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#7017209 New Logo?

Posted by Skaia on 19 June 2017 - 11:45 PM

I'll make note that if you guys do make new logos make sure that they're all renders so you don't have the solid blue background just there on the black ones of the other themes. 

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#7016948 YCM in four words

Posted by Skaia on 18 June 2017 - 09:55 PM

Site is down again. 

#7016766 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 18 June 2017 - 01:06 AM



Alois raised an eyebrow as the littler princess seemed to not think he was telling the full truth. While it was true he probably had other stories, prior to meeting the team, they were mostly to do with either bandits or, again, his general day to day living. Neither seemed particularly fun to add though, even in jest, and so he didn't. However, as the girl said that he wasn't stuck at home he merely muttered, "oh is that what it sounded like to you?" The boy was not confined to his house, sure. But home was a lot more than one's house, and while he might not have had an entire kingdom that would try to stop him from leaving, it was still not the smartest of decisions to be un-stuck. Nevertheless, he listened to the girl as she told her story. He was, admittedly, confused, horrified, intrigued and curious as the girl went on about her story. As she finished, he digested the tale for a bit, before finally asking, "but wait, how did the rabbit-" but was cut off as the group made it to camp, where they were greeted with new faces. 


Meanwhile, as the large armored man "reported his status," to the chipper girl she merely slowed down her pacing. Slowly patting the man's armor she said, "good, good. Good to hear you're good." With a smile on her face, she gave the man two thumbs up, before resuming her original pace. It was then, that the group had made their way to their encampment, to which Tsetseg had turned around as they heard a friendly voice come from within the camp. As the girl in glasses made her greeting to the archer, Tsetseg countered with her own thumbs up saying, "Hange! My other favorite person! I'm doing good goodly good!" Once that was done with, Urvan had then called some of the others away, including Hange, which left the archer with only Shaoran as a familiar face with her. However, the boy then decided to give the group a tour to which she simply said, "oh yes, leave all the explaining things to Shaoran. He's like, really smart and stuff, and reads a lot. Which must mean he knows stuff!" 


Alois had a raised a curious eyebrow at this girl's strange energy, but didn't comment any further on it, merely following the tour guide around. He was a bit curious as to what these people sold here, and was actually somewhat intrigued by the weird trade system they probably had going. He wasn't so intrigued that he was going to comment any further on it, but the interest was there. However, as the tour had come to an end, he could suddenly feel a strange presence watching him. Glancing around, the boy saw that the littler princess's piercing eyes were on him, giving him a strange look. It was strange and with purpose. And while he couldn't read it entirely, he could tell the girl definitely wanted him to do something. "What? What are you giving me that look for. Stop. It's weird." Regardless of his aversion, though, the boy didn't really have anything else to do and followed the princess along on her adventurers. Though, were he asked to lift books, he'd merely say, "oh, sorry, I'm not doing lifting practice right now. But hey, it's never too early for you to start."


Eventually dinner had come and though not much had happened during it, the group was eventually summoned by Urvan to go talk about something. Tsetseg had trailed a bit behind the rest of the group, as she wasn't directly summoned, but Alois had moved along with his group. Once there, the group learned more about what was going on. As it turned out they had managed to slay a leader of some large bandit organization, and had apparently incurred the wrath of other bandits in the region. While that was mildly amusing to the fighter, what wasn't was who supposedly hired them to kill the group in the first place. "Oh great, a Galtean noble wants us dead. Now we just need a Locrisian and Isaurian one pissed off at us and we'll get the whole of the continent after us," the boy grimly joked as the explanation happened.


Regardless, once that was done with, the group was lead back to the camp they were staying in. Tsetseg said, "don't worry, I'll navigate you through our camp as no other navigator has ever navigated before to your sleeping area!" With that, she lead the group along, waving to Hange as she passed her until eventually they had managed to settle down. With that done, Tsetseg seemed to bustle off, going to her own devices for the moment.


