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#7037220 Grand Fire Emblem Tournament 3 [Nominations Open]

Posted by Skaia on 18 September 2017 - 01:58 AM

  1. Alm (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)
  2. Valbar (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) 
  3. Elincia (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)
  4. Tibarn (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance)
  5. Ranulf (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance) 
  6. Forde (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones) 
  7. Nino (Fire Emblem Blazing Sword) 
  8. Shiro (Fire Emblem Fates)
  9. Inigo (Fire Emblem Awakening)

#7036972 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 16 September 2017 - 07:25 PM

Xia vs Aurora - Part 1:
As the dragon girl was able to freely move once again, the girl looked around with awe at the new place. The two of them seemed to be high, way higher than where she had been last time she fought. And if she remembered anything about last time, falling off might lead to her getting attacked by air sharks. Though, having never met air sharks before the girl was then curious about them. Shaking the thought off, though, Xia looked towards her opponent and waved saying, “hiii! Nice to meet you Aurora! And good luck too!” Cracking her knuckles, the girl went with a simple attack. Running head first at her opponent, with fists clenched. 
“Good luck,” Aurora greeted back as the dragon girl started charging forward. She had to admit, against an opponent more eager to run face-first into the fight, instead of sitting back and firing off lasers like Caleb had, Aurora felt much more at home and confident in the fight. The cryomancer’s foot slammed into the rock beneath her feet, prompting a wall of ice to appear between her and her opponent. You’ll need it. Wall up, Aurora started preparing her own attack. A volley of no less than five spikes of ice, which she wasted no time in lobbing over the wall.
Xia’s face lit up in curiosity as her opponent created a wall of ice in front of herself. While this was certainly surprising, neither it, nor the apparent ice spikes flying at her, stopped her charge. Dodging the first of the spikes, the girl then punched once with both of her fists, breaking two more of the spikes. However, this let the other two hit her across her arms, though outside of the momentary cold and pain, it deterred her little. As she made her way to the wall of ice, Xia merely punched at the wall with great force, attempting to shatter through it. 
A look of surprise briefly crossed Aurora’s face as a hole was punched clean through her wall. It had been awhile since she’d seen that happen. She didn’t want a punch to the face from this person, not that she was particularly eager to get hit by anyone in the first place. If she’s as strong as I think, two… no, three punches will be all I can take. So it’s just a matter of not letting her hit me. Easy. Aurora congratulated Xia’s wall-breaking strength by raising a hand in her direction, and firing off a beam of ice. Either it hit, or it missed and created a small pillar somewhere. This would be a long-term fight - as they usually were with Aurora - so she was fine with either outcome.
As the wall before her broke, Xia saw a large swirl of cold appear in front of her. Keeping the forward momentum from breaking through the wall, Xia raised up an arm to take the ice beam, ice forming across it. However, without pausing from the attack, Xia continued to step forward and follow up with a punch from her unfrozen arm at the girl. 
Aurora blocked the incoming punch as best she could, but Xia’s raw strength - as she expected - was simply too much to handle. The cryomancer was sent hurtling back by the attack, and soon retaliated by firing off another ice beam at the dragon, stirring up an icy tailwind from behind her in the meantime. That should slow her, even if it’s just a little bit. Aurora didn’t like pushing herself, even if it was just a little bit, but this was quickly proving to be a fight where she’d have to go all-in. Even so, she wanted to ease into it a bit.
As the girl went hurtling back, Xia saw that she was going in for a counter with yet another beam. Bringing up her already frozen arm, the girl blocked the beam with it, causing another layer of ice to form over it. Having a bit of trouble moving the arm around now, also being somewhat weighed down, her already none too quick speed was only slowed further by the cold wind being generated by her opponent. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop her from continuing to single mindedly charge at Aurora, and attempting to punch her.
There wasn’t really any stopping her like this. But a plan was forming in Aurora’s head. It would take a bit to set up, and if it failed she’d probably lose this fight, but getting it right could be a sudden win, if Aurora was imagining everything right. For now, she had to continue this keepaway game. In the now, with another attempt at a punch headed her way, that meant putting up a wall between herself and her opponent, and continuing to retreat as it quickly broke, firing off beams of ice aimed at the ground between herself and Xia. She could already feel a distinct chill running up her spine, and it didn’t have much to do with the ice she was coating the ground between the two with so much as how it got there. Ground iced, Aurora continued firing off ice beams toward her opponent. She didn’t really expect to stop Xia this time, but the plan had little to do with stopping her at this rate.
With another wall put in her way, the girl merely crashed her unfrozen fist into it, breaking it down yet again. Continuing to move forward towards Aurora, Xia suddenly had her charge messed with, as she hadn’t noticed the ice forming on the ground. And so, instead of running towards Aurora actually intending to attack, she instead started to slip and slide forward, not really in control of her forward momentum at this point. 
