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In Topic: [IGAS] Ten Thousand Dragon

Today, 02:52 AM

This is why they need to unban Dark Matter Dragon

In Topic: [SR09] God Phoenix Gearfried

Today, 02:50 AM

god damn, this is broken levels of good

In Topic: [IGAS] Light Dragon @Ignister

Today, 02:49 AM

wtf is @Ignister

In Topic: Trump Suggests That American-Born Congresswomen Go Back To Their Own Country

16 July 2019 - 02:51 AM

Omar was a refugee we rescued from a camp in Somalia. Clearly a mistake. POTUS was not wrong

In Topic: [TCG] July 15th Banlist

16 July 2019 - 02:50 AM

Infernoids are gonna be a hell of a lot stronger with this list. and there may be some variants that break into the meta. 
construct not moving up after the reprint of shadolls saddens me.
PK did not deserve to lose their boss over orcust abusing it. if anything, they should have hit fog blade to 1. 
Danger are still going to be a problem as said above. 3 cards gone is not going to stop the deck, and there are approximately 2 dangers that never really got played anyways (moth and dogman) my bet is that 1 of each will be added in and the deck will play as usual.
I honestly think sky strikers will do well still, multirole at 1 can still be searched and will likely be recycled somehow. it's a good start, but i don't think it'll do much.
I picked up ghost rare solemns when they were cheap for my counter fairies, and now i'm laughing like hell.
overall, good list.

Mermaid and Elpy Ban imo