As the littler princess and the flower knight decided to go and deliberate on the matter at hand, Alois merely gave them a way and said, "good luck." With that out of the way, his attention turned to someone else. Ever since his talk with the littler princess, there was something about it that he couldn't shake. The description that he gave on person in particular, that made him start to wonder something about them. It wasn't as though he had actively been watching her since then, but the moments he had paid attention his thoughts didn't seem any less wrong. And so, with the free time upon them and the new development that the group had been presented with, he felt it a good time to go talk with her about it. Picking himself up, Alois walked over to the crown princess herself and said, "hey there Cat. Don't seem like you've got too much to do right now other than brood so, wanna spar instead?"


While Tsetseg had claimed to be going about her business elsewhere, in actuality, she had circled back to where the group was. Keeping herself as best hidden as she could, the girl analyzed the group and noticed that her prey had been missing from the sight. As such, the hunter scanned the area around until she saw them moving about the rest of the camp. Moving quietly, the girl eventually began to crawl across the ground, steadily and slowly. While their prey seemed to be discussing something heavy, the girl was undeterred in wanting to catch her mark. As such, while Hange was providing to be an excellent distraction for her, the girl eventually pounced. Her hands extended out, ready to wrap around the fluffy tail of Sienna and truly test its fluffiness. 

#7016734 Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 17 June 2017 - 11:14 PM

The girl stood up slowly, her body in a bit of pain having just been struck by the white haired man's attack. Her expression revealed surprise at first, having never faced off against a Psychic Duelist before. However, this soon turned from surprise to wonder as she said, "oh, wow, so that's what that feels like." Shaking herself off she then grimaced saying, "no, that was not quite as pleasant as I thought it'd be. And I didn't think it was going to be pleasant. But man, will the guys at the Occult Club not believe this!" It was then that she realized her opponent was taunting her to which she didn't have much of a rebuttal. She merely just shrunk back a bit before looking at him with a bit of spite saying, "w-well, your hair is stupid!" After that she then said, "uh, anyway, my turn!" 


Drawing her card, she looked and nodded muttering, "alright we can do this Kaede." Playing it down she announced, "first, I summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy." With that, a boy in a blue rode with a glowing blue cap appeared, wielding a book radiating with magical energy and having a generally bored expression across his face.


Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Lv. 2 | Water
ATK 500 | DEF 400
"Next, I activate his effect. When Spellbook Magician of Prophecy is summoned I can add one Spellbook Spell card from my deck to my hand. And with that I add, Spellbook Star Hall." As she proclaimed this, the book the boy was holding started to glow before he opened it. The energies started to arc of the pages and coalesce together, until finally they formed the shape of a card. With that, the card became solid as it was sent over to Kaede who snatched it. After doing that, there was a slight pause before Kaede said, "right, I then activate it! Spellbook Star Hall that is." Once the card was played, a grand hallway appeared, contrasting the swamp around them. "Next, from my hand I'll activate Spellbook of Secrets."
As she played the card, a similar magical book to the one that Prophecy Magician was using appeared. "It's effect lets me add one Spellbook Spell card from my deck to my hand. And I choose Spellbook of Power!" The book then erupted into a similar flow of energy as before, this time breaking down into raw magical power and turning into card form. As this happened, a blue light shimmered on the roof of the hall. "Next, I'll use Spellbook of Power. This increases one spellcaster monster I control's attack by 1000. And I choose Hannibal Necormancer."  As she said this, a book similar in design to Secrets, though with a harsh red and orange aura, about it appeared before the monster. As it did, the creature smashed both covers of the book, a fire like energy exploded out, covering the body of creature in a similarly fiery aura as its power increased. As this happened, another blue light appeared on the top of the hall, creating a thin line of energy between it and the first. "And that's not all, with every spell card played, Star Book Spell Hall, er- Spellbook Star Hall gains a spell counter. And for each counter it has, my monsters gain 100 attack points." 
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy: 500 ---> 700 ATK
Hannibal Necromancer: 1400 ----> 2600 ATK


"Now, Hannibal Necromancer attack his Reptile Eurayle." As she declared the attack, the creature roared as it started to gain magical energy around it. As it charged at the reptile, Hibiki decided to act fast and jump after an action card. While he had managed to grab one, it didn't seem to suit what he needed to do at this moment, and thus, the Necromancer managed to bite down on the reptile. As it did, the monster exploded and left behind some residual energy, that all flowed towards the spellcaster. 


