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The group had thankfully been allowed safe passage and sanctuary in the city, no matter how temporary it might have been. Breathing out a sigh of relief, the girl walked alongside everyone else as they made their way into the city. They were to take up an old abandoned shrine to a fire spirit as their lodging for the night, and upon reaching it the man who had been escorting them told them that he would fetch the proper bedding for them. Giving a small nod and saying a soft "thank you," as the man departed. As he did, the group had dispersed a bit, walking through the ruined shrine, with the Earth Chosen herself simply wandering and looking about the area. Getting closer to a wall, the girl had realized that now they were finally in a place where they would be able to rest, and so she did her best to prep for such time. While still quite in plain view, as there was no real place to hide within it, the girl had started to remove the armor that she had over her, revealing a more casual yet ragged set of cloth clothes underneath, placing it down on the ground as she did. 


Once that was taken care of, she turned around to face the rest of the group, and saw that the water and fire chosen were speaking about something. The girl hadn't been paying attention to the contents of it, and her attention was more taken up by the young halfling who seemed to be bounding around the shrine. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the halfling's apparent limitless energy, but couldn't help but look a bit concerned as the halfling asked if they had any ghost stories to tell. The idea of ghost stories themselves weren't what made the girl seem uneasy, though she was not particularly well-versed in them. What was concerning was what it reminded the group still hadn't done, though, she figured she could ask in the morning, once everyone had rest. 


However, she looked to the halfing and said, "I um, don't really know many stories to share like those." Generally when she had spent more than a day's time outside of city walls, it was not her that kept the spirits up with stories within her group. Though she could probably remember a story or two if given time, the Earth Chosen still didn't feel as though she'd do justice to them. However, the girl still asked, "what about you? What kind of stories do you know?" 

