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#7023696 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [OOC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 20 July 2017 - 11:11 PM

Alright everyone, with the deadline reached, judgement has been decided. 
The seven to join the ranks of the Iron Falcons are

  • Rona - Played by CowCow 
  • Aleithe - Played by Nai
  • Yue - Played by Sanaki 
  • Ada - Played by Black
  • Layne - Played by Kayden 
  • Chitose - Played by Mitcher 
  • Cassia - Played by Yui 

These are the seven that have joined and this is the order at which they have joined the Iron Falcons. So yeah. To those that haven't made it, I thank you for your best efforts but yeah, it is what it is. As time progresses, there will likely be points for your character to join, and when those come up I will message you (if you are still interested,) about where you would be and how it would work. Though, even that will likely be a long ways away, so yeah, sorry. 


As for you brave few who have made it, since you're all members of a guild and have been for weeks to months time, please, if you will, figure out your thoughts, feelings and maybe relations between each other. That is all. The RP itself is looking to start around Tuesday to Thursday 7/25 - 7/27, so look forward to that. 

#7022839 Project: Gemini[OoC][R-13]

Posted by Skaia on 16 July 2017 - 10:12 PM

Rock Croc

#7022264 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [OOC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 13 July 2017 - 05:39 PM

It should have multiple tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet to switch to other weapons/items. Otherwise it's otherwise incomplete just so there's no confusion on what your starting gear is going to be and will be updated as time goes on.


Also, I forgot to add Affinity to the app, and thus it has been added.  

#7021798 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 11 July 2017 - 10:26 PM



As Xia had been walking around the apartment complex, at the first door she knocked on, she was greeted by an older man. The man seemed to have fondness for gardening, which caused there to be quite a large influx of dirt around his place. Xia was amazed at the raw amount of dirt located in one house, but rolled up her metaphorical sleeves and said, "don't worry! I'll clean this in a jiff!" With that, Xia had gone straight to cleaning the room. It was a bit of a process. 


The girl hadn't ever really cleaned things, and most of it was something along the lines of dishes. And even those she didn't have much experience in cleaning, due to breaking them by accident while cleaning. As such, she wasn't sure what to do about the dirt. Her first approach was to get the mop she had wet and start scrubbing the ground with that. However, somewhere along the way she felt as though she was only spreading the dirt around rather than actually cleaning it. Her next approach to this was to get a large towel and start wiping it up that way. Though, that only served to make the towel quite unsuable rather quickly. As she stood there pondering, she then settled on her final idea. 


Borrowing a hand shovel from the gardening old man, she then got a garbage bag and started scooping the dirt that way. It was a long, slow and inefficient process but Xia continued to toil away at it, until the ground was only partially dirty. From there, she got her trusty mop at her side once more, and began to scrub away the floor. After a long and arduous process of cleaning, Xia wiped her brow to signify that she was indeed finished cleaning with the room. Proud of a job well done on her part, she put the mop back in her cart and started to wheel away. It was at this point, that she heard a shrill shriek echo throughout the halls. With mop in hand, the girl started to run down the halls where she saw head maid Camille backing away in sheer terror.


With mop in hand as though she were ready to strike something and concern in her voice Xia asked,  "is everything alri- er, what's wrong? Is there a dangerous mess that needs cleaning?" The maid simply backed away in pure terror as the white furry creature before them started to walk forward. While they were trying to slow their breathing to calm themselves, Xia then took note of the creature. The girl started to wave her mop at it threateningly but, by the non-reaction it had Xia could only be more curious then anything at it. Lowering the mop, Xia squatted down to keep eye level with it. As she did, the creature walked up to her and nudged its face it against her, which prompted the dragon girl to let out a soft giggle. Bringing her hand down to pet it, she then stopped, with it hovering over the creature as a voice shouted at her. 


"Wait don't touch it!" Camille gasped out. Spurred to action by Xia's bravery Camille pulled themselves from the wall.


Turning to face Camille with a small look of child-like disappointment, she said, "awww, why not? It's so fluffy."


Camille start to take deep breaths, attempting to steady themselves. "Uh. Just...how aren't you scared?" As the creature let out a "meow" sound Camille flinched. 


Xia pet the cat, and with genuine curiosity, asked, "how could any animal be scary? Are these ones supposed to be scary?" 


Camille gulped, seemingly having calmed down now that Xia was mostly obstructing their view. "Er...D-don't worry about it. I think I'll just...go clean elsewhere."


