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Skaia's Bandwagoning Character Thread

27 May 2017 - 09:54 PM

Yes, yes. It is that time of the year where I finally decide to make one of these for myself. Why? You may be wondering. Well, truth be told I have no idea myself, just was hit with sudden motivation to do one of these threads. 


Like you would expect from a database thread, this will be a compendium for all characters Skaia. Whether they be RP, NPCs from RPs, Story Characters, some other fourth thing and etc. However, at least in regards to RP characters, I will only post characters from finished RPs or dead ones. This is because here, I want to not only discuss who a character was, but what they became or what they would've become. I wish to give my thoughts on them as characters and how they might've influenced me or how I think they ended up. Obviously this means I'll probably update and rewrite some of the app if I feel the need to.


Furthermore, because thou who art reading mine thread have probably seen me in most of the RPs I've been in here, I more than likely won't be posting characters from RPs on YCM that I've done in the near future. Instead, I'll be using characters from other sites, as no one here has seen them and a few of them have been pretty influential in my writing. Another note is that not all of these characters will have a bio, as when they were created on the site there was no bio section for the app so I never actually troubled myself with one for pretty much all that I needed to. And as both a lazy person and don't want to just BS a bio into existence for a character that functioned without one, I more than likely won't. Such apps will be marked with a "Offsite" tag before their place of origin. 


With all that said and out of the way, prepare yourself for characters. Characters everywhere. 

Bandwagoning Trash AMA

20 March 2017 - 04:51 PM

The title says it all really. 

[CHQ] Unseasonal Bloom

19 March 2017 - 02:15 AM



Lake Nymphaea. Not far from the city of Prunus there the lake resided, one that was known beyond just the locals of the area. A large body of water that reflected the sun's rays across it, giving it an almost crystalline like beauty lured many a different people to its area. Adventurers seeking out monsters native to the area to hunt, and seeking a cave rumored to exist within the lake. Scholars looking to study the strange flora that grew within the lake. And tourists who wished to see the lake in all of its majesty. While the lake was a fine sight to the eyes all year round, no time was more beautiful then the blooming of the native Blue Lotus. During the autumn season, admist all the colored leaves of the trees falling to the lake's surface, the blue water lily blooms across the lake. In addition to being a rather captivating flower in of itself, the ones native to Lake Nymphaea have a special property about them. When in bloom, they gather the surrounding prana, the flower is able to channel it in order to glow a soft blue color, giving them the nickname of the "Mana Lotus." 


Those from the guild of Cherry Heart, being driven to the area via horse drawn carriage, would find themselves stopping at the town bordering the lake, Caerulea. The sun hanging high in the air, the group would only be able to see an odd blue coloration to the lake from the distance they were at as they pulled into town. The people of the town seemed to be moving about their day as normal, though there was some attention drawn to the carriage as it stopped. When the group had exited the carriage they would be greeted by a fair faced man of average stature and of a more beastly descent, who seemed to be waiting for them. His face lighting up as the group came out, said a simple, "hello," only to stop as he saw the group in its entirety, saying a soft, "oh." 


Tapping his chin a bit, as he looked at the group hesitantly, he wasn't entirely sure that these were the people he was looking for. The group consisted of two child looking people, that he himself had a good amount of height over and singular towering rocky figure. However, thinking that appearances weren't everything he looked through a notepad he had on his person before saying, "ah, well, you must be Cherry Heart's representatives right?" Once his suspicions were affirmed, he would let out a sigh and say, "well, thank you for coming to the town of Caerulea. I wasn't entirely sure if anyone would respond to the request of an "overgrowing flower," but it's nice to see that some people in the world still care." As he seemed to be a bit happy by this fact he said, "oh, yes, where are my manners. My name is Rumian. I was the one who had decided this was a bit of an issue that needed taking care of in the first place." Seeming a bit prideful at this, Rumian then looked to the trio saying, "so, where do you wish to get started?" 

Skaia's Bandwagoning Trash Nuzlog

27 January 2017 - 06:27 PM

*insert logo with some kind of pokemon and explosions and maybe a sock here*


Yes that's right, I have decided to hop on this whole "let's play" trend that these intrepid bloggers are doing now. And of course, following the trend even further I am doing a Pokemon Nuzlocke blog at that. While I could probably grace you all with my voice in a recorded let's play, I'd rather not immortalize how unfunny I am in audio. Besides, I like writing these things in text format better anyway, and it helps me bandwagon even better. 


The Info


And there you have the basic idea of it. So, will probably get the first part uploaded tonight, but until then, later folks.