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While Oren seemed to be hard at work, he was interrupted as the three members of the Iron Falcons had appeared. "Oh hello, yes, how are you all, what might you need?" The man seemed to be full of energy and like he was merely trying to get back to work, though this paused as he heard Cassia's question. "Wait, you mean to take on the Desert Riders? Truly?" 


Leon was taken a bit off guard by this and without any certainty in his voice, said, "it's on the table, at least." 


Oren seemed to deflate a bit, before perking back up. "Right right. Well, let me see what I can remember." He seemed to go a bit pensive as he said, "well, the Desert Riders themselves are stationed in an old abandoned fort somewhere in the middle of the Servan Woods, not too far from this town." The man's face seemed to scrunch up in a bit of disappointment, he said, "that's about as much as I know of them on their stronghold, and that's only from hearsay from travelers that stop by here." Leon pondered on this for a bit. While the information was pretty vague and general, given where they were located, it was likely to prove more then enough. Seeing the young man in thought, Oren said, "please, I'm not sure what we would be able to give if you were to help us, but it would mean the world to us all and many others."


Leon looked to both of the other members of his group who had come with him. They both seemed to have already been in favor of going after the bandit group, and Leon would be lying if he said he would be comfortable with letting them continue to harass the others around the area. Looking back to Oren he said, "then we'll take tonight's celebration as payment in advance." While Oren seemed to be absolutely ecstatic from this, Leon was quite sure if he was making the correct choice, and with only the opinion of the other two near him for it. Yet all the same, he had already made it and had to face what lied ahead. 




Chapter 1 - Towards the Desert

Date: 17th of Aeis 

Time: 12:27 PM

Location: The Entrance of the Servan Woods


The day had come and gone. The people of Tellan had cheered for their heroes, and they had been able to both eat their fill for the night and sleep in lodgings provided by the towns people. During the night, Leon had informed the group of what their next job would be. To defeat the Desert Rider bandits that had hid in the Servan Woods. Given that there was only one fort that was ever built inside of the woods, finding where it was located had not proven to be much of an issue. As such, the group began their march towards the Servan Woods, and after a day of travel had arrived at the entrance of the woods. 


The Servan Woods was a place that used to be a premiere hunting ground and place to forage for food and flowers in times long past. Since an influx of monsters had appeared though, that which they had hunted became scarce and the people who wished to gather from the area became even scarcer. Somewhat deep into the forest lies an old fort, an outpost that was created to surpress the monsters but has, at least thought to be, long since been abandoned. As most of what people used to scavenge has either gone extinct or become too costly to get, humans rarely ever step foot in here. 



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Added Inigo of Fire Emblem Awakening to my list. 

