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In Topic: Photographic Evidence That I Am The Unluckiest Person

34 minutes ago

I mean, it's 1/243. Not that unlikely of odds, as far as ridiculous bad luck goes.

I had 9 turns to roll a total of 9 spaces in a game of Mario Party, and I would have won. However, across 10 rolls (I had a Mushroom) I got a 1 every time, including one that sent me back to where I had started. This is a 1 in ten billion chance that the game would dump on me that hard, something I hadn't thought would ever happen, occurring when any other result would have given me instant victory.

I am truly the cursed boy.

In Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Yesterday, 10:51 PM

Random thing I just thought of- what will this game's equivalent to Snake's Codec/Palutena's Guidance be? I don't think they'd drop a fun Easter egg like that now that it's been in two consecutive games. Both Shadow Moses Island and Palutena's Temple are returning, but I personally don't think they'll be reusing either of those particular gimmicks.

In Topic: Post and I'll post what Super Smash Bros character you remind me of

Yesterday, 10:22 PM


Thanks, Nyx!

Also, your "Pit" picture is the Villager picture again. Thought you should know.

In Topic: Create the Flavour Text Above You! Game

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Fake Hero

In cases where one or more actual Elemental HEROes cannot make it to a crime scene in time, this guy stands in, keeping the people calm and the villain afraid just long enough for assistance to arrive. No one knows his name, or even that he exists, but you, me, and him; even the actual HEROes think it's a different civilian every time. Don't question how he pretends he's Burstinatrix.

Card of Demise

In Topic: Archetype Generator Meta

Yesterday, 06:03 PM

I mean, the only real issue I see is posed by the solid mill engine, coupled with Raiden becoming one of the most searchable monsters in the game. Minerva letting you search any LIGHT Dragon on-Summon could also be potentially problematic, because I think we might have some targets more dangerous than JD.

Basically, my problems don't come to LS as a pure Deck, or even a build mixed with the Zombie engine- I see it more as an engine.

Also my luck is personally quite awful, and I do frequently get hit with people who have incredible mill luck on my own brick hands.