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26 March 2017 - 12:11 AM

~Solarus Desert Battle - Finale~

Under her paws, something bursted through the sand, something she was able to register in her head as a very-large Fish NetMonster, but it was white despite being in the sand...like an Earth NetMonster…
It managed to get its large maw around her left backleg, chomping hard before trying to take her under the sand with it, but she managed to wiggle free. The slashes on her leg, however...Instead of bleeding with any form of liquid, she seemed to literally bleed miniscule 1s and 0s clumped together like a liquid. Looking up towards the platform, she tried flapping her wing, but it was still locked in place from the hook taken earlier. Was she stuck?!
Xia looked down, seeing the massive shark creature emerge from the surface and chomped down on the little dragon. She had never seen a shark that lived under the sand before. This place really was great. However, she was confused as to why her opponent wasn’t flying back up to the platform. She seemed to be flapping her wing, only one of them, but the dragon just didn’t seem to move at all. Seeing that it was a great time to go and fight the dragon head to head, Xia jumped off the platform and bringing down her fist towards the dragon as she went. When she landed, another shark would burst out from the ground, chomping down on Xia’s tail, only for the dragon girl to wince in pain and thrash her tail a bit to throw the creature off. 
Turning towards Xia and seeing her also get chomped, though it was more on the tail than the leg like she was, Tesability hobbled on her two right legs, gingerly placing weight on her left backleg only as needed and keeping her left forepaw in the air near her chest, she shouts ”Ish yu shtupidsh?” before trying to headbutt the dragon girl again. However, there was nowhere near as much speed behind the headbutt as the last attempts, which meant that the attempt could be easily pushed to the side.
After landing on the sand, the girl heard the dragon’s question and said, “I’ve been told to say that I’m 'mentally ready to learn' to that!” As the smaller dragon went to headbutt her, the attack was much slower and with far less impact than before, and thus Xia was able to read it pretty easily. Knowing that punching a creature of that size on the ground would be really awkward, Xia elected to kick instead, bringing her foot to meet the creature’s skull. When the attack had connected, the lightning dragon was knocked away and tossed across the sand.
Tesability landed on her left side...and she found that she couldn’t get back up. Attempting to roll onto her other side kept failing in the sand, and she felt the vibrations below. Her eyes widened after recognized the vibrations. She scrambled to try to get back up onto her paws, but the first shark re-emerged underneath her, the maw biting at her middle and shaking back and forth in its grip before sending her flying and diving into the sand.
In the air, she realized one thing. She could feel her wing again. In the air, she tried to flap both, and managed to keep aloft to keep weight off her legs. From what she saw, those sharks could still hit her from this point, however. She felt for the edges of the arena again, noticing that the barrier had shifted again. She suspected that unless Xia also got up, neither of them would be allowed to use the platforms again.
“...gwabs awn,” she said toward Xia after flying over to her and looking up towards the platforms. She had an idea, but she wasn’t sure if she could do it. Only one way to find out, though!
Xia looked slightly sorry to see the littler dragon getting eaten up. However, as the dragon was launched into the air and managed to get themselves back up, a shark seemed to try and sneak up on Xia. Being able to see it coming this time, Xia punched the shark’s snout as it came out from the sand, causing it to recoil back into the sand. As the dragon came over to her, seeming to try and airlift her onto the platform, Xia looked confused as they weren’t even eye level with her. However, they seemed to be trying something, and so Xia had decided to let them give it their best anyway. As such, the half-dragon grabbed onto the lightning dragon’s leg.
Tesability flapped furiously, the weight of the halfling dragon making it difficult to take flight. Her wingflaps were stirring up the sands around her, even momentarily revealing a shark that was lurking and made itself scarce after such. However, no matter how much she flapped her wings...Xia’s heavy-to-her form wasn’t budging. “...yu hevies.”
Xia nodded proudly at this fact, saying, “it means I grew up big and strong. But uh.” Not really going anywhere, Xia had decided to take matters into her own hands, and simply walked over to the platform, dragging the dragon along with her and netting an ‘eep!’ out of her. She then just plopped her onto the platform, before getting back on herself. Walking away from the dragon, to the opposite end of the platform, she looked to her cracking her knuckles and said, “alright, let’s finish this!”
Using her wings to help her get up by using them as secondary limbs, Tesability managed to get up onto her good paws, letting loose another...admittedly too cute of an attempt at a roar in response. She wasn’t going to be the one that swings first this time, though.
Walking over to the dragon, Xia let out a roar of her own, that was much more menacing then one would expect from the friendly faced half-dragon. As she got close enough to Tes, she quickly sped up and attempting what she had last time, went to punt the lightning dragon. Tesability jumped and flew up and towards Xia’s face upon the attempt of the punt with a headbutt in the span of less than a second, trying to even out the amount of damage that separated the pair. “Nu keeks!”
With being on one foot and the skull colliding with Xia’s forehead, the girl began to fall onto her back. As she did however, she brought both of her hands up to smack both of them into the dragon’s side.An ‘eep!’ escaping the Net Monster as she went flying, she caught herself in the air...and began to become surrounded once more by electricity. The black dragon zipped forward, but as she got closer, the electrical glow around her seemed focused on three points, the top of her head that was leveled to connect to Xia, her right forepaw and her tail.
Stinging Saber
Stinging Saber
Stinging Saber plus Tremendous Blow
Attempting to pick herself back up, Xia only managed to get into a kneel before the onslaught began. With first the head coming, Xia couldn’t do much but put up an arm to block it. Feeling the brunt of the force and lightning flow through her, she then shifted that hand to intercept the paw, swatting it but not completely neutralizing it. With the final attack coming, while Xia would’ve liked to instead meet the attack head on, she aimed for a different area. With the arm she hadn’t used yet, she let loose an uppercut, aiming not for the tail, but the torso of the dragon.
The last attack from the NetMonster didn’t connect, instead being forced up from the impact of the punch and sent flying once more. Upon landing, spirals appeared in her eyes as if she was knocked out. ”Nu wanna sheesh Doks Bu…” she ended up whining in her KOed state.
The environment would fade away and they would be left standing where they had been originally upon entering the blue room.
The screen from before, which had shown Mauvache’s face, now had their HP totals.
Xia: 100
Tesability: 0
Winner: Xia, due to HP
The pair would receive messages notifying them that they had gained points. Xia 60 and Tesability 10.
Upon her exit out of the virtual arena, Xia shook herself a bit and stretched out her body. Upon seeing the notification of her victory she started to jump and up and down, quite giddy at the notification. "Yay, I won, I won!" While most fights Xia had been in were generally one sided in her favor, this had been the first time in quite some time that she had fought a foe on such even ground. While she generally enjoyed winning, this win just made her all the giddier. Looking over to see her opponent, she waved as she bounded over to the Net Monster. "Hey there Tes. That fight was loads of fun! You're really strong you know that, and you can fly which is like, super cool." Xia had remembered from her days of fighting other people, it was always good to leave show good "Sport's Man Ship." She never didn't really understand the term, but she knew it usually meant a handshake after the fight was over. And so, she extended out a hand saying, "good match." She then realized that her opponent didn't actually have hands, and felt slightly awkward.