It’s something. Aurora saw the slipping opponent, and in it, an opportunity. A simple one, that only involved creating yet another wall not far ahead of Xia. In the meantime, she fired a pair of thinner beams off to her sides, forming a pair of spiked pillars of ice near the edges of the arena she and Xia found themselves in. Briefly glancing behind her to see how much more room she had to fall back revealed a cave not at all far. If she had to keep retreating, she’d definitely be in there before long.
With yet another wall in her way, Xia tried to stop it as she had the other two, however with little control over her movement she merely crashed into the wall, landing on flat on her tail. Wincing a bit from the collision, the dragon girl started to pick herself back up, first punching the ice that encased her arm, freeing it up. She then went to break the wall in front of her with yet another punch, and started to run, albeit at an even slower pace towards Aurora once again. 
Aurora glanced over the battlefield. She surveyed how much of the ground had been covered in ice, and the two pillars at the end. Almost enough… I think. Almost. For now, Aurora had to keep at bay the dragon girl approaching her, albeit slowed by the ice beneath her feet. Firing off more ice like she’d been doing so liberally up until now felt like a bad idea. She had to change it up. Aurora instead stirred up an icy gale, blowing it down the battlefield and into Xia. She didn’t expect that to stop the advance entirely, but it would definitely slow her down some more with the ice to consider. For good measure, Aurora created a quartet of small shards of ice, firing them off at Xia and letting the tailwind speed them up a bit more.
Feeling even slower from the icy headwind, the dragon girl was starting to move at a pace more akin to a brisk jog than an actual run. This was only put to a brief halt as she raised up her arms to brace herself against the ice shards crashing into her. She was making very little ground, which was somewhat upsetting to the girl yet she didn’t really have a way to close the gap any quicker. Once she had finished blocking, the girl started to try and break out into a full run once more, her run being interrupted as it turned more into a dive towards the girl, slipping on the ice and falling forward at her. 
With Xia’s dive, Aurora found herself in the spot she least wanted to be in. Xia was right there, and Aurora was pinned to the ground by a dragon girl. But fighting on Rama-Indri in this arena, as Aurora learned yesterday, meant that the chills she gained from using her powers too much would fade. She’d take advantage of that in ways she couldn’t back home, starting here by creating a spiked igloo around herself and Xia, similar to what she’d done yesterday against Caleb. This time, however, in addition to that, she pointed both of her hands directly at Xia’s face, and fired off a pair of ice beams. “It won’t be that easy just because you caught me,” she grinned.
Pinning the girl to the ground, Xia had a smile on her face as she said, “woo, got ya!” It was at this point that her joy was replaced with wonder as a spiked icy dome appeared around her, having her say, “whoooa, that’s so cool Aurora!” As she looked at her opponent, though, she noticed that her hands seemed to be radiating with the same cold that they did she shot those weird cold beam things. Not wanting to be hit in the face by them, Xia attempted to try and shove Aurora forward and out from under herself, hoping to direct the ice girl’s hands away from her face and more so towards her torso. 
As Aurora felt herself being shoved toward the wall of her own igloo, she did what any reasonable cryomancer would do. She scattered the bricks of her igloo, reassembling them into a spiked wall between herself and Xia as she felt a surge of cold wash over her. Her arms wrapped around herself on reflex. I’ll have to end this fast. With those bricks, that should be enough once I add… For good measure, Aurora fired off another pair of ice beams to her sides, creating another pair of pillars. Her teeth briefly chattered, as Aurora turned again. The cave was right behind her. Aurora clumsily walked into the cave, creating a row of icicles on the top of the entrance and a wall behind her.
Xia felt an immense cold encase her body, as the beams struck her torso, the girl attempted to stand up still. Even if hampered, she saw yet another wall within her way and was not about to let it stand in her way. Getting on both of her feet, the girl sent a fist at one of the spikes at the wall, breaking it off. She then followed it up with another fist directed where she broke the spike off, breaking the wall before her. With that out of the way, the dragon girl followed after Aurora.
Now! “You sure are strong,” she sincerely complimented, briefly glancing behind Xia. That should be enough… I think. “I haven’t fought anyone this strong in a while.” Behind her opponent, Aurora began pulling the ice that coated the ground up, coming up in large pillars and small spikes alike. Above the two, she began to loosen the icicles hanging from the cave entrance’s ceiling.
“Aww thanks!” Xia genuinely said at the compliment. “I haven’t fought any this cold or super awesome like, ever. Tes was kind of awesome, but not cold. But yeah, you’re really cool too!” After she complimented the girl, however, her attention then shifted to the now raising ice on the ground. Being both amazed but also worried about it, the girl tried to brace herself against it, only to then be hit by the ice raining from the top. Grimacing in pain as the ice shards slashed through her, the girl buckled a bit. When it was over, she was clearly wounded, frost covering most of her body as she seemed to be heavily breathing. “Man, that was really awesome,” her voice was weaker than before but still as peppy as ever. “Oh I know. I should do something awesome too!” Standing back up, the girl’s arm started to charge with a blue energy as a smile persisted on her face.

