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#7061477 Archetype Generator Meta

Posted by Draconus297 on 13 December 2017 - 01:45 AM

So, even though I'm only required to make 4 cards for my Secret Santa recipient, I'm making a full (if stripped down by my standards) archetype, so my mini one-card presents for everyone else will probably be a little late.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that, yes, I am still making one card each for all active members of the AGM, as I do every year, but just in case I forget to mention this in the thread itself (as I am wont to do): Thank you all. I might not express it much, but I do appreciate activity in the group, everyone's drive to improve, and the sheer enthusiasm I see from each of you. This year in particular has been a difficult one on my end (anyone who remembers what happened this past March knows exactly why), and having something more lighthearted to discuss is probably the only thing keeping me sane. I know that there are ~18 days left in 2017, but I am already looking forward to 2018 due to being tired of this damned year.

That part said, Melodious and Gem-Knights have been added (without Seraphinite), and I have gone through most of the recent leaks and added anything and everything that the AGM could use/wanted. I'm also working on a support wave in my support thread, so far composed of 1 Ice Barrier card, 2 Melodious cards, 1 Carnimal card, and 1 Supreme King card. The problem is that I only work in multiples of 3, so I'm one card short . . . and wondering what needs help that I can make help for. Any of you seeing holes that need patching?

One more thing- for any Konami card added to the AGM, its default place on the banlist is an average between its OCG and TCG placement (so, for example, Construct is banned in the TCG, but at 2 in the OCG if I remember correctly, so it's at 1 here), for Deck Challenge purposes until we have a sim up to work with. Also, Library of Sanctuary and Fireburst Cemetery are Limited.

#7061398 AGM Archetype Design Contest #3! (Spell Phase)

Posted by Draconus297 on 12 December 2017 - 04:31 PM

Literacy: 20/25. This is one of those prompts that requires you read carefully. They need to keep that designation in the Graveyard.
Creativity: 18/25. I know that Gemini with Type changes are a difficult gimmick to work with, and the Attribute changing/paired monsters thing is pretty neat. Still, I'm not seeing much of a defining thematic to the way the effects work or room for a centralized support lineup.
Balance: 18/20. This falls more on the "underwhelming" side, but given how easy it is to trigger destruction effects I feel obligated to give you a lot of room. None of these effects exactly feel like you'd go too far with them, but as easily accessed Level 4s (the AGM even has Flat Level 4 to work with) they do have a lot going for them.
Interactivity: 18/20. Outside of vague destruction themes, there isn't much of a consistent methodology to the archetype that takes advantage of their Types and Attributes changing . . . also, one member shielding the archetype from destruction negates the one point of synergy they had.
OCG: 4/10
"or while face-up on the field" -1
"this card cannot make an attack this turn" -1
"monsters from your Graveyard" -1
"1 monster you control" -1
"return all cards on the field to their respective owner's hands" (you didn't specify, and I don't think you meant to Fiber Jar) -1
"from your hand" -1

68/100 C (145/200 - C-)

Literacy: 20/25. Same problem Striker had.
Creativity: 25/25. All kinds of neat little extras, with effects that range from the unusual to the unique. Go you.
Balance: 15/20. You would have had full marks here, but the problem lies with Primordial Soup Eel. Its Level-lowering isn't a cost, and if you fetch another Gemini with it the cost can be next to nothing (hell, if you grab another copy of Eel, you can literally just R6 arguably for free- entirely for free with AGM cards like Golden Phoenix Dragon). Yeah. Everyone else is okay, though.
Interactivity: 17/20. There's a clear theming in the way you're using the gimmick, relying on Type interactions for interesting spam potential. This is increased greatly by the manner in which you actually make the Types run concurrent to Decks, although I am slightly disappointed that you didn't make it so that they also retained their original Type when they grew, to make the gimmick even stronger.
OCG: 6.5/10
●"This card is treated as a Normal monster" -1
●"name and effect" (you swapped them, I'll be lenient due to its rarity) -0.5
●"If this card is destroyed" -1
●"Deck or Graveyard" -1

83.5/100 - B (173.5/200 - B+)