Xia's face brightened up as she waved to Camille saying, "ok, have fun!" She then giggles again as the kitten licks her hand. "Well aren't you cute. But where'd you come from...and what are you? Hm." Xia mused trying to figure out what to call the creature before her. "Oh, I got it. I'll ask Gnash or Angela, they're smart. But first." She picked the mop back up only to then say, "I gotta get back to cleaning! Can't let Camille down again, no you don't Xia. Come white fur beast!" She gestured as she stood up. The kitten tilted their head and began to follow Xia around, while Camille cleaned the rooms as far away as possible. Oddly it seemed that the apartment the kitten came from, while furnished, was also empty of occupants. Though, Xia wasn't bothered by it and while she wanted to go clean the room there wasn't a person in there to tell her to do such. As such, the girl went on her merry way to find another room to clean. 

#7021517 Project: Gemini[OoC][R-13]

Posted by Skaia on 10 July 2017 - 12:04 PM

Sure I'll interest .

#7020961 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 07 July 2017 - 12:53 AM


With the warrior having dodged the two attacks, the flames collided and blew up uselessly against each other. Nine looked over to see the lightning charging off of Jabari, though his movements seemed oddly hesitant. He hadn't stopped however, and Nine noticed him ready to charge once again. However, he also noticed a strange flame coming from the direction of the arena's entrance. Seeing Gwendoline at the entrance, Nine mentally thanked her, as he started to backpedal away from Jabari and into the flames. Once they struck him, they were absorbed into his body, causing the already intense aura of flame to grow even more wild. Jumping back a bit, Nine shot flame towards the ground to both stop Jabari's advance and send himself backward. 
With the explosion of dirt and sand forcing Jabari to flinch, he stopped only to have Vita charge at him with a dragon claw. The Zebstrika simply batted her away with another shockwave, causing the champion to be knocked away and glow as she entered her Blaze range, and turned to face Nine once more. Even with this power boost, Nine wasn't sure if he'd be able to fight him still. Though, there was definitely something off about the way the warrior was fighting, and Nine was starting to get curious once more. Though the man before him appeared as a beast, Nine was wondering if there was something holding him back; if he was more a person then he let on. Were that the case, the houndoom hoped that things would start to look up for him, though there was only one way to find out. "Jabari, I'll ask again. Why are you doing this? What are you trying to change? What are you trying to protect?"
"Does it matter? I am your opponent. I seek the destruction of what you protect. My motives are my own."

Gritting his teeth, Nine decided to continue persisting as he shouted at the Zebstrika. "Don't you get it? That's exactly why it matters! I'm trying to protect someone else, I'm not trying to kill you and as far as I can tell I don't seek to destroy what you protect." As he said this, the aura within him refined itself to its highest point, causing the flaming aura around him to blaze at its brightest. "And more specifically, I don't want you to keep going on this path of destruction your running down."
"If I surrender everything I have worked to will be broken. I've come too far. I've even put her at risk..." Jabari shook his head and charged towards Nine, crouching and leaping with his powerful legs. He fired a Shockwave along the ground as he descended upon Nine.
Nine's eyes widened at the man's statement. He had found something within Jabari, and somehow Nine started to think less of ending the fight and more of trying to understand this Godslayer. There was something warped about his thoughts and methods, but Nine figured that it was simply because he didn't know how else to change the through anything but violence. As Nine saw Vita starting to pull back a punch and focus her energy in it, he shot her a look to stay back for the time being. Throwing a blast of flame, Nine managed to intercept the shockwave and stop it completely, though that did little to stop the man that was jumping towards him. Bringing up his other arm to intercept the punch. 
Taking the brunt of it, the houndoom staggered back as his face scrunched in pain from the attack. It didn't hurt as much as it could have, but his arm was practically screaming in pain now, hurting even to move. If he kept using it there was a chance it would accentuate the problem, and so he merely let it hang there for a bit. Feeling as though he couldn't  back down in a match of ideals against the Godslayer, Nine started speaking again. "It's never too far Jabari, especially not for someone with as much strength as you." Standing up straighter he says, "if we keep fighting, one of us will die. I have people who'd be sad to see me go, so I'm not entirely in the mood to go down. And you, well. I'm sure no change is worth it if you aren't around with her."
Jabari his attacks suddenly halting, standing firmly in place, staring at Nine. "You are not the first opponent who did not want to fight. They would have died had others not intercepted. My sins are too great; my death is assured and deserved. I can only continue to fight until that happens. I will ensure a better world before I pass."
Nine stared straight back to Jabari, unflinching in his stance. "I don't think this world is perfect either. I'm not a Chaser because I want to be strong. I just want to know why the world is the way it is, and how to go about fixing it. I haven't learned much yet, but I do know this for certain. A world created and founded on the blood of legends, on the blood of regular people, can't be a world that's better than this one."
"You still do not understand. A world created by blood. That is our world." The electrified ground suddenly sparked, as the energy flowed into Jabari, his body crackled with electricity.
"Heh, I guess that makes two of us." Loose flames started to coat Nine's body, as something akin to a wildfire erupted on his arm, the flame in his hand taking on an almost blue color from the heat. "You think drowning the world in blood is going to clean it?" Nine would only relent his flames once Jabari relented. However, were he not to, he'd keep the blaze going. As Vita had made her move, charging at the Godslayer with a Focus Punch, Nine began to think. Jabari had shown excellent battlefield awareness this entire fight, and each time Vita had charged on her he had merely batted her away with a shockwave. However, the one time the two of them had pincered him and attacked at the same time, he had reacted differently. As such, when Vita had charged at him, doing a similar movement to how had done before, Nine thrust his palm forward looking to shoot a flamethrower from it. However, rather than shooting at that moment, there was a slight delay as he instead shot it to Jabari's side, expecting him to dodge out of the way of his feint and dodge into the flame instead. 

