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Sapphire dragon of incandescent might, sing your radiant hymn and bring light back to this world! Ritual Summon! Dawn your crown, Saffira, Queen of Dragons! 


Crystron Ametrix 

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Yesterday, 05:09 PM



While Nine might've been relieved to see that the ghost was feeling better, he had a sort of off sensation about it. Nevertheless, not pressing it any further the man nodded, agreeing, "Yeah, that's a good idea. I don't want to spend any more time here than I have." With a slight joking tone he said, "and it's already been far too long." With that, the group started to approach the other duo of their group, both of which seemed oddly jumpy. While Nine raised an eyebrow to this, he was soon interrupted as someone else had barged in on them. The man was describing some kind of danger, one that Nine would normally want no part of. However, his eyes went wide at the mention that this dangerous entity was fighting Vita, and giving her trouble at that. When it came to raw strength, Vita was more than likely on the same level of power as Heather had been. Beyond that, Vita also had the skill that came with fighting in the arena for as long as she had. As such, the amount of people who could match her, much less overpower her after defeating the rest of the arena, was few and far between in this world.


Nine's blood began to boil as he came to his theory about the mysterious figure, and knew that if they were as strong as he believed they were, then he would be more than likely no match for them. In addition, he didn't want to waste any more time in getting to Northshore then this trip had already made them. Yet, he couldn't just stand by and let the same thing that happened in Juyu happen in Adarid City all over again. He couldn't just stand by and let another person of such discipline and fortitude just be snuffed out by some rampage again. She wouldn't have let this pass. Hell, she nearly died trying to let something like this not pass. As such, Nine had felt a strange sesne of obligation to this, though, that it was mixed in with a sensation of frustration and rage. 


While his expression seemed to be one of deliberation and frustration, it eventually calmed itself into one of grim, seriousness. "Alright, I'll go check it out." As he let out a deep breath, trying to calm himself though with no actual change in expression, the man looked to Lok. "I'd recommend you stay back," he turned to Clotilde saying, "you too. If this person is as dangerous as they say they are, then as it is we probably stand no chance, but given how fatigued you are it'd probably only end poorly if things came to a fight." After frankly stating that, the houndoom began to walk towards the arena. 

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Yesterday, 06:57 AM

I mean with such spicy deals like this, I might as well try a ask one ask another one for full price. So, to echo Nai, opinions on my writing?

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Never will I ever know your opinion of me if I don't take this limited time offer deal. What a steal. It's like a fire sale, look at that raging inferno that are those sales. Buy today. 

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19 June 2017 - 11:45 PM

I'll make note that if you guys do make new logos make sure that they're all renders so you don't have the solid blue background just there on the black ones of the other themes.