Hibiki LP: 8000 ---> 6800


After the attack went through, the energy fiery energy started to arc off the creature and swirl into a more rectangular shape. "Next, I activate the other effect of Spellbook of Power. When the monster it was used on destroys another one, I can add one Spellbook Spell Card to my hand. And I choose Spellbook Tower." Once she finished explaining, the fiery energy solidified into a card which the girl then grasped. "Now, with your field wide open Spellbook Magician of Prophecy attacks you directly!"  With her attack declared, the magician then opened up his book, drawing energy from it. This time, it formed in the shape of water like orb before being fired towards the white haired man. 


Seeming prepared for this, the man then shouted, "I don't NEED an Action Card to screw you over! I activate Damage = Reptile! This lets me summon any Reptile lurking in my deck directly to the field, so long as I've not taken damage less than its own attack points. I summon the 0 ATK Reptilliane Naga, in defense mode!" When he did this, his grin went wild and he was sneering and some shit. "My monster will protect me from your weak direct attacks." 


Somewhat flustered from this the girl stammered out, "w-well, I'll just attack it then! So there. Spellbook Magician of Propheceeow," she stopped as she bit her tongue on the name. "Uh, these are a mouthful. Uh, Prophecy Magician, attack his Naga!" With that, the spellcaster nodded, sending out the same orb from before towards the creature. 


The man, in turn, began to laugh at the girl's attempt. "You MORON! My Naga can't be destroyed by battle... but your magician will have its attack power reduced to 0 for even trying! Suffer Reptilaianne Curse's effect!"


Kaede LP: 6600---->6200


As the magician had been weakened, snake appeared from out of the bog and bit down on Kaede, which then prompted her to let out a small yelp of pain. "Owow." The girl shook herself off, before continuing her turn. "Well, uh, anyway. I'll just activate this card, Spellbook Tower!" As she played the card, a large silver spiraling tower erupted out from the bog below, dwarfing everything in its sight. "And because of that, Star Hall gets another spell counter added to it, and my monsters another 100 attack points!" As she said this, another faint blue light appeared, connecting itself to another one of them. After that was over, the girl then looked at her cards, looked at the field and then said, "well, uh. I guess it's your turn now, so there." 


Spellbook Magician of Prophecy: 0 ATK ----> 100 ATK

Hannibal Necromancer: 2600 ATK ----> 1700 ATK

#7016659 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trivial Wars [IC/PG16/Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 17 June 2017 - 04:25 PM



Mark was a bit on the confused side as the man seemed to bear hug both him and the other girl that was with them, and seemed to be weeping. It was at that point that Mark looked over to the girl who asked about fish and he simply said, "yes, I did say fish. Do you have the 3 of Clubs?" It was at that point that it registered what Wade had said, to which Mark said, "non-dueling? Well, my fine medical practitioner of ocular rodentology allow me to co-" however his attention was then drawn to the statement of the man who had wanted to start moving along. "Yes, if there is any crazy ranch, dip or sauce here it would be much appreciated to see where that is." He then had a look of deep thought cross his face as he muttered, "I wonder if they have chips here." 


With that done, the Teacher Doctor had started to show them around the place. Wade had started speaking about the place, and apparently how it was an area of complete abstinence, except in regards to Sophie who apparently gave them out. But because everyone else here was abstinent it seemed to not matter any. Though, that might explain why she seemed to be a bit on the grumpier side of things. "Interesting," the boy mused to himself. It was then that they were presented with a wall. Now, Mark had seen a fair deal of walls in his time. In fact, he had seen some today, not two seconds ago. But this wall took the cake. Probably. It seemed pretty similar to most other walls, at least in terms of function. In fact he was unsure what made this wall more special than other walls, but damn was it a wall. Wade had then tossed a rock all the way to the other base, or at least attempted to. Sadly, unless the rock was capable of faster than light warp drive technology it would not reach. Though, Wade had seemed spirited enough to believe he struck the man, and thus Mark simply laughed a hearty laugh and said, "good rock!" 