#7036078 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 12 September 2017 - 10:37 PM

As the girl began to walk, the land around her seemed to bloom forth with the raw amount of power she generated. Though despite this miraculous feat, the girl seemed to pay no mind to it as she merely charged forward with laser focused determination. Trees in her way were toppled, only to be replaced by new ones as she passed through the area. While it seemed to be naught but senseless destruction, it wasn't until the girl felt a strange feeling wash across her that she paused. Looking towards the two shamans, they seemed to begin chanting as they cut their palms, an action that made the girl curious but non-reactive aside from that. However, as she felt the strange feeling course through her body, she understood that these two were the cause of it, the cause of the magic. Her already annoyed face scrunching up into more frustration, the girl began to walk towards the shamans. As they continued to try their curse, a blue energy started to flow across her arm, burning bright with raw arcane force. As the shamans realized that their curse was entirely ineffective, it was already too late. 


With a simple punch, the girl unleashed a brilliant deep blue stream of energy, crashing into the ground near the shamans and tossing them to the side. The mere force of it had left them stunned, and while Cain was trying to recollect himself, his ankle would suddenly feel drenched. Looking at it, he would see a tendril of water wrapped around it, and then feel a sharp pain as it tightened. The man's leg then twisted at an unnatural angle, causing him to cry out in pain, as he was pulled towards the dragon girl. As his body was flung towards her, she then smacked down on Cain's abdomen. As the wind was knocked out of him, the man was left stunned as a forceful foot stepped onto his chest. Looking up, he saw the dragon girl's face filled with nothing but anger and contempt. As the foot began to press further in, the shaman went for a last ditch effort as he reached into his pocket. Pulling out a lighter, the man ignited, causing the small flame to turn into a giant wildfire shooting upwards, engulfing the dragon girl in her entirety. 


A small hope began to fill Cain as he felt the force against his chest lessen, only for despair to follow quickly after as a foot stomped on his elbow. Letting out a blood curdling scream as his elbow was smashed into pieces, he was soon silenced as the same foot came back down against his chest. The first stomp was enough to crush the rib cage in its entirety, eviscerating all the organs inside, only for the following ones to merely be a formality. As the man was silenced, and the flames having subsided, the dragon girl's face was filled with a fury unlike before, entirely unaffected by the fire. Looking over to hunt for the next shaman, it took no time at all as Dario hadn't moved very far. 


A look of desperate confidence was clear across his face, as he raised a large stone column into the air, roughly as tall as any of the trees in the forest, with twice the width. As the large stone pillar was moving forward to crush the dragon, it seemed to stop before it even hit the ground. Despite putting more force into it, the pillar did not move, and Dario's panic only started to rise. This culminated into his eyes going wide, breathless at the sight of the mighty stone construct being shattered instantly. As the rubble fell, all that could be seen was the dragon girl, one fist in the air covered in dust. Glaring at the shaman, she took off with Dario sprinting as fast as he could away from her. Though his pace could never hope to match hers, his run was cut short as a hand grasped the back of his head, effortlessly lifting him into the air. He started to scream, pray, curse, and cry all at once as the pressure from each finger started to press into his skull. And then it stopped. Nothing left to scream. Nothing left to feel. With nothing left to grasp onto, the headless body fell to the ground. The blood on her hand was cleaned off as a rush of water flowed off her arm. Though both shamans were dead, her fury was not sated. There was still strange magic around, and she would not rest until it was eliminated from the area. 

#7035910 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 12 September 2017 - 02:35 AM

With the Atlas safe from harms way, the guardian made sure that it was safe. Diving as far underwater as they could, the Atlas was placed under much stone, sand a seal made of magically compressed water. Once they confirmed it was safe, they went on to what was irritating them next. The Atlas was angered by something. Something magical. Other magical things. And in turn, the guardian was angered. They would let no harm come to it, and thus, would destroy that which would. Letting out a bestial roar from the depths of the sea, one so fierce even those on the surface above would be able to faintly hear, the guardian ascended. Rushing upwards, as they broke the surface of the water, a large column of water was expelled upwards, easily visible by all in the area, the water falling to the ground as if it was a miniature rain fall. However, despite this grand entrance, there was no beast or behemoth visible from it. 


Instead, landing on the ground was a being that appeared to be an adult female human in form. Her garb was very strange for the land she was in, having a more east Asian theme to them, her hair was long and black and she bore strikingly non-human features; two horns atop her head, a large blue scaled tail, and visible scales across her body. She didn't know what the source of the magic was, nor why it was agitating the Atlas. However, she could understand the source, or sources as it may be. And she would not allow such things to exist any longer. With an expression of single minded determination and fists clenched, the half-dragon began their march towards the first source of magic they could find. Within in her path there would only lay ruin; no tree left rooted, no stone unbroken, and no being would still draw breath. For she was the guardian and nothing would stop her. 