#7019318 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 28 June 2017 - 02:52 PM

Catriona wasn’t exactly sure how she felt after that conversation with Urvan, more specifically after telling the group...everything. Though, not everything. Gunther had given her a strange look afterward, one she couldn’t interpret. Was it sympathy? Fear? Worry? Probably the last one, knowing him. Regardless, her problems remained her own.
She wasn’t sure what to think about the Pelinna Patrol either. They seemed kind, but there was also the possibility that there was a spy amongst them. Then again, there was also the possibility that there was a spy in her group as well. Still, she could not live her life in paranoia. She would never get anything done.
It was in the midst of her thoughts that a familiar fighter approached her. He alluded that she was brooding, which was probably true, but still stung her pride somewhat. However, his latter words were what caught her attention. Sparring… How long had it been? The last time had been...back at the border.
Catriona nodded, and rose from her seated position. “Where to?” she asked.
The boy thought about it for a moment, rubbing his chin, before saying, “well, the place we talked to Urvan earlier would probably work. Or anything similar like that. That good for you?”
The woman nodded once more, and started to walk toward where they had last been. It hadn’t been that long ago, so her mind was still able to remember the path. Soon, they arrived at the clearing, which was bare of people this time around.
Walking through the clearing, Alois turned to the princess and tossed her a practice blade he had acquired from the camp on their way over here. Bringing out his own practice weapon, the boy rested it on his shoulder, and with a smirk said, “ready when you are.”
Catriona caught the blade expressionlessly, her mind already focused on the fight ahead. “Ready,” she said.
Seeing the girl’s expression so focused, the boy’s smirk dropped a bit before he bent down into position. Bringing the wooden axe to his side, he waited for a bit, merely locking his gaze with his opponents. After only a few seconds had passed though, he did a simple charge at her, bringing the axe down in an overhead swing.
Catriona stayed in position, debating a pivot to the side to avoid the blow. However...she wasn’t in the mood to dance. Instead, she raised her sword, catching the axe near the hilt of her sword. This would allow her to push back with more force if needed. Her lips curled upward, ever so slightly. She had wondered who, of the two, was stronger. Now she might just find that out.
As the two “blades” collided with each other, Alois couldn’t help but smirk as well. He knew from watching her fight that this girl was definitely strong, but actually fighting her put that into perspective. However, not one to back away from a contest of sheer strength, the boy simply started putting more force into his axe, pressing down against the girl’s blade.
Oh? He’s stronger than expected. Catriona’s smirk grew, her earlier dark thoughts falling from her mind, completely focused on the contest of strength going on right now. She exerted more force on her end to match. “You’re quite strong,” she said. “Though...I’d be worried if you weren’t, considering your class.”
The boy chuckled at the compliment as he said, “well, as I told your sister, I used to chop a lot of wood. Besides,” the boy attempted to continue pushing forward on their lock. “You’re no slouch yourself. Where does a crown princess get so strong?”
Catriona pushed back, starting to wonder how this would end, or if they would eventually have to break off. “Well, that’s one way to get stronger,” she commented. She had had to chop wood a few times in the Garou during the colder months, and it did take a certain amount of strength...and endurance. “And thank you. And as to your question…” she paused. Nobody had ever really asked her that, so she wasn’t sure how to reply. “I suppose...the way most swordsmen do. Weights.”
It had started from the first time she had ever lifted a blade. Back when she was learning, she used a wooden practice sword, but she had known, even then, that the weight would be incomparable to the real thing. No, she had to get stronger. She had to be better than everybody else. Otherwise, she could not call herself a daughter of King Reginald, the man who had seen war at the age of thirteen and thrived.
If one did not have the strength nor the endurance to wield a blade, then one ran the risk of losing a match from sheer exhaustion, rather than inferior skill. She would not lose from situations like those, situations she could have prevented from happening in the first place.
“Weights huh?” The boy raised an eyebrow. “Well, I guess that’s like the same thing.” After offhandedly saying that, the boy then started to push harder into this struggle, trying to step forward in his push. “But, it’s not much for chopping or parrying.”
Catriona pushed back even harder. Perhaps she should break it off...it didn’t seem like either one of them would give anytime soon. “It builds one’s strength, which is what counts,” she replied.
