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#7094762 My Hero Academia

Posted by Shradow on 14 April 2018 - 07:04 AM


#7094483 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 13 April 2018 - 01:52 AM

This is the Shudderwock list I've been using (except switching in Zap! for Primordial Drake): https://disguisedtoa...dderwock-shaman


In case you don't already know the combo, Trump covers it in this video at the 5:02 mark:


When playing multiple Shudderwocks in one turn, prepare something to do on the side as the turns will take several minutes, no joke. Hopefully Blizzard will fix the animation speed eventually, and as to whether or not Shudderwock will actually get nerfed (either directly or indirectly by changing how Saronite Chain Gang or Grumble work) I'm unsure.


EDIT: Gonna try and Baku Quest Warrior. It's Fiery War Axe's time to shine again!

#7094310 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 12 April 2018 - 12:10 PM

Woo, the expansion is up and--






EDIT: My first legendary pull after 4 packs was Houndmaster Shaw, I'm so happy! 6 packs later I got Countess Ashmore! 11 packs after that, the Glass Knight!

#7093424 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 08 April 2018 - 05:50 AM

Not actually sure if these are real, supposedly they got leaked/revealed at some PAX thing but I figure I might as well share since there's already a huge discussion on the subreddit:



Prince Liam sounds pretty fun, and in the later parts of a game when 1 mana cards don't matter anymore it can turn potential useless draws into potential good Legendaries. and Shudderwock seems pretty neat with Grumble, and if it copies something like Saronite Chain Gang he'll summon another 6/6. I hope these are real cuz they just sound fun.


EDIT: Got the quest to get a pack for beating 5 Dungeon Run bosses today and HOLY SHIT.


EDIT EDIT: Also the follow-up KFT pack OH MY GOD.

#7093167 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 06 April 2018 - 11:22 PM

Holy shit that + Book of Spectres in Elemental Mage, hot damn. I wonder if there will be any Minion Mage decks that aren't mostly Elemental, though. If Spell Hunter can be a thing, so can Minion Mage, I guess.


Also it's been confirmed that Tess will work like pre-nerf Yogg, so cards will continue to play even if she dies or is silenced or something.

#7092880 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 05 April 2018 - 04:34 PM

1 mana 1/2 draw a card is really nuts, wow. It's the Arcanologist of Warrior cards.


Also, April 12th is the release date: https://playhearthst...s/blog/21656014


And oh my god the final reveal stream is Brode plus Day9 I can't wait!

#7092759 BAOP Match 1-25

Posted by Shradow on 05 April 2018 - 02:28 AM

Ooh, I've never heard the OP for Helling before and that is some good, jazzy stuff right there. Right down my alley in terms of music. But I really like Kalafina (very sad they're breaking up), and Heavenly Blue is one of my favorite of their songs.

#7092228 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 03 April 2018 - 01:31 AM

New Shaman epic:


So the obvious synergy is this + Hagatha. Comparing it to Auctioneer, it's 1 more mana for +4 health, the Elemental tag, and only drawing minions. Seems ok, I guess, it depends on how well this whole spell generating Shaman thing will actually work.


Also Rat Trap + King Mukla sounds fun.


EDIT: Got an Un'goro pack from my quest today and holy shit I got Sherazin and Ozruk together. Haven't gotten a 2 Legendary pack in a long time.

#7091278 Official One Piece Anime & Manga Discussion Thread

Posted by Shradow on 30 March 2018 - 11:08 PM

For now I'm referring to the upcoming Judge fight as the Nameless King vs Ornstein and Smough.

#7090096 BAOP Match 1-2

Posted by Shradow on 26 March 2018 - 03:16 PM

I feel bad for CRY MAX but even this being my first time listening to The Other Side of the Wall, it's a fantastic song. Love the use of piano and violin, and the song had a great energy to it. The singer's English was very good, I really loved the notes they reached at 1:15. CRY MAX is just a silly OP for a silly show, they're not even really comparable.

#7088734 Fire Emblem Heroes

Posted by Shradow on 19 March 2018 - 10:33 PM

Oh shit Sharena's actually getting a seasonal:


But whew, thank god I don't care about any of these. I can save orbs.

#7088173 Avengers: Infinity War

Posted by Shradow on 16 March 2018 - 11:21 PM

Kickass trailer. Though I really enjoyed the humorous parts with the two Peters, while this movie is very serious it's definitely important to still have bits of humor.

