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In Topic: GFET 4 Match 1-6

13 July 2018 - 07:06 PM

On a similar note, one of the Greil mercenaries is named after an animal from a previous game: Vanessa's pegasus, Titania.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

11 July 2018 - 06:27 AM

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Veronica's gonna be playable now?

Remember Choose Your Legends 2? Some time in the future the males and females in first and second place will show up in special outfits. Veronica ended in second place, and will thus receive a special outfit. This does not guarantee she will be summonable, but it is highly likely.

In Topic: Grand Fire Emblem Tournament 4 [Nominations Closed]

11 July 2018 - 04:48 AM

Knoll (Sacred stones)
Ross (Sacred stones)
Selena (Sacred stones)
Syrene (Sacred stones)

Lon'qu (Awakening)
Miriel (Awakening)

Leo (Fates)
Mozu (Fates)

Kliff (Shadows of Valentia)
Genny (Shadows of Valentia)

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

10 July 2018 - 07:07 AM

The game supposedly didn't prompt players to update the game (if they haven't done so already), so players could somehow summon on the new banner. The special heroes summoned could thus not be added to the barracks... or something. It will get sorted out with the affected players, everyone else gets compensation orbs.

Got no Rank5s from the the first 5 orbs of the new banner. I will hold on orbs for the upcoming banners, although I'm still debating if I should roll for Summer Tana since seasonals are harder to get than CYL units that may get added in the pool, and I'm holding orbs mainly for Veronica. Summer Linde is tempting too: artwork aside, I don't have Brave Lyn and pretty sure she is the closest to her as a colorless cavalry with offensive stats.

It sorely depends on what you want most, and whether or not you'd mind getting another focus unit. Tana is the only focus unit of her color, unlike Linde who shares the focus with Takumi. Despite there being no guarantee that you'd get her when sniping, the odds should be better. Also keep in mind that Linde is a dagger user, giving her a different collection of weapons compared to Lyn. The major ones in Lyn's favor are "Brave" and "Firesweep". Most of the unique weapons for Linde (aside from her default one) are seasonal (kitty paddle, lethal carrot), or don't really suit her stat-line (rogue dagger). Another edge for Lyn is the fact that her B-Skill stops all melee units from counterattacking... apart from dragons. So if you are only interested in Linde, I would advice against it.

By the way, I got into reading regular Linde builds since I got a +Atk/-Res one, and some guides state Res is her best bane. Can someone explain me why? Her base Res is decent with 27 and she has pitiful Def so I would think the latter is the best bane since it cannot be salvaged anyway. I can only think the recommendations are outdated, but that doesn't seem to be the case since the build also suggest Chill skills, which are more recent. Am I missing something?

Given her physical bulk puts her around 1-shot potential for a decent number of units, you'd want to keep most bulk intact if possible. Her resistance on the other hand gives some leeway, especially when considering only a small group targets that stat (red/blue/green mages and healers).
The formula for calculating damage is as follows (though I'm not entirely sure about rounding, I believe they round down; but going for rounding up to give a margin):
damage dealt = round up( attacking unit's atk × weapon triangle effectiveness (ranging from 0.6 to 1.4) ) - target's targeted defensive stat.
Moving some values around, we can get the formula for the max attack the enemy can have:
attacking unit's atk = round down( ( damage dealt + targeted defensive stat ) ÷ weapon triangle effectiveness )
Filling in the blanks for a few scenarios, we get the following attack values which 1-shot Linde:

  • sword / red dragon: round down ((35 + 14) ÷ 0.8) = 61 (57 with bane)
  • red tome: round down ((35 + 27) ÷ 0.8) = 77 (72 with bane)
  • lance / bow / dagger / blue dragon / colorless dragon: round down ((35 + 14) ÷ 1) = 49 (46 with bane)
  • blue tome / staff: round down ((35 + 27) ÷ 1) = 62 (58 with bane)
  • axe / green dragon: round down ((35 + 14) ÷ 1.2) = 40 (38 with bane)
  • green tome: round down ((35 + 27) ÷ 1.2) = 51 (48 with bane)

Due to Linde's stats, I think you aren't using her to bait most of the time. So you'd typically only have to worry about an enemy's counterattack. Neutral Zelgius with his base kit reaches 58 attack on counter (36 base attack + 16 might weapon + 6 "Fierce stance"), which is just enough to 1-shot a -def Linde; but not a neutral Linde. Meanwhile, a neutral Halloween Nowi with "Rauðrblade", "Life and death 3" and "Hone flier" buffs reaches only 70 atk (34 base attack + 13 might weapon + 5 from "Life and death" + 6 from buffs + 12 from weapon's effect), which even a -res Linde should survive. Granted those are advantageous match-ups.


Neutral unmerged bridal Cordelia, Summer Takumi, (spring) Kagero, Valentine's Roy, and Halloween Jakob reach 47 attack when using a non-silver weapon (35 base attack + 12 might)... assuming they don't run a skill which raises their attack during both turns. With a bane in defense or hp, Linde would fall to these units. Okay, some of these will probably run an attack boon, or skill that boosts their attack during either turn, but still.


Either way, the nature of your Linde is far better than mine; which is +def, -speed.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

09 July 2018 - 12:32 AM

The summer units all seem to have a reasonably useful stat spread, reaching at least 35 speed each. With it, they migt be able to take advantage of their weapon's built-in desperation… though the weapons will have to compete with some other viable options.

Tiki has a legendary weapon that is effective against dragons, and has cooldown acceleration akin to "Steady breath" (which she couldn't get otherwise). No reason to change it, unless you want to give her a cheap built-in distant counter ("Lightning breath"). With her we now have one more red dragon, but still only Tiki's.

As for the weapon refinements, I'm not really impressed by them. They aren' bad, as they have become better versions of what was available to them (or some others).

I guess that Titania could become an amazing buffer for "-blade" tomes on mixed teams thanks to built-in "res tactic 3", "attack tactic 3" C-skill, and "def tactic 3" sacred seal. Her own combat prowess isn't really enhanced by it though.
Katarina gets to keep her default tome, but ploys get added; outclassing Arvis' tome (and himself, due to merge potential). Her weapon, and that of Soren, have got an "owl" effect in addition to something else; yet Innes has to be content with the boring effectiveness against fliers.
Nephenee's new base weapon seems decent enough as a slaying weapon with effectiness added onto it.

I'm a tad disappointed at the (supposed) tempest trials reward unit: yet another rerun of "Marth, Enigmatic blade". This is the third rerun already, while none of the other have gotten one yet.

The seals are quite nice though: "Flashing blade", "speed ploy", and "Hp/res +".

Edit, got ninja'd; removing duplicate info