As neither one had been budging, Alois said, “well, that’s true. But you should know by now that strength isn’t the only thing that matters.” With that, the boy shifted his weight away from his axe, and shoved forward with his shoulder into Cat’s torso. 
“Of course not,” the woman replied in a deadpan, leaning backward and twisting her body to the side. Part of her was relieved that the contest of strength had ended, another part disappointed. She took that moment to take a few steps backward, wondering what the fighter’s next move would be.
While Alois had finally broken the lock between the two of them, he couldn’t help but feel a small sense of defeat go through him. Still, he didn’t let up as he regained his balance. Chasing after the girl’s backstep by quickly stepping forward, he then struck at her side with the practice axe blade.
He’s not bad, Catriona thought as she watched the axe blade shoot toward her side. Twisting around so her sword could divert the blow, she completed the movement by stepping to the side, toward Alois, elbow jerking out to hopefully catch him off guard. The whoosh of forcefully expelled air told her that her action was successful. Taking advantage of that, she quickly turned to face him head-on, blade aiming for his neck.
Feeling the wind knocked out of him from the girl’s elbow, Alois staggered back a bit only to see that she had already begun to follow up her attack. Bringing his axe up to defend, he blocked the blade of the princess, but was still off balance and only stumbled further away. Trying to get in a counterattack, the boy attempted to stop himself, pushing heavily down on one foot, following this with another swing of his axe towards Cat’s torso.
It’s too bad that he recovered so quickly, Catriona thought, a little disappointed. If she had managed to aim for his legs during that moment of lost equilibrium, then the match could have been over. Regardless, it wouldn’t do to let her thoughts linger on past events, as he was already making another attack. Taking a swing like that head-on would not be wise. The woman hopped a few steps backward to evade.
As the girl stepped back, Alois’s axe found nothing but air in its blade. With the heavy swing having missed, Alois’s already precarious balance was only thrown off more as he started to stumble forward.
There! Catriona saw her opportunity in that moment, and took it. She rushed forward to whap the flat of her blade across Alois’ bowed head. Not so hard that it would knock him out, but enough to give him a headache. She stepped back a bit, voice calm as always. “I think we’re done.” However, inside she was a little impressed. He had surprised her, and had done fairly well for himself despite the natural disadvantage he held using an axe against a sword.
Alois staggered back as the blade hit his head. His face grimacing with pain, as his hand went to clutch where it was hit, he let out a, “owww, fu-, gah, ow.” With spots in his vision, the boy blinked a few times to try and fix it, as he said to the princess, “alright, alright. I yield.” Rubbing his head, the boy then said, “jeez, you really are pretty good.” Turning to face her, eyes still wincing a bit from pain and it clearly on his expression, Alois asked, “so how was it? Had fun?”
The woman thought for a second. Had she had fun? Her mind felt clearer, her body more energized from a good workout. Either way, her mood had certainly improved from before, so perhaps I did have fun. “It was...refreshing,” she admitted.
Alois let out a slight chuckle as he said, “thought it might be.” He looked to the princess with a slight grin on his face, “after all, it’s pretty clear that you have a talent and joy for this kind of stuff.”
Catriona felt a small smile tug on her lips. “Yes, sparring has multiple uses. It keeps the mind and body fresh, sharpens one’s skills, and can be used for bonding as well.” She hesitated before that last one. She had seen it in action herself, but rarely did it produce the same results when applied to her.
“Well, sure, sparring yeah. But I more so meant fighting in general.” As he let it sink in he said, “you’ve got form and style that makes this not just for show fighting and you definitely got a competitive fire in you. I’m not saying you’re like blood crazed Murder Boy, but you, princess, are quite the genuine fighter.”
The lord nodded in thanks. “I am glad to hear you say that.” Fighting was as much a part of her as her blood. One could even argue that it ran in her blood, due to her father’s skill, but she had never once been able to come close to his level, and probably never would. Still, to hear that Alois thought of her as a genuine fighter… A tingle of pride ran down her spine. Now was the time for her to comment on his skill, no? “You did quite well yourself. Admittedly, I underestimated you. Axes carry their own disadvantage when used against swords.”
“Well,” Alois’s tone became a bit more cocky, “I am pretty amazing, and it’s not like I’m gonna have something as silly as a slight edge stop me.” This was punctuated with a slight wince of pain from his still throbbing head wound. Rubbing it a bit, he then extended his hand out for a shake, “still, it was a good bout. Anytime you need to spar, I’ll be ready to take you on again.” 
Catriona took the offered hand, giving it a firm shake. “Anytime,” she agreed, still smiling.

