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 20 September 2018 - 11:27 PM



While Marie was thinking to herself, she smiled as the others of her group took note of her growth looking to Keanu saying, "you betcha! So now it'd do you better to listen to me more than before." The girl's attention was then brought to the legend as they gave them a grave and cryptic final warning before vanishing from where they were. While the idea of a battle that all would participate in was a bit beyond her scope of imagining, the peril that was coming wasn't entirely lost on her. From Alola to Northshore to here. Everything seemed so dangerous and perilous in the world right now, and Marie could tell from Yveltal's words that if they stayed in Adarid things would only get more dangerous for them. But if they left then they'd be spared, which meant that it was probably just an issue with this region. And if that were the case then....


Marie's thoughts were broken as Randy spoke up. While she looked towards him, the girl quickly looked away as she felt a somewhat sickening feeling seeing the body in the man's hands. All the same, she looked towards the Noctowl and nodded. "Yeah, we - Blake was...stopped. And the Queen doesn't seem to want to hurt us anymore. So, we can stop this fight, right?" As Randy spoke up once more the girl merely nodded and said, "yeah...that'll be good. I think...I need to say something too." Marie seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, and was so overwhelmed by what was going on that the fact that there was a Mimikyu amidst them didn't really register with her. 




As Nine began his ascent up the stairs, he was very internally thankful that they were solid and allowed him to travel upward. With his ghostly companion moving up with him, the two ascended the staircase further and further into the starry sky above them. As they did, Nine's attention was brought to the side of the stairs and towards the open air as whispers started to form. No matter where he had looked, the voices didn't seem to belong to anything in particular and they only grew in number and volume the further they climbed. The wants, desires and simple wishes of the people were all made apparent to the Houndoom and the further he went the louder and more plentiful they became. Soon, Nine was having trouble hearing his own thoughts amidst these wishes, and as it was starting to become overwhelming, he blinked and they were gone. 
There he stood in the middle of a vasts expansive field, breathless at the serene and graceful sight of the legend before them. As Jirachi made their way over to the duo, seeming to be keyed into why they were there, Nine looked to her with both awe yet a solemn expression across his face. "Yeah. It's about a wish I need to make."
"You came all this way for a wish?" Jirachi said. While her voice was inquisitive she didn't sound surprised. "You must have heard them. I hear all wishes, no matter where they come from."
With a bit of a more weak smile on his face Nine joked, "I thought an in person request would help my chances."
"Well, you certainly have come a long way to make this wish." Jirachi said.
Next to Nine, Gwen seemed to snap out of her thoughts and hissed at him. "Nine, you can't just demand someone you just met to give you something."
He gave a small chuckle at what Gwen said, saying, "yeah, I know." Looking back to Jirachi, he said, "sorry for being so demanding right out the gate, I would've love to have met you under different circumstances. But I'll start from the top. I'm Nine, and this lady here is Gwen." With a small bow he added, "it's a pleasure to meet you Jirachi."
The legend inclined her head slightly, an amused smirk on her face. "It's good you have someone to keep you in line." She remarked. "But very well." She stood a bit taller and the grass grew still. "What is it that you desire?"
Standing back up straight Nine bluntly said, "I want you to help me save the life of the sheriff of Juyu and Meloetta."
Every ounce of mischievousness in Jirachi's eyes faded away suddenly. "What did you say?"
Nine stared back at the legend. "My wish is to save the sheriff of Juyu and Meloetta."
"And...what happened to them?" Jirachi asks, her voice flat.
"I am unsure of the specifics, but someone came in and destroyed the town of Juyu. I imagine that person also put the two of them into their current critical condition."
Jirachi's gaze went past the two of them. "The world turns, the world burns, and life passes by." She muttered. "I have not left this place in many, many, years. I had never thought that such a thing would happen. When did everything go wrong..."
Nine's stood silent for a moment, trying to figure out what to say only to finally say, "I don't know. I've been trying to figure something like that out myself."
"Do you know why I remain here?" Jirachi asked Nine suddenly.
While normally Nine would have a  quip to say here he merely held himself back. "No. Not really."
"In the beginning people understood better. Wishes weren't something I could make happen on my own. I could guide wishes, use desire, and make changes to fate in order to guide a wish to reality. But that wisdom was lost to time and the demands came in constantly." She didn't look at the pair. "I grew maddened. I lashed out. People were hurt. So I came to a toxic swamp to hide. Here. But I still felt them, heard them, the people's wishes. I started to notice some wishes burned brighter than others. Many of those were people hoping for a place they can be safe and happy. And so I used that to create the city you were just in."
With a smile on his face Nine said, "well, you made quite the resort."
"I made...an escape." She corrected. "It's what I felt people needed. And yet, even still, it isn't enough."
"Well, problems have a way of catching up with people. Escaping can help but, it's not a permanent thing."
"Clearly." She hesitated. "To do what you wish of me I would have to leave this place." She said.
Nine paused for a moment before saying, "I get if you don't want to. It's a dangerous place out there now, especially for legends. And I apologize for dropping all this on you. But...maybe there's something for you to see out there first. The city that you made, the escape...it's well and truly these people's homes now. They're not praying for legends or wishes to rebuild it right now. Despite the fancy lifestyle this place has, all of them are working together, with their own power, to restore it. So, maybe the wisdom that was lost in time isn't so lost anymore."
"I see." Jirachi cast a sidelong glance at the two. "It's hard to hear over all the voices but perhaps the world is telling me it is...time to move on."
With a resolute smile on his face, Nine extended out his hand towards Jirachi. "So, will you help guide me to make my wish come true?"
"You remind me of someone I knew a long time ago." Jirachi said, gently grasping his hand. Her grip was stronger than her visage might imply but she didn't put much force in the grasp. "Very well, I suppose I shall go. Do you wish to leave now or is there something else you need first?"
"Well, we're traveling with two others," he looked to Gwen saying, "so, we should probably get them before we leave Northshore."
"Bring them here to me and then...we shall go."
Nodding to the legend, Nine then looked to Gwen and gestured for her to follow, going down the stairs to go and find Lok and Fiona.

