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#6993808 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 25 March 2017 - 11:44 PM

~Solarus Desert Battle - Part 2~

Xia looked curiously as the smaller dragon shook her head, but didn’t think much of it. What she did think much of, however, was the collapsing storm of lightning all around her. Without much that she was able to do, she just said, “oh this is probably bad.” Bracing herself for the attack, she took it on pretty much in its entirety, letting out an, “oowwwwwww,” once it was finished. Kneeling a bit from the pain, the girl had still managed to stand her ground against the turbulent winds. After getting over the pain, she stood back up and looked back to the smaller dragon, her face oddly beaming. “Man, that was sooo cool. I wish I could do that.”
“Ai whash cweatedsh tu do dish,” Tesability remarked before flying closer, though definitely not in punching range. ”Ish yu weewy ah Dwagon? Yu actsh mow wike a Hooman.” The tone wasn’t insulting, no. It sounded more like the smaller creature was trying to make sense of her opponent in her head, as though things weren’t lining up with what she was used to.
Xia nodded at the question, saying, “well, I was a human. Then I became this. Which is like, half a dragon, I think?” Xia started to ponder more on what exactly she was before quickly shaking it off and saying, “so I’m both!”
Some-f***ing-how, Tesability was managing to fly in one spot while upside down, the answer had confused her that much that instead of tilting just her head, she spun her whole self in the air. “Shay, wha’?” Blinking her solid black eyes at this before righting herself in the air. “Dat no possible! Onwy poshibal tu beesh won Taip!" Flying back a couple of wingbeats, Tesability closed her eyes before reopening them, the white dots that had been used to indicate where she was looking now showing as literal spirals of white. She was still floating above one of the platforms, so a good jump could probably reach her...
“Eh? Does that mean I’m not possible?” Xia started pondering the meaning behind that, wondering if she was some kind of super special being. That would be so cool. As she looked back to the smaller dragon, she noticed something. She then looked back to her hand. Right. Fight. Looking back to the dragon, she made quite the high jump, bringing down her hand in a chopping motion as she did so.
The fact that she felt a shadow over her brought her attention to the here-and-now faster than anything. She should be the only thing in the sky, so clearing her eyes in time to see Xia just beginning her descent as she brought down a chopping motion on her, catching her more on the lower back with it, due to size difference. This brought Tesability down closer to the ground for a bit before she caught herself and moved back up towards one of the lower platforms. “...nowts tu shewfsh, yu cansh hopsh.” That shot caught her right on the rump with that, so she just got a literal, one-hit spanking. “Dash eetsh.” Electricity surrounded the dragon in entirety before she bolted towards Xia, turning into a literal lightning bolt as she did. This girl thought she could share the skies?
Tesability planned on proving who ruled them.
Feeling a wave of triumph go through her as her attack managed to land, Xia felt slightly giddy as she landed back on the ground. As the dragon seemed to be recovering, she was happy to see that her opponent was still raring to go, though as the electricity started to gather around her, Xia wasn’t quite sure what was about to happen. So, instead of trying to react to the unknown, she simply put up her arms to guard as the smaller dragon bolted at her.
The top of Tesability’s head, though she took the form of a lightning bolt, connected with Xia. Sure, the little dragon saw stars, but she had taken far worse and the girl was also now in the air as well by quite the distance...possibly even going off the platform with this level of impact and speed. The impact was also surrounded by shockwaves that sent the sand below rippling multiple times...one of the other platforms even moved a tiny bit to the perceptive eye.
Taking the attack head on, and straight into her arms, Xia felt a large and sudden impact strike into her. Her arms were pushed back further into her as she was taken off her feet by the attack, and sent clean off the platform. Noticing that she was suddenly in the air, Xia couldn’t but look around in wonder, as she landed near the edge of the platform behind her, skidding a bit and with one foot briefly slipping off of it. Despite being surprised, with a good force of will, the girl had managed to keep herself from falling off entirely and put her foot back onto the platform, shaking her arms as the pain from the attack had set it. When Xia looked back, she would see Tesability having landed where she once was, the electricity faded away and looking normal again. 
While she looked at the dragon, she couldn’t help but feel like she was being taunted in some way, but the feeling didn’t really set in further than that. Instead, despite the pain she had just felt, she still looked rather joyful saying, “man, the people here are sooo strong. Awesome!” Stepping forward and further from the edge, Xia began to collect magical energy across her fist again.
Another sneeze exited her nose, releasing yet another tiny lightning bolt. “...mow magicksh,” she grumbled under her breath. Instead of flying up, however, she started backpawing, giving her wings a chance to rest in this heat as she watched her foe’s actions…
...well, at least it was starting to feel hot to her…
Having been stationary for most of the fight while the arena was hot, because it was a desert, Xia didn’t feel any difference in it then when she had started. Instead, she continued to charge the magical energy in her fist as she walked forward. As she got near to the opposite edge of her platform, she figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to just recklessly jump up onto the platform, and simply stayed where she was continuing her charge.
Tesability shook her head, her throat feeling dry as she breathed in. She felt the attacks of Fire NetMonsters before, but this felt on a different level than them, a different kind of heat. Bending a wing, she tried seeing if fanning herself, or at least her head, would work. It helped a little, but it was nowhere near what she needed to get comfortable again. “...eet hawtsh,” she managed in a whine.
As Xia had finished her charge on her fist, she nodded and looked to her opponent who seemed to be staying put, though, didn’t look like they were paying attention. Xia wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but now was as good a time as any to get leaping. And so, running to the edge of her platform, she jumped off and went to pull herself back up onto the center platform again.
Tesability felt something through the pads on her paws, a ‘thud’. Lifting her head, she saw Xia pulling herself up onto the center ledge. And so, claws out, she kicked up and flew forwards before landing on Xia’s hands and arms with claws that were starting to spark.
As she stood back up on the center platform, Xia saw the smaller dragon bring out its claws and leap towards the water dragon girl. Seeing the sudden leap, Xia could only really bring up one of her arms to block the dragon, but it did little as the sparking claws latched onto it. Feeling a sharp pain go through her arm, Xia winced a bit at it. However, looking at the dragon she realized something and said, “hey thanks.” With that, she swung the arm the dragon was latched onto as she also brought her body towards the platform.
“Sumfin won’ wiff gwound,” she responded after the ‘thanks’. "Nu wan--OOF!” Next thing she knew, an arm connected with her snout, turning it into an accordion for the second time this match in addition to launching her back a little. ”Meeniesh!” Pulling her nose forward again to straighten it back out after regaining herself in the air, she glared at Xia and let loose with a roar...which sounded a little too cute to be taken seriously. Yeah, she was hot, but she was a few levels of mad right now. Claws electrifying once more, she zipped forwards towards Xia. This time, only her forepaws were leaving trails of electricity as she swiped forward with one of them. Xia’s watch announced a name at the would-be impact.
Stinging Saber.
What the NetMonster just did was a named attack.


