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#7053700 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 18 November 2017 - 10:41 PM



As Alois continued his chase throughout the halls of the mansion, he kept being met with various different rooms, of kinds that he had never seen before. While he might've looked around or gawked at certain times, every time he entered the room he was met with the reminder that there was a little scamp that he needed to get. And each time he nearly had found her, her patronizing giggle would resound from a completely different area of the room. "Seriously, how does she keep doing that?" Continuing to chase after the girl, the boy bolted through all kinds of places, swearing that he passed by Robin and Gunther at some point as well, but not really paying much mind to that regardless. 


After chasing the girl through some rooms that he didn't recognize, a room that had a strange amount of weapons and even into a bedroom. Once there, Alois felt like he had finally caught up for her, only for the fox protean to enter a wardrobe that lead...outside. "Oh come on." The boy let out a sigh before he followed out the wardrobe, into the forest beyond it. While a sudden feeling of caution struck him before stepping outside, the girl's taunts caused him an annoyance that urged him forward, following after girl shouting, "get back here!" 




As the headache subsided, Tsetseg looked around, still clearly a bit worried as to what just happened. The fact that it was a problem that happened regularly didn't help ease her at all either, and she merely kept looking between all the fluffy tailed proteans with worry, but gave a nod as they allowed their exploration. As they started, White Haired Friend began to ask a few questions that Tsetseg had no idea the answers to, which left Tsetseg to the actual physical searching. Checking first the bowl, the girl noticed nothing in it. Nothing around it. Nothing under it. Feeling a bit stumped, the girl looked a bit in thought until her eyes wandered onto something on the ground. Curiously, the archer went prone, picking up what appeared to be a small strand of white. The girl attempted to examine it at first, when she looked back to her new friend. Then to Sienna. Then to the portrait. Then back to the strand. She lied there, on the ground, for a few moments before her eyes went wide in realization. Bounding up to the ground, the girl said, "guys, guys, guys. Look, look!" With an excited expression on her face, the girl bounded back onto her feet, holding the strand of white hair right next to the white tails in the portrait. Without saying anything more, the girl merely pointed between the hair and the picture of the tail, as if expecting everyone to get what she was saying.  

#7053071 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 16 November 2017 - 04:56 PM



As the group continued to travel with the carriage, going on their way to Northshore, Gwendoline had told them stories of her family growing up. Things started to make sense the more she explained, and he couldn't help but feel a bit sympathetic in regards to her parents. All the same, he listened intently as the woman relayed her stories and what happened there, though was a bit confused as to why she trailed off at the end. When the question was presented to the others, though, Nine said, "well, I didn't have a family anywhere near as big as yours. Just me, my mom and my dad. My mom was a uh, rough individual. She has about as much a way with words as she does with her fists," the houndoom joked, "but all the same she was a good person. She's probably is the reason I have the work ethic I do and definitely taught me how to handle myself when words didn't. My dad..." Nine trailed off at first, trying to think of ho to phrase it. "Well, people say stuff about him, but I know he's a good person deep down. He wasn't around all that much when I was growing up, but, he also taught me a lot as well." Feeling strangely awkward having just said that Nine quickly shifted the topic saying, "but you know, there was a lot of other people to hang out with back home as well. So how about you Lok? What was your family like?"


The group continued to go forward until finally they had met with a roadblock in there way. Unsure of what was going on, Nine looked outside of the carriage, with his eyes going wide at the sight. There, in their path, was a hulking behemoth of a man who merely stood there. Motionless. Nine had heard legends of a gijinka that would block roads by falling asleep on them, but this was different. This being before them had a feeling that he had become distinctly familiar with over the past few weeks, an with a powerful feeling that hung in the air, Nine knew that he was dealing with a legend once again. While the being resembled some of a trio that he had read about, he was completely unsure who he was looking at. Cautiously, the chaser walked towards the supposed legend, calling out to it. "Excuse me. Well, I guess first I should say hello."


The legend stood there.Nine wasn't sure if it had heard him or not, but the gijinka started to move its head. Slowly. Nine wasn't sure what to do, as the man continued to go through the act of turning to face him over what felt like a minute. And then he faced him. Still silent. Unsure of what was going on, Nine just gave a bit of an awkward wave to the man. "Hello." 


The air trembled from the power behind the man's voice, and it caused Nine to instinctively gulp, realizing how far out of his league he was with this one. With an awkward, "hi," the man continued to stand there. Another moment passed of silence. Trying to figure out what was going on here, the man said, "excuse me but allow me to introduce myself. I'm Nine. Who might you be?"


The two stood staring at each other in silence once again. Twenty more seconds passed as the legend finally replied. "Me."


"Oh. Well, um." That had gotten him nowhere. "What might you be doing here?" A few seconds passed.




"Right." Nine was starting to become unsure whether he should've felt annoyed, terrified or just confused at the being before him. Shaking his head the man then said, "Why are you just standing here?"




"Of course."




Marie's eyes lit up with joy as Moltres seemed to agree to not wanting to fight anymore. However, she seemed a bit disappointed when the legend seemed to want to get a move on and deal with business elsewhere. While the girl seemed reluctant to thank them, when she did Marie brightened up again and waved saying, "goodbye Moltres! It was nice meeting you!" After the legend left, Marie simply stood there for a bit saying, "man, she was cool. When I grow up I want to be just like her." While there was a clear look of admiration in the girl's eyes, this deflated a bit as she said, "well, maybe not "just" like her." She was kind of rude after all.


It was then that the mercenaries had come over and told them it was time for them to go. Both from the scene and out of the city. Marie was clearly upset by this and even more so as she had just remembered that they stood there and watched while Moltres and the bully were fighting each other. Seeming a bit huffy herself, nodding a bit as Randy continued to talk with the man about what just happened. When all was said and done though, the girl seemed to lighten up as the man had promised them supplies for their journey. Marie had never actually gone exploring before, but from what she remembered about her time on the boat she figured she had a good idea. Looking to the others she said, "well, I guess we need to get some food, and drinks and like, medicine or something right?" Thinking on it more the girl said, "we should also probably go tell Morgan about this too." The girl seemed to become a bit more downtrodden as she realized she was going to have to say goodbye to her new friend so soon. 

