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Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

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Prologue: Falcons

Date: 15th of Aeis

Time: 1:37 PM

Location: En Route to Tellan


Southern Aeora. While an area that is free from the conflict that plagues the north between it and its sworn enemy, Jouruun, it is no stranger to strife. With the large majority of its forces and peacekeeping being centered around the city of Rastarn, the law in the southern area is scarcely kept outside of the major city. As such, it has given to the rise of many different bandit and brigand groups that terrorize the lands. While some of the smaller towns have local militias, the people are merely not combat-able enough to keep themselves safe. Compounded on this, the strange beasts and monsters also skulk the lands, adding danger to those who are not merely raided and made profit off of. In response to this, more virtuous, philanthropic individuals, or merely those who see fit to put their skills to less amoral yet profitable uses, had appeared. Selling their services to prospective buyers, mercenary groups started to pop up all across the country side, alleviating the terror the less than fortunate had experienced. 
One such mercenary group, the Iron Falcons, has begun to become known amongst the locals. Though small, they have proved themselves to be quite adept at their job, having been met with many successes. These successes has brought about the attention of a local town, having approached them as their town had recently been overrun by bandits, being nothing more then a settlement for this group. As such, responding to this, the Iron Falcons had moved out, now walking towards the target location; the small town of Tellan. 
Leon wasn't quite sure what to make of the job. It wasn't often that bandits got so bold that they decided to actually take over a place, though it wasn't unheard of. Yet still, their work had been increasing over the past month, as the bandits seemed to be getting more aggressive. Nevertheless, it was a job that the group had decided to taken, and one that was going to pay well all the same. The group was traveling by foot to get there, and the town was in view, not taking much time left to get there. 


Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [OOC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

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The continent of Crijalla is no stranger to war and strife, nor is it to heroes and legends. The nations that live within this small stretch of land, no matter the peace time they are in, always find themselves to be brought to war. Whether for Gold, for Glory, or for Gods, the people of this continent are brought to war time and time again. Because of this, the people of each nation must always focus on the fights yet to come as opposed to the small ones across their lands. With bandits and monsters alike prowling the lands, it is no surprise that bands of freelance workers have begun to appear. And though the continent is in its time of peace, help is still required of them. 
This is no different from a small and relatively recent band of mercenaries, The Iron Falcons, built from people of all kinds of ilk. And though they are merely small time freelance fighters, they may end up finding themselves in something much grander than they had bargained for. 


Important Information


The Iron Falcons

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[CHQ] Scour the Woods

05 July 2017 - 11:44 PM



Guilds were not the only thing that the city of Arbolia had to offer. As it was a place that many an adventurer looked to start their journeys in, businesses of all kinds that dealt in supplying these adventurers sprung up like weeds as well. The group would be directed to one such place from their quest form. They were to visit an apothecary known as "Cosmic Fire," an odd one at that, to help them forage ingredients for a new recipe the owner was coming up with. Even with directions, the being among the crowd of other shops and buildings, it might've proven difficult to fight. However, as they would walk through the streets, they would here an almost boom sound coming from a nearby building. One building that a sign in gold letters atop it that read "Cosmic Fire." 


Once they entered the building, they would be greeted with a strange sight. Lining the walls were all kinds of herbs, plants, potions, salves and other such concoctions. The floor itself was was wooden, though it had quite a few scorch marks and glass shards almost randomly strewn across it. In front of them would be a large wooden desk, somewhat scorched as well, with a lavender haired girl, resting her elbows on top of it; in one had a broken beaker, in the other her face. While the girl seemed to be muttering about something she then looked up and saw that there were other people inside. Her expression was of an initial frustration, only to then shift to confusion as she said, "wait what are you all doing here? Didn't I leave the sign outside at closed? Or is it at open? Wait, do I even have a sign?" The girl looked away trying to wonder if she ever got around to purchasing it but looked back to them. 


"Hm, well you're here now," she said decisively. Without turning her head, the girl tossed the beaker behind her before chippering up and saying, "well welcome folks to the Cosmic Fire, best apothecary and run by the Greatest Alchemist of all time, Zvesda Yuri," she pointed to herself with pride, "this side of Arbolia- no! This side of whatever this continent is named, I kind of forgot." She said this without shame or pause. "So, how can I help you all today?"  

[CHQ] Dawn of the Dead

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The group would take a carriage from Arbolia to a nearby town. Where they would end up would be a small town known as a Sigfran. The town itself wasn't much of anything to note. It was simple, merely existing near a river and having what was more a wooden fence then anything else surrounding it. The people of the village were self sufficient, gathering their own crops and not really making much trade with any of the other local towns or cities. The houses themselves were small and wooden and even the crop fields weren't all that big. Despite this apparent plainness to the town, the group would immediately notice something off about it as soon as they approached it. 


There seemed to be an odd darkening of the sky around them, though were they to look up it wasn't as though the sun had moved nor were they clouds to cover it. While most of the town could be seen in view, there was very little in way of people wandering about. The buildings looked scratched and worn out, as if a large pack of wolves had just plowed through the area. The ground was similarly trampled and seemed to have sustained damage as well. Once the crew's travel had finished, they would be greeted with a closed gate and a man who was sleeping outside of it. 


The man seemed to be incredibly disheveled, appearing to be wearing some leather armor, though both it and the clothing he wore seemed to be worse for wear, having scratched marks stretched all across them. Even still his arms and legs were covered in bandages with parts of his face being patched up as well. He would remain asleep until the group approached him, and was suddenly roused, groaning and seeming incredibly perturbed by this. It took a while for his eyes to fully open, the weariness in them being evident, as he sluggishly stood up. "He-, hey there." The man was rubbing his face trying to focus himself before continuing. Looking at the group he said, "you guys, um, aren't from around here righ-," he stopped as he looked at the naked lizard girl. He didn't show much reaction at all, but he was clearly at a loss for words before he looked back to the other two. "Am I still asleep?" 

Skaia's Bandwagoning Character Thread

27 May 2017 - 09:54 PM

Yes, yes. It is that time of the year where I finally decide to make one of these for myself. Why? You may be wondering. Well, truth be told I have no idea myself, just was hit with sudden motivation to do one of these threads. 


Like you would expect from a database thread, this will be a compendium for all characters Skaia. Whether they be RP, NPCs from RPs, Story Characters, some other fourth thing and etc. However, at least in regards to RP characters, I will only post characters from finished RPs or dead ones. This is because here, I want to not only discuss who a character was, but what they became or what they would've become. I wish to give my thoughts on them as characters and how they might've influenced me or how I think they ended up. Obviously this means I'll probably update and rewrite some of the app if I feel the need to.


Furthermore, because thou who art reading mine thread have probably seen me in most of the RPs I've been in here, I more than likely won't be posting characters from RPs on YCM that I've done in the near future. Instead, I'll be using characters from other sites, as no one here has seen them and a few of them have been pretty influential in my writing. Another note is that not all of these characters will have a bio, as when they were created on the site there was no bio section for the app so I never actually troubled myself with one for pretty much all that I needed to. And as both a lazy person and don't want to just BS a bio into existence for a character that functioned without one, I more than likely won't. Such apps will be marked with a "Offsite" tag before their place of origin. 


With all that said and out of the way, prepare yourself for characters. Characters everywhere.