#6993764 RP Smash Database

Posted by Skaia on 25 March 2017 - 09:54 PM

Dragon Fish Out Of Water's Wonderful Wandering and Walloping Writings (and more)

Day 1


#6992064 Bug a Hedgehog...Or...Ask Sonic Anything

Posted by Skaia on 21 March 2017 - 09:04 PM

Do you enjoy Tiger Mask? 

#6991247 Bug a Hedgehog...Or...Ask Sonic Anything

Posted by Skaia on 20 March 2017 - 05:24 PM

White Rice or Fried? 

#6991230 Post and I'll Find a Reason to Ground You

Posted by Skaia on 20 March 2017 - 04:50 PM

Is it because I wouldn't get in the box to Canada? 

#6991222 Bug a Hedgehog...Or...Ask Sonic Anything

Posted by Skaia on 20 March 2017 - 04:40 PM

So, which character do you prefer. Chaos, or Sonic? 

#6987281 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 08 March 2017 - 08:19 PM



While the dragon girl had been having fun with her fellow fighter friends at the bar, all good things had come to an end. As the intercom played telling everyone to go to their rooms for the night, Xia sighed in disappointment. While she was sad to end her activities, the intercom did tell her to go see Gnash, and the weird eye fish ball thing was quite friendly. So, getting up from her seat she then waved to the fur monster man saying, "it was fun meeting you." Looking over to her friend she tried to shake her awake saying, "come on sleepy sleepy we gotta get to our rooms." While shaking her, the girl had no real response, to which Xia looked at her and then snapped her fingers in realization as she remembered that this was how some of her other friends were after they came home from the bar. So, not worrying too much about it, she picked the girl up with arm, throwing her onto her shoulder and carried her out. 