#7051317 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 09 November 2017 - 02:31 AM



As the group continued to travel along the road, Nine examined the lamp that he had kept on hand. While it was a sort of split vote to keep it, it ultimately interested the houndoom, and he had decided to keep it on hand, though did his best to keep it out of Lok's view when he could. The lamp was a strange thing, and he wasn't entirely sure why it had such a strange feeling to it. For the most part, it seemed to just be a regular lamp, gray and purple in color with yellow stripes across it. While the top looked like it could be detached, try as he might, Nine wasn't able to get it to budge. Giving up on the strange object for now, he merely kept it on hand and instead looked through the notes that he had pilfered from the Godslayer base. 


While he could look at the ones that he had already met, he was more interested in what they had to say on the one's that he hadn't. Of those, from the top few that he had seen, only Hoopa remained. And so, looking through the notes he was able to tell that the legend didn't really have a place that it  stayed in. Instead, it seemed to travel a lot and was apparently a mischievous trickster, erring on the very untrustworthy side, apparently causing a good deal of mayhem while active. Though, the notes concluded with saying that it was rumored to have been sealed away by a group of gijinka years ago. With that, the chaser didn't really think he was any closer to figuring out where the legend was then when he started, but it was good knowledge to have all the same. 


The next he was curious with was Reshiram, the legend of truth. Nine figured that if there was a legend to get answers from, it was probably them, and being a fire type, he was particularly interested in this dragon given tales of its flames. Looking through the notes, it seemed to be rumored to be unable to tell a lie, and uncaring towards emotion based arguments. Seeing that it was said to, alongside Zekrom, have disappeared in Skuldafn many years ago, the houndoom was only given more of a reason to go there then he was before. He then decided to check one more set of notes on the road, those belonging to Ho-oh. Within them, there was but a single word. 


Mountains. "Helpful."


In addition to his reading of notes and examining of light fixtures on the journey, the group had also ran into a family of three that seemed to be in a bit of trouble. Seeing that their carriage was stuck, and them both seeming to need the help and thinking it a bit cruel to just leave them with a baby stranded, Nine was going to help them regardless. The added bonus of them taking them along the way of their travel was certainly a plus. Taking off his jacket and tying it around his waist, the houndoom went to work in helping push the cart out of the mud, and when all was said and done thanked the group for helping them with their transportation. 


As their travels continued, the group was eventually presented with a cross-roads as to where to go. There were three paths to go to, given their general vicinity. Alpha, Trailsau and Northshore. Nine had no real desire to go to Alpha at the current moment, as the place always had managed to give him the creeps. To that effect, it continued to surprise him that Gwendoline and Lok were both from there, based on what the normal folk he remembered were like, though he chuckled at her comment about her parents. "Likewise, I'd rather not stop by Trailsau. I want to get to Northshore as quickly as possible and well," the houndoom cracked a smile as he said, "I'm not sure how well you guys would get along with my mother." 




With each attack pounding into the godslayer, it seemed that they had finally taken enough of beating and were getting ready to leave. With their last attack being a few shards of the rock club being flung at them, Marie was able to move out of the way of some, but still had one shard scrape against her arm. Biting her lip, tears starting to form in her eyes, the girl tried not to cry out from the intense amount of pain that coursing through her. Letting out a supressed yelp of pain, the girl looked to see that the godslayer was starting to run away from the group. While a sense of great relief came over her, the girl started to panic once more as Moltres got up and started to get ready to chase after them. Marie had barely been hit and she was in a lot of pain. Seeing the injured forms of Randy and Moltres, she couldn't imagine the pain they were in, and chasing after the bully would only get them more pain. Running as best she could to the legend, she said, "wait!" With a pleading look in her eyes the young girl said, "p-please don't go! If you do then you're just gonna keep fighting. And if you do then you're gonna get hurt more and - and, that'd be really bad. Please don't fight anymore today." 

#7051140 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 08 November 2017 - 11:38 AM

As the dragon girl had managed to break through the strange light shapes, she furrowed her brow as they kept coming into creation. Things that broke didn't generally explode into tiny light particles. They also tended to stay broken. With this in mind, the girl was absolutely sure that these light things were magical. Walking towards the light, the girl created whips made of water across her arm, and continued to swing them at them. With each swipe of her arm, the tendril struck something, breaking more of the light and egging the girl on further. With only a few more breaks, the girl had eventually managed to swat enough away that they had ceased spawning, so she thought, though curious about what they were, the girl continued to look around. It was then that something caught her eye, almost literally, as an arrow flew out from the cover of a treeline. Reacting far faster than one might expect of the powerhouse that this dragon girl was, she brought up her water tendril to try and stop it. 


While she was unable to actually stop the arrow, she had managed to change its course so that instead of directly at her eye ball, it merely scraped across the skin underneath the eye, creating a sound akin to metal against metal, continuing to travel along that side of her face. The girl stood motionless for a bit, unsure of what just happened, before feeling a slight stinging sensation. Bringing up her hand, she wiped at the stinging area, looking to see that her fingers were now stained red. Understanding what had just happened, the girl's fist clenched and started to glow with a brilliant blue energy. Looking in the direction of where the arrow had come from, fury evident on her face, the girl let loose a punch in that direction, sending the explosive force of energy into that area. Her fist reigniting, she continued this process two more times, not really aiming at a specific area, and instead just letting loose a torrent of force into the area. With that done the girl was unable to sense anything magical in that direction, not that she had been to begin with, and figured whatever those things were were dealt with. With that, the girl turned her attention towards the previous source of magic she had been feeling, and started to march in that direction. 

