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As Kasayee looked around the stone building, she would noticed that despite its weathered appearance it was still rather solid. As such, there was no indication that there was any entrance on the roof or the sides of the mausoleum. Merely, looking down they'd see that the only entrance available to them would be the one accessible from the ground. They'd also notice that the door to the mausoleum was missing, and as such, the entrance was wide open. Though, were Kasayee to look at it, the same foreboding feeling she had had earlier would only be greater. The undead, however, still acted as if they had paid no mind to the lizard girl and merely went about their business, stumbling around. 




As Vincent entered the library, he'd see a single man sitting about there. The man had short brown hair that seemed a bit on the shaggy side and wore a long gray robe, seeming to be reading something by candlelight. He seemed immediately startled as someone had entered his building, as no one had for quite some time recently, and was only thrown more off-kilter as Vincent immediately introduced himself without prompting. He then seemed a bit more worried as the boy proclaimed that he "shot things," and seemed to be a bit panicky as he tried to figure out what to say. "M-magni? Uh, um, uhhh." He was stammering a bit before saying, "oh right, yes! Magni, heheheh, uh yeah. I don't really know much about him, since we don't have much on him here but uh, he was some kind of hero knight from long ago. I believe he used to travel along with some others but I haven't ever really read much about them so I don't know their names." 


The man seemed to calm down a bit as he went deeper into thought. "Well, Magni was born here, which is why we have a tomb for him here. To, you know, honor his accomplishments and stuff from hundreds of years ago. There are quite a few stories of his accomplishments across his travels but the main things about him is his beginnings. He was apparently a person born with a curse of ruin, or something. I'm not really sure what the specifics of it were, but apparently he just kind of caused destruction all around him. People thought he was some kind of monster or freak or whatever. But, in spite of all of this he found some way to use this ruin and turn it into strength, and became a great hero and all." The man seemed to be a bit lost in wonder as he seemed to be recalling stories of Magni, only to then snap back and stammer at the man once again. "Uh, um, is that um, all?"




San chuckled as the girl said it sounded like it was the work of magic. "You don't say," he slightly jeered. As she asked her next question, he thought about it a bit before saying, "uh, not sure on that. We're not exactly a big town and no one from here is really noteworthy, so I don't think we have anything more than regular grave markers."


"Really?" His partner looked at him, judgement clearly in his face.




Ken sighed as he looked back to Celica. "We have a mausoleum in the graveyard to the Knight Hero Magni. He's supposed to be an inspiration and reminder to us in the guard and any from this town who would become an adventurer. But clearly some people didn't get that lesson in basic town history." While San seemed a bit peeved at the insults from his partner, Ken seemed more curious about the girl's question as he said, "why do you ask?"


After she answered and requested something of them next, San said, "worry not maiden. I will be sure to defend you from the corpse walkers!" As his answer seemed to be filled with gusto, he then went back to a more playful smirk as he said, "or I would if there was any danger. Those creepers don't really bother anyone in the grave, or at least not according to that loony undertaker. Of course, they also try to claw through our houses during the night, so he might not be the most reliable source." Picking up his sword, he said, "even still, I shall make sure no harm befalls you. What say you Ken?" 


Sighing, as his partner seemed to be going through a usual act of his, the man picked up his lance saying, "aye."

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As Balthy had asked if Mark were related to the captain, the boy merely laughed saying, "oh heavens no! I've never met the lady in my life! Though," he seemed oddly pensive for a bit saying, "if we were that'd be quite amazing to have a hidden secret...sister? Cousin? Aunt? I'm not really sure how old she is. But that matters little! Haha!" It was at this point that the group had managed to get their way into Hallcrest proper, only for Balthy to then point out something on the horizon to grab their attentions. Mark wasn't entirely sure what the giant flame dancing metal thing was, but he definitely knew that it was something that he didn't know what it was. Which meant that it was up to him to figure out just what it was! As the group began to walk towards the center, it was at this point that the girl that had aided him in Go Fish earlier seemed to start bolting towards the  center of the town with great gusto and hunger! "Yes, that's the traveler's spirit at work! Onward to the local diners and adventure my fellow soldiers. RAAAAAAA!" His yell sounded incredibly melodramatic, more like he was just making noise for the sake of matching the girl's spirit rather than actually trying to convey any sort of feeling. 

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After she had been struck by an attack, she took a bit to shake herself back to her senses. The bandit that had struck at her then seemed to have his attention taken up by something else. Looking, she noticed that he had a dagger in his shoulder, and turned to the Thunder Chosen who had attacked him. With blade in hand, the bandit charged at him, and while the girl might've usually been inclined to aid him, there was something far more pressing to her side. Seeing that there was a bandit trying to grab something from his pocket, and knowing from previous experience what that more than likely was, the girl felt some urgency rise through her. Stumbling back from him and and attempting to get to her feet, the girl readied herself. As the man seemed ready to throw the pouch, she would then conjure a wall of earth to uproot itself in front of the man, with the intent to intercept the inevitable blast.