#7034433 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 05 September 2017 - 04:05 PM

Enemy Phase:
As each and every one of the Iron Falcons stared to converge on Grass the Pain, the bandit leader looked to the first one who had approached him. "Me?! Surrender?! Oh lady, you don't seem to understand who you're dealing with here! I'll break your legs and sell your fancy shmancy bird to the highest bidder! Ahahaha!" As he bellowed out a laugh, his attention was then grabbed by the wyvern riding girl who flew near him. While she seemed like she was armed and ready to strike him, the man didn't seem to fear her any more then he did the rest of the Iron Falcons. Instead, a smile grew across his face as he said, "well, you seem a little lost, don't you? After I'm thorugh with these clowns and that scaly bat you're riding, I'm sure the boss'll be real pleased with you." 
As the thief called her insult out at him, he then shouted, "what!? Grass the Pain is a terrifying name and my parents had great naming sense, you little-, ah whatever! All of you just die!" With that, he swung his axe at the first one to suggest surrender to him, Aleithe. Unfortunately, his axe swung wide, and he was not able to hit his mark. He was then answered with a sword strike from the Kinshi Knight. 
Player Phase


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#7033938 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 03 September 2017 - 07:57 PM



As the frogs had fully recovered, it had seemed time for the group to get going out on some sort of a scouting mission to help figure out more stuff about the foxes. Alois didn't have much experience through trekking through a forest, nor was he particularly certain of himself as a kind of scout. Stealth wasn't his strong suit and he wouldn't even really be sure what to be looking for outside of giant foxes. Yet still, he was curious about the foxes place and was also feeling a tad bit restless in trying to know what was going on with the captured group. While he was about to say something, it was then that he heard the flower-faced knight's musings. "I think I'll stay behind too," Alois said, his tone level. Turning to the knight, he said, "looks like we're on guard duty here, big man."




As the group picked an entrance to go into, Tsetseg walked into the room alongside everyone else. Inside the room, it was a simple wooden hallway, with some kind of scroll hanging across the wall. While everyone else seemed to have a good idea as to what they were doing, Tsetseg did not. The girl looked at the scroll. And she looked at the words. And she continued to stare at it. However, each and every letter seemed to be some kind of intricate shape. Each one with its own meaning that the girl merely couldn't decipher. As she continued to look at the scroll, it looked as though she had stopped merely thinking about what was there, and instead started looking around. She had no idea why the blue-haired meanie girl was looking at the wall, and the green guy seemed to mention something about "the night." Tsetseg was thoroughly confused as to what the test was. As such, she just looked at the wall that the blue-haired girl was checking out, and move to check it out herself. 

#7033296 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 31 August 2017 - 12:22 AM



Marie was delighted to see that the legendary was willing to let her treat her, though, looking at the wound it seemed far more serious than what she was expecting. This would definitely require a doctor. Or Marie, with some mean first aid gear that she did not have on her. She began to think aloud on the issue at hand. "Well, I won't be able to give a full treatment without some medicine. Hmm," the Popplio mused before looking at the guards and asking, "do you guys have any on you?" As the guards seemed to be rather unhelpful with her plight, the girl pouted and looked to Randy and Keanu asking, with a tone that wasn't expecting much, "how about you guys?" When Randy presented her with some, one that made Marie look in shock a bit at the quality of it, she was surprised but said, "thanks Randy!" 


Looking back to the girl who went by the name of "Moltres" Marie rubbed her hands together and said, "let the treatment begin!" Needing to clean the wound first, the girl created a bit of water on her hand and moved it towards Moltres. Knowing that it probably wouldn't be pleasant, the girl said, "well, this'll probably sting a bit."


As she ran the water over it, cleaning the blood off, Moltres seemed to get angry at her shouting, "I'm a Fire type dammit"


Stopping midway through, Marie pouted and said, "well I can't clean without water! And I'm the doctor so you'll deal with it." After she managed to finish cleaning off the wound, it didn't seem quite as horrifying as before, yet it still needed something applied to it to prevent the wound from getting worse. Taking the full restore she got from Randy, Marie then said, "ok, this'll definitely sting a bit." After having sprayed the wound with the Full Restore, Marie then knew the next step was getting a band-aid over it...but she didn't have a band-aid. The girl stopped to think for a moment and then realized what she did have. Unbuttoning her fancy long-sleeve dress shirt, the girl took it off, revealing the plain white t-shirt underneath it. Raveling it up, the girl then tied it around Moltres's waist, covering the whole thing up. 


Wincing a bit in pain from the fabric touching her wound, she let out a small growl a bit. "You call that healing? Dammit this hurts. I said I'd punish you if you screwed this up so here we go." What came next was not something either Marie nor the legend were probably expecting. 


Moltres simply did a small flick to her forehead, and though it looked to be just an effortless flick, the force behind it sent Marie recoiling back in pain. Stepping back a bit, the girl clutched her head as a pounding headache resounded through her, and tears started to form in her eyes. The girl started to shake, seeming to be on the verge of crying, feeling a bit bullied after only trying to be helpful. Yet she was a big girl, and big girls didn't cry, so she held back as best she could. Knowing that treatment wasn't complete, the girl merely pulled out an Oran Berry that she had. "Th-that was very rude and you shouldn't harm your local doctor!" Handing the berry over to the legend she then said, "he-here. Eating healthy is also a part of recovery."


Moltres mumbled, "Arceus I didn't hit you that hard," while taking the berry, looking away from Marie as she chewed on it. 