#7049081 [CHQ] Dawn of the Dead

Posted by Skaia on 01 November 2017 - 03:12 PM

With Vincent's ominous words being the last thing said between the duo before the group left, the carriage rode off into the distance, going back to their guild hall. Celica would spend all the time she could looking for Serena in the town, but she would find nothing as it appeared the sword wielding girl had left. The undertaker would tend to the grounds, reburying everything, the guards would be able to sleep without needing to worry of an ever-present danger and the common people would leave their homes and go about their old day to day business. With the dead no longer moving, the town of Sigfran was safe, and the mission complete. 



1 Week Later


A figure, standing outside of the town of Sigfran looked up towards the sky. "My, my, my. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it would appear that the dead are where they should be. Well, it would appear as though this was a failure, yet, all the same. What fun it seems to be over yonder horizon. Now, let's see," pulling a paper from his pocket, seeming to be a request to deal with the undead problem, the man simply said, "who took you on?" 




#7048697 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 31 October 2017 - 10:48 AM


A witch. Complete with the large black pointed hat, and a robe that had sleeves a bit too long, though not overly so, for the girl to wear. While out trick or treating, the girl would carry around a prop broom with her, a deck of cards to show her "witch magic" off to the kids in the neighborhood. Also a dressed up first aid kit, in case of injured trick or treaters. Were she at home giving out candy, she contain the candy in a prop cauldron.

Of all Hallow's Eve horrors, Witches are Marie's favorite. After all, they are known for their cooking, cleanliness as they carry a broom everywhere, and are magical of which Marie very much enjoys.



The houndoom would simply go as a Zorro-esque individual. Wearing an entirely black outfit with a long black cape to flow in the wind, and a masquerade mask over his face. Rather than a sword, the man would carry a seemingly endless supply of roses of which he seems to pull from nowhere. Nine would be more interested in aiding and assisting the other costumed ladies on this night, rather than hunting for candies. 

#7044877 [CHQ] Scour the Woods

Posted by Skaia on 18 October 2017 - 11:23 PM

As Fen continued to fall from the tree, her fall was eventually broken as she was caught by the arms of Deku. While she seemed stunned by this at first, the fall was anything but pleasant the rest of the way down. While she wasn't the one receiving the full brunt of the impacts, she still felt jostled from it all. When the fall had stopped, she looked up to Deku's face, who also seemed to be in quite some pain. A mix of worry and embarrassment crossed her face as she quickly looked away saying, "u-um, thank you. But are you uh, um, alright?" 


"You two!" Agina called out to the duo in the tree. Looking over to the still brimming with enthusiasm visage of the purple haired girl, Fen's eyes were then drawn a bit away to see the large cover of grass that had appeared out of nowhere. The girl gestured for Deku and Fen to enter it, before going into the grass herself, seeming to be amazed by the height and speed at which it grew. Once they were inside the grass cover, the squirrels had made their way down unable to see where their prey was. They, knew that they had gone into hiding in the grass, but all the same, they couldn't see them and this sudden unnatural creation in the middle of their home did not fill them with confidence to go forward. 


Meanwhile, the tree didn't seem all that happy as it said, "hah, of course, only after my beauteous leaves are you? Well, what creature isn't? Though, I can't blame them after all." As it said this, there was a noticeable shake of the foliage overhead. "And after those two brute's scaling of me, well, I have half a mind to drop more than just a vine on you." There was a noticeable pause before it said, "though, I don't think anyone's ever asked me for my leaves before. And those human's groping little fingers didn't remove anything from me. And my word I haven't had those pesky rodents out of me in quite sometime, it is a disgusting feeling having something so homely and uncouth use you for a house. Very well, I have decided." While Jin was busy getting kicked and scratched by some squirrels, he would eventually be able to fight them, forcing them down towards the ground with the other squirrels rather than back inside of the tree. After this, he would notice a few azure leaves had fallen onto Peng. "There you have it, go and spread what joyous beauty I have given you to others in the far corners of the world and make them envious that they could not have leaves such as I do." 


With that, the group would eventually be able to reconvene and leave the area, with the squirrels not tailing them any longer, merely scurrying back up the side of their tree. Lily would be able to hear a, "blast it all!" from the tree as this happened, were she listening. Once it was all over, Agina would then clap her hands together saying, "marvelous work indeed! I knew there was something special about you four from the moment you punched a wolf in the face! Now all that leaves is the lemons! Onward friends!" 


The guild members would begin to trek deeper into the woods. As they did, it would start to become noticeably darker. It wasn't as though the sun was setting at this time of day, merely the cover of trees and leaves was growing ever thicker the further they went in. As they continued to walk, Agina merely said, "did you know there is a one in a thirty six chance when walking through these woods to be attacked by a subspecies of Leopards known as the Whisker? They are quite the sight to behold, or so I've heard as they're very deadly and few that meet them tell the tale." Chipperly continuing her step after letting out that random fact, Agina eventually lead the group to an area that was less populated with trees and near what appeared to be a cave. Near it, was a single bush that had what appeared to be lemons on them. Pointing enthusiastically at them, the girl said, "and there it is! Our mark! And I don't see any natural plants want to dismember or dissect us around! Quite fortunate indeed, isn't it friends!"


As the group began to approach the bush, though, a noise could be heard from the cave. What sounded like human noises of exertion and pain mixed with a feral roar. While this was quite strange, even stranger was the body of a young male being being ejected from the cave, letting out an, "aaaaahhh- ow." As he struck a nearby tree. 


"Alpine!" As she called out the name, another malewas flung out of the cave, straight into Agina, causing the two to hit the ground. "Sen! Wow, isn't this lucky!" 


"Agina?" The boy named Alpine called back. 


"Where the hell have you been?" The boy called Sen responded.


"I was traveling with my new friends after I got lost." 