Literacy: 25/25. The power of reading, Reading Rainbow!
Creativity: 16/25. I can definitely see the intent for unique mechanic usage, and it's true that this is the most practical application of Gemini we've seen (outside of other AGM-legal archetypes, but that's splitting hairs), but you're not exactly doing anything . . . fun. There's no life here, except for the sweet flavor notes coming from the Egyptian mythology-inspired naming scheme.
Balance: 10/20. Eshai summed it up better than I could. Just . . . what. I'm getting some Genex vibes here- one or two really freaking good members in with all the subpar.
Interactivity: 20/20. Everyone's best bros here. Even the members that aren't very good still mesh with everyone else.
OCG: 7.5/10
That's not how the Gemini clause works -1
"Graveyard" -1
"Winged Beast -0.5

78.5/100 - C+ (164.5/200 - B)

Yes, the cumulative scores will be in parentheses.
Sorry about the lateness.

#7060585 Venom Support: Starving Venom and Snake Deity! (6/6)

Posted by Draconus297 on 09 December 2017 - 01:25 AM

Um, Dova? Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon is a Pendulum Fusion, not an Xyz. Requires 1 "Odd-Eyes" monster and 1 "Starving Venom" monster, which made me think that these were trying to turbo out OEVD with Pendulum Dragon as a search card.

Also, I hope you don't mind, but this was added to the AGM, given that it was designed by one member (you) and approved by another (me).

#7060580 Venom Support: Starving Venom and Snake Deity! (6/6)

Posted by Draconus297 on 09 December 2017 - 12:47 AM

Mamba is a very powerful monster, I have to say. Counter spreading that gives you draw power, destructive search power, and Graveyard revival? Yes please. However . . . I do wonder how you intend to get Mamba in the Graveyard on any consistent basis.

Jesus, Cobra, chill. Easy Counter spreading, and a potential draw, that only requires that you pop a monster? Holy Vennominaga setup, Batman! It's also a battle hand trap that places a Counter and gives you a free monster, so definitely a 3-of. Also, offhand: "among monsters your opponent controls".

Taipan is a confusing card as far as its Monster Effect goes, especially considering the million and one uses of a free Token, but giving you more cheap advantage is nice. Outside of Starving Viper, how are you putting this in the Graveyard?

Viper does a really sweet job of setting up for the others. That's all I have to say about that.

Starving Venom Fusion gives you all of 3 options in the TCG, and 8 in the AGM if I remember correctly, but that's okay because it does everything it needs to. Pretty good!

I'm guessing Rites is supposed to be a Continuous Spell?

#7060462 Level 100 = rep!

Posted by Draconus297 on 08 December 2017 - 03:34 PM


#7060317 Level 100 = rep!

Posted by Draconus297 on 07 December 2017 - 08:05 PM

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK.

#7060093 AGM Archetype Design Contest #3! (Spell Phase)

Posted by Draconus297 on 07 December 2017 - 02:16 AM

Actually, Dova:

It's up to personal preference

#7060068 [MANGA] Reawakening of the Monarch

Posted by Draconus297 on 07 December 2017 - 12:38 AM

Reawakening of the Monarch
Normal Trap
Activate the effects of all Tribute Summoned Level 5 or higher "Monarch" monsters you control that activate when they are Tribute Summoned.

(Card text has been edited for clarity)

Setting aside the fact that all Monarchs are Level 6 or higher (the Level 4 and lowers are Vassals), and that you wouldn't be able to Tribute Summon them if there were, this is pretty memey. Do you have a Mobius on board? This becomes Twin Twister without a cost. Caius? Free banish. Raiza? Spin something to the top of the Deck. The best part, though, is that they ALL trigger again, which can wreak some special havoc if you run several of the removal ones. This might even make Thestalos a little better, because sniping a card and burning is pretty sweet as a Trap.

I'm honestly wondering what you'd run this card at, if at all. Its gimmick is definitely fun, but it has a very big chance of being a brick in an already very bricky Deck.


#7059139 Q&A With the Draconus #5

Posted by Draconus297 on 05 December 2017 - 03:00 PM

As a character, he's pretty meh. Not all that great, but not godawful either. The world around him is genuinely more interesting than he is.

As for the actor, Radcliffe is . . . Radcliffe. He gave the role what it needed (although someone should've given him green color contacts- seriously, do some reading, Hollywood), and his roles outside HP are just as serviceable. He doesn't add anything to the roles he takes (oh hai . . . Jim Carrey- most of my other examples are dead), but he doesn't leave them wanting for anything either (oh hai quite a few other younger actors).

