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24 November 2018 - 10:30 AM

Friendly reminder that the registration has been live for some time now. If you want a shiny Tapu Lele, you should consider signing up while there is still time and space left. 


I haven't really decided on a team yet, but its performance shouldn't matter all that much anyway. 

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

08 November 2018 - 11:22 AM

Based on the datamined text, it seems that the maps for the Aether stuff are limited to a select few. Not too surprising, as most maps would probably become unplayable for certain movement/weapon types otherwise (due to either water, forests, lava, mountains and walls). We at least get to decorate it with buildings that have some nice effects.


The text also hints at the ability to play test runs against the team you put up for defense, and even watching replays. There also appears to be an option to "lock" (and unlock) the defensive team, meaning that those units are no longer affected by any modifications you might make to them (like moving Sacred Seals around, assigning other blessings, etc.). It would be nice if the same features were implemented for arena.

Finally having the option to merge free units to +10 is nice. Though I expect it is going to take a while before we have enough of the currency to get the final merge (aside from Masked Marth). Now let us hope they still rerun the maps, so we can still obtain copies the old fashioned way (marginally speeding up the process). The limit of 20 copies seems quite arbitrary, and I don't quite get why it is there in the first place. Some units have "rare" skills, Joshua ("Wind sweep") and Marisa ("Infantry pulse") for example, but I feel that the amount of grails (and in some cases feathers) that are required should be enough to limit it; unless a player is truly dedicated to one of the units, wanting to create a whole team of +10 copies (which I am not).


Merges I intend to focus on include Kana M, Lyon, and Aversa (once she gets added).

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30 October 2018 - 01:59 PM

The most recent version update provided us with the formula for calculating damage. Which is basically as follows. Any buffs from "Ward", "Goad", "Rally", etc. are already taken into account.
damage = ceil( ( max( 0, unit.attack × weapon_triangle_advantage × effective_damage + damage_from_special - (foe.defensive_stat + defensive_terrain) × defense_affecting_special ) + damage_from_non_special_skills ) × weapon_type × percentage_based_damage_reducing_skills ) - fixed_value_damage_reduction_skills
The part of special damage can be omitted, as the specials in question don't deal it. There is also little reason to keep the effects of damage reducing skills, as it is all the same. This leaves us with the following formula:
damage = max( 0, effective_attack - total_defense × defense_affecting_special ) + damage_from_non_special_skills
If we leave "Wrath" and "Wo-dao" out of the equation, "Black luna" deals no {damage_from_non_special_skills}. Substituting {defense_affecting_special} with 0.2 (lowering defense by 80 percent).
damage = max(0, effective_attack - total_defense × 0.2 )
Similarly, the combination of "Moonbow" and "Lunar brace" meanwhile gets us either one of the following formulas, depending on whether the defense drop gets taken into account.
damage = max( 0, effective_attack - total_defense × 0.7 ) + ( total_defense × 0.5 )
damage = max( 0, effective_attack - total_defense × 0.7 ) + ( total_defense × 0.35) // 0.5 from lunar brace × 0.7 from moonbow.
If the {effective_attack} is higher than the {total_defense} multiplied by a percentage, the damage output should be exactly the same as "Black luna". If the {effective_attack} is lower than the defense, however, "Lunar brace" + "Moonbow" will start to outperform "Black luna"; it is guaranteed to deal at least half the opponent's defense as damage to them (if not taking defensive skills into account). The combination is worse than "Black luna" if the defense drop is factored in, but it can still outperform it; the enemy just needs to have an awful lot of defense... or a weapon triangle disadvantageous match-up where "Triangle adept" is also in effect.

A unit with low-ish attack thus benefits more from this "Moonbow" + "Lunar brace" than they would from "Black luna". Keep in mind that the B-slot is still empty in the case of "Black luna", which should not be understated.

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30 October 2018 - 07:07 AM

The combination of "Moonbow" and "Lunar Brace" could be somewhat questionable if the def/res drop is taken into account when determining the additional damage from "Lunar Brace". Her weapon and "Solo" skill have decent synergy at least. Her "Solo" skill could be great for some healers, like Veronica and Loki. The built-in special charge acceleration should let her pull of a "Galeforce" set about as well as her brother, assuming she is fast enough to double naturally. But this means her personal B-skill becomes dead weight.


My view on the summoning pool for this legendary banner:

  • Red looks like a good color, with 2 flying units I don't have (including a dancer) and a unit form Sacred Stones (unfortunately on a horse).
  • Pretty much the exact same can be said for blue. But Sumia isn't all that high on my priority list given Cordelia and Shigure.
  • Green is... eh? Already have Grima (-hp, +res) +2 and Sanaki (-atk, +res). I'm also not all that interested in Lyn.
  • My barracks already include a +atk Innes and Genny. Grima is still missing though.

So 2 great colors to summon, and 2 that aren't as great. A hard choice whether to summon on the legendary banner, or to go for Myrrh/Mia on the Halloween banner. With the orbs from the legendary hero maps, and new month's quests I should be able to get of a few summons, hopefully enough for a focus unit.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

23 October 2018 - 03:36 AM

It appears that "Blue flame" is inheritable, scoring similar to Galeforce and Aether. I will stick to using those for the foreseeable future, as I'm not really planning on summoning for any units on the banner other than the opening round.

Using a "-blade" tome against Aversa (during her GHB) might prove troublesome, though it should be possible with "tactic" skills… or simply having a unit with a lot of HP. She seems decent enough for a free unit

I already have a fully built bonus unit for upcoming season: Kana M +3 ("Lightning breath+ def", "Reposition", "Aether", "Steady breath", "Quick riposte", "Atk smoke" and "Seed smoke"). So Arena is of little concern for me.

That should leave some more orbs for Halloween, where I recently got a Halloween Niles (neutral); still no sign of Myrrh/Mia though.