As she gestured to the Cherry Heart guild members he said, "who the fu-" 


"Sen! Now's not the time." As he said this, a large hulking beastmade its way out of the cavern. Though its face was ursine in nature and its body was covered entirely in fur, the creature stood on two hind legs. It stood at about nine feet tall, towering over everyone with a body thicker than a human's and arms thicker than its body. 


Fen's eyes went wide as she realized what this creature was. She hadn't ever met one in person before, but from the experiences of her siblings, she was able to identify it. "G-guys that's the eggbear!" As she stated this, the girl got her Guan'dao out, ready to fight the beast. It, in turn did not seem that wary of the fact that its opponents had tripled in number, merely letting out a roar as it began to make its way towards them.


Agina pushed Sen off of her, standing up as she said, "well, isn't this even luckier! What good fortune we've had today." 


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#7042582 [CHQ] Dawn of the Dead

Posted by Skaia on 12 October 2017 - 10:23 PM

As Kasayee freed the spike from the coffin, it was clear that the red veins had been attached to it. However, no longer in its resting place, they pulled back only to eventually snap off themselves. As the creature got back up, seeming desperate to stop the lizard girl, the shadowed tether that connected the creature and the spike seemed to vanish. As it did, the shadowed aura around the body of the beast vanished. The single red light started to spasm, flickering and moving around every which direction, the shadow that had mended the wounds of the creature started to vanish, leaving nothing to hold the body together. Missing an arm, a leg and part of its face, the creature slumped down onto the ground as the red light vanished and the creature exploded into a plume of dark smoke. 


The shadowed hands that had been reaching down as well started to spasm, slowly reeling back into the ceiling that they came from. Each and everyone had returned to a small cluster, and those clusters merely vanished as the shadows across the ceiling dissipated, revealing the bare, black ceiling above. The red veins started to flicker, varying in brightness and intensity, before they started to explode into bursts of red light. While probably not the most pleasant to look at directly, it did no harm to the people as the whole room started to explode into red light. The walls and ceiling started to shift, though, sounding as though they were on the verge of collapse as the whole room began to rumble. There was no exit for the people inside, as any of the shadowed doors were merely solid wall now. However, as the room continued to break apart, shadows would begin flooding from the cracks, slowly but quickly speeding up in haste. They chilled to the touch but were otherwise harmless. As the room had been entirely filled with shadow, the vision of all inside the room was obscured. However, when they next opened their eyes after feeling a strange sense of displacement, they would find themselves in a very similar room. 


Nearly identical in design, the trio would find themselves inside the mausoleum. The walls and floor were very much still aged with patches of dirt and grass breaking through the floor, though they were a dull gray instead of the black that they had seen prior. The room was far smaller than it had been before, not cramped for the trio but not with much room to move around as it the walking space was dominated by the sole coffin in the room. None of the walls had doors on them, bar the one that was the entrance from the outside, and there was no signs of veins or shadows around. While Vincent would be able to see traces of red light in the room, they seemed to be merely lingering there but slowly dissipating as well. The coffin still had a plaque on it, but this one was much simpler in design and said something entirely different. 


"Here lies Magni, Sovereign of Ruin.

While most are broken by curses, he was forged by his. 

Though ruin was his fate, salvation was his life. 

Shattering the dangers of old to forge the lives of the new 

For this, we offer our thanks."

#7042541 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 12 October 2017 - 09:33 PM



While she had taken another onslaught of attacks from the horde, it had been far less in damage then what she had taken previously. Nevertheless, Xia was starting to feel the attacks wear her down, yet pressed on all the same. As she had finally reached the red beacon, though, it seemed to vanish. While this made her curious, the girl's attention was then taken by the man who had taken its place. By the distinct differences in appearance and weaponry that he carried with him, even she was able to tell that he was most certainly the "Man in the Back." And based on what Girl in the Corner had said, all she had to do to win was to beat him. Cracking her knuckles, the girl looked to Man in the Back, saying, "hi there Man in the Back!" The man made a slight nod at her before the two of them began to rush at each other. 


Xia made the first move, throwing a simple punch, that the man evaded by twirling to the side, he countered. With a cane striking Xia, it hardly felt like it did anything, yet there was still damage there. Twirling her body in reaction, the girl went to strike the man with a tail sweep, that he had evaded barely by jumping above it. However, now facing him, the girl got a solider punch into his gut sending him recoiling backward. While recovering, a small horde began to charge at Xia. Seeing the horde approach, the girl briefly charged a pulse of magic and water into her hand, firing it towards the horde. While not the strongest it could be, the horde mostly broke apart from the attack, with Xia grabbing a straggler. Tossing it at the man, the faceless man dissipated as he struck Man in the Back, causing some damage to the male. Lifting his cane up, though, a red light surged from it as a laser was fired from the end of his cane. 


Bracing herself for the impact, Xia took the hit, feeling a searing pain from it but still good all the same. Running towards the man, seeming ready to fire another shot, Xia swerved to the side to avoid the laser, getting in range of him. As she did, she grabbed the man by his arm, hoisting him overhead before tossing him to the ground. A resounding thud could be heard as he landed, though with his cane still pointed, he fired another shot at Xia. Being unable to dodge the blow, the girl took it straight on, going for a stomp on the grounded man. However, springing back up to his feet, the man evaded the attack, booping Xia with his cane once more. Taking the hit in stride, Xia swung her fist upward in an uppercut, only for the man to bend backward to avoid it, before righting himself back up. While his eyes seemed to start flashing red, the girl didn't seem to care as Xia brought her arm down in a hammer motion. The attack struck him hard, however, as Xia was recovering she was then strike by an intense blast of energy. With two rays of red light coming from the man's eyes, Xia staggered back a bit as the power behind the attack was far greater than any he had sent her thus far. 


