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As the flames had washed over the girl, her unwavering smile stayed present on her face. However, once it had finished the girl had merely gone on with her play as Tycho ended his turn. However, as it turned out, he hadn't been paying attention to what she did and as such she said, "oh, well. Apologies, I shall tell you once more. You see, with the end of your turn I activated Twin Twister, discarding a singular card from my hand and in turn I can destroy two spell and trap cards on the field. Including my own." Gesturing over to the artifacts on the field, she continued. "Because your end phase is still your turn, and because they were destroyed during your turn, I was able to summon my Artifact Aegis and Artifact Failnaught. And now to finish your turn," she gestured to the ethereal green spirit wielding the bow.


Firing an arrow into the sky, a gray light fell in response, striking the field and coalescing into a set card. "When Artifact Failnaught is summoned, I am able to set one Artifact monster in my graveyard in my spell and trap zone. Now then, my turn. Draw." Without missing a beat the girl looked towards her card, and then back to Tycho. "I must apologize once again, for not knowing much about my opponent. Yet, from the crowd's reaction I can tell this is likely your ace monster. And I am impressed by such a radiant beast and what you have done with it." She gave a small, strangely genuine, round of applause to him. "Yet all the same, I am not sure it is a star bright enough to contend with all the others here. After all, you claim to wish to break me completely and yet," she gestured to the field, "we're back where we started. So allow me to reset the field to what it was prior. With my level 5 Artifact Failnaught and level 5 Artifact Aegis, I construct an overlay network." As the two weapons turned into orbs of golden light, a swirling vortex opened causing them to enter it. 


"Blazing blade, slayer of dragons, let songs of your legends be heard once more. Xyz Summon! Strike, Rank 5, Artifact Durendal!" A large greatsword with red and blue energy coursing through it formed, wielded by a purple figure made of energy, two orbs orbiting around it. "You are mostly certainly a match for someone as trivial as me Mr. Tycho, yet, if your ace is all your deck has, then I am afraid you might not be a match for all those others here." A friendly smile crossed her face as she said, "so please, prove me wrong. I set 1 card face down. It is your go now."

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As the boy ran outside into the woods, he began to start to running forward, only to slow down his pace as he looked around. "What the hell?" Behind him, was a door. The door he took that lead out of the mansion to where he was now. Behind that was the mansion. Only, the mansion was much much farther than any door would allow. The boy was entirely bewildered by just how any of this worked, but he soon remembered that he had just exited a mansion that was all but run down when he arrived through a wardrobe while chasing a fox girl. All in all, "strange" was not uncommon today. As the boy had eventually decided to start to pick up the pace, he rushed back through the woods when in this game of cat and mouse...or person and fox. 


After a bit of an arduous path and wet clothing, the boy had eventually managed to reach some kind of small clearing. Looking around, the whole area seemed to have had a certain sereneness to it, causing Alois to be unsure if he should even enter it to begin with. As she commented on this the boy absentmindedly, "yeah. Real nice place you got kid." It was then that the girl started to explain why she did this, and was quite thankful that he and the knight didn't run away from her on sight. The boy was a bit confused by this until he seemed to remember something fairly obvious. Proteans weren't exactly commonplace where he was from and his first sighting with one wasn't exactly the most inviting. Before he said anything on this, though, the girl then started to stammer about the two outsiders living with her and Robin. The boy was taken aback by this sudden request, not really sure what was going on, though the answer didn't take long to reach. Feeling a bit awkward given how she seemed, Alois said, "sorry kid, but I don't think we can. Don't get me wrong, real nice place you got and definitely fancier then I'm used to but, we still got things to do and only happened upon here by accident. So, uh, yeah." 




Tsetseg continued to look excited at the strand she had found, but it had appeared that the others were not so much. The others from the group didn't seem to understand at first and once the fluffy tailed proteans had finished talking to White Haired Friend, they did not seem pleased. While they didn't actually seem to get the point she was trying to get across, the girl's enthusiasm seemed to die down as they scolded her for what she was doing. Her expression going from a smile to a downtrodden frown, the girl lowered her arm and the strand with it as she said, "um, s-sorry. Uh...um," the girl stammered briefly but both the horror and grief she had caused to the two foxes already had caused the girl to become far more self conscious then normal. Due to that, she had a lot more trouble actually forming her words and instead shuffled away from the portrait, instead looking to the other people she had entered the shrine with.

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As Leon was checking the wounds on his body to see how immediate the attention he needed was, to which he realized he was fine, he saw Yue walk over to him. When she asked what they were supposed to do next, the boy looked unsure as he said, "well, I guess we'll get patched up and ready to go to the bandit's fort." It was then that Aleithe had come over to ask him about setting up camp, asserting that the group was probably not in any shape to keep going. He was personally fine, though, it seemed that not everyone was so lucky. As such he didn't want to press them any harder than would be wise, but he also wasn't sure if waiting around longer in the belly of the beast was a great idea. "We can, probably. What does everyone else think?" After addressing everyone else, Yue pointed out something else to him.  The girl then seemed to look more nervous, pointing towards the man with the eyepatch, that made Leon look a bit shocked. He hadn't seen the man at all up until now, and he was clearly not from around these parts. People traversing these woods was already strange as it was, but a Jouran, especially this far south, was something else entirely. Looking a bit more guarded, the boy asked, "uh, who are you?" 

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The large bear continued to struggle against the roots that had ensnared its feet, slowly but surely breaking through them. All the while, it was flailing about trying to get Fen off of his back, the blade only digging in deeper as a result. However, due to the large size of its arms, it was unable to make any progress in actually removing the girl, as it could not reach backwards. As Fen had heard the warning shouted by Deku, though, the girl pushed off the creature's back, stumbling away. Letting out a growl in pain as the blade was dislodged, the beast's attention was unfocused only to then turn and see Deku running straight for him. Bringing up its fist for one last attack, it was still unable to move due to its legs still being rooted. With one resounding punch to the gut, the breath left the creature. With a second strike, the creature was finally freed from its rooted prison as its body was forced backward. The creature fell onto the ground, motionless, having succumbed to its wounds. 


With the beast finally defeated, Fen looked at the still creature, saying, "did, did we do it?" 


Agina jumped up, completely forgetting about Jin for the moment as she walked over to the rest of the group saying, "yes I do believe he is very dead. Good job! I've never seen such a display of raw bear abuse before, it was quite breathtaking." The girl made a small applause, as the other members of her guild started to walk over. 


Alpine, scratching the back of his head, said, "yeah, thanks for that guys. That bear really gave us a run for our money, so thanks for that." Looking over to them, then back to Agina he said, "but uh, what happened to you?" 


"And who the hell, are they?" Sen referred to the Cherry Heart members. 


"They're my new friends!" Sen raised an eyebrow. "That I met an hour ago!" 


The boy sighed. "Of course." Looking back to them he said, "so, what're you doing here?" 

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Xia hadn't noticed Aria's flustered attitude at all, instead looking in awe at what it was that Aria had described. "Training, whoa." The girl hadn't ever thought of fighting as something one was "good" at, merely something one did for

fun. She hadn't ever considered that it could be something one got better at, or that Aria would need to at that. Maybe she was bad at having fun. While the girl thought on this, she then merely shook her head at Aria's question saying, "oh, no, see. I was kind of bored and lonely and didn't know what to do, but then I saw you, and him, and then I was like, 'oh hey, hanging out with Aria would be fun,' but then you left before I caught up so I decided to go after you and see what you were doing since I thought it'd be fun. And now I'm here!" She then pointed over to the man she was with saying, "so is he your friend too? Is he also bad at fighting?"