Navigating through the area to find the guard station, the girl had eventually made her way back to where Gnash was. When she had asked where it was that her rooms were, the eye fish ball seemed to be quite confused, given that he had already told them where it was. Realizing that those rooms and the rooms she was supposed to go to now were indeed the same ones, Xia simply waved to the creature saying, "thanks Gnash," before walking away. After having deposited Angela in their room, Xia left and moved on to her own. Being exactly the same in design to her friend's, there wasn't much room for the dragon girl to move around in, but nevertheless, all she really needed it for was a bed. And so, deciding to wrap the day up, the girl lied down on her bed in an attempt to sleep, excited for what new things there were to do in the next day. 


When the day had started once again, Xia woke up stretching herself out a bit before flopping out of bed. Not paying it much mind, the girl sprung back to her feet, completing her stretches as once again, a message played. The girl took note of it intently, knowing that she'd no longer be able to have that "strong stuff" as freely or whatever it was that she had actually eaten last night. However, her eyes lit up at the mention of signing up for fights in order to keep going, as without much thought she went to go sign up for it. Fights were always a good way to meet new people, and what better way to make sure they were new then through randomness? 


Continuing through the message, she then went to go check on what these other events for fighting things were. Each one seemed to be either confusing in name to her or really intriguing. And then she got to the last one. Looking at the title with determination and wonder she shouted aloud, "a dragon!?" Xia had only ever heard of one dragon before now and she hadn't actually seen or heard anything about it for quite a long time. To think that there were more out here. Xia looked at the point value, seeing it to be a 5000 point entry fee, and while she wasn't the brightest crayon in the tool shed, she knew that was far beyond her reach at the moment. Down-trodden by this, she had decided that she would instead check out the rest of what these non-combat related events were. 


Her eyes stopping on the first thing that she saw, that being the interview, the girl received renewed vigor as she had decided this would be her day's activity. She had no idea who these "Gabby and Ty" nor exactly what an "interview" was, but she did know that the point of this tournament was all about doing new things and experiences. So, deciding to go meet these two people, Xia walked from her room and back to the elevator. As she made her way out, someone saying they were there to clean her room came by, to which Xia just gave them a friendly smile saying, "thanks cleaning friend." What nice people here. After that, she made her way to the magic moving box. Once inside, she focused herself trying to figure out just what it was she was supposed to do in order to get to this television station, before she resolved to just keep hitting the down button. Eventually, it would go no further, making Xia feel that she was indeed at the end of the elevator. 


Navigating through the menus on her watch, Xia continued to keep pressing button after button, being somewhat overwhelmed with the raw amount of knowledge at her fingertips but eventually landed on one that she saw say, "TV Station." Seeing that the menu was under the "map's section," she had figured this collection of shapes was just what she needed to find out where to do this interview thing. Briefly congratulating herself for defeating one of the watch's many puzzles, the girl then started to follow the information provided to her in order to get to said station. 


As she left the building, Xia was somewhat blown away by just all of the things that were around. All the different kinds of buildings and cars, and...flying cars? While the girl had started to wonder aimlessly, simply in awe of the city around her, she shook her head as she remembered she had a task to do. Going through her map thing, she knew that she had to go find a giant arrow, and so, with that in mind, the girl began walking in the direction of the giant arrow. 

#6987126 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Skaia on 08 March 2017 - 01:33 AM



With the sun hanging high in the sky and every booth set up, every attraction going and every person in the city of Prunus moving about in one big hustle and bustle, the white haired girl couldn't help but marvel at the sight. Her eyes glanced from booth to booth, wondering just what kind of things they were offering, but her vision of most things were obstructed by the festival goers moving about, either aimlessly meandering or going to check things out themselves. The girl couldn't help but feel a mix of both excitement yet unease as she continued to slowly move about the crowd. Busy settings weren't anything new to her, but being in a city that was foreign to her in an ever moving sea of people caused her to move with caution through it. 


Trying to refocus herself on what her task was, she knew that she had to look for some kind of guild, but didn't have much of an idea where to start. Having a bit of trouble navigating around, she decided that she would simply join the first one that caught her attention, which was swiftly captured as she saw a staff rise above the crowd. Wondering what it was, she made her way through the crowd, only to see a sight that gave her pause. A rather tough looking man, the kind that was likely to mug someone in an alleyway, wearing a helmet adorned with horns was making his way away from the table. A bit frightened by the sight, Fen wondered just what kind of other imposing people were in the guild and started to turn away, thinking it best to just look for another one. 