#7087891 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 15 March 2018 - 01:30 PM

New video with new cards:




I didn't realize that these were gonna be an actual archetype with supporting cards. I figured it'd be one-off legendaries that would have to be good enough to push the deck limitation on their own. This is cool. And these cards look to be good, which is exactly what you want, strong cards to justify the limitation.


Also, "and most importantly, Huffer." Fucking lol, Blizz keeping with the "always Huffer" meme.

#7087352 Best Anime OP [BAOP] Tournament - Round 3 Start!

Posted by Shradow on 12 March 2018 - 11:32 PM

First, as I will be referencing specific timestamps, please refer to these videos when appropriate:


Now, when it comes to the music, I didn't take Music Theory 101 as a college elective or anything so I can't go super in-depth with regards to that, but to begin with I'm a sucker for violins in rock songs. The string part that starts in at 0:42 of the Rain video is easily my favorite instrumental part of the song. The song has a good flow that maintains itself throughout its entirety, which I think Again lacked, as until the more exciting part of Again that starts at 0:48 I find the music a tad uninteresting (not to say I don't like the song overall), and I feel like it jumps from calm to fast-paced too suddenly. And I have listened to both Yui and SID a fair amount, but I prefer the vocals of SID's main singer Mao over Yui in general, and I feel like Mao's voice fits really well with the tone of Rain. I won't cover lyrics as I feel that would be largely pointless, since even referring to an English translation would not necessarily be truly accurate, and I'm not really familiar with either song's lyrics off the top of my head anyways (I'm not the best when it comes to remembering lyrics in general) so it doesn't really affect my perception of either song.


With regards to the visuals of the openings (which I consider just as important to an opening as the music, probably moreso), I much prefer Rain's overall as most of the various scenes are relevant to the parts of the story they're referencing. I feel like a large part of Again's shots are generic (though shout out to the first 11 seconds of it being a very truncated version of Hohenheim's story, and the fact they used young Hohenheim that early in the series to make viewers who didn't know any better think it was Ed was very well done), and in the case of Ed clapping his hands in the field or Winry/Riza matching the lyrics, a bit odd. I feel like Rain is much more gripping emotionally (which is one of the main reasons Rain is my favorite, the emotion the song invokes) as it comes in the final part of the show where everything in the story comes to a head, properly including all past characters during the blue scene from 0:13-0:18, and covering the various combat scenes of the arc as well as things like the 5 sacrifices and the people of Amestris. In particular I loved the red/black scene starting at 0:22 (which is similar to 0:53-0:55 from Again but more stylized and includes more characters), with the rough art style blending with the torrent of souls in the background, and also the short bit at 0:58 with blind Mustang followed by crying Hawkeye. And I'm always a fan of the sun heralding the bright future at the end of the darkness, which in this case also transitioned to a happy EdxWinry scene.


In addition, I just feel like Rain is more of an FMAB song than Again is. I have a similar thing with Soul Eater's second opening Papermoon (which I don't dislike, mind you), where it feels like a more generic anime song and less of a Soul Eater song, following Resonance which definitely feels like a Soul Eater song to me. Part of it may be that I associate SID with FMAB more than Yui, similar to how I associate L'Arc-en-Ciel to the 2003 FMA series more than the other artists who contributed songs to it, where SID is the only artist who contributed more than one song to FMAB (they also did Uso, the first ending), like how L'Arc-en-Ciel contributed multiple songs to the 2003 FMA series.


I think that's more or less everything.

#7087343 Hearthstone

Posted by Shradow on 12 March 2018 - 10:21 PM

Well remember that Anduin keeps the 1 cost (previously 0 cost) Hero Power if it's reduced by Raza first, I don't see why this new 1 cost reduction would be any different. It may say "starting Hero Power" but I think that's just to avoid affecting the Hero Power in cases like Tavern Brawls where you start as a different boss or something, same with Justicar who also has the same "starting Hero Power" wording.


EDIT: Oooooh, Brode has confirmed that the Shaman Hero Card is the only Hero Card of the set. He'll definitely need the help, and almost the whole evolve archtype that his DK works with is being rotated out while the rest of the DKs remain relevant.


Plus, I like the idea that they might keep printing more Hero Cards/Legendary Weapons/Quests, but it's not necessary to print one per class every expansion.


They've also said that DK Rexxar will finally be updated to include new beasts (including KnC ones that weren't previously included) with this next expansion.