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Marie was livid about the rock gijinka throwing stones at Randy as she essentially dismissed their comments. While she was about to shout, both in rage at the tyranitar and in concern for Randy, there were no words that left her mouth as she was made simply awestruck by what happened next. Marie briefly forgot the foul mouthed woman she had just nursed and told off, as she saw Moltres speed forward and crash into the chaser. Wings of fire that could only be described as gorgeous had sprouted from her back, and the girl seemed ready to fight. Marie continued to look agape until she let out a simple, "whoa." It was then that Randy had seemed to move in to take the battle to the person that called themselves "godslayer," which was not a very nice name and reminded her of some of the more...out there, kids that she knew of from back home. While it seemed that she was able to beat back the Incineroar with ease, Marie continued to watch the fight onward. She was torn. On the one hand, this was far beyond a playground fight and was thus dangerous. And doing dangerous things was wrong and should be avoided. But on the other hand, she felt an adrenaline rushing through her watching these people go at it. Not sure what to do, the girl stayed near Keanu, where she continued to watch the fight in silence. 
While Jabari no longer seemed like he had any quarrel with the group, Nine couldn't help but feel on edge still. The man was a godslayer, and intended to continue his actions as one beyond this. Nine wasn't entirely sure he was ready to just let sleeping dogs lie here, and had no desire to go to blows with this man again for more reasons than one. His attention briefly hovered over to Fiona and Gwendoline, the former of which seeming to be familiar with Jabari, which made Nine wonder things all the more. Sure he had only met two, and there was presumably a third out there. But how large and how unified a group were they? The thought of it sent a chill down Nine's spine as he wondered just how much further down this rabbit hole went, yet all the same, worrying about it now would do nothing. Instead, there was someone else that required his attention, and someone else that caught him completely off-guard. As Lok began to talk to him, it occurred to Nine that Jabari probably didn't have much of a life outside of fighting. Realizing this, it made a bit more sense to Nine as to why he would be so adamant about fighting. With a small smile on his face, Nine said, "see, kid's not so bad. And you could definitely do worse for a person to make friends with."
"We are not friends. Friends can do nothing for me; why would I waste my time making them?" Jabari looked somewhat angered at Nine's implication.
"Hm, is that so?" Nine's smirk seemed to fade as he said, "and here I thought this would be a prime example of just what being friendly with a person could do for a guy," he gestured around the battlefield.
"All I see is a failed task."
"I'd call this more a success." Nine's tone was matter of fact, and didn't even seem to be referring to himself as he said this.
"How can you say that?" Jabari took an angry step towards the Houndoom. "A failure is a failure and I don't have many failures left..."
Nine stood his ground as he said, "well, contrary to what I thought, we're all still alive aren't we? No one had to mourn our loss and no one else had to be dragged into this fight in our stead."
"I am already dead! All that I have left is to complete my quest." Electricity crackled around Jabari's body. "It doesn't matter what I destroy along the way. If I can change the world for her then it will be worth it. But if I fail...I sold my soul for nothing. Tell me, you who stood so comfortably near a Legend, tell me what you know."
"There we go again," Nine muttered. "I don't think you caught what I said. You care for someone deeply, that much is evident. And if they mean that much to you, then you probably mean as much to them. I told you that here is an example of what caring for another can do." He gestured to the ragged forms of himself, Clotilde, Gwendoline and Vita. "If you die, or keep throwing yourself at those kinds of situations, what do you think she'll do?"
"No matter what happens there is no ending where I survive. I might as well do something with the life I have left. Are you going to tell me what I need to know, or not?"
With a defiant look in his eyes he said, "I have. There is no world on this current road of yours that ends with her happy. If you need to know what to do with your life, to bring about a real change, then make them happy with the time you have left, not sorrowful of the time you won't."
"None of us have any time left." Jabari said. There was a look in his eyes different from before. Where once his gaze was passionate he now looked...lifeless. "The world is going to change one way or another. All I can do now is ensure she will be in it when it does."
Nine was taken aback by the sudden shift in demeanor of the Zebstrika, and the far more literal sense he seemed to be talking with. Despite his lack of passion, or because of it, Jabari's words seemed to carry far more gravity behind them as Nine became aware that this went beyond just a misguided group of Chasers. Curious about what he was saying, the man decided to question him further.  "And so you believe that slaying legends will ensure this?"
"It is the only way to be on the side who will determine what the next world will be." Jabari glared, though not at Nine directly, before adding. "And these so called Legends have forfeited their right to be worshipped by letting the world come to this."
"And what gives this "side" the right to change the world as it pleases?"
"If they are strong enough to change it then that is all the right they need. They will ensure a future for her and that is all the reason I need."
"Then," Nine was unsure what exactly he was being told. He was unsure what exactly it was  he was feeling, thinking, or even saying. What a godslayer was seemed far beyond what Nine could handle at the moment, yet, he still spoke. "If you want you or someone you care about to be happy, you shouldn't leave that change to someone else." He pointed to himself saying, "you said before that I'm someone who stood comfortably near a legend, but that's wrong. I'm a Chaser, I find legends to learn from them, to understand our world, so that I can gain that right to change the world in the way I want to, myself. One that keeps us all safe. I'm not just going to comfortably stand around and let someone else decide what that world is, I'll chase it." 