However, stopping herself, she shook her head as if to tell herself not to be stopped so easily, and turned back to face the guild's sign up table. Waiting as she saw a girl with cat like ears and tail walking away from it, Fen slowly approached the table, before asking the lady sitting there, "um, is this where the sign ups are?" 


"Yes, you're in the right place miss!" Celica was looking quite excited as another potential applicant went closer to her stand. "Are you interested in joining Cherry Heart? In that case, may we perform a short interview first? It will be quick, you don't need to worry too much about it."


Seeming to be slightly more at ease, Fen nodded saying, "oh um, sure, that'll be fine."


"First of all, can you tell me more about yourself? A short introduction should be sufficient."


"Um, well, my name is Fen Yi and I'm from the city of Fraxinus. My family runs a restaurant there, the Yin Xin Yue."


"Ah, wait, you're the daughter of the owner? I really like the food there!"


Her face lit up a bit as she said, "oh you do? Mom and Dad will be really glad to hear that."


"Maybe we should consider having a joint- A-anyway, I'm sorry for getting distracted. On to the next question, can you tell me why do you want to join this guild?"


"Well, it's a tradition of my family's to go out and explore the world. We like to see new places and find new creatures to help better widen our expertise. So, I was thinking that a guild would be a good way to go about that."


"I see. Do you have any goals in mind, something specific you want to achieve or aim for in this guild?"


"Oh, um," seemingly taken off guard she began to think on it before saying, "I guess I hadn't thought of any specifics. I just uh, want to see what there is and cook new things."


"Hmm...it's fair to think about it like that for now. Do you have any skills, magic, or abilities that you can use to help the guild?"


"Well, I'm good at foraging plants and hunting, and while I'm not as good as my parents, I'm still fairly confident in my culinary skills. Oh, and uh," pulling the polearm off her back she says, "I'm still fairly new to it but I know how to fight with this. And I have a small amount of magical talent," holding out her hand, ice crystals began to form across the surface. "But it isn't really that useful."


"Refrigerating food...ah! Do not worry about not knowing how to fight, we will help you with it as long as you're willing." Celica then brought out the document she had shown several times to other people that day, and pushed it towards Fen's direction. "Lastly, are you willing to accept the terms and conditions for joining this guild?"


After briefly looking over the notes Fen's lights up a bit as she nodded, saying, "sure." After that she signs her name down she bows, saying, "thank you for having me."


"You're welcome, see you later once the festival week's over."


With that, the white haired girl had left the booth, letting out a deep sigh of relief. She had managed to get past the first hurtle of her journey, and it seemed that not everyone in the guild was as tough as the horned helmet man. Not really minding where she was walking, the girl aimlessly moved about with her eyes facing the ground until she accidentally knocked into something. Being pushed back by the sudden collision, falling to the ground with an, "owow," the girl picked herself back up only to notice that what she had knocked into was another person. Seeing the blond haired boy, somewhat taller than her, she noticed that he gave off quite a menacing aura himself and, panicking like a small lamb, she started to apologize. "Oh no, I'm sorry, sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Are you alright?" 

#6986317 Cherry Heart: A Quest-based RP [OOC/Currently Not Accepting/Co-hosted by Skai...

Posted by Skaia on 05 March 2017 - 01:52 AM

Alright folks, the list is set and the characters have been chosen. It is as follows:

Final Judgement

If your character's name is here then it means you're in. So congrats. 

For those of you who didn't get in, we do indeed have our reasons for them as listed below. 

Final Judgement Reviews


With all that said there are still a few characters that had some gray area to them and thus they will be discussed in this area below:

Gray Areas


With that, judgement has passed. 

#6986050 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 03 March 2017 - 11:09 PM



After having informed Asura of what it was he was supposed to do, Alois felt as though he was going to be awfully bored. Sure, he could've followed along as Asura and Edrick had both left for the bathhouse, and everyone else was apparently there as well. And while it might have killed some time, Alois simply did not want to get going there. He only got the feeling that it would be awkward for him to enter there, and even it was probably the optimal place to tease people, he just didn't feel like it. All that left here was the princess and her flower knight though, similarly, he didn't really feel like poking fun at them right now either. Really, having time to settle down from the talk, Alois realized that he felt pretty odd. Thinking on it, though, he couldn't really figure out why. It wasn't as though she said anything startling to him. Nor was it like he had gotten something off of his chest, something he had been ready to scream out. So what was it? His eyes lit up for a second as he came to a bit of a realization before shaking his head to stop that train. "Stupid," he muttered to himself. Standing himself up, if everyone else had gone off to do something in the city, Alois figured he might have as well. And it wasn't like they'd be coming back any time soon. With that, Alois had left the inn, going to wander the streets once again. 