"Whoa," Xia said. "That was awesome!" Her face way beaming, thinking of how cool it was to be able to do an attack like that from one's eyes. However, not being able to think on it long, the girl recovered from the attack and went for another grab at the man. Evading to the side, he stepped back as another horde came at Xia. With a smile still present on her face, Xia went to greet the new fighters. Grabbing one for each hand, she used both of them as bats, cleaving a swath through the ranks of the faceless men before getting one last strike in with her tail sweep. With the horde being defeated, Xia pumped herself up saying, "woohoo," only for this to be cut off by a laser striking her in the back. Turning to face her opponent she said, "well, I can do that too!" Clenching her fist, the energy started to swirl around her fist. As this process started, the man began to charge her, and with a twirl jumped into the air. 


Not wanting her charge to be forced to a stop, the girl stopped the charge in one of her fists, as she brought the other one up to meet the man. While she had managed to get a grazing hit against him, he too had managed to boop her with his cane. Turning back to face him, the girl moved back, continuing her charge. As she did, she saw the man's eyes beginning to flash red again, though slower before. Xia was starting to feel the fatigue and damage catch up with her, and knew that getting hit by another burst of eye laser power would do her no good. As such, she charged the man once more. Bringing her uncharged fist up for a swing, the girl was then met with a rapid succession of jabs of his cane, getting in a significant bout of damage towards her. Not being able to punch straight through the hurricane of jabs, Xia punched towards the ground this time with her charged magical strike. As the burst hit the ground, an explosion of magic and water fired out, sending Man in the Back, backwards and down for the count. 


Letting out deep breaths, some exhaustion setting in, the field around her disappeared, causing Xia to blink a bit at the sudden change of scenery. With a large congratulatory message appearing above her, declaring her victory. With a look of joy and elation across her face, jumping for joy as she said, "woooooo, I won! I won!" With that, the field faded around her and the girl was given her rewards for victory.  

#7040351 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 30 September 2017 - 05:21 PM

As the dragon girl had defeated the two shamans, she stood around looking for where the next source of magic was. However, before she could begin her hunt once more, it was cut short by the sudden appearance of some strange creatures. The girl looked at them, confused and unsure of what to make of them. They didn't resemble any of the fish that she already knew of, nor did they resemble herself or any of the humans around. She had no idea what exactly they were, but looking at them she got a distinctly foreign feeling from them. While she could tell that they weren't from here, and she could tell they were magical, she wasn't sure if they were what she was supposed to be hunting or not. However, as one went to drape itself around, she jumped, seemingly startled by this, and grabbed the creature by the tail, flinging it away from her. While she got the message from the creatures, she didn't seem to be listening to it, due both to her already apparent confusion about these beings and the fact that she had gotten such a message in the first place. While she seemed ready to brawl once more, a loud popping noise could be heard.


The dragon girl stopped in her tracks, as a few more were followed in quick succession, impacts being felt across the girl's body. Behind her, the victorious faces of the rest of Dario's men, their guns pointed at the girl. However, this triumph was cut short as one of them noted that, despite their shots hitting, the girl was still standing her ground firmly. The others readied their guns once more, as the girl turned around, a fury clearly in her eyes as she glared right towards them. The men were now the ones frozen in place, their grips on their guns starting to loosen due to the panic that was going through their systems. As the dragon girl let out a low growl, she then started to take in a deep breath. The gunmen started to back away, however too late it was for them. With what seemed to be a roar, the girl opened her mouth, firing out a large stream of flames that engulfed the men, causing a loud explosion of fire and smoke to cover them. Several more explosions could be heard as both the guns they held and any explosives they carried ignited, causing blast after blast to only add to the raging flame. 


Right. This was why she never came to the surface. Or rather, why she had came to the surface. To get to the root of the evil that was making the Atlas agitated, and to kill that very same evil. To her, there were now only enemies up here, and so she turned to face the magical beasts that had appeared before her, clenching her hand into a fist and taking a swing at the larger of the beasts. 

#7039298 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 26 September 2017 - 02:04 AM



Xia's face lit up, ecstatic that the girl would have a rematch with her in the future. However, before she could thank the girl for this and ask if there was anything she wanted to do, it seemed that she had already made plans. A bit disappointed by this, Xia said, "oh, ok." She then, however, brightened back up saying, "well, see you later then Aurora!" Waving the girl goodbye, Xia left the arena to figure out what next to do with her day. She didn't know where Angela or Aria were, so she wasn't sure they'd be able to hang out. To that effect, she didn't really know where anyone was, so instead she just decided to wander around for a bit. While she did this, taking in the sights of the city, she decided to check her watch to see if there was anything fun to do there. It was then that the girl remembered that there was a section that she saw yesterday that had amped her up. 
Going into the menu, she saw the entry listed "combat events," and began to peruse it. Scrolling down, she stared at the, "Land Where Dragons Rule," event for a bit. She wanted to partake in it very much so, but was unable to as she was nowhere even close to having enough points to do it. Pouting a bit at this, she decided to just scroll through all of the options, unsure of what some of them even meant, until she stopped at the one labeled, "Ballroom Blitz." She wasn't quite sure what either of those things were, unless the ballroom was a room that was actually just one giant ball, but it sounded fun to say and so she decided to sign up for that one. Spending the points for the fight, she then received that it would be an hour or so before she was all ready to fight. And so for that next hour, Xia had decided to go kill time with two friends of hers that she knew just where they were. 
Walking into the security office, Xia announced her presence loudly. "Hiiii Gnash! Hi Snowball!" While the two seemed to be surprised by her sudden arrival, the girl then explained herself saying, "yeah, I got a thing to do in an hour, but spending an hour by myself sounded boring. So I came to have fun with you guys! You don't mind right?" While the security guard seemed surprised that the girl wanted to hang out with him, he had no qualms with it at all, and Snowball as well seemed happy to see Xia again. As such, Xia then killed the next hour hanging around the security office, until it was time for her combat event to start. Waving a goodbye to them, the girl made her way into the arena, where she once more entered a virtual room. 

