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In Topic: Archetype Generator Meta

Today, 07:39 PM

Jeez. And to think that that Deck would qualify for the challenge if it wasn't for Summoner Monk, Terraforming, RotA, and Monster Reborn, none of which seem to be completely necessary for the Deck to function, and could hypothetically be replaced.

Still, though, while the Deck is incredibly fast, the mixed Levels, lack of many Tuners, and the very real possibility for a clunky hand of nothing but Equip Spells makes it a bit of an awkward Deck to run in the AGM, although Mari, Iram, and Gilford do provide some incredibly powerful boss presence for Equip-based Decks.

The definite potential for danger is there, but I think we're fine for now on the Equip Spell front- nothing breaks them yet.

In Topic: Create a Card Game

Today, 04:52 PM

The True Arena
Field Spell
When this card is activated: If either player controls more than 1 monster, that player(s) must banish monsters they control until there is only 1. Each player can only control 1 monster at a time. Monsters that have not destroyed a monster on the field by battle cannot activate their effects. A player that does not control a face-up monster during the End Phase can, immediately after this effect resolves: Synchro Summon 1 Synchro monster, by banishing appropriate Synchro Materials from their Graveyard.

Immortal "C"

In Topic: Post a Yugioh character and I'll give you a Pokemon

Yesterday, 10:35 PM

I should have expected that.

In Topic: Archetype Game

Yesterday, 10:17 PM

Tunnelin' Desperado

Levels 4, 5, and 6 Warriors. (silent crowd) Gimmick archetype. (Crowd gets excited) Graveyard stacking. (Crowd confusedly cheers)

This archetype takes advantage of the fact that effects activating in the Graveyard puts that card on top of the Graveyard, by utilizing effects that take a card's placement into account when doing things with cards in your Graveyard.

Each of your monsters has an inconsequential effect (tiny LP gain, a Card Trader effect, etc.) that you can activate on a HOPT basis in your Graveyard, and your S/T carry banish effects to get them out of the way. This is to fuel on-field effects that deal with the top 6 cards of your Graveyard- burn, ATK boosts, revivals, popping cards, even draw effects! For example: "If the third card from the top of your Graveyard is a "Tunnelin' Desperado" monster, draw a number of cards equal to its Level -3."

The issue mostly comes up with their slow monster presence, composed of monster SS effects that rely on a degree of luck or setup, and their support Spell/Traps are all only really any good if you go second or your opponent tries to interrupt your plays.

If you can Summon their boss, though, you basically just win, even against meta Decks- strong protection, a powerful removal effect that's always online if the top card of your Graveyard is an archetypal card, and even a bit of control mixed in! Just, um . . . don't let it get Kaiju'd.

Star Choir

In Topic: Post a Yugioh character and I'll give you a Pokemon

Yesterday, 09:37 PM

Seto Kaiba.