As Alois had been walking through the city, he couldn't help but marvel at how active and busy it was. Despite the hour, there were people bustling all about, noise coming from every which direction as merchants had attempted to shout over the crowds and advertise themselves to the passerbys. While it wasn't as though both sectors of Ithome were desolate before, Alois had never really seen something so alive before and was thus merely walking in wonder, looking every which way. His attention was only further taken by the large series of buildings that all seemed connected together. Going inside the complex, the boy was taken aback further as the market seemed to expand into its true state within, selling all kinds of wares that the boy had never even heard of. A rather genuine smile across his face, Alois walked about the area, simply browsing what was around. 

#6984744 Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 25 February 2017 - 04:37 PM



Furiko listened, quite curious as to what the lifestyle that Aika had grown up in was like. She had figured that Aika had come from somewhere out in the country, given her dialect and manner of speaking, but outside of that she wasn't sure what it was like. The idea of what the place was wasn't too far off from what she had been expecting, but what was surprising to her was that Aika was actually a psychic. In retrospect, it had made sense what with how there always a storm wherever she was playing, but it was still a bit surprising to here from the source nonetheless. While she enjoyed hearing about the place and might've talked to the girl more about it, their attention was taken by something else. Seeing that their target was in sight, mumbling something that clearly sounded suspicious. With her partner seeming to think the same thing, they were briefly stumped on what to do. Furiko had never actually done any sort of spy work before in her life, so she, quite like her partner (who she couldn't help but try to stifle a chuckle at her pronunciation of espionage,) wasn't exactly sure how to proceed. Aika had also brought up that they weren't even sure what the guy with the wicked god could even do. And since Aika was not even five feet tall and could destroy rooftops by accident, she was a bit wary to find out. 


As such, the group had three options here. If they stayed and continued to just observe him in public, it would likely become obvious to Akaryuu anyway and they would end up being the suspicious ones to the rest of the public. As for the second one, Furiko wasn't exactly comfortable with just restraining a person and interrogating them. As such the only other option was to just talk with him. Looking back to her partner, Furiko whispered, "I suppose I'll just start a conversation with him. We're in public so it shouldn't be that bad if things go south." With that settled, she walked over to the robed figure saying, "oh, are you Akaryuu?" Looking as if she had realized that she hadn't given any context for her question, she then said, "sorry, I'm Furiko. I know we aren't in the same bracket of the tournament, but to get here you have to be pretty good regardless, meaning I'd probably see you in later tournaments. So why not get friendly now, right?"With a smile on her face she extended her hand out to have the robed figure shake it. 





As Hanae had continued to watch the duel at hand, she was only mildly invested in it. Either player winning didn't make much of a difference to her, and while there was some back and forth going on, the only thing that really caught her attention was the Stardust Spark Dragon card. The monster Stardust Dragon was pretty well known, historical even, and it was something that was sort of commonplace in synchro decks. However, she had never actually heard of the Spark variant of it and was thus sort of curious about it. This curiosity was only driven further at the summon of Ancient Pixie Dragon, which had a similar sort of uniqueness to it, and so she had continued to watch the duel as it went on. However, she eventually realized something was missing from the room. Looking around, she saw that the furball was no longer around. Realizing that it was probably bad for some spirit thing to just be wandering around in a crowded area, the girl sighed as she figured she'd have to make sure it didn't get into any trouble. As she got up, she saw the blank card she had put down earlier, still curious by its existence but unable to just leave it be. As such, she put the card with the rest of her deck before leaving the room going to start wandering about in search of the creature. 

#6984630 Cherry Heart: A Quest-based RP [OOC/Currently Not Accepting/Co-hosted by Skai...

Posted by Skaia on 25 February 2017 - 02:23 AM

Eyyy Reviews

#6984497 Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [OOC/Not Accepting/Started/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 24 February 2017 - 03:46 PM

Could someone catch me up on what's happened so far?

Tournament Shenanigans:

Furiko vs Kyouji resulting in the former's loss as an exhibition match 

Now in its later stages, Jet vs Kuria is going on

Meanwhile the Blank Card holders are all splitting up to see if they can find anyone suspicious that might be a wicked god user 


Spirit World Shenanigans: 

Everything was fine but then the Wicked Nation Attacked. 