With a still throbbing headache, the girl continued to rub her head, though proudly stated, "the treatment is done!"


"Yeah yeah. I still need to get in there." she hooked a thumb over at the mansion. "AND YOU PUNKS BETTER NOT TRY AND STOP ME." She yelled to the mercenaries.




While Nine and Gwendoline might have shared differences in opinion on fighting, even he thought that Victini was being a bit overzealous in trying to get Lok and Fiona to fight. Not only would that have been pointless, but Nine figured that Lok wouldn't be able to fight his way out of his own bed sheets. And if what Victini had said had any validity to it, Fiona seemed to be a lot stronger then she tried to let on. As the legend then brought up Jabari and asked what his fate should be, Nine said, "keep him alive. He's about in poor condition as the rest of us and, I don't think he'll really be in the mood to fight just now." While Nine had questions for the Zebstrika, he more so felt that merely letting him be killed would be a great hypocrisy and something that would sit incredibly poorly with the Houndoom. With a coy smile Nine then said, "besides, I think he gave you quite a bit of entertainment, so no harm no foul to you really." Bringing himself to his feet, slowly, Nine prepared himself for the inevitable trouble that he was likely to be in from his decision. 

#7033291 [CHQ] Dawn of the Dead

Posted by Skaia on 30 August 2017 - 11:35 PM



As Celica opened upon the Tower coffin, she would be greeted with the sight of a shadowy doorway, similar to the one she saw at the entrance of the Mausoleum, with red veins seemingly coming out of it as well. Furthermore, the other coffins around her crumbled as she did, leaving only a singular pathway before her. If she were to look up, the shadowed clump would have formed a hand reaching downward, though it was barely off the wall. Once walking through the shadowed path, Celica was then met with a new room.


In spite of going downward, she too was ejected from a doorway affixed to one of the walls, likely being a disorienting experience. The floor was as shadowed as the one that she had just come from, with the ceiling following suit. Above Celica, she would see a mound of shadow with a hand reaching out, as she had before, that was curiously at the same length as the one in the room she had been in prior. Moving around the room was creatures that appeared oddly humanoid in shape. They paid no mind to the girl who there, merely moving around. There four of the creatures, one with two white lights across its face, one with one, one with none and that was simply missing a head. There was a plaque in the center, quite like the last room, that read


"Shattered Window

Darkened Pane 

I close the soul's 

Only lane. 


The path will open

When struck with pain 

Of mortal coil 

Freed from its chains." 




As Kasayee stepped through the shadowed doorway, surprisingly this did not come with some sort of shift in orientation. Instead, she in an area that seemed different from the ones she had in prior. The core difference being the sheer size of the room, being roughly 3 times in size of the room prior. The most striking difference of the room was that there were shambling corpses inside of it. They were strange creatures, some seeming to be covered in the same red particles as the veins on the ground, and the others that had a shadow aura about them. The one with red aura seemed to be more feral looking in nature, still whole in form though with slight rot and decay over them. The shadowed ones seemed to be mostly broken in form with chunks of flesh missing, though held together completely and entirely by some kind of thick shadowy material. There were seven of each. The creatures did not seem to notice Kasayee, and in fact, did not seem to know at all where they were even going, merely groaning and nearly bumping into each other many times.


Were she to look up, she'd see that the ceiling, while similarly large as the room, had the same strange shadowy cover over it as the room prior did, with a shadowy hand stretching out from it. Curiously, the hand seemed to be at the same length as it was when she was in the room prior. Closer to the door, and on a stone pylon, was yet another plaque. "Yet no matter the ruin I bring, a hero I won't be. A curse that stalks me still, one that cannot break. Yet still, I will find salvation in the ruins of the hell I create." 




Man can you believe that lizard girl. So rude. Like actually just leaving you there. By yourself. But hey, it's probably not so bad. Hey was that a fly that just buzzed in your face? Just kidding, there's no flies here. It's a very good place to eat sweets in. No rats either. What a a great home.  

#7032925 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 29 August 2017 - 01:31 AM



As Nine started to pick himself back up, only managing to get back into a sitting position, the houndoom raised an eyebrow as the maid seemed assertive in trying to get the location of Dialga from the Victory Star herself. Nine's curiosity was only raised more as the legend responded with "The Dragon Temple." Nine thought about it for a moment, though couldn't think of any specific places that went by that name or title. However, there was only one place in particular that he could imagine a place of worship dedicated for dragons would be, and in there, a place that seemed to stick out above the others. "You're probably not gonna like it," he said, as the maid was requesting more specifics on its location. 


As Gwendoline seemed to challenge Victini's stance on fighting, Nine could feel a slight chill go through him as the legend turned their gaze towards her. While Nine could understand her, though not necessarily agree with her, this was neither the time nor the person to have this argument with. All the same, they seemed to brighten back up as two more people entered the arena. Letting out a slight chuckle, Nine gave a small wave to the duo only to wince a bit in pain as he finished the movement. The houndoom then joked saying, "'Well' might be a bit of an overstatement, but yeah, glad to see nothing happened to you while we were in here." He then looked over to Fiona as Victini made a rather curious statement about them. 