#7018699 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Skaia on 25 June 2017 - 02:18 PM

Once their meal was finished, the group began to make their preparations to leave the area. The Earth Chosen looked over to see that the fire chosen and his spirit seemed to be having some kind of back and forth. She wasn't entirely sure what the subject matter was on, but despite what looked to be bickering it seemed as though they were enjoying themselves. As if a bit envious, the girl then mumbled, "um, Ackrin."


"Yes?" The spirit replied. 


The girl didn't quite know what to say to start a conversation with her spirit, so she remained silent for a bit, before finally coming up with something. "Uh, how are you feeling?"




"O-oh, okay." The spirit didn't say anything further beyond that and the girl felt somewhat strange trying to make any further conversation, and so they simply remained silent. Once these had finished, the group started to walk out of the shrine as they were making their way to leave the city. When the halfling had asked where they were going next, the girl simply said, "um, somewhere in the desert...probably." The girl wanted to answer to halfling's question but she wasn't exactly sure herself and thus the answer was half-baked. The group then ran into the elder of the village, and while they were about to tell him they were leaving, the girl's heart sank at the news he brought along. 


She didn't realize just how terrible the situation had become, but it was clear now that they had managed to drag this city into a much bigger mess then they might've initially thought. Their options were surrender, fight and run. While surrendering was more than likely the best way to keep the people of this town safe, if they did then their quest to stop the demon gates was more than definitely over. If they ran, they were probably at their momentary safest. However, she couldn't just leave and do nothing as the people of the city were most likely in terrible danger, especially when it was caused from their involvement. So all that left was fighting. Fighting outside the city was likely going to keep the people safer during the skirmish, but was more than likely just going to get them killed and leave the people of the city to their fate. Fighting inside the city likely had a lot more problems associated with it at that. The girl couldn't quite figure out what to do, nor could she properly articulate her thoughts to the others, so instead all she did was look to everyone else. With both some kind of panic and determination, she said, "we can't just let the bandits harm them."

#7018531 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trivial Wars [IC/PG16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 24 June 2017 - 08:10 PM



As Mark had continued to pull his new roommate along, the man spoke up. Introducing himself as Leonard Davis, as he continued to list off a few things about himself Mark realized something. This man, Leonard, was quite weird. But, that didn't matter any to Mark. So what if his roommate was a bit on the strange side? That just meant he probably didn't have many friends, and Mark was an expert at being people's friends. As his comrade then talked about how he had trouble with remembering people's names, Mark seemed to reach an epiphany. "Oh, well if you have trouble remembering names, then I, Mark Last-Name, will continue to say my name, Mark Last-Name. If I, Mark Last-Name, do that enough then you are sure to remember my, Mark Last-Name's, name, Mark Last-Name. Hahahahaha!" After he let out a jovial fit of laughter Mark continued to pull the man towards the dormitories, assured that he had made this man's day by being truly friendly. 

#7017209 New Logo?

Posted by Skaia on 19 June 2017 - 11:45 PM

I'll make note that if you guys do make new logos make sure that they're all renders so you don't have the solid blue background just there on the black ones of the other themes. 

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#7016948 YCM in four words

Posted by Skaia on 18 June 2017 - 09:55 PM

Site is down again. 

#7016766 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 18 June 2017 - 01:06 AM



Alois raised an eyebrow as the littler princess seemed to not think he was telling the full truth. While it was true he probably had other stories, prior to meeting the team, they were mostly to do with either bandits or, again, his general day to day living. Neither seemed particularly fun to add though, even in jest, and so he didn't. However, as the girl said that he wasn't stuck at home he merely muttered, "oh is that what it sounded like to you?" The boy was not confined to his house, sure. But home was a lot more than one's house, and while he might not have had an entire kingdom that would try to stop him from leaving, it was still not the smartest of decisions to be un-stuck. Nevertheless, he listened to the girl as she told her story. He was, admittedly, confused, horrified, intrigued and curious as the girl went on about her story. As she finished, he digested the tale for a bit, before finally asking, "but wait, how did the rabbit-" but was cut off as the group made it to camp, where they were greeted with new faces. 


Meanwhile, as the large armored man "reported his status," to the chipper girl she merely slowed down her pacing. Slowly patting the man's armor she said, "good, good. Good to hear you're good." With a smile on her face, she gave the man two thumbs up, before resuming her original pace. It was then, that the group had made their way to their encampment, to which Tsetseg had turned around as they heard a friendly voice come from within the camp. As the girl in glasses made her greeting to the archer, Tsetseg countered with her own thumbs up saying, "Hange! My other favorite person! I'm doing good goodly good!" Once that was done with, Urvan had then called some of the others away, including Hange, which left the archer with only Shaoran as a familiar face with her. However, the boy then decided to give the group a tour to which she simply said, "oh yes, leave all the explaining things to Shaoran. He's like, really smart and stuff, and reads a lot. Which must mean he knows stuff!" 