Ballroom Bltiz


When Xia had entered the field, the room she was in seemed to be way bigger than usual. It was a largely decorated looking room, with an entirely flat and waxed floor, reflecting the lights the hung above. The walls, floors and ceiling all seemed to the same golden sheen to them. From the ceilings hung chandeliers of all different sizes, all elaborate in design and all ornate in decoration, casting light down onto the floor below. The most notably, thing about the room, however, was its size. While none of the arenas before hand had seemed particularly small, this seemed to dwarf those in comparison, extending just far enough that it was difficult for Xia to see the end. The other thing that would immediately catch anyone's attention would be something far more obvious. A large collection of faceless people, seemingly a few hundred, all wielding metal pipes that didn't seem to be doing much of anything. While Xia was curious about this, she then heard something yell "ATTACK!" and the horde started to bull rush her. 
While the girl was caught off guard, she at least knew the meaning of that word, and figured she was supposed to do so in turn. Cracking her knuckles, the girl had a smile across her face as she said, "here I go!" Charging head first into the horde of the faceless men, the girl began her beatdown of them. With the first of the men raising their pipe at her, he was stopped before being able to swing, as a fist struck him square in the head. The man was sent hurtling, into one behind it with both of them merely vanishing as a result. The girl's stride was not broken, as she continued to punch through a few more that ran at her. While her front was well defended from these faceless men, as she merely kept punching through them one after the other, it didn't take long for them to start swarming her from all sides. As such, she couldn't help but be hit by a few of their pipes, bracing herself for impact as they connected. However, when they struck, she felt barely anything. Like someone was very aggressively poking her. As such, the girl wasn't especially bothered by it, and merely kept pressing forward as she had been. 
As such, the girl continued to merely press forward, not paying much mind to the whacks that she took, and instead just opting to charge forward. Her punches were certainly effective and getting rid of the men, but all they were also pretty slow, which let some of the surrounding ones get some hits on her as she plowed her way through. The girl thought for a bit as to how she would get through a more of them, and then it hit her. Which was to hit them. With them. Grabbing one of the faceless men, the girl started to swing the faceless man around like a bat, knocking out a fair few in front of her, and the one in her hand. Being excited at this plan working, the girl then continued this strategy of grabbing them, cutting a swath through the horde. 
As the girl continued to beat through the faceless men, taking hits as she was giving them, on a brief look it seemed that there was no end to the horde. She had defeated many many more then she had fingers to count, and so while she was curious about this, she still didn't pay it much mind as she pressed forward to break the lines through the horde. As she continued to mow through the rest of the faceless horde, the girl then noticed that the faceless men were actually coming from the direction she was heading towards. Xia had no idea what that meant, but she did think it'd be cool to see how these guys got here in the first place. So, continuing her charge forward, the girl smiled and she clenched her fist, taking a few more hits, before charging through a chunk of the faceless men in one punch. 

#7037220 Grand Fire Emblem Tournament 3 [Nominations Closed]

Posted by Skaia on 18 September 2017 - 01:58 AM

  1. Alm (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)
  2. Valbar (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) 
  3. Elincia (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)
  4. Tibarn (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance)
  5. Ranulf (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance) 
  6. Forde (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones) 
  7. Nino (Fire Emblem Blazing Sword) 
  8. Shiro (Fire Emblem Fates)
  9. Inigo (Fire Emblem Awakening)

#7036972 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 16 September 2017 - 07:25 PM