Nine wasn't entirely sure if she had come now due to the legend suddenly being out, though if it was, she was certainly not in the position to actually fight it right now. And were she here to aid the Godslayer then she came far too late for that, and bringing Lok would be a questionable decision. Regardless, the man simply nodded as Clotilde spoke,  addressing everyone, "right, it'd be pretty unwise to start a fight here again so soon. Though, here is probably the safer place to stay for the night." Nine didn't feel very comfortable wandering the war torn streets of Adarid City in his current state, especially given that he didn't just want to leave Vita behind here. There was also Jabari, who Nine had quite a few more questions for. Turning back to Victini he then said, "that is, if you're fine with us crashing at your place."




Marie expression dropped a bit as she heard that Randy had a pretty rough day, but brightened back up as Keanu explained his experience and the suggestion of going to get food was put out. Nodding eagerly, as she had worked up a nice appetite, the group began to wander around the town until they found a place to eat. Fortunately, it seemed that Randy was well acquainted with the store owner. Unfortunately they were on not so good terms. As the man mentioned that Randy had given him food poisoning, Marie gave him a look and said, "you did what?" However, as the two continued their exchange, the girl could feel an increasing irritation towards the Garbodor with an increasing pout going across her face until finally she was about to burst. As she took in a deep breath, though, the conversation was then interrupted as a man ran in telling them about a legend being sighted. 


Marie didn't know much about legends. In fact, she only knew of the local ones back in Alola and Kyogre and to a lesser extent Lugia. Given that it wasn't raining, she doubted it was Kyogre, which was a bit disappointing. However, she was still excited to go see a legend that lived outside of home. Clapping her hands together, with a smile on her face, Marie said, "yeah, let's go!" to Randy's suggestion. As they began to walk, though, she turned back to the Garbodor and with an indignant finger pointed at him shouting, "rude!" She then turned back and walked away. 


As the group made their way to a mansion on a hill, the area where the legend was was becoming quite clear by the ever growing crowd around them. With willful purpose and child-like wonder, Marie forced her way through the crowd to get a better look at the supposed legend, only to see the red headed girl walking up to a few other gijinka near a gate. Marie wasn't quite sure who this person was, but there was definitely something inherently different about them from the rest of the crowd. A bit mystified and awe-struck by the sight of this strange gijinka, Marie was brought back to her senses as the girl started to go off with a mouth much less fitting of the presence she gave off. Feeling irritated still from her encounter with the Garbodor, Marie huffed a bit as she began to walk forward, not paying any mind to the crowd or companions behind her, as she approached the legend. 


"Excuse me young lady." The authoritative tone in her voice was a bit betrayed by the girl's clearly small stature, though she gave this no heed. "What do you think you're doing? This is a family place, and you are outside. There are kids wondering around too! You can't just around cursing with words like that all over the place! It's not polite and no one's going to take you seriously if all you do is say vulgar things, and it's not good for the kids too!" The last part seemed to be a bit more of an after thought then anything else. It was at this point that the girl noticed the opened wound on the legend's side, saying, "and another thing. Walking around with open wounds is not a good thing, and can lead to aggravating or infecting the wounded area. You should go see a medical professional to go get that treated. Or an adult. Oh, or me," she then seemed oddly giddy and proud as she said that saying, "I'm good at treating wounds too."

#7030644 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 17 August 2017 - 03:35 PM



While Marie had been scrambling to finish her task, it had appeared that she had managed to actually get the covers mostly on. As the door opened, she jumped a bit, but did her best to look as if she had been done for awhile now. Her face lit up as the woman told her that she did a very good job, being extremely proud in herself,  only to then somewhat deflate. She wasn't sure if the customer was upset, but it would make sense why they had made their job all the harder. With a disappointment in herself going through her, the girl then lit up once more as she was handed money. Even if it was only half pay, it was still money. Money she had earned from a job. The girl seemed  to be boundlessly excited, feeling like she had proven herself as a real adult, she managed to stammer out, "I-I'll keep that in mind. Thank you Miss." With that, she bounded away from the area, going back to meet with her Alolan friends. 


As she made her way over to them, they seemed to be talking about something as Marie said, "guys guys, look! I made-" she then noticed Randy's incredibly grumpy expression and paused with just a short, "whoa." She soon went right back to her excitement as she said, "but look guys, I made some job money!" Showing it, she seemed quite proud of herself until she looked back to the others and asked, "so how was your jo-" she looked at Randy's face again, already knowing the answer and looked to Keanu saying, "so how was your job." 




Nine felt an explosion of pain roll through his body as he felt his senses start to come back to him. It took awhile to figure out just where he was, but as he was able to feel the sandy ground beneath himself, he remembered everything that had taken place up to this point. While he wasn't sure what he was waking up to, he was already certain that he had lost against Jabari. He silently cursed at himself as he came to understand this, not knowing what became of everyone else in the fight. As he struggled to move, his eyes slowly opened, causing him to see quite the strange scene. 


