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In Topic: Neo New Card maker - 1.0.0

Today, 04:40 AM

We have the Dark Synchro and Token templates which will work somewhat for this, but could there be a way for the cardmaker to allow us to create custom card types? Probably like its own little section in the cardmaker where you can select a color for the cards to be, then check whether or not the card uses Spell/Trap symbols, has Levels, has Level-stars-but-on-the-other-side, etc.

What exactly do you mean with "color for the card to be"? This could namely refer to selecting the Spell / Trap border for a monster, for example. But could also mean that you want a palette from which you want to pick any random color, like green, brown or baby pink. The latter option will most likely have its own share of issues: does it need a galaxy (xyz) or honeycomb (link) pattern? do those types have pendulum support? and so on. Lastly, there is the option of giving the user the ability to upload the relevant images for border, star, spell/trap icon, etc.


The first and last option should be doable, but a reasonable amount of reworking will be needed. So it will take some time before such a feature gets implemented, assuming the rest of the community feels the same way about the need for such a feature. Then there is still the issue of how different settings will interact with eachother (Link markers and pendulum parts), and whether the card maker will be responsible for making it a pendulum border.


Also, you already have the option for the stars to appear on the other side of the card, by providing a negative number. Xyz and Dark Synchro just flip the sign behind the scenes. I don't quite see why you'd want that with the current templates, but the option is there I suppose.

In Topic: Neo New Card maker - 1.0.0

19 April 2018 - 09:49 AM

So this would be solved by getting access to YCMaker's PHP files then ....right?

Not quite sure. I however somewhat have a feeling that we might not even need access to the PHP files. Though that depends somewhat on how the site responds to requests from another domain. If this site cooperative enough, we only need to figure out how to make requests and interpret the response, by poking at it (or looking at the PHP files). I know that it doesn't handle effects with question marks very well; maybe there are other troublesome characters.


Another thing that needs investigation is the size limit. Images uploaded straight from the user's device to the card maker are encoded as text, which could result in "large" files (basically the size of the image and then some).


EDIT: After looking at it for a bit, it seems that the card maker doesn't want to share its resources. Browsers prevent scripts from accessing data stored on a different domain, unless said domain explicitly gives permission to access it. YCM doesn't seem to want to share its information though. This is mostly enforced to protect the different sites and the user from each other.

In Topic: Neo New Card maker - 1.0.0

19 April 2018 - 09:10 AM

Can you explain in laymans terms why the old card maker could save files on YCM, but we currently can't with the new card maker?

Don't know whether I can, but I will give it a try with an analogy. It might not be completely correct, but I hope it gets the idea across.


You could compare the new card maker to IKEA. They have packaged everything needed for creating a chair, table, drawer, and so on (including the instructions). You just need to assemble it yourself (or let someone else do it for you). By only providing said packages they can opt to mass produce them, cutting the costs. Letting the client take care of assembling (and customizing) their furniture, the company only needs to worry about having enough in stock. An added advantage is that the client can have their furniture assembled almost instantly after purchase.


Compare that to a carpenter (old card maker), where you can also get all sorts of furniture. You however need to tell them what you desire, which they will need to keep track of one way or another (or they might create something completely wrong). In such a case it requires little extra effort to keep that information around. They will probably create the furniture in their workshop, and ship it once finished.


Another reason is that I know very little about server-side (or back-end) programming. So the database would probably be rather unstable and/or vulnerable to attacks.


I see it now, its just the case that they don't appear when using Microsoft Edge but appear on Google Chrome.

Interesting. It seems that the server - for some reason - tells Edge that it cannot find the requested image (which is used to make the checkbox more appealing); as such it has nothing to draw. They are still there... just invisible though. Further investigation will be required.

In Topic: Neo New Card maker - 1.0.0

19 April 2018 - 07:33 AM

I would like to ask how you set the Link Markers up for Link Monsters on this?

As Sakura has pointed out, the options are at the bottom of the page. If you have found them, but don't seem to work, you might need to wait for the arrows to "download". Otherwise you might need to force a repaint by altering one of the other traits that does work.


So yeah, it's not the best when it comes to the fonts, and some of the quality of the image could be better, I wish that changing the type of card would also make the type line change along with it, I can already see that people aren't putting in the Synchro tag, there seems to be no way to put in a set-ID, maybe I missed that, but it's still a pretty decent card maker, the fact that what you write appears right away is helpful for sure, having quick access to the bullet hole and what not is nice too.

It shouldn't be too hard to get the card's type to show up automatically. There however are some things to consider here. The ("Illegal") god cards only show that they are Divine Beast-Type, which would not be quite possible to do if the type got automatically concatenated. Another point is that it can be somewhat hard to determine where the type should be inserted. It could be immediately after the first slash, but this comes at the cost of specifying multiple types (or custom ones you'd wish to appear before it).
You could think of various solutions. One such option would be a wildcard that gets replaced by the card's type (does that include pendulum?). Another option is having 2 text fields whose values get concatenated, with the type in between. I'd like to leave it to the community to come up with a sensible option for this issue.

I think the colors could be improved on the link monsters and it would be nice to be able to save cards in the database. Also sometimes it's hard to scroll

As far as I'm aware, we have no access to the server-side of this site (at least I don't), not to mention the fact that the database (most likely) isn't designed to store the extra information for the link markers and pendulum stuff... though I suppose we could save that data alongside the monster's effect or something like that. And even if we had access, I'd rather not mess with it in fear of breaking it. The host used for the new card maker only serves static files, and thus has no separate database. The cards you are working on can therefore only be saved using localStorage, but that has a size limitation depending on the browser. As such, there won't be any support for storing the information in the cloud for the foreseeable future.
The issue with scrolling most likely comes from the fact that only the [right / bottom] half of the page supports it; if the cursor isn't there, it won't receive the scroll event.

In Topic: Neo New Card maker - 1.0.0

18 April 2018 - 01:01 PM

Is there any chance for image cropping function to be added into this cardmaker? So far I'm satisfied with its looks.

That feature might get added in a future version. For now you will have to handle the cropping yourself, or settle for a stretched image.

Oh, something I just remembered. Was the lack of rarity options in cardname intentional?

Sort of forgot about it to be honest, but there are some other considerations as well. Creating a convincing foil effect can be somewhat hard (there is also the point of determining what the card maker should take care of (silver lettering, foil finish on the picture etc.)). I also think that the users would prefer creating "common" cards, rather than waiting for a card maker that supports all rarities.


Can we get the mods to host this on YCM like we do the other card maker. Idk how I can thank you enough for this'll


We'd need to get the code first as only Yemachu has access to it, plus actually check if it'll work on YCM. If you all recall, there are issues to why we can't modify the current one as-is, which involves PHP, uploading the required templates and having things saved to your account among other things iirc. 
If it's doable, then we can try seeing what can be done, but no guarantees.


The Ne New Card maker works completely client side with static files, so only the relevant script tags need to be added to a page (the paths to the resources might need updating though). I don't know what options are available here. It would boil dow to something like:

<script src="cardmaker.js"></script>

If something like that is possible, we can incorporate the card maker in this site. The exact URLs needs some figuring out. It eill probably use a different styleheet.


Another option is using Iframes. This however introduces a lot of unnecessary scrolling, as it basically a mini browser window on your webpage.


And if those options don't work, it might be possible to add another link to the top of the web page (similar to how Tormented "recenty" added the "Start new topic" button).