After a bit more traveling, Timzerothree had eventually lead them to a split where they would be partnering up with others to find dorms. Mark understood perfectly what had to be done and thus looked over to another male that was with them. Seeing the man who had made note of the crazy ranch earlier, he walked over to him and pointed saying, "you there! You seem to know your way around snacks, you also need a roommate. So how about being mine?" Before the male could answer, Mark then immediately followed up with, "by the way, I won't take no for an answer. So thanks! Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He then let out a hearty, "hahahaha!" as he reached up and slung his arm around the man's neck. Walking towards the dorms, attempting to drag the man along with him, he said, "man, we're going to be the best roommate for the days to comes! Maybe even months, or years, or an eternity. Hahahaha!"

#7016312 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 16 June 2017 - 01:27 AM



As Xia was about to proceed into the stadium proper, a large muscular fellow had passed by her. He seemed to be crying and said something about a monster, before running further away. Xia didn't quite get what the man was going on about and simply continued her walk in. Once at the actual tennis court arena, Xia could look around and see that there were actually a fair number of people gathered and sitting across the walls of the stadium. Her face was one of both shock and wonder as she saw the large of collection of people who were all looking into the area, though was quickly pulled back and refocused onto the field itself as her apparent opponent had spoken to her. As the person introduced herself and seemed to get ready, Xia felt an odd surge of pressure, as if this girl was prepared to kill something. Not perturbed by it though, Xia simply waved and said, "hiii." As the girl taunted her, Xia then said, "I'm ready to start whenever! Let's go, woooo!"


Tennis Anime


With the game finished, Valerie seemed to be in a good mood, as she called out to her opponent. "You uh, you kind of sucked, but you fought hard, you got spirit whoever you are that's for sure." The girl then shifted her attention to the audience as she addressed them. "That's last one for me today guys pack up and head out if you're waiting for more." With what was likely disappointing news to the crowd, they started to disperse out of the area.


Xia stood there, a bit dumbfounded. It was certainly not fun to lose, especially as terribly as she had. However, there was something exciting and exhilarating about the game, especially the smashing part. As such, the girl had decided that this was quite the fun game to play. However, as her opponent addressed her, she took a moment to respond, trying to figure out whether or not she was being complimented or insulted, but eventually her expression brightened. "Ah thanks Valerie! Oh, right! I'm Xia, it's nice to meet you." The half-dragon then made her way over to her opponent and offered her hand to shake, before asking "oh and uh, would you want to play again some time? You were like suuuper good and this is a really fun game."


Valerie had gripped onto Xia's hand, pulling her in closer and then patting her on the back with her free hand. "Yeah sure, get better first though, next time I want a real fight."


The girl nodded excitedly, saying, "sure! Next time I'll get real good and then we'll have even more fun!" With that done she then said, "well then, I guess I better be going, nice meeting you Valerie." With that, Xia had started to walk away from the tennis field.


Valerie had reciprocated the farewell, as she said, "see you around Miss Hammer Arm, I..." The girl glanced around the arena, scanning the empty bleachers before putting her hand on Xia's shoulder. "Aaactually how about we head out together, eh? Since we became buddies and all." 


Xia's face had gone from cheery to one of pure joy as she nodded vigorously saying "that would be great! Oh I'd love to do that! Ooooh!" She was overwhelmed by the whole thing, having made another friend today. And one that was like, super good a game that was also super fun. This had to be the best thing in her life so far. While she was shaking from excitement, she realized the girl was still there and thus tried to forcibly calm herself to keep speaking. "So uh, um, where do you want to go then?"
"Not here." Valerie said, starting to move a bit hurriedly. "Somewhere public probably."
"Oh sure sure." Xia nodded, not really knowing what she was talking about. "Let's get going then!"  