The only one of the group that had fought that was still standing was Clotilde, Jabari sent a lot farther away from her. As it stood, she appeared to be the victor in this fight, which sent Nine some relief, but before them was someone he didn't recognize. A stranger that hadn't been with them when Nine had gone down, but seemingly happy go-lucky, not a scratch on them. The more he looked the more he realized that there was something off about them; or rather something familiar. It was the feeling that he had gotten when he first met Azelf. Letting out a soft chuckle to himself at this, the houndoom just felt overwhelmed once more at how in such a short time, he had met with so many different things that he had been seeking out. Everything had always been so close in his reach, and yet he had been blind to it all. It was true, he never had been a Chaser until recently; merely someone chasing shadows .


Rolling over on to his back, his body aching all over with pain as he did so, he merely lied there and continued to laugh to himself. Looking over to the aggron he gave her a small thumbs up, saying, "congrats." Looking both to her and then to Gwen he softly said, "and sorry." Turning to face the legend he still seemed to have a smile on his face, though one that made his defeat apparent as he said, "and sorry about the loss." 

#7030142 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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Alois thought about what the frogs had said, while recovering from their strange headaches. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of it, nor what coorelation to draw between the two as they weren't exactly the closest in events, but something did give him pause in his thoughts. Something that sounded a bit familiar about the fox culprit, which was then affirmed by Eddy's sudden thoughts as well. As the farm boy informed the group about what happened back in Ithome, When he ended his thoughts on a question, as to why they would cause hostilities between the tribes, Alois bluntly said, "it's probably just to fuck with us." Alois had a foreboding feeling about the murder that had happened in Ithome, and everything felt a bit too coincidental to the boy to not look this way to him. Though, he didn't voice his thoughts any further, he then looked to Azar as she asked question and smirked as he jokingly said, "please, getting caught up in some kind of murder case is like our every day here. It's almost like a rite of passage." 




Tsetseg sat back and listened with growing curiosity as Penelope went on to explain something that happened to the group not too long ago. She wasn't actually sure what to make of what was going on, but couldn't help but think it exceptionally mean to try and frame someone else for something already super bad. Whoever this murder culprit was, Tsetseg knew one thing for certain. They were not a nice person. Nodding this to herself, the blue-headed meanie started speaking about how this was all likely done to cause the tribes to hate each other and fight, though quite like the chief, Tsetseg couldn't figure out why anyone would want people to fight each other. When the chief asked why they were going through the woods, Tsetseg wasn't actually sure of the answer herself, only being able to make some assumptions based off of some of the things she overheard when they were talking with Urvan yesterday. But ultimately, she didn't want to answer for the group, and was instead more caught up in the idea of going to see the shrine. "Oh, oh! Yeah! Let's go see the shrine!" She wasn't actually sure what a protean shrine would be like, but if it was dedicated to fluffiest of all the foxes, so it had to be awesome.

#7028039 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

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As Aleithe gave him his scouting report, Leon simply nodded saying, "good to hear." He wasn't actually expecting any ambushes to be on the road, though, the chance that they wandered into a different group of outlaws weren't exactly low either. As the feminine looking noble went ahead, the rest of the group had either been talking amongst each other or seemingly needing to scout ahead. Leon merely kept to himself, the general calm look on his face as he silently marched along his fellow mercenaries. His thoughts were preoccupied, merely wondering about the job ahead of them. From what he understood it wasn't to be that large of a group, nor were they likely any different from the usual crowd, so he wasn't too worried about it. Instead, he was worried about how half of the group seemed to be split off in the scouting, thinking it to be a tad excessive and thinking it to be a slight problem if something were to actually occur. Furthermore, since they were nearing the town he needed to talk with the group anyway. Walking over to Aleithe, not really paying much mind to what he was talking about with Tita, he said, "Aleithe. Sorry. But could you gather the others."
Once everyone was gathered around, Leon looked around to each other and said, "we'll be in the town of Tellan soon. From what I understand there are two entrances to the town, and by extension two exits. I don't want any of them escaping when things go south for them so we'll be splitting off into two groups, one for each entrance. Rona, Layne, Ada, you'll be with me. Aleithe, you're in charge of the other three. You'll approach from the side entrance while we strike from the front." His voice was calm and seemingly level, and his expression was the same as it had been when he was merely lost in thought. The boy wasn't actually certain that this would be the best approach, nor was he certain that these groups were the most balanced. Nevertheless, he couldn't risk the bandits trying to enact vengeance once the job was over, and so this was the best he could think of. With the small meeting out of the way, the group then split off and walked to their appropriate areas. 
Within the walls of Tellan, the group of bandits seemed to be idly standing by, not really sure what to do. They were used to robbing from others and definitely breaking things just for the hell of it. Seizing an area though, that was an entirely different story altogether. They already robbed most of what was valuable here, though they weren't exactly sure where to put the stolen things since they were in the town they were stealing from. And most of the town's people merely kept themselves locked away in their houses, and every bandit knew you couldn't heckle a person who locked their doors. The leader, however, was merely sitting outside of the largest building, muttering to himself. He seemed quite displeased, though no one around him was able to quite make out the extent of it. 
It was around this time that Leon's group arrived at the entrance to the town. Having not been immediately noticed, Leon simply said, "alright team, let's take them out fast and hard." He looked to Rona, giving her a nod as if she already knew what to do. The bandits soon noticed the strange quartet arrive, and were immediately taken by the sight of the wyvern, letting out a shout to alert all the other nearby bandits that there was a fight on their hands about to happen. 