What I don't like is people calling me Harry Potter just because I'm a skinny dude with glasses. There are a million other examples, people, and a lot of them fit better!

#7058299 AGM Archetype Design Contest #3! (Spell Phase)

Posted by Draconus297 on 03 December 2017 - 12:58 AM

Here's confirmation of the first week! You'll be designing for the "Parnimal" archetype, whose prompt was created by Darj!

In this first week, you shall be designing Main Deck monsters- a minimum of 5, and a suggested maximum of 10 (although you won't be penalized for going over, it might make grading interactions a bit harder).

Signups have been closed, and submissions for this phase close 8:30 PST on Thursday, December 7.

#7055329 AGM Archetype Design Contest #3! (Spell Phase)

Posted by Draconus297 on 25 November 2017 - 09:08 PM

HELLO EVERYONE, and welcome to the return of methods to get into the AGM that don't require in-depth knowledge of our existing archetypes! This will also be the first time we're running one of these contests since Link format became a defined thing, so here's our current policy as per "Series 9.5" card text, using Legacy rules (that is, imagine Master Rule 4 never happened).

Changes in a nutshell

ANYWAY, the way this works is simple. On Saturday, December 2nd (~18:00 PST), the contest will begin in earnest, and the archetype that you will be designing for will be revealed. Then, over the course of the following 4 weeks, you will design an entire archetype, piece by piece, with the final week (which used to be reserved exclusively for boss design) being an opportunity to make small alterations to individual cards, to save scores from previous weeks (a suggestion by Eshai during AGM Archetype Design Contest #2).

Entry fee is 500 Points, feel free to ask questions below.



Pot and Prize Distribution



A Fusion archetype whose Main deck monsters are Beast-Warrior, Spellcaster and Warrior Gemini monsters that turn into animal-ish Types (Beast, Insect, Dinosaur, Reptile, Dragon, Winged Beast, etc.) when their effects are gained ("Gemini Summoned"), taking inspiration from "Skelesaurus", or while they are in the grave.

Meanwhile, the Fusion monsters are Dragons that are also treated as an animal-ish Type by a continuous effect (like LADD's "treated as DARK" effect) while on the field or grave. They take advantage of Dragon's Mirror, Raptinus being a Fusion and a Dragon, as well as Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.
In addition, unlike standard Geminis, these are also treated as Normals in the hand, deck and while banished, and thus benefiting from Normal support like Rabbit, Unexpected Dai, etc. In other words, if their Gemini effects are not applying, they are Normals, while still being Geminis of course. This means a Parnimal Main Deck monster can be searched by, let's say, Woodland Archer and Summoned by Unexpected Dai.
Moreover, they get Spell/Trap support that make them effective at gaining and using their effects, despite the requirement of the extra Normal Summon.

#7054678 Level 100 = rep!

Posted by Draconus297 on 23 November 2017 - 04:12 AM

Number C101: Silent Honor DARK.

#7054370 NET NEUTRALITY ALERT! This site and many others are in immediate danger

Posted by Draconus297 on 21 November 2017 - 08:53 PM

Hell is this? Again?

How many times do we need to tell these people "no" before it gets through their thick skulls? I cannot, will not stand for this nonsense.

Thanks for the heads up, ABC. Yes, the current law is flawed, but letting service providers make sweeping blocks on sites they don't like isn't gonna fix anything. Google doing similar is mostly just part of their optimization algorithm (which prioritizes sponsored content), but allowing the providers themselves to do it will just make meeting with people of certain viewpoints unnecessarily difficult.

Think of it this way, White: You say that you're already being censored, and honestly I have no reason not to believe you. However, if the service providers are allowed to restrict bandwidth, they can effectively silence you and people like you on the 'net if they so wished. It's the same kind of people, given more power.

#7053931 Level 100 = rep!

Posted by Draconus297 on 20 November 2017 - 12:37 AM

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK.


#7053859 Archetype Generator Meta

Posted by Draconus297 on 19 November 2017 - 06:41 PM

Good to hear, Champ!

Due to process of elimination, most of you will know that the December Deck Challenge will be the LIGHT Attribute. However, I've planned ahead as far as May of 2018, so anyone who wants to know those challenges ahead of time can check here:

Do You Want to See Them?