Alois had a raised a curious eyebrow at this girl's strange energy, but didn't comment any further on it, merely following the tour guide around. He was a bit curious as to what these people sold here, and was actually somewhat intrigued by the weird trade system they probably had going. He wasn't so intrigued that he was going to comment any further on it, but the interest was there. However, as the tour had come to an end, he could suddenly feel a strange presence watching him. Glancing around, the boy saw that the littler princess's piercing eyes were on him, giving him a strange look. It was strange and with purpose. And while he couldn't read it entirely, he could tell the girl definitely wanted him to do something. "What? What are you giving me that look for. Stop. It's weird." Regardless of his aversion, though, the boy didn't really have anything else to do and followed the princess along on her adventurers. Though, were he asked to lift books, he'd merely say, "oh, sorry, I'm not doing lifting practice right now. But hey, it's never too early for you to start."


Eventually dinner had come and though not much had happened during it, the group was eventually summoned by Urvan to go talk about something. Tsetseg had trailed a bit behind the rest of the group, as she wasn't directly summoned, but Alois had moved along with his group. Once there, the group learned more about what was going on. As it turned out they had managed to slay a leader of some large bandit organization, and had apparently incurred the wrath of other bandits in the region. While that was mildly amusing to the fighter, what wasn't was who supposedly hired them to kill the group in the first place. "Oh great, a Galtean noble wants us dead. Now we just need a Locrisian and Isaurian one pissed off at us and we'll get the whole of the continent after us," the boy grimly joked as the explanation happened.


Regardless, once that was done with, the group was lead back to the camp they were staying in. Tsetseg said, "don't worry, I'll navigate you through our camp as no other navigator has ever navigated before to your sleeping area!" With that, she lead the group along, waving to Hange as she passed her until eventually they had managed to settle down. With that done, Tsetseg seemed to bustle off, going to her own devices for the moment.


As the littler princess and the flower knight decided to go and deliberate on the matter at hand, Alois merely gave them a way and said, "good luck." With that out of the way, his attention turned to someone else. Ever since his talk with the littler princess, there was something about it that he couldn't shake. The description that he gave on person in particular, that made him start to wonder something about them. It wasn't as though he had actively been watching her since then, but the moments he had paid attention his thoughts didn't seem any less wrong. And so, with the free time upon them and the new development that the group had been presented with, he felt it a good time to go talk with her about it. Picking himself up, Alois walked over to the crown princess herself and said, "hey there Cat. Don't seem like you've got too much to do right now other than brood so, wanna spar instead?"


While Tsetseg had claimed to be going about her business elsewhere, in actuality, she had circled back to where the group was. Keeping herself as best hidden as she could, the girl analyzed the group and noticed that her prey had been missing from the sight. As such, the hunter scanned the area around until she saw them moving about the rest of the camp. Moving quietly, the girl eventually began to crawl across the ground, steadily and slowly. While their prey seemed to be discussing something heavy, the girl was undeterred in wanting to catch her mark. As such, while Hange was providing to be an excellent distraction for her, the girl eventually pounced. Her hands extended out, ready to wrap around the fluffy tail of Sienna and truly test its fluffiness. 

#7016734 Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Skaia on 17 June 2017 - 11:14 PM

The girl stood up slowly, her body in a bit of pain having just been struck by the white haired man's attack. Her expression revealed surprise at first, having never faced off against a Psychic Duelist before. However, this soon turned from surprise to wonder as she said, "oh, wow, so that's what that feels like." Shaking herself off she then grimaced saying, "no, that was not quite as pleasant as I thought it'd be. And I didn't think it was going to be pleasant. But man, will the guys at the Occult Club not believe this!" It was then that she realized her opponent was taunting her to which she didn't have much of a rebuttal. She merely just shrunk back a bit before looking at him with a bit of spite saying, "w-well, your hair is stupid!" After that she then said, "uh, anyway, my turn!" 


Drawing her card, she looked and nodded muttering, "alright we can do this Kaede." Playing it down she announced, "first, I summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy." With that, a boy in a blue rode with a glowing blue cap appeared, wielding a book radiating with magical energy and having a generally bored expression across his face.


Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Lv. 2 | Water
ATK 500 | DEF 400
"Next, I activate his effect. When Spellbook Magician of Prophecy is summoned I can add one Spellbook Spell card from my deck to my hand. And with that I add, Spellbook Star Hall." As she proclaimed this, the book the boy was holding started to glow before he opened it. The energies started to arc of the pages and coalesce together, until finally they formed the shape of a card. With that, the card became solid as it was sent over to Kaede who snatched it. After doing that, there was a slight pause before Kaede said, "right, I then activate it! Spellbook Star Hall that is." Once the card was played, a grand hallway appeared, contrasting the swamp around them. "Next, from my hand I'll activate Spellbook of Secrets."
As she played the card, a similar magical book to the one that Prophecy Magician was using appeared. "It's effect lets me add one Spellbook Spell card from my deck to my hand. And I choose Spellbook of Power!" The book then erupted into a similar flow of energy as before, this time breaking down into raw magical power and turning into card form. As this happened, a blue light shimmered on the roof of the hall. "Next, I'll use Spellbook of Power. This increases one spellcaster monster I control's attack by 1000. And I choose Hannibal Necormancer."  As she said this, a book similar in design to Secrets, though with a harsh red and orange aura, about it appeared before the monster. As it did, the creature smashed both covers of the book, a fire like energy exploded out, covering the body of creature in a similarly fiery aura as its power increased. As this happened, another blue light appeared on the top of the hall, creating a thin line of energy between it and the first. "And that's not all, with every spell card played, Star Book Spell Hall, er- Spellbook Star Hall gains a spell counter. And for each counter it has, my monsters gain 100 attack points." 
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy: 500 ---> 700 ATK
Hannibal Necromancer: 1400 ----> 2600 ATK


"Now, Hannibal Necromancer attack his Reptile Eurayle." As she declared the attack, the creature roared as it started to gain magical energy around it. As it charged at the reptile, Hibiki decided to act fast and jump after an action card. While he had managed to grab one, it didn't seem to suit what he needed to do at this moment, and thus, the Necromancer managed to bite down on the reptile. As it did, the monster exploded and left behind some residual energy, that all flowed towards the spellcaster. 


Hibiki LP: 8000 ---> 6800


After the attack went through, the energy fiery energy started to arc off the creature and swirl into a more rectangular shape. "Next, I activate the other effect of Spellbook of Power. When the monster it was used on destroys another one, I can add one Spellbook Spell Card to my hand. And I choose Spellbook Tower." Once she finished explaining, the fiery energy solidified into a card which the girl then grasped. "Now, with your field wide open Spellbook Magician of Prophecy attacks you directly!"  With her attack declared, the magician then opened up his book, drawing energy from it. This time, it formed in the shape of water like orb before being fired towards the white haired man. 


Seeming prepared for this, the man then shouted, "I don't NEED an Action Card to screw you over! I activate Damage = Reptile! This lets me summon any Reptile lurking in my deck directly to the field, so long as I've not taken damage less than its own attack points. I summon the 0 ATK Reptilliane Naga, in defense mode!" When he did this, his grin went wild and he was sneering and some shit. "My monster will protect me from your weak direct attacks." 


Somewhat flustered from this the girl stammered out, "w-well, I'll just attack it then! So there. Spellbook Magician of Propheceeow," she stopped as she bit her tongue on the name. "Uh, these are a mouthful. Uh, Prophecy Magician, attack his Naga!" With that, the spellcaster nodded, sending out the same orb from before towards the creature. 


The man, in turn, began to laugh at the girl's attempt. "You MORON! My Naga can't be destroyed by battle... but your magician will have its attack power reduced to 0 for even trying! Suffer Reptilaianne Curse's effect!"


Kaede LP: 6600---->6200


As the magician had been weakened, snake appeared from out of the bog and bit down on Kaede, which then prompted her to let out a small yelp of pain. "Owow." The girl shook herself off, before continuing her turn. "Well, uh, anyway. I'll just activate this card, Spellbook Tower!" As she played the card, a large silver spiraling tower erupted out from the bog below, dwarfing everything in its sight. "And because of that, Star Hall gets another spell counter added to it, and my monsters another 100 attack points!" As she said this, another faint blue light appeared, connecting itself to another one of them. After that was over, the girl then looked at her cards, looked at the field and then said, "well, uh. I guess I set one card face down and it's your turn now, so there." 


Spellbook Magician of Prophecy: 0 ATK ----> 100 ATK

Hannibal Necromancer: 2600 ATK ----> 1700 ATK

#7016659 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trivial Wars [IC/PG16/Not Accepting]

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Mark was a bit on the confused side as the man seemed to bear hug both him and the other girl that was with them, and seemed to be weeping. It was at that point that Mark looked over to the girl who asked about fish and he simply said, "yes, I did say fish. Do you have the 3 of Clubs?" It was at that point that it registered what Wade had said, to which Mark said, "non-dueling? Well, my fine medical practitioner of ocular rodentology allow me to co-" however his attention was then drawn to the statement of the man who had wanted to start moving along. "Yes, if there is any crazy ranch, dip or sauce here it would be much appreciated to see where that is." He then had a look of deep thought cross his face as he muttered, "I wonder if they have chips here." 