Map and Stats and Stuff

#7026900 [CHQ] Dawn of the Dead

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As the lizard girl entered the Mausoleum, it would be far more apparent that there was something incredibly off about the building then just a strange feeling. Once inside, Kasayee would see that she wasn't in a room that was the size of the building. No, instead it was a much larger corridor that seemed to stretch on for longer than it had any right to. The ground seemed to still be made of the same kind of stone from outside, however, there were red vein like strands going throughout it and it seemed to take on a more darker gray coloration. Were she to look behind herself, the entrance would appear to be entirely shadowed and the outside world entirely obscured. Further down the halls, the girl would be able to see that there were six different paths to take, three on each side, and a wall at the end of the halls. 




As the two guards traveled alongside the girl, Ken had responded to Celica's question. "Well, it was said that Magni was born here, and once his adventures had finished he had decided to come back home and live out the rest of his days here. Naturally, he was buried here as a result. As for if he's related to these issues..." The guard trailed off as he was lost a bit in thought before shaking his head. "It was said that he was cursed, but that was more just general destroying things around him rather than anything to do with the undead. I'm not really sure how the two would be connected." 


Eventually, the group managed to make it to the graveyard, greeted with the same sights that Kasayee had been when she had entered. San looked to her and said, "remember to stay close and milday, and try not to make any sudden moves. They aren't the brightest of the bunch but I'd rather not take any chances here." 




As Vincent left the library, if he looked around for the rest of his party he'd notice that they weren't in any of the other buildings in the town. Eventually, when he went to the graveyard he would find Celica with San and Ken having already entered, though Kasayee wouldn't be anywhere in view. While magic around the area to Vincent would look like a red and black dust, with a much larger cloud of it around the graveyard then the rest of the town. In particular, his plot vision would show the mausoleum radiating with the same red and black energy around the town. 

#7025300 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

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Prologue: Falcons

Date: 15th of Aeis

Time: 1:37 PM

Location: En Route to Tellan


Southern Aeora. While an area that is free from the conflict that plagues the north between it and its sworn enemy, Jouruun, it is no stranger to strife. With the large majority of its forces and peacekeeping being centered around the city of Rastarn, the law in the southern area is scarcely kept outside of the major city. As such, it has given to the rise of many different bandit and brigand groups that terrorize the lands. While some of the smaller towns have local militias, the people are merely not combat-able enough to keep themselves safe. Compounded on this, the strange beasts and monsters also skulk the lands, adding danger to those who are not merely raided and made profit off of. In response to this, more virtuous, philanthropic individuals, or merely those who see fit to put their skills to less amoral yet profitable uses, had appeared. Selling their services to prospective buyers, mercenary groups started to pop up all across the country side, alleviating the terror the less than fortunate had experienced. 
One such mercenary group, the Iron Falcons, has begun to become known amongst the locals. Though small, they have proved themselves to be quite adept at their job, having been met with many successes. These successes has brought about the attention of a local town, having approached them as their town had recently been overrun by bandits, being nothing more then a settlement for this group. As such, responding to this, the Iron Falcons had moved out, now walking towards the target location; the small town of Tellan. 
Leon wasn't quite sure what to make of the job. It wasn't often that bandits got so bold that they decided to actually take over a place, though it wasn't unheard of. Yet still, their work had been increasing over the past month, as the bandits seemed to be getting more aggressive. Nevertheless, it was a job that the group had decided to taken, and one that was going to pay well all the same. The group was traveling by foot to get there, and the town was in view, not taking much time left to get there. 


#7023696 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [OOC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 20 July 2017 - 11:11 PM

Alright everyone, with the deadline reached, judgement has been decided. 
The seven to join the ranks of the Iron Falcons are

  • Rona - Played by CowCow 
  • Aleithe - Played by Nai
  • Yue - Played by Sanaki 
  • Ada - Played by Black
  • Layne - Played by Kayden 
  • Chitose - Played by Mitcher 
  • Cassia - Played by Yui 

These are the seven that have joined and this is the order at which they have joined the Iron Falcons. So yeah. To those that haven't made it, I thank you for your best efforts but yeah, it is what it is. As time progresses, there will likely be points for your character to join, and when those come up I will message you (if you are still interested,) about where you would be and how it would work. Though, even that will likely be a long ways away, so yeah, sorry. 


As for you brave few who have made it, since you're all members of a guild and have been for weeks to months time, please, if you will, figure out your thoughts, feelings and maybe relations between each other. That is all. The RP itself is looking to start around Tuesday to Thursday 7/25 - 7/27, so look forward to that.