#7015911 Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 14 June 2017 - 04:29 PM


Furiko looked a bit curious as Yugo seemed to avoid talking about his family, though it subsided a bit as he said he hadn't inherited any of the psychic powers his grandmother had. While Furiko was still interested, before pressing the matter any further, their conversation was interrupted when a familiar voice struck her ears. Furiko had both a mix of surprise and concern cross her face as she saw the familiar white haired man had popped his head into their room. She was starting to wonder if this man had a bit of a problem, as he seemed quite hung up on their duel, and was becoming more concerned for herself. Though, not out of fear of pain and more so out of having a potential stalker. As he finished and Yugo retorted,Furiko sighed as he left. "Maybe I should look into getting a restraining order for him."
Regardless, the group seemed ready to get their move on, when Yugo said that he was going to Kyouji's personal room. A bit hesitant about it, Furiko said, "uh, I don't think we shou-" but could only sigh as the boy started to walk off without them. Putting her hands in her pocket, Furiko said to Aika, "well, I guess we should make sure he doesn't get into any trouble." With that, the girl started to walk along with the blue-yellow haired boy. On their way there, though, Furiko suddenly started to feel uneasy. While there were any number of people in the tournament hall, the girl could start to make out a distinct voice. It wasn't as if it was a voice in the crowd, more so like it was a voice specifically directed at her. Looking around, the girl couldn't tell where it was coming from, but noticed that her deck box had started to glow. Before she could examine it, though, she saw that Yugo had continued to walk through the building. Thinking it'd be bad to lose track of each other, the girl continued to follow after him, only to eventually see what had caught his attention. 
There, standing secluded from others, was the familiar figures of Tycho and Akaryuu dueling each other. Furiko was a bit confused by the scene, but concern crossed her face as she saw the glow coming from both of the duelists' hands. It was at that point that it seemed the hooded man had taken notice of them, and the duel had ended suddenly. Before Furiko could ask what the elder man was doing, he simply rushed past them, with Furiko being a bit stunned to do anything. However, once she recollected herself, she walked over to Tycho alongside Yugo she followed up with, "yeah, he's a weird one so was everything alright?" After the questions were answered Furiko then delayed a bit before, with some concern present in her expression, asked, "also...Why were you dueling Akaryuu just now?"


As Hanae continued to walk through the crowds, making her way back to the others, she eventually heard her name in particular being called out. She wasn't sure how many "Hanae's" there were in the world, and so after some scouting around she had eventually found the source. The voice belonged to one of the people who were with the blank card holders, though, she couldn't exactly remember what his name was. Regardless, she walked towards him and said, "hey," to get his attention. Once she did, the boy had come over to her and told her about how the people were meeting up back at the main room, to which she said, "oh, I was just heading over there myself. Though," she glanced a bit upward as she somewhat dryly stated, "I uh, don't really have anything to report." She was a bit curious about Ao, but didn't really get much of a chance to ask as the boy asked her if she had seen Tycho. The girl looked at him with a completely straight face as she said, "I have no idea who that is." As she said this, she then started to think more on why the name sounded familiar. Soon enough, she remembered the tournament brackets, specifically the one next to Kagami as she said, "oh right, him!" She seemed to light up a bit before her expression went back to flat as she said, "yeah, I haven't seen him anywhere."
It was then that she noticed a strange glowing coming from where, presumably, the boy kept his deck. At this moment, Hanae suddenly felt a lot more guarded as her expression scowled and her gaze narrowed. She wasn't sure what it was, but she could feel something strange. Some sort of foreboding danger that was looming near her, and as the strange whispering entered her hearing. She started to glance around, seeing the faces of those around her look at her curiously only for them to avert their gaze as Hanae's met theirs. Trying to look for the source of the noise, the girl eventually noticed that her deck was glowing as well, as she opened the deck box and saw it coming from specifically the blank. While all she could see from it was a blinding light, the light eventually subsided as the voices started to fade as well. While all that remained in her hand was a blank card, Hanae looked at it as if she were inspecting it under a microscope. 'Just what the hell are these things?' the girl thought to herself. However, placing the card back in her deck, she looked at the boy and said, "well. That was weird. We should probably get to reporting this so get the lead out of your socks and let's get moving." With that, the girl started to move back to the meeting room. 