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25 March 2017 - 11:44 PM

~Solarus Desert Battle - Part 2~

Xia looked curiously as the smaller dragon shook her head, but didn’t think much of it. What she did think much of, however, was the collapsing storm of lightning all around her. Without much that she was able to do, she just said, “oh this is probably bad.” Bracing herself for the attack, she took it on pretty much in its entirety, letting out an, “oowwwwwww,” once it was finished. Kneeling a bit from the pain, the girl had still managed to stand her ground against the turbulent winds. After getting over the pain, she stood back up and looked back to the smaller dragon, her face oddly beaming. “Man, that was sooo cool. I wish I could do that.”
“Ai whash cweatedsh tu do dish,” Tesability remarked before flying closer, though definitely not in punching range. ”Ish yu weewy ah Dwagon? Yu actsh mow wike a Hooman.” The tone wasn’t insulting, no. It sounded more like the smaller creature was trying to make sense of her opponent in her head, as though things weren’t lining up with what she was used to.
Xia nodded at the question, saying, “well, I was a human. Then I became this. Which is like, half a dragon, I think?” Xia started to ponder more on what exactly she was before quickly shaking it off and saying, “so I’m both!”
Some-f***ing-how, Tesability was managing to fly in one spot while upside down, the answer had confused her that much that instead of tilting just her head, she spun her whole self in the air. “Shay, wha’?” Blinking her solid black eyes at this before righting herself in the air. “Dat no possible! Onwy poshibal tu beesh won Taip!" Flying back a couple of wingbeats, Tesability closed her eyes before reopening them, the white dots that had been used to indicate where she was looking now showing as literal spirals of white. She was still floating above one of the platforms, so a good jump could probably reach her...
“Eh? Does that mean I’m not possible?” Xia started pondering the meaning behind that, wondering if she was some kind of super special being. That would be so cool. As she looked back to the smaller dragon, she noticed something. She then looked back to her hand. Right. Fight. Looking back to the dragon, she made quite the high jump, bringing down her hand in a chopping motion as she did so.
The fact that she felt a shadow over her brought her attention to the here-and-now faster than anything. She should be the only thing in the sky, so clearing her eyes in time to see Xia just beginning her descent as she brought down a chopping motion on her, catching her more on the lower back with it, due to size difference. This brought Tesability down closer to the ground for a bit before she caught herself and moved back up towards one of the lower platforms. “...nowts tu shewfsh, yu cansh hopsh.” That shot caught her right on the rump with that, so she just got a literal, one-hit spanking. “Dash eetsh.” Electricity surrounded the dragon in entirety before she bolted towards Xia, turning into a literal lightning bolt as she did. This girl thought she could share the skies?
Tesability planned on proving who ruled them.
Feeling a wave of triumph go through her as her attack managed to land, Xia felt slightly giddy as she landed back on the ground. As the dragon seemed to be recovering, she was happy to see that her opponent was still raring to go, though as the electricity started to gather around her, Xia wasn’t quite sure what was about to happen. So, instead of trying to react to the unknown, she simply put up her arms to guard as the smaller dragon bolted at her.
The top of Tesability’s head, though she took the form of a lightning bolt, connected with Xia. Sure, the little dragon saw stars, but she had taken far worse and the girl was also now in the air as well by quite the distance...possibly even going off the platform with this level of impact and speed. The impact was also surrounded by shockwaves that sent the sand below rippling multiple times...one of the other platforms even moved a tiny bit to the perceptive eye.
Taking the attack head on, and straight into her arms, Xia felt a large and sudden impact strike into her. Her arms were pushed back further into her as she was taken off her feet by the attack, and sent clean off the platform. Noticing that she was suddenly in the air, Xia couldn’t but look around in wonder, as she landed near the edge of the platform behind her, skidding a bit and with one foot briefly slipping off of it. Despite being surprised, with a good force of will, the girl had managed to keep herself from falling off entirely and put her foot back onto the platform, shaking her arms as the pain from the attack had set it. When Xia looked back, she would see Tesability having landed where she once was, the electricity faded away and looking normal again. 
While she looked at the dragon, she couldn’t help but feel like she was being taunted in some way, but the feeling didn’t really set in further than that. Instead, despite the pain she had just felt, she still looked rather joyful saying, “man, the people here are sooo strong. Awesome!” Stepping forward and further from the edge, Xia began to collect magical energy across her fist again.
Another sneeze exited her nose, releasing yet another tiny lightning bolt. “...mow magicksh,” she grumbled under her breath. Instead of flying up, however, she started backpawing, giving her wings a chance to rest in this heat as she watched her foe’s actions…
...well, at least it was starting to feel hot to her…
Having been stationary for most of the fight while the arena was hot, because it was a desert, Xia didn’t feel any difference in it then when she had started. Instead, she continued to charge the magical energy in her fist as she walked forward. As she got near to the opposite edge of her platform, she figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to just recklessly jump up onto the platform, and simply stayed where she was continuing her charge.
Tesability shook her head, her throat feeling dry as she breathed in. She felt the attacks of Fire NetMonsters before, but this felt on a different level than them, a different kind of heat. Bending a wing, she tried seeing if fanning herself, or at least her head, would work. It helped a little, but it was nowhere near what she needed to get comfortable again. “...eet hawtsh,” she managed in a whine.
As Xia had finished her charge on her fist, she nodded and looked to her opponent who seemed to be staying put, though, didn’t look like they were paying attention. Xia wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but now was as good a time as any to get leaping. And so, running to the edge of her platform, she jumped off and went to pull herself back up onto the center platform again.
Tesability felt something through the pads on her paws, a ‘thud’. Lifting her head, she saw Xia pulling herself up onto the center ledge. And so, claws out, she kicked up and flew forwards before landing on Xia’s hands and arms with claws that were starting to spark.
As she stood back up on the center platform, Xia saw the smaller dragon bring out its claws and leap towards the water dragon girl. Seeing the sudden leap, Xia could only really bring up one of her arms to block the dragon, but it did little as the sparking claws latched onto it. Feeling a sharp pain go through her arm, Xia winced a bit at it. However, looking at the dragon she realized something and said, “hey thanks.” With that, she swung the arm the dragon was latched onto as she also brought her body towards the platform.
“Sumfin won’ wiff gwound,” she responded after the ‘thanks’. "Nu wan--OOF!” Next thing she knew, an arm connected with her snout, turning it into an accordion for the second time this match in addition to launching her back a little. ”Meeniesh!” Pulling her nose forward again to straighten it back out after regaining herself in the air, she glared at Xia and let loose with a roar...which sounded a little too cute to be taken seriously. Yeah, she was hot, but she was a few levels of mad right now. Claws electrifying once more, she zipped forwards towards Xia. This time, only her forepaws were leaving trails of electricity as she swiped forward with one of them. Xia’s watch announced a name at the would-be impact.
Stinging Saber.
What the NetMonster just did was a named attack.