Xia vs Aurora - Part 1:
As the dragon girl was able to freely move once again, the girl looked around with awe at the new place. The two of them seemed to be high, way higher than where she had been last time she fought. And if she remembered anything about last time, falling off might lead to her getting attacked by air sharks. Though, having never met air sharks before the girl was then curious about them. Shaking the thought off, though, Xia looked towards her opponent and waved saying, “hiii! Nice to meet you Aurora! And good luck too!” Cracking her knuckles, the girl went with a simple attack. Running head first at her opponent, with fists clenched. 
“Good luck,” Aurora greeted back as the dragon girl started charging forward. She had to admit, against an opponent more eager to run face-first into the fight, instead of sitting back and firing off lasers like Caleb had, Aurora felt much more at home and confident in the fight. The cryomancer’s foot slammed into the rock beneath her feet, prompting a wall of ice to appear between her and her opponent. You’ll need it. Wall up, Aurora started preparing her own attack. A volley of no less than five spikes of ice, which she wasted no time in lobbing over the wall.
Xia’s face lit up in curiosity as her opponent created a wall of ice in front of herself. While this was certainly surprising, neither it, nor the apparent ice spikes flying at her, stopped her charge. Dodging the first of the spikes, the girl then punched once with both of her fists, breaking two more of the spikes. However, this let the other two hit her across her arms, though outside of the momentary cold and pain, it deterred her little. As she made her way to the wall of ice, Xia merely punched at the wall with great force, attempting to shatter through it. 
A look of surprise briefly crossed Aurora’s face as a hole was punched clean through her wall. It had been awhile since she’d seen that happen. She didn’t want a punch to the face from this person, not that she was particularly eager to get hit by anyone in the first place. If she’s as strong as I think, two… no, three punches will be all I can take. So it’s just a matter of not letting her hit me. Easy. Aurora congratulated Xia’s wall-breaking strength by raising a hand in her direction, and firing off a beam of ice. Either it hit, or it missed and created a small pillar somewhere. This would be a long-term fight - as they usually were with Aurora - so she was fine with either outcome.
As the wall before her broke, Xia saw a large swirl of cold appear in front of her. Keeping the forward momentum from breaking through the wall, Xia raised up an arm to take the ice beam, ice forming across it. However, without pausing from the attack, Xia continued to step forward and follow up with a punch from her unfrozen arm at the girl. 
Aurora blocked the incoming punch as best she could, but Xia’s raw strength - as she expected - was simply too much to handle. The cryomancer was sent hurtling back by the attack, and soon retaliated by firing off another ice beam at the dragon, stirring up an icy tailwind from behind her in the meantime. That should slow her, even if it’s just a little bit. Aurora didn’t like pushing herself, even if it was just a little bit, but this was quickly proving to be a fight where she’d have to go all-in. Even so, she wanted to ease into it a bit.
As the girl went hurtling back, Xia saw that she was going in for a counter with yet another beam. Bringing up her already frozen arm, the girl blocked the beam with it, causing another layer of ice to form over it. Having a bit of trouble moving the arm around now, also being somewhat weighed down, her already none too quick speed was only slowed further by the cold wind being generated by her opponent. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop her from continuing to single mindedly charge at Aurora, and attempting to punch her.
There wasn’t really any stopping her like this. But a plan was forming in Aurora’s head. It would take a bit to set up, and if it failed she’d probably lose this fight, but getting it right could be a sudden win, if Aurora was imagining everything right. For now, she had to continue this keepaway game. In the now, with another attempt at a punch headed her way, that meant putting up a wall between herself and her opponent, and continuing to retreat as it quickly broke, firing off beams of ice aimed at the ground between herself and Xia. She could already feel a distinct chill running up her spine, and it didn’t have much to do with the ice she was coating the ground between the two with so much as how it got there. Ground iced, Aurora continued firing off ice beams toward her opponent. She didn’t really expect to stop Xia this time, but the plan had little to do with stopping her at this rate.
With another wall put in her way, the girl merely crashed her unfrozen fist into it, breaking it down yet again. Continuing to move forward towards Aurora, Xia suddenly had her charge messed with, as she hadn’t noticed the ice forming on the ground. And so, instead of running towards Aurora actually intending to attack, she instead started to slip and slide forward, not really in control of her forward momentum at this point. 
It’s something. Aurora saw the slipping opponent, and in it, an opportunity. A simple one, that only involved creating yet another wall not far ahead of Xia. In the meantime, she fired a pair of thinner beams off to her sides, forming a pair of spiked pillars of ice near the edges of the arena she and Xia found themselves in. Briefly glancing behind her to see how much more room she had to fall back revealed a cave not at all far. If she had to keep retreating, she’d definitely be in there before long.
With yet another wall in her way, Xia tried to stop it as she had the other two, however with little control over her movement she merely crashed into the wall, landing on flat on her tail. Wincing a bit from the collision, the dragon girl started to pick herself back up, first punching the ice that encased her arm, freeing it up. She then went to break the wall in front of her with yet another punch, and started to run, albeit at an even slower pace towards Aurora once again. 
Aurora glanced over the battlefield. She surveyed how much of the ground had been covered in ice, and the two pillars at the end. Almost enough… I think. Almost. For now, Aurora had to keep at bay the dragon girl approaching her, albeit slowed by the ice beneath her feet. Firing off more ice like she’d been doing so liberally up until now felt like a bad idea. She had to change it up. Aurora instead stirred up an icy gale, blowing it down the battlefield and into Xia. She didn’t expect that to stop the advance entirely, but it would definitely slow her down some more with the ice to consider. For good measure, Aurora created a quartet of small shards of ice, firing them off at Xia and letting the tailwind speed them up a bit more.
Feeling even slower from the icy headwind, the dragon girl was starting to move at a pace more akin to a brisk jog than an actual run. This was only put to a brief halt as she raised up her arms to brace herself against the ice shards crashing into her. She was making very little ground, which was somewhat upsetting to the girl yet she didn’t really have a way to close the gap any quicker. Once she had finished blocking, the girl started to try and break out into a full run once more, her run being interrupted as it turned more into a dive towards the girl, slipping on the ice and falling forward at her. 
With Xia’s dive, Aurora found herself in the spot she least wanted to be in. Xia was right there, and Aurora was pinned to the ground by a dragon girl. But fighting on Rama-Indri in this arena, as Aurora learned yesterday, meant that the chills she gained from using her powers too much would fade. She’d take advantage of that in ways she couldn’t back home, starting here by creating a spiked igloo around herself and Xia, similar to what she’d done yesterday against Caleb. This time, however, in addition to that, she pointed both of her hands directly at Xia’s face, and fired off a pair of ice beams. “It won’t be that easy just because you caught me,” she grinned.
Pinning the girl to the ground, Xia had a smile on her face as she said, “woo, got ya!” It was at this point that her joy was replaced with wonder as a spiked icy dome appeared around her, having her say, “whoooa, that’s so cool Aurora!” As she looked at her opponent, though, she noticed that her hands seemed to be radiating with the same cold that they did she shot those weird cold beam things. Not wanting to be hit in the face by them, Xia attempted to try and shove Aurora forward and out from under herself, hoping to direct the ice girl’s hands away from her face and more so towards her torso. 
As Aurora felt herself being shoved toward the wall of her own igloo, she did what any reasonable cryomancer would do. She scattered the bricks of her igloo, reassembling them into a spiked wall between herself and Xia as she felt a surge of cold wash over her. Her arms wrapped around herself on reflex. I’ll have to end this fast. With those bricks, that should be enough once I add… For good measure, Aurora fired off another pair of ice beams to her sides, creating another pair of pillars. Her teeth briefly chattered, as Aurora turned again. The cave was right behind her. Aurora clumsily walked into the cave, creating a row of icicles on the top of the entrance and a wall behind her.
Xia felt an immense cold encase her body, as the beams struck her torso, the girl attempted to stand up still. Even if hampered, she saw yet another wall within her way and was not about to let it stand in her way. Getting on both of her feet, the girl sent a fist at one of the spikes at the wall, breaking it off. She then followed it up with another fist directed where she broke the spike off, breaking the wall before her. With that out of the way, the dragon girl followed after Aurora.
Now! “You sure are strong,” she sincerely complimented, briefly glancing behind Xia. That should be enough… I think. “I haven’t fought anyone this strong in a while.” Behind her opponent, Aurora began pulling the ice that coated the ground up, coming up in large pillars and small spikes alike. Above the two, she began to loosen the icicles hanging from the cave entrance’s ceiling.
“Aww thanks!” Xia genuinely said at the compliment. “I haven’t fought any this cold or super awesome like, ever. Tes was kind of awesome, but not cold. But yeah, you’re really cool too!” After she complimented the girl, however, her attention then shifted to the now raising ice on the ground. Being both amazed but also worried about it, the girl tried to brace herself against it, only to then be hit by the ice raining from the top. Grimacing in pain as the ice shards slashed through her, the girl buckled a bit. When it was over, she was clearly wounded, frost covering most of her body as she seemed to be heavily breathing. “Man, that was really awesome,” her voice was weaker than before but still as peppy as ever. “Oh I know. I should do something awesome too!” Standing back up, the girl’s arm started to charge with a blue energy as a smile persisted on her face.