Zephine rose an eyebrow saying, "oh, oh. Sounds like a fun time." While her voice wasn't flat it wasn't as excited as when she were talking about herself. Yet, the white haired girl had still found the girl's passion to the card game admirable. Shifting gears slightly the girl then said, "so I guess you must really be passionate about this then, right? You join this tournament 'cause you were lookin' to make a livin' off this or something?"


"Heeeeelllllooooooo there everyone! It's your host, Ishihara-san bringing you your neeeeexxxttt match up!" The rather enthusiastic commentator announced. "Ms. Juri Lee had to step out for a bit and the booth was open so I just figured, 'hey why not.' Anyway, first up we've got the Little Witch Academic herself, Nakagawa Kaede! And her opponent, the White Haired Wizar-  er, Lizard, Hisakawa Hibiki!" As the two duelists stepped into the dueling arena, the announcer then spoke up, "And now! We've got an action duel on our hands here folks, so let's deploy the Action Field, Junglemire Trenches!" 


With that, the field around them shifted and changed, going from the usual plain arena-esque field to a much different scenario. Swamps covering the land with flooded trenches littering the area. A canopy of trees sheltering the area, with vines either tied and strewn around the trunks or hanging from the branches above. As the field finished materializing, a large orb of flowing cards was shifting about. "Alright you rascally duelists you, get ready to kick your feet in the mud and begin! Ready and Action!" 


"Duel!" With that exclamation, Kaede drew her hand. Looking at the cards, the girl tried to take a deep breath calming herself. "Alright Kaede, it's ok, you can do this. No issue." As she seemed to be pumping herself up, she then looked at the field with a slight start and said, "r-right! I'll take the first go. Uh, my turn!" Picking the first card out of her hand she said, "alright, well, first I'll summon Hannibal Necromancer in attack mode!" As she played the card, a heterochromatic purple, ghoulish looking creature, with golden spikes shooting out of most of its body appeared. 


Hannibal Necromancer

Lv. 4 | DARK

ATK 1400 | DEF 1800


"Right, next, when Hannibal is summoned, it gains a Spell Counter onto itself." Letting out a bit a howl, the creature gained a bluish aura over it as its effect went off. "And now to finish it off, I activate the continuous spell, Arcane Barrier." As the card hit the field, a blue spell circle adorned with runes appeared above her. "And with that, I'll end my turn." 

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#7015690 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 13 June 2017 - 08:20 PM



As the girl had continued to move along the path, simply scanning the woods as best she could, it was then that she heard a voice call out for a "Miss." The voice was also coming from right behind her. Briefly scouting about, she noted that there wasn't another "Miss," in the immediate area of the voice, and thus while still walking forward the girl bent backward to see who was behind her. Seeing that the voice belong to the, now upside down, face of the squirrel man from before, she pointed to herself asking, "me?" When this was confirmed, she stood back upright before pivoting 180 degrees. Now walking backwards, she looked at the man, observing him from head to toe back to head before saying, "my group? Well." Her expression seemed to go from curious to enthused as she said, "they're like the best. Yep, the best. We're all really super friendly with each other and all work super super hard to keep peace here."


