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19 January 2018 - 02:50 AM

A new event calendar has been released. We are getting a grand hero battle against Lyon, shortly after a "new heroes" summoning event starts. So I expect some more units from Sacred stones to show up. Which is awsome. Valter also gets a rerun.


Besides that, we will also be seeing a "Choose your legends" event, at which Feh hinted during one of her announcement videos. The site would go live today, but they didn't link to it.

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18 January 2018 - 12:45 PM

Did a full summoning session on the new banner, hoping to get a Klein for "Brave bow+"/"Deathblow 3"/"Quick riposte 3". I didn't get any of the focus units (aside from a 3 star Frederick), but I did get a 5 star unit: "Wry comrade: Gray" (+hp, -def). His nature might not be ideal, but I'm happy since I wanted him for "Sword valor".


Furthermore I got the "Quick riposte" sacred seal, and fully upgraded it. Nowi can now make the arena unsafe by running it alongside "Vantage".

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17 January 2018 - 03:32 AM

Hector can supposedly bypass "Wary fighter's" restriction by equipping the "quick riposte" sacred seal (in addition to "Armads"). That way he will double when attacked (while his hp is over 80% of its max), but the attacker cannot. I unfortunatly don't have Hector to test this myself, but it could be interesting.


I will probably give it to one of my dragons, given they can counter at all ranges, have decent mixed defenses, and score high.

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11 January 2018 - 12:51 PM

While update did add the option to refine some weapons, Eirika still doesn't have the option; whereas her brother with a very similar weapon does. Maybe next time.


Interesting to see that they have added "light"-tomes. Given Linde is known as "Light mage", I find it weird that those tomes weren't available earlier… not that it matters much. The tome Oliver comes with by default is a minorsetback compared to the weapons of previous grand hero battles, but it is a new grand hero; so that is at least something. I wonder if he'd get along with Narcian, they both seem to be full of themselves.


The addition to the skills page is a welcome change. You can now see what types of units cannot inherit a certain skill; there already were ways to do so, but it easier now. The "Valor" skills (and alike) go a little overboard if you ask me.

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09 January 2018 - 07:06 AM

There wasn't really a reason to expect a new banner. A banner with new units usually appears every 2 weeks, the latest of which (Hoshidan new year) appeared just 1 week ago. The tempest trials just ended, as did a voting gauntlet; so banners accompanying them wouldn't be around anymore. Lastly, the skill banner still runs for a while. 
Personally I don't really mind the lack of new banners; I'm trying to save my orbs, which is easier if there aren't a lot of banners to distract me. My wishlist includes: a strong red flying unit, a flying source of magic damage, and units from Sacred stones I don't already have (though merges are also cool).

In other news, I managed to get enough "Divine dew" to upgrade another legendary weapon. Which I used on Minerva. So she now deals extra damage when her special triggers. Combined with "Noontime" she will have a mini "Aether" that can basically trigger each battle. Though I think other skills might be more beneficial for her ("Moonbow" and "Glimmer" for example).


Time to decide on whose legendary weapon to upgrade next, though it will take some time before I have enough materials.