#7118836 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 16 September 2018 - 03:38 AM



While both she and Keanu had managed to land one last attack, the legend still didn't seem to be knocked down. The concern in Marie's face was growing, as was the fatigue that was permeating throughout her entire body. Were the fight against Yveltal to continue, there was no way either her or Keanu had enough to actually defeat them. Thankfully, they didn't need to do anything about that, as the legend had finally yielded, telling them that the fight was over. As Marie was still on edge, she still looked ready to avoid whatever it was that Yveltal was going to throw next but with a few more moments passing the realization of what had happened hit her. Her more combative expression turned one of surprise, then relief, and then joy. She had managed to stand up for her friends against something as terrifying as a legend. She managed to not let herself be beaten by what she found to be one of the biggest bullies ever. And just like Moltres had, she had managed to give everything she had and then some. To say Marie was positively glowing right now was not an exaggeration. Nor was it an expression. It was a fact. 


The young Popplio's bruise and battered form seemed to be covered in a glowing white aura, and eventually that aura had started to grow brighter and brighter. Marie seemed confused by this, but also felt a surge of power start to run through her body, though none would be able to see this expression as the white light became entirely opaque and the girls form started to become amorphous. Shifting a bit, as if going through a sudden growth spurt, the girl grew and her white silhouette slightly changed in shape only for the aura to finally explode off of her. Where the once Popplio stood, now stood a Brionne


Confusion breaking way to excitement, the girl started jumping up and down saying, "guys guys, look. Look!" She looked over to the now recovering friends, before saying, "I did it, I evolved! See, I am an adult!" With a slightly proud, smug and joyous expression on her face, the girl somewhat gloated to her friends. Though she seemed more healthy then a moment before, she was still exhausted from the fight and thus her jumping up and down was broken into a small stumble with the girl barely managing to stay on her feet. Her excitement too was dashed as the other part of Yveltal's statement sunk in. Though she knew what had happened, the girl didn't dare to look at the body for fear of how she would react. 




As he and Gwen were about to go on with their investigation, he couldn't but chuckle at her referring to Fiona and Lok as children. All the same he said, "we can let the kids stay home. I'm sure they're off having fun by themselves right now anyway. Besides, haven't done any exploring for just the two of us before right? So could be more fun."


"Are you suggesting exploring an abandoned mansion is a date?" Gwen asked with a teasing look.


With a playful bow Nine responded, "if the madam will have me."


"Sad to say I'm not the dating type. But I'll at least accompany you for now." She responded, floating past and heading towards the mansion. "Sorry if that's Tentacruel of me." She called out over her shoulder.


Leaning back with his hand over his chest, though still smiling, he said, "you wound me, my fair lady. But, I shall enjoy your company all the same." With that, Nine began following Gwen to the mansion.