She nodded to herself, content, before face lit up again. "Oh, and they're all super nice. Yep. Even Irwin and Levi. Even if they can look," she then faked an angry expression and made a low "grrr" sound before, saying, "they're all really nice people who're just looking out for each other. And then there's Urvan, also really nice. Well, he's one of the everyone. So of course he'd be nice! But he's also like super strong and calm and cool and stuff. Oh, and sometimes he pats me on the head for a job well done." The girl seemed oddly proud of this last thing. Outside of the blue-headed meanie and the Isaurian, she figured that the rest of his group was probably also nice, and thus didn't feel the need to ask the armored man. It was at that point she realized something, "oh, right, right, right. It's always important to check each other's condition after each battle. Make sure we're all at our best best, you know? And I haven't seen you talk to any of your nice people so, I shall be the nice person you check with instead. So," the girl cleared her throat a bit as she was about to begin her questioning, only to then look a bit in confusion, unsure of how to go about this. "Uh. Hm. Ah! Are you feeling alright? Yes, that's the question. Or was it, 'how're you feeling?' Hmm. Oh well, it doesn't matter. No wait," the girl cleared her throat again before making it sound a bit deeper, asking, "what's your status?" Her voice shifted back to normal as she said, "yes, that's the one!" 

#7015513 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 12 June 2017 - 11:54 PM

After the Earth Chosen said what she did, the Nature Chosen then seemed to reply with how they needed to go and formulate a better and more effective way to fight. It was true, they were mostly disorganized when it came to fighting and it was only due to both their surprise attack and the scattering of the enemy forces that they managed to pull off the fight as well as they did. Even then, one of them had still died in the process. Thinking about how worse their situation was now, the girl's attention was then brought back to those around her as the halfling seemed to want to go full force in training. "We should find a safe place first," the girl voice out. They couldn't very well train here, as they had to leave soon. And training in the desert sand in the wide open where any matter of bandits or creatures that lived below could ambush them.


As the girl was lost in her thoughts, it was soon that she noticed the draken boy had finished preparing the burial for the orc and had put his body in the pit. As he spoke some words that the girl couldn't understand, she saw the pit light ablaze as the fire spirit dance above it. The girl had a solemn look across her face as the flames burned, and she could not find any words to speak during the pyre. Though he had seemed like a kind and caring soul, she had hardly known him. And what little time they had spent together was mostly occupied with fighting and traveling across the barren wastes of the desert. Nevertheless, he had decided to fight against the demons and had been a valuable ally in the time he was still alive. The girl prayed that he might be able to find peace in whatever lied beyond life, and continued to stand there silently, with her eyes closed as the fires continued. 


When all was said, and done, there remained naught but ashes left of him. When that was done with, the girl walked away from the pile, wondering what to do next. It was then that she saw the greatsword that the orc had been wielding earlier lying the sand. Walking over to it, the girl bent down and examined it slightly, before hefting it up. As she did, she then stabbed the blade into the ground, leaving it standing up in the sand. The girl had intended to leave it standing there as a sort of grave marker for the orc, though, all the same she was unsure about leaving a large blade in the middle of a shrine, ruined or not. Regardless, she merely left it there for now, and observed the rest of the group. 

#7015505 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

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As Xia had gotten to the sports stadium, she was a bit in awe of it all. She listened intently as the nice person who was at the entrance of the building guided her around through the area. Xia had seen some of these sports that were presented to her on the magic moving picture box back home, but never had she seen them in person. Looking at the people partaking in these sports, Xia couldn't help but be swept in some kind of excitement, even were the match not that exciting itself. At the end of her little tour, the girl was told that she could watch these things for free, to which the girl seemed to be flabbergasted at. Furthermore, for a small fee, she was even able to play in them. A great sense of enthusiasm started to fuel the dragon girl as she wondered what she would want to try first. Curious as to what she could partake in, the dragon girl asked, "ooooooh, what kind of sports are there?!" 


Her question was met with a list. A long list. So long list that midway through Xia stopped seeing or hearing words and instead just jumbles of sounds and letters. As metaphorical smoke could be seen pouring out of the girl's ears, her face having a vacant expression to it despite seemingly being enthused, she eventually stopped with the list and yelled, "I'll do this one! The Tennis one!" She didn't really know what Tennis was, other than it was likely better than Nineis, and so she had merely picked at random. 