#7036078 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 12 September 2017 - 10:37 PM

As the girl began to walk, the land around her seemed to bloom forth with the raw amount of power she generated. Though despite this miraculous feat, the girl seemed to pay no mind to it as she merely charged forward with laser focused determination. Trees in her way were toppled, only to be replaced by new ones as she passed through the area. While it seemed to be naught but senseless destruction, it wasn't until the girl felt a strange feeling wash across her that she paused. Looking towards the two shamans, they seemed to begin chanting as they cut their palms, an action that made the girl curious but non-reactive aside from that. However, as she felt the strange feeling course through her body, she understood that these two were the cause of it, the cause of the magic. Her already annoyed face scrunching up into more frustration, the girl began to walk towards the shamans. As they continued to try their curse, a blue energy started to flow across her arm, burning bright with raw arcane force. As the shamans realized that their curse was entirely ineffective, it was already too late. 


With a simple punch, the girl unleashed a brilliant deep blue stream of energy, crashing into the ground near the shamans and tossing them to the side. The mere force of it had left them stunned, and while Cain was trying to recollect himself, his ankle would suddenly feel drenched. Looking at it, he would see a tendril of water wrapped around it, and then feel a sharp pain as it tightened. The man's leg then twisted at an unnatural angle, causing him to cry out in pain, as he was pulled towards the dragon girl. As his body was flung towards her, she then smacked down on Cain's abdomen. As the wind was knocked out of him, the man was left stunned as a forceful foot stepped onto his chest. Looking up, he saw the dragon girl's face filled with nothing but anger and contempt. As the foot began to press further in, the shaman went for a last ditch effort as he reached into his pocket. Pulling out a lighter, the man ignited, causing the small flame to turn into a giant wildfire shooting upwards, engulfing the dragon girl in her entirety. 


A small hope began to fill Cain as he felt the force against his chest lessen, only for despair to follow quickly after as a foot stomped on his elbow. Letting out a blood curdling scream as his elbow was smashed into pieces, he was soon silenced as the same foot came back down against his chest. The first stomp was enough to crush the rib cage in its entirety, eviscerating all the organs inside, only for the following ones to merely be a formality. As the man was silenced, and the flames having subsided, the dragon girl's face was filled with a fury unlike before, entirely unaffected by the fire. Looking over to hunt for the next shaman, it took no time at all as Dario hadn't moved very far. 


A look of desperate confidence was clear across his face, as he raised a large stone column into the air, roughly as tall as any of the trees in the forest, with twice the width. As the large stone pillar was moving forward to crush the dragon, it seemed to stop before it even hit the ground. Despite putting more force into it, the pillar did not move, and Dario's panic only started to rise. This culminated into his eyes going wide, breathless at the sight of the mighty stone construct being shattered instantly. As the rubble fell, all that could be seen was the dragon girl, one fist in the air covered in dust. Glaring at the shaman, she took off with Dario sprinting as fast as he could away from her. Though his pace could never hope to match hers, his run was cut short as a hand grasped the back of his head, effortlessly lifting him into the air. He started to scream, pray, curse, and cry all at once as the pressure from each finger started to press into his skull. And then it stopped. Nothing left to scream. Nothing left to feel. With nothing left to grasp onto, the headless body fell to the ground. The blood on her hand was cleaned off as a rush of water flowed off her arm. Though both shamans were dead, her fury was not sated. There was still strange magic around, and she would not rest until it was eliminated from the area. 

#7035910 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 12 September 2017 - 02:35 AM

With the Atlas safe from harms way, the guardian made sure that it was safe. Diving as far underwater as they could, the Atlas was placed under much stone, sand a seal made of magically compressed water. Once they confirmed it was safe, they went on to what was irritating them next. The Atlas was angered by something. Something magical. Other magical things. And in turn, the guardian was angered. They would let no harm come to it, and thus, would destroy that which would. Letting out a bestial roar from the depths of the sea, one so fierce even those on the surface above would be able to faintly hear, the guardian ascended. Rushing upwards, as they broke the surface of the water, a large column of water was expelled upwards, easily visible by all in the area, the water falling to the ground as if it was a miniature rain fall. However, despite this grand entrance, there was no beast or behemoth visible from it. 


Instead, landing on the ground was a being that appeared to be an adult female human in form. Her garb was very strange for the land she was in, having a more east Asian theme to them, her hair was long and black and she bore strikingly non-human features; two horns atop her head, a large blue scaled tail, and visible scales across her body. She didn't know what the source of the magic was, nor why it was agitating the Atlas. However, she could understand the source, or sources as it may be. And she would not allow such things to exist any longer. With an expression of single minded determination and fists clenched, the half-dragon began their march towards the first source of magic they could find. Within in her path there would only lay ruin; no tree left rooted, no stone unbroken, and no being would still draw breath. For she was the guardian and nothing would stop her.