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Today, 09:53 PM

How bout the Temp Bans thread?  There's plenty of it there lmao

Temp ban thread was an example of how in the past mods have abused powers and why rapidly expanding mod powers isn't smart in light of that. You can sub in Black and Pika for Roxas and Me, and the point would still stand. Most people don't know Pika, so I didn't use it, but it seems I should have to avoid the strawman

In Topic: Ask Roxas Anything

Today, 09:12 PM

Maybe I was just ignorant, but it did seem disproportionately aimed towards me more often than towards Winter. Winter is still a problem even after I'm no longer a mod, which is about what I expected from him. It's funny, there was some concern that, if Winter did get banned, I would just find some other people to take my grudges out on. Yet Winter seems to be the one showing a similar response, where he still acts like I'm responsible for all his problems today, as if I left some backup plan that can haunt him without me having to do anything. A huge part of it was that just about everyone seemed to agree that Winter was a problem, but others on the moderation team were too afraid to do anything because they didn't want to risk some PR fiasco. Basically, I thought Winter was too risky to keep around, while others thought he would be too risky to kick out.


I can't expect you to have known every single detail about my feud with Winter, so it's fair if you thought I was being childish, especially if it seemed like there was no reason for it. I accept your apology, and I apologize if I bothered you in any way with how I behaved. I feel a lot better now, so to go back to your original question of what I think of you, I'd say my opinion now is that you just want to have fun, and that's fine, and you're willing to talk things out. So, thank you for listening.

I'm curious how you get to this conclusion? It's a bit difficult that people still like to strawman away problems like this by bring up a old fued that I certainly don't care about anymore. And I'm not sure what problems I have "today" - if you could elaborate that'd be great


If it's upsetting to you, I can easily use Pika as an example as to why I don't think we should rapidly increase mod powers. You just happened to a more recent test case to prove a point for limit and controlled mod powers.




I can assure you Dae gives me plenty of grief too, maybe not in that post, but he's an equal opportunity roaster in the long run

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Today, 08:58 PM

You both need to be drawn and quartered, then shot

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Today, 08:29 PM


Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician

Level 1 LIGHT scale 12

Pnedulum Effect:

Apply this card's Pendulum Effects to both players. While you have 4 or less Set cards in your Spell & Trap Zone, you can skip your Draw Phase. If you do not, you cannot Set Spell/Trap Cards until the end of this turn. While you have 4 or less Set cards in your Spell & Trap Zone, the ATK of all monsters you control become 0, they cannot attack, also they cannot activate their effects. If you have 5 Set cards in your Spell & Trap Zone: You can negate the activation of the following effects of this card, then double the original ATK of all monsters you control. If you Set a card(s): End that turn. If you add a card(s) to your hand, except during your Draw Phase: You can Set that card(s).


Monster Effect:

If a player controls 5 Pendulum Monsters in their Monster Zone: That player can double the original ATK of all monsters they control, but those monsters cannot attack directly.



So Yuya used this in the anime to come out to Reiji as bisexual. There was then a 20 minute orgy. 


Also yes, there are 6 rainbows emanating from the Magician's hands, and a seventh one in the background.


Also funny since you can't actually achieve the Pendulum effect with the new rules.


Anyway, were this card to be printed as is, I think it would make a decent Floodgate+Scale 12.

This card's name is Peformapal Five Rainbows Magician


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Today, 08:25 PM

It's DARK so that you can't make it in Windwitches.

I mean you can. You just can't the turn you use Glass Bell