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Fen looked at the tree, marveling it, as the group seemed to deliberate about what they needed to do. As Lily suggested that either she or Jin do something, the girl returned to her senses in the area. "Oh we-well, I mean, I suppose I could." It wasn't as though the girl couldn't climb trees, though she had never climbed one of such size before. And she hadn't been exactly the most useful here so far. The girl stayed at the tree before her, daunting as it was, and could feel it just get taller and taller the more she stared at it. She was being unsuccessful in working up the nerve to climb a tree that Agina seemed to happily mention had many dangers atop it, but all the same if she had to she had to. However, before she started, Jin seemed to happily accept the job. A sigh of relief escaped from her, followed by a bit of surprise at the cloud doing tricks before them. "G-good luck Jin," she called before seeing the man ascend up the tree. 


As he ascended the tree, his journey would be rather uneventful. The vines wouldn't seem to really bother him, instead just slithering around the branches they were on. Small insects seemed to crawling about, without much care to their surroundings. It became clear that the leaves that populated the tree weren't even from the same kind of tree, merely just a smattering from the surrounding trees with no mind to what they actually looked like. As he got to the top, were he to reach out to the leaves, a face would pop out of them. It was a face belonging to a rather squirrel-like creature. The creature stared at Jin for a brief moment, and as it did, it let out a small screech. When it did, four more squirrels seemed to come out of a small hollow in the tree, leaping off of the trunk. While they seemed to be merely falling to their doom, they then spread out their arms, revealing some kind of glider like skin, and flew up towards the man, with the other one dive bombing him from its leaf canopy.  

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"It is now my turn, draw." The girl said calmly, bringing the card to her hand. Her expression stayed level as she brought the card to the field. "First, I summon Star Drawing. Sadly, unlike the rest of my cards, this was is neither a spell nor trap. Yet even still it has its place." As she said this, a small, android looking school girl with a staff appeared. "You see, while it may be a level four monster, Star Drawing is able to count itself as a level 5 monster. As I now, technically have two level five monsters on my field," her gaze shifted to the xyz monster Tycho had on the field saying, "you must know what comes next." 


"I overlay my level 5 Star Drawing and Level 5 Artifact Lancea." As she declared this, a vortex appeared in the ground. Star Drawing drew a small star in the air with her staff, grasping it before turning into a stream of light alongside Lancea, floating into the void. "Beast of rage, breath of fire, come forth and burn that what stands in your way! Xyz Summon! Blaze, Rank 5, Volcasaurus!" A stream of fire erupted from the vortex as the dinosaur roared to life, the two overlay materials orbiting around it. A small star appeared to drift off of the xyz monster, going to Kagami's hand and turning into a card. "When Star Drawing is used to summon an Xyz Monster, it also allows me to draw one card. Next, I activate Volcasaurus's effect, detaching one overlay unit, it can destroy one monster you control and deal damage equal to its attack points. Unfortunately, you only have one monster on the field, so there isn't much of a choice to be made." As she said this, the overlay material was crunched down by the dinosaur, before it shot a stream of flame at the floating gem. As the gem was destroyed, the flames surged past the monster, dealing damage directly to Tycho. 


Tycho LP: 8000---->5800


"Sadly, or fortunately, however you look at it, Volcasaurus cannot attack the turn it activates this effect."


Despite the damage he had just incurred, Tycho did not seem defeated, in fact quite the opposite. "Your attacks pack quite a punch... I had hoped they would. Activate Trap card! Chain Whirlwind!" As he said this, the flames that had just burned him started to gather in a twister, roaring towards two of Kagami's set cards, destroying them; sending Artifact Scythe and Artifact Achilleshield to the graveyard. "Chain Whirlwind destroys two of your Magic or Trap cards whenever you destroy one of my own cards." A small satisfied smile formed on his face. "I found the weakness in your wall, Kagami. Your Artifact monsters can't release their true power on your own turn, meaning I'm free to destroy them. Not only that, but I'm also able to use Patriarch's effect whenever it's sent to the Graveyard!"
As the man sent two of his monsters from his deck to the graveyard, Kagami simply stood there. Contrary to one might think, the same level smile remained on her face and she seemed to be giving him a small round of applause. "Very good. I certainly wasn't expecting a counter-attack to that so soon, and for that I must give you praise. Though, I suppose it would be problematic if you couldn't have." Her tone made it hard to tell if she was being genuine or patronizing to the man, and she seemed to think about something briefly. "Well, all the same, please. Continue to show me your brilliance. I set one card face-down, and with that, my turn ends."