The mansion sat atop of large hill. A fence with a gate surrounded said hill. Though it seemed no one was at the gate. The mansion itself was, for a mansion, unremarkable, and only several floors tall. What few windows there were were boarded up and the paint-job was fading. Though it still seemed to be in a state of decent repair. Given it's somewhat bland yet abandoned look, Nine couldn't help but say, "I can see why the kids aren't allowed near here." Turning towards the Mismagius he asked "shall we?" before making his way over to the gate.
Gwen hesitated, then followed Nine over. The duo had made their way over the gate, that was both locked and chained, though neither seemed particularly strong. Not wanting to cause any damage, though, Nine saw that the gate itself wasn't all that high. With a smile on his face, Nine merely said, "haven't done this in awhile." 
After climbing over the gate, landing on the other side, he looked to his ghostly companion. She put a hand on the gate but hesitated briefly. Looking over at Nine she says, with a blush, "Turn around please."
Nine couldn't help but stifle a laugh before covering his eyes and turning. "Just say when."
All Nine could hear was some sounds of struggle as the girl slowly and clumsily made her way over the gate. Then a brief yelp as she fell off the other side. Thankfully, due to her Levitation, she simply stopped before hitting the ground. Pulling herself up she mutters a soft "when."


Opening his eyes Nine still had a smile across his face as he joked, "it gets easier with time." With that, he began to walk towards the mansion's door.
The door was wooden, with various carvings off odd creatures. A large, goat-like, being on top of a cloud while various other animal-like creatures looked up at it from below, and had no doorknob. As Gwen walked up to the door with Nine she casually mentioned. "You do this often then?"
Examining the door, Nine didn't know what to make of it. The carvings themselves seemed to be telling some kind of story, likely about some legend, though he wasn't sure which or what it was saying. Placing his hand on the door, the Houndoom attempted to push it open, yet not surprisingly it didn't seem to budge. As he began to walk around the perimeter of the building, he responded, "well, not a daily habit, but off-limits places tend to have some secrets to offer behind them." 


"There weren't many off-limits places where I come from. Except...a few...." Gwen's voice trailed off as she seemed to be thinking about something.


"Oh? Anything interesting about those?"
"About...what?" Gwen asked, confused as she follows Nine around.

Nine's stride slowed down briefly, but still asked, "about the off-limit places where you come from."

"Oh, the caves?" Gwen said dismissively. "I don't know much about them we were always told to stay away."
"Oh?" Nine looked to Gwen, curiosity clear on his face, though less interested in the actual response and more in how she responded. "You ever curious about what lies within them?"
"Not really. All I was worried about was taking care of my brothers and sisters." As she said this, she seemed to have a glazed look over her eyes. 
"Ah, that sounds nice," Nine said off-handedly. Waiting for a bit, stopping the conversation until they got back to the door, Nine turned back to Gwen. Wanting to test something he merely asked, "say Gwen, what were we talking about?"


"Hm?" She asked. "Well, we should really find a way inside this mansion shouldn't we?"


"We should." It seemed that there truly was something strange about her home. All the same, Nine still had a different job to worry about, and a different riddle to figure out. Unsure how to approach this, the boy decided to go with the obvious and just knock on the door while saying, "helllllooo. Anyone home?" There wasn't a response, though after a few seconds the door did swing open. Stunned at this, Nine couldn't help but bluntly state, "I can't believe that worked." 


"I suppose it makes sense. It's rather rude to barge into someone's home without knocking." Gwen said, with a bit of a scolding tone.


Nine couldn't help but feel admonished, and he had no way to respond to something like that, especially being in the wrong, and as such he just made his way inside the building. Once inside, the room itself was pitch black, neither Nine nor Gwen being able to make anything out. And then the room lit up. With what appears to be hundreds of lights, resembling stars, covering the area around and above them. A light shone at their feet and highlighted where they walked. Off in the distance there was what appeared to be several dozen purple rectangles. Similar to steps and arranged in such a way to create a spiral staircase leading upwards. Each stair glowed with a soft purple light.


Letting out an impressed whistle, and looking to Gwen to both see how she was feeling and gesture her to go along, Nine began to walk towards the stairs. 


Gwen herself seemed to be wide-eyed, and trembling slightly, as she looked around. "What is this..." She muttered, following Nine. "Are you...sure we should be doing this?"


"Of course we should," he states matter of factly. A wide smile and child-like wonder in his eyes, he said, "this is what it's all about. And if there's something interesting to follow, then you gotta." With that, he began his journey to the stairs. 

