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In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

Yesterday, 11:30 AM

Didn't expect Loki to be summonable just yet. While she did help in the end of Book 2, she didn't really seem to have a (complete) change of heart. Anyway, her base kit seems somewhat random; though it wasn't consistent in the story anyway. The kit is somewhat synergetic at least. Her A-skill is useful for scoring higher with certain support units like Jaffar, Sothe, Olivia, Azama, etc.

The special Kliff comes with by default doesn't quite work that well with the effect of his tome, A-skill, and most likely stat-spread. For the special to be effective he needs high (visible) attack, whereas the effect of his tome wants it low-ish. The special most likely needs replacement. He was quite fast in Shadows of Valentia, and his base kit makes it seem like he is bulky, so he could a have a niche in that regard: A fast wall that dealslitrle damage… Don't know how efective that will be.

Owain's base kit makes it seem like he is designed as an enemy phase unit; getting extra charges for enemy attacks, and requiring specific positioning to be most effective (both his special and "bond" skill). His personal(?) special sounds somewhat annoying to use effectively.

Out of the revealed units I'm most hyped for Aversa… despite knowing very little about her. Lets just hope she is the Grand Hero Battle (I haven't seen an official statement about it yet), and not some random other unit. I only have Caeda (who is pretty much maxed out on HM) and Palla (who is somewhat lackluster) as my red flying units, so another one is a welcome addition.

I'm not all that impressed by the banner, so more orbs to try get Myrrh/Mia I suppose.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

18 October 2018 - 03:14 AM

Got a Halloween Kagero (+res, -def) in the furst session on the banner. Not the greatest nature; could be worse. I gave her a "Rogue dagger+".

Later, at 4.25% I got a cavalry Chrom (+hp, -atk). Already had a better one (+def, -hp) that I hardly use, so I'm thinking of giving another unit "Chill def". Now to decide on which which unit though…

I'm hoping that I can still manage to get Mia and/or Myrrh, but I have my doubts.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

09 October 2018 - 10:54 AM

Already have Dorcas (+hp, -atk), Mia (+speed, -hp) and Myrrh (+def, -hp); so I'm good in the bonus unit department. Myrrh has been been one of my go-to units during the past tempest trials... and content in general, so I'm quite happy that she is a bonus unit herself now. I hardly use the other two, though it might be a reason to use them some more. But I'm still interested in the other units.


I have waiting for a flying healer ever since the weapon refinement (and thus healer buff) was introduced. It is my favorite movement type, and healers are quite useful as well. So in that regard, Mia would be a great addition to my team; especially considering I don't know how long it will take before another flying healer gets added.

Sacred Stones is my favorite enty in the series, so that explains Myrrh; and it helps that she is looking like a quite potent unit. She would also nicely round out my armored dragon team (even if stacking the same weakness might not necessarily be the best idea; I suppose it is a good thing colorless armor slayers are rare).

Niles has a decent support kit, while also having potential as one of two ranged units with guaranteed quads (albeit requiring some expensive skills to do so).

Kagero probably has a niche as well; she is the unit I'm least interested in on this banner. Might have been a different story if the weapons from the summer festival were in the regular summoning pool as well, or if she had a different color affinity; green is probably the most contested color among (armored) units in my barracks: Sheena, Amelia, Hector, Legendary Hector, Ephraim, Grima, and Henry. Meanwhile I don't have any colorless armored units (granted only one currently exists), so that would have been a better color for her as far as I'm concerned... though this way she is less likely to get in the way of summoning Mia.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

08 October 2018 - 02:29 AM

New Halloween units have been revealed.

Flying healer Mia, armored green dagger user Kagero, armired blue bow user Niles, and armored red dragon Myrrh. Dorcas is announced as Tempest trials reward (his title, "Pumpkin smasher", makes me think he will be an axe user).

Kagero and Niles have "Guard" built into their weapon, without the hp requirement. After combat Mia discharges the enemy special, while also inflicing a status condition on the enemy that slows their special trigger, similar to guard. Myrrh's weapon lets her make a guaranteed follow-up attack if her Defense is at least 5 points higher than her enemy.

As for the rest of their skills:
Mia comes with "Recover+", "Heavenly light", "speed/res bond 3" and "Hone fliers".
Kagero has "Dragonic aura", "Mirror strike 2", "Bold fighter 3", and "Even atk wave 3".
Niles has "Smite", "Swift sparrow 2", "Atk/speed link", and"Fortify armor".
Myrrh gets "Bonfire", "Def/res +2", "Vengeful fighter 3", and "Armor march 3".

Out of those units I want Myrrh, and Mia most.

In other news, if everyone uses the skill "Fury" a lot in the next few days, Everyone gets a free 4 star Hinata. They have announced more similar quests will be coming as well, I have also seen people point put that a Japanese tweet of intelligent systems indicates that we might also get copies of grand hero battles/tempest trials rewards this way; we will have to wait and see whether this statement is true.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

01 October 2018 - 09:21 AM

Probably so. On the other hand, you have players like PheonixMaster1 and Brotel who have managed to beat most(/all?) abyssal maps with F2P/cheap units. So I wouldn't be surprised if they did so with these new maps. In that regard it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Either way, lets hope extra copies aren't locked behind quests with too limiting requirements (like beating the abyssal unit with a specific character).