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Despite the flames across its body and seemingly shrinking from the damage it had incurred, the slime still moved on its way towards the duo. Fen slowly backed away from it, not sure what a slime could actually do but not wanting to be struck by a flaming slime tendril. However, as the creature approached it split itself into two smaller slimes, both trained on bringing down a separate individual guild member. This split was kind of unsettling to watch, as it practically hurled the flaming half towards Auburn, which left Fen to deal with a different approaching slime. As it inched forward, seeming to prep something, Fen had to think of something to stop herself from getting hit by whatever it was planning on doing. Looking around, the girl saw a pile of wood, and rushed her way over to it. Picking up a scrap, with a slightly high pitched noise of exertion, the girl tossed the plank towards the slime, not really sure what she was hoping to accomplish with it.  

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While she had tried to dissuade the white haired man, his attention seemed to shift over to Izayoi. Thinking that the man was holding out on them, especially as he told them he only had an old synchro deck to come through the tournament with, Hibiki was attempting to pressure the man into revealing whatever it was he was hiding. However, the older man did not seem to back down in the face of the psychic duelist, throwing out names that she didn't quite recognize, but which Hibiki likely did. They too were likely psychic duelists, ones of likely large power, and it only made Furiko even more curious about the man. However, while curious, she hadn't asked him and instead had her attention turned towards the monitor. Seeing that Yugo was up to bat, she looked to the others and said,"well, let's leave the threats for on the field. There's another duel going on and I think it'd be best to go watch that instead for now."


As such, she turned to look at the monitor and watch the explosive beginning between the two synchro players. Both mirroring each other's plays, despite their different decks, and both opening with a rather similar board. She was familiar with Blackwings, due to the fame of one such user known as Crow Hogan in the past, yet she hadn't ever seen this Raikiri before. Then, there was Yugo who brought out two dragons, nearly identical in appearance and name. She couldn't help but feel enamored at the glistening green wings of the white dragon, and there was even some sort of odd feeling that she had been getting from elsewhere. She couldn't quite place it, but it also felt as though there were a pulse coming from her deck itself, though, when her eyes drifted down to the deck case, it seemed to settle down. 




"Pleasure to meet you then, Valeria." As she greeted her, she snapped her fingers in realization saying, "right, that's where I saw you." Zephine proceeded to give the girl the rest of her cards, helping her reassemble her deck in its entirety. As Valeria thanked her, she said, "no probs, Val. Happy to help a fella out. Besides, can't wait to see how they do in that action you wanna show 'em in." Thinking back to the brackets she then said, "but man, it's a damn shame you know. I won't be able to see 'em in person unless we get to the semi-finals." She then shrugged saying, "ah well, guess that's life for ya. Just gotta wait then I s'pose." 


Looking back to what she was now referring to as her new found friend, she asked, "so there Val, whatcha got on the agenda for now? Duel's a long ways away, and wandering by your lonesome is probs a bit borin' right?" Hearing the roaring crowd, she followed with, "though, I s'pose that there's always a duel going on to watch so there's that." But, with a smile on her face, she turned back to Valeria asking, "so, whatcha wanna do for now, Val?"

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As the duo had met with the Aggron maid, she seemed to wonder if she was interrupting anything. When the Mismagius had answered, he looked at her for a brief moment, with a slightly curious expression on his face, wondering if he had somehow missed a step in the conversation, but quickly shook it off. As the maid spoke about her experience in the city, he couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the clearly frazzled state the thief had left her in, and jeeringly said, "sorry to hear that madame."


Soon enough, Lok and Fiona had returned, which prompted Nine to greet them as well, only to then turn back to Clotilde as she had been speaking to him. While it was true they were hunting Jirachi, Nine was incredibly wary of actually saying much in regards to the legend with Fiona around. While she didn't seem to be of much harm at the moment, that hadn't changed the fact she had fought against the group before, and aiding a god slayer no less. As such, he was unsure of what kind of adverse affect leading her towards Jirachi would have, though, he couldn't quite exclude or out her at the moment. And with the curious expression of the maid and the, quite frankly, beaming expression of Lok, he couldn't simply brush it aside at the moment. So, he simply said, "yep, Jirachi is the next one I want to go after. Well, technically it'd be the only time I've ever been after one specifically, but that's beside the point. As for why, well, I need it to help save a friend right now, and I'll leave it at that for now." 