#7118281 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 13 September 2018 - 01:08 AM



As the princess asked if he wanted to hear something interesting, Alois couldn't help but raise a curious eyebrow, intrigued by what she was about to say next. This, of course, all fell in an instant, with the only thing his confused self being able to utter out was a, "...huh?" 


Alois stood stiff, frozen as Penelope leaned closer and started speaking more about their current situation, and how things likely would've been were they back at her home. As she moved closer he himself felt an instinctive need to move backwards, sweat starting to form across his brow and palms. As she mentioned what her father would do his cracked as he said, "th-that so? Lucky me." None of the usual sarcastic edge was behind the boy's voice as it seemed to be far more blunt yet awkward. Looking straight into her red eyes, the boy could tell there was her classic sense of mischievousness in them, if only barely, but that did little to calm his very apparent nerves. Only breaking contact with her eyes as she herself went to look out the window, the boy in response let out a deep sigh and began to take deeper breaths. 


Wait...had he not been breathing that whole time? Furthermore, as he began to breathe more heavily he became far more aware of his insides and more specifically how much his chest had felt like there was something pumping fast there. As he was trying to sort out his own reactions, Penelope looked back to him, causing him to snap back to attention only to say, "oh, flowers huh...makes...sense?" He still wasn't quite sure what he was saying, but made a mental note to learn what an Iris was. All the same, as he spoke about them he suddenly felt far more guarded then before, cautiously asking, "what other things?" 




As the two began to make their way outside, getting their hunt ready, she heard a call out from the top of a tower. Seeing her white haired friend up there, she gave a smile and wave back, only to look towards her big friend who had had a bit of a bird problem. While she felt sorry for his predicament she instantly seemed far more assured in her look as he made his comment saying, "don't worry, crow's are nasty anyway. So any I hunt we won't eat!" Giving him a thumbs up, the girl then went back to her usual smile saying, "well, have fun you two! We'll be back with lots of stuff! C'mon Licorice!" 


With that, the two began their journey away from the old building, beginning their expedition into the wilderness. Tsetseg had begun walking but after a bit had stuck lower to the ground, examining around to figure out what was actually around here. After taking a few moments the girl nodded to herself and began to move lower and slower as she started to prowl around. After a bit of time, the girls had stumbled across a lone rabbit that seemed to be scrounging for something. Stopping where she was, the girl slowly drew her bow out as she remained laser focused on the rabbit. The rabbit hopped a bit forward as she began to pull an arrow back, surveying the area some more. As she continued to gaze at it from afar, the rabbit took yet another hop forward, trying to find whatever it was scrounging for. As it took one last hop forward, the girl fired her arrow at it, striking the rabbit in the side as it landed back on the ground. Seeing her mark was no longer moving, the girl took in a deep breath, looking to Licorice with a proud smile on her face and giving a thumbs up. "Alright, now it's your turn!" 

#7118172 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 11 September 2018 - 11:31 PM



While Avery seemed to be trying to recover herself back to her "normal" self, the first comment to be made had come from Tyler and had been one far more mocking of her persona then anything else. At first her expression was stunned, but then turned to oddly aggressive as she said, "excuse you! Birds are far more than just underwhelming. They have been used as symbolism across various tales and myths and prophets, foreboding harbingers, omens and even those that symbolize death! And they're quite wise at that. Sure they're overused but at least they're not as dull as a simple demon ship. And haven't you ever heard of Odin? He's the father of a thunder god and he's way associated with ravens, so they're clearly superior to that too. Minority big bird, he says. Underwhelming he says." The girl seemed to mumble to herself at the last part, but quickly stopped and looked more curious. 


Pulling out yet another notebook, the girl began to jot down a few things before putting it away. With a much more excited expression then when she had first started traversing down the hallway she began to step swiftly and nimbly, without paying much mind to her surroundings. After stepping on one tile, a click could be heard as her foot pressed down and the girl noticed something began to rumble overhead. This would have been bad had Avery not stumbled forward into a roll as she was startled by this sudden click, effectively managing to avoid the rocks falling overhead. Letting out a sigh of relief, the girl got herself back up, finding a small item in the rubble and pocketing it, before continuing on her journey with renewed vigor. 


Stepping forward again, the girl stopped once more as her foot eventually sunk into another panel, though it appeared that nothing had happened. Looking at the ground, then looking back, then seeming to count something in her head. Looking to Tyler, who had been following behind her she said, "follow my lead." With laser focused determination, the girl began to step forward. Three panels forward, hop over one, land on the one beyond it. The fifth panel didn't give, and it seemed that no trip was sprung. The smile on her face seemed to grow even larger as her plan had seemed to work, causing the girl to start skipping forward in quite the same rhythm as before. After getting through most of the hallway in her skips, she was eventually tripped over herself, falling face first onto one of the panels. As it sunk down, a monster of sorts had jumped out to greet her. 