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25 March 2017 - 09:54 PM

Dragon Fish Out Of Water's Wonderful Wandering and Walloping Writings (and more)

Day 1


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23 March 2017 - 05:48 PM



Upon hearing Celica's response to her question, the girl was slightly unsure about how much their fixing up of the guild would actually amount to, but had decided to go along with the suggestion anyway. As she broke down the unattended bed frames, Auburn seemed to be making another product. As he talked about his "water resistant super glue," Fen looked in wonder, giving a small clap as he explained the concoction. However, with that out of the way, the group had then got on to fixing the roof of the room. Ferrying boards of wood up to them, Fen watched as the duo that went up the ladder started to get to work, slowly but surely filling in the hole that was above them. While she was going up and giving them planks of wood, she briefly wondered how it was that Auburn and Mina had planned to get down from the roof once they were done. However, Auburn had seemed to have a good handle on the situation already, so Fen figured he had already thought it out.


They did not. 



With that out of the way, the group was now all back in the guild hall, most likely ready to move on to their next task. Before that, though, Fen realized something. They had been working for hours on end and hadn't really taken any breaks to speak of. So, Fen went over to her own bag and said, "um, before we move on to the next task. Um," pulling out a bag that seemed to have been chilled, the girl opened it to say, "I made these the night before. So, I'm sorry that they aren't fresh, and it probably isn't that filling but I hope you enjoy it." With it, she opened the bag to revealed crisped apple slices with a coating of brown sugar and cinnamon . In order to be not spoiled, the apples were kept under cold temperatures by way of Fen's magic, and so they were cool to the touch. After that was done with, she would be ready to go to the basement to brave whatever kind of, likely destroyed, state it was in.