Daichi and not!Gajeel have their fated rematch 

This guy named Aladjinn summons ignites and they go attack the magic citadel 

By the way Aladjinn turns out be Wicked Eraser as he summons himself 

Miero gets provoked by the Eraser and the two start dueling/fighting each other. 

Current Status of the area: 


#6984228 Cherry Heart: A Quest-based RP [OOC/Currently Not Accepting/Co-hosted by Skai...

Posted by Skaia on 23 February 2017 - 06:07 PM

Nah, all the apps are just some elaborate hoax. Anyway, yeah, it's getting revived, but some things are somewhat different than they were before so if you're porting over a character be sure to modify them appropriately. 

#6981626 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 17 February 2017 - 02:20 AM



As he heard her shout out the words, "book deserter" Alois was left slightly stunned and confused at the expression. "So it's gonna be like that, is it?" He said under his breath. Standing there, he then turned to see the knight walk over to him and greet him, before just giving a nonchalant, "hey there." He didn't say much else to the knight, just sort of awkwardly standing there and waiting for whatever it was he was supposed to be doing here. Everyone else seemed to be congregating downstairs and Alois was starting to wonder just what it was they did last night that caused this to even happen, though soon his thoughts were interrupted as the fox girl exited the room and simply told him to go in. Without much of a word left, Alois simply waltzed his way in, closing the door behind him as he entered. "Well your bookliness, I'm here. So what is it that we're supposed to be talking about?"


She, surprisingly given her earlier words, seemed composed. She was sitting at the small desk near the window, on the chair, facing the doorway. She gestures towards her bed, the only other seat in the room besides Sienna's bed, and spoke in a calm tone. "You've likely noticed many problems within the group. From what I've seen of you you're not opposed to speaking your mind, however, you don't often share your full opinions. I want to know if there's any problems you have with our group."


"That all?" He said, wry smile still on his face. However, his expression became more thoughtful, as he stood there pensive for a moment. Finally he said, "honestly there's nothing much from them that really causes any friction between me and the other people, unless they don't just appreciate my brand of conversing. Though, that knight of yours could stand to get a spine."


As he thought on it more he then followed up with saying, "but I won't lie and say that these people don't have their issues. Asura, Eddy, C. They're all way too prone to violent and emotional outbursts. They rarely seem to think before just about anything they do and as such, probably get themselves in deep s***. And our local Cat and Link, well. One seems to just be a sheet of directions and the other I can't help but almost forget he's with us at times."


The girl had seemed focused on what he was saying, taking notes down all the while before acknowledging what Alois had said. "That could be a problem yes. And I will talk to them about that." she pauses, thinking, then leans forward. "Do you ever regret joining this group?"


Chuckling at the question at the question, Alois said, "what and miss all of this while I would just be aimlessly wandering about?" His face became more neutral as he said, "no. Can't say I have." After he answered her, the girl then started to stare intently at him for what felt like, and probably was, a solid minute. All the while, her expression became more expectant, as if waiting for the fighter to say something more. His face, in turn, only became more confused as the stare down went on before finally saying, "what?" 


She nodded. "Thought so. You really are a simple guy, aren't you?"


At this, Alois's face had the slightest of smiles across it with his voice becoming more solemn in tone. "Didn't have much before so I'm fine with what I got now."


With Alois not seeming to linger on the specific topic, Penelope nodded sharply and before speaking again. "That is all. If someone's waiting send them in. Otherwise..." She smirked. "Go find one of them and bring them here."


"Alrighty then princess." His voice, getting its usual vigor back. He then started to turn slightly away before stopping and looking back. "Though, this is a bit one sided don't you think? You have any concerns about me you want to vent out?" The seriousness he had in the conversation prior was all but gone. Despite this, the girl gave him no reaction except for a gesture to leave, to which Alois could only oblige.Throwing his hands up in mock resignation saying, "fine fine." Before he could get to the outside, the Princess then commented telling him to stop referring to Fox Face by the nickname he had given her. This only caused him to sigh more, but he took note of it.As he got to the door he offhandedly said, "also learn to carry your own books," before opening the door and leaving. Once outside he looks over to his roommate saying, "well you're up big man." With that, he watched as Gunther moved into the room, before leaving the area. With not much else to do, Alois looked around a bit before noticing there was still one door with a completely untouched note. Letting out a sigh, the boy walked over to the door before knocking on it, "wakey wakey wonder duo."