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In Topic: Super Showdown Society

Today, 12:00 AM

Careful about double posting winter :P


That man used Z-Trick Room for Hypnosis what a beast

He also used Trick Room and Geomancy that was bizarre.

Amused he forfeited after basically being beaten by his own Pokemon lol

Most TR teams are Semi, about half the monster work off speed, and the other half are room based


The only True TR team you'd find is the bane of my team, and that's the Sleepsy Spam teams


Z-Room Hypnosis is super common since Darkrai got nerfed. You see it more on Lunala however. 




In Topic: Super Showdown Society

Yesterday, 11:02 PM




Almost lost due to a dumb tailwind

In Topic: Super Showdown Society

Yesterday, 10:29 PM

Battle #1:

How Did Mew-Arceus became Psychic Type?

Also, that Roar on your boosted Xerneas was so nasty, but then you kinda evened out by dodging Arceus' Z-move.

Didn't know Arceus could learn Shadow Force from an event.


Battle #2:

That Arceus Rock was cool. Such a solid pick, IMO :v

I dare say you would have lost the battle had Xerneas remained asleep 1 more turn xD


Battle #3:

How did Murkrow survive the Dragon Ascent?! o.O

I would have lost 100%




Power of God

In Topic: [DP20] Black Bird Close

Yesterday, 12:53 AM

It's either 2 Link Materials or a Link Material plus a Synchro to ladder into Crystal Wing.

The funny part is actually how you and Polaris's reasoning has more or less just been this. Black explained his reasoning for saying it's a poor choice to run (minimal return for the deck and play investment required). Currently, the only person to give a "reason" for it to be run is a single combo, yet... that doesn't really justify it?

Do you, perhaps, have any actual substance to give to an argument beyond a vain attempt to make yourself appear like a better player, or is simply say "Psshh, it's good cuz ppl run it" all there is to this end of the discussion?

Yeah, read the above. Summon off Needle and go into summon sorc is a good way to continue the advantage train. Vayu is actually pretty similar to cards black likes to run in his shiranui deck which makes this vayu hate even more funny

Pol you owe me 25 dollars: told you he'd reply

In Topic: [DP20] Black Bird Close

24 May 2018 - 11:47 PM

It's either 2 Link Materials or a Link Material plus a Synchro to ladder into Crystal Wing. 

I agree, it's just another dumb episode of Black is overly dismissive again


We'll get a mea culpa in a few months