With that done, the Teacher Doctor had started to show them around the place. Wade had started speaking about the place, and apparently how it was an area of complete abstinence, except in regards to Sophie who apparently gave them out. But because everyone else here was abstinent it seemed to not matter any. Though, that might explain why she seemed to be a bit on the grumpier side of things. "Interesting," the boy mused to himself. It was then that they were presented with a wall. Now, Mark had seen a fair deal of walls in his time. In fact, he had seen some today, not two seconds ago. But this wall took the cake. Probably. It seemed pretty similar to most other walls, at least in terms of function. In fact he was unsure what made this wall more special than other walls, but damn was it a wall. Wade had then tossed a rock all the way to the other base, or at least attempted to. Sadly, unless the rock was capable of faster than light warp drive technology it would not reach. Though, Wade had seemed spirited enough to believe he struck the man, and thus Mark simply laughed a hearty laugh and said, "good rock!" 


After a bit more traveling, Timzerothree had eventually lead them to a split where they would be partnering up with others to find dorms. Mark understood perfectly what had to be done and thus looked over to another male that was with them. Seeing the man who had made note of the crazy ranch earlier, he walked over to him and pointed saying, "you there! You seem to know your way around snacks, you also need a roommate. So how about being mine?" Before the male could answer, Mark then immediately followed up with, "by the way, I won't take no for an answer. So thanks! Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He then let out a hearty, "hahahaha!" as he reached up and slung his arm around the man's neck. Walking towards the dorms, attempting to drag the man along with him, he said, "man, we're going to be the best roommate for the days to comes! Maybe even months, or years, or an eternity. Hahahaha!"

#7016312 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

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As Xia was about to proceed into the stadium proper, a large muscular fellow had passed by her. He seemed to be crying and said something about a monster, before running further away. Xia didn't quite get what the man was going on about and simply continued her walk in. Once at the actual tennis court arena, Xia could look around and see that there were actually a fair number of people gathered and sitting across the walls of the stadium. Her face was one of both shock and wonder as she saw the large of collection of people who were all looking into the area, though was quickly pulled back and refocused onto the field itself as her apparent opponent had spoken to her. As the person introduced herself and seemed to get ready, Xia felt an odd surge of pressure, as if this girl was prepared to kill something. Not perturbed by it though, Xia simply waved and said, "hiii." As the girl taunted her, Xia then said, "I'm ready to start whenever! Let's go, woooo!"


Tennis Anime


With the game finished, Valerie seemed to be in a good mood, as she called out to her opponent. "You uh, you kind of sucked, but you fought hard, you got spirit whoever you are that's for sure." The girl then shifted her attention to the audience as she addressed them. "That's last one for me today guys pack up and head out if you're waiting for more." With what was likely disappointing news to the crowd, they started to disperse out of the area.


Xia stood there, a bit dumbfounded. It was certainly not fun to lose, especially as terribly as she had. However, there was something exciting and exhilarating about the game, especially the smashing part. As such, the girl had decided that this was quite the fun game to play. However, as her opponent addressed her, she took a moment to respond, trying to figure out whether or not she was being complimented or insulted, but eventually her expression brightened. "Ah thanks Valerie! Oh, right! I'm Xia, it's nice to meet you." The half-dragon then made her way over to her opponent and offered her hand to shake, before asking "oh and uh, would you want to play again some time? You were like suuuper good and this is a really fun game."


Valerie had gripped onto Xia's hand, pulling her in closer and then patting her on the back with her free hand. "Yeah sure, get better first though, next time I want a real fight."


The girl nodded excitedly, saying, "sure! Next time I'll get real good and then we'll have even more fun!" With that done she then said, "well then, I guess I better be going, nice meeting you Valerie." With that, Xia had started to walk away from the tennis field.


Valerie had reciprocated the farewell, as she said, "see you around Miss Hammer Arm, I..." The girl glanced around the arena, scanning the empty bleachers before putting her hand on Xia's shoulder. "Aaactually how about we head out together, eh? Since we became buddies and all." 


Xia's face had gone from cheery to one of pure joy as she nodded vigorously saying "that would be great! Oh I'd love to do that! Ooooh!" She was overwhelmed by the whole thing, having made another friend today. And one that was like, super good a game that was also super fun. This had to be the best thing in her life so far. While she was shaking from excitement, she realized the girl was still there and thus tried to forcibly calm herself to keep speaking. "So uh, um, where do you want to go then?"
"Not here." Valerie said, starting to move a bit hurriedly. "Somewhere public probably."
"Oh sure sure." Xia nodded, not really knowing what she was talking about. "Let's get going then!"