Getting back up on her feet, the girl looked to see the monster was the same kind that the males of the group had fought in the room prior, but now face to face with this creature herself, she couldn't help but start to observe it more closely. "An adorable little creature, entirely different from the demon creature in both appearance and demeanor and likely abilities as well and yet we're still in the same place and they are not too far apart from each other and of likely the same species - unless of course the umbrella of monster would be too broad to classify as a single species, of course it would Avery how could you be so callous and misguided - yet still I wonder what causes it to keep such a happy expression on its face all the time, does it merely take pleasure in fighting or is it just a trap that it uses to lure in creature but -" while the girl was mumbling to herself at incredibly fast pace the Jack Frost didn't seem to interested in being observed. 


As it moved forward, the girl's thoughts were broken with an "aaeep!" as she was startled by the creature's movements. Striking with a swift and violent kick, the girl managed to strike the frost right in the head with her foot, launching it into the wall and forcing it down the to the ground. "Garu!" Calling out the name of her the attack, Vedfolnir appeared above the Jack Frost, flapping its wings and striking it with a mighty gust of wind only blowing the creature back further. Before it could get back up a large metal ball attached on a chain smashed into the creature, destroying it in the process. 


As Avery had began turning around to face her ally in combat, she paused. He had been behind her this whole time. She had spoken aloud hadn't she? That was bad. Bad. Bad. Thinking more on it, her response to him earlier hadn't been entirely level either. That too, was bad. The girl stood there, frozen for a moment with her expression unmoving until she let out a very uncomfortable sounding, "ha, HAH, haaaaa. Good - good job Ty- uuhhh, good job!  Let's - let's go!" Pointing forward, her posture far stiffer then before, the girl continued walking through the halls and jumping when she felt the need to until making it all the way to the end. 


Stepping on one last panel, it sank slightly under her feet, letting out a clicking noise. This, in turn, caused the entire rest of the room to resound with a similar noise, and as nothing had happened following that the girl was lead to believe that the room was likely disabled. Letting out a huge sigh of relief, followed with clearing her throat, the girl adjusted her glasses and looked back to everyone with a far less exuberant and more level expression saying, "good job...team."

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#7117603 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Alaina on 06 September 2018 - 01:53 AM

After crossing the crumbling step, Alois raised an eyebrow as the girl stated that he had followed after her. With a slightly sarcastic edge to his voice, "oh I'm glad you noticed." All the same, as they had just crossed a break in the floor and the girl had began walking backwards, Alois couldn't help but not look at the girl but rather behind her to make sure she didn't plummet off the tower. All the same, he also seemed to be curious as to what she was trying to get at with her questioning, before telling him that he seemed to be just along for the ride. With a small smirk he said, "I'll take that as a compliment."
As the two had made their way to the top, both of them looked out the window towards the overcast skies. Alois could get what the girl was getting at with the whole scene being dreary, and there was certainly something strange in the distance he couldn't make out. All the same, still looking out the window he said, "you know what this place is? A creepy old abandoned building. You know how many I have in my home town?"  After a brief pause, without answering he said, "no matter where we've stopped so far, I've managed to find  myself in some creepy old abandoned place. And the two I've been in have seemed interesting enough so far, so, I doubt this place would be any different." Looking directly at the princess he said, "so why wouldn't I follow you to some creepy old tower? Besides, if you found something cool or strange here, you can't possibly expect me to believe you'd carry it back to show everyone else yourself, do you?" 
Tsetseg pouted a bit as the green man hadn't seemed to take her up on her offer, and seemed to be a bit more restless to get going as the Pontic boy began his prayers. But this seemed to be all alleviated as the girl was approached by the black fluffy tailed fox girl. As she had seemed willing to go with Tsetseg on hunting, the girl seemed absolutely thrilled saying, "woohoo! I know you'll be a great hunting partner Licorice. Oh man, I've never hunted with a fox person before." While the girl seemed to start happily thinking to herself about the fun she and the fox would have in hunting, little could she suspect the insidious plot cooking within the girl's head. For while she had not planned on going hunting with Licorice initially, this had all certainly worked towards the girl's greater objective. That, of course, being to pet the black fox's tail.