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Tsetseg felt a conflict of feelings. On the one hand, she was upset and angry with herself that the foxes had managed to sneak into their group. She hadn't been able to notice or do anything about them, and it was as if the roles of hunted and hunter were quite easily reversed. And yet, here was a side to her that was far more captivated as to what had actually happened. She hadn't been with the patrol for long, and thus seeing the large assortment of proteans in one place was new to her. Her eyes wandered from each of them, one at a time, and while they seemed to have some great form of hostility towards them, Tsetseg's eyes were not focused on their angered faces. Instead, they seemed to continue darting between the fox protean's ears and tails. She was starting to  become a bit overwhelmed simply muttering, "so fluffy," to herself. It seemed that the foxes were angry with the group for some kind of theft. Tsetseg seemed to be a bit offended at this as she agreed with everyone else saying, "yeah, we'd never steal anything from people as lovably fluffably great as you?" The girl nodded as the white haired girl, not Sienna, made her point saying, "yeah, yeah. Please! You guys are soo cool it'd be great to learn more." 




Alois had been annoyed throughout the whole day, and made no effort to hide such irritation on his face. From the ambush of the foxes, to the having to leave behind members of their group to being in a village filled with frog people. The last thing, admittedly, gave him a bit of pause dwelling on the absurdity of it, but all the same his irritation was not so easily subsided. As it were, the group was apparently to be tested by these frogs first before they would lend them any aid. As they were told not to maim any of them, the boy sighed and tossed his axes to the side. Looking at the situation, it had seemed everyone else was preoccupied with a different frog, and with only one unattended it was clear what he had to do.


As the frog seemed to get ready to interrupt one of the other fighters, Alois called out a, "hey!" to get its attention. Gesturing to goad it forward, the fighter cracked his knuckles before balling them into fists. Feeling a rising sense of impatience the boy charged at the frog, which prompted the protean to lean back and then jump kick the boy. Getting hit square in the gut, Alois felt the wind get knocked out of him and staggered backward. The frog trying to capitalize on its momentum charged at Alois while he was recovering and went for a kick to his side this time. Seeing it coming, the fighter brought both of his arms to catch the leg of the protean, though still getting knocked a bit by the hit. With the frog's leg in the boy's arm, he looked a bit panicked, as Alois proceeded to pull the protean towards him. Releasing his grip, Alois then went for an uppercut, knocking the frog backward and staggering it, only to then follow up with a punch to the gut. Being winded by the first one, with the same hand Alois followed up with a second punch to the gut, causing the frog to buckle over only for him to finally bring it down with a punch to its face. 

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Fen was a bit curious at the term "eggbear" quite like everyone else. She was sure she had heard of them before, more than likely from home. But outside of what it might've looked like on a platter, she couldn't remember any other detail about it. Regardless, with no questions left to ask, the group eventually left the Alchemist's shop, leaving Zvesda to her own alchemical devices. Once outside, Lily would find a tree that wasn't too far away from the shop, and as she asked the tree a question, it seemed to be pensive for a bit. It's voice was low and slow as it said, "hmmm, a Sun Flower. With a space. A flower. That glows. Hmmm." It seemed to think on this for a bit before saying, "I've heard of. Them. From the others in. The Forest. Down that way." As if on cue, the leaves of the tree seemed to rustle in the direction of the forest. If Lily asked any of the other trees still in the city of Arbolia, she'd hear similar things. 


With that, the group ended up walking to the Budding Forest, a large collection of trees, plants and wildlife that was just a short walk away from the city of Arbolia. It was a definite hot spot for up an coming adventurers, rife with special plants and smaller monsters, which was where it earned its name from. The interior of the forest was quite shaded, and there was a singular dirt path laid out before the group. Inside the forest, were Lily to ask a nearby plant a similar question to that of what she did in Arbolia, it would say, "a Sun Flower, hm? I've heard talk of a flower that glows deeper into the forest. Just follow the path and take a left. It should be a bit off the beaten road, but I can't be any more specific then that. After all, I've never walked there myself." The tree let out a chuckle, quite amused by its own joke. "I've heard its quite a spectacle to see, though, they tend to be surrounded by less than friendly of my kin, so do watch your step." 


As the group set out, Fen looked to the others and asked, "is that a thing she does often?" In regards to Lily talking to the plants, a bit confused as to what it was she was doing.