Trying to brush this conversation aside at the moment, as he was equally reluctant to do so out in the public, he said, "for now, let's go find a place to rest up for the night. We all seem to have had a long day and if we're done with the city for now, it'd probably be best to get to rest as soon as possible." With that said, had the group agreed, he would then go on a hunt to find a place for the group to stay for the night. Though he had done his best during this period of time to keep his face in the same expression as always, it was clear his thoughts were preoccupied by something else, but he was quite dismissive in revealing what those were at the moment. 

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As Aria went on to explain what this anime was, Xia nodded, listening intently. After getting a full explanation, she thought about it for a moment before coming to a sudden realization. "Oh, it's just like those uh, cartoon things from back home." Being happy with this conclusion, the girl then listened to Angela's explanation as to how the whole Karaoke process even worked in the first place. It seemed like a simple enough process to go through, and Xia liked music as it was, so she thought this would be super fun. Wondering what they would start with, Angela deferred to the other two to pick a song first. Feeling a large sense of pressure and responsibility all dumped onto her at once, Xia seemed to have both a resolute and serious expression as she started scrolling through all the songs. There were a lot. A lot with very odd titles, some that didn't look like words, by groups that she couldn't make heads or tails of. However, there was one that stuck out to her in particular. In both song and band name, she felt eager to put it on. "Let's go with this one guys!" With excitement and eagerness taking over, the girl selected the song.


As the song began, Xia was quite wooed by the somber and ambient opening to the song, soon the lyrics showed themselves on the screen. Awkwardly and somewhat off key, the dragon girl began to speak the lyrics more so then she did actually sing as they went by. However, once the beginning part finished and the guitars picked up, she seemed to pause and wait. In a completely sudden mood shift, the girl started to do something resembled singing to the lyrics though, it was also mixed with something akin to screaming. As the girl got more into it, the guitar solo hit which involved a lot of head banging and tail wagging, or thrashing, only to go back to her intense pseudo singing once the lyrics came back. Once the song had finished, she took in a deep breath, and exhaled, turning to the others with a completely giddy look on her face. "Man, this karaoke stuff is fun"! 

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Rumian nodded at the golem's theory, though was unsure himself how the person went about doing such a thing. Shrugging at the motive he said, "I can't possibly fathom one myself either." Still, even the overgrowth that the area was experiencing was quite unusual. He hadn't ever seen one of the lotuses grow to a proportion quite like this, and was curious as to what could have been going on with it. The antlered man had stayed on the boat, not quite wanting to risk the same kind of danger that his Cherry Heart companions were, and simply watched in anticipation as they went about their own activities. 


As the golem began to speak to the flower, it would respond at first with a low growl. However, after taking in the question it replied in a slow, somewhat gravely voice. "I slept. There was food. I ate. I kept eating. I grew. I ate. It fed. It kept feeding. Can't stop eating. Grow more. Eat more. Can't stop. More. More." As the plant seemed to be babbling, it soon felt a burning sensation across its petals. As Ro's hands came in contact with the petals, he would find that they would indeed be dissolved as one would expect, though the rate at which it was happening was slower than usual. Nevertheless as his hands had completely burned a hole into the flower, he was soon met with a large tendril made completely of blue energy, striking out straight towards him. After it had attacked, it would retract back into the bud. 


When this had happened Lily would hear a change in the slow tone of the voice, became a strange mixture of excitement, anger, and desperation. "New food! More! Eat! More! Can't Stop! Pain! Die! Me! Kill! Eat!" The hole seemed to start spilling a blue light from it, and the glow around the plants surrounding it grew brighter as well. Were they on the large petals, they'd feel the tugging sensation increase, though would otherwise be unaffected. The large center flower seemed to almost be squirming, as it continued to repeat what it had said.