As she was given the go ahead, the girl started to walk alongside the receptionist and was lead onto a moving walkway. When the dragon-girl had first stepped onto it, she instantly jumped off, wondering what kind of strange sorcery made the ground move as such. As she continued to stare at intently, she periodically put her foot back on it, recoiling away several times until she was assured it was all normal. As the girl stepped onto the floor, she seemed very much in a state of wonder and curiosity as she was being moved by the very ground itself...or just technology. One of those two. 

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As the airship started to get closer and closer to the base, the supposed fireworks were not relenting. In fact, he was fairly certain that they were getting closer and closer to the ship. Mark wondered what it would be like if they were hit by one. The most likely outcome was that they would then become the fireworks. He briefly wondered what colors he would burst into, when suddenly his thoughts were again interrupted by the rather loud noises produced by the man named Braves. For one with such a name he needed to have more gusto in him. The attitude not the birds. Though having more of those wouldn't hurt. Well, were it literally inside him it mi- Wait. Right. Braves. He was acting awfully loud. While Mark briefly wondered if it was panic, he then realized that maybe he was just having a good time with the fireworks as well. As the shouting continued Mark simply decided that he would join in shouting, "yes! That's the spirit! Hahahahahaha! Other loud noises!" This continued until the loud noises had ended and the gang had landed onto their base. 


After the introduction to Major Captain Lightfeather and their base, Mark saluted to the woman saying, "Mark Last-name reporting for the Best Time Ever, Major Captain!" It was then that another enthusiastic individual introduced themselves and spoke about exterminating the opposing army, Mark merely walked over to him and said, "hello there Timzerothree, I look forward to being in this base with you." As he went to emphatically pat the man on the back, he would find that the man was indeed not flesh and bone. Or at least, he would find that he was made of sturdier stuff. Pulling back his hand in slight pain he then emphatically laughed and said, "hahahaha, fully equipped to high five from any area, I see! My, what do you eat to get your skin so shiny and metallic looking though?" While he had asked these questions, without skipping a beat or waiting for answers, he turned towards Wade as he had asked his question. "Doctor God of Ooglie Squirrels, what card game are you referring to? War? Blackjack? I bet it's 60 card pick up, maybe with a 15 card bonus challenge round. Or maybe even rock paper scissors! No, wait. Go fish. That's the one isn't it?!"

#7014574 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trivial Wars [IC/PG16/Accepting]

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As the crew aboard the airship had been flying along, there sat a rather unkempt looking boy with messy purple hair. With hands folded and chin resting atop them, the boy seemed to be in deep thought. Yes, there seemed to be an unwavering focus in his gaze, directed at nowhere in particular, with an expression that seemed to be contemplating something. While outwardly he seemed silent, were one to listen to his inner most thoughts they would hear a noise that would make even greater men turn back. Yes, the strange sound of the waves of the hollow sea pushing through a rusted industrial facility that was also on fire. Truly, the inner machinations of this boy's mind were an enigma. 


Wait. Fire. Yes. "Fire!" He seemed to randomly shout as the plane's turbulence from the oncoming fire snapped him back to reality. As he looked around, he saw that there was member in particular who looked perturbed by the whole, "getting fired on by your officer thing," to which Mark could only say, with an odd fondness in his voice, "ah yes. That reminds me of the time that we were out in the field and our own tank- Wait. No that never happened." He seemed oddly pensive look until the orange girl spoke up. He snapped his fingers as if she were onto something and pointed at her. "Yes. Fireworks. Genius. Think of them as tiny little explosions of joy right in your face. That frown you are having!" He pointed to the sour looking individual. "Upside down it!" Looking in the direction the girl was yelling at he said, "yes Larry. Faster would be better. After all, the faster you go the more face explosions you see. Oh my I wonder what's making these as well. Hey have you guys ever seen a fireworks maker? I've always wondered what they looked like but I never pay attention to them when there's fireworks going on." 

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Episode 18 - Perfect Night-vision

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Episode 15 - I got my flippy floppies

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Hey, how about a double feature. 
Episode 14 - In which Boat Images flow really well into each other